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Oh boy, I sure can't wait for Ed Ward to handle the difficult task of writing how the Emperor dies and what happens next to the Imperium!

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Hm? is that true or just a way to troll imperial guard and marines?

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The imperium goes berserk and manages to destroy all of the other factions in it's death throes. Warhammer 50k is a humans-only affair about putting the imperium back together.

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Sources say...

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>Ed Ward
>in charge of writing the Emperor's death

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Im his biggest fan.

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imperium will collapse and IG/SM become humanity in it's death throes trying to just survive versus maintaining their empire as they did before.

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>there are like five people from group three
>and their combined buying power doesn't matter

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Now orks can loot the golden throne FOH REAL!

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Of his old stuff, I hope.

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I thought it has already been mentioned that the Emperor is going to die very soon anyway?

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bout time i think, emperor had to die sometime, GW need to start revitalizing their fluff, i think it should be something like a black crusade or the emperor consuming his own lifeforce and all those around him to destroy an impossible large hivefleet surrounding Terra

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>Implying his ultima retrospective isn't his best work

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anyone else have ideas for how the emperor dies?

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Food poisoning.

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The Imperials realize that the light of the Golden Throne is what attracting the nids to the heart of the imperium.

And they are forced to pull the plug on the emperor to save the imperium

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Creed sneaked an Imperator-class Titan into his palace.

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Double agent servitors? At MY Golden Throne...?

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sounds reasonable

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...It sounds reasonable to obliterate the Imperium to save the Imperium?

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where the hell did this entire thread come from?!

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now really what does the emperor do besides provide a telepathic beacon for ships and consume the souls of psykers? he can't even talk or give orders.

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In the grim dark future of the 40k millennium.


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Or, considering his lack of vitamine C, scurvy.

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Credible rumours

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They send the Golden Throne into the Eye of Terror and the Gemperor eats a billion (maybe all?) psykers and kills self to make it eat all the Tyranids and then close, birthing Ynnead, eliminating almost 100% of extant psykers, making the travel between places nearly impossible, wrecking the webway, isolating the Tau, knocking back the Orc population back for like, ten minutes, and oops the Necrons all go to bed? Maybe the Necrons get the now nearly entirely enemyless Imperium's full attention.

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>implying it is


Sorry, had to. I actually like most of his stuff, old or new.

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>Terminating the only thing allowing precise navigation through the Warp, making interstellar travel virtually impossible.

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Wait, back up. This is that terrible Spoony spaz writing the most important thing to happen in the Warhammer 40k franchise, ever, bar none, full-stop, Final Destination?

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beats being eaten.

All the nid hive fleets are trying to reach Terra, cutting through imperial space devouring hundreds of worlds.

One Hive fleet is capable of toppling the imperium given enough time and thanks to the light of the golden throne the tyranids know the way to the juiciest feast this galaxy has to offer.

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I want a big wooden stick called the Source Stick. anytime someone says a rumour without a source the Source Stick is possessed by an incredible force, and it seeks out the falsifier and smashes their teeth out.

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>Terminating the only thing allowing precise navigation through the Warp, making interstellar travel virtually impossible.

Who the fuck needs the Emperor for that?

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Like everyone? He's focusing the energy of the sacrificed psykers to maintain the Astronomican.

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Transplant the Emperor into a Golden Dread
Shit would be Epic

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At this point the tyranids would om mon the galaxy even if the Astronomican is shut down and without it the Imperium turns into a bunch of separated star systems that are easy pickings for anyone who cares to attack them.
Even in the scope of 40k's stupidity it doesn't make sense.

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Chaos sorcerers do not need the Emperor for that. Neither did the Navigators during the Dark Age of Technology when there was no Astronomican.

I am certain Grey Knight librarians or Grand Masters could also steer a ship with their superior knowledge of sorcery.

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If they go the emprahsque route, I will shit myself with glee.
And I don't even follow 40k!

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One hive fleey nearly crippled the imperium if they don't act soon the entire nid swarm will dog pile on Tera.

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Point out the source, I demand it.
Pwetty Pwease?

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>implying the OP isn't pulling this out of his ass

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With this theory, the Emprah doesn't have to die, he can just suck all the nids into the Warp and then stay in The Warp forever, lighting the way for everyone by ascending to godhood. "Birthing Ynnead" was supposed to read "birthing/becoming Ynnead"


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>now really what does the emperor do besides provide a telepathic beacon for ships and consume the souls of psykers?

1) He acts as a unifying force for all of humanity.
2) He acts as a beacon, allowing any and all warp travel throughout the entire Imperium.
3) He plays an integral part in the creation of Astropaths, which is the only source of interstellar communication.

Really. Without the Emperor, the entire Imperium would collapse in every way.

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He's not. The Astronomicam burns on itself. Considering the millions of burning souls, you don't NEED a focus. It burned just fine before he got cut down by Horus.
All the Emperor does is keeping the fuck ass huge Chaos Gate closed and preventing demons from swarming Terra.

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good thing i don't play SM or IG

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Systems of the golden thorne are already failing. the light of Tera goes dimmer and dimmer year after year.

They're only postponing the inevitable, better save what they can now and not risk it all.

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>Chaos sorcerers do not need the Emperor for that.
Chaos sorcerers are also unlikely to take up jobs as navigators on imperial ships.
>Neither did the Navigators during the Dark Age of Technology when there was no Astronomican.
And Leman Russes were tractors during the DAoT.
>I am certain Grey Knight librarians or Grand Masters could
Even if every single GK could do that there still wouldn't be enough of them.

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>It burned just fine before he got cut down by Horus.

You know why? Because the second-most powerful psyker the humanity has ever seen was substituting for Emperor at the time.

He didn't survive.

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1.) he'd act as such even if he died. Saints and martyrs don't need to live.
2-3.) I thought that's the throne and not Emps himself.

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No, he was sealing the webway gate.

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Everyone else's reaction is becoming Noah Antwiler?

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Don't worry. The Eldar got our back.

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oh boy
The Astronomican is powered by the sacrificed psykers but it does need to be directed. Guess who does that?

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Star Child gets born and a new golden age for the Imperium starts.

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Where did you guys hear that they'll advance the plot?

I demand a sauce on this.

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and he plays a mean tarot card game.

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Who the shit is that imbecile?

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Although you are entirely right that he also keeps the webway gate closed. So I guess that just adds a fourth point.

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Don't buy into this bullshit, good people. Until OP produces some reference to where he heard they'll advance the plot it's all bullsheet.

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who cares? i don't mind a discussion on the possible avenues the imperium can take if GW does finally kill off the emperor.

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The Shape of the Nightmare to Come

It is the 51st Millenium, and the war continues.

There was no great conflagration or calamitous final battle.
Across the vastness of the galaxy, the Imperium died. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. The galactic empire of humanity crumbled, its enemies too many, too great and too terrible to imagine. The great conflict of Octavius had no victory, a war without end. In the fiery chasm of strife, the locust and the green holocaust fused, as beast looked upon barbarian and both saw the other as kin. The new entity spread with a speed undreamt of by Ork or Tyranid. War and hunger melded into a singular desire to ravage, rape and remake all in the image of the new devourer.

The Devourer’s hybrid nightmares were regenerative, and spore-born, combining into a grand horror, which murdered the galaxy, leaving naught but fragments as it left.

Metallic sentinels of unflinching dread rose up on some worlds, leaving them safe from the new devourer waaaggghh, but instead made them slaves to the silver sentinels, and fodder for their glowing metal gods.

The Eldar who had held on to life for so long, slowly winked out of existence one craftworld at a time. Eventually, even the rumbling hearts of the avatars fell silent. For a time... In the dead craftworlds, something slithers through the infinity circuit to this day. Unfortunately, the great god of the dead, Ynnead, is trapped within this infinity circuit, howling its mournful song into the darkness, eternally hungry in its desire to wreak vengeance on She Who Thirsts.

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The Tau, naïve in their hope of unity, expanded into a realm of corpses and ash. Every world they came across was dead. The hard and unpleasant task of terraforming each world turned the Tau into bitter, self-righteous beings. They were disgusted at the actions of their predecessors, and vowed not understand their fellow races, but to purge them. Only the Tau could be trusted with worlds. They decided that all others must be cast out. Watching, their patron laughed his sardonic laugh as his puppets twisted into terrors.

The Golden Throne finally failed. No-one knew for certain what happened to the Emperor. For once the throne fell, no vox or astropathic transmissions ever came from Terra again as warp storms engulfed the planet. The shattered remains of humanity had neither the power nor the will to return. All that is known is that the astronomicon died with the death of Terra, spluttering to nothing over the course of five hundred years. Eventually, the Imperium, coherency lost by the splitting of its forces against the new devourer, and the sudden surge in warp storms, was shattered like glass. Chaotic cults stampeded through humanity, like electrical surges in an ancient power grid.

The Inquisition with the death of the Emperor, finally lost its façade of unity, and most died, killed by the more powerful within its once hallowed ranks. The greatest Inquisitor Lords seized whole systems, becoming feudal Kings and Regents. Uniting scattered mobs of their deadly follows around them in order to wrestle power from Local Governors.

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The church also shattered, becoming nothing more than a series of minor sectarian cults. All save Ophelia. The Sororitas withdrew from as many worlds as they could, and gathered around Ophelia and nearby systems. Ophelia became a vile charnel house for the Eccliesiarch, who had been driven insane by all he had seen. He gathered his Canonesses, Abbesses and Witchhunters together and put billions to the torch. Any system within range of short warp jumps (as navigators could no long take long jumps, due to the warp storms) of Ophelia were terrorized by the Imperial Church, who searched desperately for someone to blame for this nightmare.

It was said that in those days, a hundred thousand Petty Imperiums were created from the carved up corpse of the Imperium of Man. Each claimed legitimacy and claiming to be led by a leader chosen by the Emperor as he finally died. Some even claimed to be the Emperor reborn. Humanity, so scared in their huddled masses, believed this heresy without question, too afraid to imagine a universe without their father and protector.

The Space marines fared little better Most chapters utterly disintegrated as their forces fighting individual missions across the galaxy, found they could not return to their Chapter Masters. In the darkness, alone, many marines chose the only path they knew: War. They became rogues and near bandits, pillaging Imperial world ‘for the war effort’ as they would say in justification for their actions. It was said White Scar war bands and Raven Guard war bands were the worst, as they were so swift and ruthless in their pillaging.

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The Black Templars retained the most of their original fervour, and merely continued their crusades. They became full worshippers of the God-Emperor and High Marshall Dorstros declared a new and great crusade: to destroy every human that did not submit to them, and purging everything and everyone else. Their fervour blinded them to their own heresies, as more and leaderless marines desperate for orders tagged alongside the Black Templars’ crusade. Millions of rag tag former guard and massive mobs of flagellating Imperial Cultists quickly joined the crusades' march across the stars. Soon, their depleted numbers (depleted during the wars with the new devourer) had nearly reached two thousand, representing the second largest single group of Imperial marines still in existence (second only to Grand Sicarium). Yet, no matter how large their crusade got, the Tempalrs were naught but a band of raving fanatics

Ultramar was renamed Grand Sicarium, under their new ruler, Cato Sicarius. His realm became a holy site for the other Ultramarine successors. Their fractured remnants gathering around Ultramar like a swarm of flies. Sicarius declared himself High SPESS MURHEEN king, decreeing that those under his protection should worship him as the god he was. Sicarius became the ruler of his own little empire, his angelic marines and ordinary humans under his decree became his worshippers. Upon Macragge itself, the fortress of obsidian was crafted; the heads of Agemman and Calgar were stuck upon great steel pikes. A grim demonstration of Sicarius’ desire to rule all. Ultramar became a darker place in those centuries.

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The black guy from Alien I think

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Those forgeworlds still intact either fell to chaotic or Dragon-cult invasions. Some were ransacked by rival warbands desperate for tech priest slaves to help them work their stolen technologies. These slaves became bartered like currency amongst the various larger ‘Petty Imperiums’ as they became known now. Some forge worlds simply sealed themselves off from reality entirely, their Fabricators for once preferring ignorance over knowledge of what lay beyond.

Chaos became a raging torrent in these dark millennia, rising to Strife-Era levels of corruption. Worlds were dragged into the warp as whole planets were over-run by psykers, madmen, and monstrous space marines. The chaos Legions became virtually indistinguishable from rabid bands of former loyalists. Some groups slaughtered in the name of dark gods, others just slaughtered.

Abaddon seized massive swathes of space around the eye, being careful to avoid the new devourer, as it blundered around him. Dodging like a skilled swimmer giving a swarm of predatory fish a wide berth, he avoided them. Abaddon and his 78th Crusade, plunged into the solar system. It is there that legend tells of the war of two spheres. Here, Abaddon faced the army of the Dragon transcendent, a vast army of fallen mechanicus and those same silver sentinels that already plagued thousands of worlds.

The confrontation was epic in scale. Warped spawned magic, and daemonic machinery and weaponry, battled weapons of unimaginable power, and the vast serried ranks of Necrons and pariah, which covered nearly every solid Solar world like a silver carpet. In the end, Abaddon was forced to merely surround the ort cloud. The Dragon had ensured the solar system was his.

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His, save for a single orb of diamond hard stubbornness: Titan. It stood, a stony fortress, its doors sealed from the necrons by admantium and heavy cannons, its soul sealed from Abaddon by the cold steel cage of faith encaging the hearts of the Grey Knights and Custodian Guard still trapped upon the world. All other humans on the world had perished a thousand years previously, yet the ancient warriors stood firm, a shadow of the Imperium’s previous glory.

In the turbulent energies of the warp, the Chaos gods also suffered. For upon the end of the Emperor, something else stirred. Birthed upon the death of Him on Terra, the Starchild suckled upon the raged religious lunacy of the dying Imperium, consuming every soul remaining upon terra in its birth pangs. This is what killed the astronimicon. Ophelia became a focus for this dark zeal. At the dawn of the 50th millennium, the Starchild became the Star Father, and the warp became a battleground. For a brief instance (or perhaps and eternity in the warp, none can tell for sure) the Star Father became dominant over the chaos foes. Then, with the sickening inevitability of the great game of chaos, the Star Father became one amongst the five, an order god amongst chaos gods.

Where they spread chaos, He spread oppression. Where their daemons were feral nightmares that rended souls, His daemons were faceless automata, enslaving the souls of humans into servitude. Star Father daemon worlds sprung up in the eye and across the galaxy in the closing thousand years of this dark age. They were balls of featureless gold, with golden faceless daemons and billions of mindless, empty humans. The inhabitants of these worlds shuffled across the surface for no particular reason until they simply died of starvation, or fatigue

It is the 51st Millennium and I cannot wake up from this nightmare! I cannot wake up!

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What about the orks?

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>In the fiery chasm of strife, the locust and the green holocaust fused, as beast looked upon barbarian and both saw the other as kin. The new entity spread with a speed undreamt of by Ork or Tyranid. War and hunger melded into a singular desire to ravage, rape and remake all in the image of the new devourer.

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Emperor's death causes the creation of the second Eye of Terror, and he becomes the fifth Chaos God - Chaos God of Order (Slavery) - yes, you heard me right. Chaos God of Order - it's Chaos, I ain't gotta explain shit.

The birth of Slaanesh was caused by the Eldar and because of that, all Eldar souls "belong" to Slaanesh. Same thing happens to humans with the Emperor. The overwhelming majority of the Imperium dies at the birth of the new God, and the rest either have their souls consumed or find some way to avoid that, like the Eldar did.

The creation of the new Eye of Terror ends the Astronomican. The Tyranids stop invading our galaxy, as it no longer attracts them. The end of the Tyranid invasion greatly reduces the amount of life in the galaxy, which causes the Necrons to stop waking up.

With Imperium mostly destroyed, Tau start to slowly spread through the galaxy, just like humanity did when the Eldar Empire died. They slowly start to develop psychic powers, just like humanity did...

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And orks keep expanding, and using some of the tech some hiveworlds left behind start a real profitable ork empire.

Also the Emperork is born, a living avatar of Gork and Mork who punches in the dicks of any god, chaos or not, if they dare to mess with the orks.

End of the story.

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They come back from spores left behind across a hundred thousand worlds in the 60k fluff as an unstoppable force of well disciplined, technologically terrifying military might led by the Brain Boyz/Krork.


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But thats wrong.

While Emperor along with Regent of Terra, Sigillite were travelling around galaxy, astronomicon burned just fine, alone.

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When the Emperor dies, the Star Child is born. He will unite mankind under his rule. Unfortunately, even if he was gone only for a couple years, it was enough for the Chaos gate that the Emperor guarded to open asunder and savage Terra.

He's got a lot of work to do.

Meanwhile, Ynnead awakens and gangs up with Khaine and Cegoragh to defeat Slaanesh and free the Eldar from the curse. The Tau keep expanding and trading with humans, while Eldar end up becoming a little nicer to them and humans from now on. Everyone does fine.

The main Tyranid hive fleet, however, keeps on approaching, and the Necrons awaken all their tombs over the next century or so. Terra is still under constant battle, Chaos forces approach from all over, and shit is going pretty bad again.

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Ed Ward? What? What happened to Matt Ward? I am confus.

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Well they could coat the sacrificial psykers with lime

>> No.15501899

That's because the Emperor IS the goddamned Beacon. Nowdays the Astronomicon/Golden Throne is the device that A: Keeps him alive B: helps aid in projecting the Beacon via psykers (They guy is half dead and also pulling double duty by...) C: Keeping the Broken Webway Gate forever closed which is what the Sigillite died doing when he fought Horus

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can you provide a link to the 50k story prease?

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Wishlisting on the back of epic. If I was within reach I'd offer up a brick to the backs of your heads.

I want your delicious, superior genetic material.

>> No.15501972

All da boyz decided to be right cunnin an sneaky and sat out the whole battle

>> No.15501977

Sorry, dude. I didn't actually see someone was writing that story in here. I just saw the OP and decided to make the post, without reading the replies first. Only after I posted it did I notice that one.

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maybe the nid fleet coming to terra is the emps JUST AS PLANNED and he will eat the hive mind in a blast of becoming a god. then the real derp begins. with him and the eldar god of death going no holds barred cage match style as spess hulk hogan and machoman randy savage on the gods of chaos.

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The next Emperor and his Imperium?

>Sascha Kreiger, known as the Unterkaiser, or Emperor Under the Emperor, is the leader of the Sturmkreig sektor, operating self contained in the Imperium. He was born in the year 923M2 into a settlement in Pennsylvania. The first war that Sascha fought in taught him many lessons; one important one being is insistence on treating all Humanity equally. In the years since the first war that Sascha fought in, he became a commander and leader of his people during the dark age of technology, captured Sturmkreig, then called Calmognum, from the Eldar and gradually expanded the sektor. The independent nature of Sturmkreig helped avoid falling to many of the horrors of the Age of Strife.
>Stahlberg is a city on the river Valdsbohr, which runs north along the main continent of the planet Rotstein. The city is named after the planetary commander, Josef Stahl, and is located at the last significant landmark before the biofields to the east. It was also the scene of one of the most brutal battles of The Great War, certainly one of the most brutal of the early war; the acts of revenge against the Tau for starting the war of annihilation against the people of the Rotstein Sektor have never been fully documented. In the city of Stahlberg, Josef Stahl committed every available resource to stop the Tau invaders. At one point in the battle, when the entire city was nearly lost, only a few hundred defenders in the tallest building on the east bank of the Valdsbohr prevented even a single Tau from crossing the river.
>In the 39th millennium, Gretel Ehrenstein sent a large force of army groups to attack and eliminate the Eldar Craftworld Aunveltah. The enormous effort was undertaken because of the general Sturmkreig hatred of Eldar as witches, and Gretel's hatred of the Eldar for their role in assisting the Chaos Lord who's followers murdered her family on Terra.

>> No.15502020

The Emperor is drifting in his coma in a limbo work in which he is a detective in Manchester in 1973. The entire book will be written from this perspective, climaxing with a fistfight with an agent of the ruinous powers in which the Emperor realises that it's time for him to move on.

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>Emperor's death

Yeah, right, and what's next? GW will lower prices?

>> No.15502026

i just wish GW would hurry up and re-write the witch hunters codex, or make sisters of battle their own codex, i'd think they'd rack in the money on that one, every neckbeard getting a hardon for female space marines?

>> No.15502030


Their codex comes out next month faggot

(in white dwarf)

>> No.15502031

Well you're in luck, as they're getting a White Dwarf codex. First part is going to be in the next issue.

>> No.15502032


thanks for the heads up. sorry i don't read white dwarf every month? i've just started getting back in the hobby.

>> No.15502041


Can it get any worse?

>> No.15502057




there is also a twtropes page dedicated to it.


>> No.15502078

They're actually making another "Witch Hunters" Codex?

They still haven't split it up in the three major Ordos or decided to make a "Inquisition" Codex?

Mother of fuck. Why do you always have to be the bearer of bad news, Deathleper's Fangirl?

>> No.15502080


thanks, much appreciated

>> No.15502085

They already made Inquisition book, it is called Codex: Grey Knights.

SoB codex will not be Witch Hunters list, it will be Ecclesiarchy one (with SoB playing as big role as GK do in their own codex).

>> No.15502086

Well that was quantifiably horrible.

>> No.15502091

>He thinks a Grey Knights Codex = Inquisition Codex.

>> No.15502099


It has all three Ordos, three Inquisition special characters and allows for a marine-free Inquisition army.

This is more than enough, and Inquisition needs no other presence in the wargame. If it was up to me, they'd be shunted into FFG RPG's entirely and would not be in any codex.

>> No.15502104


Ward's solution:

>Emperor dies
>The Imperium is thrown to the wolves, entire worlds are falling and dying, billions are lost already, and billions more stand to be lost.
>In Humanities darkest moment, its greatest hero awakens
>Rowboat Girlyman becomes the new emperor and leads all the armies of man to destroy Chaos, Orks, Necrons, Tyranids, Dark Eldar, Tau, and most of the Eldar in one campaign lasting two weeks.

>> No.15502106

>Has all 3 Ordos.
>Has all Inquisition's classic special characters and assassins.

Deal with it. Thorpe style Inquisition was scrapped when his P&P rpg flopped and Alien Hunters codex was never published.

>> No.15502117

>bout time i think, emperor had to die sometime, GW need to start revitalizing their fluff

So you don't like the setting of 40K then? How about you game in a universe that you like more?

Setting progression is bad.

>> No.15502118


robouitte is in suspended animation about to die from mortal wounds. how do?

>> No.15502119


>> No.15502120


some GW guy

but that's just rumours

it looks like the new direction is the astronomicon gets weaker and places like ultramar become their own fiefdoms

>> No.15502122

50 years from now the plot will have only advanced 3 years.

>> No.15502125

Emprah makes him better with his life energy.

>> No.15502127


i like the setting, but i also like story progression, if they kill the emperor off not like you have to play in that setting either.

>> No.15502128

I think I know.
All people responsible for 40k canon are worshippers of Nurgle.

>> No.15502131


fuck him and his piece of shit chaos codex

>> No.15502137

I'm with this guy. 40k is a setting, not a progressing story.

>> No.15502138

>people forgeting about Kaldor Draigo

>> No.15502141

Nice TS Elliot

>rdepaci deceit

>> No.15502152



The setting loses nothing from moving beyond 40,999.

It is better than the constant retconning at least. Hive Fleet Kraken used to be the last Hive Fleet in 2e, when they added Leviathan, Kraken moved backwards in time.

Then Cruddace retconned Damocles from 741.M41 to 988.M41 to remove the problem of Farsight's age.

>> No.15502153


As far as I can remember, the codex also makes mention that 'some believe his wounds are healing within the stasis field'. Or words to that effect.

>> No.15502154


These days it seems less like a setting than a cramped stage for a parade of bigshots.

>> No.15502155


ah i remember that.

>> No.15502171



M'kar the Reborn's appearences in the last years of the timeline.
Gets his daemonworld invaded and exterminated
Curses Kaldor Draigo to wander the Warp, but gets banished himself
Attacks Ultramar with a massive fleet (these banishments are pretty short)
Gets killed by Calgar

>> No.15502176

The setting doesn't need to progress so much as get a sense of fun back into it. It's all so fucking serious now, all these ponderous worthies plodding around being "awesome". The Dawn of War games are 5 times funnier than anything Games Workshop puts out.

>> No.15502189


The only possible answer is to bring back Squats and make the Orkz more like the pirate Freebootaz in DoW2:Ret, rather than an unstoppable force of deathrape which happens to be green and retarded.

>> No.15502212

Hold on, let me go find some obscure sidebar or sentence from one of the recent codex (among the written volumes upon volumes of GRIMDARK SRS BISNOZ) to prove to you that 40k is still funny and lighthearted, and nobody takes it seriously (except me, of course - I'm going to take the time to quote you a passage from a book to prove to you that 40k fluff is the bestest thing everer).

>> No.15502219


I think the Imperials have the potential to be a lot more fun also. Treat them as a satire of rampant bureaucracy for example. Not JUST that of course but it's an idea.

>> No.15502246

You could replace the emporer with tigirus, the ultrarines super grand pysker, and a bunch of other strong pyskers/sorcerers, since tigirus only invaded a hive fleets mind and predicted their every move

>> No.15502248


Just one Guard HQ squad which looks like Blackadder / George / Baldrick / Darling / Melchitt.

Thats all it would take.

>> No.15502251


You know, there's a REASON Ciaphas Cain stuff is so popular.

>> No.15502255

>The Dawn of War games are 5 times funnier than anything Games Workshop puts out.

Especially Retribution. Imperial Guard, Inquisition, and the Orks were all precisely as I loved them to be.

>> No.15502258

The exception is not the rule.

>> No.15502262


"Hey, Matt, so is Tigurius really the most powerful psyker in the Imperium besides the Emperor himself?"

"Why, of course he is!"

"Great. So, Emps is dead, guess who gets to mount the Golden Throne and maintain the Astronomican?"


Pic related.

>> No.15502264

>i like the setting, but i also like story progression, if they kill the emperor off not like you have to play in that setting either.

But the significance for that is that game companies usually drop support for previous settings. How many new Shadowrun in 2053 products get put out these days? None, it's all progressed past that.

Story progression will kill 40K as we know it. Some people may consider that a good thing, I don't and I think a lot of other people won't appreciate it either.

>> No.15502283

Well, originally 40k was meant as a satire of England under Margaret Thatcher. Of course, not many people remember those times so the present writers have kind of gone off track a lot.

>> No.15502285


New Emperor and his retinue



Ultramarines Honour Guard x10 with digital laser
Ultramarines Honour Guard x10
Ultramarines Honour Guard x10

Tactical marines x5
Tactical marines x5

>> No.15502303


No it doesn't "kill 40k as we know it".

If fluff was changed from current to "Emperor is really dead but the Golden Throne autodirects the Astronomican", no one would note the difference.

>> No.15502306

Story progression isn't required. What's needed is to explore the 40k universe properly. It's a whole damn galaxy of all kinds of crazy stuff going on.

>> No.15502310

It was that but I also recall reading an article where the original writer of Rogue Trader 40k mentioned he wrote it up to be the antithesis of Star Trek and Star Wars where humans and aliens often readily worked together to overcome a greater threat, and the universes in general were bright and shiney (as opposed to GRIM and DARK)

>> No.15502327

Well, fuck.

I just started Flesh Tearers. Either they find some super-sekrit-ultra way to replenish space marines or they're gonna be long fucking gone.

>> No.15502335


Actually, it says some people BELIEVE they're healing. It's not definite at all.

>> No.15502337

>The Immortal god Emperor

Dont get my hopes up like that, story progression is counter to GW's past. Now a retacon? Thats totally up their street.

>> No.15502350


You underestimate how vital that beacon is. it's literally the Imperium's lifeline, without the astronomican warp travel would be near impossible.

>> No.15502353

If thats true, then how did we travel the warp before the emperor rose to power?

>> No.15502356

The death of the Emperor brings forth a new Chaos God, the one of Order. However, Chaos isn't inherently bad: it's just that all the negative emotions of the galaxy are feeding it and making it pretty awful. The Emperor will balance it, turning the entire Warp into a somewhat nicer place, along with letting three of the other four Chaos Gods manifest their more positive emotions a little bit more: Khorne regains his old sense of honour and desire of challenge, Nurgle loves more and stagnates less, and Tzeentch brings a great deal more hope and positive development to the universe.

Slaanesh? He's long gone, Ynnead will deal with him.

>> No.15502363


With immense difficulty. If the astronomicon went down, 99% of ships within the warp would be lost, and just about every ship that isn't within the Segmentum Solar probably couldn't make it back to Terra. Or anywhere else for that matter.

>> No.15502366

>You underestimate how vital that beacon is. it's literally the Imperium's lifeline, without the astronomican warp travel would be near impossible.

And you underestimate a 40k writer's ability to pull something out of his ass to replace that beacon.

>> No.15502370


>But the significance for that is that game companies usually drop support for previous settings.

You mean like 40k does when it releases new codex's and models? Yes it hasn't advanced the setting, but the rules and models change all the time. You still have to go out and buy the new rules and what not and you can no longer use the old ones in offical matches. Unless you just use them to game with your friends which you could do anyway so....

Why don't they advance the story instead of making the setting a retarded mess of excessive retcons? It wouldn't change anything game wise and fluff wise they don't have to bring about cataclysmic changes if the don't want to.

At the moment, the Imperial Scholars seem to all be suffering from an extreme case of alzheimers, amnesia and mental retardation.

"This happened, NOT WAIT THIS HAPPENED!"

>> No.15502375

But before the emperor we clearly took over a substantial number of worlds, and the Tau seem to manage fine if slowly. And the Eldar seem to manage before mankind even turned up.

>> No.15502379


The Tau dip their toes into the warp, but they don't have the Gellar fields etc humanity have.

Eldar were around for MILLENIA before humans even existed. No doubt they had the same problems humanity has at some point, but found a way to overcome it.

>> No.15502386

The Tau are much too slow in larger scale. It's kinda like taking a present-day space shuttle to Pluto: sure, you may manage Moon just fine, but that doesn't mean you'll be in the last planet of our solar system in time after the Tyranid distress signal arrives.

As for Eldar, good luck convincing them to let humans use Webway.

>> No.15502387

The most logical (HAH) think would be that the black ships continue their duty, just to feed a "psychic fire beacon" instead of the emperor.

Since there's bound to be a backlog of psykers on Terra when the Emperor dies, they can keep it fulled till new ones arrive.

>> No.15502397

See now that just makes me think the Tech-priests of Mars will just pull something out of their ass to allow for navigation to work again. Probably something "horrible and near blasphemous"

But thats just it, they DONT just use the webway do they?

>> No.15502416

>they DONT just use the webway do they?

No, the Eldar just use the webway. They don't use Warp Travel or other FTL technology, they just use the Webway to get around quickly.

>> No.15502421

Void dragon is the new emporer, the void dragon coils around the Goldern Throne while the adeptus mechanism keep him shinny so he will keep the proverbial fire going, they fees him pyskers so he doesn't go nuts like the outsider

>> No.15502426


Craftworlds and Eldar fleets travel in the Warp so nope, wrong answer.

Also, Warp Spiders.

>> No.15502427

>If fluff was changed from current to "Emperor is really dead but the Golden Throne autodirects the Astronomican", no one would note the difference.

That isn't really story progression though.

>> No.15502428


I don't think C'tans like eating psykers, or souls, or anything that has to do with the warp. If anything he would just make an Astronomicon that doesn't need the warp, with SCIENCE!

>> No.15502429

Um. The most recent Hero class cruisers are only 1/2 as fast as imperial ships while the very first warp-skip capable ship the tau ever made, the prototype "explorer" class, was 1/6th as fast as an imperial ship. It took the tau about 200 years to go from the prototype to the current designs.

Tau ships are slow, but they're not OMG IT TAKES ELVENTY BILLION YEARS TO GET TO THE NEXT STAR slow.

>> No.15502435


They do use the webway, even for craftworld travel.

Warp Spiders are totally unique within Eldar society, and them travelling through the warp on a regular basis is the reason they're seen as outcasts.

>> No.15502437

>Emperor dies
>Everything in the Imperium comes to a sudden halt
>Interstellar travel is practically through with
>Psykers pretty much fucked by his psychic death cry
>Latent very weak psykers either die outright or go catatonic
>Nulls serve as sinks for the cry, get by without concern
>Total stagnation for ten to twenty days, which are covered by anecdote-style writings of Ed Ward
>Suddenly, the Astronomicon flickers back to life and goes full-power again
>Latent psykers feel the call and realize that something that was missing has come back
>In the Imperial Palace, a figure has taken up residence on the Golden Throne
>A bright blue figure
>An ultramarine figure

And Matt Ward would be summarily executed in the resulting chaos.

>> No.15502438

Warp Spiders, yes. I don't recall any mention that Craftworlds or Eldar Fleets can travel through the Warp, though. It's one of the reasons that Craftworlds themselves can't easily redirect their course if they run into an aggressor, as they're too large to pass into the webway and don't have Warp Drives.

>> No.15502441

The Emperor is already dead. He's been dead since the Horus Heresy. The Golden Throne isn't a life support system, it's the Astronomicon. Quite nearly literally countless psykers are required to fuel it, though, so the constant sacrifices aren't pointless; they maintain the existence of the Empire. The Custodes exist largely to protect this secret, and the Lords of Terra (those who know) don't really care; one source of galactic stability is as good as another, when you come down to mind-numbingly high population numbers to begin with.

>> No.15502451

What about the Eldar Corsairs?

Hell what about all the minor races that are darting about the place using the warp. The Emperor may make it easier for the Imperium but its hardly the be all and end all of it.

>> No.15502455

What method of travel the Dark Eldar Mandrakes use? It would be easy for a Kabal that is allied with Mandrakes (like Black Heart) to use that method.

>> No.15502457


Largely correct, if I recall correctly. The Craftworlds *can* travel through the webway but, somewhat unsurprisingly, the vast network of tunnels built by the culture that was nearly wiped out in a matter of hours is in slight disrepair, meaning their travel options are very limitted; as I understand it, most Craftworlds find a nexus of safer tunnels and stay within a certain stomping ground almost constantly.

>> No.15502461


Of course they're warp-capable. Craftworlds were originally trading ships after all. And the Eldar fleet uses warp traveling ships, just like the Ork and Imperial fleets do. Check BFG.

>> No.15502470


If the Imperium needed a fixed point to travel the warp, and the Emperor is that fixed point, how did the Emperor lead the Crusades? He was clearly moving! You cant have a moving "fixed point."

>> No.15502474


Fuck knows, Mandrakes are not from this world, or the warp, or the webway, they're from a "cold dimension" or some shit.

>> No.15502476


There's clearly more than meets the eye going on in the HH series.

>> No.15502481

Because he was alive at the time and could no doubt psychically communicate with all his crusaders to tell them exactly where to go. Because he's just that much of a bad ass. And he could see his way through the galaxy, too, to know exactly where he needed to go next. Because he's just that much of a badass.

TL;DR It's psionics - I don't have to explain shit.

>> No.15502482

>What method of travel the Dark Eldar Mandrakes use?

Unclear. They can't teleport or anything so esoteric, but are able to phase through shadows. It's an innate ability and I doubt they could take anyone with them.

Farseer, page 132. Specifically says that the Eldar do not use Warp Travel. They used to, but no longer do so.

>> No.15502485

>They used to,
Well there we go, we establish at the very least the possibility if not the existence of warp travel without the emperor being about.

>> No.15502486

The Stories are progressing all the fucking time.
The Setting Isn't!

Why is this so fucking hard to grasp?

>> No.15502488


S'almost like there were legends and myths built around the God Emperor of Mankind after his death.

>> No.15502495


They used to before they made Slaanesh.

This is something of a sticking point.

>> No.15502498

Which is why my original statement was that they don't 'use' Warp Travel. They might have access to it, and used it in the past, but have put it aside in favour of the Webway.

>> No.15502501


>Unclear. They can't teleport or anything so esoteric, but are able to phase through shadows. It's an innate ability and I doubt they could take anyone with them.

>they can't teleport

That's never explicitly said, nor is it implied, for all we know the fuckers can teleport from shadow to shadow or something.

>I doubt they could take anyone with them.

Then how does the Mandrake with 4 arms takes the head of his victims with him?

>> No.15502502

Well that explains the crusading fleet, but what about the rest of the Imperium? Did he constantly relay his position in relation to each and every world so they could adjust for his movements, just for trade ships at the like?

Something stinks here, I dont think the Emperor is really the source of the astronomicon beacon at all.

>> No.15502508

Yeah, but back then the Warp itself was nicer. It was a lot more accurate and safe.

These days, what with Chaos being worse and Slaanesh having come up... not so much.

>> No.15502515



>> No.15502522

>Did he constantly relay his position in relation to each and every world so they could adjust for his movements, just for trade ships at the like?


>> No.15502526


Clearly, they travel through plot holes.

>> No.15502527

>Be a staunch pro Imperial fan for years
>Suddenly realize the Emperor has been bullshiting the entire time in the fluff
...So. How does one convert to chaos again?

>> No.15502534

So GW and /tg/ are...Miles Dieson from Terminator 2, able to kill himself to save humanity?

>> No.15502535

Heh the image alone.


>> No.15502543


Mars must be full of Mandrakes then. No wonder the Void Dragon can't get out.

>> No.15502547

Necron tech, maybe?

>> No.15502560


You know, not everything HAS to be related to the Necrons, if there's something the Dark Eldar makes perfectly clear is what whatever Mandrakes are it's not from this galaxy.

Then again IF they were Necron related, maybe they're like the Eldar version of Pariahs, but i'd rather go with the "no you fuck, they're aliens from fuck knows" explanation.

>> No.15502564


To be fair, in an... empire (christ, there's no real word of the scope to describes this) where trillions of lives are basically irrelevant, the draconian measures taken to preserve thousands of trillions of other lives aren't entirely irrational. The Warp *is* actually inimical to humanity, Orks *are* actually all about bein ded killy, Tyranids *will* fucking eat you, Necrons just don't give a flying fuck, the closest thing humanity has to an ally is that close because they're simply too weak to be a real threat and even then they freely and callously sacrifice entire Imperial systems out of hand to save their own skin.

Coating that kind of vicious, terrifying reality in bright and glorious Purpose and Sanctity and Devotion makes it much, much easier to live with, and it's obvious that the Lords of Terra figured out very early on that the less people knew, the better, and they managed that *so well* that I sincerely doubt most of the Custodes even know the truth anymore. Repeating the same ritual for that long imparts more than conscious significance to the act, and it's not like any of the Lords alive today were alive for the Heresy.

It's a convenient, comforting and likely necessary lie.

>> No.15502566


>if there's something the Dark Eldar CODEX makes


>> No.15502568

Poor choice of words and an overly-dismissive attitude on my part. There's no implication that the shadow-walking ability of the Mandrakes is due to being able to displace themselves bodily through the warp. One might speculate that this is the case, but there's no evidence to prove or disprove it either way.

While it's obvious the Mandrakes can transport items with them - their weapons, clothes, and trophies - there's no evidence of them being able to bring entire living creatures with them. Again, one can speculate it might be possible, but there's nothing to prove it.

>> No.15502571


If Mandrakes were necron-related, they likely would not be considered daemons for the purposes of Grey Knight specialities.

>> No.15502575

Yeah...Im going to go with the demon offering immortality and powers beyond mortal comprehension.

>> No.15502576

I know, but DLF posted:
>phase through shadows
And IIRC one of the Necron Lord's wargear is described pretty much the same.

>> No.15502578

The way i see it, Mandrakes are just a bunch of Eldar-Alien halfbreeds from another dimension/galaxy, hell maybe they're just native to the webway.

>> No.15502587

Well since the webway borders real-space and the warp, it would make sense a native inhabitant would border both. And would explain the half here-half there thing they have going on.

>> No.15502589

Mandrakes are just Dark Eldar who thought it would be a good idea to fuck Umbra.

The consequences were never the same.

>> No.15502597

Games Workshop has given an answer for the Mandrake question.

>Q: What counts as a Daemon? (p21)
>A: Everything in the Chaos Daemons codex, Daemon
>Princes, Possessed Chaos Space Marines, Obliterators,
>summoned greater Daemons, summoned lesser
>Daemons, any vehicle with the daemonic possesion
>upgrade, Daemonhosts, Mandrakes, Kheradruakh the
>Decapitator, the Avatar.

>> No.15502600

That was just a bit of flowery language, sorry. Mandrakes don't have anything to do with Necrons.

This is probably the most accurate explanation. While they do seem to carry a touch of the warp, explaining their supernatural abilities, they aren't simply half-Eldar half-Daemon hybrids. GW isn't known for being particularly coy with its fluff, and if they simply were half-Daemons and the shadow-realm they come from is part of the Warp proper, I think they'd just have outright stated that.

>> No.15502621


See I keep reading that, and thinking it must be a sub realm of the warp were only deadly card games on motorcycles take place.

>> No.15502628

rolled 2, 1, 4 = 7

if ward writes it.....likely, but from current fluff highly unlikely.

>> No.15502637

Cool troll thread, bro. GW won't advance the story until we stop participating in their $20-per-Space-Marine gougefests.

>> No.15502658


>inb4 Mandrakes ARE half demons
>but they're not demons from this galaxy
>Mandrakes made contact with the warp of another dimension/galaxy, that galaxy was consumed by the tyranids and their warp was left in darkness
>from the darkness new creatures were born
>they possessed the eldar and became mandrakes
>the decapitator just wants to bring the shadow realm to our galaxy

>> No.15502728

Why does he have a condom on his computer desk?

>> No.15502803

So he can fuck your mother

>> No.15502830

Regardless of what happens.
Alot of people are gonna die and there will always be steel ball clad guardsmen to deal with it

>> No.15502856

All guardsmen are weaklings and traitors


>> No.15502865

So he can have protection while he masturbates.

>> No.15502875

Marines are plot-armored dev-wanks, and wouldn't really be capable of achieving jack shit on their own.

>> No.15502887

Im sorry we can't all be super evil mutants or heretics or xenos with magical powers.

>> No.15502888

Because Emperor protects

>> No.15504191

>Abaddon and his 78th Crusade

oh wow

he finally did it.

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