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"All the gods are dead except the god of war."

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Not my exact words.

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It wasn't you being quoted.

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... Could be worse.

Sucks that /co/ and /toy/ are doubled into the same person.

When I first saw this picture on /co/, I saw the D&D Starter Kit in the background... And knew it would be here soon.

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I would say /co/ is the person and /toy/ is the pony.

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Pretty damn close to perfect.

Especially because /r9k/ seems to be staring resentfully at /y/ and /cm/.

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I thought /tg/ deletes pony threads.

I'm unashamed about playing RPGs, miniature wargames, but this....this is worthy of shame.

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Can you post the original of that picture?

I want to set it as my desktop

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Were I to attend as a representative of /tg/, I would have to carefully consider the idea that I was also representing the Imperium of Man. At which point I would have to kill /co/ and /b/ for being xenoloving faggots.

And by xeno, I of course mean pony.

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>that place is in my town
>I was there yesterday.

Thank God I don't know anybody in that picture. I do not believe I will go back there.

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Wait a second...

/r9k/ doesn't exist anymore...

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He's mad that he no longer exists.

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That means that this picture was edited before /r9k/ was taken down, but Ponies weren't a meme until fairly recently right?

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I really have come to loathe MLP.

I've never watched a single episode of it, but I abhor it.

It's a fucking kids show. You should be ashamed. And this is coming from a guy who spends his free time assembling, painting and playing with toy soldiers.


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/r9k/ went down long before this photo was fucking TAKEN.

It's a good show. Good plots, jokes, and endearing characters.

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I'm just fucking sick of how it's spread like a fucking cancer. I am actually repulsed just by the sight of it now.

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I think the whole "It's MY LITTLE PONY" thing is the joke. The people who are into it enjoy the show ironically, like hipsters. That's why they sexualize and project onto the ponies, because the joke is that My Little Pony is lame, until someone makes dirty jokes/suggests that Sparkle Sunshine or wtf could have stopped the Horus Heresy singe handedly.

tl;dr: People who like My Little Pony are Hipsters.

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And a terrible fanbase.

But I agree.

Where's that copypasta about ghosts trying to prove they're real, then discovering they're ghosts of ghosts and thus aren't real when you need it?

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I think it's mutated into something like Stockholm Syndrome. They liked it ironically for so long that they began enjoying it genuinely.

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Cancer is an ugly word which is very overused by this point. It's basicly used to describe anything which has grown and spread over time.

By that logic, mankind is a cancer. Lots of things are.

This beside, I watched episodes to see what the fuss was about. They're not bad. They're pretty funny. I'd let my kids watch it.

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I can dig that idea.

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The fact that /soc/ is there would mean it was made post /r9k/s death. Guess the creator figured they'd slot it in there anyway.

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Cancer is when a cell grows, and begins invading and destroying adjacent cells. Let's say /b/ was the cell 0. It's exactly like a cancer.

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>until someone makes dirty jokes
Or the produces literally have the equivalent of pony periods in the show, look up cutie marks.

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>It's basicly used to describe anything which has grown and spread over time.
And is harmful to the things it is in contact with.

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No, it's actually a fun show to watch.
It's not a fanbase of hipsters. I, for one, watch it unironically.
I don't know why everyone gets so pissed off about it. This isn't a pony thread, you idiots. Someone posted an image he thought was amusing because he thought it personified the stereotypical user of each imageboard on the website. It has absolutely nothing to do with ponies other than the fact that one guy in the picture is a massive fag who actually buys the toys (equivalent to buying anime figurines, in my book).
The people who actually buy toys and write stupid fanfics were weeaboos before they started watching the show. And yes, there is a shitload of overlap between the two communities. I'm not one of those in that overlap.

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I don't get this view, either. The show was intended for girls just below that age demographic, cutie marks are about learning who you are and what you want to be, not having a fucking period. Do 11 and 12 year old girls actually run around school going "DID YOU BLEED OUT OF YOUR VAGINA TODAY? I KNOW I DID HEHEHEHE!" If they do, maybe it's applicable, but otherwise it's not at all related.

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>No, it's actually a fun show to watch.
It's not a fanbase of hipsters. I, for one, watch it unironically.
Dear God.

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Nerds look down on you because you're watching a show made for little girls. A vapid show about pretty ponies. Beyond that a fuck shit ton of stuff taking a little girls show and making it fap fic, for ponies of all fucking things. We'd like to say we aren't sick fucks like japan but all you mother fuckers are proving that horribly wrong.

Regular people look down on you as you're quite damn close to pedophile shit. The "hey what's your favorite Disney movie?" shit pedos do in the real world.

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Not to overuse the same metaphor, but humanity has spread and wiped out indiginous wildlife and competing civilisations to do so.

What exactly did ponies destroy? And please don't generalise by saying "good threads" or something equally patronising- this conversation has been meaningful so far.

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What's really sad, is that /co/ will forever be know as the board that created ponyfags.

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I grew up in an area where you were seen as "too old" for just about anything (then again, who didn't as a kid?), but I litterally don't get what's so interesting about MLP.

It's a kids show so it really has no plot or anything interesting, and the phrases and voices litterally make me cringe. It's just my opinion, but I can't get it into my head how people can stand to watch such a thing, and enjoy it.

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>this conversation has been meaningful so far
it's been what

you're talking about fucking ponies on 4chan and you don't want this conversation to become "less meaningful"

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Your greentexting just backfired horribly on you.

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I understand the distaste for the show based on the fact that it's being brought up by fans too frequently, but here's what I don't get.
>"It's a fucking kid's show. You should be ashamed."
There are only so many base stories we can tell. The only difference between a kid's show and an "adult's show", which it should be noted, no one calls anything that isn't porn that, is that, in general, the kid's show will use brighter sets/settings, and deal with the conflict of the story more peacefully.

So, do you hate bright colors or peacefulness?

Personally, as a man with younger brothers, and much younger cousins, I've found that a lot of kids shows are better than more "mature" entertainment, because the writers know that they have to appeal to not just the children, but the parents as well.

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Pony fans and their threads need to be exterminatus'd. Hard. IRL. Fucking fags.

What ever happened to the global rule of ponies being bannable outside of /co/ and /b/?

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Never said we weren't a cancer, just didn't want to sound like a "nihilistic" 14-year-old.

And it's destroyed many good threads. I've lost count of good threads ruined by ponyfags busting in and spamming their shit.

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It's a sign of maturity, girls at that age love to fucking lord their 'maturity' over each other like boys like to say how their parents let them play M rated games. A lot of fucking girls get insecure when they're the last one to get boobs in a class. shall I spell it out for you "bare flank" or maybe "flat chest"?

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Wow, and watching utterly terrible shit like Lucky Star makes you so much better. A vapid show about high school girls. It even has a blatant fanservice girl who looks more like a loli than the others and plays vidya.
At least MLP is upbeat and actually funny, unlike what I've seen of the aforementioned.
And yes, thank you for applying massive generalizations and assuming I write fap fics about ponies. Did I say I was a furry? I don't remember saying I did.

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The only difference between adult literature and Dick & Jane is the characters and story development. Do you hate characters and story development? No, it couldn't possibly be writing quality or the nature of the story. I'm sure it must just boil down to "peace and bright colors".

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You know what I mean. It hasn't devolved into calling the opposing party fags as a matter of principle.
A bit like this guy.

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Lucky Star is just as bad. Stop building that strawman.

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>Wow, and watching utterly terrible shit like Lucky Star makes you so much better.
That's right, definitely a good target audience to go for. Clearly these people who hate pedophiles and simplified shows with cartoonish styles and bright colors must watch Lucky Star!

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There aren't enough hipsters in the world to produce that much irony.

>The "hey what's your favorite Disney movie?" shit pedos do in the real world.
This just in, all of /co/ is apparently pedophiles.

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>It hasn't devolved into calling the opposing party fags as a matter of principle.
Then I'd like you to justify the statement that "It destroys good threads" shouldn't be usable as a reason.

Because that's the reason. The reason is that it destroys good threads.

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>This just in,
>just in

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Now I have to stop building a strawman? He just assumed I wrote fucking sexual fantasies about ponies. Get the fuck out and come back when you want to actually dicuss something like an adult. I'm cool with sticking words in another poster's mouth, as long as said poster can do it in return.

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Yeah, nihilistic was the word I was looking for.

To be fair, boards like /co/ have really curbed back on that. Aside from the odd reaction image, if ponies are discussed outside their Pony General, they get their asses kicked. Hard.

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>Didn't look at the projector
The fanbase is a horrid thing to behold. Remember what happened to Sonic the Hedgehog? Yeah, that's the fanbase, it seems.
The show is fine.

/b/ spread it far and wide as well.

This wasn't a good thread, as far as I can see.

>Please, gentlemen, take it outside. >>>/co/ seems like a good place for that.

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Do you want to know an age-old technique of the Alpha Legion, my dear Voge? Infiltration and misdirection. Given my experiences with both ponyfags and threads hijacked by ponies, I am of the opinion that the two phenomena are separate and distinct. Ponyfags just sit in one thread on /co/ and circlejerk. Odd, perhaps even disturbing, but no harm to anyone else. Now, how would I vilify them? How would I galvanize support against them in my personal crusade? How would I cause their mere mention to cause bile to rise in the guts of my countrymen? Do you know how I would do this, Voge?

I would become a ponyfag. I would screech about ponies in other threads. I would make an ass of myself. I would direct hatred onto myself, and through me, onto the object of my own hatred.

Obviously, I have no proof. But it's certainly something to think about.

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I was quite happy to discuss this maturely. I'm not the one who accused you, don't take this out on me. I simply said you were making a strawman argument by saying Lucky Star is just as bad, even though that's totally irrelevant.

>> No.15518108

And what threads has it destroyed, exactly?

>> No.15518121

So then go on your hate crusade against them! You guys certainly seem to tolerate them more than I do. Why should OP receive full-force anger fist fuck when he posts a non-pony related image that happens to have one brony with a toy in it, but fags who post Konata reaction images in every thread roam free like coyotes?

>> No.15518124


Alpharius/Omegon/Gulliman, you may have a point.

Although I think you may be attributing a good portion of intelligence that isn't actually there.

>> No.15518138


Sometimes you've got to call a spade a spade.

Also, those who like to rationally argue with you people are doing a good job kicking your ass. Rather than deal with actually arguing when someone is already on the case, I'll just sit here and call you a fag.

Deal with it.

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>but fags who post Konata reaction images in every thread roam free like coyotes?
When has this happened.

Also, you have to remember that people who really hate ponies are supported by the fact that everyone else generally refuses to tolerate them. If you take the same amount of time to hate stupid anime stuff, then it's going to be ignored because "4chan is for weeaboos". The only reason you know about MLP hate is because the average attitude towards it is far more negative.

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My Little Pony is a better-than-average girl's show. I grew disinterested after the first few episodes, but I don't see why anyone should be ashamed of liking it. Then again, I don't see why it's so popular, either.

>> No.15518159


>fags who post Konata reaction images in every thread roam free like coyotes?

And I can guarantee you that if this actually happened, I'd abhor that too! I'm simply concerned with what irritates me now. MLP shitposts clog up the board, I'll hate those. LS shitposts clog up the board? You better believe I'll hate those too!

>> No.15518169

Nonsense. It's a fairly common technique among trolls. The good ones, at least. I'm not saying that's what's happened regarding MLP, though. Some of it must be attributed to genuine fans' own overzealousness. But I also think that some can be attributed to mischief.

>> No.15518178

It's happened chronically, over the years. My point is that it's at least tolerated or ignored, whereas this guy started a thread not even RELATED to ponies. Then one guy (quite possibly a massive troll, at this point I'm beginning to suspect) complained about how pony threads outside of /co/ and /b/ should be erased, and that rather set me off. Even furries are viewed in a better light nowadays. I hate to say "hurrff derrff persecution," but seriously, what the fuck is there to be pissed off about?
I've never seen a thread trashed by ponies, except THIS one, and that wasn't even the fault of someone who actually likes them. It was, in fact, just some guy spewing hate.
I came into this thread amused at an image I thought was funny, and now I'm pissed because some motherfucker can't get over the fact that Lauren Faust made a show that some people liked under a brand name that's for little girls.

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I just noticed there's no /m/ember there.

The best representation in one of those pics is no representation.

>> No.15518218


Hold onto your butts. Make sure your grip is firm too.

>> No.15518227

I'm just going to leave this here.

>> No.15518247

Yeah, furries ruin everything, including your favorite Disney films. Why should I be surprised?
As for the Pony Thread Simulator, that was genuinely funny.

>> No.15518253


Every time they clapped, all I heard was the sound of an aluminum baseball bat making contact with a cranium.


>> No.15518264

Neat costumes.
But wtf man.

>> No.15518268

Fuck, I'm not man enough to watch through that entire shit.

>> No.15518272

Brony culture.

>> No.15518282

Fucking hell tell me about it

>> No.15518287

No. FURRY CULTURE. I refuse to watch this cartoon and be associated with these fuckers.

>> No.15518346

>I've never seen a thread trashed by ponies
/v/ has regularly has threads spammed with ponies.
They do that to nonvidya like 40kfags do with furry threads.
Not to mention that any thread that mentions them ever instantly turns into a shitstorm just like this one.

>> No.15518352

Faggots. Fucking. Everywhere.
MLP is for raging homosexually repressed faggots.

>> No.15518369

>Still using homosexual as a cuss word
Polite sage since I don't like ponies either.

>> No.15518378

>They do that to nonvidya...
If it's a nonvidya thread, who the fuck cares? It shouldn't be on the board in the first place, so who cares what it's spammed with? Maybe it's just a troll who wants everyone to stop posting in the fucking nonvidya thread. I personally can't stand the /r9k/ threads on /v/ constantly. I don't spam them, but that's just me.
>Shitstorm when they're mentioned
Yeah, that's hardly my fault. I did fly off the handle but this was just too much, the first sage in this thread was clearly just looking for something to hate, or trolling. My suggestion was that maybe if everyone wouldn't get so worked up over a god damn kid's show maybe this wouldn't be a problem at all.

>> No.15518415

>My suggestion was that maybe if everyone wouldn't get so worked up over a god damn kid's show maybe this wouldn't be a problem at all.

Your an anon, stop samefagging and move on to the next thread instead of continually spewing your bullshit opinions no one really cares about. The only way you could be more of a mutilated horsecock is to adopt a trip and avatarfag.

>> No.15518426


While I disapprove of the idea, as a Theater major, I have to commend their attention to detail in the costumes.

The useless but anatomically correct knee is a nice touch.

>> No.15518435

The nonvidya threads might not be board related, but it doesn't mean they can't be good.
And what's wrong with people posting about themselves every once in a while anyway?
The reason ponyfags aren't instantly banned in /v/ is probably because they are sucking so much mod cock.

>> No.15518440

And yet you, amongst others, keep replying. Funny how that works, non?

>> No.15518446

Any thread can be good, but why not post it in the proper board?

>> No.15518451

>stop samefagging and move on to the next thread
More like
>stop dicussing about a topic

>> No.15518463

Exactly. I was in a homestuck thread over on /co/ some time ago, and that Rainbow Dash suit showed up in a picture alongside a Dave cosplayer... I was a little freaked, but I had to admit the quality...

Also, god that crowd...

>> No.15518481


Because the proper board is shit? Like /a/ and /v/.

>> No.15518494

I'm confused... you just said /a/ and /v/ is shit...
I suggested posting a nonvidya thread or any off-topic thread in its proper board.
So now you reply to me with an implied negative tone, and your defense is that /a/ and /v/ are shit? So why would you post the offtopic thread there in the first place?
My mind is reeling.

>> No.15518514


>> No.15518523

Actually I'm not that person. He is some other anon.
I'm >>15518435
And while I do resent his tone I say he has a point (albeit mentioning /v/ made it moot)
Your average /v/irgin doesn't really want to visit places like /adv/, /soc/ or be, so they just make the threads in their home board.

>> No.15518529

How on earth I just typoed /b/ as be?

>> No.15518547

Well, they should. The only possible reason they wouldn't go is because they either think the /v/ community is somehow better (it's not) or that the /soc/ or /adv/ community is somehow worse (I honestly don't know because I don't frequent those boards). Which is, of course, stupid, and no reason to ignore rules, even if those rules are in seemingly low regard.

tl;dr /v/ needs to man the fuck up.

>> No.15518555

I like Friendship is Magic.
I really do.

But god, every time someone makes a public appearance or opens their mouth in any form of official capacity from the "fandom", I want to beat their faces in with shoves and strangle the remains.


>> No.15518563

Yeah... I find myself often feeling the same way.
It's unfortunate to like something that some furries and horrifically obnoxious weeaboos also happen to like.

>> No.15518586

Thirded. It's a good show, not a fucking lifestyle. Grow the fuck up, peeps.

>> No.15518597

True...I mean sure, I like it, but I'm not going to go so far as to tattoo a mark on my shoulder (saw a thread like that on /b/ no less than two hours ago). I like the show and it's a guilty pleasure that only my closest of friends even know about at all...

Come to think of it I think I hide this more than I hide my porn...which is saying something

>> No.15518603

I'm not a fan of MLP or its fanbase, but I'd like to state once more that I find /tg/'s complete inability to see their own hobbies for what they are both baffling and incredibly amusing. This is a board where posters routinely waste hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars on small armies of plastic soldiers. They then spend hundreds of hours of labor meticulously painting these toy soldiers. On top of that, they can't even excuse it as an appreciation of historical simulation, since the primary fanbase here is dedicated to one of the following: a game set in space ww1 against soccer hooligans, cobra commander and pals, the zerg, faggy space elves, and any other retarded trope that could be crammed into a setting, or a LotR clone that manages to completely miss what actually made that setting interesting while covering it from head to toe in skulls and modelling it after a particularly retarded take on medieval life, or a LotR clone with magic guns and robots.

>> No.15518625

I read somewhere that some guy in Finland legally changed his name to Rainbow Dash.
I wish I was joking.

>> No.15518627

I acknowledge that the /v/ "community", if the term can even be used in this connotation, is probably in no way better than the ones in aforementioned boards, but the board still has a set of certain norms of posting. Just like /tg/ or any other board has, and when you want to discuss a subject not related to the board it's much easier to just do it there instead of getting told to go back to /v/. This is probably because /v/ of all boards has a lot of posters that rarely venture outside it, so when they do they are immediately recognized as /v/irgins and shunned.

At this point I want to make it clear that I'm not making a point if nonvidya threads in /v/ should be allowed. I just think this is the reason they exist.

>> No.15518631

I gotta agree. I like the show, but I draw the line when the porn and fan-fics have taken over the fandom.

Seriously bronies*, you guys are a bunch of fucking furries, and the threads I've seen on /co/ don't help to disprove that image.

*No, a brony and an MLP fan are two very different people. The people in OP's pic are bronies. Most rational people are just fans.

>> No.15518654

I personally haven't seen this phenomenon, but I'm guessing it's due to things like TF2 reaction images and posting ">mfw". An interesting thing that - this website has a subculture for every single imageboard.

>> No.15518694

God...that's all sorts of horrible...

Fan reporting in to this clusterfuck thread. Did you ever check out the /co/ threads while the show was still running? I peeked my head in now that the first season's over and its...weird...
It goes against the natural cycle to discuss a show that's not updating. It ain't right, boy.

Woah...channeled my wonderfully redneck uncle for a second there, but you get the meaning, right?

>> No.15518704

Fucking Prole.
You compared the Tyranid to the Zerg, whereas any informed person would know that it's more accurate to reverse that comparison, because the Tyranid predate Starcraft by a goodly margin.

>> No.15518716

It is a little creepy. The daytime threads really improve over the night-time ones. Might be because the trip-fags are off doing whatever a trip-fag does. That said, Vietnamized ponies are quite interesting to see.

And I have to visit /co/ for my daily dose of CONAN THE BARBARIAN comics. Which get really boring pretty fast. (Seriously, they only use a max of two different plot-lines at any given point.)

>> No.15518737

You know, unless that was intentional and you missed it.

>> No.15518741

I have a reason to believe this guy never actually did it.
Here's the story in greentext form:
>Earlier that day /co/ has been busy trolling ponychan
>During this time some unknown namefag calling himself RAINBOW DASH IS BEST PONY (yes, in allcaps) comes in
>Posts for a while, only using allcaps.
>The thread about the name change in ponychan is started by an anon.
(ponychan is a chan where nearly everyone uses a tripcode, most anons come from /co/ just to troll)
>This particular anon also posts in allcaps, with very similar phrases as the aforementioned namefag
>Only later in the thread he assumes a name RAINBOW DASH (allcaps)
>Some finfag ponyfags from his area invite him to a meetup, he declines
>This invitation mentioned beer.
And finally
>OP doesn't deliver any evidence that he actually did change his name. Not even a screencap of a fresh ID
>As a citizen of Finland I know for a fact that while changing you name is very easy here, it take more than a single day to get the papers processed.

Wow. That's a long post for a topic I don't really care about.

>> No.15518779

Ugh, god. I went on Ponychan once, just because I wanted to have faith that there was an actual place that talked about the show without ridiculous amounts of faggotry.
I was sorely disappointed within about five seconds.
Literally every single person has a tripcode for a name which I assume is a custom pony persona ("Raincloud" was one of them if I remember right).
I wanted to vomit. I put too much faith in humanity.

>> No.15518786

And using a lot of videogame references in general, yes. That is the gist of it I'd say. Also a general cynical attitude towards anything other people get excited about.

I migrated here from /v/ with the Dwarf Fortress threads myself, and while I was never called out but I did see a lot of people that were instantly identifiable as /v/irgins.

>> No.15518801

I heard fim-chan's a little better, but I haven't been there since that mod went hammer-happy on /co/ and /b/...it was a little better, if I remember, but far less active. I did get a really nice handful of remixes from ponychan's /media/ around the same time, ignoring a good portion of the posts and boards there to do so.

>> No.15518810

Ironically, the only place where you can find reasonable ponyfags is in the 4chan boards where ponies aren't allowed.
Everything else swivels from the infinite hugboxing and circlejerking of ponychan or /b/ to the equally limitless porn and shipping threads of /co/.

>> No.15518816

I basically scoured YouTube for stuff like remixes and YTPMVs. Though I've always liked YTP and YTPMVs, I'm not sure why, but I do.
There's a lot of good ones related to ponies, funny enough. Seems like FiM attracts people who are good at Vegas.

>> No.15518819


Do you miss PoE-Red?

>> No.15518831

I've never really understood shipping. I mean in the ironic sense it's humorous. I giggled a bit at the more outrageous ones (fluttershy and that tree, I remember, tickled me for a bit) but I can't see taking shipping seriously.

>> No.15518851

fimchan is pretty much /co/ ponyfags' content dump nowadays, and pretty deserted at that if you're not counting the drawfag threads.

>> No.15518866

Hm...maybe I'll drop in and see if I can score some art one day...
I'm attempting to score 44 bits of art from drawfags before the end of the year...I'm at 32 so far.

>> No.15518877

I'm not familiar with the term.
Sorry if the word has a negative affinity in these parts. I accidentally reverted to my /co/ lingo because of the subject.

>> No.15518912

If you're looking for art, raging from actual art (see pic) to image macros or parody art, Ponibooru's actually not a bad place. I haven't seen one legitimate porn pic there, and even something as mild as Fluttershy wearing lingerie (still with no genitals drawn in) and "YOU MUST FAP TO THIS" in giant letters has a giant "QUESTIONABLE" placeholder over the thumbnail, so you're virtually totally safe from anything disgusting.

>> No.15518919

Derp, forgot pic.

>> No.15518928

Ok. I daww'd

>> No.15518935

First off, that's so adorable I'm a little sickened by it.
But no I mean custom requests, like the draw threads on /tg/ and /co/. I'm trying to get 44 requests taken before 2012 for a bit of a bet with a friend...

Oh god...when the second season starts up the boards are going to be on fire for days.

>> No.15518966

Certainly, with all the anons flocking to /co/ generals, seeing what kind of a shithole they've become, and straight back to their home boards.

>> No.15518972

Oh, okay. Good luck with that I guess.

>> No.15518987

I'm making my bretonnians pony themed AND THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME.

>> No.15519001

So your commanders are going to be named Dame Twilight Sparkle, or Sir Spike?
I could see that ending pretty well.

>> No.15519003

Nah, PoE-Red was just another word for the old Portal of Evil forums, which went down last year or so and had been dead for far longer.

>> No.15519018

Warhammer just got 20% cooler.

>> No.15519025

I'm pretty sure people don't have to play with you if they don't want to.

>> No.15519041

Honestly, just let people have their fun. The pony spammer that came here was banned, and I really haven't seen anything besides an image macro.

Also, I'll make this thread /tg/ related.

>> No.15519052

How is Mutants and Masterminds, by the way? And did they ever stat the Harrier jumpjet PC?

>> No.15519053


>Spend money on a hobby they wish.

>circlejerk on the internet about a little girls show.

Yeah truely Warhammer is totally more immature and stupid. Oh wait...

MLP is a fucking stupid topic to get so deviating intoxicated by, it's a simple show with a simple premise, why people get so enarmored by it just shows as a gateway towards their mental health.

You see, a hobby as purpose, Warhammer is about building up an army, painting them to fit your ideals and/or playing a tabletop game with them.

Ponies... well, /co/ threads simply show that to like ponies that much to make it a hobby you are a really fucked up person.

>> No.15519057

Why would I want to stop you? I can't wait for you showcase them in public while everybody laughs at your ass.

>> No.15519058

>He wouldn't take up a chance to slaughter a hundred ponies in the battlefield

>> No.15519061

And I'll laugh at the money wasted when you ruin perfectly good models.

>> No.15519064

To all fa/tg/uys who are knowledgeable on equestrian topics...I want to make a d&d 3.5 character based on Nightmare Moon. needless to say the pony threads on /co/ have been less than helpful in this..any suggestions?

>> No.15519067

>> No.15519073

How about you go back to /co/ you pony shagging faggot.

There is no reason to be wanting to shoehorn ponies into something unless you are such a closet furry that you call yourself a "brony"

>> No.15519074

I've got no knowledge of 3.5e. But from what I heard, you're supposed to use an Illusionist.

>> No.15519075


Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

>> No.15519078

Dude chill.
Both are odd hobbies to somebody,
Neither are likely to be a magnet to the opposite sex
fans of both will defend their respective hobby/fascination to the death. Lets not make this a terrible thread again. Things were getting nice and civil.

>> No.15519081

Don't look at me, I just save these.

>> No.15519085


Reported for Ponyshit.

>> No.15519086

My bad, forgot to post the next picture.

>> No.15519097

I hope you at least reported this thread.

>> No.15519106

I wish you hadn't posted the next picture.

I wish you hadn't posted any of them. I honestly feel like the quality of my life has been slightly diminished by the fact that I have observed their existence, and I hate you for it.

>> No.15519107

A TV show is not a hobby.

And obsessing about a TV show is not a hobby, it's a sick mental illness.

I do not hate the ponys or the show itself, I hate you.

People who feel the need to obsess over a childrens fucking show.

>> No.15519120

It seems like everybody's angry for no good reason.

I like MLP. It's ok if you don't like MLP. Please don't make fun of me for liking MLP. Please don't knock it until you try it. I don't make MLP threads here nor do I post in MLP threads in /co/. I talk about it with my friends who like MLP, and my girlfriend who likes MLP. We aren't terrile people.

That being said, many MLP fans are certainly hipsters, furries, and general faggots. The same can be said for anything, though.

>> No.15519121

Thus ending the most civil debate on this topic I've ever seen.

>> No.15519122

>sick illness

you'll excuse me if I can't take you seriously.

>> No.15519128

Here's a mod for Don't Rest Your Head. The person who made shows up in most DRYH threads.

I've never played MM, I just saved these. Can you tell me what the game is like?

>> No.15519133

Sick as in disgusting you mouthbreathing faggot.

As in "The fact that grown men want to fuck cartoon ponies is sick."

>> No.15519137

Sadly. It's not like this wasn't full of poni from the start anyways...OP was obvious bait.

>> No.15519139

>/tg/ related
I'd post the XCOM pony pic, but the last guy I saw do that here got banned for it.

It all just seems so much fuss over nothing. Both in the sense of all those pathetic individuals who seem to be basing their life around this latest obsession, but also those people who react with such unfathomable vitriol to the mere mention of colorful miniature equines.

>> No.15519143

It's not a question of which one is odd; it's which ones is oddER.

Grown man playing with little toy soldiers? Bit strange, not too crazy.

Grown man obsessing over children's t.v. show with magical talking ponies? Nigga wat

>> No.15519144

>nice and civil
Now that I think of it the last 20 or so posts have been by far the highest quality of discussion related to this subject that I can remember. Stay awesome /tg/

>> No.15519157

I have my Blazon Mark Crusaders as my knights errant, led by, well you can guess who.

also i have this 5th edition general, i made it so he's riding a pegasus, i'll paint him up blue and gold, he'll be one of the royal guards.

(since my fey enchatress will be princess celestia.... well princess celestia. (light and heavens spells seems like a good mix))

>> No.15519159

Then, good sir, you are not the problem, you enjoy what you enjoy, all the power to you.

What I hate above all else are those larkraving arsestains that need to post or talk or relate everything to the show.

Civility gets you nowhere on the internet, Ponyfags keep their shit on /co/ and /b/ fuck off of /tg/ with your rainbow huffing fandom.

>> No.15519163

For the exact same reason people react with such rage against furries. No matter how much they protest it, the fact of the matter is that it's a fucking fetish.

>> No.15519172

I go for the world building. There are interesting species that show up, and some people come up with awesome stories for them.

Also, this is Puzzles and Ponies. Want a game that recommends non-direct combat? Tired of your players first response to everything being "kill it"? Then this RPG is for you.

>> No.15519181

A typical occurrence on the internet good sir I'm afraid.

Although all the drama and pity little arguments aside, and disregarding all those malicious gentlemen and ne'er-do-wells that plague this fandom.

I am curious to hear what the general populace of /tg/ thinks of My Little Pony.

Do you like? Or are you indifferent?

>> No.15519186

i already have a painted portion of knights, but i got some cheap and have to do something with them.

for example here's my caster on foot, good model, but i never used it so....

>> No.15519195

>Tired of your players first response to everything being "kill it"?

You have no idea. I've been looking for a game, ANY game where roleplay is just as important as being able to blast something into oblivion faster than everyone else...my current gaming group are far too combat oriented...is there a non-pony equal to this game? I dun think they'd play ponies...

>> No.15519205

Mr. Sergal, a good chunk of the pony people are from /tg/.

Many threads become statting and world building threads. And one partivular DM has invited people to his livestream so we may watch others enjoy PnP's.

>> No.15519206

It's a better than average girls show.

I personally dislike the whole aesthetics, as I dislike flat flash animation and the lack of any difference between characters besides colour.

>> No.15519207


Where the blasting IS the roleplaying.

>> No.15519210

Run Call of Cthulhu, if their first response is to kill "it". Well... they really are fucked. Because if they can get close enough to kill it, I'd recommend finding a new group.

>> No.15519219

I like it, any show that has correct mythology for manticores, and cockatrices is cool in my book.

>> No.15519225


My god, you really need to thin your paints.

>> No.15519228

Well, ain't that bastard the most useless fuckstain that ever lived, I wish I could meet him in real life so I could tear out his ovaries from his mouth.

>> No.15519230

Greetings, Sergal.
I'm rather fond of the show, personally. The first two episodes really light a fire in my inner elegan/tg/entleman. The idea of solving the wrath of a fallen goddess through sheer force of companionship is one I'm trying to work into my game to my flock of bloodthirsty diplomats...

>> No.15519233

You can just edit the image in paint and change it to winged tieflings, elves, and dwarves.

Here's the one for other species.

>> No.15519250


>> No.15519257

There's another that goes with it. I'll see if I can find it. There's also a Chaos pony one and an Inquisitor.

And there it is:

I'm out of postable ones. Here's a link to the MLP Savage Worlds crossover.


>> No.15519275 [DELETED] 

Here's something for the Pathfinder peeps.

>> No.15519286

I remember there being space marine versions of the main cast too, but I don't have them saved.

>> No.15519288

Unrelated trivia: The voice actor for Princess Celestia also voiced Farseer Macha in the Dawn of War games.

>> No.15519290

All fun and good but post that shit in a Pony Thread, not on /tg/

>> No.15519301

That fits way too well.

>> No.15519307


>> No.15519313 [DELETED] 

Sorry, I decided to take a page from Sergal and just image spam until this thread died. The people at the begining were just super butthurt.

One more after this.

>> No.15519319

The image quality is awful. The text is barely readable.

>> No.15519329

You're right. I'll delete them and see if I can find better ones.

>> No.15519331

/tg/ actually introduced me to MLP. There was a thread about the setting a day or two after the first episode came out, and someone said it was a decent show, and hey, I'm always down to check out something /tg/ recommends.

It's remarkably decent. Not outstanding, but I was rather impressed with what it was able to accomplish with the characters and setting. Naturally, a lot of the fans are atrocious, but a lot of the fans of literally everything ever are atrocious.

It's nice to see a Pony thread on /tg/ not getting completely filled with banal spam and complaining for once. It seems like a setting that could be taken to interesting places if people were willing to talk about it.

>> No.15519339

and thats why civility gets you nowhere with ponyfags.

I meant for you to fuck off and stop dumping your horseshit.

>> No.15519342

>image spam until this thread died.
Why would you do that? The people who posted in the beginning are clearly not around anymore.

>> No.15519350

How about no.

Fuck off with this Pony shit, I feel like spamming images just for this thread to fucking die.

Fuck off to /co/ or /b/ if you want to talk Ponies.

>> No.15519355


but /tg/ is filled with folks who like hyper masculinity and dislike being associated with anything that might possibly be seen as unmanly.

i mean just look at all the shit storms over roll playing the opposite sex.

even when done well people complain about it.

netrage kekkaku

even captcha sees it.

>> No.15519356

I like to entertain the idea of castes between the races. Magic wielders on top, those with flight below them and the earthbound forced to do the manual labor. Dragons, once fearful, are exotic pets, like crocodiles, and are released when too old/big to handle. It's all kinds of neat if you tear off the sugar coating and replace it with a high-fantasy gloss.

>> No.15519359

I am around, and I assure you if I see Images I am spamming some shit of my own just to get rid of you Pony fucking assholes.

>> No.15519360

>/tg/ actually introduced me to MLP.
Same here, and I'm always down when it comes to speculating about a setting.

>> No.15519361

how about you stop posting in threads you hate and let us elegan/tg/entlemen who enjoy the setting have our own thread.

there's 149 other threads out there, i'm sure you'll find one you enjoy.

>> No.15519366

Watching a show about pink ponies is one thing, obsessing about it so you need to write up PnP so you can live out pretending to be a Pink pony is another, get some help furfag, masculinity has nothing to do with it.

>> No.15519375

>Having to scroll a few more pixels down the front page makes me so mad.
How hard is it to ignore one goddamn thread? It's turned into pony pnp discussion, because that's what the posters in here wanted it to be repurposed for. At least it's fucking /tg/ related.

>> No.15519376

They argued something similar in /co/. However, the unicorns we've seen seem to have some mental issues, like OCD. And while powerful, most are limited to certain areas.

>> No.15519380

Because allow ponies outside of /co/ and /b/ general is against the rules.

and I am sick of seeing this shit posted fucking everywhere. fuck off to the general threads if you want to talk Pony.

>> No.15519381


You say that but you forget that 40k used to be about some wierd and funny ass shit, like Space Marines and their dancing.

>> No.15519384

Indeed good sir.

However many preceding posts in this thread were quite derogative in nature.

And judging by what is written in the sticky, you have the mod's blessing or perhaps indifference, to post threads about My Little Pony so long as the content is board related.

I would hate to see such a rare privilege go to waste. This opportunity may not come again if spoiled.

>> No.15519385

>Watching a show about blood thirsty barbarians is one thing, obsessing about it so you need to write up PnP so you can live out pretending to be a Murderous barbarian is another, get some help savage, masculinity has nothing to do with it.

i honestly don't fucking see any difference.

>> No.15519392

>Playing a game about huge genetically engineered saviours of mankind who spit acid is one thing, writing up PnP so you can live out pretending to be a Space Marine is another, get some help insecure 12 year old, masculinity has nothing to do with it.

Masculinity has everything to do with it, dipshit. I don't even support this whole "let's turn ponies into PnP" thing or find it appealing but if you're seriously going to argue over this, you're just completely daft. Which makes me daft too, but hey, I got nothing better to do.

>> No.15519394


You know there are tools out there that make it possible to HIDE threads right? So you never have to see them again? So you can just ignore it when its something you don't like? Yeah, maybe you should get one. Sage for not-related

>> No.15519395

That would actually make a lot of sense. I wouldn't be surprised if old Celly had to keep a tight hand on the common to keep the society from collapsing into a big race-class struggle.

>> No.15519397


The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519404

I should've added that Unicorns have their caste system, much like the Tau, while the other two breeds take care of their own thing.

>> No.15519407

Not who you responded to...but admitting you're daft won't help your argument any...

>> No.15519408

Listen up fuckstain I shall type it one more time so your retarded brain can see it again.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/.

>> No.15519410

I can see where you are coming from here, but with respect, fuck you. I'll talk about what I like so long as it is /tg/ related, and you can feel free to do the same in other threads.

Anyway, some guy has a small series of Blog posts showing how he thinks MLP has some similarities to a D&D campaign, and puts some thought into what the main characters' D&D classes would be. Might be an interesting read for some.


>> No.15519421

My very favorite thing about My Little Pony is how much is pisses off some people. I mean, for some I'm worried that they'll get an aneurysm from it.

But yeah, the fandom sucks.

>> No.15519431

You can see where I am coming from.... but are such an arrogent dickshit that you ignore everything and fucking up /tg/ more.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519435

One more for the pathfinder series. They statted Rainbow Dash.

>> No.15519438

Hey, thanks for the bumps, bro. I'm glad all my brony friends can see it so maybe someone can post a Fluttershy clopfic and maybe I can cum all over my keyboard thinking about her candy-filled vagina. She is my waifu, after all.

>> No.15519442

I say the sergal has a point.
While this particular thread started off pretty much as bad as one can, but for the first time I've seen in 4chan, there was a glimpse of an actually interesting MLP related discussion.

>> No.15519443

Captcha ate my pic.

>> No.15519444

It turns into these threads. And just a few post in another thread turns it into these threads. It's western fucking touhou shit. It turns every thread it touches into a pile of shit.

>> No.15519455

so far none of your post have been /tg/ related, all its been are complaints

if anything you're even more off topic than most of the pony rpg posters.

you're doing /tg/ less of a favor than anyone else.

i will agree that OP was a fag, but thats always the case.

>> No.15519457

And what reason is behind such an xenophobic and abhorrent policy other then pure ad hominem?

Surely law enforcement and the dispersal of appropriate penalties is within the jurisdiction of the mods and mods alone.

You may have an opinion in this regard, but the mods have the final say, I'm afraid.

>> No.15519462

Thats all fine and dandy, but it's in the wrong place.

You have to be cruel to be kind, Ponyfags need to fuck off to their own threads.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519468

A reverse troll?

By the way, MLP might be the closest you get to a DnD cartoon. Hydras and Cockatrices, and world-ending BBEGs.

>> No.15519474

PA forum image?

>> No.15519476

>The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys
This is actually exactly on the point. The problem is that not everyone wants to talk about fucking ponies, which is the only subject discussed in aforementioned threads.

>> No.15519477


Sorry to burst your bubble bro, but this thread is gunna speed to ruin because of underage faggots like


But I suppose it could have been a great thread, I mean fuck I actually WANT to play a MLP P&P, for the chance that it wouldn't be all gray, dark, gray, dark, gray, SUDDENLY RED! rinse and repeat. Sometimes I just want to play a lighthearted game in a setting designed for lighthearted games, but I suppose that is too much to ask for huh?

>> No.15519485

Then I shall take my right of an opinion and kindly tell you ponyfags to get back to /co/ and /b/

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519491

>discussion about how to incorporate fictional characters from another medium into a PnP RPG
>not /tg/ related
There's like a dozen of these threads a day at least, dude.

>> No.15519496

again, not the one you're responding to, but acting so amazingly vexed over this won't help sway anyone to your cause.

Pony raids are fairly annoying, true. Discussion of the show outside of a related board is bothersome, true.
But if you bother to read the last dozen or so posts that aren't arguing with you, you'll see /tg/ related content pertaining to ponies has been posted and discussed. The comparison of ponies and d&d has been discussed. General /tg/ related items are being talked about and if you would stop your ceaseless whining you'd see that.

God that took forever to type...everything decided to update at this exact moment, for some reason..

>> No.15519497

It's a bit like saying /v/ is for video games. Yeah the pony general sounds like it's there to talk about the show, but unless you're into godawful fanfiction and bestiality, there's little point posting there.

Even so, spilling over into over boards rarely ends well.

>> No.15519500

MLP can get pretty dark. Both G1 and FiM had their hands in the Monster Manual. G! has tons of episodes that start off super girly, only to have a mind control bird and a succubus show up 3 minutes later.

>> No.15519501


Too bad, because Ponys are not /tg/ just slapping some shit together in Pathfinder doesn't make it count.

It can go from somewhat /tg/ related banter then it'll drift to the characters then /tg/ gets shitposting from the brony fanbase and we see this pathetic shit all over the board.

You have your places to talk about it, it's on /co/ and /b/

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/

>> No.15519502

So question. Has anyone here actually RAN an MLP themed RP game?

I did, it was pretty fun! Easy to plan for because I just tossed out problems and let the players figure out how to work around them using their character's talents, no combat except for a bit of verbal sparring with the city guards at the start (I'm starting to notice an anti-authoritative streak in most of my players that I'm gonna have to take advantage of one of these days). I'm reasonably sure none of my players were masturbating under the table or anything, it was just the usual goofy shit that happens when I run a game where they pretend to be dwarf fighters and elf wizards, or pokemon trainers, or wuxia kung fu monks, or sentient computer programs.

>> No.15519506


I shall repeat my earlier comment, as in >>15519394


Again, sage for my comment not being related.

>> No.15519507

I'm sure Adventure Time is closer, if not a little bit on the surreal side of things.

In fact most of the cartoons that /co/ had the pleasure or displeasure of enjoying all have very strong Dungeon and Dragon influences.

Indeed many of them even have whole episodes or references that pay homage to the classic role playing game.

>> No.15519511

That's why I said a glimpse, but those few posts made my night nevertheless.

>> No.15519518

Yep, good eye you got there. I screenshot it from my PM box.

>> No.15519519

which is a shame because there's level headed fans who like the show who want to do more with it but can't because of the pony faggots in /co/ and elsewhere and the anti-pony faggots everywhere else.

Fuck why can't most of my peers grow the fuck up and learn that you get the gay from liking something that's pink and cute.

>> No.15519522

Out of curiosity, how did you convince your friends to roleplay as whimsical cartoon ponies?
Or did you have the fortune to find people who watch FiM but aren't fags?

>> No.15519523


Doesn't excuse Ponyshit outside of /co/ or /b/ so kindly fuck off back there.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519531

I had totally forgotten about Adventure Time, even though I participate in their draw threads.

Though I wonder if Hasbro will let the Hub make a DnD cartoon?

Oh yeah, BESM adaptation.


>> No.15519538

rolled 1, 8 = 9


>> No.15519541

for what?

>> No.15519543


infact if it wasn't for a pony thread i would've never of seen this.


>> No.15519545


i dont think its anything enforced, consider things on earth, there are huge gulfs between peoples of various social strata, and were all practically identical relatively.

then consider life in equestria, where there are clear and definite inequalities in the aptitudes of the three species, pegusi have barely anything to worry about, having a guarenteed niche by dint of their weather control capability, while unicorns are all but guarenteed success and a place in life due to their magic, having a functional advantage over every other species with their capabilities. earth ponies, obviously, have a strong connection with the earth and growing, but that is their lot in life, to be the pillairs that support society, serving for the benefit of those above them.

princess celestia is, from what i can tell, a benevolent autocrat, who none the less seeks to maintain control over equestrian life. the emphasis on friendship, then, can be seen as a social engineering tool to facilitate harmonious operation in an otherwise unegalitarian state, there is no need to adress any percieved injustices, because the populace is largely unaware of a problem in the first place.

>> No.15519547

Actually I was getting to this with my post about the castes being stripped of their pony layer and replaced with the fantasy gloss...
I had my group roll up low-level characters for a remake of the first two episodes. The players played the main characters unwittingly, though it took a little convincing to get an appropriate spread (i dislike premade characters, mind) I eventually convinced them not to all play melee characters and spread out a bit. Second I added Twilight as a DMPC who acted as guide and quest giver. When everything was said and done, they had a great time...I still don't know how to tell them they were playing through MLP...but I figure they'll figure it out soon enough

>> No.15519551

Nice insult, but I don't give a shit about the show.
I just want Ponyfags to stay where they are supposed to be.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519555

Start your own fucking board. Make a news letter. If you don't like the community you're in get the fuck out of it. We do not have to cater to your small desires that piss and sicken eh majority of us off.

>> No.15519571


Talking about the setting is hardly /tg/ else any fucking story would be /tg/ related. Fuck off back to /co/ and /b/

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519573

I think my players just trust me as a GM, so when I say "hey, lets play a session or two based on that new My Little Pony cartoon," they respond "yeah, sure. We'll give it a shot."

>> No.15519576



I laughed, I really fucking did, the loudest minority is not the majority, its simply the loudest thus you pay more attention to it, in short, shut the fuck up.

>> No.15519583

You still are stupid ponyfaggots shitting up our board, fuck off back to /co/ and /b/ and talk about your shitty fandom there.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519587

You're really sounding like a broken record, son.

>> No.15519590

yeah you don't have to cater to me. in fact i'd prefer to not have to deal with you at all.

so why are you in this thread.

you're such a fucking genius, you should probably just leave.

I'm not posting ponies in your threads, so don't post shit in mine.

>> No.15519603

You are not getting the hint, Pony shit is not for /tg/ it's for /co/ and /b/, push your stupid obsession towards your own kind.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519608

>our board

lol, i've been on /tg/ on day one.
I was in the thread where fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls was first coined.

i remember warhammer wednesdays on /b/ before /tg/ was created and discussing 40k in /m/

this isn't your board. so fuck off.

>> No.15519614

You are posting ponyshit on our BOARD though dickshit.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519616

I don't know if this thread can be saved, but do you guys have opinions on what other species do in the FiMverse?

Is there a Camelstinople?

How about Ibexistan?

And for the barbarians, Ramhalla.

>> No.15519620


I don't even LIKE MLP and I can see that you my troll-spawned friend are the type of person that is ruining not just this board, but ALL OF THEM, and I can't honestly see why you can't be a decent and SLIGHTLY intelligent human being and just fucking off, ignoring the thread, or god's forbid, HIDING the thread. This entire thread, has mostly been made up of several anons who genuinely discussed what *could* be an interesting and fun topic and ONE shitposter, namely you, no really, you are the type of man-child that forced the entire meme of "Stop liking what I don't like".

>> No.15519629

> oh look and me guis, I r oldfag.

I don't give a shit, you are fucking around with Ponies when that shit is NOT supposed to be on this Board.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

Take.The fucking.Hint.

>> No.15519633


i disagree wholeheartedly, talking about settings *is* /tg/.

traditional games, by there very nature, are creative works that, by extension, are enchanced by a large body of experience to derive inspiration from. thus, a wide variety of interests, be they movies, vidya, literature, or otherwise, should not only be tolerated, but encouraged.

if theres one thing that ive learned from /tg/, its the ability to derive entertainment from almost any form of media. how does it happen?


thinking is fun, and overthinking things is a time honored /tg/ tradition, regardless of the subject matter.

>> No.15519635

Ponies suck!!!! Go to randum/b/ to post yur ponies!

>> No.15519638

The native deericans and the inibou of the far north.

the sub species that celestia's armies hope to enslave, as they are doing to the bufalo and the bison

>> No.15519641

I've put some speculation into it. I like to assume the zebras fucnction like a warlock society...but a little nicer. I'll have to read a few spatbooks to get a better grasp on warlocks in general, thoughl....never tried them.
Alright...son. This is what you do:
Get Greasemonkey
Get 4chanx
Get that filter

You are now poni-free...god you're dense.

>> No.15519652

Yeah could have sworn I saw that picture when I was logged into the forum.

>> No.15519654

we'll, i can't believe it, this is the first time i've ever used my post filter.

filtering out ponyfuckers?

makes this thread look like /tg/ again.

>> No.15519655


Oh, so we should just let all the touhou people into the board? Perhaps I shall start a video game thread to talk about the SETTING. Perhaps I shall start a thread about Jersey Shore for the SETTING.

It;s a slippery fucking slope, and ponyfags will take a mile for every inch.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519677

This is my feeling right here dickshit.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfuckers?

>> No.15519683

If you were to incorporate other, intelligent species similar to the cows in that one episode, the zebra, and uh, that one griffon, you'd probably need to explain why they never show up much (or at all) in any of the MLP towns. Is the Pony part of Equestria really isolated from the other kingdoms? Harsh immigration? The towns that they've shown so far just aren't very cosmopolitan?

Also, do these other species recognize Celestia as their Goddess, controlling the sun's flight across the sky or do they have their own myths (mythological figures?) who they believe moves the Sun and such?

I'd really rather not go to /b/, thanks all the same.

>> No.15519689


Forgive me, I am tired or just lacking in the mental department, but I can't tell what you mean, are you saying that you filtered out the shitposting, or the genuine discussion? Both can be attributed to looking and feeling like /tg/, Sage for off-topic.

>> No.15519692

There's d&d stuff for touhou, actually.
If anyone ever tried d20 modern I'm sure there could be a guido(am I spelling that right) run...horrible as it may be...body oil everywhere...

Say..you don't have a shaved head, do you? Just curious. You name start with an M?

>> No.15519701

too bad.. fuck off where Ponies are supposed to be.

The /co/ and /b/ general threads are for fucking Ponys, keep your horseshit out of /tg/ how hard is that to understand Ponyfags?

>> No.15519706


Senator McCarthy, I didn't know you were a fan of traditional games!

>> No.15519718

I never understood the hate on Touhou. What happened? It seems like it's just a mishmash of Japanese mythologies. Though I laugh at the idea of hell being broke.

From the intro, it looks like Equestria is rather mountainous, making getting in rather difficult, plus the Everfree forest that vomits the entire Monster Manual.

I'd say that Celestia is a regional sun deity, with other areas having their own spirits in charge of the sun and moon.

>> No.15519722

lol i can't see my post, i'm disappointed that of all boards i had to start filtering in my 6 years of 4chan, it had to be /tg/. Man i can't believe it.

I filtered out the shitposter who keeps spamming his shit about pony's being not related to /tg/ which i actually agree with.

but we're talking about a pony rpg here. which is valid.

I like to think that equestria is a civilized kingdom, with either a demi-god or a true god leading them.

the other sentients might have their own gods for their own processes. and their own societies on the earth.

perhaps their leaders are just other aspects of the pantheon. (dragons are lords of fire, buffalo the lords of the desert)

equestria is one of the more powerful nations because of its day/night cycle god.

>> No.15519724

Not at all, I have long hair and I am not so much a "neo nazi" as you are assuming me to be but someone who is just so fucking tired of the ponies faces showing up everywhere.

But ponyfags need to learn their place, because if they are allowed one inch, they will shit up this board with their crappy discussions.

>> No.15519735

If ever that forest spawns any kind of ooze, undead or aberration I'll shit a golden brick.

>> No.15519736

Actually, /tg/ would be a better place for us to have our world-building discussions. I'd count on the mod banning the pornographers to make it better.

>> No.15519750


Pony RPG is still pony, so fuck off back to /co/ and /b/ and maybe you should filter out the shit THEY post instead of fucking over /tg/

and touhou started the very same way as what is happening here, then it fell down to touhou images being posted constantly.

>> No.15519752

Im actually running D&D Style MLP game for my Group.

We are having a blast with what Im calling Puzzles and Ponies.

You can get the book here, its very well put together like an official SW product. 60+ Pages. Images from the show and some fan made art.

>> No.15519767

Nothing about nazis, you just sound like a friend of mine who speaks almost exactly as you are now when he's pissed. He also browses /tg/ so I'd be really humored if you were him.

>> No.15519768

i'll eat my own foot if you ever see more than two pony rpg threads on the front page at any time... heck i'd say two threads in the entirety of /tg/.

people won't come here for ponies, they'll stay in /co/ you're just being paranoid.

and there's 149 other threads. if you can't find one you like then maybe you're on the wrong board. and if it makes you so angry then why stick to one thread.

i don't understand you... like at all.

i don't really enjoy warmachine... but i don't post that in their threads. I don't think threads about dwarf fortress are /tg/ related, but i don't shit up their threads.

god damn.

>> No.15519775

Not the point. /co/ and /b/ are for ponies, those are the rules. The copypasted horses stay there.

now I have stopped that copy pasted lower paragraph because I assume the same people here have seen my stance on the subject.

>> No.15519787

It WAS getting kinda annoying to read the same line over and over.

>> No.15519794

because it would be a slippery slope, truely it would be. If they caught wind of it all the "bronies" would flock to it and then you have your ideas and the board ruined, a no tolerance policy is better than that.

>> No.15519795

There is nothing currently up stating that you cannot post this on /tg/.

Are you frustrated, _________fucker?
                              (your fetish)

There was a shitstorm way back when.

Don't know the details, but seems that folks like the rather frustrated man here must have done it.

It shits magical beasts, and abberations and oozes aren't too far out there. Undead? Possibly.

>> No.15519796


its not a slippery slope at all, the difference is intelect.

theres nothing stoping someone from say filling in the blanks of a setting or situation based on information he already has (world building), or perhaps considering how a entity or group of entities may act out events within the setting, or how they themselves might act, or even what the thought process of a given character has as it goes through an act. i do this all the time, and it is imo one of the best ways to continue to enjoy a creative work long after its initial experience.

somtimes the simplistic environs are the most fun, not only for the challenge and the journy of creating details that fit cohesively, it also allows one to use elements that appeal to them most ideally, (aslong as it fits, of course)

hopefuly you see my point by now, i realise what you are trying to do, but i have reasonable cause to assume most /tg/ goers are somewhat more enlightened then the average internet user, not being satisfied simply with smut (not that theres anything wrong with it, just not for its own sake.)

also, i want to point out that your argument is using the subjectivity of taste as a talking point, which ultimately dosent work in your favor, just fyi

so yeah, go ahead and make that video game thread, if you think there are compelling elements worthy of discourse and consideration.

>> No.15519797

get it where?

>> No.15519800


Dude bro, if your tired then get greasemonkey, and HIDE THE THREAD as has been mentioned SEVERAL FUCKING TIMES, instead of failing at ruining a somewhat decent thread that is actually related why don't you do the INTELLIGENT and SENSIBLE thing and hide it? But I suppose you won't respond because you are a close-minded fucknugger who has nothing better to do than take his insecurity out on things he doesn't like, I live in fucking Kentucky, I see ENOUGH of that and would rather not see it in one of my sanctuaries.

>> No.15519806

great, now my filters not working.

could you please start posting that second line again, i don't want to read your post.

>> No.15519807

MLP as an RPG?
It does work. There were a group of girls who were interested in getting into a fantasy rpg, so i retrofitted MLP:FiM's first two episodes and characters into D&D 4e (lol it sucks. etc)

Just handed them the premade characters (name changed to obscure their true identity) and followed the basic premise of the first two episodes and they really liked it. None of them have figured out what I stole stuff from and they seemed happy with their characters, so I'm making actual plots and stuff for them now.

>> No.15519813

Now you know how I feel when I see the same things popping up over and over again.

you people don't seem to get it but there WILL be a sippery slope, the same way furries rush to anything showing a furry the same thing will happen here.. it'll be touhou all over again.

>> No.15519821


forgot the link.


also Ponies would be such an issue if people didn't have such a conniption. Seriously some people only do it for the rise they get out of people.

We are also using the custom pony maker from here.

>> No.15519831

I should not have to edit what I do just because you do not post where you are supposed to.

as an Idea, why don't you make your OWN board instead of posting here?

>> No.15519849

Zombies were mentioned at one point, I think. It's not out of the question that there's other things like that. I'm personally hoping for a Medusa type of being.

>> No.15519852

Well.../technically/ the ponies have two boards of their own...

>> No.15519853

They already got something that turns shit to stone.

>> No.15519854

>ponyfags bawwwing about persecution
Your tears are delicious. But the rest of your unwashed moronic hides are not.

>> No.15519856

Arrogance because I do not follow some stupid fandom of yours and I am loathe to see it thrown up all over the boards like some foul 6 year olds pre-digested birthday cake.

>> No.15519865


The question is bro, why don't we ALL make OUR OWN BOARD and stop posting here? I'm sure you would be happy as a child on his first trip through Disney World if you had your own personal board to complain about all the things you dislike, while we will have our board and discuss things YOU don't like and turn it into something worthwhile. Like, I don't know, Car Lesbians? Big Motherfucking Crab Truckers? ADEva?

>> No.15519871

And instead they post here, hence why I am so annoyed.

>> No.15519872

but they weren't. Before that guy this was a meta/pony thread that was turning into a fluff-making thread...

>> No.15519874

you're such a fucking hypocrite its hilarious.

>Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases,
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.
>If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on this website, discontinue browsing immediately.

>> No.15519878

So is /v/ wearing braces, or are his teeth just that disgusting? It's hard to tell

>> No.15519883

You mean their accurate (albiet if small) cockatrice.

like the one gw just released (which might fit into my equestria themed bretonnian army.)

>> No.15519887

because it will become /vp2.0/

>> No.15519896

The "cock-a-thingie". Cockatrice. That was a pretty excellent episode since Twilight got her shit turned to stone and woulda been done for if Fluttershy didn't man the fuck up and save everyone. Really drove home that Everfree forest is fuckin dangerous as hell.

Also, saw someone in /co/ refer to it as an "furry-fied medusa" and had a very small fa/tg/uy rage.

>> No.15519897

You assume I am under 18 years old. Thats cute.

It seems you are getting angry because I want you to just fuck off and follow the rules.

Deal with it.

>> No.15519905

Thats what you get for dealing with this fandom, done fuck up our board with it.

>> No.15519908


He has a point bro, your being a rules hypocrite because you are in fact, trolling and shitposting.

>> No.15519910

>Big Motherfuckin' Crab Truckers
Oh, man, that shit is amazing.

That cockatrice was a pussy. He got beaten in a fucking staring contest.

Go home, Servine.

What rules are we breaking, sir?

Please post them.

>> No.15519912

Guys, the show is good. Is it good enough to be as popular as it is? Probably not. The MLP fanbase is defined by a very vocal(and perverted) minority.

>> No.15519917

trolling means I am trying to get a raise out of them.

I am truthfully telling them just to fuck off back to /co/ and /b/ because the mod isn't doing his job.

>> No.15519920

I was talking in reference to the greek style building (and occasional dress I guess) of Cloudsdale. It would just seem fitting to have some greek legends (like the hydra) fitting in somewhere.

>> No.15519926

i'm actually disappointed that you're 18.
You don't show any maturity. I would've been happier had you been underaged, it would've explained a lot.

now i'm just... i guess disappointed.

oh by the way this thread is auto saging, so if you leave now you don't have to deal with us ever again and we can have our hour of discussion until the thread gets pruned and we'll both win.

or you can stay keep ruining the thread and my thirst for pony rpg material will go unquenched requiring another thread....


your choice.

>> No.15519929


Posting MLP related things outside of /co/ and /b/

and as you can see by the servine tripfag, the ponyfags congragate.

Proof enough already.

>> No.15519935


You are still shitposting, and your entire thing? With the attempt at intelligent rebuttal? Yeah, it loses meaning when you aren't smart enough to not bump the thread. I don't like MLP, I don't hate it, but constantly looking at the front page and seeing -you- is really starting to rustle my jimmies,

>> No.15519941

>the ponyfags congragate.
Never mind that this thread was posted on /co/
>Proof enough already.
Keep that tinfoil hat on, gramps.

>> No.15519944

You don't actually think you're going to succeed though, do you? Do you really think all the ponyfags in this thread are going to collectively slap their heads after your nth post and shout to themselves, "my god, he's right! What kind of monster am I?" and promptly continue their discussion elsewhere?

Just report the thread and move on, the only person you are making a fool of is yourself.

>> No.15519946

They did have a hydra.

>> No.15519948

increasing the postcount till it autosages was my plan all along.

I wanted this thread gone.

and talking about maturity when a generic child's show is the basis of this argument is folly.

>> No.15519952

hmm, nah

>> No.15519957

Rainbow Dash is often portrayed as Hermes, namely on the last episode and the fashion show episode.
Pretty cool to see that type of stuff, actually.

>> No.15519960

Yeah, I was referencing the hydra as part of the Greek mythology.

>> No.15519964

So the thread was linked to a co thread... and you don't call that an invitation for the bronies to march down here with horse-fleshlights in hand?

>> No.15519965

That, in neither /tg/, /co/, /b/, or the global rules, is stated.

Post the actual rules stating this isn't allowed, and give links/source.

Just leave now, and don't whine any more. Best to be thought a fool then to speak and confirm it.

That 'nah' on staying here, I would hope.

>> No.15519969

i can't believe you had so little to do that you spent so much time in a thread you hated just so you could post more in it.

AHAAHAHA god thats hilarious. thats quite possibly the dumbest plan i ever heard.

why spend your time angry... jesus. you could've been actually contributing to /tg/ instead of shitting it up.

>> No.15519971

No, you idiot.
By constantly posting you cause others to respond. Others who don't sage to keep from bumping. You perpetuated this thread by causing this shitstorm, where it may have simply faded from lack of interest. It was a meta thread, if you know any thing of meta threads you would know they don't last long unless they become /tg/ related somehow. this one wasn't and was doomed until you began giving everyone a reason to continue posting. I was on a homestuck general until you showed up. I would have lost interest and return.

>> No.15519977

And it didn't happen.
Dodged a bullet there, as it was a sure thing that was going to happen with your logic.
Must be a one in a billion chance.
Everyone go get those lotto tickets!

>> No.15519979

did they?

>> No.15519981

If it's not posted in the rules, then I shall hound it whenever I see it personally.

Because it's filth, and should fuck off to whatever spawns it.

I am not a fool, just a person who is sick of seeing these furry-attracting ponies.

>> No.15519985


Y'see your plan is already invalid, because some anons have started to actually discuss a P&P game of MLP already, and that memory will stick, and WILL be brought up later, and the "maturity" thing? You can have "mature" conversations about anything and everything, for instance, you are not being mature in the slightest because of your vaguely retyped attempts at "STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE!" am I being mature right now? Certainly not, because I am responding to you, who is by and far such an obvious blemish on my evening when I could ignore you. Spiteful sage to make my post irrelevent to the count.

>> No.15519987

why do you want me gone? I was thinking of picking up DnD. Thought this board might be a good place to learn more about it.

>> No.15519995

Servine is one of the Ponyfag circlejerkers.. so I belive that bullet hit quite soundly.

>> No.15520001

>i am not a fool

we'll you certainly fooled me. I for sure thought that you had to be borderline retarded.

>> No.15520005

One tripfag is the end of the world to you?
Holy shit, I thought you kids had thicker skin.

>> No.15520006

Furries corrupt everything.
This is a fact of life.
We can't fight it, or we would.

Oh, then keep calm and Gary on.

>> No.15520012

Oh it's great fun, you should give it a try. I personally recommend the older 3.5 edition...just my opinion.

Also thanks for the nightmare moon picture, the one of her ordering pizza on the moon...if it hadn't been wiped out with my hard drive I would post it...

>> No.15520014

Then I shall fuck up whatever thread they start again, and again, whenever I see a Pony on /tg/ I will make it my mission to sour whatever thread that talks of them.

until they finally get the hint and go back to the Pony generals.

>> No.15520015


>> No.15520018

Dnd is a great starting point.

the best thing to do when you're just starting out is to be a bit more relaxed and just think of it more of a story than a game.

focus more on the role than play. you'll have more fun when you get into character.

>> No.15520019

Like I said, Slippery slope.

>> No.15520024

SO /tg/, what type of system do you guys think would be best to handle a MLP RPG? My players have been looking for something that is "Lighthearted and bright" but have strong undercurrents of "Dangerous and sometimes bleak" I was thinking just the basic D&D rules or possibly Pathfinder.

>> No.15520027

lol great.

could you please adopt a trip code.

i'll be able to tell which post are yours anyways but a tripcode will make it easier for me to filter you out, and i'll enjoy knowing that you're wasting all your time doing something you hate.

ah... its like trolling without the work.

>> No.15520033

You know...this path you take will only lead to the spawning of more pony fans...with continued exposure you will only allow more people to see it and gain interest. By bumping threads with your drivel you extend their lives. You are your own damnation.

>> No.15520034

Noted. Thank ya

oh I would avoid posting ponies here. From what I've heard the mod passes out bans like hotcakes for posting ponies. It's on my DA if you want to get it again

ok. Thanks for the advice

>> No.15520040

Why would I use a tripcode? It makes me it harder to act like how bronies act towards any other thread.

>> No.15520043

honestly i'd go more rules light. but i'm not experience enough with any system to definitely say.

if you're going to do pathfinder you can use the race sheets posted earlier in the thread.

>> No.15520045

I heard of a FATE system I intend to google later...

>> No.15520046

So, you're saying that posting a reaction image that just happens to contain ponies means you'll derail it, no matter the actual subject matter of the post?

You seem


That it is, Jimmy Fuklaw.
The local Slaneeshi cult is throwing a party on Sunday.

>> No.15520050

Well damn, that looks pretty spiffy.

Just started reading but, having never read or played anything Savage Worlds related before, I'm liking this thing's style.

Wonder if I can convince my players to let me run another couple sessions of MLP RP, and if I should continue from where we left off last time or start a new campaign with new characters.

>> No.15520051


So the plot outline for my group is that they want to join the local adventurers guild.

But to do so they have to Earn the money for a trial fee, which they can only do if they pool their funds and join as a team.

The Trial to join is completing a stocked dungeon. The Ponies dont know its a stocked dungeon however. They will be sent to some old ruins outside of town by the guild master. The ruins have the reputation of being haunted of course. Now the dungeon is actually maintained a run by a young dragon similar to spike. Hes called Quiz. He loves puzzles and such. So besides the Slimes (dosed with sleepy time tea to make them less agressive), and Elderly Fire and Zap Lizards (who have weak flame and lighting attacks, they also make 2e Theme D&D Jokes "You call that a reflex save, in my day we had to save vs rods wands and Death) There are a variety of puzzle and riddle rooms. Im trying to work in some rooms where each Pony PC will shine, and rooms where team work is needed.

The End monster will actually be Quiz, inside of a mechanical Beholder, he will spout riddles as he attacks, and for each riddle solved in combat one of the eye stalks will be shut off.

I should mention that is a Fantasy pony Setting, some time in equestrian past.

>> No.15520064


you are a disease, you know how you get compelling content?

*you contribute compelling content*

how can a thing be a shit post, if there are no shit posts?

be enlightened my friend. let your imagination soar, and spread that wonder to others.

>> No.15520066

For a single image, a simple report would do.

But ponies as the subject, I will do everything in my power to make sure you flank licking stooges get annoyed.

>> No.15520086

It can be a shit post containing ponies, when it's not in a /co/ or /b/ general.

>> No.15520116

Speaking from my experience with DRYHooves, I never really went full on grimdark with the game, just kept things tense. My players knew the rules were all about their characters slowly going insane so they were terribly careful with everything I threw at them.

Got interesting when I started throwing some more dangerous situations at them, evading city guards who wanted to question them a bit too much for their comfort, crossing a melt-swollen river, surviving a flash flood, and so on. With these they were so focused on not having the "bad thing" happen to their character they were pretty reckless with their dice (which is exactly how you go REALLY crazy in DRYH). I found the whole thing pretty cool, they all got really attached to their characters, in a good way.

>> No.15520128

>Reporting someone over a perfectly allowed reaction image

That's abusing the report feature, and thus against the rules.

>Mechanical Beholder

>> No.15520138

So, you will blatantly troll a thread?
The mods must love you.

>> No.15520145

sounds cool.

i'm sad i don't even have a dm much less a dm who'd run a pony campaign.

>> No.15520147

Hasn't got be banned yet has it?

If you need to use reaction images from purely that show like I have seen other tripfags/namefags use, then you clearly are a brony and need to get a frontal lobotamy.

>> No.15520156


the show is pretty good, phenomenal considering its namesake. decently funny, very charming, and lots of quite varied characters.

the fandom is utter garbage. Furfags, closet furfags everwhere. people making shitty original characters and writing horrible fanfiction about how their character bones their favorite main pony. it's cringe-worthy to the nth degree.

however sturgeon's law applies. 10% of it is pretty good. a few fanfictions are unique, original, and well written. some original characters are designed to fit the tone's visual style and characters perfectly, and some of the art is very well done.

but, again, the rest is shit

>> No.15520165

Oh no, slippery slope.
I stole his line. Fuckin witty.

>> No.15520167

Well I have not been banned since, and if the mods back a bunch of furries... well it shows how far 4chan and /tg/ has fallen.

>> No.15520181


Trust me, get Savage worlds (good for all kinds of simple yet fun games and it will only cost you 10$)
and get the MLP:SW world setting. Simple fun, robust magic system, and The Earth and Pegasus ponies each have a Edge line that gives them buffs and powers that Unicorns cant get.

Again the MLP:SW book is here.
Very well made book to.

>> No.15520188

And none of it should be outside /co/ and /b/.
maybe the furfags need to get less bent about it and be with their own kind.

>> No.15520194


>when it's not in a /co/ or /b/ general.

genetic fallacy, try again

>> No.15520196

Then take it to a Pony general furfag.

>> No.15520205

Nope, it could be good pony content by pony general standards. but outside of them, it's pony garbage and needs to go right back into the cesspit.

>> No.15520226


Im liking something you don' like.
Its a silly fun thing. There is no name you can call me that can magically make not enjoy it. My friends and have fun with it, we are enjoying the Table top version.
Friendship is Magic.

>> No.15520232

Hello /tg/
You always were the best board


>> No.15520233

Lot of Pony games I hear of take on a "ye olde fantasy" style. Makes for fun times trying to figure out exactly how they efficiently get armor on or wield weapons if they don't have Unicorn telekinesis handy.

One game I was in, the GM gave my characters a leather "shoe" that had a curved blade worked into the front so you could cut someone open when you kicked them. Pretty nasty weapon, in retrospect.

>> No.15520239

Can you actually go to any current rules page and find, specifically where it states pony-based /tg/ can't be posted on /tg/?

>> No.15520241



but, ill humor you. you are intimating that the location of a thing has definit bearing on its qualities, which is irrelevant.

>> No.15520249

If you take money out of the bank it is just useless paper.

>> No.15520261

I asked that already.

He's got nothing.

>Refer to image.

>> No.15520262

By the opinions of others, it can be correct.

Amercians love the american flag, but I doubt it is as popular in say china.

furfags might love the chance to play as a pony, but right here, right now, it's fucking shit and needs to be removed.

>> No.15520293

>American flag.
I hear it's popular as fuck in the middle east.

>> No.15520294

Objectively yes.

But subjectively no.

as for those asking for rules, there is a reason why ponythreads must be kept in /co/ and /b/ generals, just because the rules are not updated doesn't mean they are not there.

>> No.15520298


you are grasping at straws, you cant pick and choose details to respond to that you like. the salient point is the fact that your assertion that context is equvalent to content, is wrong.

>> No.15520314

So you say my opinion is wrong because... it's wrong? sure buddy now you are just acting like a fucking retard.

>> No.15520320

You would make a compelling lawyer.

>> No.15520330

just because the rules don't say what i want them to say, doesn't mean the might not possibly say what i think they might say in the future, so you better watch out.

i'll wait until the rules update, but until then the only person who's break the rules is you.

>> No.15520345

You would make a convincing dumbass.

take money out of the bank, it's worthless paper.

but that paper can be worth more in some countries than others.

Subjective worth. so fuck your little pedantic word games.

>> No.15520355

Sure, start a pony general thread of /tg/ then.

>> No.15520358


this has nothing to do with opinion, cant you read?

>It can be a shit post containing ponies, when it's not in a /co/ or /b/ general.

>when it's not in a /co/ or /b/ general.

>genetic fallacy, try again.

A=A, regardless of where in time or space it is existing, location is irrelevant.

>> No.15520374

that would be against the rules as it's off topic.

its why i choose to post in this RPG thread. which just so happens to be about ponies.

which is within the rules.

>> No.15520392

Very well, I typed something wrong, regardless, this shit does not belong outside of /co/ and /tg/ pony generals.

>> No.15520399

>/tg/ pony generals.

>> No.15520405

This guy is telling you to stop liking what he doesn't like.

Let's all just ignore him and hide his posts.

>/tg/ pony generals


>> No.15520407

Still off topic, because it's about ponies.

it belongs on /co/ and /b/

>> No.15520412

finally you agree..


now we can get to civil discussion.

>> No.15520413

And you don't belong out of bed this late at night, little boy. Run along now.

>> No.15520417

go complain about this thread then. its pretty much as /tg/ related as this.


>> No.15520420

Yes.. lets just fuck /tg/ up more with our furry shit.

if monster girls are not allowed, then ponies are not.

>> No.15520431

>Off topic only because of the fact that it has ponies.
Fucking solid logic here.

>> No.15520435

Then don't post ponies and I will.

>> No.15520443

well, it's exactly true.

explain why monster girls are not allowed them?

>> No.15520448

My word, do IQ's just drop suddenly?
Look, nothing wrong with a pony game.
I say GO FOR IT.
If anon doesn't like it, well he can rightly go fuck off.

In /tg/ there are games we like, games we prefer, games we enjoy, and games we hate.
But we post them all here, and talk about all of them in a non trolling manner. Even if the OP posts a troll image and we turn it into a discussion.
That's what we do here. You give us a topic, and we run off the rails with it. JUST like in a real game when the gm railroad trolls try to herd us along int he story, we derail it and go on our own tangents.

If at any point in time you don't agree with me, you can post so. But by continuously trying to force your opinions on the rest of us, you make yourself an ass.

Quit it.

>> No.15520452

>tabletop RPG thread
>not /tg/

Your words, man.

It's only furry shit when furries go and corrupt it.

Fucking furries.

But that's a ragefest for another day.

>> No.15520457

fuck off dickshit. You may want ponyfaggots to invade this board with image macros and shit under the guise of "Pony RPG" but I don't want to see that shit here.

>> No.15520459

but if we keep it in the thread that is /tg/ and pony related and keep them away from everywhere else, what should you care?

>> No.15520463

>only RPG when forced
>totally legit.

So logically I can post decapitated and mutilated ponies because it's pony related in /co/ threads right?

>> No.15520470

to keep faggots like you out.

>> No.15520476

but I have done nothing to warrant your hate...

>> No.15520482

Circlejerking Brony tripfag. thats enough to warrent my hate.

>> No.15520485


association fallacy, try again.

look, i realise that alot of the fandom surrounding mlp is, well, *defficient*, but that dosent mean there cant be meaningful discussion over a given subject matter, as ive pointed out before.

>> No.15520492

No, because the global rules forbid posting of guro/gore outside of /b/.

Also, have you never seen /tg/ turn around a bad/troll thread? We tried to do that, but you decided that we weren't allowed to like what you didn't, and that fun wasn't allowed.

>> No.15520498


He has been shown to be a circlejerking shitstain, period. Fuck off and kindly take your tripfag with you.

>> No.15520501

>implying I am a brony

I just enjoy the show. I don't make it a life style, but onto a /tg/ related topic.

What are good starter Tabletop RPG games for starters?

>> No.15520503

why do people insist on saying everything to do with ponies on /tg/ is done under the "guise" of an RPG?

I've played a fucking MLP game, I've GM'd an MLP game. Actual, honest to god MLP games that aren't furry bullshit do exist. We should be able to talk about them without you faggots jumping out of the woodwork.

>> No.15520507

Then deal with it that shit should not be on /tg/

I am a reasonable guy but Ponies are ONE thing I will never tolerate to spread like the cancer growth it is.

>> No.15520516

You only showed up when the link to /co/ was made.

nice try brony, fuck off back to thinking about Pony ass.

>> No.15520517


you misunderstand, you are conflating two seperate elements that are distinct from each other, in this case, a creative work, and fans of said creative work.

>> No.15520518

No summer fag.
#1, we post about games here.
#2, there is a pony RPG.
THUSLY, we post about ponies in the relevance of pony rpg.

#3, if you don't like it, well tough titty. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean its a b& /tg/ subject.
You do not get to decide that BTW.
#4, pony general is /co/.
#5, this didn't start out as a pony general. It was a troll thread and segwayed into opinions.

You fuck off chucklefuck.

>> No.15520524

i can't believe we're still trying to save this thread from a single troll.

IN /tg/ of all places.

god damn.

/tg/ the place that brought us Dive into the sky the strike witches RPG. (which might actually be good for an all pegasus quest)

ah well, there's always next thread.

see you fellow true elegan/tg/entlmen in the next thread. perhaps in a few hours after the trolls bed time...

>> No.15520526

Anything with a good GM who knows what he's doing.

If you're gonna be the GM in question, then uh good luck. Look at some popular stuff like D&D 3.5 and 4, Shadowrun I guess? Maybe Risus if you think rules light might be your bag.

>> No.15520532

Fuck all your shit, Pony belongs on /co/ and /b/

go be butthurt somewhere else that you can't talk about roleplaying your own little sparkle horse brony.

>> No.15520540

Pokemon Tabletop Adventures never had to deal with this much shit.

>> No.15520546

You keep using the same statement over and over. Like if you repeat it enough it will become law.

>> No.15520550


/tg/ is too forgiving thats why, Ponies should fuck off back to /co. and /b/

>> No.15520555

>I am a reasonable guy

once again you coul've fooled me. Nothing you said has been remotely reasonable, or logical for that matter.

>> No.15520556

Well.. guess what you brainless retard, you don't seem to get it.


get it now you dumb little fucktard?

>> No.15520557



on model or humanized is law, morphing is no es bueno.

>> No.15520561


It would help lower the butthurt in this thread.

So if we brought in everything but ponies you hated, and we would either merge everything you hated and unleash it onto the net, or ponies, what would you pick?

We're fickle, here. We either fix the thread or fall.

Discussion of this goes there when related to the board.

Nobody plays it, do they?

>> No.15520562

Eh, nope.

>> No.15520572

what the fuck is the point reasoning with Bronies and dumbasses? they'll just bumblefuck around a nice and calm reason and say "OH BUT ITS AN RPG HURR DUUUR."

>> No.15520576

perhaps, but I've been meaning to come here for a while.

besides, you can't judge the community accurately as a whole. You've got to judge the people individually.

It's like saying all pokemon fans are furries or all people who visit /v/ are fat angry neckbeards

It's just one mad anon from what i've seen

>> No.15520584

> i want to make /tg/ shit

/tg/'s forgiving nature and general acceptance of any challenge is what made it a great board.

its ability to turn any troll's remarks into an ontopic thread was what made it nigh untrollable.

but you're quickly turning this place into /v/

a place where everything is hated and people only post negatively.

please PLEASE go back to /v/

>> No.15520587

I hate very few things namefag.

Ponies are among the few things, because they are showing up EVERYWHERE.

>> No.15520595

I hate air.
Shit keeps showing up everywhere.

>> No.15520597


>> No.15520604

You had all the time in the world to come here, bit magically choose when some Ponies are being mentioned.

yes, you are the reason why I fucking hate ponies.

throwing horse shit at everything.

>> No.15520610


what does exposure have to do with anything?

im not nessisarily disagreeing with you, theres only so much you can milk out of a given thing before you run out of stuff to talk about, but a thread every so often would be just fine, theres lots of different things out in the wide world to talk about after all.

>> No.15520616

No once again, fuck your shit.
I'm just going to report you, as a troll, and move on.
I mean, honestly. Only mad here is you.
Good day Limpdick McCumquick.

>> No.15520622


Yeah, all that Touhou shit was amazing fun... oh wait.

it was the most annoying shit to see on this board.

and ponies will become that second due to the frothing retarded furry fanbase.

>> No.15520623


What are you? A hipster?

>> No.15520632

I felt might as well before I forgot. Seriously, calm down and just ignore the things you hate. Hell, /v/ had a pony related vidya thread and took it well, hardly any rage, AND actually talked about the game.

>> No.15520633

I hate matter. It's showing up EVERYWHERE.

"Reality is too mainstream."

He's the kind of person who has psychotic episodes from seeing cute cartoon animals, it seems.

>Hey, why don't we go back to discussing a pony RPG?

>> No.15520635

Because if we talk about a Pony RPG, Pony images will be posted, pony image posted, then Pony image macros start getting posed, then soon it devolves into what bronies do best, circlejerk and spew filth.

>> No.15520640


Sure, why not.

The game I played in, the idea was that Equestria had incredibly shitty historical records. Everything was hearsay, cobbled together myths and stories, and myriad other quite unreliable writings. So, god-queen Celestia decides to start funding some expeditions into the wilderness, seeking out long forgotten ruins, abandoned towns, and long-lost caches of preserved writings and unique items of yore.

So D&D, but with ponies, I suppose!

My character was a Pegasus, "Vigil Lens" a very gloomy, almost Eeyore-like astronomer, chosen for all this Historian stuff because of his thirst for knowledge, cautious nature, and familiarity with celestial patterns, which would be important later.

Game started with him, alone, traveling along the outskirts of Everfree forest, to a small, mountain border town, name escapes me at the moment, to set up a small base of operations.

>> No.15520644

i don't remember touhou shitting up /tg/ as much as it shat up /a/ but then /jp/ came along.

also of course you're going to think its everywhere if you only post in the threads about it.
you do realize if you go to the front page you won't even see this thread any more since its auto saging.

you can go off and actually enjoy /tg/

even if this thread was serious you don't have to even enter it.

and as many said before there's plenty of easy extensions available that can hide threads.

learn to 4chan.

>> No.15520650

You assume my written angry demeanour reflects my real life state of being.

you really are a thick dumbass.

>> No.15520659

your constant butthurt posting says other wise

for the third time

you could've fooled me.

>> No.15520660

I am not installing anything.

YOU fuck off.

>> No.15520676

Seems easy to fool you, not every writes down how they feel directly into words.

I enjoy embelishing my anger because it gets a point across better.

>> No.15520689

What point was that, exactly.
The narrow minded douche?

>> No.15520691

4chan+ and the firefox extension (available on this very site) http://www.4chan.org/tools/

if you can't install a simple extension that helps all your browsing then my god. you must be a masochist because un upgraded 4chan is woefully outdated.

look man i'm just trying to help you actually enjoy your life in a way that also allow us to enjoy ours. i don't want you to get an aneurysm when you're 25 (or maybe i do the way you post)

>> No.15520693

You're failing in that regard.

All I see is someone bitching that people shouldn't discuss things you don't like.

>> No.15520696

You've wasted several hours of your life raging at some people trying to like something you don't like and coming up with every excuse, acting like some fucking conspiracy theorist who 'know the EVIL ponyfags are HERE UNDER THE GUISE OF /tg/ RELATED MATERIAL to DESTROY US ALL! DESTROY US ALL! DESTROY US ALL!

What are you doing here, on a friday of all days, if you're not an insecure fuck in real life?

>Continue, this may shift the focus back to what it should be...

>> No.15520699

No, the "not everyone wants your furry fandom crammed down our throats" douche.

bit hard for you to mix them up though I guess right?

>> No.15520701

>being angry gets a point across

actually reasonable arguments, logic and well worded statements work better

crying and being an angry brat makes you look like well.. an little immature brat.

>> No.15520708

Considering you make them sound so alike, yeah.

>> No.15520714

En route (flying high up because he doesn't want none of that dangerous monster action lurking down there) he notes a nice spot to rest his weary wings and eat lunch. A tall pile of rock jutting up from the forest, surrounded by a pleasant clearing that ought to give him a good chance to spot or hear anything trying to get the drop on him.

While munching on oats or whatever it is ponies pack for travel rations, it dawns on him that this pile of rocks is incredibly regular, almost tower-like in design, and that looks an awful lot like a trapdoor over there, leading inside.

Oh boy, his first day on the job and he's already found a lost ruin!

>> No.15520719

Alright namefag, let's see here... have your ponyfag RPG.

Link it to the Pony generals.. and you'll see how much fucking shit it will bring.

hell, you even have a name, you probably circlejerk with them anyway.

>> No.15520728


you realise that the concept of slippery slope is in of itself on shaky grounds logically, the only difference between it an a non-sequitur is anecdotes.

>> No.15520731

Like I said, reasonable discourse and calm manners won't get my point across any better when dealing with bronies, either way they'll say I am "mad"

>> No.15520734

>Link it to the Pony generals

why the hell would we do that.

most of us hate those guys as much as you do.

we just want to sensibly talk about our own RPGs, in a cool setting. Most of those fucks wouldn't even want to come here.

>> No.15520737

The tripfags don't let the lowly namefags in the circlejerks.
They don't even get to be the cracker.

>> No.15520739

>pegasus astronomer
welp there goes my idea.

>> No.15520743

You know you are talking bullshit right? you have already seen one tripfag jump ship over here and this wasn't even advertised fully as a Pony RPG thread.

>> No.15520752

Have you even tried?

>> No.15520756

because this thread was linked to them.

>> No.15520765

because you are.

the reason why your logic won't work because well it doesn't, your arguments and "proofs" hold no water.

>> No.15520766

>Someone links a thread to another

>> No.15520767

Yes I have, you get ignored. so better to be louder and heard than polite and ignored.

Only thing people understand these days.

>> No.15520774


me again, im well aware of the danger, and potential irony i am courting here

>haha, i sure showed that bigot whats what, now lets see whats on /tg/ today...

>oh god porn and retards everywhere how did this happen.

but, its the principle you see, i have hope in the intelligence of my fellow fa/tg/uys, thus my stance.

>> No.15520777


Seems like >>15520734 has the same idea about it as me, but it'll happen.

>> No.15520779


Jeez bro, if you wanted your pony threads in /b/ so you could browse them in an enviroment your more comfortable with then you should have said so! So that we may properly tell you to go right the fuck back to that cesspit of a board known as /b/, BUT WAIT! You say you aren't from there? You say you actually enjoy /tg/? COULD'VE FOOLED HALF THE FUCKING POPULACE OF THE WORLD. I'll tell you right the fuck now, you are nothing in this thread, this thread is made of PEOPLE yelling at YOU because you are a massive FAGGOT who has NO BUSINESS being within a MILE of a computer capable of connecting to an anonymous image board, obviously you are a genetic defect on the bottom boot of a family tied together by the binds of shared hatred and fear of anything outside their very narrow and distorted vision of what is acceptable, and I encourage you to both turn off the computer, but to single handedly turn your family into little more than a bucket full of gibblets, since its SO FUCKING CLEAR that you are blissfully unaware that the majority of the people on this board, AND this thread, disagree with you, you sad, sad little man.

>> No.15520787

It's not /tg/ who I am worried about, it's the bronies who it will attract.

>> No.15520797

He was also a horrible insomniac, which was probably why he was so goddamn gloomy all the time. Too tired to deal with other pony's shit.

Now, Vigil isn't really the adventuring type, so he figures he'll just make a note of where he found this tower, come back later with some recruited crazy ponies who actually enjoy setting off traps on themselves, and deal with that shit then.

Getting ready to get out of dodge, however, he hears what sounds suspiciously like another pony already stomping around inside. Momentarily forgetting his usual carefulness, he decides to pop his head in and check it out.

This is where he meets the other pony in the game, a would-be Indiana Jones-style mare who is pretty damn surprised to see a spooky looking pegasus glaring at her from the ceiling, and Vigil is not all that happy to see his discovery is already getting raided by some looter.

>> No.15520802

yeah except i still think that so far based on this thread that /tg/ is mature enough (well except your yourself of course) to be able to handle the material.

and if not, it won't destroy /tg/

because of MODS, if shit posters start shit posting... well the mods will step in.

you don't have to worry your little head about this any more.
I'll even campaign against those shit non-/tg/ related threads for you. But as long as its on topic then it's just as valid as any other discussion. Just like planes and mercs, just like dive into the sky, just like cars and lesbians.

>> No.15520805

Amusing, did you write out that paragraph just to parody me?

Truth is that would be alot more noticable than a simple calm message, so my angle works really.

also for the record, I am only here because my insomnia is keeping me up while I work on my landscape design.

>> No.15520808


well thats fine, we can keep it to ourselves without linking anywhere, most of those guys dont even pay attention to the rest of /co/, the general thread just goes non-stop, its like a whole other world.

>> No.15520818

And what will the mod do? ban the source.

He'll stop the Pony RPG threads.

>> No.15520828

you've been anything but.

please i urge you take some sleeping pills, (i don't think you can over do it, so take as many as possible) and get some rest, its obviously impairing your abilities to rationalize as a human being.

>> No.15520830


So in short, you are trolling for the sake of trolling because you have insomnia? AND not out of true concern for the community of /tg/? You are the worst scum. 10/10 for turning this good thread into a shit-slinging contest through your vigil and great skill at being a shitstain, now will you please be a somewhat decent human being and leave us so that we may discuss something actually related to /tg/?

>> No.15520834

Why would somebody do that?

Less than an anon, even.

You seem upset, but you're right.

And this man is correct. Some people just watched the show because it's entertaining, just like people played Sonic the Hedgehog way back when, because it was a fun game. Why can't we play a fun game because some batshit insane faggot enjoys it as well?

Focus on your work.

Only if they're not within the rules. Which they are.

>> No.15520835

It will happen, bronies rush and infest anything they can, they'll do it with Pony RPG threads.

>> No.15520852

So, it's one of those fun stand-offs that GMs love so much where the player characters immediately hit it off on a sour note and the outlook for cooperation for the rest of the session, let alone the rest of the campaign, looks pretty bleak.

Nevertheless, an uneasy alliance is reached eventually. Two ponies out in dangerous territory ought to look out for each other, even if they aren't sure they can trust the other. Pushing onward deeper into the tower despite Vigil's protest, the explorer mare who's name I can't bloody remember at the moment finds several inscriptions in the walls, most of them more or less untranslatable. Those she are able to figure out seem to have something to do with the night sky, and secrets hidden therein.

She naturally does not share this info with the astronomer. Go figure.

>> No.15520857

And then they get in the water and corrupt the minds of the children with their dark magics!

>> No.15520859

The Road to hell was pathed with good intentions.

That is all I am against, you may mean well, and really it is not what you are doing that gets me so aggrivated but what will happen.

call it tin foil hatting, but it's just the way fandoms work, they try to squeeze themselves into everywhere that lets them get a foothold.

>> No.15520872




and I was upset, upset that a potentially good thread was derailed into such a massive clusterfuck that it'll require an entirely new thread to bring about anything positive only to watch it get trolled a burned, hell bro, I don't even care for MLP that much but I love it when /tg/ discusses setting and turns them into a proper P&P, I am not the most calm or eloquent anon but I generally ignore threads I don't like or threads that go sour, but I was just so.....proud? That /tg/ had arisen above the previous Anti-MLP faggotry only to sink so low, I would sage for off-topic but thread is already in autosage.

>> No.15520880

Keep going...

And then they'll get turned into Squats and O̷̺̼̬͉̟̥̪͟͞͡H̢̨̛͠҉̰̞̥͖̺̪ ̸̴̧̝̮͕̮̰̲̞͍̦̻̦͖̠͚͜Ǵ̡̲̮̞̣̻̹̖̫O̸̢̲̘̗̜͉͕͎̟̺D̵͚̼̹̭̦̤̘̳͜
̮̯̙͈ ҉̪̻̭͍̬̬̻̥̗͙̜͖͟ͅW̧̩̹͈̩̼͖͔̳H͖͎̳͚̣͍̟̪̭̲̫̀͡Á̡͚̳͔̦͖̟̦T̸̨
̼ ̶҉̧̰̳̻͓̩̺̞̲̀͢ͅH̸̶̻͚̳̲A͏̱͎̬͓̠̙͎̰̤͎̬͍͔̩ͅP̶̧̖̗̣͙͓̪͉̣̥͍̹

>> No.15520885

I am finally off. Call me a troll, a dumbass or faggot or anything.

But I can say that I told you my piece of ( one track, angered )mind, if you want your Pony RPG to keep going well, then for god sake try and keep those macro spamming faggots out.

>> No.15520894

actually when it comes to moderation the bronies have been surprisingly well behaved, even after the mods enforced a one thread only policy (which before then was unheard of in 4chan and i thought was odd)

but they managed to make their generals work you never see more than one in /co/

they're surprisingly well behaved for being some apprently unstoppable menace that you make em out to be.

mean while you're the one shit posting for no reason.

honestly i'd rather hang out with some one who calls them self a brony before hanging out with you...

and you'll see the type of faggots who call themselves bronies in the OP pic.

yes... i'd rather hang out with those faggots than you.

this doesn't reflect on my character. but rather yours, since i'm putting you below those faggots.

>> No.15520895


You DO know that /tg/ was founded because of what you just said right? Ever here the phrase "Warhammer Wednesday" ?

>> No.15520911

>The Road to hell was pathed with good intentions.

just like your "good intentions" of making /tg/ better.

but you're actually making it worse.

>> No.15520923

Might as well throw this out here.

I'm planning on making a pony pathfinder game.

Very light on rules and all, and I haven't GMed many games, but I figure it could be fun.

Will be run on Maptools.

Also this was a fun thread to read.

>> No.15520931

I... i might be down...

if this post is intended for recruiting.

>> No.15520933

Moving even deeper into the ruin, and noting that they are probably well below ground level now, a hallway opens up into a large, round room, their torch reflecting off hundreds of tiny gems set in the ceiling, flawlessly mimicking the constellations and star systems of Equestria's nighttime skyscape.

Well, almost flawlessly. Taking an immediate interest in the display above while the mare futzes around on the ground, Vigil flies up and inspects the gems, checking their position against his his own understanding of the constellations to see if their is any "drift" that might point towards the ceiling being created in the distant past.

While doing so, he notes that while the constellations seem current enough (probably not more than a few thousand years old), he notes one of the major constellations is missing a star. Going up to check and see if a gem had fallen loose or whatever, he instead finds a small stone button. Giving it a press, a stone door grinds open at floor level, giving explorer-mare a good look at a new, even bigger room.

And then there was some teleporting, some crazy light aura that talked crazy-talk and protected the pair from a huge, fuckin angry plant guardian, we escaped outside only to have mr. I'm-a-Huge-Angry-Plant follow us. Explorer-mare kept fucking up her Unicorn magic rolls and Vigil was not a fighting kinda guy but was able to find a hoof-sword in one of the rooms they were running through and used it to not totally awful effect by cutting off some of the Plant-thing's tendrils.

After a long, tough battle, we finally fought the fucker off and the two ponies decided to come back later with a shitload of fire.

Then the GM got bored or something and never ran another session. Such a shame.

>> No.15520945

It will be a few weeks before it starts, and I'll try to let people that don't come into the /co/ generals know about it. Though I'm partially afraid of how many people will get involved.

It will be a pretty modular campaign, if some people can't make it for a session, it will be fine, since each session will be self-contained. Outside of a few special times or whatever.

>> No.15520957

is there an irc forum or something or other that i can frequent so i can be in the loop.

>> No.15520968

I really should set one up... but I don't have one at the second, sorry. Let me look into that.

>> No.15520978

a shame, it sounds pretty exciting,

i'm toxic to any campaign i join, i don't think i've ever completed a campaign...

>> No.15520988

Damn shame.

I'd also be interested in watching, but not really to play.

>> No.15520995

I'm pretty unfamiliar with IRC, but I think I've started a room on irchighway, room #ponyrpg50

>> No.15521001

Yeah, it was fun times while it lasted.

I'm one to talk though, the game I ran ended pretty ignominiously too. The players there were at least partially to blame though since they couldn't get together at the same time anymore.

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