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Hey /tg/. Who here has played any of Fantasy Flight's card games? I've heard good things about the Call of Cthulhu game, and clearly their A Game of Thrones game must be alright if it has been running so long. I've been considering trying one of their games out, since they don't rely on random boosters (and thus you don't have to pay out the ass for a single card you want).

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Oh, and in particular is the LotR any good so far? I suppose I'd like to jump on that one if it is, so that I don't have to do much backtracking.

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Played one of them (Blue Moon I think it's called). Was alright, disliked how the put cards in other factions decks (card for butterfly faction with pun names in the little kid gangs deck)

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Huh, they make a Warhammer card game too. I guess that makes sense, since they published Dark Heresy and the other RPGs.

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late night bump

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A Game of Thrones is awesome.

Call of Cthulu is very similar and equally as awesome.

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i play ufs cames okay really messy after a few turns tho,its just fun because its a card game about a fighting game.The only shame is that it seems to be a strict east coast thing.I have yet to find any tournaments in west coast since it's initial launch a few years back

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call of cthulhu is tits

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I am curious, how does the card game of GoT play?

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I've played the CoC game a few times. I think it's really good, and well worth a try.
And I really like that they've moved from collective card game to living card game, so that one knows what to expect in the different packs.

So far I've only got the starter box, and don't really know what asylum packs to get. Planning to play the king in yellow faction mostly, backed up by the cthulhu faction.

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The website has a tutorial that is really quite concise.

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I've played the Game of Thrones board game a couple of times. It's pretty solid.

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Do you specifically mean their Living Card Games? Because pic related is pretty fun.

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I have the AGoT card game with every pack since it transferred to living card game. It is lots of fun and the fixed contents boosters mean I have decks for me and 4-5 of my friends. I also have the starter and the first two sets for Warhammer invasion but that game is one on one with no rules for more players so it doesn't get played as much. That is the thing that AGoT does really well is the multilayer. I also picked up the starter for the LotR game and the fact that its co-op is a good change of pace from the cut throat games we usually play, It is similar to the space hulk: Death Angels only with out the epic last marine left must roll a 2 or better to win the game rolled a 0 at 2 am wake up the neighbors cheering and high fiveing aspect. We play 7-8 game of LotR with the starter and were never close to losing any of them.

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After watching that, I really want to play GoT now.

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what it fails to show is the shady deals and backstabbing that goes on in mulitplayer. unless you're in my group in which case no one trusts anyone else anymore

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LoTR and Death Angel are both excellent.

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I think the whole solo/co-op play of the LotR game is particularly interesting. Don't see too many card games like that (besides, you know, solitaire).

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Arkham Horror from them is good fun, even more so if you are into Cthulhu Mythos.

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