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Let's talk about orks (or orcs).

Do you like them cunning savages (Tolkien), serial rapists (D&D), hooligan fungi (Warhammer), Mongolian hordes in space (Star Trek klingons), or as an everyman with tusks (Shadowrun)?

What makes an ork an ork, to you?

How do you use them in your favorite game(s)?

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Orc implies a brute who is prone to aggression.While one may be tempted to always cast them as savages, I find the concept of cunning and crafty orcs superior.

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honorbound warriors

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I like them as Tyrolean mountain goblins. Alternatively, as large tusked sea monsters.

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Klingons. Savage not out of stupidity but philosophy.

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I like to use as many different interpretations as I can. We as humans are incredibly diverse so why shouldn't other species be as well, especially when you throw magic and shit into the mix?

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BIg, generally shamanistic or some variation thereof, prone to violence, look at most other races as unimportant or weak.

Sort of like that.

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I like Warhammer Fantasy orcs as a combination of "crazy fungi who live to fight" (from 40k) and actual infrastructure (they use gretchin and human slaves to mine for them, they know how to smith and craft and so on). It's a combination that makes them a more plausible threat than the average fantasy orc, which is just like a human in terms of what it needs but is nonetheless compelled to raid and kill instead of farming or whatever.

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DnD: Everytime! Orcs must die!

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I like Warcraft orcs.

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This is how I like them too. Granted, while my idea of orks/orcs is rather heavily shaped by Warcraft's portrayal, I don't see them quite so much as Blizzard's "green angry human", I still can't help but add some distinctly "noble-savage" undertones to them...

Basically a slightly more primitive and tribal Klingon, but not quite so honor-obsessed.

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>Mongolian hordes in space (Star Trek klingons)

I still like the literal "Mongols in Space" idea /tg/ came up with better.

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If they're going to be an actual society, I've always liked Warcraft's orcs. For most settings the typical DnD savage, tribal orcs are cool.

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I like jews in space.


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I'm a sucker for hooligans, and I'm a sucker for tusks. I like them a little more bro than 40k orks, so freebooters I guess?

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Always bet on da boyz!

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Tolkien orcs aren't cunning; they're even more one-dimensional than Warhammer orcs.

I've never played Shadowrun, but I love the idea of Orc Bruce Springsteen.

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A slight bit more violent analog to the native American tribes of North America.

But then again, I also have Aztec Goblin/Hobgoblin/Bugbears and African Kobolds.

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D&D Orcs are the best orcs.
40k Orks are the only orks.

Know the difference. It can save your life.

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So.. WH40k Kommando Nobs?

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I like orcs who are large, black and white, and hungry for delicious, delicious baby seals.

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In Europe Shadowrun orcs are orks too

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No no no silly, you're thinking of orcas.

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those are orcas. A close cousin, but not the exact same.

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D&D orcs are trash, even Warcraft has it better than them.

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I run mine as raiders of dubious morality. Warlike but not Evil with a capital E.

I like 40k orks better though. Shit's funny.

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I like them as a more anger prone race with more testosterone. Ergo, bigger, but commonly less smart.
Also, Is it weird to say I'd totally hit the pic?

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orcs = pigdogs

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I actually liked the Warcraft orcs through WCIII. Especially characters like Thrall and Grom Hellscream(Garrosh can suck a dick).

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Whatever. It's an improvement over most orcs.

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I like orcs how /tg/ developed them in

sadly thread seems to have been lost

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Kaptin Bluddflagg is exactly what every Ork either is or is trying to be in my opinion

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I like Orcs the same way I like my women...


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'Orc' has always been fantasy shorthand for 'outsider'. They're not the alien eldritch horror, in that you can communicate with them, and their motivation makes a sort-of-kind-of sense, but they're Not You. They're opposed to what you believe in, they're inimical to your way of life, and they may not be always openly hostile, but they'll never be nice.

So if your setting is about urban imperial expansion, the orcs are nature druids. If your setting is about the aztecs, the orcs are conquistadors. In the ocean, the orcs are pirates. In the UN security council, the orcs are the ones constantly blocking resolutions.

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Was that the one with the linguists discussing how tusks would affect speech?

Because that was awesome.

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I see orcs as farmers, or at least former farmers. Dumb, raging farmers who, after spending years plowing a field, have no problem picking up an axe for some quality rape and pillage by the fire of a burning town.

Green skinned vikings, I guess.

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Mine are Mountain goblins (who are in turn are like albino underground tribal feudal japanese people with a pragmatic version of Buddhism which allows practitioners to throw fireballs and fly) who, by consuming a special diet of poisonous giant centipede meat and special mushrooms become much bigger, stronger, and more aggressive and serve as the barely contained warrior class.

Common orcs don't live underground and can only appear when a goblin makes a pact with dark spirits and eats man/elf/dwarf flesh. In the process they become partially possessed by one of the spirits, which then convinces them to go fuck other people up because the spirits find it hilarious and feed off pain. Goblins do this because the ones outside of the mountain are hunted outcastes that at best manage to be treated as hated refugees.

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I like my Orcs as a more combat prone race. Like, not the kind that can invent everything, but enough to keep up with scraps (pic related). I don't really like them to be full-on savages.

Also, Is it weird to say I'd totally hit that chick in the picture with all the applications?

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And in Shadowrun, where you don't trust *anybody*, orcs are just like everyone else.
Done right, orcs are an extremely valuable resource, because you the GM can just say "Suddenly, a party of orcs shows up," and hear your players swear profusely and get ready for everything to go wrong.

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>In the UN security council, the orcs are the ones constantly blocking resolutions.


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Yes, that's the sound. Delicious player tears.

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In Europe, some are "Orques".

Others are "Georrkken".

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need more orcs/orks

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Ever run Baus orks, /tg/?

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Ugh. I'm really hating modern Blizzard artists.
I liked a lot of the shit Metzen and Samwise did for WC2 and WC3, but whoever they have doing drawings like that really needs to know when to stop drawing. And who the fuck's idea was it to put those bone piercing things on his side and under his arm? I know I'm nit-picking, but those bug the fuck out of me as something that look stupid and would be completely impractical. And is that a fucking nipple ring? You will never look badass with a nipple ring. Not even if you're green, eight feet tall and wielding a giant flaming axe. Nipple ring kills all seriousness.

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E's got more spiky bits 'n youz, fat 'umie.

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oh come off it, you know you would be soiling yourself in fear if you saw someone like that coming at you

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That's a much better drawn Grom.

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it was.
I've been trying to find some trace of it, but no luck

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Any attempt to humanize orcs beyond brutish/savage beasts or soccer hooligans pisses me off.
There are plenty of intelligent races to have intelligent evils. Why do we have to turn gaming into some culturewar bullshit.

That said, I love shadowrun orcs, but I just don't think of them in the same terms.

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>I hate it when games provide enemies with depth
Stick to DnD simpleton.

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I think you're confusing enemies in general with a specific example of enemies.

What I'm saying is that I hate when people choose to look to orcs for depth. It would be like wondering about the culture of skeletons and golems in a dungeon. Sure, you could, and it might be neat, but fuck that shit. Some things are just there to be killed, and if you want depth, use things that are there to have depth.

Mostly I just don't like orcs though.

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I like WC1/WC 2/Dungeon Crawl orcs. Nasty and brutal... but they have friggin infernal/necromancy magic!

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>Orc Bruce Spingsteen


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Its impossible for me to conceive of golem groups as not being cool. Giant robots and giant frankenstein's monsters.

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Anon just gave me my next character.

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serial rapists (D&D)

I prefer realistic depictions of primitive savage raiders.

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I actually rather like the savage noble represented in the post-third war WarCraft mythos. I know know lot of people bitch and moan about the orcs in WarCraft, but I thought they were a rather interesting bunch in the end.

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Seriously. Even as I typed how unrealistic it might be, I was thinking of how much I enjoy Promethean.

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Because of Warcraft II, I was obsessed with Orcs in high school for some reason.

So I guess I kind of like them evil yet whimsical. (this is before Warcraft III.)

I didn't mind the direction Metzen took them in though, but after playing WoW and Warhammer Fantasy and D&D for so long, I kind of have Orc over-exposure now. I actually kind of digging classic Tolkinesque orcs these days since they are different from the above, more of a generic "bogeyman" kind of race, but overall "orcs" are something I am trying to lean away from when DM'ing.

Nowadays Orcs are kind of cliched to me

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sexy sexy orcs

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Aggressive, physically strong tusked humanoids with short pointed ears, blunt noses and a jutting lower jaw as characteristic of their species, with most orcs ranging in shades of brown, grey and dull green. Their cultures tend to be shamanistic, theocratic in nature and revere ancestral spirits as opposed to deities, as well as animal totems that represent the strengths of their social structure, which while without a real hierarchy has different, equal castes which serve different purposes to the collective.

Orcs also have a tendency to prefer divination and abjuration when magic is involved with things; best to rely on power and skill in other matters, and to let magic act as protection and wisdom.

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Additionally, orcs do not see other humanoids as other species, nor do they see all orcs as among their own. A true orc is a being which follows the codes and traditions of their people; all others are lesser beings, and fair game to be taken and used as an orc pleases. Other races may prove their being worth as orcs in battle or in some other test of strength and cunning, but rarely does this occur.

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Made an ORC War chief that can have around 170 orcs running around with him yesterday ( for some dude on /tg/ ). Next three levels are in Orc War chief which gives him ins courage and 50 more orcs.

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Orcs of DnD are ugly serial rapists... just the way orcs should be.

>> No.15504070

>i have a rape fetish

Okay kid.

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actually depends on the fucking orc. Deep orcs have bonuses to CHAR because they are fucking crazy

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I like them to be the aggressive, shamanistic bigger brothers of the goblins.

I like my greenskins united.

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orcs are kind of like humanity distilled to its basic ingreedients

in most fantasy orcs are more human than humans

all this is packed up in a kind of hairy brutish pacage with lots of sharp teeth and muscles, but thats basically just to camuflage their basic humanity

this is especially true with Tolkien, he basically took all he does not like about people and puts it into orcs

orcs so become literarly the spravling dirty dispossesed masses of the world

and then they are crushed

reactionary bastard that Tolkein

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If that's the case, an orc could be easily swayed to stop killing you if you offered to buy him a sandwich and a beer.

BRB recruiting orc army.

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This, take away the fangs, muscles, ears and skin tone and you've got a bunch of dirty humans who are prone to violence.

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orks and orcs are to my mind football hooligans from northern England

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>I like them as Tyrolean mountain goblins. Alternatively, as large tusked sea monsters.

>as large tusked sea monsters

Oh god. How did I not see it before?!

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Well, Tolkien did really hate the growth of technology and mechanisation that was destroying his beloved countryside.

To be fair, he'd lived through the first world war, so hating mechanisation makes sense.

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>sadly thread seems to have been lost


Always bet on easymodo

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bless you anon.
all my internets are yours.

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What's in a name? That which we call an elf
By any other name would still be gay.

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>Everyman with tusks.

Did you mean

>African Americans, now with a different appearance.

Inb4 accusations of racism.

Seriously, read the 4th edition fluff. The similarities are uncanny.

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What a piece of work is an Orc, how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals

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I don't actually use Orcs in the setting I'm currently DMing.

I'm not sure how I'll use them in my next one (currently being planned). I was never a fan of a tremendous abundance of monstrous races.

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wehey! breakspear!

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I always wondered, if orcs in fantasy settings are such a pest, why do neither the good or the evil kingdoms ever go final solution on them and just wipe every clan/tribe/kingdom out they encounter?

I mean in most settings orcs only become a problem when they became too large in number or are under the rule of some evil emperor. Otherwise it's rather easy to kill them off.

And while we are at the horror that orcs are:

>> No.15504589

It's hard to wipe people out, as countless failed genocides should show you.

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I love the Burning Wheel orcs. Uncompromisingly angry sons of bitches.

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I liked them as they were in Warcraft I.
Stupid enough to be savage, but intelligent enough to build buildings and infarstructure, have a social structure and organisation and being led by execptional intelligent members.

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Orcs are douchebags for the most part. Nothing but malicious savages who take what they want because they can. They are worse than animals, because unlike animals, they are aware of the suffering they inflict, and they thoroughly enjoy it.

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good GOD NO its the POOR


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Still, it doesn't answers why they don't try at least?

Instead they let them roam around "oh those orcs, they are haunting the mountains, better just warn the travelers and let the orcs be".

Even the chinese once tried to beat back the mongol hordes and succeded thanks to using their own cavalry. The only reason the mongols later came back and beat the crap out of the chinese empire was because the generals cavalry tactics were regarded as savage and uncivilised (the fact that they were effective against those near unbeatable barbarian hordes was apperently not so important).

>> No.15504722

These guys are more like the goblin stereotype in modern fantasy. Than again the orcs and goblins as imagined today both come from the tolkien orcs.

I wonder when the muscle packed large humanoid image of the orcs became popular?

>> No.15504768

i like how in pathfinder it's the dwarves fault that the orcs live on the surface

>> No.15504848

This looks neat but something seems off about it.
Are the ref/wil saves supposed to be that low at that level? I understand its optimized for leadership and being an awesome orc, but I'm imagining all the save-or-suck in the game by that point.

Also, what armor does he wear? Just simple splint mail?

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Orcs are one of the things I feel Warcraft does (or did, depending on your viewpoint) extremely well (along with trolls, dragons, and other things). They were warlike but not idiotic brutes; they were every bit as tactical and strategic as their enemies and took advantage of everything they could in order to crush the competition. They build giant fortresss instead of squatting in ancient ruins or caves; they forged their own weapons, armor, and siege equipment instead of just stealing things from defeated foes; they made alliances and bargains with other races in order to strengthen their own forces instead of just indiscriminately attacking everything not-them; they harnessed a variety of powerful magic, even summoning the aid of otherworldly beings, instead of relying purely on their own brute force.

I could go on and on.

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Read the DnD monster manual. Orcs are 6 to 6 and a half feet tall and weight 200 to 230 pounds.

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original space orc

>> No.15505081

My Orcs:

Remember the end of Willow? Where she's turning them all into pigs?

My Orcs are the army of hardened mercenaries and brave countrymen who marched on the evil witch. She casts a spell and they all turn into pigs, but she is killed before the spell is complete. So now they are all left in various states of transformation. The least transformed are almost human, with a slightly snub nose, chubby hands and feet, and a slightly squealish voice. Many of them are half-man, half-pig, the orc we commonly know. The most transformed are simply pigs, but with human intellect. And everything in between. And since the witch is dead, nothing can turn them back.

Unable to return to their homes, they live together as a band of swords for hire. Their transformation has left them strong, with tough skin and powerful muscles. And they find that they breed true. Those women who lie with them, and those who were part of the army or the camp that were transformed as well, give birth to orc offspring. Decades on, many of the original orcs are dead, but their descendants live on as the most feared soldiers in the land.

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so they are basicly green humans. well done, blizz.

>> No.15505107

In my games they are nomadic tribes that are upset with the rest of the world.

they were promised the world by their god, and he tried to deliver, but the other races teamed up to stop them.

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>> No.15505172


If wanting orcs to be interesting requires them to be green humans, then so be it.

I'll take that over Generic Monstrous Brute With Club #854662 any day of the week.

>> No.15505207


If you're going to get all upset about them being shoehorned or misrepresented or whatever, guess what: the only way to avoid that would be to make them literally human, because all fantasy races are "humans but x". It's like getting mad about dwarves being short and mining, or elves liking forests and being magical. If you don't have some specific traits, then you might as well just make them human. For orcs, those traits are being bestial and aggressive. If you take that away and try to make it fair and balanced, they're humans.

>> No.15505364

but the warcraft orcs have those 2 traits

>> No.15505494

you like your fantasy races boring using the same tired tropes don't you?

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>> No.15505641

I suppose you like your fantasy races homogenized into humans with superficial differences.

>> No.15505677

Warcraft Orcs are the weediest Orcs I've ever seen. It actually made me ashamed at how passive and civilized they were.

I like my Orcs as barbarian tribesmen from very inhospitable climates.

>> No.15505696

warcraft orcs were fine in 1/2

"humanizing" them has made them worse, if anything

>> No.15505704

He meant those singing one in the two towers video.

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no not really, take a look at Eberron's Orcs

>> No.15505737

Tolkien orcs are the only orcs.

>> No.15506293

Warcraft orcs are the pillaging kind, only they play the victim when people fight back

>> No.15506365

when did they do that?

>> No.15506382

warcraft 3 and onward

>> No.15506397


>> No.15506403

I like orcs that are like the Brutes from Halo. Primitive but cunning, animalistic and crazy, capable of everything from berserk rage to coldly calculated genocide. They achieved spaceflight on their own, then nuked themselves out of the Space Age and back to a pre-industrial society.

Also, they eat their captives alive, which is scary as fuck.

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Need more orcs

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You're free to dislike the demonic possession twist, but don't pretend that it doesn't exist.

>> No.15506419

You are a fag.

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'Ey dere small 'umie
Whyz dun' yu giv' meh yer Handz
I'llz be realz noize wit demz

>> No.15506444


Come back when you can prove me wrong.

>> No.15506451

and the derp is strong with you

>> No.15506458

Fag status confirmed
Greenskins in all their forms and shapes are awesome
Through this we must come to one conclusion

>> No.15506464

Warhammer Orks.


>> No.15506477

Not same guy, but the orcs are still 100% culpable for what happened. Accepting the demonic influence was entirely voluntary, and the entire events of WC 1 and 2 (you know, the genocidy bits) were performed by non-chaos orcs.

Add to this that the orcs still venerate Orc Hitler and have a capitol (IIRC) city called, basically, Hitlermar, and still fly the same flag, and it means that the difference between demonically influenced orcs and non demonically influenced orcs is completely irrelevant to humans.

>> No.15506485

Fantasy ones suck.

40k are a great concept, just a terrible setting and place.

>> No.15506495

if i remember correctly(i could be wrong), only the leaders knew what was really going on when they drank the demon blood

>> No.15506500

Fantasy orcs > you orc > that orc >we orc

>> No.15506517

Are you familiar with the shit they did to WFB Orcs? They're not fuck-awesome at all. They're incompetent and pants-on-head retarded.

>> No.15506534

I like 'em them that way
Don't tell me they changed black orcs...

>> No.15506536

Are you familiar with the shit they did to 40k Orks? They're not fuck-awesome at all. They're incompetent and pants-on-head retarded.

>> No.15506542

Tolkien>WHFB>every other type of orc>40k

>> No.15506550
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>Accepting the demonic influence was entirely voluntary

On the part of -some- of the warchiefs, who were at probably at least partially misled about what they were getting into by Nez...whoever that death knight orc was.

>were performed by non-chaos orcs.

Everything that stepped through the dark portal was in the thrall of demons.

I'm not really up on my Warcraft lore, but I do know that they did retcon everything necessary to make the orcs not be "bad guys" anymore. I'm not saying that the humans are exactly wrong to still hate them, nor am I saying I like how that whole thing got handled, I'm just saying that there's no point pretending that Warcraft orcs are pure villains outside of the first two RTS games. They got retconned and we just have to deal with it.

>> No.15506555

I sway towards this
But every orc is good orc
Green > other colours

>> No.15506564

I like them like 40K Orks: comic relief but also a threat.

>> No.15506568

The only good tolkien orcs, are Uruk-Hai. The rest of the fucking tolkien crap is an elf fap-fest.

>> No.15506578

>I've only seen the LOTR movies and I'm a huge fag

>> No.15506581

There were fuck-awesome. Before Phil got his hands on them.

>> No.15506591

>hurr durr, I make assumptions and ridicule anyone who doesn't like what I like

>> No.15506599

Basically I play them as Zulus. Strong tribal culture, insane bravery by Human standards, and they want you off their goddamn land.

Also black.

>> No.15506609

>I just admitted that I've never read any of Tolkien's books

>> No.15506613

Nobody else has said it, so I will: the Uruk-hai are mostly likely Orc and Man cross-breeds. At least, they are not really true Orcs. Saruman created them.

>> No.15506630

Weren't they a cross between orc and trolls?
Can't remember

>> No.15506644

assume: to take for granted or without proof; suppose; postulate;

Sorry ass-hat, but yes I've read the series. Grandfather of fantasy as he may be, his orcs are shit.

>> No.15506680

i always thought it was orc and goblin

>> No.15506706

Orc and Goblin is the same thing in Lotr
The only difference is where they live

>> No.15506709

No. Orcs and Men.

>> No.15506735

Goblins and orcs in LotR are fell elves. Beings that once knew grace but lost it.

Uruk-hai were twisted monsters created by blending the best traits of man and orc. No trolls anywhere to be found. In LotR trolls have no redeeming traits for Saruman to want in his super-soldiers.

>> No.15506757

>In Europe Shadowrun orcs are orks too

Same in US Shadowrun. They've always spelled them orks since first edition.
The only orc in SR is O.R.C., the Ork Rights Commitee.

>> No.15506771

And with the right skills and money, you can be a big mek with a GMC Hauler converted into a 'battlewagon' that's tough enough to make any Elf biker gang think twice about bothering you.

Mine had pop-up vindicator turrets and enough armor to plow through a lone-star blockade.

>> No.15506787


>> No.15507250
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If an orc isn't a bundle of nerves combined with intense emotional states and liable to suffer a neurotic disorder on encountering a new experience, even if it was benign or even beneficial, it's not mentally unstable enough for me to call the creature an orc.

It's all about the positive and negative cycles of reinforcement. If a group of orcs got a hostile response from one human town, they'd get neurotic about that, and then when they enter a human town where orcs arn't shot on sight or shunned and excluded, but are met with warmly, they'd be paranoid about getting attacked at any moment, despite no one having a dagger ready for their backs. (and then of course the shit hits the fan when one of them does get attacked, or is percieved as attacked)
Obvious hilarity ensues when orcs from different groups get together and expect totally different reactions; never take a female orc who encountered a monestary of chaste monks into a whorehouse, because the owner will get pissed that she's not spending any money on the manwhores. (possibly also crying in a corner from confusion, disturbing other patrons)

>> No.15507832

I really like Warhammer Orc(k)s the most, because I envy them. I saw a piece of lore about an Eldar philosopher (can't remember the name) who said that the Eldar hate Orks just because they've found true purpose in life and they haven't. He was, of course, exiled, but that got me thinking.
Orks were engineered from the ground up to defend one race from another. How do you make someone want to defend you? Well, let's put a trigger in their brain that releases pleasure whenever you fight. It's a lot like fucking for us humans, except Orks do it much more often. A lot of men have imagined themselves fucking the most beautiful women and thinking, well, in this situation, I think I could actually just not care if I died right then and there. It's the same thing for the Orks. They're having so much fun fighting that they rarely care for their own safety unless there's a tiny lull in the fighting where they can realize that they're doomed, or something like that.
What I'm getting at here is to live as an Ork is to have a life that is fulfilled, all the time. All you have to do is start beating the shit out of somebody. And I envy that.

>> No.15507847

>double they
Whoops, I meant that the Orks had found true purpose and the Eldar haven't.

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