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Greetings ladies and gen/tg/lemen. A good while ago, /tg/ made an awesome sci-fi setting. Sadly, intrest died off, but a few intrepid souls have been working on it in the meantime. I'd like to reintroduce it to /tg/ in order to get some new perspectives and hopefully, another round of brainstorming.

At some point in the early 21st century, most governments were almost entirely supplanted by powerful corporations. Rapid technological advances, specifically in nanotechnology, AI and genetic engineering, outpaced the oversight and control efforts of traditional authorities. Humanity seemed to be verging on a golden age, where nanocrafting Maker plants could be programmed to create anything one had the blueprints for, where genetic modification would eradicate all disease, and where computational advances seemed certain to usher in the Singularity. But unfortunately, this was not to be; humanity's own greed and paranoia turned the paradise it was about to create into a nightmare.

As corporations vied for resources in hidden wars, civil rights were curtailed and the citizens of Incorporated states found themselves increasingly oppressed and silenced. It took a long time, but eventually a global rebellion rose in answer to the atrocities perpetrated by the ruling regimes. In an event commonly referred to as The Fall long standing hatreds between governments, corporations, and the subjects of each erupted into violence. Border conflicts went hot, riots spilled into the streets, cities burned, entire militaries mobilized and became engulfed in conflict. It was a global cataclysm of war on a scale history had never seen before, and one that the species was lucky to emerge from. As war tore the world apart, bioengineered plagues were unleashed and AIs spiraled into insanity, destroying arcologies and annihilating cities. The Fall was not the end of the world, but it came exceedingly close.

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The humanity that dragged itself through the other side of the firestorm saw a world changed in a matter of months, or in some places a matter of seconds. Most corporate states were in shambles, torn apart by infighting and revolutionaries of a hundred different creeds. The third world Unincorporated States hadn't fared much better, many shutting their borders in an effort to quell internal distress, or simply in fear of the new world beyond their walls. The setback to the evolution of the species was a major one, the Singularity kneecapped with thermonuclear force.

Many call the time after The Fall "ACE", After the Corporate Era. Humanity has had 25 years to settle into the ashes of its old form, but whether a heaven or hell will be made of the wreckage remains to be seen. The men and women who make their lives in the ruins will be the ones to determine, in a very real way, the course of Humanity. Will The Fall merely be the catalyst for a slow, agonizing extinction? Or will we struggle through the birthing pains into a new being, finally attaining the next step in our combined journey. These are questions that will be answered by the choices of individuals with the will to decide who and what they are, what they want the world around them to be. This is the world of NUtopia.

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So there you have it. Nutopia is about the remnants of a civilization that wasn't quite posthuman, picking up the pieces and trying to forge a new destiny in the ruins. Gameplay-wise, players form parties of Delvers, a cross between STALKERs and covert ops teams, on missions to recover valuable technology, providing aid to vulnerable communities, or engaging in warfare on behalf of corporate remnants or the newly-formed Aegis, an organization officially dedicated to protecting the interests of all humanity but in practice hampered by infighting and hidden agendas.

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One of the most unique aspects of Nutopia is the Hiver. Drawn from the ranks of musicians, artists and dancers, sculptors and poets, architects and engineers, these are individuals who for one reason or another decided to take a radical step to accentuate their chosen craft. They do so by implanting a miniature Maker nanofabricator into their bodies. Powered by carbohydrates and fuel cells, a Hiver can synthetize a swarm of programmable nanobots around her, enabling destruction of terrain, creation of obstacles, or field repair of equipment. Attacking enemies with devouring nanites is also a viable option.

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(hi folks, one of the other 'intrepid souls' that's been nursing this baby)

With the intent of creating some conversation, let me zoom in from the broad setting introduction a bit to give everyone an idea of the kinds of places the strident remnants of almost-post-humanity make their homes.

With most major population centers having been subjected to one variety of disaster or another, and human density over the world's surface having been rather violently reduced, most people find themselves concentrated into clusters of habitation collectively referred to as "Settlements"

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rolled 6 = 6


For those interested in reading more, check the fluff at http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Nutopia . But for now, we'll be using this thread to roll up a settlement.

This first roll is for tech level.

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Settlements vary immensely in scale, from isolated boltholes of a few families, to archologies or retrofitted superstructures, and even as large as converted military installations and effective city-states.

Centralized large scale nanofabrication of the necessities of life makes basic survival possible in the remotest of areas once basic infrastructure is in place. The unfortunate side effect however is that once the valuable technologies that allow it are installed, the young settlement can become a target for those that would rather pick at the carcass of civilization rather than attempt to revitalize it.

Fortunately, one benefit of the leaps and bounds of technological advancement of the Corporate Era is an all pervading communications network. Any settlement can reach out to nearby communities for help and aid, meaning attacks by raiders rarely ever go unanswered.

In this way, settlements often arrange themselves in compacts of mutual benefit. For instance the settlement of Spire, based in a half finished megastructure in New Johannesburg, acts as a center of culture and technological experimentation. They in turn rely upon the former mercenaries and military types in the nearby enclave of Motorpool (a converted defense installation) for their defense. These two major settlements, along with a number of smaller boltholes and towns strewn throughout the area within and around South Africa form a network collectively referred to as NewJ, and constitute a zone of relative safety and prosperity despite their physical distance.

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rolled 7, 3, 8 = 18


>6: Advanced.
This location has maintained a limited amount of pre-Fall technology, but it mostly gets by on modern and postindustrial tech. Networked computers exist here, and quality of life is generally comparable to the early 21st century.

Rolling for Aegis, corporate and traditionalist factional influence.

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rolled 8 = 8

the second roll is for the second thing?

>image not stealing thread, for once.

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This settlement has a High level of Aegis influence and a Very High level of traditionalist faction influence, while Corporate influence is low. This area could be located in a 3d world country, where local government is in control but Aegis-aligned organizations strongly affect the political situation. Alternatively, it could be an area of Aegis-aligned enclaves intermixed with luddite communities that have decided to return to the forms of government of the pre-corporate age.

Now we need to pick the continent where this settlement is located, or roll for it.

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If you're inclined to use a roll to determine your settlement's home continent, It would just take a basic D6 to decide between Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

For the purposes of the example we're going to use South America though.

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Now that we've determined influences, tech level, and location, the next thing to do is to work on the fine details. These are the themes and threats of the particular settlement, some important locations in it, and the important people that live there.

Starting with the theme of it, it might be best to pick which modern nation your settlement lies within the territory of, such as placing our example settlement in Brazil, or Chile. This way you can look at the culture of the nation and use it as an inspiration.

Let's put our settlement in Brazil, near the Amazon Basin. Formed by the survivors from the fall of a local bioengineering facility, Santuário is surrounded by tall walls, and the inhabitants keep the local plant life as far away from them as possible.

Since the corporation that controlled this area was heavily into bioengineering, it would make sense that this would be the primary threat to the settlement. Leaving the walls of Santuário might result in encounters with Jaguars the size of a small car, Anaconda that spit acid, or other such creations.

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Some places you might go to in our settlement might include the Quartel do escudo, the local Aegis chapter house and headquarters. Inside, anyone working with or for the Aegis can find a warm meal, a bunk for the night, and maybe some work from the chapterhead, Tomás Andrade.

For those interested in a good drink after their latest near-death experience, the Cantina no Inferno always has interesting home-brews made from local crops shipped in from other settlements. It is a common place for business deals to take place in the settlement, as it is hermetically sealed from the outside, offering protection from the insects and environment of the Amazon. The owner, Miguel Cabral, has several rooms specifically secured against spying, to suit customers in need of true privacy.

These are just two locations you might come up with: Other options might include a local academy that tries to recover pre-fall research and use it to rebuild, or in a higher-tech settlement a facility that rents out Makers to anyone who needs some fabrication time.

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Can we get a little more depth on what Aegis is exactly?

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The revolution that brought about The Fall came into being as a concerted effort by many disparate organizations across the globe. Various civil rights and anarchist groups, techno-utopians and neo-luddites, fringe extremists from diverse ideological and religious creeds and even corporate intelligence agencies trying to the end to manipulate events in their favor came together in the uprising. The war itself was carried out in a mad combination of planned, surgical strikes on infosphere and realspace assets and simple, brute mob violence. The rallying flag for the global movement, splashed across the Central Park broadcast and flown in the streets, was some variation on a broken chain in a circle, typically accompanied by the local equivalent for the word "Liberty". The general idea of the intensely anti-totalitarian Liberty movement remained after the Fall, but once the rebellion had achieved its goals, differences in ideology became increasingly difficult to ignore. Some of the more idealistic projects (such as a global council in which all factions involved in the Liberty movement were to be represented) had to be abandoned as squabbles between rival groups stalled the decision-making process.

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As the surviving settlements struggled to restart damaged technology and defend themselves from looters, terrorist saboteurs and ex-corp raider bands, Liberty was faced with a difficult task. Having been given full responsibility for the lives of all survivors of the Fall, it became clear that a military task force was needed in order to provide security and to prevent disasters that could result from abuse or malignant use of dangerous technologies (such as the infamous murdering, by a rogue Cracker cult, of all inhabitants of Brusselsphere through manipulation of the weather control system). The debate and subsequent vote to create this agency was a long and painful process, and following it, many of the more radical anarchist and pacifist groups left Liberty for good, but in the end Aegis was created. Named for Athena's mirrored shield of legend, Aegis is tasked with the difficult and thankless job to combat the writhing, serpent-haired snake pit of threats, both foreign and domestic, that menace the free world and its citizens. This includes terrorist cells, rogue scientists, fringe cults, corporate remnant agents, raider activity or military incursions from the Alliance of Unincorporated states, as well as between-settlement skirmishes.

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Aegis is a non-hierarchical organization, with no central headquarters. Instead, local "chapter houses" serve as a combined training, medical/mechanical and recruitment center, as well as a place for Aegis-booked Delvers to rest and recuperate before a mission. Aegis has no permanent agents, but rather recruits its staff from Delver teams on an as-needed, per-mission basis. The results of all Aegis missions are made public on the Liberty intranet, ensuring that no air of secrecy and suspicion hangs over its activities. This doesn't mean that there's no dark side to Aegis; individual operatives in the field have cooperated with criminal gangs or even slaver parties in order to further their goals. The conflict between base ideals and conditions on the ground is a constant one, leading frequent agents into an attitude of bitter pragmatism. Theirs is a seemingly impossible task after all, holding back the brink, but one they feel is worth doing.

Rumors persist, of course, that not all of Aegis' operations are as open and transparent as they would like you to believe, and that there exists a secret list of jobs and contracts only available to select, trusted agents. There is little concrete evidence to the veracity of these claims, but they persist nonetheless.

tl;dr: They're something of an Anti-Terrorist group that evolved out of the groups that fought for freedom from the corporations.

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What system are you using for this generation?
I smell FATE?

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Yeah, FATE. I was looking at the Dresden Files RPG while I was writing the detail-fluff.

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Any chance I can get a breakdown of your set up?

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from war ive read...this feels an awful lot like shadowrun meets 1970s north ireland and the ira

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What do you mean? Like a short version of how we got to our resulting settlement?

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Yeah, I got the FATE feel from the detail parts, do you guys have tables written up?

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We've actually come to the conclusion that NUtopia really could be post-Shadowrun, if not for the elves and the magic. Though, it's more similar to Eclipse Phase, which we were looking at for a while as a rule set.

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That's what I was getting. Were you guys making a kind of EP derivative knee capped before the titans?

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I don't know if we've got the tables written specifically anywhere; Sadly, I am not OP, just OP's helper. From our IRC channel: Scale is: 1 - 3: Low, 4 - 5: Medium, 6: Advanced, 7: Pre-Fall, 8: Tech-cataclysm.

As shown, Advanced is about modern-tech level, while Pre-Fall would be more of the uploads, the nanofabrication, and etc. Tech-catacylsm is similar to Grey Goo, almost. Below that, Medium would likely be our industrial revolution, and low is going back to pre-industrial times. As for rolling a continent location, I think what we agreed upon was:

1-Africa 2-Asia 3-Australia 4-Europe 5-North America 6-South America.

For the influences, it seems like OP just did a 1D8 for each of the influences, and did them based on that. Not really sure what his rubric was, sadly.

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Eclipse Phase if the fall had come a few years before the earliest timeline events, or SR if there was no magic and.. ok, not the best comparison there.. cyberpunk with some things advanced beyond.

Just think of that turning point, when the world rises up and casts off the shackles of the past to embrace a bright new future! And then instead of a bright new future, most of what they get is the broken bits of the past.

But we can call ourselves free. Free to build a utopia, or at least free to live and breathe and die without a barcode.

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Sort-of-kind-of. NUtopia could have happened in EP, if they had Corporations take over earlier, and the TITANs never existed, yeah. I'm not really sure how much of that was intentional or more a matter of we realized it after the fact, but the similarities have come up. That's part of why we looked at that system.

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Which book/s are the city/location generator/rules in? I got The Dresden Files "your story" book from /rs/, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for....

captcha: catsup entater.
No captcha, i don't want any shit catsup and 'taters.

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Your Story on Page 24 has the 'fluff' side of it. I'm not sure where OP got the rules for rolling tech level and etc, or if he made them himself.

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ah, okay. Cheers for clearing that up, i've only had a quick browse so far, but that's the main bit i'm interested in.

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What kind of corporations are we talking here?
The generic cyberpunk Umbrella type monolithic evil guys seem a bit cliched, hopefully there's some more depth here.

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There is a bit of massive supranational. I mean, there would almost have to be. Mom's Neighborhood Grocery is unlikely to impose themselves on anyone, until they are Mom's Neighborhood Grocery: a subsidiary of Federated Metalworks And Agrigoods: a subsidiary of Security Concepts/Time Warner.

No one went to work snickering "ahahahaa.. today i will go be evil and crush the workers"
>almost no one
Just a lot of little things.
"This is a much more efficient plan, I can't imagine everyone will complain this much for long"
"Listen, you know that what is good for the stockholders is good for the company in the end, right?"

The Ends Justify The Means, in tiny ways over and over again all the way down that slippery slope.

>my $.02

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It's not really that the corporations were monolithic evil entities, it's just that they replaced nations for the most part, and lost their ethics and morality along the way. Umbrella did evil shit because it wanted to do evil shit: These guys stopped thinking of it as wrong, and because they were in power, there was no one to tell them they couldn't. It's a lot like a fascist state, except instead of a fascist government you have a fascist board of directors.

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Hey, remember that splat about The Changeling crossover with Lovecraft mythos and The Wire

what happened to that

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>Hey, remember that splat about The Changeling crossover with Lovecraft mythos and The Wire

No. That sounds awesome! Is it in the archives?

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>most governments were almost entirely supplanted by powerful corporations
>Humanity seemed to be verging on a golden age
stopped reading here

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Man, this is so new and originZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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things probably looked Great from the top.
heck, even around the middle was probably pretty sweet for a while, until they noticed that the top was getting farther and farther away.. higher and higher.. starting to block out the sun.

why, can you think of something better?
then think of something better already, and tell us. Grace the world with the glory of your creation.

it made you spend a few moments of your time.
hah, who wins now? Nutopia wins.. because.

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Thanks for the free bumps though, Gents.

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i doubt it

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Actually, that bit comes from Diaspora. It has a little generator used to make star systems that I adapted.

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"Merc" is the blanket term used to refer to the most elite, most heavily modified, and often most brutal soldiers the corporations had at their command. The name is derivative of the fact that many of these corporations had Private Military Companies on the payroll for security, or even as wholly owned subsidiaries. As advances in warfare and the way it was fought continued to blossom, the sacrifices that militaries asked of their personnel became ever more extreme. Augumented cognition, enabling soldiers to go for weeks without sleep, was supplemented with memory-blocking technology, creating the so-called "fire-and-forget" units - troops that would act as focused, efficient killers on mission while subsequently retaining no memory of what they did during the operation. This solved the growing PTSD epidemic, and put an effective stop on information leaking.

The extensive body modification common among certain groups after the Fall was also pioneered amongst the armed forces of the world. Extensive research into prosthetics yielded replacement limbs and even organs indistinguishable from their original counterparts. From there it was an easy step to design prosthetics with improved capabilities. The most extensive modifications naturally found their way to those with need of them in an operational capacity - special forces who could look into the infrared spectrum at will, mountain troops with enhanced endurance and EOD technicians with blast resistant endoskeletons.

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Northrop Grumman were the first, however, to successfully implement the most extreme cybernetic modification available, the so called "Cerebral Suspension Cask". Colloqually known as the "Brain-in-a-jar" modification, CSC technology entailed the connection of a human brain to a vehicular frame. The first one to undergo this procedure was the infamous Illium-Russo Conglomerate pilot known as the "Red Widow". The system allowed her to control the entire airframe with her mind, changing course and lining up targets at the speed of thought while being able to pull incredible maneuvers without fear of blacking out, the only restriction on agility being the strength of the airframe.

Once the technology was in place, development progressed rapidly. Vehicles were designed with the capability of CSC pilots in mind, leading to a great increase in power and complexity. Pure human piloted military vehicles were increasingly relegated to support roles, and sidelined as rarities or relics.

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Back before the Fall, you were the shit. The finest, most psychologically stable, tried and tested not to go insane even as the lab techs crammed more and more implants into your skull, overloading your brain with information. Unwaveringly loyal, unceasingly lethal. You fought in the Hidden Wars, the conflicts that didn't exist in the official records. You dueled with rival companies' Mercs in arctic wastelands, in desert heat, in space and underwater. When the shit really hit the fan, they brought you out to suppress riots back home and you watched the little men scream and run from the mere sight of you. You felt divine.

Then they approached you. The new victors. The communities. They invited you to their new free utopia, their uplinked, organic, low-tech, democratic little enclave of peace and prosperity and hope...

And you took one look at that and said fuck it. Fuck the anarchists, the globalists, the oh-so-helpful new government officials and their let's-get-along tripe. Fuck the way they look at you as you stroll down the market street. Fuck the inquisitive Operators and their "so where were you in -32?". Fuck'em and let it all rot.
So you and your unit left. For the wasteland, where true freedom is won with the railgun barrel and the hydraulic claw, where you wander the old ruins of your creators for maintenance and spares and kill your old comrades who have gone insane from isolation and abandonment. When death is around the corner, that's when you're truly alive. This is how it's always been.

And you're happy. There's Jane, and while the both of you left your humanity on operating tables, sometimes when you make camp for the night and catch a few minutes downtime, you interface, and online your avatars looks just like you did in basic training, 50 years ago. And you smile at each other as you embrace, and you think... This can go on forever. If you can fight and if you can win... You'll be immortal.

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This is fucking awesome.

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Hell yeah. I always thought the opportunity of playing a Merc pack was the best thing about this setting.

Currently we're dithering on whether to use Eclipse Phase or FATE for a system. While I like the aspects mechanic of FATE, it doesn't seem crunchy enough. Too abstract in the mechanics. On the other hand, EP has the whole thing with characters being more or less immortal and swapping bodies like they're going out of style, and the tech level in NU doesn't really allow for that.

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to address some of the concerns about the nature of Corporations in the game raised while I was asleep:

Being myself a big fan of the ol' Moral Ambiguity shtick, it would be dull to have the corporations as simply monolithic evil entities. The truth (to quote John Green) resists such simplicity.

The corps varied hugely in their motivations. The characters of the seting are survivors of a war largely against these entities, and so they are commonly viewed as the big bad guys of the past, but they were not globally so 1 dimensional.

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They vary from dog to horse in size. Their physical forms share few constants from place to place, some heavily muscled monstrosities with slavering sets of split jaws built for guard duty, others are spindly, frighteningly quick and agile beasts that roar across open ground and tackle their prey. Baskers (After Doyle's Hound of the Baskervilles) are a phenomenon that has its roots in the run up to the Fall, but they've taken on forms and roles their original creators could scarcely have dreamed of.
As genetic hybridization and modification became commonplace, corporations looked to predator species to develop chimeric organisms for combat and security purposes. The first company to create a viable specimen was Brazilian-based Fereira Biodiversity, and footage of the first public demo of Basker-1 is now legendary. A grey, leathery body, weighing in at almost half a ton, but moving with a surprising agility and ferocity. Its genotype was never made public, even after the patent expired, but subsequent analysis showed there was Komodo dragon DNA in it, along with bear, wolf, cheetah and a variety of different species including zebrafish. It secreted a paralytic contact poison and had jaws that could tear a power-armored soldier in half. But the power and ferocity wasn't what set the Basker models apart from other, more mundane chimerics.

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Fereira introduced a unique feature into the organisms it developed. Every Basker could be programmed with a hard-wired safeguard imprint. The safeguard stimulus could be anything: a particular combination of sounds, colors, shapes, odors or even personal features of the owner (a popular Basker model in rural Colombia could only be directed and commanded by prepubescent children). The safeguard stimulus was kept secret, in order to surprise would-be intruders, and was priced according to specificity; the more particular the safeguard, the higher the cost. Impressed by the popularity of Fereira chimeras, other biotech companies followed suit. Weimuller, however, weren't content with just adopting a competitor's modus operandi; they decided to improve upon it, creating the Huntsmen: Biomercs with pheromone implants that could exercise precise control over packs of Baskers.
Huntsmen divisions, like Weimuller's famous Werwolf Gruppe and Armacor's Cerberus Corps, were top-of-the line PMC's. The Huntsmen, equipped with advanced imprinting techniques and behavioral regulators, used the Baskers' full potential. They could command chimeras to track or shadow individual targets, to sniff out chemical trails and locate vehicles or bombs, to flank, surround and ambush opponents. Utilizing the powerful instinctual cunning of these constructed predators, Huntsmen could operate with more precision and efficiency than any drone operator teams.

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fair. hoping to avoid a one-dimensional enemy, you know. And that is a good point. Even with the millions or billions of hours of captured data, from eye-blogs to security feeds, the sins of the gatekeepers have a way of being exaggerated.

Like i said, i don't think anyone thought of themselves as evil (save a sociopath exec here or there. They tend to rise in organizations) as they went through the day, nor was there Much cackling in dark smoky boardrooms.

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>and yay, a NU thread lasting more then an hour or so!

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>post in thread
>it dies.

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Heroic bump!

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Bump, for old times sake.

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Rizon.net #nutopia or irc://irc.rizon.net/nutopia

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You've unexpectedly helped a stranger by posting that image. Thank you.

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Why not use something in between, like GURPS? If you look on the original NUtopia page on sup/tg/, it would seem that GURPS had been considered at some stage. More or less everything i've read about here, be it character based, or tech-based is written up in either the Basic Set, or Ultra-Tech.

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There needs to be a very techno progressive faction that uses extreme direct democracy--made highly successful via advanced IT tech, nano tech based neural implants, and strong AI guidance)!


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You used cracker instead of the mass medias missuse of hacker. I love you! When will this be made into a pdf and put into /rs/?

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I like! If I every find people to play this with, I'm going to make a character that uses an aircraft body.

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>> No.15556848
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Personally I have nothing against GURPS except for the fact that it's a system I'm completely unfamiliar with. I've ran a couple of FATE campaigns though. Currently looking into Dresden Files, it seems to be the crunchiest, most detailed FATE game yet, with a lot of usable elements.

>> No.15556902

Well, your overview makes the setting very bland. "The Fall"? Seriously. I know us SF fans will full our faces with the most tasteless shit but you could at least spice it up a bit, for God's sake.

>> No.15557039
File: 1.28 MB, 1027x724, 1310496620862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Additionally, I don't know if there's a GURPS module out there with anything resembling Hiving.


The AI technology needed to operate a global government isn't in place yet, and the Fall set back efforts at augumenting and connecting humanity by about a century. That's not to say there aren't factions with a strong demarchist bent, like many of the Liberty factions that make up the backbone of Aegis. In addition, the Ecliptionists stive to restore lost technology and develop true AI.

>> No.15557065


Obviously originality is entirely dependant on what names you're using! Yes, instead of "The Fall", let's name it "Frygzybasync"! And let's rename tanks to "bloqunoids", and corporations to "frippy slips"! So original, no one's ever seen anything like this before!

>> No.15557078

Good strawman.

>> No.15557080

Way to be a big buttmad baby! Clearly the best way to react to "your names are really generic and unoriginal" is come up with the unoriginal tactic of overreacting.

>> No.15559367
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A general response to questions so far:

We're currently going at the Dresden RPG with a bonesaw and a mad grin in hopes of generating a system we think represents the feeling of the world well. If any of those watching have experience with FATE or derivatives I'd be glad to hear you chime in on it.

Once the mad surgery has been finished the work on the PDF will begin.

Further, good to see quicksilver chime in for old times sake indeed. If any of the other channers are floating out in the black feel free to poke your heads in.

And as to "The Fall" call it whatever the fuck you like, that's just the general term. There will be people who call it the rapture, the cataclysm, the apocalypse, the day the sky burned or the great culling of the twinkies, it's really entirely immaterial.

Otherwise, how are folks doing?

>> No.15559432
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then give over something better, friend.

the awakening, the great flop, mad days, the big scream, a rather unpleasant tea party? think of something better.

>> No.15559465


"The Rather Unpleasant Tea Party" should totally be what hipster London kids would call the Fall. Speaking of which, what happened to London?

>> No.15559492

Real original of a name there.

>> No.15559592
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NFI, suggestions?

>> No.15560491

How does "the collapse," sound for a new name?

>> No.15560505

Coming a bit late in. But all SF fall in a general hole i like to call the 'perpetual tech'.

Humanity once it lost vital branches, will be unable to come back to full former tech status in any feasible timeframe or atleast, at the very least, with the same ammount of globalization.

See Battletech for example. After long and hardfought wars, most tech was lost due to people not knowing which end of a computer to use. What was still avilible, people had knowledge of how to use it, but not at all how to replicate it.

Think of it this way. I know how to turn on a computer, but fuck me if i know the difference between a transistor and a condensator.

The same thing applies to technology and living standards as a whole.

Theres a lot more to be said about this, but i'll just get to sleep now. Good luck with Nutopia.

>> No.15561235

>Additionally, I don't know if there's a GURPS module out there with anything resembling Hiving.

From what I've read here, Hiving is essentially having a Nano-bot swarm inside your body, that can quickly build/break down matter. Correct, or have I missed something?

If not, in GURPS terms, you'd be covered by either one, or several, of the Nanobot/nanite gadgets in Ultra-Tech, or with the Create and Control powers (with suitable modifiers to tweak them) from GURPS Powers (which can be seen as the "third" book of the Basic Set, it's that bloody handy).

That said, play it with what you want, it's your game. I'm just offering yo an alternative.

>> No.15562674
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Personally I want to steer away from GURPS for two primary reasons:
First and foremost is that as a system it has a higher threshold for entry than most. It really demands that both the players and the GM have a lock on the rules to run smoothly, and otherwise can feel very clumsy.
Second is the age old complaint that no matter what you make GURPS into, it still feels like GURPS. I love some of the game's expansions and source material (any game that lets me play a pyrokinetic catholic priest who pals around with a russian speaking magical penguin is okay in my book) I think it just lacks the flavorful and mechanical fluidity Nutopia needs.

That hole as you term it is pretty much one of the central conflicts of the setting. The know how still exists, and the tech still exists, just sometimes not in the same locations. Delvers are people whose essential job description is dragging shiny things out of blast craters to people who know how to build more of said shiny thing. They are trying to put society back together by keeping the know how alive and preventing the tech from being lost.

Frankly I could live with "The Collapse". The reason I find it difficult to peg is the same reason our big revolutionary organization has a name as bland as Liberty. World War 3 was conducted by armed flash mobs, the commonality is necessarily strained.

>> No.15563394


>> No.15563555
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>They are trying to put society back together by keeping the know how alive and preventing the tech from being lost.

Along with more self-serving issues, like Hivers who would gladly burn their way through a pile of orphans to get a few more grams (or dare they hope, ounces?) of the proprietary feedstock their hive wants or casked-up Crackers with a heart of gold (literally gold. the gold-wired cerebral nutrient circulation pump helps avoid critical corrosion) who balance a need for spares to keep themselves online with their desire to make the world a better-ish place.

and Collapse works.
Makes me think of all the systems crumbling, failure feeding failure.

Like an angry rioter who firebombs a traffic control node. Suddenly dozen, hundreds of just-in-time deliveries are Not reaching markets spread over a metro area. A few real shortages make an impression on the nusphere, ballooning into speculations about agri-corps trying to starve protestors into compliance. Panic-buys strip a lot more shelves in a hurry as the news spreads and now it is far too late.

Lines of angry customers squabble over vac-bagged foodstuffs, fistfights that get police/security attention quickly turn into brawls and anti-sec protesting. A harried and overworked manager or dispatcher ends up authorizing deadly force in response to thrown rocks or bags of rice (or a strained communication grid is hacked by shadowy forces) and otherwise peaceful areas are treated to NEWFLASH HEADLINES that involve merc kill-teams kicking and shooting their way through a crowd of people suddenly trying to get away.

Society folding up like a house of cards, etc, so forth.

>> No.15564173

>First and foremost is that as a system it has a higher threshold for entry than most. It really demands that both the players and the GM have a lock on the rules to run smoothly, and otherwise can feel very clumsy.

Even the mentally challenged can throw two common dice and tell if the number is higher or lower than the number the DM gave them to roll against.

>> No.15564595


I don't really see what makes "The Collapse" more original than "The Fall", to be honest.

>> No.15564631

The Fall is already used by another pen and paper role playing game (Eclipse Phase).

>> No.15564641

If you can think of something original and at the same time non-specific, go right ahead.
Yes, but GURPS can end up giving you a spreadsheets worth of numbers and factors to figure out the target numbers to begin with.

>> No.15564643

I'll agree that it's got a bit of a learning curve, but keep in mind that most people start RPGs playing DnD, and GURPS is far simpler than that. I play with a group of pretty inexperienced dudes, and the only thing that took time is getting the characters down; other than that, they only know the basic rules, and I know the rest, and yet, we still game pretty quickly..

But then, I only use GURPS as my "rules". That's why I like it, it's so damn transparent.

Also, the way I've gone through character building with my players, was to handle it more like FATE, with "aspects" and such, and then fleshing out those aspects into actual skills, advantages etc. Obviously, this doesn't cover off everything that a GURPS PC will have, but it gets you closer, a lot quicker.

If it's not for you though, it's not for you. It's only a suggestion on my part.

That said, I've been going through Diaspora, and the "Cluster" creation thing: Fucking awesome.

>> No.15564657

>Yes, but GURPS can end up giving you a spreadsheets worth of numbers and factors to figure out the target numbers to begin with.



Honestly, I don't spout off about games I haven't at least read. Read the books, then make an opinion, don't just give up on it because of a third-hand account, from a diehard DnD player.

>> No.15564702

Maybe you should read the rolls for dealing telekinetically thrown objects in 4E

>> No.15564748

Once, i had a player de-orbit himself with telekinesis, so he could use himself as an Orbital Kinetic Weapon.

I rolled several handfuls of d6 that day.

>> No.15564749
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I've played GURPS for over 5 years... My old GM had a stack of source books that went up to his waist. I'm pretty well acquainted with the system, and pointed out above that I enjoy it a fair bit. If you don't think it's more complex than say FATE, then I don't know what to tell you...

>> No.15564809

the FATE derivatives have some pretty awesome elements in that vein. Dresden explicitly puts forth that the first session of the game is the players and the GM getting together to design the city in which the game will take place.

>> No.15564828

What's difficult to understand, exactly?
>TK level = "ST" for purposes of throwing an object. Your ST (or TK level, in this example) determines the max range of a thrown object.
>Range, for the purposes of whether the object will reach the target, is calculated from the object thrown, to the target.
>penalty on the 'to hit' roll is made from you, to the target. The range penalty is based on YOUR perception.

What is difficult about that? It's exactly the same as throwing something, except that you could move the object a little closer first, to make sure it's within it's [the thrown object's] maximum range.

I'm trying to be reasonable here, it just really gets my goat when people bag a perfectly good system, and spout off utter nonsense, especially when they've not even bothered reading the books.

You can't criticise something without having properly read it first. Well, you can, but that makes you a douche.

>> No.15564896

Whoa, hold up there champ, I'm NOT saying it's 'not more complex than FATE', I'm saying 'it's not as complex as this guy is making out'.

Yes, there's some detail, certainly more than FATE, no it's not as bad as something like Phoenix Command.

That's all I'm saying.

>> No.15564922

Some of us enjoy systems wherein one can do that sort of thing simply because it's awesome, and maybe get some extra dice because it's cool to smash a dark wizard using nothing other than a parked volvo and my mind.

Regardless, I really don't think anyone intended this thread to be a critique of GURPS or any other system for that matter, but rather a brainstorm on how to set up rules for a cyberpunk setting that has people with their brains in fighter jets and nanotech wizards. They've said they want a fluid system, and that they don't think GURPS is it, that's more or less the end of the discussion.

>> No.15564956
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Honestly, I don't see why anyone who likes this particular setting couldn't run it in GURPS or whatever system they desire. Personally, I'm one of the people working on the FATE adaptation simply because that's the system I'm familiar with, but I welcome all other comers.

>> No.15564989
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Oh this silly leftarded masturbation thingy agaiin?

>> No.15565033

Yeah, look I'm in agreement here, if they don't want to use GURPS, they don't have to, I just get..upset...when people criticize a system for untrue perceptions of said system.

I'll agree that GURPS can be fiddly, and I can certainly understand wanting a system where you can quickly throw cars around with minimal calculation, but I just make sure my players work out thresholds, for things like thrown weights, ahead of time. But then I know the system back to front, I know where it can be fiddly, so I can understand that others might get bogged down in endless calculations.

>> No.15565083
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okay I'll bite, wat?

>> No.15565103

Bump for topic return!

How often is that 'brain in a jar,' thing used? Are there areas like Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita where it is used extensively?

>> No.15565155
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In most PMC's, suffering a crippling injury wasn't a disaster, it was a smart career move. Some healthy soldiers volunteered for the CSC procedure as well and gave up their bodies to become interred in vehicles or humanoid frames. The reason all soldiers didn't go CSC was twofold: One, because maintenance is expensive, and the corporation owns your body, quitting your job is tricky, and two, because once you've been integrated with a frame, it's hard to switch since the brain needs a period of readjusting to the altered input. So no casual hopping from one morph to another.

There are certainly enclaves where CSC's make up most of the population, like Motorpool and Junkyard in Africa. Those places are adapted to serve the needs of vehicular inhabitants, with hangar hotels and bars that serve direct-to-brain drug cocktails. We haven't described American, Asian and European locations like this, but they certainly exist.

>> No.15565248
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gahfuck whyamiawake

Okay, last post before I clock out and check in in the morning.

The process for doing CSC jobs was pretty involved, as those capable of setting it up naturally wanted to be sure that the guy they were enshrining in a multi-million dollar super fighter or MBT was loyal enough to not turn right around and use that machine to blow their asses off.

As such, getting put into a CSC involves not only the rather involved process of wiring a brain into a can full of nutrient goo, but installing safeguards and behavioral mods along with it. That was at least likely the standard procedure pre-fall/collapse/tea party. ACE you've got a lot of people moving to get those safe guards removed, and even more trying to get systems for CSC installation up and running that don't write killcode into the brain of the operant as part of the process.

>> No.15565262
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Erm, to more directly answer your question, yes. There are communities largely consisting of CSC and even fully digitized (an even rarer breed) humans. Given where the tech was most prevalent these settlements tend to have large populations of former mercs and soldiers, along with a few crackers crazy enough to plunge right out of meatspace and into a clanker fulltime. This is where you get your sumo wrestling tanks, machine-interface drugs and bars that ask their customers to decouple any gun that can pierce over 20 mm of rolled plate at the hatch. Places like Motorpool, Junkyard or The Games (which are what happens when you combine an international arms convention, Burning Man/Woodstock, Knob Creek and the Olympics, then add sentient vehicles.)

In most places it is highly unlikely that people are routinely installed in hard shells (full digital bodies) or CSCs as a matter of course. The tech for doing it is rare, and there can be some severe side effects. That said, the more fringe Ecliptionist enclaves may pursue such programs aggressively, so it's not to say it doesn't exist, just that it's hard to find.

>> No.15565328

Are there any frames that are humanoid, but--with attached addons--can be turned into light aircraft (think Cessna 172)?

>> No.15565627

Thank you for saying crackers instead of miss using hacker. I'm now sold to your game,

>> No.15567907


>> No.15568356
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In terms of airframes you've got three main options.

The first and second both generally require a CSC conversion, and these would be jets and helos. The CSC in this case would most probably be installed on combat aircraft to provide for quicker reaction times and whatnot, so things not expected the be frontline combatants may still have meat pilots (transport aircraft, high speed VTOLs etc.)

On a much smaller scale there has been some work done on just making "people who can fly" by the folks down in Spire. Copied from the wiki:

Short range individual flight could be attained by a number of means. While such ostentatious methods as biomodding for massive bird or bat wings were not unheard of those lay more in the realm of fashion statement than practical method of mobility. Far more common were collapsible ultralight craft that could be broken down and folded into something the size of an overlarge golf caddy, allowing leisurely touring or covert egress at a moments notice. The most advanced form of that technology was actually developed after the Fall, originating from the heights of South Africa's Spire settlement. A combination of a dedicated VI, a very small monotask maker and a few muscle/servo motors allowed for the creation of a set of the same glider wings used by some VTOL craft, but in a package the size of a small hardened backpack. On their own these flight packs allowed up to 300 pounds to drift gracefully through the air, coupled with miniaturized LMR nacels a person with such a rig could attain actual flight.

>> No.15568502


>> No.15570602
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and if you want something more detailed humanoid-frame-flyer-anon, hit the wiki, read what other bits and pieces are there, then dive into the chat/start working out details.

>> No.15570907


>> No.15571079

as Teka mentioned, there's a fair bit of writing on the setting's tech in the wiki here:

but that's not going to be comprehensive, any cool ideas are devoured more or less immediately if they fit,

>> No.15572873
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>> No.15572926

Bump! This thread must not die! BUMP!

>> No.15572994

This... sounds a lot like eclipse phase op

>> No.15573510
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The first fermentation of this precedes EP actually. They do share a lot of thematic similarities however. That's why we were pretty giddy when EP was released, as the ideas were so close conceptually that we hoped we might be able to adapt EP's system for our own use.

Obviously this turned out not to be the case, and there are some key differences that really do make the settings distinct in terms of mood and flavor. Nutopia has a less advanced tech level than EP, and this effects things in two key ways, firstly that death and bodily injury are much much more immediate threats to a Delver than they are to a firewall operative. Second, Nutopia never quite broke the AI threshold, so nothing on the scale of a TITAN or SEED AI exist in the setting. There are no alien factors to contend with, and the people of earth are just that, still stuck on the blue marble that birthed their species.

Some elements are also a bit more over the top than what you'll find in EP. While EP has its fair share of crazy shit (bushbots anyone?) players are unlikely to encounter it on a daily basis. Nutopia favors a more visceral kind of action, heavy weapons and dynamic tech being slung around with wild abandon in combat. After all, when your party has a Tank, and it's not a euphemism for his role, the level of violence escalates rather quickly. EP has a feeling of definite desperation about it, while to my mind Nutopia possesses a kind of optimism. I suppose those distinctions might seem slight to some people, but I think on the whole while they explore similar themes, EP and NU differ radically in style, mood and flavor.

>> No.15574430

How human/life-like can the SCS frames get?

>> No.15574688
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image related?

depends on what you are looking for exactly, though think of it less as "shedding the weak flesh for perfect robot form" and more "you're not dead yet, and there is an armored transport with your name on it"

The "headcase" or Cerebral Suspension Cask concept grew up around the idea of tying someone into a system to allow them to exercise complete control while being more resilient then a "normal" human.

>and is also a great example on the importance of checking just what that corp-provided "health insurance" is actually providing before signing contracts.

There might be a few examples of the next big thing, total personality digitization, running around but they have their own hardware needs. As with anything, throw enough tech and resources and something and be Amazed at what is possible!

>NU is still (imo) a game that is more about humans. humans with things chopped out or packed in, maybe even in a jar, but lots of humanity. And maybe a rail-gun that fires tungsten fence posts.

Have ideas? tag them in, write them up, chew the crunchy crunchy gristle into a tasty paste.

>> No.15574776


This'd be a good point to whore out our IRC channel again, I think--

#NUtopia, on irc.rizon.net

Hope to see some of you there (whenever this unnaturally long-lived thread finally bites the dust.)

>> No.15574811

So anything that looks like ghost in the shell (but not necessarily as advanced)?


How far is this game from first edition completion and pdf distributions?

>> No.15574903


>> No.15575318
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This depends much on how motivated we can make ourselves and whether or not we can get any assistance. As has been mentioned some kind of FATE based mongoloid seems to be the most probable system, and once we have the guts of that tacked down we just need to pipe it into a .pdf

To that end, any expertise in that system, or creation of crunch in general, as well as anyone with graphic design and layout chops would be greatly helpful and speed things along.

>> No.15575384

What else besides that IRC link and the wiki can I read to see your progress? I might be able to come up with some fluff stuff later on, but I'm not making any promises--will wait until I have more knowledge there of.

>> No.15575491
File: 216 KB, 776x881, 1260161565770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those in conjunction would likely be the most comprehensive current form of what we have defined. Other than months of rambling IRC logs.

Be sure to follow the links within the wiki to the other sections as well as the original threads for further depth, and direct any questions to either IRC or this thread.

>> No.15577069

Doing my part to keep this thread alive.

>> No.15577303
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>> No.15580000

What is it like "going digital," and is that true software emulations of ones brain structure/trace biological procesess?

>> No.15580027
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Compiling a list of possible augumentations a character can get. If you have an idea for an aug (bio or cybermod), post it here!

>> No.15580668


Illusonist slights: The owner has a vast series of networked optical subdermal implants; in which enable her/him to generate lasser based holograms. Max complexity requires alot of skin to be uncovered, while exposed hands/ head can be used to generate something like a tin can. Alternitivly, oven a finger tip laser can be used to blind someone--sufficently focused lassers can become leathal.

Eye protection implants are offered with editional money.
These implants require a nerual link and recharging for four hours, once ever 72 hours--with miminal use.

>> No.15580904

let me see here. The Hiving Aug clearly.
Internal drug implants, effect would be based on the drug.
The enhanced stack that crackers use to host their VIs.

Let me get my brain gearshifted down into NU mode and I'll have more.

>> No.15581734

Electrostatic Discharge:
This augmentation is comprised of a mixture of epidermal/subdermal implants, micromachine threads laced around nerve fibers, and genetic/tissue-engineered electricity producing glands (usually placed within the forearm) to enable someone to shock hostile entities and charge/power devices via bare skin touch.

This augmentation has been know to cause some harmful side effects to people with [insert medical condition(s) here].

>> No.15581864

Poison glands (Vipers):
The canines are replaced with advanced durable composite hollow implants. These new teeth are connected to either a synthetic poison storage/injection system, or biological genetic/tissue-engineered glands. An antidote storage and injection system is installed behind the right hear and can be activated via simultaneously pinching it's location while pressing the same location on the opposite side of the face.

>> No.15582287


Claymore assisted Aggressive Defense System(CADS):
This modification is applied to either prosthetic limbs or SCS Frames. It uses a series of mini outward bursting claymore pods and gyro/air-jet based stabilization. Motion sensors connected to the users computer systems (inside the prosthetic limbs/SCS frame) allow him or her to become aware of hostiles around and activate the CADS via neural link.

>> No.15582396


Loving this shit. Keep going! I'm including all of this, will figure out the proper FATE crunch for them later.

>> No.15582629

Augmented-reality Immersion Disrupt System (AIDS):

A favorite among crackers everywhere, AIDS is spread for the joy of cracking into conventional augmented reality software and exploiting both it's intricacies and the users nervous system. This system is similar to the Illusionist slights augmentation ( >>15580668
) in that it utilizes a mixture of optical implants mounted into/below the users skin; however, where they differ is the radio array and other systems in which can be used to wirelessly interface with someones augmented reality systems (often using their own biological senses). This augmention is truly the blight of all technologically advanced communities (and in some deemed illegal).

>> No.15582940 [DELETED] 

can't think of a proper name yet..something involving "Endoskeleton" and "Realignment" or something...

Basically, through the application of nanites to the interior bone structure, it allows the person to change the density/substance of their bones from bone to more flexible cartilage, or even a kind of thick jelly, as well as allowing the complete realignment, and reshaping of the endoskeleton.

This gives the character a few odd possibilities:
They could readjust their bone structure, to "morph" their shape, making themselves longer or shorter (think reach, or height), although this might need an additional modification of the elasticity of the skin and muscle.
They could make themselves slimmer, or far more flexible, almost to an octopus-like degree, so they'd be able to squeeze through very small vents (only the brain, or other solid things such as cybernetic implants, would limit the size), escape hand-cuffs, etc.
As well, they could use an arm as a "whip" like device; though using it as a prehensile tentacle wouldn't be possible, as that would require more precdise control over the entirety of the musculature, and humans can basically only choose to flex their arm muscles in one or two directions.

>> No.15582967
File: 94 KB, 727x532, 1310689224899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Puppet master:

This simple neural implant uses the users augmented reality implants to enable him/her to control the appropriately altered person, animal, or machine. All sensory information of the user is suppressed and replaced with that of the designated puppet. This of course, places the user in risk of being attacked while unaware of his/her physical location. It is possible to either be aware of your own senses while controlling a puppet--or control many puppets at one time. Though this is heavily discouraged, as it almost always inevitably harms the users nervous system in the long run...

>> No.15583364


Thermal Inductive manipulation system (TIMS):

This augmentation was created--and soon discarded as abandoned research--at the height of Corporate power. Now a thing of rumor, a highly valuable prize for any scavenger foolish enough to search through preCollapse ruins. It is believed to have used the most advanced micromachine and nano-technological systems at it's time (and far beyond what most people can design today). Though it's exact workings and function are still unknown, it is popularly thought that TIMS could enable one to preform telekinesis like actions via the principles of a Heat Engine. The only visual blue print found indicated that this augmention was originally planed to be used like an extra lobe, implanted onto the brain.

>You should be loling right know if you have read Issac Asimov's novels.

>> No.15583735


I have, actually, but I don't remember this. What's the reference to?

>> No.15583785

Read Foundation and Earth.

The spacer world with people that are paranoid about personal contact eventually became nigh-posthuman and had that heat engine thing.

>> No.15583920


>> No.15584342
File: 1.44 MB, 1300x1173, 1310697246356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is reactive armor, but I love it.

Hyper-Reaction system. Augmentation includes a comprehensive sensory upgrade suite and a slaved VI for input processing. The effect is to allow the brain, for short stints of time, to pick up and process sensory information at a much higher rate of speed than usual. As a result, the user gets the sense that things begin to move in slow motion. In order to facilitate reaction times given the new speed of information uptake the aug also incorporates fiberoptic sheathing on select nerve bundles. The effect is usually triggered automatically via a set adrenaline threshold or slaved to some manner of threat-detecting system.

>> No.15584373


Nano Neural Up-Link (NNUL):

Popular among hivers, this augmentation enables them better control of their own swarms and a nanotech alternative to mechanical and electronic implants such as the neural implant. The speed of this interface far exceeds that of conventional Mind Machine Interfacing Implants.

>> No.15584603

Neural Expansion Module (NEM):

This augmentation includes a set of micromachine assisted Human Machine Interface implants (within the spinal column and brain), advanced micro computers bolted (with nano fibers) onto the skull beneath the scalp,nerve cell enhancing drugs, genetic/tissue-engineered "neuron glands," inserted throughout the body, and a set of epidermal/subdermal connection jacks with expansion ports installed between the collar bones. The result is a radical change of ones nervous system that allows temporary skills, programs, physical boost (such as better reflexes), and all around offers a "meat bag," most of the digitital based benefits of a SCS user. This is primary used by Crackers, scientists, and hackers that only tinker with software--wanting to great the most complex and masterwork piece of software imaginable.

>> No.15585111

How advanced and often are prosthetic limbs used in Nutopia?

>> No.15585227


>> No.15585517
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Th tech is pretty mature, with a basic limb that will approximate human form, function and feeling being accessible to most people. Probably a divergence, the more realistic a limb, the less likely it will be abnormally powerful and vice versa.

The more esoteric/odd (i wanna have a tentacle arm!) or advanced (i wanna have an arm with a fusion cannon!) the harder it is to find equipment or even plans.

No one should be standing in line to lop off an arm, but getting something new to replace the stump of shattered flesh and bone left after an ultra-high-density kinetic round turns your arm into a smear.

Next time wear more armor and duck.. or buy something with enough quickdraw and auto-sighting aspects to take a snap-shot down the next barrel pointed your way.

>> No.15585526
File: 364 KB, 1024x1707, 1310705720952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Limbs and individual organs are probably the simplest augment to come by. extremely utilitarian but functional skeletonized metal and polymer limbs are the most common, being short term fixes for loss of limb rather than an upgrade. after that, near-as-makes-no-difference synthetic or vat grown organic limbs are common enough, but not so cheap that one can go losing limbs willy nilly.

Beyond that, the sky is the limit restricted only by funds, availability and the end user's willingness to sacrifice human appearance for further functionality. If you want to invest a small fortune building a big red right arms covered in reactive armor plates and with a retractable chainsaw, there's probably a mod parlor crazy enough to indulge your wishes.

Same story with internals. Synthetics and vat grown replacements are available, and custom jobs beyond that (sorry, I got that new trait that replaces your stomach with a bag of bacteria etc. etc.)

>> No.15586208

Do you need anymore augmentation ideas? I feel a bit on the precipice of writers block.

>> No.15586285
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pump out whatever strikes your fancy.
skim the fluff, see what tickles you and go with it. good ideas will be stolen, bad ideas mocked or ignored.

>would quietly float the idea that non-augment tech, armors, guns, hulking APC chassis with CSC harddocks and tiny little arms inside the cabin to make expressive gestures, etc and so forth would be welcome.

>> No.15586425


>> No.15586506
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Kinda, with neon hair, better drugs, nanomachines and Deathclaws being supplanted by a horrible mishmash of siberian tiger DNA, a fruit bat and a pair of 20mm Bofors guns that climbs along walls and can hear your frightened little heart beat.

Fallout if the apocalypse had happened to a world a couple decades pasts Ghost in the Shell level tech (sans AI), but with Gunnm's attitude essentially.

>> No.15586727


>> No.15586737


Which of my current suggestions are going to be used?

>> No.15586851
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Hello, my beautiful Federated Armacorp. This is your Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Frederick Knight, and its time we had a talk. Did you know, there are those amongst us who would shatter our hopes of peace, order, and consolidation. These radical malcontents dont care about you, they dont care about Armacorp! All they care about is fulfilling their own selfish desires.

Lets take a tally of these agitators, shall we. There are of course, the so-called "Free Citizens". Those anarchistic ruffians who roam the wastes, preying on any and all, misappropriating registered assets, murdering. The so called Reformed Mercenaries. Dont be fooled by their pseudo-penitent nonsense or supposed connections to the security department. These power armored Boy Scouts are nothing more than common criminals with access to some technology. Criminals, who have had the audacity to claim this divisions most important research installation, the Motorpool, as their own personal club house. And dont be fooled, mt dear Armacorp, those who have spurned the Reformed Mercenaries, branded Outcasts, are just as dangerous. Even more so, being far from the maintenance they need.

And what about the scrappers of Proving Grounds? The frighteningly rebuilt creations of the deep levels. And last but not least, the hideously unprofitable unregistered civilians that have completely overrun the entire Metro area. Lawlessness, terror, under-performing stocks. They're all around us, I know, I know. But not for long, sweet Armacorp. Not for long. Oh, no. The Upper Management will restore peace, order, and profitability to this great division. And those who oppose us will be removed, forever.

>> No.15587776


>> No.15588007

Another bump!

>> No.15588916
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Personally, I like to think of it as Appleseed (the manga) meets Oryx and Crake meets Deus Ex.


Almost all of them. I'm not sure about the bendy-bones thing and the Asimov reference since they seem pretty difficult to translate mechanically, but everything else is in.

>> No.15592432


>> No.15594345
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Ah, friday. who would think we would come so far?
I am not disappoint, /tg/

>> No.15595215

bump again

>> No.15595405
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Ed209 is going to be a SCS right? Right?!
Also want Gally SCS...
How can you say no to that face?!

>> No.15595880

>sees Gally pic


>> No.15596003

Bump de bump.

>> No.15596066
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Oh jesus, not this shit again. Nobody uses the word "crackers" to describe hackers except for teenage script kiddies trying to sound erudite. The word is hackers, and it is accurately used in the media. There are white hat hackers and black hat hackers and that's that. "Crackers for hackers" is the Esperanto of the internet.

>> No.15596160






>One who breaks security on a system. Coined ca. 1985 by hackers in defense against journalistic misuse of hacker (q.v., sense 8). An earlier attempt to establish worm in this sense around 1981--82 on Usenet was largely a failure.

>> No.15596242

Are there any factions like Admech (ie: more-or-less lack understanding exactly how technology works but can still use/repair it, install implants, etc, and worship it)?

>> No.15596264


>> No.15596277
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>> No.15596788

Bump because I want to see this thread ship not capsize on the ever flowing board sea! Oh, dear... There are more water holes forming.

>> No.15597955

Bail more water!
Hammer that wooden block into the hole!
Bail the water again!
Apply bumptar around the block!

>> No.15598240

Post-apocalyptic setting? In the transhuman future it was Corps v. People and The People won... sort of?

Three main classes.
Soldier- Fighters. Up to Warforged, but mostly humans who shoot things.
Hivers- Mages. Implanted cybernetics let them use nanotech magic to rip things up.
Crackers- Thieves/Mages. Have massive power in the Infosphere, the omnipresent Internet successor. Think mages who are good with spirits in a pantheist universe.

Hivers have cleric covered I presume? Seems like you need a face class. Fractured communities who don't like or trust each other? A little social lube will go a long way. Anyone heavily augmented will be distrusted, as that's corp stuff, so keep it tight. Some brainware, a few implanted antennas (meshed into a synthetic array, giving you the receiving power of Arecibo), a whole bunch of antique dbases to give you a baseline to work off of and run scenarios against... but mostly a big smile and chutzpah.

>> No.15598288

L/u/rker here!
I wish Gally was a lesbian...
Requesting some lesbian npc's to be featured in the fluff. I would love to see any techno amazon society.

>> No.15598814
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the face isn't so much a distinct class as it is whichever Delver wants to take on the role. Who has the right Rep and Connections. Of course some teams do elect to contract dedicated client Liaisons referred to as signals men who handle comms and run the public side of a delver business. The bigger and more advanced a delver team gets the more background support staff get involved. Maintenance, medical, psych eval, monitoring during missions etc. If you've ever seen Gasaraki think of the command trucks full of personnel minding each pilot's every life sign and bit of positional data. Something like that.

If it's of that much importance Red Widow's probably gay. She's also encased in a jet that is to railguns what the A-10 is to rotary cannons and with enough maneuverability and speed to make an SU-37 weep, so take that for what it's worth.

>> No.15599212

NF, what do you make of >>15596066 ?

>> No.15599256

Bumptar! Need more bumptar for plugging more capsizing holes! Oh lady, she's not gonna make it!

>> No.15599397

Bump therefor thread lives!

>> No.15599404

A small country, as per Iono the Fanatics?....

>> No.15599484

Bump until this baby survives to see this sun day and then sink into the board sea of 4chan ocean!

>> No.15599553
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By and large, most corporate bodies were dissoved into self-destabilizing anrachic maelstromes during the Collapse. Lily Fortunada's Lambda Corporation was no different. Her feminist views and agendas made her companies a high profile target simply because they had made themselves vulnerable to certain tactics, as any highly focused company tends to do. However, the Collapse affected Lambda less in certain ways, because Ms. Fortunada was neither stupid not entirely sane. Being proben 'correct' about her paranoias only made her push the buttons faster.

The end result was that after the Collpase, there was an arcology, damaged but functional, that catered to the chairwoman's self-centered ideals and needs. while saying that the entire arcology isinhabited by man-hating amazons would be a far cry from the truth, the fact remains that the Delta arcology located [redacted] is populated mostly by women. They still retain a great deal of the cloning and surgical technologies of pre-collapse, and it is one of the few places where SCS technology can still be applied - IF one can find a SCS suitable frame to provide, because they do not have the capacity to build them from scratch. Teams of Delvers and Mercs are fairly common in their population, partly because the attacks by other corporations left their arcology infested with some very vicious and tenacious Baskers; it is supposed that there are as many anti-Delta elements living in the Delta arcology as their are pro Lambda elements.

>> No.15599569

>science fantasy is bad you should not do it
It's a word. It fits in ncely with the decay of language. Cracking is actually more appropriate, because the lack of tech understanding means they have to Crack open all the old codes and systems.

>> No.15599649

This. Not to mention hacking--to this day--still means to far more actions/behaviors than what you just described for cracking.

>> No.15599981


That middle one would be me if I were a woman (and shorter). Any gender switching society in this setting? /d/ lurker into mtf gender bender btw.

>> No.15600047

>/d/ lurker into mtf gender bender btw

I really hope women get a bonus to skill: Social Interaction.
You need it.

>> No.15600756


>> No.15602290

In so far as the Hacker/Cracker semantics are concerned, Cracker is the term because in the modern context it does represent a more limited series of actions than the global term "Hacker" and within the context of the setting it represents a code geek who goes spelunking into radioactive hell holes on the weekends.

With regards to gender swapping, lesbian robots etc. see above discussions as to the prevalence of cybernetic and biological modifications. You can have leopard fur, a 2 foot long prehensile penis and change gender at will if you have the money. Your fellow Delvers might be weirded the fuck out by you and wonder why you spent all your money on those mods rather than things like Food, Armor and Bullets, but it's the crazy desperate post-cyberpunk future, you'll probably find love. (and it's 4chan, you'll probably find a group who's willing to put up with your shit.)

>> No.15602368


I like it! And what better place for an arcology full of Amazons than... the Amazon basin! I think this corporation would fit wonderfully in Brazil. Especially since the CEO has a vaguely Latino-sounding name.

>> No.15602416


Although if anyone were to try any of that furry prehensile penis shit in my group I'd kick them out faster than you could say bawww. Nor will any of that ever be clearly stated in the official canon setting. Just because you can potentially do it doesn't mean it's approved or embraced.

>> No.15602513


No staff whatsoever (including administrative?). Also, you said they have a military. Is this also composed of hired guns?

>> No.15602571


Aegis does have administrative staff. It's a sadly understaffed organization, but a lot of Signal Men work for Aegis to coordinate Delver efforts, monitor trade routes, gather information on threats and disseminate new or recovered research.

Aegis doesn't have its own military, in part because it doesn't have the capacity to fund and equip it, and in part because of ideological resistance to create an armed world police. In practice, however, there are Delver teams and Merc packs that only work for Aegis, making them a sort of unofficial "Aegis army".

There's also rumors of a secret inner circle of Aegis field operatives that conduct military operations against corporate remnant armies. If true, and if it were exposed to the wider public, the scandal would tear Aegis apart since many of the more influential factions are vocally opposed to an Aegis army.

>> No.15603107
File: 2.89 MB, 1024x1024, 1310852524133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One finds contact with Aegis in a variety of ways.

Everything from hacked (and empty) vending machines with the Aegis logo flickering on its screen to cleaned-up hotels serving as offices, bunkspace, garages and labs crawling with shifting teams of Delvers and support personnel.

>remember kids, never leave a batch alone during self-replication and fractal patterning.

>> No.15603779

Check out the progress on the FATE version of Nutopia at http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Nutopia:Rules . This hasn't been playtested yet but we'll run a quick game once stunts, weapons and augs are up.

>> No.15605029

You haven't been to /d/ much, have you? That fetish is pretty low par. I'd expect someone with just that to be fully capable of human interaction. But the higher level fetishes...

>> No.15605199
File: 51 KB, 366x400, 1310865771269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In that case...
I will either play a former male Hiver who has gotten enough biomods and nano swarms to allow him to switch gender, facial structure, body shape, ect at well (so he will be the diplomat as well as the Hiver) Face Dancers fuck ya!

Or...Just play a male mercenary in a female humanoid SCS (pic related).

>> No.15605320

What about gender switching and homosexuality? Better not go homophobic on me....

>> No.15606200


>What about gender switching and homosexuality?

What about it? It exists right now IRL, it would be retarded to pretend it won't exist in the future or that new technology wouldn't enable breakthroughs in gender reassignment or whatever. It's not a big deal.

>> No.15606698


I meant more along the lines of being annoyed at >>15602416 for saying:

>Just because you can potentially do it doesn't mean it's approved or embraced.

>> No.15606723

With regards to gender switching and other various sexual/social quandries: NUtopia's a sandbox for exploring the questions that technology poses and blowing shit up with railguns. Some of the questions might arise from the technological destruction of gender and even species. At the same time, perhaps I'm overly hopeful, but I like to imagine that transhumanity is going to have some much more interesting/pressing questions to ask than "What new and strange things can I fuck next?"

I've played a male merc in a female morph in EP, but the gender dimorphism was at most a tertiary concern for a guy who's been neck deep in armed conflict for a little over a century. Similar prioritization is going to crop up in NU.

TL;DR yeah, there's probably weird /d/ shit in NU, but on the whole I find that stuff really fairly boring, so don't expect it to get much attention in the canon.

>> No.15606935

Well he's correct, it might exist, but don't expect the system to cater to it. It's so far from being the point of the game so as to not even warrant mention.

>> No.15607224
File: 1.36 MB, 1500x1063, 1310876432225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So just to recap=

>Nutopia is awesome.

>People will still be deviant in the future, but that is not what the game is about.

>Nanotech and fractal patterns go together like peanut butter and synthesized fruit-flavored spreadable gels.

>> No.15607230

Oh, I thought at that point he/she was talking about society at large in real life. Oops, I got a bit carried away there...

>> No.15607378
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That's my dream house, the girl getting a drink is my daughter, and my strong AI wife is busy at work while I'm returning from a warehouse with supplies for my customers new SCS.

>> No.15607491



CSC, dude.

>> No.15608695

Bump for fuck ya! Full circle thread ya!

>> No.15608724
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Who the hell has been keeping this thread alive for an entire week? It's unsightly.

>> No.15608854


A number of people inconveniently scattered across multiple timezones who have to play thread hackey sack to talk to one another?

>> No.15609058

Could you please answer: >>15596242 ?

>> No.15609472

Question: has this thread been archived yet? It seems like the obvious next move here, there's obviously been a lot of interest and good ideas generated.

>> No.15609726
File: 132 KB, 726x1200, 1274655281046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a good question. If I remember correctly L.A. hand a kind of prototype missile shield that /almost/ worked during the fall. The Nukes were stopped, but not quickly enough that they didn't bake most of the electronics in southern California. It's gone kinda road warrior down there as systems have failed and the populace lacks much of the savvy other more resourceful areas posses. It's turned into a struggle between various bandit kings and raider warlords, while a few group of delvers with their heads screwed on straight scrabble between them. There are likely groups with a veneration for and a complete lack of understanding of tech in that mess, but only because the area was cut off from the net.

In general, groups with that kind of attitude are going to be rare because outside of cases of extreme isolation it's too easy to become informed. More often you'll find groups that know exactly how a given bit of tech works, but their attitudes towards it sit at one level of extreme or another. Ecliptionists are gear heads whose most extreme adherents would be happy with a skynet scenario, though the majority just seek to nurture along the field of AI. On the other end militant luddites blame tech for the collapse and dedicate themselves to destroying the very machinery that would otherwise be instrumental in recuperating humanity. And of course there's plenty of middle ground, the Biotypical Rights Movement and Russia's Cossacks are both leery of augmentation, but do not bear particular grudges against its use, the former believing that augmentation must remain a choice and that the human experiment is not obsolete, and the latter seeing modification as an ugly reminder of Illium's crimes, in addition to a possible liability in the countryside where maintenance can be hard to come by.

It has, here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15539275/

>> No.15610826


What about a faction/community that ritualistically replaces their body parts with cybernetics because of some religious or sudo-religious mentality (possibly having the highest members completely exist as software and be nearly worshiped as supreme elders)?

Hint, singularity seeks today would be a VERY mild peek at things like this.

>> No.15611142


It definitely makes sense to have a faction like this. Even though augumentation is costly and full uploading very rare, there's nothing saying this cult couldn't have started before the Fall. Write it up if you feel like it!

>> No.15611564


I'll write it up after I get some sleep. I'm going to primarly cover a non thesistic (something like Buddhism) version, so anyone is welcome to write up a thesistic one.

>> No.15611569


A Buddhist transhumanist sect is an interesting idea, actually. Like, modification to remove the ability to feel attachment would also remove the ability to feel suffering.

>> No.15613342 [DELETED] 

This actually fits really well as future interpretations of some sects of both Buddhism and Hinduism. Favoring incarnation and reiteration rather than reincarnation, seeking to exit Samsara by pruning off the parts of man the create suffering. See, now /these/ are interesting discussions to me, I'm excited to see what you come up with.

>> No.15613500

This actually fits really well as future interpretations of some sects of both Buddhism and Hinduism. Favoring incarnation and reiteration rather than reincarnation, seeking to exit Samsara by pruning off the parts of man the create suffering. See, now /these/ are interesting discussions to me, I'm excited to see what you come up with.

>> No.15615525


Ironically, even though I'm a non religious transhumanist, I still try to use aspects I like from Buddhism (in a secular way of course).

I'll begin writing now...

>> No.15616219
File: 134 KB, 600x845, 1310603979801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pruning off the parts

Lest we forget, those things some would prune away from man are the things that define him.

I am sure that plenty of horrible things happened in corp labs in the name of "getting rid of the bad things" in humanity. Beware that this sect is no cult or front.

>> No.15617649

>Rough Draft.

While the post collapse Midwest of the United states was plagued with ravaging bands of primitive bandits, brigands, and technol-phobic Evangelical mobs, there remained scant few in the ways of intellect and communication. Among this minority, many have banded together via small private networks and loitering within abandoned corporate research and security compounds. Though opposition rapidly grew from the over superstitious and primitive groups, these "minorities," quickly made use of all technology, information within the corporate data bases, and their superior communication vectors to make a lasting stand.

With the passing of days, followed by weeks, and then months they were continually assaulted by their neighbors. Many were on the verge of depression, the sufferings of their lives accumulating too much. Many losing their resolve. Yet one man, once a sociologist prior to the Collapse, attempted to stem this fatigue. He scavenged through data base after data base, empty private room after empty private room, gathering a philosophy. This new philosophical work was based around the Buddhist four noble truth's and modified with transhumanist memes. With augmentations the people could reduce most causes of their sufferings--or at least find effective means of distraction/entertainment to coupe--and give themselves a higher chance of survival against the purely organic/unenhanced besiegers. This philosophical path eventually grew to encompass several eastern lines of thought (such as Taoism, Shinto--in regards to AI like software and fully uploaded people--Yogi, and Hinduism)--all reshaped to better suit Transhumanist ideals--within the coming months. Of this man however; he ultimately remained anonymous, as the school of thought he helped create embodies the collective over the individual.

>> No.15617658

>Part two of rough draft.


In a year this philosophy came to be known as The Way. A large proportion within the region eventually joined The Way, though most of the Evangelical's never truly assimilated or even tolerated their presence. The Way is not dogma, it has no tenants, only what the Individual chooses as a thing of preference to reduce their suffering, and the occasional contribution to the whole.

>> No.15617903

Bump for critics!

>> No.15618305


Glade to hear! What do you think of my rough draft?

Part One: >>15617649

Part Two: >>15617658

>> No.15619303
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triumphant congratulations on this day of successful writefriending.

>> No.15619348

Another bump before I go to sleep. Hope this baby's still up when I awake...

>> No.15619568

Correction 1:
meant: Yoga,

Anyone have thoughts/comments about this society?

>> No.15620000
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tag into the Factions page for safe-keeping.

Everyone else: the fluff has been using 25 years as the time between the fall/collapse/unpleasant tea party and the "current" date. How does this feel?

>> No.15620202

bumping so I can read and comment on new content.

>> No.15620321

>tag into the Factions page for safe-keeping.

Do you mean you're going to tag it, or do you want me to? If the latter, how do I do that and what is the URL I'll do this on?

>Everyone else: the fluff has been using 25 years as the time between the fall/collapse/unpleasant tea party and the "current" date. How does this feel?

That "The Way," has had a great deal of time to grow and is probably either the dominate or largest (sudo)religious philosophy in the Midwest?

>> No.15620345
File: 240 KB, 1280x1024, 1310970466943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm liking very muchly, what would really clinch the feel for me is if you were to come up with some basic common tenants that followers of The Way typically adhere to (even though it is intentionally without dogma, there are probably some techniques and practices wide spread among them, those are the things that will help define them). Additionally, given the connectivity of the world, once an idea is anywhere, it quickly is also everywhere, how new is The Way and how has it spread? Do its adherents congregate, or are they more typically errant, wandering and doing what good they can along the way?
From my perspective that date was simply chosen so one could play an adult born completely after The Collapse, in the interest of allowing people to be native to the world so to speak if they so chose. Outside of that I suppose one could dial that date forward or backwards for their purposes, extrapolating from the fluff in order to determine the climate. Play a game during or in the run up to the collapse, or dial the timeline forward and imagine full scale conflict between the madcap high tech forces of Aegis pitted against the conventional military steam roller of China's billion man juggernaut.

>> No.15620644

>The Way is not dogma, it has no tenants, only what the Individual chooses as a thing of preference to reduce their suffering, and the occasional contribution to the whole.

As stated above they would likely think of most things akin to tenants as more of a "giant stash of self help books," (each not entirely beneficial to a multitude but possibly useful to one specific person) than something to be flatly followed like law. Though I could see memes most common in Transhumanism and anything else that is generally pro community survival (living in a post apoplectic setting after all)--not to mention similar mentalities from The Ways inspirations seeping through--mixed into their minds as well...

As a vague example:

>Don't intentionally do anything to cause another suffering.
>Help the community when necessary--but remain your self in the process if that reduces suffering.
>Live your life so that you reduce your suffering
>etc. ect.

>how new is The Way

Using what I wrote, and that the setting is 25After Fall/Collapse/Magical day of death, it is somewhere between 24 and 25 years old (though this age can change with Nutopia designers consensus).

>how has it spread?

Based on my assigned age for it? See: >>15620321 . I also don't see why it couldn't have spread--and thus been warped to some degree--throughout parts of the world whom have access to this settings Internet successor.

>> No.15620648


>Do its adherents congregate, or are they more typically errant, wandering and doing what good they can along the way?

Since their roots are in people whom communicated over computer networks instead of completely physical meetings, I think the answer would be a mixture of the too. This reasoning is because of things like holidays and the need to be usually within a safe area (as the region is still filled with brigand types and their history of being constantly assaulted by superstitious techno-phobic lynch mobs). Not to say that a few wouldn't take the risk to aid/reduce the suffering of others out in the waste land (think traveling warrior Buddhist monk with a lot of implants)...

>> No.15620944


>> No.15621081


Also, (sudo-)religious parts of The Way are not to be believed on a matter of faith, but instead understood and then optionally choosen (ie: you teach it, not preach it).

What does everyone think of traveling--moderatly augmented--Way monks as friendly random encounters for players in the waste land?

>> No.15621430

>how has it spread?


It's primary vectors of growth consist of social networking/data sharing over the internets decendent, and phyiscal teachings from practitioners (mainly from traveling merchants and Way Monks--they usually move together for survival). Thus The Way has actually spread quicker in other areas than near it's original source. In fact opposition from it's old threat is still--more-or-less--existent as small insurgent like bands of fanatical Evangelical's and other technophobic/anti augmentation groups...

>> No.15622657


I'd play a cyborg Way monk. Zen and the art of cyborg maintenance seems to go along perfectly.

"If you meet a renegade Tank on the road, greet him with neither words nor silence. An RPG to the treads will do nicely."

>> No.15623571


>> No.15624434


Sounds fun. I wounder how a Tech Priest would react to Way Monk...

>> No.15624746


The tech priest would scream heresy and end up attacking the monk.

>> No.15624764

This amuses me. Makes me want to hunt through my Vedas for character ideas.

>> No.15625820


How might The Way mix and conflict with other factions?

>> No.15626221

Given that it lacks any real hierarchy or concerted goals as an organization I think the chief interactions would be on an individual basis. Characters who travel The Way interacting with those who don't etc. It seems like the faith would mix pretty well with Mission Ascension's general goals, but there might be some flack if Way Monks spend too much time proselytizing and not enough time building the damn power uplink.

The major faction <-> faction interactions that I can think of would mostly involve The Way's interaction with indigenous belief systems of various areas. Not so much factions unique to Nutopia, but what you might expect of a new religion interacting with older ones already extant on modern earth.

>> No.15626526


How would the "average," waste lander react to a traveling Way Monk? Also note ( >>15621081
) The Way is not exactly a thing faith. Your welcome to come up with your own ideas of the types of "sects." which might araise.

>> No.15627576

What do the Way Monks look like?

>> No.15627986
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Some threads are too pretty to die.

>> No.15628289

We need a sticky (might as well have one already, considering how long it's lasted). LOL

>> No.15628372


Well, I can imagine that though The Way isn't a unified sect, there'd still be a kind of mark or symbol that indicates a wandering Way Monk. It would ease recognition, after all. There could also be a kind of monastic code that all Way Monks follow, irregardless of their personal philosophy; stuff like "don't own more than ten items" or "help everyone you meet who is in need". I'm imagining robed monks with some kind of symbol, like a road that stretches towards a light on the horizon. Sandals and cyborg augs, maybe a rice hat... Some kind of cross between Raiden and The Dude.

>> No.15628469
File: 511 KB, 1600x1060, 1230695636934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and white russian injectors.

>> No.15628722


I'm defintly playing this faction when it comes out!

>> No.15628819

The Way reminds me of some quotes from Viktor Pelevin. In particular, this one from "Generation P" fits very well:

"Life is a lonely road under a scorching sun. The road we are walking leads to nothing. And we don't know when death will encounter us. When one remembers this, the world seems empty and insignificant. That's when enlightenment appears."

I feel Way monks would use psychotropics and cognitive modification in order to maximize the enlightenment experience and allow for focused meditation.

>> No.15628832
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This is the first time I've heard of this. I'm enjoying pretty much everything about it. I assume the 1d4 chan wiki will be updated as time passes?

Also, if you can't escape war by going to the sky, there's always the sea!

>> No.15629256


How about the average Joe/Jane of The Way; would they dress normally, or have something else on?

>> No.15629861

Bump. DE Bump

>> No.15630221

Thread forever!

>> No.15630438


Would all characters which walk upon The Way backup thier brains and consider reinstating said data as rebirth/reincarnation/incarnation/iteration?

>> No.15630522

Could we get some short but descriptive info on the state of the various continents ? I'm always amused and curious about the condition of my country in sci-fi settings.

>> No.15630730
File: 10 KB, 400x400, .gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets see..

>North America
Ravaged by a second Dust-Bowl, the southern-central "Great Plains" regions have become a spiraling ecological disaster. Various mega-projects managed to improve one zone at the cost of the others for a time before eventually failing and falling into disrepair after The Collapse.

Climate changes have pushed the "breadbasket" farther into the Canadian Plains, with a resurgence of relatively small farms taking up the slack from failing automated super-farms (though a sharp-eyed crew might still find a silo full to bursting and ready to disgorge a treasure of varied grains/seeds)

Low lying cities along the coasts have lost some land to the seas, especially places like new Orleans, and the standing mega-cities and metrozones did not come through unscathed. Even where no bombs were tossed or poisons dumped the cities have withered without the delivery-on-time logistics that had allowed them to exist, fracturing into citystates separated by expanses of unused highways and damaged housing. Think of small settlements sprawled across a dozen high-rises, using only the top floors and the greenhouses that had once existed to entertain the richest elite residents.

hmm.. ok, lets try a tl:dr
North America: Dry and screwed up in the center-regions, full of growing things up north and around the edges. maybe 70% population living in and around the Old Cities, the rest spread in settlements and arcologies spread all over. Eh, its not all bad.

>> No.15630928
File: 103 KB, 1600x1000, 1309705486223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15631294

Africa and Eastern Europe are the most thuroughly detailed at the moment, any area you're particularly interested in?

>> No.15631483

Not the anon your talking to, but any information about Japan and the eastern coast of the United States will do...

>> No.15631955
File: 230 KB, 1200x721, 1311059780939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sitting around watching TED talks until I pass out onto the key board, let me see what I can do.

Japan is, well, Japan. One of their defense firms were the first to make high strength synthetic myomers, the material that gives nearly all of the setting's power armors and walking vehicles their mobility. As such they made a great deal of money in defense R&D, although they tended to manufacture the internals rather than the full vehicles or armors, and rarely exported actual armed forces as a product (Armacor and a few Western European concerns like Weimuller had the market cornered). In addition to defense tech they of course were also at the bleeding edge in some areas of medical and electronics technologies. They were late to the bioengineering game, government sanctions slowing the corporate takeover of the islands for a while. All the same Japanese electronics and pharma are sought after designs post-collapse. As for the islands themselves, about as war torn and run down as anywhere else, a few major uninhibited Fukushima style events have rendered large stretches of shore still dangerously radioactive. More uniquely, while every area has one or two stories of some enterprizing code geek who managed to upload and survive their corporeal body getting blown to bits, the phenomena seems to have been far more common in Japan.

As such, Japan is a Mecca for Mecha. Rumors that Cracker rings in the area on closed nets have uncovered some of the secrets of the upload process abound. More disturbingly, there are a number of reports of Mass Uploading. During the Collapse it seems that groups of people connected to some corporate nets simply got yanked right out of their bodies by an unknown force. Most troublingly, there are rumors that it's started happening again.

>> No.15631978

Bump for questions yet to be answered

>> No.15632201
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So far as the East Coast... we've kinda intentionally not done much with America. It seemed most interesting to sort of shift the center of global activity.

In that way however it's a blank slate for contribution. Keep in mind that the east coast had a high concentration of priority targets and population. That's going to mean that a lot of places were just plain bombed to shit. Still, humanity is pernicious as fuck. There will still be people around. Perhaps the space between Florida and the various Carribean nations now hosts a floating nation of lashed together macrofrieghers and other vessels, providing a sister hub for NewJ and Babel in the effort to keep intercontinental supply moving. (Goes by the name of Fleet or some such, maybe even The Raft if you're feeling particularly plagaristic.) Likewise, areas of seclusion may contain dark secrets, from hideyholes in Maine and further north for CEOs on the lam, or retrofitted West Virginian coal mines home to azathoth-knows-what, just waiting to be found.

It's a place still open for creativity, so to answer your question succintly, I don't know, what do you think might be cool?

>> No.15632330


More uniquely, while every area has one or two stories of some enterprizing code geek who managed to upload and survive their corporeal body getting blown to bits

Let me guess... One of them was a man named Case, who spent a great deal of time in Chiba and at a bar that has a Russian bar tender with a pink-plastic coated prosthetic arm?

>> No.15632346

You've lost me completely.

>> No.15632475


Read Neuromancer...

Besides The Way, what else is in the United States Midwest?

>> No.15632603

(amusingly, the one thing missing from the library is the book that more or less started it. I really do need to rectify that.)

Well let's see, a shit load of genetically modified wheat that can put down roots in concrete and kinda mauls everything in its path. The Von Neumann Vault. Several Craters.

>> No.15632673


And thus Way Monks sound ever more badass for their zen like roaming. Considering the environment, it's starting to make since why a religion like that would form. What is the average day like for someone who lives by The Way?

>> No.15632715
File: 86 KB, 2000x1200, Cascadia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would be in favor of assuming a lot of the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest were damaged beyond saving in the Fall/Collapse/Cataclysm/etc., thus forcing everyone to move into the foothills and mountains of the Cascades. The mountains provide shelter from some forms of raiders and wild animals, and if you look in the right places, there are a good deal of resources to go around. Intrepid souls can venture west into the cities to look for tech and other supplies. The area to the east is a critical source of agriculture. The entire area is protected by Aegis and veteran soldiers who were from one of the many bases nearby. Though ultimately decentralized, like many others, the settlements have banded together for mutual prosperity and defense.

>The Cascadian Compacts

>> No.15632865
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That's going to depend muchly on their locale. Taken in their homeland of the midwest, you might imagine a monk on sojourn. Traveling outside the perimeter of a settlement, readying himself for the journey ahead. Augmented for a reduced diet, so as to enable extended journeys, and lessen his burden on the food stores of a settlement kind enough to host him. A good rifle, nothing shiny, but something solid and reliable for protection in solitary travels. Some rapidly fabricated AK variant more than likely. A couple incendiary grenades, not for attack, but as standard equipment for anyone traveling into the fields, allowing them to clear a place to camp or meditate without fear of the vegetation overtaking them in their sleep.

He's carrying a package, a common task for a monk leaving one settlement for another is delivery of physical goods along the way, a parting gift for his previous hosts.

Given that they travel alone or in small groups, one would think that a monk might be preyed upon by less scrupulous travelers. However, given their often high level of physical augmentation and penchant for undertaking martial training for protection, Monks tend to be much tougher nuts to crack than is immediatly obvious, and most have learned to search for an easier meal.

>> No.15632886
File: 222 KB, 1280x917, 1311068957104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's headed for a settlement built on an operational rail spur, looking to trade his packages and a few odd jobs around town (he's got so engineering know how and is quite the handy man) for a seat on a high speed line to the coast. From there it's another train to the Fleet, and then a plane to Junkyard. He's accepted a contract to join a caravan headed into Afghanistan. Before the collapse, his father had brought his family out of that place for a better life, and now he is seeking to return with what he has learned to his home land.

He sees the sun beginning to set, his eyes clicking over into thermal. He chucks one of his grenades ahead of him into the fields he walks. Once the flash of heat dies away, he rolls a tent-ball in after it. As the shelter snaps itself together in the charred brush, he looks to the horizon, of swaying fields of wheat, and contemplates the journey ahead of him.

>> No.15633035

This setting>what people write for money alone!

>> No.15633318
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Great writing! You should put that into the wiki as an in universe perspective for the Way Monks...

>> No.15634058


Scandinvia in particular =)


Awesome anon, loves when /tg/ comes up with quality settings of this magnitude.

>> No.15634065


How about the lay/non-monk character who treads upon The Way (the degree of their augmentatons, general life style, etc)?

>> No.15634432


>> No.15636783

That's going to be highly non-specific.
Given that The Way (as I'm reading it) operates as a very loose philosophy if anything, its layity are going to be even more diverse than its strictest adherents. So might choose to mimic common augs among the more devout, caloric efficiency upgrades, endocrine regulators and the like. Probably the only strict point of similarity would be that they would all be augmented in one way or another, as it is a transhuman system that embraces such modification. In that respect some sects might more readily embrace more extreme modifications. Biome adaptations, pods of Way-adhering swimmers living in the underwater portions of Babel or the Fleet. A small group of folks inspired by the philosophies to journey into hard rad zones in search of answers, their polished aluminum chassis gleaming in the sun.

>> No.15638229


>> No.15639347

Bump for more content!

>> No.15639373
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>on into week two.

So we have The Way and those who follow it lined out nicely. We have a basic understanding of Aegis (in its public face and the conspiracy theories), so what is up next?

>possible topics off the top of my head
More aspects/skills for non-hiver/non-csc characters, the prototypical "soldier" class.

concepts for less intrusive ability enhancers, every bit of other gear.

>> No.15639433

Thread goes BUMP!

>> No.15640041


How long will it be before I can read more about The Way on the wiki?

>> No.15640375
File: 519 KB, 660x370, Scrap_town_is_JUNKY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> so what is up next?

More details regarding settlements?

>Class 1: Very primitive (think abandon building loitering without any significant "common," technology of this setting),
>Class 2: Like above but using common tech
>Class 3: Uses common tech and has a large portions of it's structures comprised of random scavenged parts/materials. Might also have some more advanced technology here and there. See pic...
>Class 4: Like class 3, but with better building designs, slightly or more advanced technology, and generally all around better living conditions.
Class 5: Approximate to Scrap Metal City, and a heaven for cyborgs in serious need of maintenance.
Class 6: The closest your going to get to the mega cities of old.

>> No.15640385
File: 298 KB, 1500x809, 1294971179950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Some information on more generic (non-combat, non-industrial) cybernetic/biotech enhancements would be interesting.

What kind of enhancements are commonly available? Which ones are harder to find? Why are they more rare? What kind of market is there for cosmetic enhancements? Is there such a thing as a "Standard Delver Kit" of enhancements and augmentations recommended to new Delvers, compiled by the members of Delve-Net? What kind of upgrades can the average person expect in most communities?

Etc., etc., etc.

>> No.15640528

I'd also like to see if the Ways spiritual home (where it was first thought up and then spread throughout the world via the games internet) is the only source of augmentations in the Midwest.

>> No.15640773
File: 8 KB, 200x200, 1311128748830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Way Monastery:

The Way Monasteries are technological heavens within the otherwise barren and bleak former United States Midwest waste lands. They provide free lodging and necessities of life (food, water, comfort, etc) to any peaceful travelers and are the primary hub of all reliable Midwest augmentations, nano fabrication technology,defense systems, and efficient tutors of The Way. These compounds are generally made and run by volunteers of Way Monks and Lay Way people alike.

In the past raiders once attacked these structures, but soon found themselves at the mercy of advanced security systems--reversed engineered from technology found in corporate ruins--and heavily augmented worrier Way Monks. Now only the most foolish of brigands and fanatical insurgents dares to harm these sanctuaries.

>> No.15640936


>> No.15641566

What does everyone think of the Way Monasteries ?

>> No.15641652


I like the idea. Considering the tone of the setting, I think there should be only a handful of them in existence. Maybe three or four in the entire Midwest and a couple small ones on other continents.

>> No.15641701

>Is there such a thing as a "Standard Delver Kit" of enhancements and augmentations

Hmm. i assume a few things are nearly universal. Like a pocket computer/media device/communication device and some interface tech for it. a few personal gizmos, flashlight, etc.

>a CSC would start with the same computer functions available via the interface tech plus a few appropriate spares/onboard tools or gear. Negligible cost/included with almost any shell gear)

Have to think more about that stuff.

>> No.15641718
File: 971 KB, 1920x1080, 1311135490670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>What kind of enhancements are commonly available?
Class one settlement would be limited to imported "off the shelf" basic gear if anything. Might find Ok foodstuffs or Ok technical service.

Class two and up would probably have ready access to purpose-built/custom prosthesis for minor upgrades and medical treatment.
>"Just leave it offline for now.. I want to wait for a Real technician to look it over. You seen the chopshops around here? blech"

Three+ would have the Maker support and operations tech to do more advanced work, along with some of the tech base to try cracking that stack of encrypted datasticks or try building that fancy plasma-torch.

Four+ and those services are getting more common and better. Plus (usually) a larger population or specific population where one can find more advanced work.

Five+ and you would almost think you were in a pre-fall hospital or service ward. Tech is common, the local nets are pretty clean and there are deals to be made.

Six+ You are feeling great. Spares are available for all sorts of things (for a price) and access to Makers allows for the production of some of those incredible blueprints you dug out of that burned factory.

Seven: There is no seven.. well, there are tales of untouched wonderlands, where you can drink Hiver-stock from the taps and create your dreams as fast as a wish.. and that is all it is, tales...
>right? you wouldnt be able to keep that secret, ever.. err.. someone would know, right?

>> No.15642007


Loving the world fluff!

>> No.15642069

Will do some scribbling as soon as I don't have to write with my thumbs.

>> No.15642698


So what happens to a badly injured/damaged heavily augmented Way Monk when he/she is stranded in a class one settlement? Would this usually result in his/her death?

>> No.15642842

Figure a Monk of The Way should know enough about his or her technical improvements to be able to shut down any dangerous shorts, things like that. Then it is just a matter of wrangling passage to somewhere else. Might mean they have to call in a whole heap of favors and friendships and "owe you one"s to get someone to come out and fetch them, or it might mean working as "One-Arm Joe, the finest micro-scale spot tech in town" until the next scheduled train/bus/ferry/balloon is coming through.

Same trouble any crew of Delvers has. Sure, anyone with a sat-link or a good nu-sphere signal can access the finest knowledge bases (as long as they know it, and are known) but the hand/claw/nanite-cloud actually doing the work needs the experienced human* touch.

>*for a given value of human.

>> No.15642883
File: 122 KB, 786x926, 1311146108242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the hazard of high levels of augmentation. This is ameliorated by a couple factors however. First, most individuals, especially people like self sufficient monks and highly prepared Delver teams, are going to know how to do the basic maintenance of their own parts unless it's something especially exotic, and will likely carry gear to make minor repairs. Second, due to the net and high speed VTOLS, the world is flat. In case of major injury or the breakdown of a vital component, evac or assistance from a settlement with the needed expertise can typically be arranged. This can often times be a dangerous proposition, but Way Monks and Delvers usually have some amount of good will around them, and can arrange for an extraction with some haggling and deal making.

Should, however, there be no help available, then yes, that person may well die of their own implants. It's a dangerous world out there, and a risk that sometimes ends up getting the taker killed.

>> No.15643290



How well can people from a class one settlement be convinced to partake in some aspects of The Way and what would their general reaction to a heavily augmented person be, if they almost never encountered even someone with just one visible implant/prosthesis?

>> No.15643517


>> No.15643550

Difficult to predict. It's going to depend largely on the attitudes of the given settlement. Some places are class 1 out of choice rather than circumstance, and might not take very kindly to the Monk's very presence on principle of their beliefs. Other might welcome them gladly, eager to garner whatever assistance they can from the known-to-be-helpful followers of The Way.

>> No.15643664

>Some places are class 1 out of choice rather than circumstance, and might not take very kindly to the Monk's very presence on principle of their beliefs.

That gives me an idea for some plot hooks...

The players hear and eventually investigate about the possible murder of a monk of The Way as she was passing buy some ruined buildings in route to a class 3 settlement.

The players are asked to asked to assist a warrior monk of The Way (lives as a paladin like bounty hunter, seeing the capturing of criminals as reducing other peoples sufferings) as he hunts down a mass murder, whom turns out to be hiding within a Luddite class one settlement.

Players are met by several extremely augmented (some over 70% and others in either csc or full synthetic bodies) monks of The Way who need assistance in safely getting through a Luddite/anti-Way region due to a natural disaster--and current weather conditions--blocking their only other route.

>> No.15644015


>> No.15645181

Bump bump, bump de bump de bump!
Bump, bump, bump bump , bump, bump bump!

>> No.15647817

Is there any real life Buddhist sect which is similar to The Way (ie: no--fixed/unyeilding--dogma, a preferance of logic/reason/empirical thought over blind faith, and a treatment of "tenants," as merely optional techniques)?

>> No.15648947
File: 29 KB, 300x300, 1311197636450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could have sworn there were a couple sects with a similar focus on getting out in the public and decreasing suffering actively...

Ah yes. Zen Peacemakers was the name. You might know of one of their members.
It all makes so much sense now.

>> No.15649104


But do you know any sects with the characteristics below?

>no--fixed/unyeilding--dogma, a preferance of logic/reason/empirical thought over blind faith, and a treatment of "tenants," as merely optional techniques

>> No.15649254

I think that's just generally referred to as "college students who have taken comparative religion courses" I honestly don't have enough depth of knowledge in Buddhism to answer though.

>> No.15649467


This is the closest thing I know that maches what he's (or she's) asking for. But I think secular Buddhism (in this case: no rituals, no traditions; only what works to reduce suffering) might be a bettter fit.

>Theravada promotes the concept of Vibhajjavada (Pali), literally "Teaching of Analysis." This doctrine says that insight must come from the aspirant's experience, critical investigation, and reasoning instead of by blind faith


>> No.15649646

This quote from Buddha is a good foundation for The Way:

>Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

Also, the way The Way is described makes it sound more like a kind of Discordian off-shoot. In any case, it does sound like something a college sophomore would invent, which is why I say let's go with it and have it be invented by Berkley grad students who decided to take their programming and augumentation skill on the road with them when the Fall happened.

>> No.15649975

Also incase you didn't read them.


>> No.15651394


>> No.15651780

Will be entering the way into the wiki when I get home tonight. Any fluff written between now and then that gives me some more definite details on how to characterize them would be muchly appreciated.

>> No.15652226


ger that!

>All Way fluff presented thus far

Back story
part 1: >>15617649
part 2: >>15617658

Note on The Way's attitude toward faith: >>15621081

Some generic info in regards of how they generally think/act: >>15620644 , >>15620648 , >>15621430, >>15628819, >>15636783
Way Monks Appearance
>>15628372 , >>15628469

Way Monasteries: >>15640773 (they could be considered class four to possible five settlement structures and there is only four of them within the Midwest. The first is in the northern most region within the Midwest, the the second largest, and is the spiritual birth place of The Way. The second is along the eastern edge of the Midwest, the largest, and possess several diverse settlements in it's proximity. The third is relatively within the middle region of the Midwest, the smallest, and most heavily armed due to still hostile "neighbor's," within it's vicinity. The fourth is more-or-less still in construction--though it has recently begun cater to friendly travelers/visitors and has completed it's first few levels of defense--and is encountering friction, on part because of the old religions dominating the Midwest's southern regions.

In Universe perspective of a Way Monk
Part one: >>15632865
Part Two: >>15632886

>> No.15652312


*Roger that

Also see this before putting in the back story

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