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40k imagedump thread. Currently working on the IG. Up next, Chaos.

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Germans sure like 40k.

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Fangirl, dl'd the DE dex.
Jesus, this is a fair bit different than what I'm used to dealing with. I came in on the tail end of 3rd, so it's not super different to me, but the amount of options and their viability is staggering.
Outside some broad strokes, it seems very hard to pin down what a someone is gonna bring to the party, and I'm not seeing anything that is objectively bad off the block. Trying to condense what I have learned, so bear with me, I may bug you more as the week goes on.
>I apologize if I seem a nuisance

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>I'm not seeing anything that is objectively bad off the block

That's because there isn't anything. Mandrakes and the Court of the Archon are a bit mediocre, but that's about it.

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Dash of Pepper and other 40k internet celebrities playing DE have already deduced that a proper army must contain
-Beastmasters (if points)
-Blaster warrior squads in Venoms
-Blaster Trueborn in venoms

Baron and Haemonculus are the best HQ.

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Well, I suppose that's not entirely true. The Decapitator's a bit crap, sadly.

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Well, when I know what those units are, I'll watch out for them.
Is melee worth it at all against DE, for any army save perhaps daemons? So many melee monsters in the book, I'm thinking of abandoning assault entirely.

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I know i'm late to the party, and i posted this in the last thread but...

I underestimated the ability of dark eldar transports, and failed to kill 1 out of 4 in a game (tau versus dark eldar)

because of our table quarter deployment that one (which just so happened to be the grotesque filled one) landed right in the middle of my lines and multi-assualted a crisis team and a broadside team completely obliterated.

my lines collapsed.

In the end i lost by two kill points (15 to 13) so it wasn't all bad, i didn't some fuck awesome shooting at the start and i got lucky when he fumbled some key dangerous terrain test. (my ethereal (yes i took an ethereal it was part of my "farsight origins" list) also managed to kill his archon in close combat. we lolled hard).

the mvp's were the kroot. and my ion cannons (taking about a void raven bomber in the first turn really helped)

I remember anon likening tau vs dark eldar to tau being an armored man with a gun in a dark room with ass exposed, while the dark eldar is a rapist with night vision goggles.

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>Is melee worth it at all against DE

Yes and no. Most Kabalite (Warriors, Trueborn, Scourges) units can't fight worth a damn in Close Combat, and a decent assault unit will tear through them pretty quickly, especially if they're softened up by a Flamer or two first. The problem is actually getting the chance to launch an assault.

It might be worth keeping one assault unit around for counter-charging or trying to grab opportunistic assaults, but I wouldn't put a lot of faith in it.

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Leman Russ Mammoth variant?

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Exterminator, IIRC.

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That's the last of the Guard. Chaos next.

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Hope you don't mind me dumping some stuff of my own?

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The more the merrier. Other people contributing means I can expand my own collection.

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Dash of Pepper and other 40k internet celebrities playing DE have already deduced that a proper army must contain
-Beastmasters (if points)
-Blaster warrior squads in Venoms
-Blaster Trueborn in venoms

Baron and Haemonculus are the best HQ.

holy fuck your stupid DASHOFPEPPER IS RETARDED

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Venoms kick out a lot of anti-infantry shots, while the Blasters carried by the crew and the Dark Lance Ravagers kick out enough st8 shots to handle tanks. The Beastmaster packs are very powerful in assault, aren't reliant on a transport, and can soak up quite a bit of firepower if built correctly.

Like Razorfang wolves or Chimelta IG, yes it's a powerful army, but it's also monstrously dull, and lacking the slightest drop of imagination or personality

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Hey, do you have a decent-res version of the pic of Delphan Gruss?

I can't seem to find one.

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This one?

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you've posted this one already;)

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Have I? Must have a duplicate then. Thanks for catching it.

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anybody have nomad77's work?

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Do you have some traitor guardsmen?

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That's the image limit. Hope everyone got something useful!

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You've just reminded me OP.

Would it be too mary sueish for it to be implied that my IG regiment have that cloning tech stuff, like Krieg has? Or is that exclusively a Krieg thing?

I think it might be.

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It's not, you just need dispension from the Admech to use it.

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Really? And how would you go around getting dispension? Are tithes involved?

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Prove you need it and are worth it.
Kriegers needed it, and were worth it.

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hooray i caught this thread on page 11 before it 404'd
bump one last time for people to see this

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