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Would anyone be interested in running a game over AIM? D&D and nWoD are the only games I've played but I'm willing to try anything!(Especially Dark Heresy)

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Bumping with various /tg/ related art.

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If you can do Skype, send me an email. We run Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader.

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I can't do it man, thanks for the offer though!

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If the guy you're responding to doesn't require voicechat, then you can just make an account for Skype and access it through imo.im.

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Good to know.

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how exactly do you play through a chat service? Are there not many combat situations so you dont need a map or is it all described in text?

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Do I need voice chat for your game?

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You just need a really descriptive GM... Hell, I've never used maps in ANY game I've ever run.

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Any art requests? I've got lots'o Warhammer art..

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I see. I enjoy the map, kinda makes it feel like an rts during combat.

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I'm interested in playing d&d 3.5/pathfinder or something.
i can use skype or irc, or install your program of choice.

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I've played games with other people who used maps, they're useful but I find the maps can be distracting to some players.

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Sweet! Now we need more players, do you mean mIRC?

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I'm not sure how to answer that.
isn't mIRC a program you use to chat on irc?

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I've never played pathfinder but I have ALOT of experience with 3.5.

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I'd offer my services but seeing as I'm attempting to learn deathwatch so I can run a game of it for friends I don't think it would be a good idea to attempt to run a game for /tg/

if someone were to offer their services/email so I could ask them questions that would be appreciated.

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Yeah... I realized how stupid that sounded after I'd hit "submit"

Just tell me what program to download, that'll be easier.

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I'd be down to play pathfinder

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do you need the book? because I think its over at /rs/

either way I'll play along with a test play if you need to practice!

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Chatzilla is the best IRC client IMO.

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sounds good, what program?

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Awesome downloading now.

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Alright I'm set, did you want to wait for more players?

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uh, i'm not the same.
Alse we would need to choose a
server or sometging, we can use suptg's one.

But it would be better to first get some players/dm, right?

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I've encountered quite a few where a map helps a lot, but there are web services for this. Our group used to use collabopad which was great, then it got fucked iirc, so we use Google draw or whatever it's called whenever we need to illustrate a combat situation.

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Is this still happening because I want to play too...

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>online RPGing
>through AIM

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rolled 1, 10, 2, 11 = 24

>Calling someone a faggot
>MLP pic
Oh, the irony.

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what the hell is your problem man?

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link doesn't work...

Captcha- breakfast EMPEROR

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it's not supposed to work on your browser, you put that adress on an irc client and then it works.

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what he said. download x-chat or chatzilla, make a new network connection, use that address, download channel list, pick a channel to play in

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Low on the bells and whistles, but fucking idiotproof.

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Haha Damn I feel like an idiot, thanks for the info!

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I could not for the fucking life of me get the online mode to work.

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very much. big on homebrews but flexible on setting

Brutal Bard on AIM, [email protected]

only thing is i essentially can only play weekday nights after 1am EST

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which makes you an idiot.

>ensure port 6667 is open.
>find out your external IP
>tell your other players the IP

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Anyone interested in DH or RT can shoot me a message, we have a Saturday 5EST group with two DM's who respectively run DH and RT (I'm the RT guy). All we really need is a few more players to compensate for internet absenteeism, and we're good to go!

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I'm in, I love RT.

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I still haven't gotten the rules down yet(just got the books) but I'll play if you'll take someone new to DH or RT

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