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Amazing review of Games-Workshop. Did you know that most kids lose interest in GW stuff after age 14?


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lost interest in tabletop age 18, when I was introduced to RPGs...

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I started 40k at age 25

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I saw a couple of 11 year olds playing 9k Apoc games the other day. Shit was pretty cool. The turns had a 90 minute turn clock. I went up to ask a couple of questions, curious about how it was going, and the one with the beard just looked at me and quietly said "Shh, I'm thinking."

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>if you don't have the patients

So, this guy can't afford 40k because his practice isn't doing well?

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nah this guys just a butthurt Jew who played the LOTR game other than that he looks like a troll so sage for crap post OP

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40k is what keeps the retards out of battletech, infinity, and force on force.

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You forgot warmahordes.

>11 year olds
>the one with the beard

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No, warmahordes is where the slightly smarter retards go.

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why didnt you link your post to this :>>15603626

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Only good games done by GW are the specialist games

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>11 year olds
>the one with the beard

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>Did you know that most kids lose interest in GW stuff after age 14?

Fuck, troll man, I lost interest in alot of things when I found porn too. And Booze. And Drugs. And Girls. And suddenly Mom and Dad stop paying for everything, and now you have to get a job.

Anyway, no one I know play GW stuff is under age 18.

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Well, some of their games are still good and aren't that expensive.

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>paying $4+ per 28mm or 30mm infantry model

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>tipping your money down the drain

What ever happened to self-control? How hard is it?
New Deff Dread, or tank of gas. Seriously people, it's not fucking hard to make the right decision here.
And to the smart-arses, the correct answer is: tank of gas.

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Wrong, faggot. The correct answer is buy the Deff Dread, and ride your bike to lose some weight.

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>Fuck, troll man, I lost interest in alot of things when I found porn too. And Booze. And Drugs. And Girls.
>when I found porn too. And Booze. And Drugs. And Girls.
>And Girls

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Except I'm not fat and I already have a bike, just live 5 miles outside of the city limits.

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Either written by a masterful troll or an idiot.

That is all.
Move along.

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self control is lost to the people now. i don't understand why people always live beyond their means.

if you have to mortgage to pay your debts for a hobby you're doing something wrong.

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I remember hearing about some dumbass who sold his house so he could participate in some 40K tournament with a $100K grand-prize. Naturally, he lost.
'Tis a sad, sad world.

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People that dumb don't deserve home ownership.

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You sound fat.

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I'm fat cause i drive a car unlike you pikey fucks. Buying used is where it's at, I try to help out the LGS when I need a brush or some paint. but fuck paying those prices unless it's something from Forgeworld.

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I had a beard at eleven. Truly.

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This is why I shave and watch my weight.

A little bit too much on that last point as it turns out. I think my dead on 40kg weight makes me svelte. But society (and medicine) disagree.

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damn my beard is like that but cut short and I'm not fat...

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>review for Games Workshop
>it's some website filled with reviews of house applications

Yeah, that review sure finds its way to the target audience.

A review from an actual tabletop game mag would be a lot better you know.

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Yeah I lost interest around 15 and have got back into it at 23

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I've been thinking about this recently. The group at my LGS that regularly plays 40K has an average age of 28. One guy must be nearly 40.

Now recently, I've been really wanting to get off the 40K bandwagon, basically because I find the universe incredibly incoherent and dumb, and don't particularly like playing the tabletop game (I started when I was 25, mostly for the modeling and painting.)

Is there some kind of arrested development thing going on here? I've also found myself wanting to punch many of the socially retarded gamers at the LGS who are rude, fat, and smell terrible.

There was a guy who was 60 who showed up for an Apoc game with a toy robot for a titan, and was THAT GUY the entire fucking game. I don't ever want to be that guy.

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this made me lol way too hard

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