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I am the Marching Rash, and the Swelling Sore.

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Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours!


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Nurgle is for the weak, the desperate, those who gave up the fight.



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How about I wither your crops, and rot your trees?

Death stops you all.

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wait, uh, no?

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say what?

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"Let the banners of rotted flesh fly! I have arrived!"

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May Nurgle bless you with cangers.

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"Let the galaxy rot away, and all come to ruin."

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I am the hammer, I am the sword in His hand...

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"Feed the oozing MAW of decay!"

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"Know that your flesh is no different."

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I bring the doom of all things.

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Sounds like christian talk to me.

Nurgle is what Nietzsche thought of the christian dogma.

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"Drink of my puss, drown, eh he hehahahaha."

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"There there, so much better than living, is it not?"

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I am Godlike in every pore! Terrible, in every sinnue!

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Suffer not the Daemon!

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I piss mass genocide.

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On the very contrary. Nurglites don't give a fuck about anything, that's why they're so happy, because they have no responsibility, nothing to worry about, nothing to fight or to cope with. They're children. Not men.

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"In every plague, a warning."
For more inspirational quotes, please head here:
Does anyone have the last codex picture of the Great Unclean One, with the double maw roaring as seen from below? I have lost that one.

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There's a man going 'round taking names
And he decides who to free, and who to blame
Everybody will be treated just the same
There will be a golden ladder reaching down

When the man comes around

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No, but I think I know the one you're referring to, and I think I know where to get it. Give me a few minutes.

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And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts...
And I looked and behold, a pale horse
And his name that sat on him was Death
And Hell followed with him.

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So, your fanfiction vs official canon?

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Silly Nurgle, everyone knows Tzeentch is the best Chaos god.

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How's that?

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Everyone knows that all those self-contradicting plots of the birdy will amount to nothing. Tzeentch is just Nurgle with feathers and no friends.

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pretty much a subtext of the official canon.

why do you think he's called "papa" nurgle? He's Santa Claus. Do you really think that venerating Santa is something a grown-up man should do?

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Ok. Now that's OH SHIT inducing.
Mad Nurgle. Brr.
Thanks, DLFG.

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Tzeentch looks like a big Pink Horror, not like a Lord of Change (unless he choses so)

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If Tzeentch were the god of terror, then yeah, he would be.

But Nurgle is scary because when he comes for you, you're so sick and weak that you can't summon the effort to be afraid anymore, even though you've seen everyone around you die the most horrific deaths imaginable.

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>withered crops, rotted trees
>oh cool, C'trl'Z, Herald of Tzeentch is here.
>crops & trees are fine.
>the dead are alive again and not zombies.

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Obviously, if Santa existed and the alternative was living in squalor at the whims of Beloved Leaders ruling in the name of the Great Leader's corpse, like most of humanity in 40k does.

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I'd rather have something more manly, like the rotten corpse-emperor and his Ecclesiarchy.

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It is, isn't it? It's easy to forget at times that whenever Great Unclean Ones are described as being merry and jovial, there's often a little bit afterwards mentioning that when people stand against Nurgle's schemes, they get angry. Very, very angry.

Might as well dump the rest of my Nurgle.

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PERFECT, Thank you I was looking all over for this!

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I didn't think it was possible for a Nurglite daemon to get angry. I always imagined them as embodying apathy, despair and a sort of sick joy, rather like the people who post in waifu, furry and forever alone threads.

But I don't write the fluff.

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No problem. Just downloaded a copy of the 6th edition Hordes of Chaos book and got it from there.

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If those voices don't sent a chill down your spine, you're a fool.

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Great Unclean Ones do get angry, it's always been in the fluff.

Everything Chaos gets angry sometimes.

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It's mostly just the Great Unclean Ones, as far as I know. Nurglings and Beasts of Nurgle are constantly cheerful, though the Plaguebearers sort of fit your description.

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They can get angry, but it takes *very* specific things to do so. Namely, killing nurglings, ending disease, enforced disorder, &c.

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ITT: Does this look infected to you?

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Thwarting Nurgle's plans, essentially. As far as I know, it's mostly because they see Nurgle's blessings as just that - a good thing, a positive thing, that people should enjoy. And when they see Papa's gifts being rejected or squandered, they get rather put out by the ingratitude.

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Oh well.

Nurgle is hard to characterize anyway. He's the god of despair and ruin, but his daemons tend to be jovial and friendly. He's supposed to embody humanity's positive reaction to doom without being an embodiment of hope - because that's Tzeentch's thing. He's supposed to embody stagnancy and rigidity, but by breaking everything down he's changing things.

Really, he seems just sort of messed up, like the writers didn't have a clear plan on what he represented other than "scary disease stuff."

He and Tzeentch and Slaanesh need a redesign.

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It's always interesting to see non-Slaaneshi depictions of Chaos-tainted Sororitas. Partially because they're so rare.

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nurglite sororita <3

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Go and read the Liber Chaotica book. It goes far more deeply into the philosophy behing Nurgle's ideology, as well as other facets of the Gods and their followers.

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It's the fetishization, I think. When you think "fallen nun," you think of porn, not "nun who just doesn't care anymore," "nun who wants money and power" or "nun who killed the abbess for redecorating her cell in a color other than red."

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I'll see if I can get my hands on it.

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It wouldn't be that hard, really, you just need to emphasize that all roads lead to Nurgle. Sure, he's "changing" things when he breaks them down, but it all is turned to junk, which isn't changable.
At the same time, all of his followers and daemons are jovial because, by the time you reach that point, you *are* Nurgle. His daemons are merely avatars, and his followeres are broken and torn apart at such a fundemental level that they simply aren't anymore, the void being replaced by the Plague Father. The end game is that everything will become Nurgle, from which nothing else may be created.

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Pretty much, yea. Nurglesque Sororitas always made the most sense to me. For someone so faithful to turn away from the Emperor, they're going to have their faith truely broken, and for a Sororita that's pretty much going to destroy the foundations of their entire worldview. Seems that it'd be most likely they'd fall into the sort of crippling despair that Nurgle draws his worshippers from.

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>on metal

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>wounds dressed, not allowed to ooze freely
>bandages only slightly soiled
>knife not rusty
>only spotty grime coverage
>muck coverage not looking so good either

turn in your Nugle card

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Sister Apphia tends to disagree with you.

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The problem is that Chaos gods are supposed to represent human emotions and behaviors. If they were representatives of concepts like Decay versus Change then that would work, but they aren't. Nurgle is supposed to embody despair and humanity's reaction to death - the "power of life." It's needlessly complex and contradictory.

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In addition, Nurgle's mortal followers seem to be quite driven in their goals, Liber Chaotica says as much of the Norse nurglites, Chaos Warriors says this about Festus and Typhus of Death Guard as seen here behaves like any evil Chaos Champion.

The only difference between Nurgle and Tzeentch seems to be the imagery, and that other likes magic and other likes disease. Also, if you remove those differences you get the Horned Rat.

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All that really shows is that the exceptions tend to stick in the mind. People are going to be more likely to remember half a dozen non-Slaaneshi Sisters, compared to two dozen Slaaneshi ones.

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>ountatah implenda

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Oh, yea, and that's all of my Nurgle stuff.

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Yes. we'll have to amputate.

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I am not disagreeing with you, but as you can see, even my Captcha is rotting

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No, Nurgle is the dicotomy of fear of death, and the concious rejection of the knowledge of your inevitible death, so while he is rotting, he acts joviel. See >>15424563

Ah, but remember that to Nurgle, cries for relief and curses of his name while under the pain of his diseases sounds like the clamour of loving children to him, as per 4th edition Chaos codex.

I like to think that the rage of a Great One is brought to bear against the true enemies of Nurgle such as Apocritharies, as well, atleast in some rare cases, when a very special servant of Nurgle is taken from him before Nurgle wills it.
Vengence for a fallen champion.

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Any kind of Sororitas makes sense to me.

The Nurglite Sister is the hospitaller who stops healing the sick and dying in a Hive and starts killing them instead, having lost hope that she might be making a difference.

The Khornate Sister is the militant who loses sight of WHY she fights and simply starts to glory in bloodshed.

The Tzeentch Sister is the sage who, in her lust for knowledge and power, begins to research forbidden Xenotech.

Really, the Slaaneshi sister seems the stupidest concept to me. Especially when you consider that sexually the Sororitas aren't that repressed, and are only celibate because they can't fit "dicking" into their busy schedules.

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I always imagine that there is a very loving bond between the followers of Nurgle, and when one of them falls the other ones just go all Lennie over him and get upset with whatever hurt him.

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Harken to the Death Rattle of Mankind.
Hear the rasping and croaking of the dead and the dying.
I am the Lord of Flies.
The King of All the Plagues.
I am Nurgle and I am the Rot that waits for all Men.

I am life and death in gory coupling.
From death springs life, life begets death.
My agents are many, from the wriggling maggot in the sore of the dying man to the man himself.
For men are my greatest agents.
They infest world after world and time after time they destroy it from within like a worm feasting on a corpse.
And each time like a cloud of flies they descend on another world and lay it waste.
What a delight to see such a pestilence unleashed!
I could conjure no better plague!

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Besides the obvious "naughty nun" appeal (even the loyal ones wear corselets over their power armour FFS) there might be an in-universe reason for fallen SoB's being often Slaaneshi: according to FFG Keepers of Secrets are the most persuasive of Greater Daemons and most intent on corrupting mortals instead of killing them.

>The beguiled drops his weapon and stands dumb-founded in the midst of raging battle, his arms spread wide as his doom approaches. Those not dragged down in the cruel embrace of the Daemonettes that invariably accompany the Greater Daemons are crushed beneath its hooves, cut in two by its blade or blasted by its sorcery. The most unfortunate may meet another end entirely, and not one that sane men would dwell upon.

>Nothing is sweeter to a Keeper of Secrets than to deliver to its master the soul of one of Humanity’s greatest champions.

Then there's the issue of the most prominent Chaos Sister being Slaaneshi. Following is from short story "The Invitation" by Abnett.

>Where are you, Miriael? Karamanz wondered. That wasn’t the real question. The real question was what did they do to you?
>What did the vile powers of Chaos manage to do to you when they held you in their clutches? Verdicon. That’s where it happened. Miriael Sabathiel, >sister superior, had been reported as missing in action during the vicious fighting against the unholy Emperor’s Children.
>And then this. Back from the dead. Back, but changed. Changed in ways no other sister of battle had ever been changed.
>Miriael Sabathiel emerged from the darkness, sword in hand, and bent down beside him. ‘You’ll heal. You’re mine now. Daemon princes sing and my pulse quickens. Soon yours will quicken too.’

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Flesh festers.

Blood boils.

Pustules pulse.

Roots rot.

Nurgle is Entropy, the great enemy.

Pain without gain.

Only decay, nothing but dismay.

Death, Destruction, Despair.

Pestilence drifts on the foul air.

There is only silence in the end. Everything that ever was already went.

Nurgle is all, prepare for your inevitable fall.

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Slaanesh isn't just about sex you know.

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Oh, come on. You did so well with the first two.
Slaanesh isn't just about lust, but craving in all forms.
Greed, gluttony and pride are as much Slaaneshi sins as lust, and obsession is its hallmark: look at Noise Marines. It'd be quite easy to have a Sister who, sick of the strict military rations, bread and water, starts gorging on exotic, rich food in secret. Eventually, her desire for new tastes overwhelms her, and she secretly begins devouring the flesh of her enemies.

It's not too far a stretch from there before she falls straight int 'Nesh's arms.

Tzeentch would also be more scheming than xenotechnical, plotting how she can bring more hope to the people she protects- until she loses sight of actually saving the people, seeking only to make them hope (something that can't happen unless they're in peril), and subverts her own protecting innocents by deliberately drawing in enemies to fight.

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Ah but Slaanesh not only promises sex, but the best sex in the universe...

Of course there are other perks, physical perfection, perfection in your chosen field of work a beloved hobby, supreme clarity of mind yadd yadda

Even though it's really Tzeentch's forte, even ambitious Sorcerers are drawn to Slaanesh because the god's nature ensures that he/she is driven to try and master the winds of magic/power of the warp as well, and can aid a disciple in that

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along the lines of the Nurgle sister of battle.
I remember there was a very old chaos fantasy fluff story about a little girl who turned to Nurgle because all the other children called her ugly.
She prayed, and Nurgle gifted her after a couple days with maggots under her house.
She took the maggots, and hid them under the pillows of the offending children.
Three days later she laughs at them, their faces rotting off, as she was now more beautiful then they could ever be.

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This is deliberate; Nurgle is the god of despair.

Think about it.

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Behold Nurgle, your one weakness!

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Tzeentch: Ambiton and drive born from despair with the ultimate goal to defy the undefiable and achieve the unachievable

Nurgle: Ambition and drive born from despair with the ultimate goal to be happy and learn to accept a rotten world before entropy fucks over everything that ever existed without exceptions.

Tzeentch seems a bit naive, unless he has some master plan to overthrow the laws of physics. Wouldn't put it past him. Now succeeding with that plan, that's something else...

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Real men don't die even when they're killed.

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I... fapped while reading that.

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Slaneesh isn't just sex.

And not only fucking that.
They're space nazi NUNS.
How sexually repressed are REGULAR nuns? Compare that to a space nazi version.

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Nope. With Tzeentch, the ambition and drive comes from legitimate hope that things can change--or that you yourself can actively impose your will to change them--in a way that you consider better, rather than according to simple randomness and chance.

On the other hand, with Nurgle it's born from despair, from resignation to death. This surrender to the inevitable engenders a sort of exhilarated resolve to drag everything else down with you, to extend the gifts of entropy to all around you.

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DLFG, do you have the full art of that Renegade Enforcer from the Siege of Vraks books?

>> No.15425801

Nevermind, I pulled it off the pdf myself.

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A pox for your mind and a boil for your body.
Let fear rot away within Papa Nurgle‘s embrace.
His is the touch that bears the precious life.
Let that which is old rot away for the new.
His is the gift that travels farther with every breath.
Let your pain rot away and become his strength.
His blessing is the grateful death of the Galaxy.

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Nurgle is god of ALL.

ALL see the day of their demise.

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That is fucking terrifying. I love it.

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Hello. :3

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Nurgle thread? Just what I needed! I currently have pneumonia and am coughing up mouthfuls of stinking pus and phlegm, and have decided not to take the antibiotics the doc prescribed.

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Good plan! If your lucky, your illness will result in a group of intelligent rats founding a hidden society and a crow bonding with a field mouse.

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Nurgle I always found the most interesting aspect of Chaos.

It's sort of like a Good Cop Bad Cop routine. All the other Chaos factions beat you down, wear you out fighting against them, you resist them, but constantly see the destruction they leave in their wake, and you start to doubt, and start to fear.

And then someone comes along, in your darkest time when all hope is lost and you have nothing left but pain and misery, and offers to bring an end to it. Offers to give you, if not happiness, then at least comfortable numbness. Would you say no?

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I'd give her my plague, if you catch my drift

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the best god up in this muthafucker

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