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This thread is dedicated to the servants of chaos

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And thus it was summarily purged.

The end.

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heh you made me lol, here have some more chaos

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the best looking terminator armor of all times

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c'mon anyone?

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personally, I'm not a huge fan of 40k, but I'd be happy to contribute some fantasy stuff if you don't mind

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bunch of khorne stuff for a while, then some slaanesh, then tzeentch, then nurgle wiith some blending here and there

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would some minis be fine as well?

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Insufficient bling.

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possibly the cutest plaguemarine

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None of this is organized, so bear with me.

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there aren't enough pictures of slaaneshi warhosts

nor are there enough pictures of slaaneshi war herds, especially considering the BoC's relation to the incredibly sexualized satyr

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hate the stupid blurb, love the concept

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this picture is famous for being tvtropes' image representing evil spikes

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Love this one.

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I love this face

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also, nonhuman servants of chaos

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Ancient shit for ya.
Made by Chaos Squats.

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I'm going to post more when I get home, in the meantime bump this thread

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Incredibly HQ version of earlier post.

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Oh, magnificent pestilence! May Nurgle bless you with cankers.

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Come, dance with the maggotkin, cousins. Let the flies eat your gizzards.

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No it's famous for being ridiculously over the top

Seriously.. how is Engra supposed to even move?

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>over the top

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tchar harse

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Do you suppose he'd be interested in the magic of friendship?

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sir, that is a horse, not a pony

though I do enjoy the fact that he is a follower of tzeentch, god of sorcery, and also a unicorn, the magic-users of pony society

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slaanesh's kiss is a goddamn lazer beam

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When you are out of grenades, use nurglings.
Feed them chocolate first.

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goddamn warhammer online concept art, you were so much better than the game itself

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The more I see this guy's art, the more I hate it.

Every single thing he draws looks made out of plastic or bad CGI. Every material or element is drawn the same way, without different textures or treatments.

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I'm out for now

enjoy the chaos

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gah, don't get me fucking started

this is that guy's interpretation of nurgle

you know, the bloated manifestation of stagnation itself?

this is him, I guess

now if someone told me it was some beastman warrior of nurgle, I guess I'd forgive it, even if it does look more khornate, but no

this is supposed to be goddamn nurgle itself

sorry, had to join you in complaining about this guy

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and his Tzeentch is a weeaboo Lord of Change. (isn't it the one I was mentioning?)

not an eldritch and crazy bunch of faces and tentacles that looks vaguely like a giant Pink Horror on fire, but a big fancy birdman.

He's kinda good, but he shows no intention to progress beyond the artistic abilities of a Yu-Gi-Oh card illustrator, and gets encouragements for this.

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But even a Yu-Gi-Oh card illustrator should be able to draw a fat bag of pus like Nurgle.

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Genzoman confirmed for Liefeld-tier?

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can't be, I see feet

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Looks like something outa fucking darksiders.

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So what's Nurgle's appeal anyway? Worship him and you stink terribly and your guts fall out? Where's the payoff?

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Some models i saw the other day. Very nice paintjob.

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There isn't one, that's the joke. Anyway, you worship the Chaos gods inadvertently at first, through your actions. A courtier plotting intricate schemes within schemes worships Tzeench with his plots, and a neckbeard who never cleans his teeth worships Nurgle.

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>So what's Slaanesh's appeal anyway? Worship him and you get your nipples pierced and your ass fall out? Where's the payoff?

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>So what's Khorne's appeal anyway? Worship him and you take skulls and your blood fall out? Where's the payoff?

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>So what's Tzeentch's appeal anyway? Worship him and you mutate terribly and your sand fall out? Where's the payoff?

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>Worship him and you get your nipples pierced and your ass fall out?

That IS the payoff.

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Now you're just being facetious. Tzeentch lets you plot stuff or at least enjoy trying to plot stuff, Slaanesh is all about having fun fucking people in the ass whether they want it or not, and Khorne is all about beating the crap out of people. All good clean fun. But Nurgle just seems to be the god of having explosive diarrhea.

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Yet somehow Nurglites seem to be only truly content worshippers of chaos.

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tzeentch = sorcery
nurgle = immortality
slaanesh = pleasure forever
khorne = invincibility/best warrior ever

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>nurgle = immortality

I've never got this bit, how does immortality end up with plague wagons and stuff.

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Basically, the four primal desires: Wisdom, Pleasure, Longevity, and Power.

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they just don't kill you. It's stagnation without death.

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If you worship Nurgle you don't suffer the ill effects of the various diseases he gives you. They make you immortal and stop you feeling pain and you don't see them as hideous disfigurements, but as wondrous blessings. In addition; Papa Nurgle loves you, and will do his best to keep you safe, whilst the other chaos gods care nothing for their worshippers.

If I was in 40Kverse, I'd worship him before any of the other gods. Or the Emprah, for that matter.

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Interesting, that's starting to make a bit of sense.

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>>15458645 BoC's relation to the incredibly sexualized satyr

Explain please.

Incredibly sexualixed Satyr has got me interested.

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I'm collecting a Nurgle army soon.

Not sure what to do about rules, since I'm going to be using mantic zombies (covered in maggots and bile) as basic infantry and various crazy things like plague toads & slugs, random demons and and forge world plague trolls & ogres.

And this guy, cause he's awesome.

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Let's just say Nurgle is quite literal about "viral marketing".

>>15459681 If you worship Nurgle you don't suffer the ill effects of the various diseases he gives you.

Is there really any real precedent for this? In many cases it seems to me that the best you can hope for is simply not to be disabled or killed by the infections. You'll still feel like complete shit, you'll still notice that you're bloated sack of rotting flesh and maggots, and the only thing you can do there is to convince yourself that you actually like that, because Nurgle will just laugh in your face (giving you a few new diseases in the process) if you ask for help.

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>>15459740 Is there really any real precedent for this?

Well, really it's more about how Nurgle's followers won't DIE from his plagues and diseases. They are carriers.
They still suffer the effects in the forms you described, but you'll notice it doesn't stop them from fighting.

So really, Nurgle followers get rabies - Nurgle victims get mega-aids.

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Khorne = Murder and Rage
Slaanesh = Pleasure and Perfection
Nurgle = Immortality
Tzeentch = Knowledge, Sorcery and Trickery. Illusion and Change.

The bottom line is that the Warp is all about Wish-fulfilment in the way an malevolent genie will fulfill your wishes.

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google satyr

see how many paintings there are of satyrs fucking nymphs


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>>15459740 Is there really any real precedent for this?

It's canon that the diseases Nurgle cultists have don't harm them and in fact make them immortal, and that most of his followers joined to get relief from disease. I don't think it's a big leap to assume their diseases don't cause them pain.

I can't think of any 40K examples, but in the Mathias Thulman: Witch Hunter books (Warhammer Fantasy, but same deal) a fat, dying nobleman who's life is saved by a ritual of Nurgle (that has turned him into what looks like a rotting Jabba the Hutt) constantly talks about how he's never felt better. He even looks in a mirror and thinks he's incredibly handsome.

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People who worship Nurgle are arguably the most cowardly people, those who have a horrible fear of death and what lies in wait for them beyond. Nurgle soothes that fear, and eventually plays on it to make you his worshipper. He's definitely the nicest 40k diety, if a tad manipulative.

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Err, when I said 40k, I of course meant Warhammer...

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It's not that hard to fall to Nurgle. If your world is being ravaged by diseases and plagues, which is not uncommen in the 40k universe, you'll rather choose to side with Nurgle than to be driven insane and die by all the diseases.

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>Implying Isha doesn't love her children

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Does anyone have any good Alpha Legion pics?

>> No.15459920

No, because no such legion exists.

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Has anyone else tried praying to Nurgle? I had a nasty case of manflu and nothing worked. I prayed to Nurgle and was miraculously cured!

>> No.15459935

If Nurgle indeed answered your prayers, you would be cured of everything but still have an incredibly snotty nose and whatnot.

>> No.15459953

Well I have obesity and body odour but we all have that, don't we?

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I have some bad news for you...

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Ironhide, is that you?

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