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"Mr. Montego"

"Yes, Lord-Captain?"

"Ramming speed."

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"...if this doesn't get Commander Cleavage to put out, nothing will."

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"The church is already scheduled for demolition, right?"


"So, we demolish it on top of the Chaos Dreadnought."

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"The governor's hate-filled tirade is cut short by a sudden explosion somewhere off-camera, then static fills the viewscreen and the pict feed cuts off. A test etching appears, the aquila dominant against it, informing you of 'technical difficulties.'"

"Okay, so much for diplomacy. Let's get out of here."

"Wait, what?"

"Somebody just blew up the governor, I don't want to stick around and get blamed for that, too."

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"It's just a couple of cultists, what's the worst that could happen?"

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"I can use a Security check to hotwire the Titan, right?"

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"These are not the psykers you're looking for"

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"Sir, someone sent us a fruit basket in an escape capsule."

"Blast it with torpedoes."

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"This is your Lord-Captain speaking. I'm drunk, and I don't care whether this works or not".

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"Well, all that I require in return for your, ah, property, my dear farseer, is your... attentions."

"Do I have a choice in this matter, mon-keigh?"

"No, I'm afraid you truly DON'T. It could easily tragically fall into the sun... My quarters."

And with that, my Rogue Trader simultaneously slaked his infatuation and gained Enemy: Eldar.
Also won a bet resulting in acquiring a teleportarium.

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Elf rape wat do?

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Besides, he prefers to think of it as enhanced seduction.

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Yes, but he's bedding a *Farseer*. No matter how gentle and romantic he tries to be, she just tunes in to his mind and hears "ELF RAPE ELF RAPE ELF RAPE ELF RAPE ELF RAPE ELF RAPE ELF RAPE ELF RAPE ELF RAPE ELF RAPE".

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I'm just surprised that he didn't get his brain scrambled and have to burn Fate.

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That's when that nice lost craftworld full of soulstones he found tragically falls into the sun it's orbiting. Like he said.

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Well the mindrape comes AFTER the deal then.

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When he's long gone, that is, and they decipher his coordinates to find he stole a bunch of the soulstones and tech anyways? Hence Enemy: Eldar.
Well, he tried. He's a prick, but a GENTLEMANLY prick.

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