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In what sort of a situation could a Space Marine ever be caught without his armor and weapons? Let alone an entire Deathwatch kill-team?

I'm going to GM a less than entirely serious DW game the next week and I had this idea of cultists attacking them while naked and unarmed (the Marines, not the cultists), and could use for some ideas on how to make this work.

Also, if I had a couple cultists steal their armor and weapons and clumsily try using them against the Marines, would they have to destroy all that stuff for the taint they got afterwards, or would it be enough to give them a good wash and scrubbing and perhaps a prayer?

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>>15430612In what sort of a situation could a Space Marine ever be caught without his armor and weapons? Let alone an entire Deathwatch kill-team?


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Imperium lacks the ability to reproduce power armor so there's no way they'd destroy it.

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They can build more. It's just hard and takes a lot of time.

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....yeah, going to have to ask you to step off of the internet now.

Power Armour can be produced pretty easily, it's just a slow process largely because they ritualize it. Remember that they give Power Armour to near all Sisters of Battle as well as a whole ton of inquisitors, they're not just for marines.

Terminator Armour is harder to produce, and a lot slower, only a couple of forgeworlds have the STC's working so whilst they can produce them, most marine chapters don't have a steady access to treat them as the most sacred of relics.

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what the shit are you talking about

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In one of the ragnar books ragnar and sven are travelling on a ship some where and they are walking around the ship with no weapons and I think no armour. Some of the workers think they aren't all that badass and pick a fight.

You could do something similar but replace the workers with cultists at the start of a mutiny.

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I seriously doubt they actually sleep in it while in the safety of their own fortresses. Of course, how the shit would cultists get into the fortress? Also, the cultists won't be able to use the Astartes weapons or wear their armor.

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They could try using the weapons. And fail. Comically.

Also for point of discussion, say they were (camping? haha) out on a mission somewhere and they slept in the rhino or some such transport, would they leave the armor on then?

And now I'm imagining all the space marines doing the "good nights", jovial indeed. "GOODNIGHT FESTUS." "GOODNIGHT MARCUS." "GOODNIGHT HOSEA." "GOODNIGHT LAMARTES."


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>cultists attacking them while naked and unarmed

C'mon, that would be the funniest fucking thing ever.

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There's a situation in the DW scenarios book where the Marines have to take off their armor and cede their weapons to participate in a ritual hunt on a feral world.

Of course to make it fair they have to fight T-Rexes.

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have them take the armor off to clean some bio-contaminants off of them

while that's in the car-wash, bam; cultists.

Deathwatch gear is pretty advanced, if a cultist tried to use it it would likely not work (or worse, blow up in his hands to prevent people reverse engineering it)

Marines can rest half of their brain at a time, while remaining awake with the other half. They don't do it often, but they can remain awake for weeks on end without "proper" rest.

Though the image of marines tucking in and saying their goodnights is hilarious

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not cultists

feral orks

naked marines and naked boyz getting hot and heavy in the jungle heat.

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Blow up their armory. Set explosives throughout the rest of the building, only none of them work except the ones in the armory, have a hilariously awkward moment when a cultist screams "FOR KAY-OOS!" he then presses the trigger on a detonator, and there's a tiny paff in the background. That paff is the armory going up like a pile of roman candles.

When the situation is resolved, tell your players they will have to wait a month for replacement gear.

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Yeah there's no chance in hell the cultists would be able to use the power armors or most of the gear at all.

Not only do they not have the necessary implants to operate the power armors, but they wouldn't even fit.

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>Though the image of marines tucking in and saying their goodnights is hilarious
Why? They must sleep, they likely have barracks, beds, showers, dormatories and so on.

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I think he's picturing them wearing pink nighties, with stuffed bears, and having the chapter master read them stories to bed.

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Oh fuck I laughed...

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Kind of hard to sleep WITH YOU YELLING IN MY EAR!

*lots of Shhhhhhhhs from all around.

... Emprah, did this place spring a leak?

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Well, did you think the OP thought this would be a credible threat?

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Did someone say leek?


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>less than entirely serious

Hot springs episode!
The marines are forced by planetary custom to engage in semi-ritual outdoor bathing before going on their mission, and a secret band of cultists (who may or may not expect them there) hop in as well.
Bloody, bloody hilarity ensues.

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No, I'm just saying that it wouldn't work.

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Not all power armor requires implants, but due to the size difference and weight of space marine armor they would be unable to wear or move in it.

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Not if there was any sincerity in any of this.

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Stop being THAT GUY.

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"I AM THE STERNGUARD, THE CORE OF THE COMPANY" yelled the marine as he plopped into bed.

"I AM THE VANGUARD, FIRST INTO BATTLE" leapt in another marine, scooting his rear into the sternguard's grip.

the final marine rolled into bed, gripping his brother marine from the rear.

and with that, they fell asleep with tactical precision. The Chaplain allowed himself a moment of paternal pride as he flicked the lights off.

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interesting idea, how about a DW Killteam sort of idea where the Marines have shamed their chapter somehow and are now pretty much sent on Death or Glory/ Do or Die missions, with a minimum of equipment and have to make do with what they have?

Alternitavely, you can make them scouts, and have them fight in carapace/flak armor, or have to do infiltration missions where they can't give themselves away by wearing a fucking car.

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Pre-battle bonding ritual. Like some kind of blood-sharing ceremony?

Our all-Sister campaign did something similar before the first mission as the Sisters where all from different orders as a means of symbolically making them Sisters by Blood.

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And the guardsman who heard it from down the hall is very, very confused.

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>>15430915Our all-Sister campaign did something similar before the first mission as the Sisters where all from different orders as a means of symbolically making them Sisters by Blood.

The guardsmen ducked his head under his bunk and whispered to his mate
"I heard that the seraphim make the newest members strip down to nothing, then with magic markers they highlight the parts of their bodies they deem most lacking in faith"

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Being eight feet tall probably hurts their stealth capability too. Mind you, I don't know how a marine in DW compares to a Scum or something, so I could be wrong.

Minus Scary Marines, of course.

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...This thread has made me realize that the 40k universe is more fun when you think about the characters and people in it during the time they are fighting or doing anything directly related to fighting. Having them act like normal people, spreading rumors, behaving like they aren't in a complete shit hole is so much more entertaining to me.

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>chaplain not leading the good-night prayer before lights out

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That's the last part of it, I think you need to be retrained in the rituals. Report to the re-education chamber immediately.

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If by magic marker you mean needle-tipped rods designed for minor bloodletting, then you are starting to have the idea.

Oh, and the Seraphim didn't stay dressed themselves.

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Space Marine power armor requires the Black Carapace, never mind the size difference.

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Power armor isn't cheap, but its available, and anyone can use it.

Witchhunters codex, regular human inquisitorial storm trooper (compare to imperial guardsman) one trooper may be a veteran for +10 points (veteran imperial guardsman) and be given any equipment form the witchhunters armory.

Witch hunters armory, power armor.

Terminator armor is more expensive, and vastly more rare, it also used to be available to regular old human dudes as "artificer armor" in the OLD deamonhunters codex. Iirc, they can even get teleporter homers.

So, the armors and equipment are treated as sacred directly relevant to how hard they are to replace, but by and whole any idiot can pick them up and use them effectively.

So all the above are entirely possible, but would be rare or unique circumstances.

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I thought that was just to interface with the suit properly? Surely you would be able to move it about if you got it going.

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Not so much, it's like a -60 strength check to get an unpowered suit of armor moving at all, and that's basically what you would be doing.

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I think, my friend, this would be the point.

I am imagining some Chaos cultist with Space Marine boots clonking around and tripping over his feet. Another with the breastplate unable to hold a two-handed weapon, since his arms are stuck out to his sides. The one with the gauntlets, of course, believes they are power fists and struggles to punch his enemies.

...And the one with the helmet shouts "FOR CHAOS" and is promptly left stunned as his voice rings in his ears, clutching at the helmet and screaming. Which makes it worse.

Oh God I'm laughing at this idea.

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>I thought that was just to interface with the suit properly? Surely you would be able to move it about if you got it going.

It's a complex neural control system, if you don't have the Black Carapace then it'd be like moving around in heavy plate armor, only worse.

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But Space Marines don't wear the normal power armor, they use Space Marines Power Armor that is fuckhuge and designed to work with the black carapace

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astartes power armor =/= power armor. Going by 40k codex crunch, this is why sisters/inquisitorial henchmen have I3, and marines have I4 (base)

you need the black carapace to use space marine powered armor

Terminator armor specially made for Inquisitors is a little different than Space marine terminator armor, but due to the absurd influence they can throw around it's essentially the same in function

Artificer armor is not terminator armor, rather it's just extremely well made terminator armor.

"Normal" humans can use power armor/terminator armor, but no one but a space marine (or chaos marine, I guess) can use the Astartes stuff. They don't have the right plugs to interface with it

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Oh Gods I laughed WAY to much at that.

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I admit I don't know that much about the suits and how they work, Just thought the power source they ahve on the back might be able to get going by other means.

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Artificer armor is not terminator armor, rather it's just extremely well made power armor.**

it's late.. I should probably tuck in

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Termi armour is found on all Imperium Starships and any place with Large-scale Plasma Reactors.

That's what Termi armour was made for originally and is still is. Repair work inside a Plasma Reactor whilst it's turned on.

What Inquisitors and Marines wear has customised over a long time for more practical use during a fight.

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Completely untrue in both canon fluff and codex, read the actual material.

In very specific situations, you may want to give a situational penalty to someone wearing armor that's too big for them, but honestly its standardized.

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This. And one with the pants has a SM heavy bolter, and uses the pants for bracing.

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>Space marines have about 4 times the volume of a normal human.
>Space marine armor can be used by normal humans with only some added penalties for size

You sir just went full retard

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>it's late.. I should probably tuck in



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"astartes power armor =/= power armor. Going by 40k codex crunch, this is why sisters/inquisitorial henchmen have I3, and marines have I4 (base)"

Untrue. Astartes have initiative 4 because they are Astartes, -not- because of their power armor.

There -are- power suits built for astartes to accomodate their special body, however its the same 3+ power armor everyone else gets.

It isn't special at all guys, the marines themselves are.

AT BEST, you are within your rights to rule that -most- suits of power armor are -tailored- for astartes size.

The same way their weapons are a bit bigger and heavier.

In Example. The bolt pistol I give to my commanders is identical in fluff stats and function to the bolt pistols used by space marines.

The only difference is the person using it, and, possibly, the tailoring.

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Space Marines BC allow them to move in PA as if it was their own body and has a full HUD life-support interface.
PA that does not require BC is like wearing neural-interface auto-reactive armour. Akin to comfy clothing.

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This is you. Right now.

Unfortunately, we are way the hell over here. Enjoying ourselves.

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Yeah, that's a good image.
I also like the image of a cultist trying to heft a large piece of equipment, only to be seriously injured when it inevitably gets unbalanced, and falls on them. Or maybe something like one of them stupidly messing around with a finicky old Plasma Pistol, and screaming bloody murder when his arm melts. (This would be especially likely with the dodgy, old pattern ones Chaos Marines have. A human that suffered a mishap with one would not be happy.)

Things like Noise Marine weapons, and Power Weapons also generally seem to have a real potential to me for mishaps. The first because they might say, shatter your eardrums and possibly most of the bones in your arms if you didn't anticipate the vibrations, or adjusted it badly/couldn't take the NOOOISE, and the second because Power Weapons are a lot like Lightsabers in terms of the mistakes you might make. (The most prominent image for me is a Cultist displaying his bravado in the same manner as the Arabic Swordsman in Indiana Jones... Only to foolishly brandish his power weapon in such a way as to cut himself in half or something.)

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They sleep for 4 hours a night in most codex chapters. Up to 2 hours more for the less Bobby-G-like.

Salamanders and their successors are the only ones who allow a full 8 for their marines. And then that's only while they are on their homeworld during the one year in ten they spend protecting the communities their childhood and siblings grew up in.

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OP here.

I just wanted to have a sorta amusing and not very serious situation where the cultists try to make for a credible threat by nicking some Space Marine gear and fail miserably. I didn't want this.

These two were the only guys that got it.

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Oh, and you too. >>15431049 How dare you post while I'm posting.

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As far as I have read in fluff sources, I can say this seems more or less true. the Inquistor and Dark Heresy kind of background stuff tends to suggest that the main dividing line is just that Marines are so bloody tough. you can punch through the armor maybe, but they don't care. You do that to a Sister or relatively normal inquisitor, he probably dies. The marine gets annoyed and punches your head off.

In the Eisenhorn novels, for instance, Eisenhorn throws down with an inquisitor with Power Armor, and the guy is relatively invincible except against stuff like a power sword. When he got nailed decisively, he died,but small arms did jackshit.

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I vote for this. And its not just a local custom of some backwater world that worships the emperor as some distant sky god. But a Sorotas-controlled shrine world who's waters are said to have been blessed by the Emperor.

And the cultists believe they can infect it with chaos energy.

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Dude, I know exactly what you mean.

My old DM would play shit like this all the time.

We had to fight Dire Pigeons. Who crapped fireballs at us from rooftops. It was great.

One of us argued for how the hell these things could shit fire. The DM countered with "The local buffalo wing bar magically enhances their wings' spiciness, and throws the extras out at night. And now you know why it's a bad idea to eat there."

I'm used to this.

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No wonder they are the most bro-tier of all space marines, they actually get decent amounts of sleep. I'm willing to bet that if all the chapters got the proper amount of sleep they would be significantly smaller cunts about things.

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Except Astartes bolt pistols are ridiculously huge and tend to malfunction if you are not one of them and use it.
Astartes armor is to be worn, normal power armor to be controlled. Donning Astartes armor would not only be akin to a six-year-old wearing daddy's suit, but he'd probably break his limbs.
And on top of that it'd likely not work properly.

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They also get a year of light duty in every 10 where they spend time as community and/or militia leaders, recruiters and liaisons in the towns they grew up in.

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I actually laughed out loud at this, this is funny as fuck

I can just imagine it. Space marines, peacefully sleeping while the idiots kill each other with the very weapons they are trying to use against them

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>Deathwatch fighting human Chaos servants instead of XENOS Chaos servants

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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I remember reading in an old WD short story about the Ultramarines that the 4 hours of sleep wasn't even required by the Codex. It was simply something Chapter Masters did as a sign of kindness to their brothers.

And the 15 minutes of "free" time they get a day is considered to be frivolous and unnecessary by most Codex-following masters.

The Sallies and the Space Yiffs allow more time, depending on the mission at hand. And time spent "drinking and singing with your brothers" doesn't count as the free time for the Yiffs.

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Now depending on the space marine in question, their armor may be entirely too large for "stealing" it to be even feasable. But thats a judgement call.

Does power armor automatically fit itself to whoever is inside? Is it easily resized and calibrated? ETC are all things to think about and tell your players what are cans and can'ts.

ALSO, i read the armory, and a previous anon was right, artificer armor =/ terminator armor. However. Non Astarte humans -can- wear terminator armor. Specifically some inquisitors.

So an astarte with terminator armor, versus some special marine with power armor engineered to 'plug into him'. Would be about the same as comparing a guy with a ford superduty, and a guy with a mercedes benz.

I'm positive there is armor that gets tech priested for the comfort of some marines, but it comes off the assembly line standard. Mind you, it would be plus size standard, but still human standard.

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Human chaos servants using Xenos psychic trickery.

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Sleep is weakness. Weakness is pain. To seek pain is a perversion. By the Emperor's will all perverts must die before they taint others.

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Space Marine armor cannot be worn by humans. It is a different model of armor designed to fit Space Marine proportions. And requires a black carapace to be usable at all. It can adjust on its own to fit the Space Marine in it. But cannot make itself wearable by a human.

Human power armor is smaller, and it usable by only human-sized people.

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So you're saying The Thousand Suns are the only real chapter left?

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>Also, if I had a couple cultists steal their armor and weapons and clumsily try using them against the Marines, would they have to destroy all that stuff for the taint they got afterwards, or would it be enough to give them a good wash and scrubbing and perhaps a prayer?

>or would it be enough to give them a good wash and scrubbing and perhaps a prayer?

That shit is so purified, it can be EATEN by a foul Tyranid and still be ready for battle.

>Also, if I had a couple cultists steal their armor and weapons and clumsily try using them against the Marines

That would be very clumsy, most cultists would probably die inside that armour before even touching a marine.
No Black Carapace means that they don't feel what goes on outside the armour, and slower movement.

On top of that, the suits are programmed for Space Marines. The moment the cultist will throw a punch, he'll RIP his own arm off.

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Inquisitor Natius Osrin, the guy who wears Terminator Armour, page 235 Radical's handbook, I'll quote a section.

"Osrinn's return caused a stir in the tricorn, for he bore with him ancient Terminator armour of unknown origin and a sword that was unmistakably a daemon weapon."

>ancient Terminator armour of unknown origin
>armour of unknown origin
>unknown origin

For all we know he just looted some armour tha twas meant for regular sized humans, it doesn't state anywhere it used to be Astartes Terminator Armour.

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Very little canon actually backs up that claim.

Their weapons can be large, but pack the -exact- same statistical and "fluff-wise" punch as their counterparts.

In example, i read a book about an ithikan(sp?) snake, and this lady he was with commented that his pistol was about half as big as one of her arms.

Heavier, yes. More sturdy so that it can withstand the rigors of enduring the kind of combat a space marine sees, yes. A shotgun to her, what was a pistol to him? Yes.

Break human limbs to use it? No. Its the same bolt bullet, the same pneumatics. The same exact -power armor-.

It is not "space marine power armor"

It is just "power armor" that a space marine is wearing, and made in his size.

And while they are -all- big, most of the fluff is exaggerated, and when -actual- dimensions are listed, they average to be 1.5-2x the average human in mass and size.

Which means a human whos just pretty big, may be compatible, on the scrawny side of a space marine's body type.

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Uhh, no.

Read the old deamonhunters codex. It straight up says "Terminator Armor" as an equipment choice available to grey knight space marines, inquisitors, and inquisitor lords. Thats Raw.

Non astartes can wear legitimate terminator armor.

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>all cultists MUST be chaos
I seriously hope you don't do this

>forgetting about the best/most iconic cultists

hell, even Tau sympathizers would also be considered cultists, I imagine

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"Space Marine Power Armor" is made specifically to link up with the Black Carapace implant

it is distinctly different from "normal" power armor because of this.

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But look at them. Do they look menacing?

>> No.15431172

Odd that, here I was thinking a guy in his skivvies is going to be more badass than the guy with armor, and he's going to bleed more. One wonders why all khorne berzerkers don't just wander around in their birthday suits.

>> No.15431182

Seven point five feet tall is ridiculously tall.
Sorry, unless your cultists are 6'6" at least, that's not going to work.

>> No.15431187


Penises look silly.

Especially with space marine proportions.

>> No.15431197

They would not last five minutes in a serious fight in 40k unarmored. Even vs. IG.

>> No.15431203

I don't think anyone is saying that that doesn't happen. They're saying that astartes power armour is astartes size, astartes termi armour is astartes size. Human sized power armour is human sized and human termi armour is human sized.
Seriously, there is SO MUCH REDUNDANCY in what I just said, so why the fuck did someone have to spell it out?

>> No.15431208



"Points are then cut through the Carapace by an Apothecary using surgical tools allow a Space Marine to directly interface his cerntral nervous system with his Power Armour's cybernetic systems."

Because your fluff says that you drill holes into your carapace and interface with a -standard- suit of power armor.

It even goes on to compare that sisters of battle -who also wear power armor- don't recieve the same benefits because they don't have this same -organ-.

The carapace itself, is special. The armor, is not.

There is no Speshul Spess Marheen power armor. A space marine simply uses the same power armor everyone else does -better-, because of his own personal organs.

>> No.15431209

well no, but all self-respecting cultists are disheveled and neurotic shells of human beings

>> No.15431212

welcome to the /tg/ people may or may not take things word for word. In /tg/ you almost need flashcards and cute pictures to drive your point home.

>> No.15431216

brass codpieces emblazoned with the mark of khorne

>> No.15431221


That would work. Battle-panties are always manly.

>> No.15431222

cute pictures will just have the discussion diverted towards them

flashcards with pictures of penises. That will make people pay attention.

>> No.15431227

why so mad about jokes in a thread based on a joke campaign of Deathwatch?

>> No.15431228

classy. When you slap down an guardsmen with only your penis you leave the mark of Khornes rage burning in the side of his face. Feel my rage! LOOK AT MY RAGE!

>> No.15431232

I'm not.
Caps Lock is cruise control for cool, motherfucker.

>> No.15431234

Because that can't otherwise be taken to mean that you cannot interface with the armor without the implants.

>> No.15431239

>this is how I cult leader

>> No.15431240


>> No.15431248

Can we talk some more about Space Marine naptimes and cultists maiming themselves comically, instead of crunch bullshit?

>> No.15431249

it also reeks of anusburn, dickweaver

>> No.15431283

I take it to mean that both are special. You need special power armor to interface with the special implant. It's 90% similar power armor, but it's still a little bit different.

>> No.15431289

how about:
Freshly implanted Alpha Legion Cultist, soon to be space marines, need to capture their own set of armor as a rite of passage. Tricking the marines into some sort of ritual where they need to be naked/unarmored (bathing/hunting, like described already), meanwhile the wannabe alphalegionairs capture the armor/weapons.

size problem solved, backstabbery explained.

>> No.15431295


>> No.15431382

But if the size problem is solved, it isn't comical anymore.
With human cultists it's silly because they can't use anything properly.

>> No.15431420

So either it's NO FUN ALLOWED because they can't use it at all, or it's NO FUN ALLOWED because they're too serious of a threat to be comical?

>> No.15431476

>Expecting a forum made up of many people on the internet to be consistant.
Seriously, only thing less consistant then /tg/ is 40k fluff.

>> No.15431582

I didn't mean it in a "no fun allowed" way, but more like "that's not what OP is asking for".
I'm all for reasonable fluff explanations.

>> No.15431632

ITT: GW fluff is hilariously self contradictive.

Is actually a brilliant idea. Have the players RP their characters getting their first shot at real sleep in a long time for whatever reason. Then, hand them pre-made character sheets for a motley crue of the best the local chaos cult has to offer. Then drop the marine equipment in front of them and queue up yakkity-sax in the background as they kill themselves without even waking the regular PC's up.

>> No.15432112

I'm loving this thread.

>> No.15432375

And upon waking up, the party finds a huge mess from the armoury?

>> No.15432410

What the fuckity-fuck-fuck did you just say?

You made a point and then contradicted your same point with the said-same point?

Marine Power Armour IS DIFFERENT for the simple fact it can interface with the Black Carapace. It MUST interface with the Black Carapace.

Normal Power Armour does not interface with the Black Carapace as no one who would or could wear it will have Black Carapace.
So it will not have the systems to interface with the Black Carapace because they will never be used.
And so, it'll have a different method of interface.

So the armour will be different.

It isn't that hard to understand.

tl;dr, SMPA is different.

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>> No.15434873

Space Wolves can sleep as long as they want as well, they have ZERO responsibilities after becoming blood claws when not on duty. Seriously, they don't even have training, first thing Ragnar and Sven did after becoming blood claws was go yeti hunting for the fuck of it.

No mental conditioning besides basic Imperial knowledge and how to use their implants. One of Ragnar's fellow Blood Claws accidentally killed himself while cleaning his bolter because no one bothered to tell him to unload it before trying to take it apart.

>> No.15435644

>One of Ragnar's fellow Blood Claws accidentally killed himself while cleaning his bolter because no one bothered to tell him to unload it before trying to take it apart.

Wouldn't that be just common sense?

>> No.15435725


>drunken spess viking werewolves

choose one

>> No.15435736

Not everyone has common sense, I was once handed a broken gun to repair, I repaired it, then the guy came back, checked it out a little himself (taking the time to load the fucking thing), then had me prove it was fixed, while it was still loaded, and I was in my living room. I was half-tempted to simply shoot the guy for being so stupid.

>> No.15435748

Perhaps after a long campaign where all their wargear has been sent to the forge for repairs?

In the field its most likely to have been done by Chaos Space MUHREENS looking for some lulz.

>> No.15435762

>sisters of battle + pillow fights
>0 results
I find that heretical.

>> No.15435793

What's the source for all this?

>> No.15435890


the space wolf books.

They really are space vikings

>> No.15436005

I fully endorse a hot springs episode.
Especially this, as there's likely to be Sisters of Battle bathing on the other side of that wall, that may likely break in when the combat is loud enough, to preserve their peaceful springs and not to see if the Astartes are properly proportioned as rumored... Honest.

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