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So, my friend built her character poorly.

She went to the greatest extremes our DM would permit, and basically created a character that can't hit anything except on a roll of a nat 20 (her attack bonus is actually in the negatives). But, whatever gets hit usually is dead beyond dead, which is amazing considering that she can't get a crit (since she can never get the confirmation roll).

Though there are much stronger builds, she says she likes the feel of carrying around a iron column with a handle nailed onto it, and that even though she's useless 95% of the time, she's still killed more bosses than anyone else.

It's more like having a random death effect in our party rather than an actual person, and every battle against a solo creature is just a waiting game until she manages to finish it off in one hit.

Basically, I'm frustrated because the rest of the group has to take care of all the little creatures, and then she steals all the glory.

I just don't feel appreciated.

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Talk to the party about it, and bring up any problems you have with the person causing them and the DM.

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stop being butthurt, the character is awesome.

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Can you post her character? Her character may be doing things that are against the rules.

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I hate to say it but that sounds very, very awesome.
She is the party's weapon. Unconventional but when it works, it works. She's a siege weapon and you guys are the people who make it work.

If you really need attention, gain it through roleplaying or other forms of heroism.

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Her character is a one-trick pony. And you want her to lose even that one trick?

Any BBEG worth his salts would easily disable that one trick, too. Let her have her moments of glory. You can undoubtedly have others.

Which begs the question, what kind of character are YOU playing?

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"Even if you swing a hundred times and only hit once, you still hit." You should not be mad at your party member for doing something different. She may not hit all the time but when she does it will be spectacular, which might be why she basks in the glory of it. If she acts like a glory hog then maybe ask her to tone it down, but don't ask her to change when she's got an awesome idea going.

Also pic most definitely related.

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Start being a team player, OP (I can't believe I'm saying this to an roleplayer) When she and the healer fall down, it's time to leg it.

also, no one can buff up that modifier, or give her more actions?

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>every battle against a solo creature is just a waiting game until she manages to finish it off in one hit.
You're thinking the wrong way. It SHOULD be "Every battle is a race to see how much damage we can do before she finishes it off."

Also, your DM is too lazy to send swarms of dodgy, low HP goblins after you to put her in her place.

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What else is notable about her?

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I won't lie to you. I'm probably gonna steal that character idea.

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It's a little embarrassing to say "Your character makes my character feel ineffective," when my character could kill hers 19/20 times.

And our DM is one of those extremely liberal DM's.He hates anyone badmouthing anyone else's character.

She has a bunch of houserules applied to her, which is the reason she has a Colossal Great club that deals 6d8 naturally, but far more for her because of all sorts of weird feats. Our DM thought it would be interesting, and I can't blame him in that regard.

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Sounds as broken as my weakling of a Shifter named Lily. It's as if I build her for boss battles and the undead.

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>iron column with a handle nailed onto it
Penis envy

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the character sounds awsome OP

unless the player is being an asshole about it(in which case you might want to talk to her about it first), I don't see any good reason to keep her from playing the character

from what I can gather, getting to and defeating the boss is still a team effort

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I like you.

I don't see much of a problem with OP. Though you should probably take a look at the character and see what you can do to help her. Get her in the range where 15-20 will hit, and still does about half the damage. That's a 3x damage increase overall, without so much overkill.

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Could she hit slow, unmoving, unaware targets?
Dude. Set up a Teeball tee and make this dame into a portable trebuchet.

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>without so much overkill

Do you even understand the point of the character?

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Wait... The weapon's size is colossal? Like, pic related?

This is actually so absurd that it becomes cool.

And unless your GM is a jackass tailoring bosses so that only she can beat them, nothing forbids you to try yourself instead of standing there and watching her do the job.

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Okay, here's a revolutionary idea, have an encounter with, wait, listen guys, an encounter with get this... No boss NPC directly risking his neck with his minions.

I mean holy crap, there's a big bad every encounter for her to crump for the glory? The DM is trying to get into this chick's vag, and he's not even being subtle.

That or he's just a shitty and uncreative DM... which is likely.

Good luck.

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Not actually possible by the rules, so I'd like to see how it's happening.

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Have your characters run with it, OP. You might enjoy it more.

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> She has a bunch of houserules applied to her, which is the reason she has a Colossal Great club that deals 6d8 naturally, but far more for her because of all sorts of weird feats.

Sounds fishy... You should find out which feats and such, and post them... Not that I'd want to know or anything...

Seriously though, this shouldn't be all that hard to counter-act - melee characters (especially ones with horrible to-hits) are notoriously easy to out manuever/wit, depending on the game/setting/version/etc.

What system/version is this?
What level?
What kind of character?
What house rules are in play?
Thus far, all we have is you pouting because someone made a weird character that is stealing your glory using questionable houserules.

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OP is mad because his group is having fun

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Wow, that is a fucking awesome cowgirl outfit...

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What about her character?
Fuck the crunch! What's the fluff behind it? It sounds like an awesome character even if it's mechanically retarded.

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bamp for
i got nothing

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I'm guessing she took Monkey Grip and Titan's Gloves, that gets a Medium character to use Huge Weapons with only a -2 penalty, then going a size larger for -4 total to your to-hit roll... That's a Gargantuan Weapon... You would still only be able to wield one-handed Gargantuan weapons that way. But yeah, neither the item nor the feat allows you to carry more weight, so I'm guessing this slugger ain't armored...

I've done something similar to this with a Large sized Yuan Ti Abomination monk with the feat and item combo (among some others) that wielded a Colossal Mighty Whip Dagger... Same kind of shit, I was at a -4 to my to-hit, but he was throwing around 50lb blade attached to a 200 ft boat anchor chain... Shit was so fuckin cash.

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The fluff doesn't appear to be the issue at hand - and attempting to use fluff to justify crunch is a poor way to handle things.

... Though granted, I'd also like to hear how she manages to carry around a weapon sized for a fucking dragon without destroying scenery.

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It's so much more efficient, for a large character, to just go into Hulking Hurler and War Hulk, and just start tossing houses in the general direction of your enemies.

There's also background or feat or something in one of the planar handbooks that doubles your carrying capacity, just in case +2 strength every level wasn't quite doing it for you.

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>... Though granted, I'd also like to hear how she manages to carry around a weapon sized for a fucking dragon
Feats, and magic items I mentioned, and enough Strength to actually lift it.
> without destroying scenery.
Cue Yakkity Sax.

And leave the landmark at the entrance of town. Partly as a way of saying "the adventurers are [in]" and well, who the fuck will steal THAT?

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>can't get a crit (since she can never get the confirmation roll).

Don't nat 20s also apply to crit confirmation rolls?

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> well, who the fuck will steal THAT?

Um, any party-foe with half a brain and the ability to do so?

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No, I don't care about the issue.
I just want to know more about this awesome badass character.

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Oh, right, point. So! the other thing is perhaps use some tactics to make it easier for her to hit. Have someone cast an Invisibility on her, use Feint to get them flat-footed and leverage Flanking bonuses to attempt to get that to-hit down below 18 or so to make combat go a LOT faster.

Unless she's jumping off to the generic Her Target Of The Week that the GM puts in to stroke her ego while the DM prevents you all from helping with minions.

In which case, the boss NPC should be killing her every time, and your DM is fudging his rolls to get her wet. A possibility I'm not ruling out just yet.

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So had the DM changed the encounters to show the bbegs are starting to realize who they're fighting and plan accordingly?

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I'm calling bull unless you post her build.

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Wasn't it Stalin who said "Quantity has a quality all it's own"?

There's always the other end of the scale, the guy who absolutely positively hits every motherfucker in the room, but for only one point of damage.

So I guess that raises the question, which is the better option?

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If you had them fight? The 1 damage guy is better at low levels when HP totals are less than 20, once you break that barrier it's in the one-hit KO character's favor.

If we want to compare how fast they'll finish an encounter, we know the 1 dmg guy is going to take a number of turns equal to the highest HP an enemy has. Meanwhile OHKO will on average need 20 turns per enemy. It's pretty easy to work out who's better at any given encounter, at least assuming they're invincible and don't waste turns getting in range.

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You're being a poor sport.

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When she's in town resting, why not just have the BBEG attack the party there? She'd be incapable of getting to her weapon. If she ran off by herself to get it you could ambush her, or put down traps, or cursed runes, or curse the pillar.

Imagine how frustrating it would be when a character turns into your instant win button? Suddenly its not really about your struggle, it's about them as the anime protagonist who fires the game-ending power shot.

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this sounds downright awesome to me, i can totaly see her becomming some sort of folk hero down the road, maby even get a divine rank if somthing suitably awesome happens.

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>every battle against a solo creature is just a waiting game until she manages to finish it off in one hit.

Sounds like you did your characters wrong, if you actually have to wait. And seriously, controllers, man.

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Why you being such a lil' bitch, OP?

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your face when she takes the Leadership feat.

Your face when she has all of her Cohorts be wizards.

Your face when her Cohorts take it in turns to cast "True strike" on her.

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Range Personal.

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>go into dungeons/caves/catacombs
>character can't swing iron pillar around, let alone bring it along with them

hell, even going into -buildings- is impossible.

Vampire BBEG holed up in the middle of the city? I hope you enjoy the guards arresting you for destruction of porperty, and that's even IF you survive the upper floors of his mansion collapsing onto you

The character could be an interesting one to play with; but not introducing location/encounter variety and allowing a single player to dominate the game is bad, really bad. Talk to your DM about it.

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>She has a bunch of houserules applied to her, which is the reason she has a Colossal Great club that deals 6d8 naturally, but far more for her because of all sorts of weird feats. Our DM thought it would be interesting, and I can't blame him in that regard.

Is she blowing your DM or what? The concept and house rules are completely fucking retarded. The only thing missing is her being a loli.

Well, if you are playing D&D, I suggest buying some scrolls of True Strike for her.

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You're in a party with the coolest monster hunter ever.

"There is a dragon assaulting the city and taking our cattle!"
*hide behind cow as a stable pillar*

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Sounds like one of those more useful out of combat than in combat characters.

For instance

Crossing a gourge?


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>>Basically, I'm frustrated because the rest of the group has to take care of all the little creatures, and then she steals all the glory.
Hey, here's an idea: don't take care of the little creatures. Let her get swarmed and murdered.

>> No.15584295

How is it possible to only hit on a nat20?
That's what I find 'fishy'. The fact that she has a negative attack bonus yet deals all that much damage. She must have a shitload of STR to carry around such a weapon and even be able to use it at all.

What game is this? What level?

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Ask your DM to make boss encounters include minions. And smaller encounters include moderately larger creatures in the mix.

That way she and the rest of the party are useful in all encounters.

Yes, there's still a lot of "kill the minions so she can get a swing at the boss," but as long as you all get to contribute in all encounters, that's not worth complaining about. It's like the relationship between the defensive line and the receiver in American Football.

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Lemmie see:

She's medium sized, it's a cumulative -2 penalty to use a weapon per size category beyond your own so:

Large, huge, gargantuan, colossal = -8 to-hit.

Then there are encumbrance issues: Weapons double in weight per size category: so x2, x4, x8, x16: Her greatclub starts at 8 lbs for medium... her weapon weighs 128 lbs... might not be a problem if she has 20+ strength, but otherwise the club alone will put her in at least the medium load category...

This will, of course, restrict how fast she can run, base speed down from 30' to 20', maximum is x4, reduce her max dex for AC to +3,

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I say OP made the whole thing up unless he posts her Character.

As well as the " Houserules " that apply to her.

Your move OP.

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I like to think of it as her holding out the sword, spinning in a circle. Each time the sword moves around, the enemies just jump over it like it was a game. Then one of them jumps a bit too late and the sword moves through them like warm butter.

>> No.15584453

Start playing Exalted. Then she can have her Steel Daiklave and use it effectively!

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If I were to assume the OP's picture is closer to what the weapon actually is, then it's not colossal by any means. Huge at the most. Gargantuan already is like a tree.

>> No.15584489

>>Can't hit anything except on a roll of a nat 20
>>whatever gets hit usually is dead beyond dead

Please tell me she plays this character as a bumbling, oblivious fighter, her actual hits being nothing more than accidents on her part.

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as already mentioned, unless the player is letting it all get in her head then there's not much reason to prevent her from playing the character

the character has found her role in the party and from what OP mentioned, the rest of the party are also helping out(by keeping the character alive long enough for her to hit)

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Wait. This idea of "houserules" is retarded. Anyone can do this. It's in the PHB or DMG...

You take a -4 penalty to wielding weapons larger than you per size increment. She's just stacking those penalties on top of each other and using the oversized damage chart in the Rules Compendium.

If you're freaking out about something like this, you'd absolutely be floored by what some monks can do (24d8+Str over /many/ hits at a respectable attack bonus).

>> No.15584691

People can do that -- for one category. But its not very impressive. its there so a human can use an ogre's longsword -- nearly identical to a greatsword, except its shittier to hit.

You can't pick up anything you find and use it like that, but power attacking at high levels with a two handed weapon kills anything.

>> No.15584722

If you're a Goliath or a Large creature you can use Large weapons no penalty. NOW add feats like Monkey grip, items like the Titan gloves or whatever they were called, THEN take the penalty for something even larger...
And you'd still be at Gargantuan.

>> No.15584724

Yes you can. That's covered in Complete Warrior with the introduction of the Hulking Hurler. You don't need that PrC to do it - you just need to be able to carry it. There's a weight to damage conversion there that the telekinetic mountain wizard build is based off of (dealing an average of 1.5 million damage to a target in a round and also changing the landscape at the same time).

>> No.15584763

the book specifically states the light load thing is a feature of the class.

>> No.15584787

Hmm. Well, either way, it's a 1 level dip. I wouldn't doubt that she could've just taken that.

>> No.15584797

ah, oversized weapons! -2 for each size category above your maximum, and 6d8 damage [min 6, avg 27, max 48] and bludgeoning so it's good against undead as well
>so for colossal that's... -6 for a medium-sized creature? I'm guessing she puts max power attack into that as well which is -5 assuming that she has a BAB of +5 excluding modifiers to begin with, so you'd still be at a -6 mod to-hit, then add strength bonus, I'm guessing she's got something in the positives so that should take the -6 down to a -3 with an average score and I'm guessing she's stronger than that
so we're potentially looking at a L5 Fighter with an average attack roll of 7 and a natural 20 of 17, okay yeah, she would be needing 20s or really close to it to hit most CR5 targets and a less-than-half chance of hitting even basic monsters.
>Not even counting any other advantages you could stack on there, Cleave tree (more rolls equal more chances to hit)
let's see with - weapon focus (Ftr1): +1 to-hit; weapon specialization (Ftr4): +2 damage; greater weapon focus (Ftr8): +1 to-hit; greater weapon specialization (Ftr12): +2 damage
>and with a high strength bonus, you would easily be mitigating your negatives and at least have a +0 or better at middle levels
at 12th level this leaves three fighter bonus feats and another five bonus feats from levels alone plus the potential extra feat from being human for a total of 8~9 spare slots
>then you want your combat reflexes and cleave/greatcleave, possibly dodge/mobility/spring attack/whirlwind strike (combat expertise, a must for defence since you're relying on nat20s to hit anyways); endurance/diehard might not be a bad idea; neither would improved critical, improved initiative, or improved fortitude
so out of that selection you would have to leave four or five semi-essential for post-12th advancement

I love this character idea!

>> No.15584874

>It's more like having a random death effect in our party rather than an actual person
Please, sorry. But I can't support your side of the idea at all.
>rather than an actual person
This "random death effect", is purely combat related. That way she is at worst, just as little of an "actual person" as everyone else in your party.

Now, I don't really know just how combat focused your games are. For all I know they might be fully hack&slash crawlers.
And what about stealing glory? Is the final blow that important? You should all know she isn't any better than you guys (unless you built your characters in ways not related to combat.), and that she wouldn't have anywhere near the kind of success she might have, without you guys.

To take down a monster is a team effort. Even if one character manages to solo a monster(s), the rest of the party were still there for support, both practical support and emotional support, and in case things weren't to work out.
Unless a character's provess and superiority is blatantly obvious in game, and the character is behaving like an ass about it, or not being subtle about it, there is no problem.
Especially if the character isn't even better to begin with, but simply unbalanced/luck-dependent.

If she is at least decent as a roleplayer outside of combat, then I see absolutely no problem whatsoever.
In fact, I would congratulate her for having given a character special traits that sticks out, that doesn't destroy anything.

>> No.15584948

Is she a fan of Monster Hunter, perchance?

>> No.15585049

of course there is the problem that you need Monkey grip which would count the weapon as gargantuan, a strength to lift a 32ft-plus iron club weight in at about a ton or more (Str 30+ just to carry), Golem Armor (epic artifact, wut?) would drop it to Huge

So we can really only manage a Gargantuan Greatclub and that at a high enough level to find an epic magical artifact

well, crap, it was nice idea though

>> No.15585062

This sort of reminds me of my Two-Handed fighter in Pathfinder. With the 3 attack version of vital strike I can deal something like 12d6+26 damage without any strength boosts, though I still get +21 to hit at level 11 with my first attack.

Here's what I have: Mattock of the titans (4d6 damage, gargantuan sized warhammer), monkey grip, a ring that lets me use a weapon one size category larger than I normally can, dueling gloves, power attack, weapon focus, greater weapon focus, weapon specialization, vital strike, improved vital strike, furious focus, 19 strength.

So I deal 12d6 (improved vital strike) + 9 (level 11 with power attack, two handed weapon) + 8 (strength modifier x2 due to being a two-handed fighter) + 3 (+3 weapon) + 2 (weapon spec) + 4 (weapon training + dueling gloves) = 12d6+26 damage. We're also counting it as a reach weapon as it's 10ft long. Of course my AC is only 21 so I'm pretty much auto-hit by all of my enemies, but I out damage pretty much everyone in the group (we're playing a no arcane magic campaign so the group is me, a weapon master fighter, a paladin with a cleric cohort, and a rogue).

>> No.15585077

so, our greatclub heroine is a game-breaker.

>> No.15585088

>steal glory.
I don't understand you people

>> No.15585121

You're forgetting, with each size increase, the weapon goes up a catagory, a Light becomes a One-Handed, an One-handed becomes a Two-Handed, and a Two-Handed becomes unusable without Monkey Grip.

Yanno what, hell with it, I'll just put a screencap from Complete Warrior...

However, the path to go with stacking to-hit penalties for damage increases is Sunder and Improved Sunder. Have your party control the enemy a little bit and sunder their armor as a Touch attack. Which with Improved lets you immediately make another regular attack, now without the armor, if the Sunder was successful. Compared to that, Cleave and GC are smalltime.

Also, yeah, scrolls of True Strike would be a good investment.

>> No.15585142

>it's about them as the anime protagonist who fires the game-ending power shot.
Yeah. Fuck Gandalf, fuck Gandalf.
The party was mighty cool and all. You had the halflings of various mischevious and charismatic traits. Then you had the Dwarven fighter and the Human Noble fighter, as well as an Elven Ranger and a Human Fighter/Ranger hybrid.
But then what? Then what? Then you get that fucking wizard who steals all the fucking glory.

I mean, he took down the Balrog all by himself? Seriously? He even used a social test to convince the rest of the party to get the fuck out of there so that he could take all the glory for himself.
He also goes straight up and combattens Saruman by himself, wheras the rest of the party didn't even get an audience, that's mighty selfish.
And don't get me started on Helm's Deep. The other players had barely gotten into the fight before he came rushing down and near solod the entire freaking army by himself.

A real jackass no? Stealing all the glory and big enemy encounters. Frodo? He got to the inner depths of Mordor and could get rid of the ring. But what's that worth when there was no real fight encounter near the end? Gandalf took all the great ones before the quest ended.
Obviously he was the only party member who did anything that was worth anything.

>> No.15585215

What is her reach?

Just leveling her weapon should be able to kill a few squares of minions unless they make a reflex save, right? She doesn't even need cleave

>> No.15585251

I was thinking that when I first saw the thread.

God forbid she swings it horizontally. Cone of MACE anyone?

>> No.15585280

Psionic tattoo with expansion will give the PC a size category increase

Or take the Psychic Warrior class to level five... or is there any feats that boost your psionic caster level?

>> No.15585297

sadly, there's no ruling on that in d20 system

>> No.15585299

That's why you have a GM. The book won't cover everything.

>> No.15585305

or line of MACE

gargantuan is what? 32~64 and colossal is 64+

>> No.15585313

attack roll to determine arc of coverage!

>> No.15585320

Practised Manifester, as you'd expect it. +4 ML, capping your ML at your ECL. And of course, it only works for one type of manifesting. You can take it again, but it only applies to another type, etc.

Just like Practised Spellcaster.

>> No.15585340

Who says that the character is medium sized? She'd need at least -20 to a roll in order to only hit on a nat 20

So which is the smallest character that can do that?

>> No.15585371

Oversized Weapon Sweep
Cone Attack
Range: as per weapon length
Coverage: 5 degrees
Attack roll: every point above AC10 grants an extra degree of coverage, enemies must make a reflex save against the result of your attack roll for half damage, taking full damage on a failure; this attack only works on creatures one size category larger or smaller than you

Oversized Weapon Smash
Line Attack
Range: as per weapon length
Coverage: a number of five foot squares equal to the weapon's length divided by five
Attack roll: enemies must make a reflex save against the result of your attack roll for one-quarter damage, taking half damage on a failure; all damage is taken or avoided on a fumble or critical success, respectively; this attack only works on creatures one size category larger or smaller than you

>> No.15585374

It's not the player's fault, it's the fault of the DM for using shitty "houserules" to let this happen in the first place.

>> No.15585390

attack roll is compared against enemy's AC, you should subtract at least 10 and then the dexterity and armor bonuses, there's also dodge and deflection bonuses as well

it could be very easy for even a low-level opponent to be unhittable except on a 20

>> No.15585419

Okay, to review, even a Goliath can't wield a Colossal Greatclub.

The progression from Large (Goliath size with respect to weapons) to Colossal is three steps. Two steps can be negated with feats and magic items, but the third requires that the weapon go up one "effort catagory". Therefore, a two-handed Colossal Greatclub would be impossible to wield.

I will take the time to mention, however, that a Bastard Sword does the same amount of damage as a Greatclub, and is one-handed at its base definition. Therefore, a Goliath (or other large-sized) Player Character can indeed wield a Colossal Bastard Sword at a -4 to-hit for a total of 6d8 base damage.

Have fun, /tg/

>> No.15585454

What is the penalty for wielding a weapon type you don't have the skill for?

>> No.15585472

-4 nonproficiency.

>> No.15585473

Also a -4.

>> No.15585478

Ahahaha, oh wow, now just toss this in there

Sheath of Blade Stealth

This mundane-looking but serviceable sheath fits any bladed slashing weapon, from a dagger to a greatsword. When a weapon is placed into the sheath of bladestealth, both it and the weapon become invisible (as the invisibility spell) until the weapon is drawn, at which point it and the sheath become visible again. The invisible sheathed weapon can still be detected by touch, but the bearer gains a +5 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal the weapon, and casual inspection does not reveal it at all. Other effects that detect or reveal invisible things work normally on the sheathed weapon.

>> No.15585492


>> No.15585524

Without knowing the dimensions of a colossal weapon, I can't calculate its weight.

Taking the SRD lower value of 125 tons for colossal objects, you need a 47 str just to lift the thing.

Either that character has a shit ton of strength bonuses or it's probably breaking the rules and physics.

Have fun playing your anime game.

>> No.15585557

will do

>> No.15585569

Colossal weapon ≠ Colossal object. A dagger designed to be used by a colossal creature would probably be about the size of a bastard sword, not a freight train.

>> No.15585575

while the colossal weapon has potential for massive damage, the weapon in OP's pic can't be running more than 10 feet long, putting it at roughly Huge size, well within the means of the Monkey Grip feat

>> No.15585579

Can't weapons be enchanted to be lighter?

>> No.15585644

that is irrelevant to the interests of this thread, which was to critique the mechanical theory behind absurdly massive weapons, since the mechanics failed, we can assume the physics considerations like weight and adjusted fighting space and reach are similarly out of bounds

>> No.15585702


and made of mithril!

Also, based on the size increments for weapons moving from medium to large is a x2 increase in weight. If you keep applying that for every step, it's only 128 lbs. The character would need a str of 20 to make that a light load or 15 for a medium load. If it's Mithral it would only weigh 64lbs. Meaning she could have 15 str and be at a light load with no armor on.

Sadly the size reduction for mithral only applies to armor (heavy-medium and so forth) meaning there's still no way to get that as a medium/large creature. But there are houserules in effect that may allow it with a monkey grip type feat.

You get a -2 penalty for each size increment between you and the weapon which puts her at -6. I assume monkey grip-like feats are included (at least 2 would make some sense) so we'll say she's at -10.

Without knowing her level there's no way to figure out how come she needs a nat20 to hit. I'm assuming hyperbole on the part of the OP.

>> No.15585756

Maybe she's Power Attacking, doesn't have Weapon Focus, nor is the weapon magical or not above +1.

>> No.15585775


Power attacking would do it since it removes her BAB. If the monsters have around 15+ AC it would explain it.

Still a neat idea.

>> No.15585779

A +4 STR (and a +1 BAB) and weapon focus would probably bring that down to around -4 at first level. This is still ignoring the fact that they are at a level where they have many feats ("plenty of weird feats") and enough gold to afford magic items. Either we're missing something, the character is incredibly incompetently built, the OP is lying or there are some serious shenanigans going on in this game.

>> No.15585784

Yeah, this post is legit, clearly the OP didn't just look at a picture on one of the boorus and get an idea.

That said, this sounds moderately awesome and I'd definitely play it in a one-shot.

>> No.15585796

Considers that by that size, there is no skill to use the weapon, so it's either
or counts as improvised

>> No.15585815

Tips for fighting with oversized weapons. I'm gonna use the Colossal Bastard Sword for all of this.

Improved Sunder is your friend. Each size catagory difference between you and your target is a +4 in your favor when sundering a weapon or shield. On top of that, it's an attack Vs. Attack roll, rather than an attack Vs. AC roll. With as much damage as a Colossal Bastard Sword will do, you WILL completely wreck one chunk of your target's shit each turn. Added bonus, magic items explode A LOT when they're destroyed, and you deprive your party of their petty, thieving ways.

You had to get Power Attack to get Improved Sunder, and you had to get Improved Sunder to keep from getting murdered while you wreck your enemy's shit. But your Power Attack is NEVER gonna hit... Unless you're attacking a wall or tree, or what the fuck ever your enemy is hiding behind. Fucker hiding behind a tree so you can't charge him? Fuck him AND the tree, knock that shit onto him like a boss. A strong wooden wall is 20 HP and 5 hardness. A single, simple attack will make a new door and skylight for your average tavern on a roughly average damage roll.

>> No.15585873

I like you

>> No.15585896

An alternate to the Colossal Bastard Sword is the Colossal Rapier. With Power Critical and Improved Critical, you have a 15-20 crit range, with a +4 to the roll to confirm the critical. This essentially cancels out the size penalties of the weapon, and deals the same damage as the Colossal Bastard Sword for a third of the weight, (getting a 15 to hit is going to be a massive pain in the first place). Of course, this combo requires a BAB of +8, so it's not for the low level game.

Also, reach weapons, especially the whip dagger and the Chain Whip, they both double the bonus range received with each size increase up from Medium. Either of these weapons is good for tripping and disarming at range. Remember, Trip is a Touch attack, you might be even better off with your -4 to hit when working to screw over your opponent than you would be against their armor and shield bonuses. Also, Feint attempts and Flanking bonuses can be gotten through a whip, at quite a wide threat range, considering that a Colossal Whip has a range of 165 ft. A Colossal Chain Whip has up to an 85 ft range, for comparison.

Now consider a Chain Whip is a Monk Weapon. You can Flurry of Blows at any target of your choice within an 85 ft radius with it, tactically giving your entire party flanking bonuses against their opponents.

>> No.15585924

>85-foot reach



>> No.15585932

We all do.

>> No.15585991

Next character, a "monk" of some large race, who carries a chain from a ship, with anchor still attached.
An ogre fencer, with a rediculously sized rapier. Think Maneaters from WHFB mixed with the 3 muskiteers.

>> No.15586012

I cannot into D&D but..instead of attacking a person, with a weapon that huge, can't you, say, attack a wall with a vertical swing and just fuck everything in the flight path with pure hurt?

>> No.15586014

Maybe we should just take the cheap way out, and a get a ring of spell storing with the party wizard putting Enlarge Person and True Strike on it.

>> No.15586028

the anchor could probably be fashioned into a grappling hook as well

>> No.15586053

This is one of those instances where D&D rules don't transition into real-world things very well. Makes no sense someone with something that big (assuming the strength to wield it) can't hit anything with it. Not like shit like a kobold or a human bandit has super-human speed.

>> No.15586090

>A Colossal Chain Whip has up to an 85 ft range

Die monster! You don't belong in this world!

>> No.15586096

This makes me glad I built my PCs giant golem mecha to wield their Windscythe blades for them; there's no way a human could ever think of tossing around 16tons of magically enchanted marble that puts out a sonic blastwave that could level an Abrams tank and its crew in one bass hit, or in rapier mode, cleave through a castle wall with the dull scream of ultrasonic vibrations tearing the masonry to pieces.

>> No.15586099

but at that point you are the monster

>> No.15586110

now there's some imagery, two giant stone golem duking it out on a plain, the defenders looking on as each strike brings out a barely audible roar that would make ears bleed if the clash drew any closer or a dull thump that resonated achingly through their flesh and the stone wall beneath their feet.

>> No.15586122

Ok so with a goliath and bit of thought we can weild colossal rapiers and bastard swords

Now how many can we throw a turn?

>> No.15586133

the typical number, but I hope you brought your modified yurts to carry each piece of ammunition

>> No.15586134

Thanks to you, I am now writing writing up a goliath monk with a colossal chain whip as a weapon, and writing out a plausible backstory for him.

thanks for the innovation!

>> No.15586139


You had me at 85ft threatened radius.

>> No.15586166

Unfortunately the reach increase is for beings of that colossalness... so a human who somehow managed to use a colossal whip doesn't get a single reach increase beyond a medium whip.

>> No.15586169


nah just blow some cash on making it returning. You're probably not going to find a colossal ANYTHING until you can afford at least a +2 weapon.

>> No.15586181

ah yes, the venerable returning ability, and then to make it a triple-throw colossal weapon


>> No.15586241

Belt of battle so you can double that action

Should that incur a reflex penalty to prevent you and everyone else' asses from hitting the ground due to the earth trembling strikes?

>> No.15586282

For some reason, this thread reminds me of karok from vindictus.

What say you? Half-giant template with monkey grip, weapon proficiency and large/huge warclub re-fluffed as a pillar?

>> No.15586344


I swear there was a way to increase the range on the whips with a prestige class, but I can't find it. I know Lasher (sword and fist 3.0) made whips sexy, but dammit, there's a way to get a long ass reach too.

>> No.15586348

>Guys this bitch is super overpowering and outshining our party, help!
>Minmax her more

Oh /tg/~

>> No.15586373

Just play 4e, it doesn't matter how crappy she builds the character, they're all just as good as everyone else at combat.

>> No.15586424

no, whips have a range, sizing them up increases the range; the original assumption was correct

>> No.15586431

>She has a 5% chance to insta kill a person and 95% chance to do nothing.
>She is kill stealing
Bull fucking shit. You are just refusing to fight bosses yourself and force the poor woman to do all the work.
Assuming she has max BAB:
Levels 1-5: 1 attack a turn, 20 turns on average to score a kill.
Levels 6-10: 2 attacks a turn, 10 turns on average to score a kill.
Levels 11-15: 3 attacks a turn, 6.7 turns on average to score a kill.
Levels 16-20: 4 attacks a turn, 5 turns on average to score a kill.

At almost every battle you guys should be killing the boss long long long before she ever scores a hit.

>> No.15586439

Also her character idea is fucking awesome and is definitely a case of sacrificing all usefulness for a cool feature..
For fucks sake she isn't even a caster!

>> No.15586563


The reach rules are a little vague on that.

>Most reach weapons double the wielder’s natural reach, meaning that a typical Small or Medium wielder of such a weapon can attack a creature 10 feet away, but not a creature in an adjacent square. A typical Large character wielding a reach weapon of the appropriate size can attack a creature 15 or 20 feet away, but not adjacent creatures or creatures up to 10 feet away.

It seems to simply double your natural reach. It would make sense that a larger weapon goes further, but GM's I've played with have simply said no. Trying to find something that says "this increases your reach dealwithit.jpg". A friend told me he had a lasher that had a 50' threatened area and I'm trying to remember how.

>> No.15586595

range attack=/=reach

the mechanics that you reference have no place in the argument

>> No.15586615


A whip is a reach weapon. 3.5 at least, I dunno about 3.0.

>> No.15586630

Why is it that 3.x players are the people who understand their system least? It's like Christians with the Bible.

"And an average of every twenty turns she can instantly defeat an opponent! Obviously overpowered! Why it's nearly as game-breaking as a monk or, god forbid, a soulknife! Excuse me..." *decimates an entire roomful of monsters with a single wizard spell* "Now, as I was saying..."

>> No.15586635

holy crap, no way... I need to look this up... yep, 3.0 whip has a range of 15ft

>> No.15586692



3.5 made it an exotic one handed reach weapon that does non lethal slashing damage (1d4) that does no damage to anything with a +1 armor bonus or a +3 natural armor bonus.

It provokes AoO like a ranged weapon and does not threaten squares it can reach. However it can be used in any square it can reach (including adjacent) unlike a normal reach weapon.

Can trip, get a +2 disarm and can apply weapon finesse to it.

All the restrictions make it seem like sometime in 3.0 somebody super built a whip character and ruined their game.

>> No.15586747

...that's... interesting... the 3.0 whip is an exotic small ('one-handed') ranged weapon dealing 1d2 subdual slashing damage, damage is ignored by a +1/+3n armor bonus, can trip, can disarm with +2 bonus

they basically turned it into a "melee" ranged weapon with a shorter range and slightly more damage

>> No.15586772

>Dear, /tg/ -- one of my fellow PC's has made a character so powerful that he makes me feel useless.
>Dear, /tg/ -- one of my fellow PC's has made a character so stupid that he makes me feel useless.

Jesus fucking christ, at least make up your mind about what you want to troll about.

>> No.15586799

Whip has shit damage and cannot deal lethal damage...
There are much better weapons and methods to abuse reach... And if you must have a whip have the whip-dagger. its a whip with a kunai like "dagger" at the end that somehow works as a functional weapon.

>> No.15586833


3.x FAQ states that "size-increasing" effects don't stack. A Goliath with Strongarm Bracers and Monkey Grip... can wield Large sized weapons. That's it.

>> No.15586917

>Dear, /tg/ -- one of my fellow PC's has made a character so specialized that she makes me feel useless.

Laser Guided Tykebomb Bosskillers. 'Sup?

>> No.15586938

booooo, nobody uses FAQ

>> No.15587056

Has anybody looked at the "Wield Oversized Weapon" feat in Epic Level Handbook?

>> No.15588662

Yeah OP clearly made this all up. Neat thread came out of it though, so no sage.

>> No.15588679

Multiclass wizard, true strike.

>> No.15589438

Goddammit, what. I wake up this morning to find my plans shattered by some bullshit web only retcon?

Link here nao. I gotta see what loopholes I can find.

>> No.15589448


The rule only applies if your DM knows it

>> No.15589471

You don't use a whip for dealing damage, dude.

Goddammit, pigdog.

I don't really consider epic components, as they're niche cases at best.

That's going a little bit out of the way, especially as you end up having the XP penalty for uneven multiclasses.

>> No.15589560

If this is Pathfinder then she could be using vital strike to multiply the number of dice she rolls at once.


That would bring it from 6d8 to 12d8 at level 6

>> No.15589576

Assuming, of course, you completely ignore the level allowance for those feats, you complete moron.

>> No.15589597

Fuck off PIGDOG.

>> No.15589609

24d8 with Greater vital strike... Who needs power attack anymore with that?

With full BAB behind it too so it would have a great chance to hit.

See if the DM will let you use lead blades from PF.

would get you up a size while stacking with the other stuff. Then use enlarge person?


>> No.15589620

>from 6d8 to 12d8 at level 6
>at level 6
>ignore level allowance

>> No.15589659

feel for you op, my dm playes a lvl 8 dwarven defender the party just watches him never get hit and dish out damage, really its just a show of how much he can optimize a character it really sucks just standing around

>> No.15590065

DnD, there is always 5% chance that you are sucsessful. Even when it is impossible.

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