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Hello /tg/

I have come for advice in building my next character for a 3.5 campaign.

The DM is doing something different from what we normally do, he's making everyone take the leadership feat and be generals of armies.

It's a 14th lvl campaign and I already have an idea for my character. I'd like to be a full orc (DM already said it's fine) and pretty much build a WAAAAAGH! army or orcs, goblins, etc,

Only problem is, i'm still not the best at choosing stats, classes, other feats, minmaxing in general which the DM encourages. I'd like to be something like a barbarian, but i'm not sure how to get this to work.

oh, and I only have 150,000 to outfit myself, my troops, and use the stronghold guide to build a base of operations if i want to to get more leadership bonus

tl;dr I need help building an awesome orc warboss in 3.5.

also, my orc pictures are severely lacking, so while i go google some feel free to post some of your own

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Additional info: Book of the 9 swords is banned, along with VoP and a few of the other vows that i can't remember.

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Don't neglect CHA completely, but it won't be as high as the other generals, since your position comes from Might is Right.

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in regards to large-scale battles in 3.5e in general, rather than your specific query, check out Heroes of Battle and the Miniatures Handbook.

The MH also includes the Marshal class. It's not very powerful, but it's worth looking into picking up a few levels in addition to your main combat class (I'd assume Barbarian) to make it a bit more leaderly

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I'll have to look that up, thanks for the advice.

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As i wait for my thread to get posts in it ill dump some orcs


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Train the women in battle

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There's no need for this feat. In the DMG, there is an optional rule that allows for a character to substitute Str for Cha when doing Intimidate checks. That same rule allows for any appropriate ability score to be substituted with any skill, provided the context is appropriate for that ability score to be used (DM decision).


Might Makes Right lets us have some fucking fun. So level 14? Lets do this shit.

making char right now. Same dude who just did the GREEN ARROW build

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Complete Warrior has a lot of PrCs that could fit, depending on what specific flavor you want your character to have. I know the Purple Dragon Knight gives a lot of bonuses for large groups

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I use this, works out well, and can be kinda funny when a puny bard is trying to intimidate the halfling merchant... fails then the huge fucking Orc barbarian walks and and just cracks his knuckles

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>In the DMG, there is an optional rule that allows for a character to substitute Str for Cha when doing Intimidate checks. That same rule allows for any appropriate ability score to be substituted with any skill, provided the context is appropriate for that ability score to be used (DM decision).

Thank you so much. I've been looking for a way to use Str instead of Cha. My DM said he didn't know of any rule that allowed that so he said no, now i can ask him again.

This is why i love you guys /tg/

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alrigth just finished it.

No items other then some sick +5 armour which you don't need. I was being silly. All your money should go into your weapon and the followers.

your intimidate check is high as fuck while raging.Like a 30.

I would find some magic items to let you have more fun with leadership and items to increase your STR and CHAR

remeber this sheet is before magic items.

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i need to reread my posts before posting them.

there is an other feat to take that makes it so when you rage everyone is feared. I don't remember it's name but it's fucking amazing for this build

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Thank you very much kind sir. You're a true bro, you know that?

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blah i fucked up a bit, your missing a class level. Let me fix it really quick and add some magic items.

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Also, did you include a level adjustment in that sheet? He's a little strict about them and ECL.

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yeah i notice that, fixing right now.

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spend all your money on yourself, make your troops get gear from the looted corpses of your defeated enemies.
also, dont build a stronghold, take someone elses.

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DMG2 has a ritual magic that literally creates a WAAAAGH

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Do tell what page, good sir.

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Magic Event: Avatar of the Horde, page 114-115

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This is now you

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okay ECL is included.

I gave you like 60-70k in magic items. and they are listed.

only skill that matters is intimidate max it.

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I am going to ask my DM if I can do this.

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If you weren't intent on using Str instead of Cha, I'd suggest Bardarian build; Personal buffs from Barb for your own combative abilities, AOE buffs from Bard for your followers and team-mates.

That aside, I'd also suggest the Frost Rager PrC out of Frostburn. 5 level progression, full BAB, gain Natural Armor and Natural attacks while raging (1d6 damage +1d4 frost damage on a medium creature), an extra attack and rend option (hit any enemy twice, and you automatically deal 2d8+1.5x strength modifier).

If you want to juice strength and intimidate, I can't imagine that ripping someone in half in the middle of the battle field wouldn't achieve both.

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>Minmaxed ork


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Once again, thank you good sir. Intimidate will be maxed.

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dude you can play with stats how ever you want. But a ORC war chief would only have three stats. Bash things. Takes hits, And follow me or die.

all three of those I hit on.


the bardbarbian is a good ideas well. But I think it lakes the lol I am a mother fucking ORC


hope that is what you want. no problem man

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I should add that your leadership level is

14 + 9= 23

which means that like ~90 level 1 orcs cohorts

you can get up to an other +4 with a base and some renown. which puts you at ~135.

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I forgot to mention, our DM said double our followers so we actually have a 'large army' .

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you could have a party of 14 level 5 , 100 level 1s and 200 + npcs following you around

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some numbers for you.

2 level 10-12 cohorts ( depends on dm if you count as 14 or 12 )

270 level 1 followers
26 level 2 followers
14 level 3 followers
8 level 4 followers
4 level 5 followers
4 level 6 followers

that is a huge army.

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Thanks for all the help you've given me, man. I promise it won't be in vain. And yes, it does appear to be a huge army.

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There's an Orc Warlord prestige class in Races of Faerun that buffs your Leadership.

There's also a feat there that lets you use your Strength instead of your Charisma for your Leadership.

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it's a good class but the Zereker is kinda awesome. So I went with it. If I was OP my next three levels would in ORC warlord. Final Rage isn't worth it. So only three levels.

then finish zerker.

ORC warlord adds 40s level 1s 4 more level 2s and one more of each other level,

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