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anyone have any alt art of Warhammer 40k?
Specifically Eldar/Tyranids.

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Define "alt art". Just fanart in general, or something more specific?

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Anything. Pretty much anything that is made by individuals and not found in codexes or GW websites.

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Alrighty then. I should have plenty for both Tyranids and Eldar.

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Well then your the man.

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You asked for it OP.

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>Tyranid art

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A thought occurs. Are you interested in stuff from the old 40k CCG?

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can we see some of the eldar?

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Like I said. Anything.

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If you'd like to see them first, then sure. But there's going to be a lot, so it'll probably be a while before the rest of the Tyranids get posted, if that's a concern.

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Not at all. Eldar are my favorite anyway.

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Fuck the Eldar...


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Anyone else think that'd make a fine hater's gonna hate?

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It would, wouldn't it? The pose is pretty much perfect for it.

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Less faggy Eldar.

More over races brutalizing others.

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I still can't get over how goofy the Harlequins dress.

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>play Dark Eldar as a kid

>grow up
>fuck a hot skinny girl with long black hair

>look back at all those skinny black-haired Dark Eldar minis after all those years

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>egg or hen?

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You make it sound like there's something to be ashamed of.

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Not sure if this is unofficial.

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any fire dragons or striking scorpions are appreciated.

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is that a wraith-ranger?

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I'm fucking loving this guy.

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Possibly, yes. One who was a particularly skilled, heroic Pathfinder in life.

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>this guy

Not quite.

I'll get to the Aspects shortly. Just working my way through the folders.

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Warhammer playing femanon?
Marry me.

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...Ugh, you know that kind of reaction is why more girls don't play, right? If you just treated them normally, they'd be more common.

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Just a simple tease. Calm down.
I'm not one of those smelly dick holes that play.

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Oh Exodites, you so craaazy!

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I've been in the hobby for about ten years anyway. That sort of reaction doesn't bother me any more.

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Stupid sexy eldar...

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I see DLFG more as an infinite source 40k art than a person

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I know, right? It's a shame there's so little decent cheesecakeish male Eldar pictures around.

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Is that the smallest avatar ever or just perspective freaking with me?

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That is fine by me, but I suppose it could be problem for some people, go slick to Orks ya git.

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that should be rectified one day

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Ha. I can only imagine the perverts you've come across. I know that when my girlfriend comes into GW with me (she's hot, like way way waaaaaaayyyy out of anyones league in there, including myself) she gets so many creepy looks its not funny. I cant imagine if you actually play.

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Probably a bit of both. The perspective's a bit weird, but he could do with being a little taller.

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Yea, I mean there's always going to be a bit of the creepy stares going on, but after a while you just get used to it and stop caring. And the worst of it dies off if you hang around long enough and most of them realise nothing's ever going to happen.

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I think my Eldar collection just doubled in size.

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I hijack this thread in the name of Chaos!

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I think I'm about two thirds of the way through my Aspects folder? There's Seers and Guardians to come afterwards.

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My girlfriend used to play Magic: The Gathering.

She also used to work in a game store.

She doesn't play MtG anymore, she doesn't work in game stores anymore. She doesn't walk into game stores anymore. She avoids everything relating to traditional games.

So much for thinking that the creepy misogynist anti-social autist tabletop gamer stereotype is just a stereotype.

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In all fairness, it is a stereotype. Not every guy into these sorts of hobbies are like that. But it's one with a grounding in reality, sadly.

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If enough people keep repeating a shitty joke long enough, it stops being funny, and it stops being a joke.

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>are like that

Is like that, rather.

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>it is a stereotype
>it's one with a grounding in reality
So, sorta like all stereotypes, then?

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Alpha legion fall back, too many xeno scum!

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Not all of them. Some arise purely from misinformation or prejudice.

You're the worst Chaos Lord ever, Carron.

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Really now?

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Man, I remember way back when that was first made, on the old Eldar Online boards. And the fact it was news for an Eldar Newsroom joke.

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Pretty much, yea. Abaddon's done a decent job.

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I was under the impression that "alt art" as a term means fan art that is radically different from the "canon art style" and is somewhat "pseudo-realistic".

Really have no idea how to explain it properly, so I'll just post an example.

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Threads like this makes me sad that my massive eldar army has nothing to fight againts.

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>Some arise purely from misinformation or prejudice.
Those are few, rare and far between.

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Scorpions are clearly the most popular Eldar aspect

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Not necessarily semi-realistic, but yeah. Alt art is generally art that deviates from the established tone of style, dependent on subject.

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Sure, they are sneaky and all, but I personally like Warp Spiders, hell my entire army is built around them.

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Probably. Certainly for Orks.

Myself, I'm a Warp Spider man.

Oh those heady 3rd Edition Biel-Tan army days...

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But really. Fortuned Spiders? Un. Fucking. Killable.

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rolled 17 = 17


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One of the most under-rated units in the Codex, I think. One of my friends runs Eldar, she takes a couple of small squads of 6 and they cause no end of problems if I'm playing Dark Eldar.

Small enough to tuck themselves out of Line of Sight, so can't reliably be killed from shooting. Hit and Run means if you don't wipe them on the charge, they're just going to hop out of combat and leave you sitting exposed to get shot up. Enough strength to threaten anything other than a Ravager or Talos, ignores FNP...horrid things.

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I've always gotten the impression that a single Tactical Marine was the equivelent to around 3-4 Dire Avengers fluff wise.

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just thought I would post this here.

Looking for players for an eldar campaign using Dark heresy type ruleset.

Email me at [email protected] for more info.

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now think about that biel tan army, stuffed with fire dragons for current ed. SO MUCH MELTA!

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Ignoring plot armour, Space Marines and Aspect Warriors are a pretty one-for-one match, I think.

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Hey DLFG, how steep is the learning curve for Dark Eldar if you're a new player? I'm looking to get into 40k and you seem to be a skilled Deldar player.

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it varies by fluff.

Path of the Warrior has an Exarch find space marines challenging, regular aspects are intimidated.

Fantasy Flight says harlequins are equivalent at best to a chaos marine.

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raiders blow up, warriors die. Just make sure they kill something before their inevitable deaths

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Really, it depends on how long it takes you to figure out how the army works. The learning curve is steep as they're so unforgiving - leave a unit exposed and it is very probably going to get destroyed - but if you can crack the playstyle then you start racking up the wins very quickly.

Stop and think before every move, make sure that as few enemy units as possible will have LoS to your units. Hug cover constantly, make sure to remain aggressive and control the flow of the game. Dark Eldar have the speed and hitting power to choose how, where, and when combats will be fought, so don't fight fair. Gang up on enemy units to wipe them out while minimizing your own losses, don't get suckered into fighting units one-on-one.

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Not really, while eldar naturally have higher reaction time sets than normal humans they are greatly outclassed by Astartes, not to mention that said Astartes has numerous augmentations and superior armor, if the average Marine was the the equivlent to the average aspect warrior the Astartes would have long become extinct considering the time it takes to create one.

Astartes have quality, Aspect Warriors have quantity, that's how it is in the fluff.

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So does Sandy Mitchell, and he can actually write.

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>Aspect Warriors have quantity

Eldar have many things.

"Quantity" is not one of them.

Tyranids have quantity. Orks have quantity. The Imperial Guard has quantity. Eldar do not.

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So it's just a matter of tactics I should be using normally, just more so?
>inb4 lol tactics in Warhammer

Any units I should always take or avoid?

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>"Quantity" is not one of them

Compared to Space Marines, yes.

Not sure where they stand with Necrons though

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In terms of training and skill, a Space Marine and an Aspect Warrior will be about equal. Physically, the Marine will be stronger and tougher, the Eldar better at precise attacks and more agile. The Space Marine has heavier, tougher armour, but the Aspect is faster and more maneuverable. It's difficult to compare weapons because Aspect gear is so specialised; a Reaper Launcher is obviously far superior to a Bolter, but an Avenger Catapult is probably about equal.

If the two were simply standing face to face shooting at each other, then the Space Marine would win, obviously. That doesn't mean the Space Marine is better than the Aspect, just that it's in a situation that favours it. The Eldar would be looking to capitalise on its superior speed and precision to strike a killing or crippling blow quickly at one of the weak spots (joints, helmet seal, etc) in the Astartes' Power Armour before the Marine can land a solid hit in return.

Essentially, the Eldar won't have trouble landing hits, but has to get past the armour. The Marine won't have trouble inflicting harm, but has to actually land a hit. So about equal.

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Didn't that one novel by Dan Abnett describe a single Space Marine of the Iron Snakes landing on a planet and single handedly fucking over an entire Dark Eldar raider force with only some random chick and a dog?

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>So it's just a matter of tactics I should be using normally

Sort of. Some armies don't need to worry so much about unit placement or avoiding harm - horde armies like Orks or Tyranids, for example, are better off just trying to rough out enemy firepower and plough through it as quickly as possible, than waste time trying to avoid it entirely like Eldar or Dark Eldar need to do.

>Any units I should always take or avoid?

The Dark Eldar codex doesn't actually have any really terrible units. Mandrakes and the Court of the Archon are rather unimpressive, but aren't so abysmal you shouldn't ever use them. So long as you have a good idea of what each unit is going to do and kit it out approrpiately you can pretty much take what you like.

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Brothers of the Snake

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Awesome, thanks!

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The next part had like an under-strength squad of Marines defeat something like 1000 Dark Eldar.

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Fluff wise, 'Cron Pariahs are rape machines when facing Eldar

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So, from this thread, I have learned that Eldar have about a billion different helmets, but almost no class differentiation.

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And that's the last of the Eldar.

Back to Tyranids after this.

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Many thanks for all the stuff so far!

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Holy shit, a flying Lictor! We are fucking dead...

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Looks like that's the image limit. Enjoy!

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Moarrrrr nids pleeease!

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Is that what the Eldar Laughing God looks like?

>> No.15514509


What, do you think she can lift the image limit? The ancient post magics do not work like that, my friend.

>> No.15514524

Possibly. I don't think there's ever been any actual official art of the Laughing God.

Aye, and I don't have enough time to get a second thread going right now. Maybe in a bit.

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New thread!

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Bumpan for DLFG to make a new thread!

>> No.15515798

Alright, alright. Give me a moment.

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Yayifications, I love you <3

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