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This is your close combat specialist aka meleer

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This is your necron lord

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This is your rogue.

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This is your questgiver

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I don't know who this is. Also, this is your monk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4OKhATntM4&feature=related

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>high heels

Oh, how I love girls fighting in high heels~

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these are your paladins

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This is your Queen.

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This is your Anti-BBEG.

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This is your mentor and adoptive father.

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This is your pet.

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Anti-BBEG? What does that mean?

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this is your BBEG.

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This is your commander.

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This is your BBEG
Yep you guys are fucked

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This is your King.

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This is your adbuctor.

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This is your stalker

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This is the princess you must save.

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He's got all the workings of a successful BBEG.
Only he's on your side.

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This is your warrior.

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This is your revenge-obssesed illusionist.

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This is your super soldier

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This is your bard.

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This is your monk

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That's nice.

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I approve wholeheartedly of this.

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This is your comrade commissar.

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This is your fighter

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This is your mom

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This is your worst nightmare.

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This is your doctor.

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This is your DMs best friends concept char.

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This is your berserk.

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This is your sorcerer casting Magic Missile.

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Can this be my berserker instead?

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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This is your fortuneteller.

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This is your munchkin

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I don't know who this is and I don't think I want to.

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These are your foes.

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LET BATTLE COMMENCE! By battle I of course mean sexy time, dibs on Jupiter.

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This is your private detective.

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Don't be greedy. There are more than enough holes to go around, and if we run out we can always make some more.

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Jupiter is mine, dibs has been invoked, I care not what you do with the others.

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This is how wars start you know.

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This is your Captain.

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This is your pig.

>> No.15566268

I care not, if I have climb over a mountain of corpses to insure that she is mine alone then so be it.

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This is your Commander.

>> No.15566280

This is your caravan guide.

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This is your first mini-boss.

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This is your pyromancer.

>> No.15566329

I remember this character. LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING!

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Omg I LoLed so hard

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This is...sorry, I thought you were going to say something.

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This is your mechanized infantry.

>> No.15566355

These are your main servants.

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>you guys are fucked
>implying pic isn't my diplomancer
>implying I won't talk my way out of it

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This is your ranger.

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This is what guards the macguffin.

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This is your Mage.

>> No.15566377

This is your wife.

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This is your wizard

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This is your GM.

>> No.15566389

This is your messenger.

>> No.15566406

This is your sexy shoeless god of war.

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And this is your mistress.

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This is your sanitary inspector.

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This is where your adventure begins.

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but what is the sauce

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Eureka 7

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Oooh. Thank you good anon. 4chan needs more kind Sirs like you

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Don't read the manga.

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Crossover RPG/Fanfic/shared universe thing

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seconded. also, avoid the movie as well. just watch the show- the manga and movie butcher the story and characters sometimes literally

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