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This shit was on /v/ again.

They were having their usual /v/tastic bitch fest of the barely literate variety at the obviously troll OP.

But then this got me remembering a thread from some time ago that was on here last time this image came round.

And instead of the stupid /tg/ came out with the awesome and discussed ways in which to fix her, make her better and capable of retribution against her tormentors. This validated the belief of many that eloquen/t g/entlemen are several tiers above /v/irgins in terms of any class.

So I ask you now /tg/, as a sort of test to see if summer faggotry has truly infected you,

How Would You Fix Her?

Bonus points if you don't use magic.

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By hiding this thread.

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>my board is better than yours

Can you be more obnoxious? Also shit thread.

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Fuck the body. Lets just yank that brain and stick her in a giant battle mech.

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Not so much as just giving context for the question.

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Her mind is still intact. That's all that is required.

We shall craft her a new body, a body more than human. Easily replaceable, stronger, faster, more durable.

In this new form she will live eternally, exploring vistas of the cosmos beyond human comprehension. Her mind will be an ever expanding computer, learning and evolving throughout the millenia. Able to simulate entire worlds.

And eventually, she will settle down on a new planet, and begin the painstaking task of creating new life out of the dust. And she will remain as a protector of this civilization, preventing any tragedies such as the one which befell her.

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rolled 9, 8 = 17


Battle mech would be too much of a change for her to handle I think. A human analogue exoskeleton should serve well enough.

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>Fuck the body.
Don't mind if I do!

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We have the technology.
We can rebuild her.
In several ways!
Hell just use her as an excellent fucking reason of giving stem cell research the go ahead.
Transplants are inferior in that the person from that point onwards must keep taking medication to repress the immune system - making her vulnerable to disease etc.
Mechnical parts may be better but probably harder to use, and i'm not sure they can do bionic eyes just yet.
So yeah stem cells... the way to go.

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Dreadnought is the only chose.

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Screw bonus points, I cast CLWs.

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Are you me? Instantly thought of saying the same thing, and when I pressed reply I saw that someone had been quicker, darn it.

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> they can do bionic eyes just yet

They can -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94gHO7V3Lsg

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If the stem-cells were taken from here own bone marrow then organ rejection and tissue incompatibility becomes much less of an issue.

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Do we really need something that grand?

I just want to give her a normal life back. :(

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Okay so what the fuck is this thread?

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Back off. We can handle this.

Little girl, you are now safe.

You will know no fear. Or hatred. Or pain. We shall take those from you.

Your senses shall be restored, and your mobility and strength shall be even greater than before.

Prepare to be upgraded.

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bone marrows great and all but I hear frequently those from babies are much better.
I'm not entirely sure how stem cell stuff works.

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That's the future for everyone, if you survive the next fifty or sixty years without getting run over by a bus or nuked.

Pic related. Average human by 2300.

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Short term: get her in good enough condition to leave of the hospital.

Long term: replacement eyes, mouth arms, and legs, in that order.

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Whole Body Prosthetics of course.

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Dammit S. Z. Lee, stop disturbing my sexuality.

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Thread Located.



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Stem cells taken from bone marrow are pluripotent, and can only form different types of blood cells. We currently don't have a reliable method of making them transdifferentiate into other types of tissue.

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We can give you a life, be it not like your old on.
We can give you a purpose, but it will be a holy one.
We can give you a God, and it shall be mechanical.
We can show you love, but it will not be with passion.
We can grant you vengeance, even if it is cold.

There is no certainty in the flesh but weakness and betrayal. As we rebuild you, do not mourn it's loss.

Become better than a base creature of transitory flesh and bone. Become one with the Ever Lasting Machine.

Mechanicum Transcendent.

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Hmm, current technology could fix her up pretty good, but the price would be sky-high. Robotic-prostethics for the arms, regular prostethics for the legs, plastic surgery for whatever happened to her mouth (if anything). The eyes are tricky though, I'm not sure where the technology is at the moment. Transplants could be possible if stem cels were involved, maybe, I don't know.

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http://pixelulz.com/639 wow !

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At least at first, try and teach her how to re interact with the world. They're essentially in a "I must scream" scenario.

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We can fix her. Give her her life back. Make her strong enough to tear her tormentors apart, and smart enough to ruin... perhaps even reform them, should she so choose.

At a cost, of course. Nothing much. Just her hair colour. What, mortal? You scoff at the idea? What do you know of the greater planes? Nothing? Exactly. You have no concept of anything. I assure you, though. We shall not harm you once this deal is done. We may be Demons, but even we have *standards*.

Trust me, if it were allowed, I'd go do some immensely appalling things to your tormentors right now involving barbed wire and several sex toys.

*Gets lost in thought, a smile appears on our face*

Ahhh, yes. So, deal?

*smile widens*


*to the camera*

You see, we have no shortage of souls. Thanks to the overgrown Sadist you call God, we have more than we know what to do with. Some of the boys down in Outer Circles have even taken to making deals with things out in the Abyss that make *us* look pleasant.

Oh no, we're just having some fun. Damning her indirectly. A damaged human, left to stew for months? Totally abused, tortured to a degree most life would consider reinstating the death penalty for the perpetrators for, and then given a new chance?

.. We know Man well enough to know what happens next.

It involves blood and screaming. And this pleases us.
(Also this gives me an idea for a game; You each play a demon trying to tempt humans into pacts with you. Fairly certain there's already one like this. Anyone know it? I read of it once on Tvtropes or wikipedia or something.)

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Well let me explain.

Cells in embryos before they reach a certain stage in development are what we call "totipotent", which means they can be induced to form any kind of tissue in an adult human body.

Cells taken from adults do not have this property, and while they have "stem cells", these are far more restricted in potential cell fates in comparison. Research right now in this area is focusing on how to take these adult stem cells (or mature, differentiated cells in general) and allow them to respond to signals that will cause them to develop into other cell types.

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Oh, God.

I was part of that thread (the one posting the benefits of Rix Upgrade).

I feel like I have been a small part of history.

I know. I'm sad.

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Could be worse, I'm in three of those archived "bottled sperm" threads, and feel slightly accomplished because of that.

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Transfer her to a new morph using an ego bridge.
Should take only a few hours. Make sure her implants are working and her muse is up and running. Cortical stack so next time it's even easier for her to replace the body.

Source: Eclipse Phase.

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I remember a thread with a different pic of a limbless girl, and it devolved into talking about various roles she would be able to be in a party and making the party strong arm act as her legs.

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Servos along major the joints and a carbon nanotube reinforced frame for support. Hollow out the torso for the computer core. From there it's software and throwing cameras and guns all over.

...The girl on the otherhand I have no clue. Get her a wheelchair and a seeing dog.

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Why would she need to be fixed? Obviously she was a powerful warrior to suffer such injury. Let us imbue her with the body of a Dreadnought, so she may continue to strike down the enemies of Mankind with righteous flame, and holy assault cannon.

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I'd go with an octomorph next time. That way she can lose all the limbs she wants!

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Ooooh I remember this thread, that was fucking two or three years ago now.
I also remember the weirdest boner.

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Problem Solved.

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The Conjoiners would help her.

A few implants to the brain and suddenly she is in possession of a 4 digit IQ, a connection to the Hive Mind and an innate ability to connect and seriously fuck with any wireless technology.

Being 'fixed' is merely an after thought when considered to the Transenlightenment. Why bother with the body when the mind is so very free.

No to say that you couldn't be fixed, and made stronger, faster, more resilient, capable of seeing into every spectrum, capable of hearing the tiniest of sounds, smelling the most subtle of scents, thinking in bullet time, picking up radio transmission with an in-built receiver, being able to survive for extended periods of time in hard vacuum, be clinically immortal and be damn near bullet proof.

When she comes for them to repay what is owed there will literally be not enough world, galaxy, universe or time to flee across for them to be safe.

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One no longer requires the use of their vestigial limbs and photoreceptors to bear us from our exodus....

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If magic is allowed, I'd just simply say get a wizard or two and call it a day

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There's a few little things I've been working on for just this kind of occasion... A little bit of nanite manipulation in the brain and I can enhance her mental abilities a hundredfold, likely even unlocking parts of the mind previously inaccessible, opening the way to the mind's power to perceive the world without extraneous organs, or even perhaps manipulate matter with thought itself.

Consent? She has no senses and if she did, she has no way to express consent. Frankly, in her position, why would she possibly refuse even if she could. She literally has nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

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Pull plug. Put her out of her misery.

Any other option is retarded.

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the debate of consent is not for restoring her, but for restoring her AND turning her into a weapon of war.

Surely she should have some choice in deciding that. What if she only wants to be restored to normal human ability, not hardwired into an array of combat tech?

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rolled 7 = 7


she can live like that. so instead of making her a cyborg i would build a robot to keep her company.

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rolled 1 = 1

Just put her in a new morph, geez. She'll probably need psychosurgery but she'll manage.

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Kain the Destroyer would like you to shut up.

He was once in a state of 'worse than death'.

But his desire for revenge allowed him to claw and scrape his way back into the world of the living.

And then conquer it.

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>"Get Well Soon!"
Fuck you Japan.

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Seven times the lethal dose of morphine. Dying high as a giraffe isn't so bad.

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i lol'd my ass off when i saw that

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I never said anything about becoming aweapon of war. Merely the ability to restore functionality without the clunky replacement limbs or painful implant eyes...

To assume she would become a weapon is rather presumptuous.

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A bullet, because its 2011 and we don't live in a goddamn cartoon quite yet.

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>They were having their usual /v/tastic bitch fest of the barely literate variety at the obviously troll OP.
You act like /tg/ doesn't do the same thing and pretend it's better for it.

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Only the godless, inferior Swedes.

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>Implying the Scots aren't just as godless and inferior

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Well obviously.

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AD&D: The Druid casts "Reincarnation". She might come back as a Badger, but damn it, that's better than she is now.

D&D 3.5: Cleric pumps out all of his "restoration" spells Subsequent girl is skipping out of the hospital in no time.

Cyberpunk 2020: My cop pay for the Cybereyes. The drug dealer pays for the cyberarms, the thug would chip in for the cyberlegs, and we'd all splurge to get her as many built-in armaments as we could afford. I might even sell my real wooden desk to get them for her.

Shadowrun: See Cyberpunk, but she also gets alpha-state wired reflexes.

Godlike: We break into Leavenworth with the girl to visit that one talent who is apparently Jesus, and get him to do the old "restore sight to the blind, let the lame walk", etc. etc.

Wild Talents: I'm a Gadgeteer. She might never be able to leave my immediate area without suffering a catastrophic breakdown, but she will be built with the finest parts I can craft with my bare hands out of an '87 Chevy.

D&D 4e: She's doomed. I tell her of the radiant light of Pelor, and how she's about to find herself in a better place... then have my paladin kill her. A few hours later, she'll be up and running again after I've finished the Raise Dead ritual.

Pathfinder: See D&D 3e, only with the alchemist making some "enhancements" before the cleric is done with her.

40k: She was a sister of battle. Now, she is going to be a servitor.

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DeadLands : Have her ask a demon to restore her body. On a A or a 2 it works. Anything else she is taken over by the demon. On a Joker She can control the Demon

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OP reminded me of nurse-kun.

What happened to him?

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That sounds like rough odds. Maybe just shoot her instead? Odds are she'll come back Harrowed.

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nah when you have a demon in you it doesn't control you all the time it's random. Seems fair from a DM perspective and adds some cool shit for the PC

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Still around. Hey there.

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He went the same place all faggots go. Like Masterfag, 1011101 and The God Emperor of Mankind.

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/tg/: The place where all faggots go.

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Play nicely, you two.

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Piss. I guess that means the Swede is still around here somewhere.

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Or is there something new?

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You would hate the before picture so much more. God I love this man's humor.

"I can't see you anymore mommy."

Some of his other stuff is amazing too.

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Even in death she can still serve, dreadnought sarcophagus entombment

She has come to destroy you

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Full servitor conversion. Next thread.

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Oh ya, found a picture I saw posted for one of the previous threads.

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Sadly she has eyes, tongue, and ears so not related.

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... OhmygodcanIkeepherIpromicetofeedherandbathehereverydayandpayforallthemeicalbillsohmygodpleasepleasep

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The child's body has been all but completely destroyed. Eyes, mouth, ears. Gone. Destroyed beyond repair. Limbs likewise destroyed. I found the child comatose in one of the less-traveled wings of Mardock General's ICU, barely clinging to life. Her insides were about as abused as the rest of her. internal bleeding barely kept in check by hematic stabilizers. Organ trauma at critical levels. Without the proper help, she would die. This was a fact. Yet something around this child burned so hot I could not get close. Revenge. More than a desire, but an all-consuming need to carry on. The... things... that had caused this would burn. Twist and writhe and howl and scream with agony as she denied them a swift death. Terror would flow forth from her fingertips like white-hot bolts of lightning. This I could see clearly, because I saw it in myself.

Rebuilding her body was a simple enough matter. After paying off several of the board of trustees, I transported the girl - now just a volatile will inside a broken vessel - to my workshop on the outskirts of the old district. There I set about crafting her soul a new home. Using adaptive nanotechnology, I had created an artificial analogue to the human genome. The elements of organic life were mimicked and improved upon, replaced with things more durable and long-lasting. Sickness, infection, and old age were removed from the equation. To this body I added the girl's soul-- her "akasha" -- which gave it the spark of life. To ease the transition I introduced a piggyback AI, once used in the gladatorial racing arena, which would act as a chaperone, guidebook, and confidant. My work finished days before the first incident occurred in Beijing. By the time the reincarnated child was conscious, the world had descended into chaos.

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I didn't think anything past that pic would creep me out more tonight.
Then I read your post...

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I can't believe this wasn't posted yet.

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The money in my official, above the board bank account for the prosthetic legs, the real life non-mechanical kind - but the good stuff, like those legless running champions have.

The money I got from the last job, the job I swore would be my last - the job that gave me this bum knee, killed my best friend, and caused my wife to leave me (also the job that caused that inadvertently led to this girl's injuries) - for the cutting-edge still-in-prototype robotic arms like you've seen on news programs.

Corneal transplants are a real thing, but they're goddamn expensive and I know that after everything else is said and done I'll have to do one last, last job to pay off this final debt. It won't be pretty, but I'll find a new band of compadres and do something nasty, brutish, and short.

And the tongue?

I'll cut that out of the son of a bitch who killed my best friend and cut the gas line that led to my gun triggering the explosion that crippled this girl.

A coat, shades, a lot of guns, no reload mags. We're doing this John Woo style. Don't expect everyone to survive, and don't expect any happy endings.

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what's his name?I want more

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I don't know the history or source of this image, but to me he will always be the Cobra Commander of Tomorrow.

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I would do this for a soldier, a newly recovered PoW in the same condition... but a weaponized cyber body given to a child is irresponsible, even if I can empathize with her desire for vengeance.

I mean, the flesh is willing but she has no training in using her weapons, she might just end up blowing herself up out of sheer incompetence.

At least with giving her psychic powers, she's no less qualified to use them than anyone else on the planet.

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Adam Jensen knows the way.

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There's a comic about a guy who's taking care of an amputee girl on gurochan.net/f/

I can't remember what she was called, but if you like that pic then you'd probably enjoy this series. It has it's own thread, not part of the many amputee threads.

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>mfw Tankred is actually a little girl.

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STOP POSTING NANA, GODDAMIT. there's over 70 strips. you're flooding the thread.


There, fucker.

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Yez, vis vill do nicely...

...Anything elz you want me to put in there while I'm at it, little girl?

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U mad?

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I discourage reading it, by the way. It's depressing in general and the ending is soul-crushing.

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do you have the one where she becomes robocop? its a shoop but it always made me crack up laughing

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Sadly I don't.

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At first, the child - now a woman, I suppose, at least in form - was furious. Of course. I sympathized, and made myself as scarce as possible while she thrashed and raged in the heavy-duty chamber I had moved her to. The damage to the facility was minimal. Acceptable losses. As she came to realize her situation and spoke with her new "partner," she sought me out. Of course, by this time my facility had been overrun and I had been killed. My redundant neural backups had been mostly destroyed, but a few copies of my personality remained and uploaded to the Network. The Indric Transmission was in full effect, causing mechanical lifeforms of all varieties to seek out and correct the "errors" in human history through reenactment; a trial-and-error fast forward of every war ever fought between Men. The Child, connected now as she was, sought to end the slaughter. What naivete. A wave of ennui consumed my disconnected consciousness, and I was lost to the infinite data of the Net.

A child. A mechanical horse. A racing AI. These are the futile hopes of a madman, sent forth into the world like specters. God help us all.

>> No.15436784
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>> No.15436788
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>> No.15436797
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>> No.15436801

The little girl doesn't want to be "fixed".
She cut off her own arms and legs because they were a distraction.
Because said little girl is one of the worlds strongest physical psychics. Creating a physical avatar from her own imagination, she protects us from things we can't even fathom exist.
Me? I don't try to fix her. I just feed her.

>> No.15436804
File: 520 KB, 1283x650, marble___oh_noes_by_petite_emi-d397fm6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh, I'd never ventured to Gurochan, but that board seems more like /d/ without the plethora of cocks... I think... I think I might like this.

>> No.15436808

no, I report.

>> No.15436812
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>> No.15436819
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>> No.15436827
File: 87 KB, 285x1587, nana_life_027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15436828


>> No.15436837
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>> No.15436842
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>> No.15436851
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>> No.15436854
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>> No.15436859

Japan should have been wiped out. Why stop with two cities?

>> No.15436861
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>> No.15436865


Cause fucking Commies.

>> No.15436867
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>> No.15436868
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She's the new Karchev!

>> No.15436874
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>> No.15436875

SCIENCE! Several options here. Clone body, cybernetic replacement parts, full-conversion cyborg, regrow the missing parts using stem cells, or we could step into mad science, which is practically magic so I won't mention the possibilities there. First things first, I'd hook her brain into one of the machines that can translate your brain-patters into action, and use that (because those are 2-way machines) to see what she wants to do, then make it happen, but we warn her that she will have to repay the government by working for them.

>> No.15436878


>implying Japan invented torture porn

>> No.15436880
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>> No.15436882
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>> No.15436885

God that was a long time ago.
I feel like a part of history for namefagging in that thread, back when /tg/ was glorious, mental and things like this were posted with amazing frequency.
/tg/ I am proud to see this thread again. God bless you.

>> No.15436886
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>> No.15436893
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>> No.15436898
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>> No.15436905
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>> No.15436911
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>> No.15436915
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Sounds like it's time to pull out the Darth Vader suit. Bonus points if you you get the voice synthesizer to make her sound like a female JEJ.

>> No.15436916
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>> No.15436917

pull the plug

>> No.15436924

Teach her to unlock her psychic potential, giving her access to the Dreamworld. While asleep, she can manifest in the "real world," and even display a visible avatar that looks like herself. When she wakes, she is imprisoned again in her broken body.

>> No.15436925
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>> No.15436931
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>> No.15436944
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>> No.15436945
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>> No.15436953
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>> No.15436957
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>> No.15436960

is that?
<3 you.

>> No.15436965
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>> No.15436970
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>> No.15436976
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>> No.15436977


>> No.15436980
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>> No.15436987
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>> No.15436995
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>> No.15436998

it does. she dies, and the flooder is an asshole.

>> No.15437008
File: 109 KB, 285x1370, nana_life_055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15437022
File: 124 KB, 285x1370, nana_life_056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay then, I am a asshole.

>> No.15437023
File: 253 KB, 285x3831, nana_life_077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15437029
File: 105 KB, 307x396, Motoori_Norinaga_self_portrait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kuso wa mono no aware da yo!

Damn, this shit is so fucking heart wrenching.

>> No.15437032

That's not really worse... this lass isn't exactly living right now, certainly not anything I would call an actual life anyway. The only decent thing you could do is put her out of her misery.

>> No.15437033
File: 133 KB, 285x1500, nana_life_078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the end

>> No.15437045

Spoiling the ending?

I guess we know who the real asshole is now.

>> No.15437048

D&D 4e: Take an extended rest. Cures anything but diseases.
(and that's the way I like it!)

>> No.15437057

she dies and only after she is gone do people appreciate her
you are an asshole for wasting our time with this self-pity bullshit

>> No.15437060
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>Be the doctor from Super Jail


>> No.15437066
File: 230 KB, 459x750, BananaVillainFailed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd "fix" her by plugging her back into the matrix where none of this shit matters anyway. Hell, who's to say she's not simply trapped in a program designed to maim her? Perhaps she could escape of her own free will and simply chooses to stay. In that case I would love to learn from her to be free myself.

I want to dub her a saint name to follow in her cause of freeing the mind from the body but all I got is a series of jokes about how she has no limbs. I'm probably not much of a knight outside of some sarcastic order of asshattery.

>> No.15437069
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>> No.15437071

I dedicate the rest of my life to growing her new limbs and eyes, funding the research from my own paycheck...living from a small 1 bedroom flat where other scientists of my caliber live in mansions and own Jaguars, working day and night obsessibly, destroying my own reputation as I take on every mad psudoscientific project that may lead to a result, never telling anyone my reason why, ignoring the academy as they drive me out, the commitiees as they choke my funding, banishing me to the most obscure edge of the scientific map, when by all rights I should be collecting Nobel prizes and the scientific community as it attempts to crush my wild, one man march that ignores conventions and guide lines that are more archaic than the stone the places of learning are built upon...and one day, when I am 80, dying alone in some god forsaken hospital bed, the lines in my face worn with stress, my body riddled with chemicals and cancer from a lifetime of dangerous research and underfunded experiments, my breath slowly fading, and she, now a grown woman, with a husband, who I gave her away to, and a child, to whom I am Godfather stands by my bed side, weeping from the tear ducts that I healed with my own two hands, holding my own hand in her own; I will know that there is not a second of the suffering that I regret...and that though I never had children of my own, or a life of my own, a wife, my own hopes, or dreams...that my life was one that was worth something.
And that I have a family.

>> No.15437075

You seem really up-tight man.

I think you better loosen the large stick up your ass and just enjoy the ride.

There are plenty of newcommers and summerfriends who didn't read the comic yet.

>> No.15437089

and now they don't have to :)

>> No.15437094


We won't. She's useless now, unable to fight or help our people in any way. Even worse, we'd have to waste our valuable resources and time to keep her alive.
we'll let her choose... she chould have an honorable death, sacrificing herself to our gods and bringing joy to her family and friends.
On the other hand she could decide to fight for her life, being abandoned on the plains without any food or water and we'll see if she can survive. Then she could die there, come back to our village or just go anywhere she wants.

>> No.15437099

Okay then, no skin off my back.

>> No.15437117
File: 925 KB, 360x212, 1285086284753.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck you anon, I just got a shiver down my spine.

>> No.15437118

Your new character concept is this little girl as a fully augmented street samurai seeking vengeance on those that made her this way

>She still looks like a little girl but kicks major ass
>I never asked for this

>> No.15437125
File: 559 KB, 800x543, 1304106053569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find your lack of vision disturbing.

>> No.15437154


Paladin Scientist.
Next character concept set.

Also; that was a mighty fine speech.

>> No.15437170

Last time I saw this picture was in a thread last year and the overall plan we came up was giving her bionic body parts and cybernetic eyes and teeth, and some training for her to take revenge against the psycho who did this to her.

Its somewhere in thisisnotatrueending archives

Good times.

>> No.15437254
File: 133 KB, 307x3280, nanarealending.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you forgot the last one of the nana series!

>> No.15437312
File: 36 KB, 450x253, Visari_Baus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Listen to me, you lab coated pigdog. The only reason I didn't have you dragged outside and beaten to death with an oar after that debacle on HNN with the kitten was that your project is low budget to begin with and covering up your death would cost more than simply maintaining this farcical research.

How do you expect me to cover this up? Its a fucking CHILD, a child with a family! Even Jordan wouldn't have been this stupid, you could've gotten a homeless man, a degenerate, a political prisoner, if you had asked me I would've given you one for every day of the month! What the fuck is wrong with you!?

*sigh*, it doesn't matter now. Kasel, go find me an oar. Radek, get Stahl on the line, tell him we need cybernetic limbs invented fifteen minutes ago.

>> No.15437325
File: 722 KB, 1073x606, chairman_johan_stahl_by_billym12345-d3d57bm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about a new weapon?

>> No.15437352
File: 9 KB, 402x268, Visari_Shadows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...Yes, Stahl, a new weapon. We're weaponizing children, just like you always said we ought to. Start with something simple. Like, innocuous. A civilian model we can beta on the public without them using it to revolt.

And... please. Please abstain from underslung shotguns this time, I know you like the idea but the utility is dubious and we're marketing this to 12 year olds.

>> No.15437371
File: 16 KB, 290x290, Rico_Douchebag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno dude, I kinda like that girl without the limbs. Kinda sexy.

>> No.15437380
File: 55 KB, 1392x553, Rage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15437382


Psh, Helghan propaganda masters could spin that with one hand tied behind their back and the other fending off Rico's cockslaps. It'd be trivial to put the girl on HNN with a sob story like "this child was mutilated and maimed by the evil, degenerate Vectan forces, and now superior Helghan science will reanimate her body and give her the tools she needs to become the ultimate instrument of vengeance, with petrusite-packed limb prosthetics!

>> No.15437391
File: 14 KB, 497x501, WHEN_I_SAW_IT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15437395

I'm thinking cybereyes with smartlink, thermovision, maxed out vision enhancement and magnification, and flare compensation; that's .4 Essence. .9 more for two lower arm replacements, and two full leg replacements brings us to 3.3 out of 6 Essence used, and she's well beyond uninjured human capabilities. Hell, if she wants to stay a civilian she doesn't even need the smartlink.

>> No.15437406

Why not just toss her into a nanovat? Fixing this should take about 12 hours.

>> No.15437424
File: 56 KB, 600x350, Stahl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can see it now, shoulder mounted giant directed speakerphones that deafen our enemies with bombastic speeches at extreme volume, underslung shotguns and three different kinds of laser sights, internal parts so complex they must be handmade by watchmakers out of tungsten to resist the furious heat of the trilayer plasma furnaces (with underslung shotguns) and the perfectly engineered internal reduction coils cast from solid bronze, fluted external armor plating designed by Helghann Boss at the very height of fashion, with gold leaf filigree, yes, YES, gorgets with the emblem and underslung shotguns, YES!

>> No.15437446

A little MAWLR girl is also fine, with underslung shotguns.

>> No.15437455

Actually, it looks more like a horrific accident than an intentional maiming. The bandage types aren't right for lost eyes, lost tongue, or damaged jaw. She should be able to speak and hear fine once the bandages are off and the tubes are out, though she might not have full vision on the right side if she got hit with a lot of broken glass in a car wreck. But she wasn't hit hard enough to be covered in casts and a neck brace, either.

She'll need therapy, of course. But with her senses intact, that's much less bad than it could have been. She has enough of her arms left for prosthetics good enough to be relearn how to do some things - pick up small objects, steer an electric wheelchair. Not enough of her legs left for prosthetics for walking, though... at least not with what we have now. She needs love and assistance, like any other quad amputee.

>> No.15437473
File: 16 KB, 300x267, 1710620-jorhan_stahl_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...I'm going to go change my pants. I'll be back in a minute. I will bring the drawing board.

>> No.15437517

Damnit Stahl! He specifically said no under-slung shotguns! None, 0, zero, zilch, nada, precisely NO FUCKING UNDERL-SLUNG SHOTGUNS!

>> No.15437530

archive time yet?

>> No.15437537

Welcome to Helghan. Your hotel room as a complimentary bible with underslung shotgun.

>> No.15437583

That's like saying "Germany, no overengineered tanks." or "France, no stupid bullpup weapons" or "America, no redundant air superiority fighters."

>> No.15437592


Fools! She suffered her sacred wounds fighting against the enemy of mankind! No, no mere bionic rebuild will do for a hero such as her, who singlehandedly bought us the time required to marshal our forces and break the backs of the xenos warhost upon our knees!

We shall not abandon such a paragon of mankind to suffer the ravages of mortality, she shall be raised high and exalted! We shall take her from this place where she was laid low, heal her wounds, anoint her with the holy oils, sacred unguents, and balms. The litanties of preservation shall be recited! She will be dressed in steel and doom, placed within the holy Sarcophagus, and become the 12th wearer of the holy form of the Dreadnaught Audacia to forever after wage war in the names of the Emperor and the Primarch!

>> No.15437619

America really digs it's fighters. They invented flying, which is why the skies must always belong to them.

>The F-15 is getting old and the newer jets of the line are becoming comparable.
>Build newer, faster, more powerful jets in the F-22. Then make the more all-purpose JSF, which is still better than the F-15.

>> No.15437638
File: 81 KB, 500x333, tumblr_lie3aaIAzb1qdda93o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Curses! The servitor failed to link the holopict!

>> No.15437741


Best answer.

Rock on.

>> No.15437760


Nope, this is from a series of pictures.

One of them is the picture with the POV of the psycho after pulling out her teeth and eyeballs but before serving her limbs.

I'd post it but since I probably didn't save the picture and if I did I certainly didn't name it, so finding it on a 4 GB folder is a no go.

I also can't remember the sauce website, but I can assure you, it is fucked up enough to give you something to think about.

Its from the same guy who made the mini mermaids being butchered and sold at the fish market's ice container.

>> No.15437769

I remember the mermaid picture. /tg/ raged for six hours. The great White Knight March of 2009.

>> No.15437794
File: 106 KB, 600x750, The White Knight Crusade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My mistake, 2010.

>> No.15437815
File: 502 KB, 581x872, 1307996959609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I-its not like i never asked for this, or anything... stupid old men...

>> No.15437821
File: 128 KB, 408x295, gunnm-nova.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.15437914

That guy's shit is horrific but old hat.

It or stuff like it has been posted on /b/ for years (5+). There's a reason that 4chan was called the shithole of the internet. An abundance of WHY.jpg-tier guro was just one of many reasons.

>> No.15437923

Eberron: Give her Warforged limbs. See cowards run.

>> No.15437996


From a logical point of view, wouldn't leaving your horrifically maimed victim alive to be found by the authorities be a very bad plan for a psychopath? Fuck you're getting forensic evidence ALL OVER her, you might as well leave a signed note saying you did it. She clearly was found at some point before she bled out, since she's in a hospital bed, she can still tell the police what you look like once she recovers.

Fuck, there's probably a very good chance you'll be shot dozens of times by a police officer who has a daughter her age when the cops show up at your house. And his friends on the force will plant a gun on your body and then testify how you pulled that gun on them when they kicked down your door, so he'll get off scot free at the trial for murder. Even if you were arrested peacefully there isn't a jury in the world that's going to fail to place your convict ass on death row when the prosecution shows them pictures of little Mary sitting in her hospital bed.

>> No.15438018

Logic does not apply to psychopaths.

>> No.15438027

The hands in the OP's picture are the psychopath.

>> No.15438035

Guys, guys, listen, we can fix her physically, but her mental state is really fragile as well.
I suggest a minor, you know, nothing big or anything, just really minor, really small stuff, really really small, but a, uh, a complete memory erasure.
And then we add some tactical combat, weapon training programs, the usual, you know

>> No.15438045


I know I witnessed that, I refrained from posting back them since I wanted to avoid the shitstorm from hitting me too.

And the elf slave wat do threads every fucking day.

>> No.15438060

Can someone please tl'dr this thread please
i'm confused as fuck

>> No.15438079
File: 13 KB, 166x238, image408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Piggyback AI supplements the system shock, dampening sensory input and limiting body systems until the patient's mental condition has stabilized. Surviving this kind of abuse requires an exceptional amount of willpower, so the transition need only be smoothed over by a "guest" in the patients consciousness.

We seek to heal and enable, not rebuild and redirect.

>> No.15438085


Ohh thats even better, lets waltz into a hospital room with your victim when there's a fucking manhunt in the county for you. It's like you want to be caught. And you probably murdered the cop who was assigned guard duty on the room just in case you tried to pull shit like this, so now you're a cop killer as well as a teenage girl maimer.

No fucking way you're being taken alive now.

>> No.15438101

Like Gunslinger girl? I'd fund that.

>> No.15438105
File: 135 KB, 418x510, 129855722151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It makes sense if the psycho is a hard sadist.

Personally I'd rather die than live maimed and unable to even wipe my ass and even less to enjoy what is left of my life.

Remember why suicide rates among rape, torture and abuse victims tend to be high ?

Because they have to live with the memories and scars of what happened to them.

Without ears, eyes, teeth and limbs even the most mundane things like eating and bathing become a painful challenge.

And psychopaths tend to want to be hunted, it is not uncommon for them to leave traces and evidence behind on purpose, others even sending letters to the police and authorities to taunt them.

There are fates worse than death, this is one of them. "I have no mouth but I must scream"

>> No.15438156

I don't normally writefag, so don't be harsh on me.

Zeruel was lost in thought, sitting down with his legs crossed and his back supported by his Servo-arms. He was staring at the Mechanicus-red primed dreadnought in front of him, unsure of the color he should be painting her armor. She was asleep and didn't want to wake her up. and there was nobody left on the Battle Barge he could ask. It was cold and dark, most of the ship's life-support systems had failed and only a few chambers are still habitable. This wasn't what bothered Zeruel. What bothered him was how his entire Chapter had been wiped out.

Though Unforgiven, the Angels of Doom were a proud chapter. No matter what, they would not yield an inch to the enemy, especially not because this battle was to defend their homeworld Zestra III. Zeruel was not like this. He was the only one recruited from a different world, a trial for their suitablity. At least, he was the only one from that world who was genetically compatible with the Chapter's Gene-seed. He was always the most level-headed of the Chapter and they never really managed to get that out of him.

>> No.15438161

He never really fitted in, which meant he never progressed in the ranks of the Chapter. He decided to become a Tech-marine instead as the Chapter didn't have a lot of them and because he found comfort in the more logical approach the Mechanicus advocated. It was only 3 years before the Chapter learned of the impending attack on their home planet when he returned from his training on Mars. The Angels Immediately ordered their entire fleet to return home, and they even made it before the Orks arrived. They set up defenses and waited for the attack. When it came, nobody expected the sheer amount of Orks that had joined the WAAAAAGH! The war lasted weeks, and Zeruel's role in it was to will the spirits of the Chapter's warmachines to continue fighting after they had been damaged. As such, he never saw most of it. He never saw Interrogator Chaplain Leliel fall, nor was he there when Grand Master Iruel fell. Even the only Battle Brothers he ever really talked to, Gaghiel and Ramiel, died in battle while he was repairing a First Company Land Raider, completely ignorant of their ends. He worked in a repurposed manufactorum that previously built shuttles for the nearby starport, and he only found out how badly they were losing the war when the Orks broke into the structure. The Angels of Doom would not retreat even now and dedicated all Marines that were left to defend it. They succeeded, but at a high cost. Many of them died, and so did the manufactorum personnel. The last day of the war dawned, and the civilians of this Hive city were reportedly the only ones still alive on the planet.

>> No.15438167

To support the Angels they were all put to work in the manufactorum, regardless of age. Both sided had been severely weakened in the weeks long combat and the Orks prepared for a final siege. The Marines fought harder than they had in the weeks before, for failing here meant losing the war, and the end of the Chapter, but despite this the number of Orks was too great, albeit by a small margin. When they entered Zeruel's workshop, they had killed all of the improvised manufactorum personnel. All, except the girl who was sent to deliver the final component of the Razorback Zeruel was repairing. She was maybe 14 years old and struggled to drag the heavy astartes plasma gun behind her. Normally a Razorback is fitted with a twin-linked plasma gun next to it's lascannon, but this was the last gun left. Zeruel didn't notice the girl's screaming untill he finished mounting the gun. He looked up to see an Ork push her out of the way to climb on the Razorback. Zeruel grabbed it's head with his servo-arm and crushed it's skull with a loud crack. He got into the vehicle to gun down the Orks that tried to follow the first and proceeded to ram the rest. He didn't realise the fight was over untill he noticed the girl was still screaming now that the noise of combat had died down. He found her in a large machine, pushed in there by the Ork. The machine's heavy cover was taken off as a makeshift armor plate for the Razorback. and it's heavy gears were exposed. As he saw her stuck in it, he reached in with his servo-arm and grabbed her by the waist. Her arms and one of her legs got crushed by the machine's gears, and while Zeruel was no Apothecary, he knew she would soon die. Normally he had more pressing matters to attend, but with characteristic speed he deducted that, if this was the last stronghold, and there are no more Marines, nor Orks, nor manufactorum workers, he and the girl would be the only two people still alive on the planet.

>> No.15438174

The only way he could think of to save her was to amputate her crushed limbs, and quickly close the wounds, somehow. Cutting off a few apendages was no big deal for a Space Marine, but it took him a while to think of a way to close the wounds. While he got to work with his combat knife, his servo-arm held a small piece of sheet metal, which he heated with the flamer arm of his servo-harness. by the time he had cauterized her wounds, she had passed out from blood loss and sheer pain.

They had lived on that world for some months, all alone. During that time, Zeruel had been repairing a shuttle so he could return to the fleet. What he would do then, he didn't yet know. While the ships had all been destroyed in the assault, not all of them had catastrophically exploded. It didn't take him long before he could get the air scrubbers working on the Battle Barge he had docked with. At least in a few chambers. There was no way to repair the heating with the tools he had, however, so Zeruel carried the girl with him all the time. She sat on top of his power armor's backpack, where he held her in place with his servo-arm and where the waste heat from his suit's reator core would keep her warm. In the months they managed to survive on Zestra III, the girl had not spoken a single word. Zeruel could understand this, he was fairly shocked himself and even now he could hardly believe what happened. He had wanted to put her at ease, and maybe keep the time on his dead Brothers' homeworld from becoming too boring for her, and thus he told her long stories every day. Sure, most of the stories he knew were of war, and occasionally from his time with the Tech-priests on Mars, but he had a lot of them and had yet to tell a story twice. During their second day on the ship she had finally talked.

>> No.15438184

"Sachiel." She had whispered softly. Her name. Zeruel was suprised to hear a name that he only knew the Angels of the Unforgiven Chapters used, but it turned out it was common to do so on Zestra III, being the Angels of Doom homeworld. He had told her of his sergeant when he was still a Scout, whose name was also Sachiel. Days continued like this for a while. He would tell her more stories, and she would ask about them. A month ago she had asked Zeruel if he could do something about her unending pain, but he could not. During their talking, Zeruel had carried her around the areas of the ship that had oxygen, showed her around while he fixed anything he could. Two days after her question, they passed the storage chamber for sleeping Dreadnoughts. A single Dreadnought was still standing there, powered down. It's inhabitant had died in battle when the sarcophagus was struck by a Tau railgun. The Dreadnought was recovered, and the damage easily repaired, but it had yet to find a new owner. And then it struck Zeruel. You needed to be a Space Marine to wear their power armor, and to be a Space Marine, you had to be a man. But not for a Dreadnought, which were designed to function with merely an intact brain and central nervous system. He powered up the chassis to function as a heat source, and left Sachiel with it before he went to the Librarium, which did not yet have it's air scrubbers repaired. He spent a week and a half to learn everything an Apothecary would normally do, in theory, anyway. Normally the process doesn't take very long, but Zeruel had only one shot, and nobody to help him, which is why it took him untill last night working non-stop to fuse the girl with the machine.

>> No.15438185

Ha ha, oh wow. That's weird.

Anyway. Not really around all that much, busy busy. Friend just sent me the link to this thread.

>> No.15438194

They slept, and the next morning Zeruel was sitting in front of her, supported by his servo-arms. He wondered if he would paint the Dreadnought in his Chapter's colors, a dark purple with bright green trims that would glow in the night so they could always keep track of eachother. But his Chapter had been destroyed, and Sachiel was not exactly a part of it either. He would probably just wait untill she woke up and simply ask her, and since they would not be going anywhere anytime soon, they had all the time in the Imperium to decide.

>> No.15438244
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Oh come on, you all know, that Brain in the Jar is best option for her.

Who needs a body if you can have mindcontrolled Minions and kill People with Mindbullets.

>> No.15438266
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i applaud you, Alexander Degtyarev, for taking this thread from disgust to dawwww.

captcha: things ystore

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>> No.15438627
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Well done. Is there a source for this, or shall i simply beg until more is produced?

NUtopia hungers for fiction to fill the chilly void where mechanics should reside.

>> No.15438678

Well if you follow the Admech doctrine for entombment being in a Dread does not ease pain, it only makes it impossible to take solace from the touch of another.

That said there likely *IS* a way to do it right that was simply never rediscovered.

>> No.15439020


I wrote it on the spot. It's actually paraphrasing from a story I'm writing for a comic about a transmission that causes robots to re-enact human history searching for what went "wrong" with the human race. I wanted to explore the difference between a human, a cyborg, an android and a robot, as well as put a spin on the classical "zombie apocalypse" scenario.

>> No.15439206

considering this marine doesn't know about morphine, he probably wouldn't know how to formulate the precise chemistry that goes towards creating a viable sarcophagus. therefore, the lolidread could have an open cockpit like a penitent engine.

inb4 the pain turns the girl towards nurgle, tzeentch or khorne.

also inb4 the ork spores spawn an even larger waaaaagh than before.

go forth, lolidread, and meet your destiny!

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/tg/ - White Knights Incorporated

>> No.15439317

Prosthetics. Dresden Codak style, with appropriate clothing and some nervous system enhancements. Then let her out on the street, in the same place she was snatched originally.

By the time that sick fuck figures out she's not a baseline teenaged girl, it'll be too late.

>> No.15439353

Ancient hidden knowledge cores AWAY!

The "Sleep" program could keep her painless too.

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We shall reshape her so she can spread the word of the Ineffable.

>> No.15440118

Short-term retrovirus splices her DNA with animals that can regenerate missing bits. Lizard, octopus, doesn't much matter. Irradiate the genes in question slightly so they die later. The science works just fine in certain universes.

Basically, get her back to perfect health. After that, she's already earned enough of my sympathy that I'd be happy to stick some cyberware in, too. Or, she turns into the Octolizard and Spiderman has to beat her up, but hey, it's an improvement.

>> No.15440645
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Pay out for a pair of artificial legs and at least one artificial arm, and an artificial eye or two.

At this point it's more a matter of money than anything else. Artificial arms and legs can do almost anything the real thing can, they just aren't very strong. Artificial eyes range from just good enough to navigate to decent, depending on what's left of the retina and optic nerve. If there's no retina left, you're pretty much stuck with brain surgery to implant electrode grids, which so far can only provide enough resolution to navigate.

Bitch is going to run through batteries like woah though.

>> No.15440772


... can we call her god-chan then?

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>> No.15441161

I'd staple her torso to a hyena so she can run fast, and has a strong as fuck bite, then I would give her moray eels for arms. Yannow, cause moray eels are awesome. then I'd give her eyes or something.

>> No.15441661

After what seemed like hours, but could just as well have been minutes or days because Zeruel had lost all sense of time, Sachiel awoke. "Zeruel, you're tiny." The Dreadnought spoke and a pulsed screeching noise came from it's vox. As soon as Sachiel realised what hideous noise her giggle produced she abrubtly stopped. Zeruel had taken his helmet off somewhere during the time he stared at the armor clad girl and now forced a smile to his scarred face. It's not that he was shocked, or even just surprised, he had been with the Dreadnoughts for years as a Techmarine, and he tended to take a liking to them even before that. It's just that a Space Marine smiled only rarely, if at all, in Zeruel's experience. Perhaps there were Chapters where it was more comon, but he did not know them. "It must be disturbing to hear yourself speak with that new voice, or vox I should say, isn't it?" The Tech-marine said. The Dreadnought remained silent until Sachiel realised she could no longer silently nod, and had to reply "Yes". She also thanked the Emperor he could not see her emberassed face anymore. "There's no reason to be so shy, for a Dreadnought you have a surprisingly... " Zeruel looked for the right words. "... gentle and, well, girlish voice. Although I guess it may not seem like that to you." It was silent in the chamber for the longest time, until Sachiel finally decided to speak again. "Zeruel, what.. what happened to your face?" It was the first time she had seen it during their time together. "It's what happens when you do the Emperor's work." He replied simply. Sachiel wanted to get closer, and take his face into her hands, but when she heard the clang of her first step, she once more became aware of what her body had become. She had been reaching out with her close combat weapons, but now they hung down uselessly.

>> No.15441663

She had been built into one of the Imperium's most powerful warmachines, but the power to show anyone she cared about them was one she no longer possessed. Zeruel had long forgotten what it was like to be cared for, so he pretended he hadn't noticed.
"Say, Zeruel, what will we do now? Are we going to stay here alone?" Sachiel asked a few days later. Zeruel sighed. he had given the issue a lot of thought. Mostly, he had been trying to come up with ways to restore his Chapter, but he had no means of extracting the Gene-seed from his fallen brothers on Zestra III, and even if he did now, their bodies would be mostly decomposed by now, it had been months after all. He could not extract it from himself either, since one had to be either dead or heavily sedated to have the Progenoid gland removed. If one was neither, he would bleed to death in the process. "I don't know." He replied honestly. After a pause Sachiel spoke again. "You told me you were the only one from a different world. Why don't you go home?" The Marine looked up at the Dreadnought, now painted in the Chapter's colors. She said she would be honored to wear the colors of those who died to protect her, even if they could not save anyone else, and she would wear them with pride. "Are you not coming?" He replied. "I.. I will if you'd let me. I just meant... It's not my home." Zeruel stared at her, contemplating her plan. "Don't you miss your home?" She added. "Because, I.. I really miss mine." She did not know if she could still cry, but she did not want to produce another sound like she did when she laughed so she tried to hold it either way.

>> No.15441664

"We might as well do as you say." He finally answered, but even if I could find a ship with a working Warp drive and Geller-field, we have no Navigator." He stood up, having realised something, and made for the Librarium with haste. Sachiel, no longer needing air, followed him in a more gentle pace, and found him there with a dusty old tome in his hands, and another held open by each of his servo-arms. It was technically possible to travel trough the Warp without a Navigator, although only short jumps could be made due to greatly reduced accuracy. The last thing Zeruel wanted was to emerge from the Warp inside of a planet. For the next few days, Sachiel watched him cross-reference many of the leather-bound tomes, making notes in them, without saying anything to him, except when she brought him supplies from the shuttle on which they came. He had told her a Space Marine can go without water and food much longer than a normal man, but she still wanted to make sure he ate enough. She said it would be easier for him to concentrate. She would've made him proper meals, but she hadn't had the hands to do so for nearly half a year now. Zeruel had learned many things during that time he otherwise wouldn't even have thought of, but now there was nobody else to rely on.

>> No.15441667

When Zeruel finally got the Battle Barge's scanners working, he had quickly found a ship with the necessary equipment in near-working order. Nothing he could not fix, given enough time. It took him three more months to get the ship ready for travel, during which he often thanked the Emperor, or just as often the Omnissiah, being a Techmarine meant worshipping both after all, for the massive strength of his young companion. Sachiel was happy when she could finally do something to help, too. They had renamed the Hunter class Destroyer, a signature warship of the Unforgiven, the "Heritage of Zestra III". Hoping to find an Imperial world where they could find a Navigator, Zeruel and Sachiel started their journey from one end of Segmentum Pacificus to the other.

>> No.15442398

Gogo, Loli-Dreadnought! Ohohohohoh!

>> No.15442427
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Beat me to it. Transfer her to a Gemini, let her live a normal, happy life.

With the added benefit of superhuman strength, endurance, and being able to stroll through gunfire.

>> No.15442734

I died a little inside. Fuck you.

>> No.15442743

What is this from anyway?

>> No.15442746
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My solution shall come from the barrel of my bolter good sir!

>> No.15444173

Op here.

This thread.

This thread shows the reason why /tg/ is better than /v/.

It has a soul.

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