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This is how I bard

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This is how i monk

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Oddly enough, that's how I monk.

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That is an awful way to bard.
THIS is how you bard.

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and THIS is how you monk.

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This is how I Fighter.

filename relevant

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This is how I bard.

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This is the manner in which I portray my Bard

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Hey guys!

What's rocking!?

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This is how i samurai

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This is how I wizard

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Not much.

What do you think of my bard/wizard, by the way?

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I That Guy.

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i'd hit it

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That's how I Ikoma Bard Rank 5.

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This is how I Elf

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This is how I Barbarian.

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this is how i cancer

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This is how I fighter

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This is how I Jedi.

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This is how I in-game hallucinogens.

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This is how I diplomacy/intimidate.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAEadw3AmEs&feature=related

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I propose that this is the appropriate method by which to act out a Lich character.

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This is how I hacker

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This is how I quest-cure-required disease.

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This is how I illusion

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jesus christ what

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This is how I artificer.

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This is how I 8x backstab multiplier.

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Russian drug called Krokodil. It rots your skin.

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Oh god.

Brb scrubbing my arm furiously

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This is how I permanently polymorph the BBEG and sell him to a zoo.

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This is how I charisma

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This is how I priest.

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This is how I obstinance towards in-game authority figures.

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This is how I Rogue Trader.

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This is how I make obscenely lucky rolls.

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this is how I assassin
(obviously paralysis rather than death)

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This is how I Arch Militant

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This is how I Druid.

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This is how I Doppelganger Rogue!

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This is how I demilich.

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This is how I Paladin.

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This is how I fighter
And In game romance.

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This is how I fighter.

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This is how I aristocrat.

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This is how I fey knight.

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This is how I do unarmed combat in a Ghost FBC in Cyberpunk 2020 (the gm thought it was funny to put my male characters brain pod inside of a female FBC and I continued that way like a true gent.


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Where is that from?

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This is how I fade to black.

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Killing Floor

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This is how I Blackguard

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This is how I Pirate.

>used fortafes
<.< shhh catcha no one knows.

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This is how I Neutral Evil.

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This is how I Spaniard.

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This is how I chaotic stupid.

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Balls really? Forgot my pic

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This is how I upset the PCs

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This is how I Commoner.

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Also, this is how I fighter

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This is how I--
Well played.

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