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Hey /tg/, I need your help, for my group and I have decided to play Rogue Trader and I have been chosen to be the Rogue Trader of the group. But I need som help with inspiration in regards to how the ship and my character will look and since my 40k folder is limited, would you kindly dump some 40k ship/Rogue Trader art in this thread?
(Big ships would be most appreciated)

Inspirational music would also be nice, and I can provide additional info on my character if wanted...

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hmm, lets see

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working decks...

eg, guns, engines etc.

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your decks

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Anyone have that screencap of the awesome Rogue Trader based on Poirot? The one where he double-crosses everyone like a boss? OP needs to see that. It's the best description of how a Rogue Trader should be played that I've ever seen.

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the sort of rooms where you would show of you collection of rare stuff, that could be your charter on the alter, with hidden security systems, obviously

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Op here, I have it, but we've decided to go with a more serious approach, although the game will be tongue in cheek...

The inspiration for my character will be loosely based on Admiral Adama from the Battlestar Galactica series.

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And also: Thanks, Scotguy, precisely what i'm looking for!

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a rogue trader

< hauler

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another trader

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starfury bomber?

it's one of the fighters/bombers you can buy for your ship

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Screw Adama, base your RT on Saul Tigh. Drunk, surly bastard with a careerist bitch wife.

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another hauler

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OP here: My gf's voidmaster is based on that fantastic man and yes, our backgrounds involve a long service in the navy together and an unbreakable friendship.

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another ship

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That's not a Rogue Trader, it's a Traitor Governor from Disciples of the Dark Gods.

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That's great. Any Starbucks in your crew at all?

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Nope, but I am thinking of having an npc son aboard the ship whos' the flight marshall...

By the way: Anyone have any experienced with the Universe Class Mass Conveyer?
(The 12 km. long ship with 2 speed.)

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ship parts examples

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an Adama like-RT ? why not. A carrier starship is better then.
Concerning your ship and character, choose a simple theme, and run away with it. For instance, my current RT concept "The hidden Iron Lady" : sure, she loves nice dresses, fanciful hats, to hunt foxes on a horse in her arboretum... but she is a badass augmenticist who can kill an ork with her barehands.
The same for your ship ! Mine is "Prussia/Imperial Russia IN SPACE !"

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no, but you should buy one and use it to start up a shit empire

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Slow as fuck, and undergunned. You need an escort with this, though it is indeed a sweet ship. the best way to arm this, is to transform some of its cargo holds to hold launching bays.
For an awesome transport who pack some punchs, i'd suggest a Conquest Galleon.

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This is your Rogue Trader.

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The ship that is a hybrid between transport and cruiser? Because if that's the one, we've been thinking of choosing that one, as it would fit our need for a flagship type ship, although we would only have 13 ship points to use on components, then.

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Never really thought of it that way, but can see where you are going and I might just do this.

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indeed it is a good one. with 13 Sp left :
-no lances, they are expensive, and not so sexy. Especially if you have a very good Master of Ordnances. Macrobatteries are manly besides.
- Warpsbane hull is mandatory, it will save your ass. If neccessary, get a poor quality one to save 1 SP, but GET ONE.
- I suggest for components : Trophy room, temple shrine, observation dome, Melodium. This 4 helps you to get good Morale, many achievments points for not much sp , power and space. for stylish points, I'dd add an Arboretum.

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Not sure about the shrine, since we are more on the mankind side than the religious side, but other than that it seems like sound advice...

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well, the +3 to Morale is too good to pass, I think.

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It also allows you to go "So say we all, in the Emperor's Name" at every opportunity. Also, if you're really going with the BSG vibe, Adama was exceedingly paranoid about technology. Maybe have your guy mistrust the AdMech?

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Actually my character is a bit fascinated by Archeotech, as i said: Loosely inspired, but good point on the shrine...

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as long as you boost Intimidate to emulate the Glare, you are good ! besides, you can represent your RT ability to give a +10 bonus by such a "Son-don't-dissapoint-me" glare.

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