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Sup /tg/

Can i request an eldar pic dump?
I know starting this thread will summon DLFG which is incredibly useful for me, but any contribooters are welcome :) i'll dump the very few i have.

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hard mode: only badass eldars

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Serious and comical both welcome

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They completely nerfed the avatar to hell in DoW 2.

Fucking THQ he was my favorite unit

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models also welcome as well

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Also dumping some

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Shit....turns out i forgot I'm on the computer that doesn't even have my main picture collection...that kinda sucks. I'm all out now, its down to you guys

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The attention whore is not yet online, as far as I can tell. Check /d/, maybe she's catering to her sycophants there.

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An "unreleased" Eldar Female Farseer model that I acquired and painted up. I've yet to actually use her in a match though, as I already have a Farseer model that I give priority to.

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I'll say now I won't have much. But as they say at Tescos, every little helps.

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Well that sucks...

Hopefully the words "image dump" being visible long enough will entice her.

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Picture is a bit blurry, but this is a picture of my army in battle. Eldar ofc.

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Bump for more pics :)

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Silly anon, thats not eldar

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That doesn't seem necessary *while* I'm posting pictures.

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I like her bangs.

How can she keep her hair so neat in the midst of battle?

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just thought I would throw this out there.

Im running an Eldar campaign. using dark heresy type rules.

If you are interested in playing an Eldar on the path of war or the path of the seer in the defense of their craftworld, send me a message.

must have a microphone.

[email protected]

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>Implying she's doing more than walking.

I seem to have run out of Eldar, I'm afraid. So here's a protoss. Its pretty much the same thing anyway.

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Time zone fella?

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Thats OK, you tried your best.

Seems I came along at the wrong time to get a fully fledged dump thread going.
Maybe i'll bump it back from the grave later and see if DLFG has graced us with her presence.

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Eastern American

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I've only got 10 minutes or so free right now, but should be able to dump everything in about an hour or so.

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For now, Rangers.

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Considering I intend to join the ranks of eldar players, I can toss a few pics recently saved in.

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Got a Craftworld picked out? I'm giving thought to starting a Craftworld Eldar army as well.

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I'm trying to homebrew a craftworld. Been working at it with the significant other. List building is secondary to me. I'll dump a couple of the images that were inspiration to me.

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Its amazing how far cursory google inspection gets you.

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Somewhat would like to get a more unified culture appeal with regards to aesthetics. Originally thought Aztec or full scale Sumerian, but more recently, after having a look at the Disney movie Atlantis the Lost Empire, I feel their depiction of the Atlanteans would mesh well with the Eldar with regards to aesthetics.

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Right, now for another perusal of google.

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Interesting. Something you'd just be representing in colour schemes and freehand, or would you be converting each model to fit the aesthetic?

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The language fits kinda close too. Though initial looks at the Eldar Lexicon related more to Gaelic and Hebrew to me.

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>That feel when I want to start 40k finally and have an Iyanden Craftworld Eldar army
>That feel when everyone says Wraithguard are bad

Oh well, I can always do Ulthwe I guess, how effective are Seer Councils? I'd use DAs and paint them Black/White for the 'Black Guardians of Ulthwe' feel.

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Back with fresh material. Doing your googlan' so you don't have to.

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>how effective are Seer Councils?

Expensive, but tough (assuming there's a Fortuneseer in the squad) and can force enough wounds to make up for their lack of power weapons so they're a decent assault unit. Adding Jetbikes makes them even more expensive, but negates the need for a transport, makes them harder to kill with the extra pip of Toughness.

Generally you're probably best only taking a few as albative wounds for a Farseer, or going Deathstar and putting them all on Jetbikes.

Anyway, I've got to bail for the moment. Will be back later.

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Fullscale conversion and colorscheme. Mostly related on the last pic and this one. Part of my craftworld design with regards to structure of buildings and flora is drawn from World of Warcraft. I feel the Exodar/Draenei architecture is very good as a medium to use for a minimalist Eldar architecture. Furthermore, I love crystalline crap, so the idea of including something similar to Crystalsong Forest stuck to me.

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She chose a bad time to finish up. Since I'm done (again, I admit) too.

But for you, /tg/ (and maybe my art folders) I'll look some more.

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>world of warcraft
>exodar/draenei architecture
>minimalist eldar architecture


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Wraithguard are bad in meta and cost of models. Assuming one is capable of spending said amount or converts/casts, they become more viable. With regards to meta though, Wraithguard are very hard to place in use. Due to mechanization they largely fall behind, but it is feasible to play in footdar imo. Trick is to use a Conceal Warlock with Witchblade. Sticking them in cover means they will ignore the brunt of wounds (especially with fortune), but it also means they will be slow. Difficult terrain is bad for them. And their guns have a short range. You can somewhat fix this by footslogging a large squad with the Conceal Warlock. By placing them in the open, they have a higher risk of being wounded yes, but they also have a higher risk of being shot. Quite often players will focus on something in the open. Just conceal them and walk them in the open. It'll draw a ton of fire yes, but that leaves cover for your aspect warriors. It'll also mean they can move faster if footslogging. The reason for simple witchblade = more attacks. You would need that if combat occurs.

Unfortunately footdar, as fun as it is, will not make it as far as we like.

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Hey techno. How bout some examples?

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>How the Throne did he sneak up on me? He has a chainsaw and heavy armor.

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Well, if there's something Dawn of War and /tg/ have shown me is that all Eldar are bitches. Seriously Eldar dumps are always banshee dumps, fucking Eldar god damn.

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>He can't wear heavy armour and infiltrate!

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He's not wearing shoes.

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>guy embedded in wall
>broken glass furniture
>servoskull sliced in half

I don't think he was sneaking

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welcome backfangirl.

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That pic is too much d'aww. All my warm and fuzzy glands are being overloaded.

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Oh, I know! It's quite adorable, isn't it?

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I do wonder how much time you spend on art sites, deathleaper. You really are indefatigable on any 40k paraphernalia.

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Not a huge amount, oddly. Most of my stuff is picked up from /tg/, and if I'm skimming Deviantart for new stuff I'll usually be browsing /tg/ at the same time.

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anyone see the comparison?

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Got any more of Jes' concepts by chance?

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A couple, not too many though.

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Is that Maugan Ra and a Death Jester, or just an Exarch?

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It's a Death Jester.

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That's the last of Jes' sketches for CWE I have.

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The space wolves sure love the girls

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Found another of Jes' sketches.

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Wow i just realized theres new dark eldar units and a codex, when did that happen?

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I have a horrible feeling that I'm approaching the image limit, and I'm only just coming to the end of my Aspects folder. Is there anyone still following this thread? If so, I'll start a new one when this one maxes.

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Tail end of last year. November IIRC. Beautiful models, amazing fluff, excellent rules. Probably the best thing to come out of GW in years.

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Im still following it!

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You've got 6 more images, as of >>15536662

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I'm still lurking.

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Oh, good. Enough to wrap this folder up.

Gotcha. If you could start a new thread and link it here while I wrap this one up, it'd be much appreciated.

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Wow i think i never seen a thread on /tg/ about it, thats wonderful news, and the models look really great

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They were everywhere in the month or so following the release of the book. Once or twice, nearly half the front page was made up of Dark Eldar threads, which was fun, if a little excessive.

Also, that's the limit now.

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