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Cultist-chan general :3

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Xeno had a lot more success.

Try to do the same.

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my favorite :)

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Since we're talking about old dead memes, why not go even farther and bring up the Daemonettes?

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I'd give my soul for a vocaroo link, where a woman does a Cultist-chan impersonation.

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I'd give my soul and that of my cat on top of that.

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Because they had an ugly character design compared to Cultist-chan.

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REEKS of heresy.


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just go find some sound clips of the cultist from the original DoW.

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thats nothing id drag my dick through a mile of broken glass just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie

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;_; Aww, poor Cultist-chan ;_;

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MY favorite.

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That wouldn't be the same.

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Cultist-chan is my waifu :3

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One day I'll write something for her and it will not suck nor it won't be unplausible.

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Are you the guy who wrote Dranons Delight from the past?

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Yeah, that Dranon's Delight shit is unrateable. Some continuation to this would be better tho.

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Cute :3

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I miss cultist-chan...

Was one of the few things that made me stay in /tg/

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hey, we can still produce content about her. Thing is, no new interesting idea (request to drawfags, writefags, or interesting threads or quests) ever gets posted. I'd like to believe that she still has potential, but you know...

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If mr. culexus was still frequent, I'd suggest a continuation of his How to Worship Chaos comic, or whatever it was.

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As I remember, only the Khorne one was made, wasn't it?

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I wrote one of them. To this day I'm not entirely sure why I did it.

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Because you like to see people suffer?

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Think so, yeah. "No hwan eez loyal, evhrywan eez heretik."

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Very possible. I have forgotten most of the details.

Which was, in your opinion, the single most disgusting and gruesome?

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I didn't read all of them, so I'd rather not give an answer as it wouldn't be proper.

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anime has ruined nerd culture permanently

sage for dicksucking weeaboo faggots

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This one.

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I only like Cultist Chan when Dranon acts as a foil.

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I have always remained apathetic towards Cultist-Chan, since the very beginning.

She's a just little slut who acts cute for the sake of being cute. I don't see the point of all this moeshit really.

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I'd like to see a continuation to HS40k or >>15568980

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every /tg/ female character is moƩ in some measure. But it's true that her behavior seems highly unnatural.

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>look at comic just posted
>"Mehne fall in to a furious rehge jahst by seeing ahss."
>look at last few posts in the thread


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Being cute is heresy. She's just being heretic, that's all.

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What about the Sisters of Battle?

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They are badass fanatics.

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They're more like sexy than cute.

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i'm going to ry thread necromancy stand back

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The last time I posted in such thread, I got banned for posting "pornographic material on safe for watching board".
My face when the thread above was full of porn, booze, drugs, and violence.

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that's okay,
cultist-chan is awesome.

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My face when I'd love to kiss those lips and have her nibble on mine

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You guys want cultist?
Give me three minutes and I'll have a nice megaupload file. 413 pictures.My whole Collection.
Now I KNOW there are more out there. There was a time when even I couldn't keep up, but these are what I have. I'll snag anythign new I see.

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does anyone have the braces comic?

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Did I say 3 minutes?
How about NOW?

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downloading at the speed of light
inb4 no nudes

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Sweet merciful crap, he wasn't lying about the size.

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Nah, those are in the 34 Subfolder.
Only 40 NSFW images though.

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sigh, I love you cultist-chan!

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Well my work here is done. My home planet needs me.

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Editor's note, The Collector died on the way back to his planet.

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Your sir, a god among men. Thank you.

Also, we need more Cultist-chan stories.

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>mfw cultist in maid outfit / maid apron only

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It's what Collector does. Damn shame that there hasn't been much OC lately, he'd show up more.

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Contributing with more Cultist!

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lol'd, that's cute

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Hahaha, I can almost hear her:


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d'aww shes screamin in terror

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Thats were heresy gets you.
There will be no more filth on my watch.

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Is that fucking Clint Eastwood playing Comissar Fuklaw?!

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There's a bunch of pictures like that.

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Delicious heresy.

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Makes me happy to see that she did one without painting some of her teeth black.

Also holy shit never really thought about how sexy Cultist-Chan's outfit would be to run into a girl with it on.

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Of course its sexy, Cultist-Chan was specifically designed to look like a prostitute.

If it isn't sexy, you're either gay or completely asexual.

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It would be sexy on a model, but no so on a fairly normal woman. Just think, when you're showing that much skin, your body needs to be prefect,

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The proper cosplay of her would be by an undernourished woman - Cultist rarely gets to eat.

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