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Does anyone have the other pics from this set?

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I would love to see a movie about this.

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American soldiers looting a museum in Iraq find a copy of the Necronomicon and read it?

Makes me wonder when the US military realise that they should just pack their shit and hope it doesn't follow them home.

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I want to play this, either as a tabletop or vidya game.

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There's a very long, and surprisingly good fanfic that has since become a book that's similar in premise.


>Implying the Iraqis didn't loot all of the museums before coalition forces got anywhere close to them

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Would make a great game indeed.

A modern warfare shooter that focuses on survival horror, not objectives and shooting dudes.

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Cool, but I really like movies regarding war related stuff, just because explosions look better there.

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>Salvation War

I fucking love that series so much

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>implying the Iraqis didn't sell all their loot to American soldiers involved in black market art trade

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Hey, /tg/, lets make this an monsters in urban settings thread! I'll dumb the few pics I have (really, just a few), I hope others can contribute aswell since i dont really have much.

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Damn it I'm sick in bed and I'm with my laptop.

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well, like I said I only have few images, and I'm running out.

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>monsters in urban settings

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rolled 1, 3, 6 = 10

how exactly does THAT sneak up on someone?

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Drug addict? Drinker? Hobo? Or just fucking monster!

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Magic. Or something.

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Same way Space Marines sneak up on people.

Very sneaky.

You'd be suprised how little people see.

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So wait this series is basically about humans fighting the forces of hell?

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Or hell fighting the forces of Humans?

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I don't think this >>15566884 snuck up on him. See how he's lighting a cigarette? I think they may have been doing something else. Bow chicka bow wow.

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Regrettably, my last.

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I like to think DLFG is like six different guys posting under the same name.

Because I have a job with free time infront of a pc and can't post as much as she does.

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rolled 4, 2, 4 = 10

Oh god

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I like to think DLFG is awesome.

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rolled 3, 6, 4 = 13

I really like the 1950/1940 monster setting.

usually when you think of those times you think of mobsters not monsters

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>Salvation War

It's pretty retarded. It works on the principle that hell is unaware of technological progress, yet it says it stays true to Christian mythology.

There's a huge mistake there.

Traditional (read fundamentalist) Christian mythology speaks about the demons being already among us, as people with high functions in governments, the military and such.

IIRC, there's this Jewish story about some prophet whose house is about to get attacked by an army of men, led by a prince possessed by demons. And God sends his legions of angels to slay that army.

The joke? The demon prince stays in power. Hahahahah. God is a dick. Killing people. Not killing demons.

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So many images! It is a mystery for me

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That's just nasty. Ew.

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the fact that it has a penis makes it slightly more horrifying

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I think this might be my last, but I'll dig through my WoD folder to see if there's anything else appropriate.

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If penis is horrifying, I don't want to think about it having vulva...

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That scene why it looks so familiar...

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Saved that gif as "epileptic man"

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Yea, I'm sure I've seen it before, but can't place it.

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Oh yah... a patient walked down the corridor doing something like that. The bastard freak out the rest of the ward.
That was not a good day.

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I think I just found my next Call Of Cthulhu/Delta Green scenario.

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That's one hell of a lightshow.

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lightning bolt from dick to vagina causes picture to lose all value

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>walk into the restroom
>see this
>wat do?

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Pull out .44 magnum
If that don't work then run

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That's all I've got, I'm afraid.

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Tokyo Gore Police or something along those lines.

I have it in my hd for some time... Never seen since it came in some odd format that my tv can't play.

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Not to be one of those guys. But where is this from? Actually freaked me out and I must know if its from a movie or something.

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Then run away into the main street or into a well lit building with lots of people.

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s me of one of our assignments in computer graphics class where we had to photoshop a picture as a news story

Hey, that's the pic I used

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Delta Green, god damn

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I can't swim alone I always think there is something in the water.

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Nooooooooooooooope. The fear of underwater creatures is what keep me from swimming in the sea. Swimming pool is the best. You can actually see the bottom and there's no chance of seeing a giantic predator deep sea fish.

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Unless it's those little worm things from The Faculty

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What if the creature is very transparent like a jellyfish. You would be swimming and BAM! you hit it your arm and its horrible tentacles wrap around it and starts pulling you deep inside the pool.

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This has happen to me many times during the night shift at the psychiatric ward. Damn nurses not doing their job right.

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Anyone else notice a stream of lightning going from its crotch to her's? Why is everything pornographic... T.T

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Sounds like something that scares you shitless everytime.

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It could be an angel doing something like the Holy spirit.

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Sounds more like he's pissed off at the nurses not doing shit properly. It's probably to the point where if some otherworldly horror WAS at the end of the corridor he'd just shove it in a cell and mutter about the day shift not doing their jobs.

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"Whoop sorry! Was looking for the AA room.....my bad."

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That's true, it could be an angel.

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W-with her crotch?

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With her crotch, yes. What, you think the angel's gonna go through her mouth? Do you know how many germs a mouth can have? LOTS.

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>u mad?

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Picture a naked crazy man stalking you in dark corridors, and you only have a flash light since light are out during night.

It just scares the crap out of you. So then you sent them back to bed.

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Dude. Hiding behind that shattered brick wall isn't going to help you.

I suggest beating cheeks till you can't hear screams anymore.

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It's probably an incubus. You know, a demon who plants his unholy seed in women without having sex with them.

Guess what. Angels and demons have the same powers according to Jewish and Christian mythology. The only difference is how they use it.

You heard it here.

God raped Mary. Just like incubi rape women.

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"We all had sex with her"

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HEY. That was CONSENSUAL. We were DRUNK, OKAY. No one TOLD ME she was FIFTEEN.

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Well Angels show up and say "DON'T PANIC" they could be very horrible or strange.

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I think "they live" is the movie's title actually

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The title's in the picture.

Hint: It's not Shock Control

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Now I want to run a game where the PCs are military dealing with a full out paranormal onslaught. Reccomendations for systems other then GURPS?

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Shock Control: When the world has gone to hell, this ragtag group of self proclaimed police are the last corner of sanity in a mad mad world!

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Uh Incubi DO have sex with women, especially the kind that steals semen as a succubus then turns into an incubus to implant it.

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Well, Delta Green. It's what the OP pic is from.

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>monsters in urban settings

So, WoD general?

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It was already mentioned. >>15567193

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>apocalyptic horrors in urban settings
CoC general

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Anyone got those Cthulutech motivational posters that tell you how to kill Cthulu and shit like that?

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The eighties movie. They Live. "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I'm all outta' bubblegum."

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To kill Cthulhu, apply your fist to Cthulhu's cranium.

this maneuver is called punching out cthulhu

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Despite Ctech being a bit of a disjointed system (with some LOLWUT fluff), it at least is good for playing futuristic Delta Green games.

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Am I the only one who saw a monkey skull in that things mouth? Those little elephant decorations aren't creepy until you see the skull.

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>wooden tank

They know camouflage, hmmm.

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>American soldiers looting a museum in Iraq find a copy of the Necronomicon and read it?

Close enough.

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>American soldiers looting a museum in Iraq find a copy of the Necronomicon and read it?

Close enough.

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What is this from? I swear it looks like early concept art for .. Prototype, I think. I know I've seen it associated with a game. It's driving me crazy.

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It made me think of the Spitter from Left 4 Dead 2.

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Is that supposed be Zoey and the Boomer?

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Huh? Where is that from?

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