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Hey /tg/ I was thinking of buying Deathwatch and starting up a game, how would you describe the gameplay to someone who's never played something by FFG.

I've read through a downloaded rulebook, but seen as I've only played D&D 3.5 I can't get a feel for the rules.

Please share any stories, key things to remember and just general awesomeness

TL;DR: Deathwatch General

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Bumping with Art

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If you got an Internets game going on, I might join in. I might even get a friend to join, though I'm not sure.

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You are huge. That means you have huge guts. Rip and tear huge guts.

That is Deathwatch.

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Scenari go like this : "Tyranid infestation on planet X at stage Y, we need extermination of the menace.
- Cool, how many men do we have?
-Let's see...You, You, and You in the back. That should suffice.

In no other game NPC would presume of your strentgh like that. feels strange, but in the end their trust would not be in vain.

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I've always wanted to try Deathwatch!

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I've have the book myself and am slowly working on a campaign. I have a bunch of Nids from when I used to play so they will be my major menace. Biggest problems is non of my players know anything about 40k lore and they are all super lazy about learning new rules. The only things they will play are 3.5 and shadowrun.

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Dark Heresy requires players who are familiar with the 40k universe. The GM just needs to know enough to start a story.

Deathwatch also requires players familiar with 40k, as otherwise there will be NO roleplaying whatsoever.

Try Rogue Trader, it's friendliest to players unfamiliar with the setting (provided you're familiar with it).

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Yeah that was my fear, that there'd be pretty much no RPing without a base knowledge of spacemarine. Hmmm Rouge-Trader would be a fun way to introduce them to the setting, im pretty sure i could convince them to play spacer pirates... errr merchant/traders.

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I sat down my D&D group, of which 1 knew 40k well and 1 knew enough to know he didn't know much. The other 3 didn't know jack.

"All right guys, we're playing Rogue Trader - you're 1/3 Indiana Jones, 1/3 Mal Reynolds, 1/3 Jack Sparrow and 1/3 Warren Buffet. You adventure for the the glory of the Emperor, to spread His word, to find lost technologies, to explore and colonize new worlds, and to make a profit - not necessarily in that order."

The most familiar guy played the Explorator, the next familiar guy played the Missionary (they take JUST a little extra knowledge). The other three played the Rogue Trader, Void-Master, and Seneschal.

It worked out pretty damn well.

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>1/3 Indiana Jones, 1/3 Mal Reynolds, 1/3 Jack Sparrow and 1/3 Warren Buffet.
Larger than life

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That's ROgue Trader for you.

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During a space battle with an Ork Kroozer, they ended up hacking their komms (they're orky comms, see?) and piped in Kenny G (or the 40k equivalent). The Orks were... displeased.

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