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What are some good /tg/-related animes?

pic related

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Just animes? Or also mangos?

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... crap. I haven't watched anime for so long, I've forgotten all the /tg/-related ones.

Uh... uh... Trigun? That's kinda Deadlands-y!

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If mangas are included in this, I'd suggest Legend of Koizumi. Mahjong, being played by world leaders with the same level of intensity as TTGL.

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Slayer and Berserk are the two major /tg/ related animes from the top of my head.

Franken Fran is partially related for its morbid and black humour.

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I know that pretty much all forms of Ghost in the Shell have served as a basis for a lot of Shadowrun/cyberpunk games.

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If manga counts, anything by Yukimura (Planetes and Vinland Saga).

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I wonder how long until a shitload of raging neckbeards shows up to scream "WEABOO HERESY! LOL JAP-FAG!" and shit up the thread...

Anyway, if it hasn't been mentioned yet, Berserk.

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That old Dragon Quest anime.

Whenever I DM DnD and the players are looking for something good but lighthearted, I always try to make it feel like Dragon Quest. Usually it works pretty decently, too.

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Cowboy Bebop is pretty much Traveller.

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Vampire Hunter D. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

And the shit-ton of novels they were based on are pretty good too.

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FLCL - if only for the sheer randomness whose only match seems to be a party of PCs

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Sword of the Stranger.
Seirei no Moribito.
Darker than Black.
Cowboy Bebop.

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The Twelve Kingdoms. Pure high fantasy.

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes

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>Darker than Black

Kill yourself.

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Cool trolling.
But a show that is basically Japanese X-Men is /tg/ related. It is a superpowers rpg in cartoon form.

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Why don't I see any Record of Lodoss War in here?

It's pretty much every fantasy RPG ever.

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Well, it was based off of a Japanese knock-off of AD&D, so yeah.

And Legend of Galactic Heroes is loved around here. I need to watch it sometime myself, especially with dialogue like this.

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Record of Lodoss War is actually based on a transcript of an actual D&D campaign. So as far as /tg/-related anime goes, you don't get any better than that.

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Record of the Lodoss Wars - What everyone wants their DnD game to be.
Slayers - What it ends up.
Ghost in the Shell - Post-Cyberpunk done right
Berserk - Grimderp to the max
Vision of Escaflowne - Awesome Magitech

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Central Anime just recently finished a new translation of it based on the cleaned up dvd release some the animation is way better now than those old laser disc releases. You can get them here http://www.animesuki.com/group.php/202.html

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I don't have the fistbump macro.

Consider yourself fistbumped.

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Ooo, delicious high quality. But does it still have these great subtitles?

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>>Slayers - What it ends up.
Mandatory cross-dressing incident included, aye?

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Tiger and Bunny
New-ish show, with some pretty fun superhero action. Given that it concerns a lot of competition between supers you could practically build a game around that alone.

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I was going to mention it, but I didn't know if Mutants and Masterminds was a good enough reason. It's interesting how some of the powers are so strictly defined (like x100 strength, but for only 5 minutes).

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It certainly does

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The Rance OVAs are worth a look at, you'll get a few laughs out of it.

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Fist of the North Star, perhaps?

Also, if you don't mind THE DREADED READING, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Lone Wolf and Cub are pretty great.

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The anime has delicious animations, the manga has Racist Fee.

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I want to run an Exalted campaign based on Toriko that involves solars who all have craft(water) with a specialty in cooking. They'll hunt creation for the most delicious ingredients.

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Exalted exists. Every anime is /tg/ related.

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Because of the second half.

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Darker Than Black
Ghost in the Shell
Black Lagoon

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>Implying that your PCs don't attempt to run Rogue Trader or Traveler like Outlaw Star or Cowboy Bebop

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There's nothing particularly anime related about Exalted other than that giant mallets are the best weapons and that the artist is a weeaboo.

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What about ghost in the she...
>>Players are trying to revive the ancient IAM system.

Fuck. What about Narut...
>>Essence and chakra are basically identical and the elemental jutsu/techniques just scream dragonblooded.

Goddamnit. How about one piec....
>>Exalted campaign in the west.

Well, there is always Blea...
>>Ghosts, abyssals and the underworld.

:( Well, what about gundam anime...


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>ctrl+f Gantz
>0 results

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The only one I can think of that is both good AND /tg/-related would be Area 88, related by way of Mercs and Planes.

Oh, and although not strictly related, you guys did also recommend Aria, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and xxxHolic to me, and those were all pretty damn good. Slayers was a bit hit-and-miss, but at least when it failed, it did so in much the same way as your average RPG campaign.

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Azumanga Daioh.

Go on, make it work in Exalted. I would genuinely love to see the results of this.

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The first season of the anime, you tard.
Stay far, far away from the manga.

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Exalted has no moeshit.

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rolled 4 = 4

He did say "good"

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Exalted has two design statments.

>High power animu action
>Players are epic heroes, by the original definition of epic

There's also a lot of overlap.

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Dragon-blooded Primary school.
Look, I just got up, give me time.

>Darker than Black
This is how I want to run Scion. Put the lolTitans in the background for a while, and pay attention to 'holy shit, there are real demigods, i can't help but imagine government organisations and crime syndicates would want in on that'

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Cromartie High School

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Liches + /k/ + MtA

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When were you under the illusion you were DM?

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I'm currently planning a 4E campaign heavily inspired by season one of Digimon. World is falling apart, nothing makes sense, techno-magic that no one understands everywhere, etc

Also Code Geass because I fucking love that show, I'm sure you can base some cyberpunk adventure on it.

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>Also Code Geass because I fucking love that show, I'm sure you can base some cyberpunk adventure on it.

You could but it would be colorful as hell and the plot would make no sense.

Also, checkmate.

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Second season's not bad if you ignore the ~*Magical Girl*~, the retarded plot, Hei being deadweight, pedodude(s), the plot....

Just watch for the contractors that all died. They're one of the better parts.

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Erm. A first age solar keeps a high-school inside a small artificial country (think the Truman Show) for his own amusement.

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The Dominion series (Tank Police OVA, New Dominion Tank Police and TANK SWAT 01) are pretty good inspiration for a range of things mostly for cyberpunk stuff, but also for thing like Paranoia and Dark Heresy.

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>Kubo as your DM

He would be the kind of asshole that just goes "interesting" after each one of your rolls.

And then 20 sessions later that roll comes back to bite you in the ass.

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WoD. Players get a single 5-dot power. Hijinks ensue.

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Shhhh or someone else will start working on one and mine will look like shit compared to it.

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Tiger and Bunny
Yeah its a stupid name. But the concept makes up for that. Corporate sponsored superheroes fighting crime on live TV for points and more corporate sponsorship?

That's a campaign right there.

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That image will never cease to amuse me. I've seen it at LEAST a hundred times, and I still giggle.

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"Roll please"
"Erm. 8."
"What was that for?"
"What was what for?"
"The dice roll."
"Yes, they do."
"I'm Tite Kubo."

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You can only make a case for Slayers and Record of Lodoss war to being" /tg/ related"

"I enjoy this anime" does not make it /tg/ related

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Goddamn it Japan. Stop stealing my ideas before I think of them.

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Yeah man.

/tg/ is just D&D.

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I'm telling you man, it's the time travelling mind-readers, they're going backwards/forwards in time and stealing and implementing my ideas before I've thought of them.

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>Implying that isn't valid criterea for being /tg/ related

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Well, there's a problem here. There are many traditional games. Most anime can be imagined as a campaign of one of them.

Then we have settings like Exalted and Warhammer 40k which explicitly are set up to allow for practically anything, which further complicates the issue.

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It's pretty much World of Darkness in Japan.

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Consider that idea stolen.

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>You can only make a case for Slayers and Record of Lodoss war to being" /tg/ related"
>/tg/: medieval fantasy ONLY, no other allowed
Okay then. I'll just take my M&M Darker than Black game elsewhere.

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Tower of Druaga. The whole thing revolves around dungeon crawling a giant tower filled with monsters to kill the BBEG.

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I think he means that Slayers and RoLW are actually based on D&D, rather than being something that could fit in a /tg/.

>> No.15583971

Make it in DH and we'll welcome you back with open arms.

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And what does being based on DND have to do with anything?
A lot of these shows are ripe with gaming ideas and some are very similar to traditional games in existence. There is no way that modern cyberpunk games aren't partially based of of GitS for example.
They are /tg/ related.

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Durr Hurr, you took the SETTING of an anime and MADE IT into a traditional game campaign. Darker Than Black isn't /tg/, but what you did is.
By this logic, everthing can be /tg/, World War 2 discussion without anything game related to it? /tg/
Friends? No RPG discussion just talking about the setting and characters? /tg/

Either you make that discussion /tg/ related or you are doing it wrong. Look at OP, claiming Gurren Lagann is /tg/ for what it is, he didn't try to discuss the setting with the context of a rpg.
Based of a video game, not a RPG.

Slayers, Record of Lodoss War and Yu-Gi-Oh! are all based on traditional games directly.

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>A lot of these shows are ripe with gaming ideas and some are very similar to traditional games in existence. There is no way that modern cyberpunk games aren't partially based of of GitS for example.
They are /tg/ related.


You CAN make them /tg/ related by discussing them with the idea of turning into a rpg set, but for what it is it isn't.

By the way, we discuss shit that's not /tg/ related all the fucking time, so stop pretending GitS is /tg/ related when it isn't.
"Oh but mister anon there's cyberpunk this anime that has nothing to do with the actual game but it's based on the cyberpunk tropes is /tg/ related"

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Mango came first. So, no, it's not.
Also, get the stick out of your ass. Setting is what makes an RPG, and we draw setting from many places and inspirations, including anime. /tg/ isn't just for discussing game mechanics.

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Uh, oh. Here comes to /tg/ police telling what is and isn't related.
Better stop making threads on /tg/ related books, vidya, movies, anime, etc.

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Really? No-one?

Evangelion, thanks to Ad Eva.

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Gunslinger girl- Anime about young orphan girls turned cyborg asassians.

Claymore- Swordswoman on a quest for revenge

Monster- 79 episodes about a doctor on the run and a serial killer.
Watch this highly recommended.

The slayers-Magic and swords errywhere try not to make your next character like them.
You will fail.

Fate/Stay night- Battle of historical figures in mordern setting.

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Really, it boils down to two questions, is it decent quality and does it feel like an RPG campaign? If the answer is "its not crap" and "yes", then it's a /tg/ anime.

D&D/Fantasy -
The Slayers
Record of Lodoss Wars and its spinoffs
Tower of Druaga

Legend of Galactic Heroes
Banner/Crest of the Stars
G Gundam
Gundam 08th MS Team (arguably most of the original Gundam timeline)
Tenchi Muyo and Universe (former for quality, later for being a campaign)
Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop

Cyberpunk -
GitS SAK (arguably the two movies)
Bubblegum Crisis/Crash/AD Police

Modern/Ultramodrn (i.e. "now" with some scifi tech) -
Gunsmith Cats/Riding Bean
Burn UP

There are more. Those are just what come off the top of my head.

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You must be new to /tg/ because everything you said there is exactly correct. /tg/ is a melting pot of topics, ideas, concepts...traditional games can and do draw information and inspiration from a staggeringly wide range of sources. That is what is happening here: an exchange of the highest caliber, an enrichment of the hobby.

To insist discussions be restricted to only the strictest definitions of "traditional games" is counterproductive, stifling and ultimately hurtful to /tg/ and its community.

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Be thankful you weren't around for the last mod. People were banned for all of that stuff.

Myself, I was banned for posting fantasy images because they were art for a video game.

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I assume everyone has watched it already.

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>Kubo as your DM

Oh hell no! I can already imagine a game DMed by him:

Tite Kubo: Good job guys. See you next week.
Players: WTF!? We just started 10 minutes ago!
Kubo: We had 1 round of combat. Meaningless theatrical speeches were exchanged. Now I have to go plan next week's adventure!

Seriously, fuck Kubo. He is the worst at telling stories now.

Back on topic:

Black Lagoon - Good inspiration for Rogue Trader
Witch Hunter Robin - OWoD or Hunter: The Reckoning
Bleach- the early chapters would make a good Hunter or Geist: the Sin Eaters campaign

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I would kill for a game of Stand Alone Complex.

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Tell that isn't the most /tg/ related anime ever.

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>Watch people claim that random anime that aren't based on /tg/ things are somehow /tg/ related because their setting is interesting
>Say it's wrong

Guess the fuck what? I enjoy most shows posted here.
Did I sage this thread?
Did I report it?
Why you claim I am "new" for correcting people to stop saying that random subject X BY ITSELF is /tg/ related?

See if OP came here and said "What are good anime settings for a RPG campaign? Pic related it's a setting I think would be a good rpg" then I wouldn't be posting here.

Claimming Madoka, GitS and Gurren Lagann as what they are is "/tg/" related is like claiming a Avengers comic is /a/ related.

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As one anon once told me when a thread about something devolved into us talking about family history, the way France is viewed in the United States and the repercussions of the World Wars, "/tg/ is a place for people who play traditional games to discuss things"

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Tell me /tg/: what system should be used for this?
And would you play Jin Roh (also known as fascist thugs) or rebels (also known as civilian killing terrorists)?

>> No.15584155

Isn't it past your bedtime? Wouldn't want your sleep schedule to be out of whack when the school year starts again, kid.

>> No.15584169

Kubo was good/okay until he revealed Aizen as the BBEG (and what his power was). It was all downhill from there (minus a few good fights at the end of the SS arc).

>> No.15584178

>Claimming .. GitS ... is "/tg/" related is like claiming a Avengers comic is /a/ related.
GitS is /tg/ related.
How do you not get this? Just minimize the thread if it burns your eyes to see us discussing shows that have ideas for games in them.

>> No.15584183

/tg/ is tabletop, extended and reconceptualized for the Internet and Imageboard. The people who want to censor /tg/ and restrict its growth are the same who stifle camaraderie with gaming buddies at the table and misunderstand what traditional gaming is all about.

>> No.15584185

I would use GURPs, but I'm boring like that.
I see you are feeling a bit mad about my tirade. Why don't you keep posting random anime and claiming they are /tg/ related, friend?

>> No.15584198

Summerfag probably doesn't even know how to hide threads or even sage them.

>> No.15584199

>GitS is /tg/ related.

No it isn't.

It can be though.

>> No.15584200

Spice and Wolf, I think.

Perfect example of a low-combat game, if you ask me.

>> No.15584212

Furry fapshit that is in no way /tg/ related.

>> No.15584240

>Furry fapshit
It was completely chaste and almost entirely about economics. Very /tg/ related.

>> No.15584251

Having /tg/ as my only source of information about it, I was shocked to find it listed under romance. I honestly thought it was about economics.

>> No.15584266

I'm not that anon, but you're not putting forth the best arguments.

>> No.15584271

I would play this game.

>> No.15584288

>The Irresponsible Captian Tylor
Rogue trader with an Arch militant and a high ranking Adept, on board they have a company of space wolves. They fight the eldar.

I'm not even kidding, thats essentially the show.

>those who hunt elves
An Actor, A gun nut and a martial artist end up in a fantasy world which is apparently connected to earth (lots of our tech ends up there) they drive around in a possessed tank, adventuring with the goal of stripping all elves naked for some complicated magic spell which is supposed to get them back to earth.

seems right up your ally /tg/

>> No.15584297

garzey's wing

>> No.15584340

Disappointed to see no one mentioned this yet:

High School of the Dead - All Flesh Must Be Eaten is only the beginning.

>> No.15584354

"There is a dungeon. You are in it."
"I inspect the room"
"There is nothing in the room. Everything is white."

>> No.15584362

Actually... you're right. There's really not all that much nudity in the show at all, and most if not all the dialogue has something to do with trade and economics.

>> No.15584374

I'm not the one who posted allcaps and got buttmad people were talking about things I didn't like.

>> No.15584378

My DH guardsman plays the game like he is Tylor. He bumbles around and fucks shit up but everything turns out ok in the end. Even I'm not sure if he is faking stupidity or not.

>> No.15584382

May I have all of these?

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>> No.15584412

Rune Soldier Louie

It's the most disfunctional group of gamers ever! Also, same universe as Lodoss Wars, but more lighthearted.

>> No.15584429

>It can be though.

If it can be, it is enough. How hard is that to get, son?

>> No.15584448

lol awesome.

>> No.15584466

I don't even know if they exist and reverse image searches give nothing.

>> No.15584476

Anything can be.

>> No.15584477

Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer
Cause its just grand.

>> No.15584483


I'm sure he meant it as more of an economic simulator trade game than anything.

>> No.15584496

Dat natural 20 sequence

>> No.15584499

Oh sweet, we haven't had one of these threads in a while. I recommend (aside from the fantastic recommendations in this thread):


Dennou Coil


Outlaw Star


Anything by Miyazaki and/or Studio Ghibli (For inspirational purposes)

Summer Wars

Anything by Satoshi Kon

Rurouni Kenshin (the mango is better but the series is still decent)

Samurai X: Love and Betrayal

I might have more later.

>> No.15584508

Shush you two, talk about more anime.

>> No.15584518

You'd be surprised, kid. A lot of stuff can't without so much alteration that it no longer resembles its source material.

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>> No.15584533

How about Fullmetal?

>> No.15584534

>ctrl F akagi
>no results

This is literally an anime about a traditional game. And excellent. And not mentioned? for shame

>> No.15584562

>> No.15584573

Look for Net Gain at Gen Con. You pretty much play both the characters of the show, AND the Chief (who as we all know, is the best character IN the show).

>> No.15584623

All the Planetes mentions make me happy.

On topic, Fullmetal Alchemist is damn nice for setting.

>> No.15584638

I wanna build a Friends rpg now...

>> No.15584648


Newsflash, mischling -- /tg/ encompasses roleplaying games. Does the anime have a role that you could play and presumably make into or adapt to a game? Then, holy shit, its tg related!

>> No.15584778

Fullmetal would be fantastic, but I think it wouldnt be as full an experience without a mechanically specific setting. I'm also pretty confident someone's already made a FM game engine out there somewhere.

>> No.15584816

I wouldn't say Kubo is particularly bad at writing Bleach or at the making of Aizen, it's just that he sucks at pacing so if you follow the mango it's going to feel more like torture than entertainment.

It's better to read it monthly. Or not read it at all, but once you start, there is no going back.

>> No.15584860

No. It just sucks. It's nothing but miraculous leaps in power just in time for the protagonists to win the fight.

>> No.15584943


The only guy who was defeated by that was Ulquiorra. what's his name pink sword captain and Ichigo were evenly matched in the end, the Ichigo's fight against cat espada was pretty even, Ichigo didn't manage to kill Aizen, and in the end he was stopped by Urahara not Ichigo, facebook is just mindfucking Ichigo now.

And Aizen curbstomped all the good guys, and all of Ichigo's "friends" get curbstomped in each arc by the bad guys.

>> No.15584955

So what system would you use for Durarara!!?

Please don't say Exalted or I will make you eat your modem.

>> No.15584977

Strands of FATE or Savage Worlds. Dem universal settings, man!

Really, I'd say straight up Spirit of the Century or another FATE system. I haven't seen Durarara, but given that it;s basically Baccano minus the extreme gore, it seems about right. YOu wanna have a climactic fight atop a train between two psychos who forgot that they were ordinary humans in a world full of immortals? NO PROBLEM!

>> No.15585929

Bump for posterity before I go to bed

>> No.15585981

>Bleach discussion

I shouldn't have to put up with this on /tg/.


Practically begging to be a WoD splat.

>> No.15586220

>ctrl + f
>Broken Blade
>no results

>> No.15586404

I believe he's started working with his editor more. The current arc is basically Kubo takes a literature class and shows us what he learned that the day, the manga.

>> No.15586435

need to learn faster, also he needs more assistants to draw more backgrounds.

>> No.15586473

Fang of the Sun Dougram. What's that, a series with half of the Unseen BattleMechs? Space politics and guerrillas? You got it.

Pic related, main mecha is a Shadow Hawk.

>> No.15586512

>Broken Blade

Now that could be pretty awesome. Unfortunately, the average PC won't get to do a mid-air turn kick off of a sword, but it could be awesome regardless.

Just so /tg/ knows what we're talking about, it's a mecha show where the mechs are powered by crystal sorcery; just about everyone in this world can telekinetically manipulate a particular kind of quartz, which over time has allowed them to create a lot of modern-level tech via quartz ligaments and other such things. Warfare is accomplished by large mech suits that can use air-pressure guns, but also use swords and such.

Also, I liked it better when it was called Break Blade.

>> No.15586589

Shin Angyo Onshi. That setting is pretty dope, and it's great reading material for inspiration.

Munsu is the best ever. I rate manliness in Munsus.

>> No.15586686

Because I do ever so love whipping this out at the slightest occasion;

Shingeki no Kyojin, or Advance of the Giants (or Titans if you prefer). The setting is a western-styled world that reached something akin to high renaissance; there were still castles, but they had fairly good cannons and such. But out of the north a horde of giants showed up, that are all somewhere between 3 and 15 meters tall. The giants are humanoid, but oddly proportioned, and they tend to regenerate from nearly any wound unless struck at a precise point on the back of their neck. They do not speak and are not very intelligent, but are very strong.

Their only goal; to devour all humans.

Given their strength, they forced humanity back and back, until we built a series of huge, 50 meter tall walls to bar entry to the giants. There are three, an outer wall, a middle wall, and an inner wall, all successively smaller. For nearly a hundred years, man was safe.

Until recently, an even larger giant appeared; one tall enough to look over the wall, and to kick a hole into it for its smaller friends.

>> No.15586753


The last line of defense are an elite corp of specially trained soldiers using the latest in tech, the three-dimensional movement system. It consists of a waist-mounted, gas-powered grappling system; the hooks fire from the waist, lodge themselves in something, and then wind up, ideally bringing the soldier along with. This allows the soldier to quickly travel from ground level up to the giants' height, and from there to the weak spot at the back of the neck in a spiderman fashion. The triggers that control the grappling system are also built to hold disposable blades, which are then used to cleave the crucial weakpoint, killing the giant.

These troops, as you might imagine, have a pretty large fatality rate, but they're one of the few weapons that have any effect against the giants.

>> No.15589329

Black Lagoon
- An ex spec ops computer hacker who fleed the states and hacks for pirates while fucking his huge titted conterfitter girlfriend and snapping nazi necks in an act of jewish revenge
-Big Black Badass Coolheaded War Vet how owns a trasportation/PMC company in Tailand fights against military grades foes with a revolver and shotgun and lets his men do all the work
-super hot batshit insane former ghetto rat with a traumatized past, two custom handgun which are dual wielded, indescribably luck and infinite ammo
-Ex norm office worker with utterly insane diplomatic skills and balls bigger than the sun itself
Russian mafia boss who edits porn in her free time, child serial killers who nearly wipe the mafia off the map for fun, vehical combat on land and sea, terminator maids who bite swords in half and fire Barret .50's one handed. My god i have never seen the layout of a better Modern game in my life

>> No.15589417

Sex starved players rolling highlevel survivors in AFMBE against zombies that'd make Day of The Dead zombies Tarrasque-like in comparison

>> No.15589445


I usually think of Black Lagoon as a resettinged Shadowrun game. Never saw a show that got me into the mindset quite as much. Rock's a textbook example of the 'fucked by the company, wound up a runner' archetype.

>> No.15589490

Mutant ninja clans dueling to the death over politics and secret agendas. Right up there with Ninja Scroll. Despite being 12 episodes, they are very short, only 20 minutes apiece, and very well dubbed for anime.

Ther eis actually an anime semi-based on Exalted. The Heroic Age (Ah-geh) is about humanity - the iron tribe - tryign to survive the depredations of the silver and the bronze tribes (humans and psychics) aftert the golden tribe (the creators of the other sapient races) left. The Heroic Tribe was all but destroyed....except for one, who merged with a human child lost on a far away 'world....' It's surprisingly Exalted in flavor.

>> No.15589532

Anything by Tsutomu Nihei.

Seriously, the man lives and breaths grimdark megastructures.

Blame!, a manga in which mankind is mostly whipped out or living in cramped cities using technology they barely understand to hopefully (and usually unsuccessfully) stave off destruction by crazy cyborg deathmachines or the robots which were created to kill the cyborgs.

Illiteracy is at just less than 100% and the horrible doom structure is expanding at an exponential rate. At the very least, we know that it's swallowed up Jupiter at this point. The main characters are about as PC as you can get, including wrecking hundreds of cubic miles of structure frequently, and using a gun that puts 80km holes in whatever you shoot it at / rips your arm off when fired on the highest setting.

>> No.15589537

>What are some good /tg/-related animes?
Soo /tg/ related like what?
Made around some boardgames? Like Hikaru no Go?
Or look like some RPG? Then any fantasy one.
Can be made into a setting? Any anime, movie, book can be made into setting.
Or it is just 'post your favorite anime' in /tg/ related disguise? Then what is good /tg/ related CP?


>> No.15589647

If you want to watch Black Lagoon here you go

>> No.15589669


>> No.15590277



>> No.15590333

Whatever. I happen to like some series dubbed.. Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop etc.

>> No.15590394


Bebop is one of the rare dub better than the original animes.

But Balalaika just gets neutered. Revy has a totally different feel.

>> No.15590424

Series that a good dubbed are few and far between.
Most dubs make my skin crawl, namely by their awkward/poorly cast low-budget voice acting.

Atleast I can ignore the moonspeak.

>> No.15590442


Come on guys, let's not start a subs vs. dubs argument here. Some American viewers prefer them because they're used to hearing dialogue in their own language rather than reading it on screen. Others prefer the original voices. To each their own.

>> No.15590550

Great Teacher Onizuka, cause thats how all teachers should be played.

>> No.15590651

>One Piece
It pretty much represents the the ideals of all good themed campaigns where a group of thrill seeking adventures join together to live out there dreams, seeking adventure for the sake of adventure, and doing good deeds and building a reputation for yourselves along the way, all the while becoming stronger and getting closer and closer to your final goal.

>Fairy Tail
Very rarely doing I hear people mention this one. But in my mind it stands for the ideals of fantasy and team work. I shows how a world of magic can be something amazing rather then completely crazy.

>> No.15590767

He claims that the lack of backgrounds helps to put focus on the actions of the characters. Whether that's an excuse or not doesn't really matter, I would prefer no backgrounds to bad backgrounds. I doubt assistants would draw Miura class backgrounds.

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