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Ever wondered what the single worst way to add a new PC to your game would be?

It's probably this.

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I had a bloodmangus join the party Alien style

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What the fuck?

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God damnit, the manga should have ended with Hueco Mundo

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Yes, that's right, the latest villain's power is retconning the histories of people he stabs ...and he's using it to hack his way into the party.

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>the single worst way to add a new PC to your game
You're walking down this road and you see this guy standing there. He said he want to join you in your adventure. You let him join.

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He apparently has always been there and was now crucial to defeating all the previous enemies.

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So he's fighting a reality altering Mary Sue?

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Yes. It's a full on Sue vs Sue battle.

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That is so irritating I wish to punch space-time until this idea explodes.

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This is an /a/ thread.. but I'll bite because current Bleach fills me with MurderRage.

Fuck this bullshit and the stupid ass storyline about douchebags with magic powers that fuck up the already thread-thin continuity that's till full of massive gaps and holes.

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Technically, it's Plot Armour vs a Mary Sue, Ichigo is the main character after all.

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Technically it's about the worst way to add a new player to the party.

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...Oh god. He's literally fighting a fanfic self-insert MC, isn't he?

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So why doesn't he just make the dude stab himself?

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If a DM did this in sa game I was playing I wouldn't know whether to leave the game or just shit the place up just as horribly.

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So this is what that "but I'm not Aizen, YOU'RE Aizen" comic was about...
My God, this is stupid.

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What would happen if he did that?

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i just don't understand...why he's doing this

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He could change his own past to whatever he likes, but the present right now would stay exactly the same.

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This is so bad that it's actually kind of funny.

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Oh fuck this sounds like a full-on retard idea of a power. Or, "I don't like what I wrote before, so I am giving one of my Mary Sues the Power of Retcon!"

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You know, this is actually an interesting power. I'm not too familiar with Bleach past the first season of the Anime, but that seems to be par for the course, when it comes to power levels.

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I kinda always wanted to play another game with my shitty old dm just to fuck up his day in his terrible games

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I'm sorry, but this is kind of making my head hurt, so I'm going to attempt to get this laid out.

Keep in mind, I lost Bleach somewhere in the Soul Society arc or whatever, so, maybe I'm missing some other things-

This guy has bankai or power or whatever that allows him to change the past. He proceeds to then use this power to...Totally steal all of Ichigo's credit? Not to, say, rewrite history so he rules the world? Or can he just fuck with other people's history? Or just the memories? Or just.. What?

And yes, that would be the most god awful way to do it. There's hanging a lampshade, and then there's tearing down the house and rebuilding it around the lamp.

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Sosuke must love that argument.

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Is Aizen the glasses guy with the bow and arrows?

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only superman can save us now

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I thought no one could be worse than Aizen, but then we met this guy.

Why is he doing all this, anyway?

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This is actually the power of Draigo/Matt Ward

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Bad ways to introduce party members?
>Portal opens, this guy steps out.
>He's your best friend and he decides to join you
>You meet in a tavern
>You are forced to take him with by the guy who hired you.

>You are a pair of thieves out to buy bacon. This guy's character just bought the last bacon. Discuss.
I actually used this one and nearly got the guy killed on his first game.

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Yes except that by altering the past the whole conflict will come undone. My money is on the whole arc unravelling the space time continuum until Aizen from the parallel mirror universe (where everyone is alignment swapped, so this Aizen is heroic) steps in to sacrifice himself and save the multiverse.

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It could probably be really cool, if written properly.
But this is Bleach.
So it's gonna be fuckshittarded.

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rolled 67 = 67

This is most totally just some kind of brainwashing... right?

Also, they beat Aizen? I haven't followed Bleach for a while now, but if I remember correctly, that's basically the equivalent of killing God, so this should be a cakewalk.

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Quality * Time = Shit

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Yes, this would be awesome in JJBA.

That might make a hilarious campaign. This guy shoves his way into the party and everyone suddenly has memories of him being there, so they scheme to get rid of him since it's clear he's fucking with them.

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See, now I don't know whats more retarded, Matt wards fluff, or Bleach, BOTH are just so god damn terrible

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Oh, I thought that guy WAS Aizen.
Well now it makes even less sense.

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Ichigo beat Aizen but lost his powers. He's significantly less powerful, and the bad guy has all of Ichigo's allies on his side

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Problem is that the character isn't a Soul Reaper. He's a regular human who has some special powers for completely unrelated reasons, and for some reason, he and the rest of an entirely new cast of characters, were able to develop these powers to a level that rivals the most powerful characters from the past arc without anyone knowing.

If the author had ended Bleach and started a new series with this premise, it might actually be good, but right now, with it tacked onto the end of the biggest cluterfuck in manga history, it's a trainwreck and its likely to destroy the remaining fanbase.

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>You are forced to take him with by the guy who hired you.

Hey, that can introduce some party dynamics when done well. When done poorly, yeah, it's utter shit. "Why can the mayor order a druid around, and why the fuck is he sending him with us to [BIGGEST CITY]?"

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Oh look another Aizen

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Fuck a new series, he needs to go back and finish writing Zombie Powder!

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-New PC is found in a Slave Market, PCs buy them.
-Forced to join the party for 'community service' for raping another PC.
-Runs through the wall of the Tavern, wedged between the brests of a 50ft Succubus, while chased by an mob of angry husbands and fangirls.

Actually done that last one myself; but it was played for humour not 'Oh god he's a sex god'

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He's not rewriting history as a whole, he just rewrites the histories of the people he stabs. And he can't do more than write himself into their lives.

The BBEG's power essentially makes him a family member/close friend/lover/whatever he chooses to the people he affects. Ichigo can't simply slap his friends out of it. To them, Tsukishima was always there in their lives.

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>>15556760 superman_embodies_the_concept_of_narrative

That was the _last_ arc, when it turned out that the reason Ichigo's life history reads like a shonen manga is because THERE IS A LITTLE BALL THAT RESHAPES REALITY TO MATCH YOUR HEART'S DESIRE and Ichigo was raised thinking he should be a hero.

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>mfw this is literally what just happened in a game I'm in

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If you've got a cool group? It had better lead to some interesting shit.

If not, be prepared for the group to treat that new party member like a fucking leech. "Baww! We have to split xp with him!" "Well, I'm not giving him any treasure then! His boss can pay him!" "Hurr! Let's finish the job quickly so we can just ditch him again!"

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Nah, the new guys aren't that strong. Other than the incredibly h4x villain (who still may not actually be that strong, just have bullshit powers), they'd be canon fodder in any other arc.

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FYI, Aizen was stronger.
This faggot: I can self-insert myself into the past and change it retroactively to my benefit!
Aizen: I can hypnotize you so you're pretty much forced to experience whatever the fuck I want!

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Aside from having a really sharp sword that also rewrites the past of those who get stabbed by it, Tsukishima has some degree of superspeed.

But he isn't as fast as Ichigo, as his left arm was severed at the beginning of the fight. Orihime healed it after she appeared, though.

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I don't even read bleach and I'm mad

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This whole insert-yourself-into-someone's-past thing sounds like something that could be defeated with a sufficiently stubborn person that secretly hates his friends.

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also you cant block his sword? you have to dodge or parry it, it cuts anything!

or some bullshit

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I'm sure he'll end up having Aizen's soul bound into his sword or something.

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Aizen's not dead. They just sentenced him to a hundred years in prison.

No really. Attempting to destroy the universe and having murdered the entirety of congress/parlament/houseoflords got him 100 years in prison.

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Am I the only one who thinks the power to retcon history is really really cool? I'm not really into anim so I don't know how common this is, but they should at least get a pat on the back for creativity.

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just wondering, where do you go to get this? The site I usually go to still has the previous chapter as the most recent one.

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20,000 years, actually. At that point, it'll be somebody else's problem even if the world HASN'T ended of natural causes.

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I don't even know why I still read it.

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It is indeed rather unique, it's just also so fucking bizarre and bullshit that it seems to make most people want to scream.

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Probably mangastream.com or binktopia.org, judging by the MASSIVE WATERMARK ON EVERY PAGE.

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i duno, it seems like supes is taking it to a whole nother level in that scene.

also, that sounds like such an ass pull.

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Pffffffftahahaha I am so glad I stopped following this series a while ago. It's really become nothing more than a long string of "HI I'M A NEW CHARACTER LET ME EXPLAIN MY GIMMICK POWER TO YOU NOW" introductions.

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AKA Shonen.

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> Ever wondered what the single worst way to add a new PC to your game would be?

I saw it. Middle of a horror campaign in Dark Heresy, genetic and cybernetically enhanced soldiers everywhere, as well as ceiling-crawling freaks.

Idiot wants to join and rolls a Hive Mutant Guardsman that conveniently (Read: He rolled privately until he got what he wanted) had the "Hellspawn" mutation, giving him the Daemonic trait and making him look like a monster. Originally tried getting him Pure Faith, but everyone unanimously said "You're fucking retarded" to the concept.

The PCs are grouped together in a small fort of crates hiding and waiting out the patrols, freaking out. That Guy has his Hellspawned Guardsman fall out of a vent next to the box fort, screaming. He immediately starts a shitstorm when his character was Full Auto'd to death while prone laying on the ground after falling out of the vent.

That's the single worst way to add a new PC. Ever.

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Sounds like a good way to weed out retards though.

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>>15557036 that sounds like such an ass pull

Hey, it's not any less believable than the idea that the plot of a shonen manga actually happened WITHOUT someone manipulating everything to work out in such a contrived manner.

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I'm more perturbed by the fact that Ichigo has to win this without getting hit even once. Way to write yourself into a corner, dude.

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LOL'ED HARD. Though if you didn't want a battle, shouldn't have used bacon.

bacon is serious fucking business.

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I hate Bleach but actually don't hate this, especially since it seems like it's being depicted as a very, very bad thing. Although it might not deserve to be. "Oh no, someone other than Ichigo might accomplish something! He must be stopped!"

But I fully agree with the guy who said that the story will still suck and this would make a much better Stand.

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Honestly, between this and the guy's henchman kid, this arc IS stands.

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...how...how did he not see this coming? Did he expect you to act on out-of-character knowledge? Are you leaving out something, or was he really just being that ass-retarded?

>> No.15557168


My theorem continues: JJBA makes anything cooler.

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This should write for Marvel or DC

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Hio. I was the GM for that, and he asked me if he could enter that way. I told him that he could if he gave me a good reason he'd be on the station, but it was a retarded idea and he'd probably die.

So he dropped in through his vent and the PCs killed him practically instantly. He ragequit shortly afterwards.

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Not really.


He could get hit a hundred thousand times, with the power of Retcon nailing him every time, and still mercilessly slaughter the guy by the power of self-delusion and hating his friends.

>> No.15557246

To be fair, some of these powers are so weird that it needs in-story explanation. Otherwise, there's going to be a lot of speculation that tends to be wrong.

>> No.15557247

I'd completely fit in.

>> No.15557251


> ...how...how did he not see this coming? Did he expect you to act on out-of-character knowledge? Are you leaving out something, or was he really just being that ass-retarded?

He mentioned his plan for introducing the character OOC, we all said that was retarded and he'd be shot instantly. Then he did it anyway as though we were just fucking around with him. He was shot instantly, and then started bitching because we didn't give him meta-benefit-of-the-doubt.

So, yes, he's just that ass-retarded.

Would you like to hear about his 20,000 EXP Rogue Trader with an Ark Mechanicus with a Servitor crew ran by an AI with a pocket Inquisitor on board that conveniently owned a Vindicare Assassin character he had?

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...and nothing of value was lost.

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Please. Fighting Aizen was a lot harder, considering the fact that he had to win without looking at Aizen's sword.

Trying to avoid getting hit even once is a cakewalk in comparison.

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Heh. The ultimate counter to brainwashing abilities: "I will die a Narnian, even if there is no Narnia."

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Do tell.

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Well, if that's the end goal my group is doing it wrong.

We've got a Universe Mass Conveyor we've converted into a pleasure cruiser for retired government officials to go big game hunting in the thrilling backwaters of space that's got both a gilded bejeweled hull and ostentatious displays of wealth.

We do have servitor crew, but that was mostly to shut up the techpriest who insisted that every passenger have a personal robot maid.

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Well, actually, that problem solved itself: Aizen was already released when he showed up, so he didn't have to avert his gaze at all.

>> No.15557307

"Who the fuck is Aslan?! Oh god, stop bludgeoning my torso!"

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Given the fact that his sword doesn't change form and you never really know if it's sealed or released, it was an ever-present danger in the fight.

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Good ways to add characters?
1) I normally hide at least three background characters that work with the same organisation as the party, but the party will never encounter this person unless I need to pull out an origin for a new PC. It neatly explains why there is another person with skills, equipment, knowledge, and a motivation that matches the current party.

2) If the players are friends, I'll just let them work out a shared background of their characters. If the new PC was never mentioned before, it can be explained away by the other PC thinking he was dead or something. This requires a decent roleplayer, but it suits.

Bad ways?
1) The new PC is a prisoner of the BBEG or bad guy of the week. It won't work out without a lot of metagaming. Especially when the players just want to level the bad guy's fortress without ever walking into it.

2) Random encounters. No, never works, the party will NEVER see eye to eye on their motivations.

3) Used to work for the BBEG. The party demands that the new PC knows all the BBEG's plans.

>> No.15557379

>>15557349 The new PC is a prisoner of the BBEG or bad guy of the week.

Our DM did this once with an NPC. He ran off with one of our swords. Shit sucked.

>> No.15557387


One reason I really dig Dresden Files is that you don't have to worry about that so hard. New guy coming in? Oh, two of the other party members worked with him before. It creates this really cool, shared universe.

>> No.15557403


Originally, the asshole wanted to have a Rogue Trader with Blackstone Fortess (You know, one of those ancient weapons from before the Eldar's time for fighting the C'Tan that only Abaddon controls and there's only 3 or so left) with an AI. This was so utterly stupid that just the mention of the concept started a story arc where the Black Legion showed up over rumors of it and fought a massive deployment of the Imperial Navy. His fluff for it? "I burned one of my 5 fate points and consulted the Oracle and learned the location of a Blackstone fortress and got it, where I installed an AI not unlike Cortana to help bring it online."

Conveniently dodging being destroyed by thousands of Chaos Space Marines and Daemons, That Guy shows up after it's all over with an Ark Mechanicus instead. Previously, he had shoved a Vindicare Assassin into the setting, named "MII-MI". She was a blonde, a bitch, and a ditz with big tits. She ws tasked with killing another of his PCs he didn't feel like playing anymore (Another Guardsman with the Hellspawned mutation, as well as Feel No Pain and anything else he "rolled" to make him better). To this end, because he pulled out of his ass that said old PC had become a Daemon Prince and had the "Mark of Chaos Undivided" (Which gave him literally everything from every other Chaos mark, making him Abaddon 2.0), MII-MI was given a Shieldbreaker round for her obligatory Exitus Rifle. She promptly wasted it on some random creature. Time passed, she fall for an Eldar girl (lolol Love Can Bloom) and didn't want to be an assassin anymore, so she faked her death.

Continued in my next post.

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I one had a prisoner that the party picked up, I kept suggesting that he was evil, but the party was neutral so they "Did not care".

Then the prisoner ended up betraying them to the BBEG. They were surprised.

>> No.15557416

That's really FATE in general, but yeah, Dresden is the best thing ever.

>> No.15557458

Did he actually do anything to demonstrate that he was evil or were you just trying to push your players to metagame?

>> No.15557461


Heh. Other way around in our case. We decided to make nice with the villain when we met him, and apologized for letting his prisoner go, explaining that at the time we had no clue where we were and helped him because he said he could tell us. (All facts.) And then the little fucker ran off on us. Can you imagine!?

Of course, that night we killed the villain in his bed.

>> No.15557508

>5 fate points.
Oh wow. He should have burned all 5 for something ridiculous like that. Not to mention him having that many.

>> No.15557566

The hilarious thing about this series is that, no matter what ludicrous power gets introduced (thus far the more egregious offenders here have included immortality, power cancellation, sensory control, entropy itself, and an ability best described as "narrative contrivance"), someone will eventually defeat them by punching them in the dick.

>> No.15557571


Cue the Rogue Trader and his Inquisitor. Said Rogue Trader underwent the Proteus Protocol, a HIGHLY heretekal procedure involving transferring his very soul into a machine body. He shows up with the Inquisitor and hands out Genelocked Best Quality Grenade Launchers to some random PC. He them meets up with MII-MI, and gives her another Exitus Rifle that he made, himself, for her. Nevermind that they're incredibly sophisticated genelocked weapons that are only manufactured by the Assassinorium. She promptly fakes her death, and he handwaves it without seeing a corpse or proof or even asking how or why she died, saying he'll pass it on to the Inquisitor and giving a coffin to the Eldar girl MII-MI was fucking. Doesn't even try getting the Exitus Rifle he made back.

Then he starts a fight with another PC with knife-throwing stealth Servitors and nearly kills him, forcing him to burn 2 fate points (One would have worked, he was just retarded, though) to escape to a Medicae owned by a rival RT, who happened to be there and threatened to utterly destroy him if he didn't leave.

Lucius, Mr. Machine Man Rogue Trader, leaves, and That Guy bitches that he had a whole plot planned and that ruined it. He moves to the next planet in the system, where he's promptly captured and executed by the Inquisition for his bullshit, but not without trying for weeks to say he burned fate to avoid it somehow and working out schemes that would ultimately fail to try breaking him out of holding in an Inquisitor's ship.

So then he made a new character, an Arch Militant with a Tau Weapon and a Heavy Bolter and augments everywhere who's sole means of communication was hacking into Inquisition microbead channels and annoying the acolytes. I wasn't around, at the end of that character's life, but he was executed after antagonizing a Commissar and running around screaming for help in the middle of a firing squad after burning all his fate trying to get out of it somehow.

>> No.15557574

Same in Spirit of the Century, man.

>> No.15557575

So in Bleach, Fighters > Wizards.

>> No.15557615

See, >>15557416

>> No.15557624

I think a concept like this would be really fun in a short story, but in a long-running shonen plot like this, it seems really out of place.

>> No.15557627

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
That sounds amazing in the worst way possible. What an idiot.

>> No.15557653


Well... it's more like in Bleach, murder > everything. Main character's power transforms from "I have a sword" to "whatever I fucking need" if he's pissed off enough. One of the best fighters in the series really has no special powers whatsoever, but is jokingly described as Bypassing Your Plot-to-AC Bonus because of the number of cheap shots he's been able to land. etc. etc. etc.

>> No.15557654

The entire game's just a tremendous clusterfuck. See why I mentioned I -was- a GM. I'm not doing it anymore.

>> No.15557658

Well. No.
Since there's also magic, wich is entirely seperate from said powers. Somehow.

If nothing else, the fact that the 'final blow' against Aizen was a magic spell of some sort proves that wizards > fighters.
That is, of course, when plot does not prevent them from remembering how to magic properly.

>> No.15557670

So in Bleach heroes>villains.

>> No.15557705

More like
Deus ex > Main character > Major Villains > heroes > minor villains > Everyone else >>>>>>>>>>> Orihime

>> No.15557716


"Heroes"? Try monsters and smirking amoral chessmasters.

>> No.15557739

Wait, are you talking about Gin as the cheap shot guy? Because he was one of the smarter fighters.

Charging directly at Aizen? He shows up behind you and cuts you in half BEFORE saying something.

He explains his power in the usual shonen manner? It turns out he was lying, and he only reveals the true nature of his power after you have been hit and it's too late to do anything about it.

>> No.15557757

You have the choice of playing a game to the best of you abilities with the DM being:

a)Kubo Tite

b)Kishimoto Masashi

Chose one deviate from the parameter's even slightly and we kill that One Piece author guy

>> No.15557766


No, I was talking about Grimmjow. Unlike all the other hollows, he never displayed any unique ability, but he still rapestomped his way through every scene he was in.

Gin's further proof of concept though.

>> No.15557775

>>15557757 Kubo Tite

He'd be the fucking perfect ST for Exalted.

>> No.15557784

And here I was figuring on Zaraki whose shown super special abilities are not giving a shit and a week or two of actual instruction in sword usage.

>> No.15557802

B. B all the way. Then play a self-absorbed jerkass Munchikin who seeks revenge and watch as he bends over backwards to make me never fail. At anything, and make people like me no matter how much of a monster I am.

>> No.15557803

To be fair, he had a lot of experience in actual battles. And his 'two hands' upgrade did make some sense.

>> No.15557810

Tite Kubo appears to be utterly incapable of producing an interesting villain, some of his concepts are kind of interesting, but it is all pretentious dribble at the end of the day.

>> No.15557816


There are a number of characters who fit the profile, yes. Also including Kira and Hisagi.

>> No.15557844


I was playing a 4e campaign once (ALL of us were first-timers with 4e, most of us with D&D in general) and we came across a door that, as we would find out, required a sacrifice to open. So our warlock threw himself on the pike and the door opened. Up until that point, he'd been havnig less-than-zero fun with the game due to a combination of bad dice luck and warlock not being a friendly class for a first-timer. Anyway, he then started to play as the rogue NPC we'd rescued from the previous room, letting the rest of the party know that he and the DM had cleared everything beforehand and planned this. Personally, I thought it was pretty damn cool, and if I ever requested a character change from a DM, something like this would be what I'd suggest.

Oh, this happened at level 4 or 5. Our warlock had ironically named himself Jesus Christ at character creation. We all had a good laugh at that one.

>> No.15557845


Most of the espada were interesting. As were Gin, Tosen, and Aizen, at least until he took so long to die everyone got sick of him.

>> No.15557851

>>15557844 Our warlock had ironically named himself Jesus Christ

Should have rerolled as a Revenant.

>> No.15557868

That's up there as "Most retarded idea ever" as much as "Retcon Punch" from superboy prime

>> No.15557883


You think this is retarded, just wait until Tsukishima's universe fracturing ends in an all-Aizen tournament arc.

>> No.15557890

Maybe to you, but a character who's schtick is saying that he's responsible for everything that has happened in the series (and that's literally all that Aizen would do) is fucking boring. There was only one or two likeable espada and that was in concept only, even the shark-chick had an incredibly 2-dimensional personality.

Gin, wasn't a villain (fucking surprise! this almost caught me off-guard, you know, he hadn't busted his ass trying to not kill people, or to fuck over Aizen's plans), thus he was allowed to be interesting. Tosen was simply batshit insane, going on and on about justice, when he had no idea what the word meant, and I got tired of his shit after the 5th time he gobbed off about his so-called justice.

>> No.15557902

eye patch should be lower. He was like general grivous in the movies. multi arm (oh shit, he will be awesome)

glasses should be high tier
It's kinda sad that the best fight of the HM arc was two scientist dude waving their Nobel Prize in Biology around

>sniall frowned
I did too

>> No.15557933


I'm rating on personality/character. Nnoitra was a great example of how to do a tragic villain while still having them be fucking evil.

>> No.15557936

To be fair a great number of casting classes use Cha for their spells so even if Sasuke is a munchkin he should have a huge modifier.

But if you really want munckin try Naruto himself Con is used both for hp and mana so he loads up on it then picks up the most overpowered template:

+8 Con You have a demon inside of you giving you it's powers
>list of overpowered powers for each demon
>pick strongest demon
-4 to all diplomacy DC's with people who know you're a jin


Sage Mode

You cast spells as if you were a druid of level equal to your hit dice.
The spells use Con in stead of Wis.

>> No.15557970

What about a character who says it's someone else's fault?

>> No.15557971

The real surprise of the chapter was this guy showing up.

What the fuck? Random shrimpy gang dude had powers?

>> No.15557974

>It's kinda sad that the best fight of the HM arc was two scientist dude waving their Nobel Prize in Biology around
What's also sad is the fact that, had Kubo kept Barragan's power and personality(however little) consistent, we could've skipped the whole arc.

I mean, seriously. Shrugging off a fucking nuke twice, with his own power being the only thing that could do him in and somehow having a few pointy sticks waved at him was enough to persuade him into servitude.

>> No.15557989

Why the hell is A--- in the shit teir? He was really cool! And Sayzel died like a bitch, he wasn't anything special.

>> No.15558014

wait, I don't remember, how was he tragic?

>> No.15558031


Also, this whole scene screamed JJBA. (THE CHILD IS A STAND USER!)

>> No.15558043

He's like the needy kid that bullies others just to get some attention.
Also, he got dumped by that Nel bitch.

Well, that wasn't really convincing.

>> No.15558046

What the heck is JJBA?

>> No.15558047


He was HURR DURR EVUL, lost entirely through failure to apply his abilities, and died like a bitch.


You forget that Aizen was >>> Soifon.

>> No.15558051


What the fuck happened to him? We never actually saw his dead body so in manga he must be alive right?

>> No.15558052

Isn't Bleach like absurdly derivative even for a shonen? I remember reading about a plot arc that was more or less identical to one from Yu Yu Hakusho.

>> No.15558054


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. READ IT.

>> No.15558058

What the fuck is this, [a/? Why the hell are you all raving about Bleach on /tg/?

>> No.15558062


Fuck, he's got the power of rotation, doesn't he? He rotated the screws out! That was the Stand power I was gonna use!

>> No.15558064


You're posting on 4chan and haven't heard about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

>> No.15558069

Possibly. Kubo forgets characters quite easily, so he might never make an appearance again.

>> No.15558072

This discussion is far too intelligent for /a/.

>> No.15558076

was talking about shoe horning characters in, which table top rpgs have done plenty due to dead characters, new players etc

>> No.15558080

Honestly if there are so many Jojo readers on right now I'm wondering why the fuck we're still discussing Bleach.

I think a hijack is in order.

>> No.15558084

Because my friends haven't told me about it and junk. What's it about? Are there wizards or someting about stands?

>> No.15558088

I'm running a Don't Rest Your Head game about stand using cops doing detective works

>> No.15558091

Huh, people here in /tg/ are mad, but /a/ has started to like the manga more now.

And what is /tg/'s opinion on the recent anime arc?

>> No.15558094


Sure. Although I have to admit I've only watched the JoJo OVAs myself.

All I know about the manga is that it's most funny when read completely out of context, pic related

>> No.15558097

JJBA can pretty much be called Creative Tactics: The Manga.

Yoshikage Kira vs Josuke is one of the odder fights. When a serial killer with a hand fetish and an uncanny knack for determining the length of objects uses his math skills to try and kill the hero with explosive balls of air he can remote control, you know you're seeing something amazing and utterly weird.

>> No.15558104

Well, it wasn't soifon that beat him.
It was his own ability (with a little help from the fat guy)

>> No.15558113

psychic powers manifest as bizarre looking creatures. If the stand gets hurt so does the user. Different types of stand also determine distance th powers are effective

Pearl jam is my favorite stand. Cooking for the win

>> No.15558117


Funny you'd say that, considering he was on the cover to THIS CHAPTER.

>> No.15558123

I want to be your friend.

The OVAs are actually kind of terrible.

>> No.15558126

Stark Sucked, really.
And The Lich dude should have been God Tier, he was obviously the strongest in that manga

>> No.15558134

That's amazing. One reason why I hope Consider the Following gets a Stand.

Anyway, making Stands in RPGs. I've actually got one in a game right now...but I can't tell you about it since my player browses /tg/.

>> No.15558145

that's because the last arc was SOOOOooooooo boring. Seriously anything is good compared to the defeat of Aizen.

right now I read just to see how low things can go

>> No.15558155

Source for that pic?

>> No.15558161

>Christmas session
>Party is exchanging gifts
>One present is left
>Inside is a large robot

And that is how my character was introduced.

>> No.15558185

this looks awesome

>> No.15558222

>that feel when I quite like bleach
>that feel when everyone on 4chan hates bleach
>that feel when I wish I could make a bleach-quest

>> No.15558229

Do you guys have trouble statting up stands?

Jojo powers are so weird that until I encountered Don't rest your head I didn't think it was doable.

>> No.15558245

>>15558052 derivative
>Yuyu Hakusho

OK, now that shit's funny, considering YYH itself didn't have an original bone in its body.

Anyway, yes, Bleach is derivative. But it knows that, and it knows you know that, and it's going to use it against you every chance it gets. The end result is quite the entertaining ride.

Now if only the fucking pacing would ratchet itself up a few notches.

>> No.15558246

Must be something like this huh?
>hurr durr

>> No.15558258

I know that D4C can't be statted up easily.

>> No.15558270


Hmm ...I just might have to read DRYH now.

>> No.15558275

>Ever wondered what the single worst way to add a new PC to your game would be?

>It's probably this.

You mean single worst way to tell a story. My god, if this guy were DMing a campaign every session would end after ten minutes.

>> No.15558278

You definitely can't do it in a crunch heavy system, that's for sure.

My friend and I did a decent job statting a few for a BESM campaign that never got off the ground.

>> No.15558282


I'm using Wild Talents, so I approached it like a normal superpower. Then again, I asked for input on the Arc Dream forums and so far no one's given me feedback on if it's good or not, so I'll just roll with what I have.

Also, bonus points for Kraftwerk.

>> No.15558305

DRYH is very, very good, but the rules were written with its own setting in mind so you'd have to change quite a bit to run anything else.

Kind of curious as to how our Jojobro is doing it.

>> No.15558330

ther's no hard stat, it's just that you need to exert yourself and use more dice when using your power for spectacular ends.

example: death touch
1-2 dice kill small animals, stationary things that are easy to touch
3-4 dices kill people and large objects

5-6 kill metaphysicals things like emotions, dimension, etc

>> No.15558342


Dirty Deeds never really felt boss-worthy. Yeah, it's a ridiculous power, but it's not really a threatening one. It basically just boiled down to being moderately hard to kill, and then even that went out the window when Dio suddenly revealed his mastery of Dinosaur Nanto Seiken.

Of course, then spoilers, lol happened, but that just goes to show that it was a somewhat poorly thought out power.

>> No.15558381


Is it just me, or does that pic look like Uryu and Byakuya are bored of watching Rukia getting impaled on Renji's... kebab?

Meanwhile, Matsumoto looks like she's just started singing "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard". The fact that she's holding a sundae makes it even more bizarre.

>> No.15558393

Speaking of spoilers, can we agree not to spoil anything past the latest scanlated chapter? I've done a pretty good job of avoiding SBR spoilers.

I like D4C but I feel like it hasn't been used to its full potential, at least so far. Sort of like Kraftwerk.

>> No.15558396


Hell, rewriting someone's past is a better boss power.

>> No.15558420

The best part of the pict is obviously Old Man Yama rocking out in the background with Ukitake and Shunsui

>> No.15558422

If you wanted to run a Bleach campaign, this is what you' do:
>Before the plot of the manga
>Set entirely in Hueco Mundo
Soul Society is an interesting idea in its way, but made boring by the characters of Bleach. Hueco Mundo would be a fucking great setting though.

>> No.15558438


I find Tiny Gin and Orihime eating an entire pie by herself the funnier bits, but yes, from the random dress code enforcement, to Tsukishima being the chef on a giant TV in the background, to the fact that the party appears to be taking place in Los Noches, it's an odd picture on numerous levels.

>> No.15558454

basically got rid of the setting with the weirdness.

exhaustion talents is same. just person's normal skills increased

Madness talent: People name and create their power of stand. more extensive their use greater the dice required.

if the Madness dominates I feed them false info as well as the usual damage. Not a deliberate lie, but different interpretation
example: Fighting the world.
if madness dominates I say something like The world dissapears... and teleports behind you.
It's not teleportation but the net effect is same.

Hope coins also give the players the additional benefit of true info. "You feel 5 of the World's punches at the same time grinding into your flesh, even though it only has two fists."

>> No.15558471

Did you just do away with the whole "Using your power too much makes you go insane and turn into a monster," thing?

>> No.15558488


That's never been an element of JJBA, so I'd assume as much.

>> No.15558503

The problem is without that I don't think there's any reason not to use your power to its maximum every single time.

Or there might be, I'm not intimately familiar with DRYH.

>> No.15558529


Except for Scary Monster, maybe.

>> No.15558540

It does syngergize well with a certain somebody else's power later on, which renders him near-invincible.

>> No.15558554

I dictate how many die roll can be made depending on their description.

If Star Platinum just does forensics with it's great eyesight and precise controls that's like 1 or 2 die at most.

ORA ORA ORA and catching bullets are 2 to 3 dice depending on the situation

Freezing time is full 6 die

>> No.15558589


>> No.15558612

I find Tsukishima's power interesting. He's just inserting himself into people's pasts for some reason he has yet to give. Not as a one off either, but as an important integral part of their pasts.

It's too bad Bleach rips from YYH and he's going to go the way of that guy who could freeze people by touching their shadow.

JJBA has the best character introduction of all time. Of all time.

>> No.15558616

I fluff the reason why you shouldn't go full blaze all the time. Not only will it leave you tired, I also fluff madness as situation beyond quick comprehension or action. Magican's read going full blaze might destroy far more and the flames would obscure vision and such kind of things. It's pretty rough running it I must admit since a lot of the balance fall on me.

>> No.15558681


Well, there are various ways to handle that. Easiest is implementing some sort of fatigue stat. Heavily stunt-based systems can rely more on the traditional genre convention, as you don't want to use your trumps before the other guy.

>> No.15558730


>> No.15558745


>> No.15558778

>Phantom Blood art

Oh the Huge-Man-ity

>> No.15558783


God, Phantom Blood Dio was such a dick.

>> No.15558802

Dio's always a dick, just mixed with various levels of Pimp/Dinosaur.

>> No.15558806

Isn't the next panel Dio kicking a dog? Cause that's like the first thing he does in the series.

>> No.15558811

It seems that most of the main villains in JJBA have roughly equal levels of intelligence. Diavolo seems to be the exception, given his "kill mah daughter!!1!" plan.

>> No.15558826

Off the top of my head I remember Kira seeming more intelligent than the norm. Just too arrogant to really cover his tracks until it was too late.

>> No.15558835

and it gets worse.

Jonathan is the most tragic JoJo out of them all

>> No.15558860

He was also bit crazier. extreme hand fetish was extreme.

Killer queen's face scares me

>> No.15558883

The power is really cool, but one has to remember, the purpose of continuity is to appease the fans who have been there since the start.
Imagine if your favorite series or universe just suddenly introduced a character that could literally just rewrite everything that happened in previous books/episodes/movies/installments, unless you treat each piece as its own continuity and disbar everything else it's just horrible as it makes the universe and plot you have come to love obsolete.

>> No.15558891


Now there's a reference you don't hear very often.

>> No.15558906

oddly this also applies to JoJo's bizarre adventure as well. One of the enemies completely ruin the multi part saga according to some people.

>> No.15558911


>> No.15558940

Fucking Enrico Pucci.

Stairway to Heaven is possibly even more bullshit than Gold Experience Requiem.

>> No.15558947


That's why I couldn't bear to read Steel Ball Run, not after that.

>> No.15558952

What most people seem to miss is that was intended as the end of the huge multipart saga. Whether it was a fitting end or not is subjective, but you wouldn't throw your popcorn in the air at the end of ROTJ because "BULLSHIT! Now that it's over none of what happened matters!" (In this clumsy analogy SBR is the EU. Sure why not.)

This Bleach thing seems kind of different, though, since it's probably not going to be permanent anyway. The whining seems unjustified, but then again I don't even read the series.

>> No.15558957


You're retarded. Steel Ball Run is one of the best parts to date.

>> No.15558974

what about Weather report's power to turn people into snails using the weather?

>> No.15558988

The logic behind that one is just crazy enough to be awesome.

Making it rain frogs because that totally sort of happened once was a bit silly even by Jojo standards, though.

WR is still the best weather controller of all time.

>> No.15558999 [DELETED] 


The logic behind that one is just crazy enough to be awesome.

Making it rain frogs because that totally sort of happened once was a bit silly even by Jojo standards, though.

WR is still the best weather controller of all time.

>> No.15559014

Calm down, man. Intended ending or not, it didn't mesh with me.

>> No.15559020


...and that's why he's a villain, you idiot. It's not "fanfic-man has taken over the plot", it's "fanfic-man is taking over the plot and needs to be stopped".

>> No.15559026

hey guys the same JojoDM.

currently my PCs are following a murderer that kills people using the weapons created by his/her stand.

now what would be a good name for this fellow and his stand?

I'm tempted to use R.Black as the murderer's name, but wasn't sure on the stand name. I'm not much of a music person.

>> No.15559028

Then enjoy it as a standalone story? It doesn't really have anything to do with the Stone Ocean ending other than taking place in that universe. Saying you're skipping it entirely because of that just makes you sound like you're nerdraging.

>> No.15559041

Do you have any kind of naming scheme for characters, like the fashion designers in Part 6?

As for the stand name, Weapon of Choice, obviously.

>> No.15559043

steelball universe was said by the creator to be a different universe all together, not even a different time line.

>> No.15559045

Steel Ball Run is actually pretty awesome, although Funny Valentine's plan is silly.

The metaphor he used is "take the napkin first". Basically, he must do something while everybody respects him, and they will all follow him. And to gain everybody's respect, he wants to use the dried up corpse of Jesus Christ as its power is undeniable.

>> No.15559067

Obviously the Stand should be named Slayer.

>> No.15559083


Well, The World showed up recently, didn't he? I can go for a multiple-universe kind of deal.

>> No.15559084

Well, so far every one of the villains have been musicians where people either HATED or loved. Rebecca Black for this murderer.

I once had a woman simply called a Lady, and she manifested her powers like Ebony Devil through a baby doll who obviously went GaGa.

surprisingly no one has caught on.
I guess they couldn't read my GM face
>mfw when they didn't get it

>> No.15559091

I know how you feel, I couldn't touch JJBA again for a good while after reading the ending to Stone Ocean.

Eventually I got over it, decided to give SBR a try, and honestly the only gripe I had with it (which I also got over) was when the president encountered lucy steel, simply because that scene seemed out of place in a JoJo manga, but it doesn't really break the story.
Now I'm reading it as it's scanlated and wondering if I should just learn moonspeak and look into imports.

>> No.15559094

Has to do with the main villain's power. Probably best not to discuss it at length because the scanlations aren't caught up yet, but you can look it up on the Wikia if you're curious.

>> No.15559100


That is delicious.

>> No.15559143

Anyone have any thoughts on Jojolion? I get the feeling I'm going to hate Kira's stand.

Insane fan theory: Kira and Josuke were somehow combined into two people when the new universe was formed, but the fusion was incomplete, hence the four testicles.

>> No.15559357


I'm tempted to suggest naming the murder F. B. Slim just so you can use Weapon of Choice as the stand name; it is very fitting given the stand's method of attacking.

>> No.15559478

ok you guys won me over. F.B. Slim and the Weapon of Choice it is.

I'm going to do my best Christopher Walken voice.

>> No.15559658

>>15559143 I'm going to hate Kira's stand

It's a floating bubble made from his birthmark that puts holes in people and drains them of things. How can you hate THAT?

Also, Kubo has clearly lost it.

>> No.15559662


Man, what can top Killer Queen, I wonder. And then there's fucking Gold Experience Requiem, who knows what that'll become.

>> No.15559699

I just kind of get the feeling it's going to be one of those stands with really ill-defined powers that gets used in ways that make no sense at all.

I'm enjoying it so far so I'm going to try not to be too pessimistic. Right now I'm excited for alternate universe Rohan.

That GIF is fantastic, by the way.

>> No.15559756


I still stand by the theory that he's secretly a fashion designer, and that by making a successful (if bizarre) manga series, thousands, if not millions, of cosplay enthusiasts will bring his designs to life, thus bypassing the catwalks of Milan and London on his way to becoming the world's most prolific fashion designer. It's such a bizarre and circuitous plan that it honestly sounds like something a villain from his own manga would come up with.

>> No.15559757

>>15559699 it's going to be one of those stands with really ill-defined powers that gets used in ways that make no sense at all.

...you mean every stand?

Or have you forgotten the stand of Having A Sword/Turtle Possession?

>> No.15559840

So he's inserting his designs in the subconcious of any readers?

>> No.15559856

Someone please explain to me what is supposed to be happening in this image.

>> No.15559858

About Bleach, you know what i think? Ichigo is being tricked, Tsukushima isn't evil, Ramen guy said that he wanted to give Ichigo his Shinigami powers back, but let's remember that Ichigo also had Hollow Powers, which according to his sword was the other side of the coin of Shinigami powers.

Well, the way i see it all this bullshit with Tsukushima is to drive Ichigo insane until his Hollow reforms and goes berserk again, then it'll turn out that this was just more training.


Or Tsukushima is just a lonely faggot who wants friends and his power is not as OP as it sounds, he can't just slip himself into people's past, he needs to replace someone, which is why he tried to kill Ishida, he's taking his place.

>> No.15559878



>> No.15559897


>> No.15559908


Or proteins.

>> No.15559912


Just one of the numerous image shops that came out of the three months of "Aizen beats everyone else in the series single-handedly". The upside-down Aizen always gets me, personally.

>> No.15559914

I've actually had the same sort of theory in mind for a while now, although less "fused when new universe was created" and more "some weeeeeeeeeeird shit went down in his/their past".

>> No.15559921


I have that issue.

>> No.15559938

>>15559858 Tsukushima isn't evil

Well of course not! He saved Rukia and beat Aizen!

>> No.15559943

I see.
I thought this had actually happened in the comic and that Aizen was somehow fighting clones of himself or something.

>> No.15559946


>implying i'm trying to confuse you

>> No.15559948

Now that I think about it, everybody else is lucky that Aizen can only control the 5 senses that everybody knows about, and not the other ones.

Like balance and the perception of time.

>> No.15559959


Something like that, yeah.


Errr.... What?

>> No.15559961


You totally get me, imma gonna send you an invite you just wont be able to refuse.

>> No.15559978


Actually, Aizen messing with someone's perception of time would make >>15556727 possible. And a bunch of his other shenanigans.

>> No.15559979


That's pharaoh territory.

>> No.15559983


He could also control spirit senses, so I'm sure he could control balance as well if he wanted to.

Fucking up your sense of body position was already taken by Shinji.

>> No.15560014

Aizen: think Tzeentch, only from Japan.

>> No.15560019

No, those make perfect sense as described and in the context of the series. I'm talking about shit like Diver Down and King Crimson.

Probably more likely. I'm kind of wondering if the Jotaro influences in his clothing mean anything.

>> No.15560022


And then Aizen said that was child's play since he could do that and more with his own sword. Think about it, Shinji's sword makes an optical illusion, Aizen can make optical illusions, auditory illusions like how he made everyone believe that he and Hitsugaya said he wasn't using his illusion mumbo jumbo at the beginning of the fight, or how he stopped the captains from Ichigo screaming at them until they had already stabbed Hinamori, and then he has the other 3.

>> No.15560035


Araki did art for this English biology magazine.

>> No.15560037

>>15560019 TURTLE POSSESSION made sense


>> No.15560039



>> No.15560046


Specifically, it's a drawing of white blood cell stands beating up viruses.

>> No.15560061

Wait, I misread that and thought that you were singling out Anubis and Coco Jumbo for some reason.

You're talking about Silver Chariot Requiem, right? It swapped spirits around. Polnareff's ended up in the turtle. Not sure what's so confusing about that.

>> No.15560085

Aizen was kind of overconfident with Kyouka Suigetsu, though.

Why didn't he just shut off everybody else's senses and go to town on them?

>> No.15560103


Which is awesome.

>> No.15560114

Never understood why Polnaroff survived Part III to begin with. He was kind of a lame side character.

>> No.15560125

He survived so he could be the only good character in Part 5.

>> No.15560131


Because that was Tosen's deal.

>> No.15560132

this thread proves once again that /tg/ has anime threads better than /a/
>implying that /a/ has good anime threads

>> No.15560144

He did. They just haven't realized it yet.
They will when the time is right, though. Exactly as planned.

>> No.15560145


Well he didn't really need to.

Or maybe he did and that's how he beated the crap out of everyone, how would we ever know?

He only didn't use it when fighting the strongest guys, but that was because he had become some crazy ass living condom sock puppet voodoo monster that couldn't be killed, and then with Ichigo he didn't realize how stupid strong Ichigo was until the end, and then he went crazier, except this time he went MAD WITH RAGE. But then again.. In the end...

>> No.15560167

>> No.15560175


>> No.15560183



>> No.15560190


I _really_ doubt he could trigger his hypnosis in the last moments his zanpakuto existed and keep using it later.

>> No.15560202

It's Kubo.

>> No.15560208

Unless that entire fight was a Hypnosis creation, and he was actually orchestrating the whole thing from the sidelines, which is totally in character for the dick.

>> No.15560218


I wonder just how difficult it would be to feign your own imprisonment for years anyway?

>> No.15560233


The thing is, for all we know, all that has transpired from that point onwards could be Ichigo traped in one of Aizen's twisted illusions, hell, we never saw his Bankai.

Maybe he never lost, what if Ichigo wakes up in a post apocalyptic world? GOD DAMN IT KUBO!

>> No.15560237


Wait, did Aizen LITERALLY break the fourth wall??

>> No.15560245

...I'm never going to stop reading this, am I?

>> No.15560254

This would make the series good again.

>> No.15560257


No, that's a photoshop. He has come dangerously close to breaking the 4th wall on several occasions though.

>> No.15560262


That's... A shoop. But, Aizen did break the 4th wall once, when it turned out his inner monologue WAS AN ILLUSION.

That's right, his Illusion power breaks the 4th wall and affects the reader.

>> No.15560263

This chapter is Kubo's way of going:
You know what?
Bleach was cool, but I should have had another character to annoy Ichigo.
I know!
Let's rewrite ALL 400 chapters.

>> No.15560264

Makes perfect sense really. We could discuss anything well here since it makes for good fodder for games we're running/playing in.

I myself am thinking about attempting to use Tsukishima's power in a way that isn't retarded. Could be fun.

>> No.15560280

So, bets that Bleach will end with Bruce Campbell waking from his bed and complaining about never eating pork rinds before going to bed ever again?

>> No.15560289


You cannot escape Kubo as long as you are on 4chan, i've seen Bleach on all boards i go to.

>> No.15560294

To be fair, he released his shikai on-screen (on-page?) in the Barragan flashback. So if there's any fourth wall breaking to be done, it's via illusion-ificating the readers into thinking anything after that chapter even happened.

...we need to go deeper.

>> No.15560298


Deal with it.

>> No.15560337


Or it ends with Kubo taking over the fashion world. To be honest, that's about the only ending for Bleach that would make sense.

>> No.15560340

Didn't Mayuri swear revenge on Ichigo right before he went off to fight Aizen?

>> No.15560342


>implying everyone hasn't already stolen EL PRESIDENTE's entropy's power

>> No.15560353

Arrancar were the fucking best characters in this series.

>> No.15560358


Mayuri swears revenge on everyone.

>> No.15560369


And they all died, WHOOPS

>> No.15560370


Kubo will then go back and insert this guy into every chapter he has done so this guy is included in every big fight, changing slight details to make him part of the team.

He then rereleases the edited books and makes a shit ton of money as fans will have to go back and reread everything again to see what has changed.

>> No.15560375

>>15560263 Let's rewrite ALL 400 chapters.

Are you really surprised? This is the man who gave the villain a LITERAL plot device.

>> No.15560391


Turning Concepts into Powers
>You now realize Ichigo's power is Deus Ex Machina

>> No.15560402

Seeing this guy have Mensa in his sig made me die a little inside.

Considering YYH is over twenty years old, I don't think it was that cliche-ridden for its time. The other big names around 1990 were what, DBZ, FotNS, and JJBA?

>> No.15560406

rolled 10 = 10


Everything seems much more 'low-powered' in SBR, which I'm rather enjoying. It isn't the absolutely balls-ass craziness of Stone Ocean with its metaphysical ass-rape that was Pucci.


I can identify everyone BUT the two guys on the left (sunglasses and jacket dude). Who they be?

>> No.15560429


"Let's have the most sympathetic arrancar and captain fight! And then let's have the captain mercilessly slaughter him. And just for good measure, he can kill a little girl at the same time."

>> No.15560440


It doesn't count since i was drunk at the time, hell i don't even remember killing the little girl!

>> No.15560448


Hi there slowpoke.

When Zangetsu said "any power you need", he wasn't speaking figuratively.

>> No.15560467


Grimmjow survived. I think Harribel might have as well.

>> No.15560501


Grimmjow is inconclusive.
Nel survived.
Halibel also survived, Inoue healed her and her three bitches and they went back to Hueco Mundo and lived happily ever after.

Kubo wrote the Halibel thing on one of those data books.

Ulquiorra is thankfully, confirmed to be deader than dead.

>> No.15560514

If his characters had more belts and zippers I'd be inclined to agree.

Not as difficult as pretending you're the entire governing body of a plane of existence. Then again there is apparently no janitorial staff in Soul Society given that no one noticed he just left their corpses there for a month.

Didn't Zaraki get bored of hacking Yammy up and just leave him there to troll another day.

>> No.15560517

So with the fullbring arc, does this mean Bleach has moved from being Wraith to being Geist?

>> No.15560538

>>15560514 there is apparently no janitorial staff in Soul Society

Can't come in without permission. They apparently were "in deliberation" for that entire month or some shit.

>> No.15560568

So anyone else think Tsukishima is totally gonna die/ lose and it'll turn out the bad guy is the kid with his ultra powerful take things apart power.

On another note as they walked in to this whole fight versus retcon powers I noticed something looked familiar. Wasn't this mansion from the Bount Arc?

>> No.15560600


Hmm... pretty close, though in this case, it's dead relatives, not dead selves.

>> No.15560603


Tsukishima is truly evil...
He's going to retcon the Bount Arc into actual manga cannon with his powers!

>> No.15560631


Uhm... there was a mansion in the woods, but I don't think this is the same one.

>> No.15560675

>If his characters had more belts and zippers I'd be inclined to agree.

Nah, that's Tetsuya Nomura's schtick. See: The World Ends With You, nearly every 3d Final Fantasy game, the Kingdom Hearts series.

>> No.15560701

>>15560675 The World Ends With You

Amusingly enough, TWEWY was the only game where his designs actually worked, and it was because the characters were all supposed to be a bunch of shallow fashion-obsessed douches.

>> No.15560712

>Kingdom Hearts
>rewriting memories to insert yourself in the main character's past

>> No.15560736


Kingdom Hearts reads like bad fanfiction? WHAT A SHOCK!

>> No.15560747


...fuck me, you're right. At least Namine left the series not long after that, but this guy'll probably stick around for a while.

>> No.15560773

Why the hell does Ichigo look like a power ranger now?

>> No.15560781

At least Namine was mildly attractive and made for some good 34. And she was better then that slut Kairi.

>> No.15560783


I think that's because Nomura designed that world from the ground up to be his perfect world. Either that or he's secretly King of Shibuya, and that's how Shibuya actually works. It would certainly explain why he keeps putting zippers and belts into other games: all his fashion knowledge is from Shibuya, not realising that the rest of the world thinks it's a bit daft.

>> No.15560809

I fucking hate this cover. Know why?

IT IS FUCKING MOCKING ME. Look! Right there! Top right part of the page, doing a Luffy impersonation! FUCKING KENPACHI. It's been too fucking long since we've seen that magnificent bastard.

EVEN WORSE, if Kenpachi were around this fucking plot would already be over. Oh, what's that? Your power works by making people think you're their best friend? KENPACHI SHOWS HIS AFFECTION WITH VIOLENCE. Bam, arc over.

>> No.15560824


I guess it helps that Namine was only wearing a bedsheet, pretty much.

>> No.15560842


His badge turns into that now.

>> No.15560857


I wonder, is there a record for most forms for a single main character?

>> No.15560890

>Amusingly enough, TWEWY was the only game where his designs actually worked, and it was because the characters were all supposed to be a bunch of shallow fashion-obsessed douches.
And God, God wears a T-Shirt and Jeans. Though suits seem to like him.

The current filler arc has a Zaraki vs Zaraki fight.

>> No.15560891

Tommy Oliver.

>> No.15560898


And these aren't even all of them.

>> No.15560919


Speaking of which, the newest Sentai season has a 6th Ranger with the power to turn into every other 6th Ranger. I doubt that season'll make it stateside due to OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK, but it would be hilarious having a season where over half the characters can become Tommy.

>> No.15560933

>>15560890 The current filler arc has a Zaraki vs Zaraki fight.

The current filler arc is FUCKING RETARDED.

>> No.15560935

They'll just have Tommy play him. Like a boss.

>> No.15560939

>All filler arcs are FUCKING RETARDED.

Fixed that for you.

>> No.15560956


Actually, I kinda figured Tommy would play Gokai Silver if it ever gets an English release. Makes sense.


Let's see, 5 different medals for each slot, 3 slots, makes for a total of 125 combinations, plus the PuToTyrano combo (which as far as we know doesn't work with any other medals) for a final total of 126 combinations. And that's not including the medals added in the movies.

>> No.15560959


But that's just the thing: Tommy's had enough ranger colors that --even if they don't have Tommy himself on the team-- everyone will be Tommy.

I suppose they could just run with it, and make Tommy the Pink, Yellow, or Blue ranger this time so that he can get a complete set.

>> No.15560991


To be fair, that's pretty much the whole schtick of Gokaiger. If they did make Tommy Gokai Silver, you just know they'd record footage especially so the episode where they introduce him would have all of them morphing into all the past rangers Tommy was, causing Tommy to go "WTF?"

>> No.15560994

>>15560959 Pink Tommy

lol. Though, isn't he getting old enough that he could have a daughter?

>> No.15561042

I haven't watched any Power Rangers since the season where green was a time-travelling rockstar. How many years back was that?

>> No.15561100

Wait, did this thread make it all the way to bump limit? Damn.

>> No.15561106


That very same story Kubo wrote says Yami was deader than dead and his pet dog never moved from his side ever again. Ever.

Also i believe Aizen just made everyone believe that Central 4something was just fine and dandy with his illusion voodoo magic.

>> No.15561108

Why? Because overall the plot is mostly meh and forced in many places so we can have characters fighting evil super clones of other characters/themselves.

>> No.15561155

Everyone knows in bleach the plots come in second place to dramatic one liners and reaction faces.

>> No.15561169

Damn Straight!

>> No.15561186


Just remember. Mayuri could've ended. He could've ended it.

>> No.15561216


>> No.15561319

You're not reacting hard enough!

>> No.15561348


>> No.15561427

I lol'd

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