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You are Sanguinius. You are reborn and your memory is quickly restored. You are currently in the care of a Sororita untilyour body finishes maturing along with your mind. No one else knows you've reincarnated, convincing people will prove to be a challenge and you don't know for sure if you are just the first of many to come.

You obvious have a lot of shit to do, but what do you do first? As in, very first thing you have to accomplish before you can consider anything else?

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I have fucking WINGS and am GENETICALLY SUPERIOR. Shouldn't bee too hard to get people to listen.

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I don't acclimatize well, and start telling people that the Emperor isn't a god.

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I rub my balls all over my power armor

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You'd think, but playing the odds, you sir are burned for being an unclean mutant spouting off how 'superior' he is.

I don't see how that would help.

And burned for heresy. Not doing to well so far /tg/.

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Grow up.
Get my legion back.
Fuck Chaos/Xenu shit up until the rest of my brethren return.

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Also - visit the Emperor now and then.

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First things first: Behead the sister and rub her blood on my armor.

Then: Fiesta Time!

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