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/tg/, I love you. And to prove it, I shall draw for you. I have a couple of hours, but other drawfags are welcome to join in. Requests! make them.

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Xeno from Tau Quest eating pudding.

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A good picture of Yellow 13 from Ace Combat 4

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Cyberpunk thri-kreen decked out like Adam Jensen.

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I know not of this Xeno of whom you speak, but provide an explanatory link or reference image and I shall oblige.

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Can you draw an NPC for me? A half-elf girl with long black hair. Her outfit is a leather/hide top laced under the arms, a loincloth kept together by knotted strings, a pair of leather bracers and a pair of leather greaves. She also wears a string with feathers in her hair, and has several braids in the hair as well. Bright blue eyes, athletic outdoorswoman build.

I'd be very thankful.

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My upcoming character.
Male aasimar paladin, giving him blonde hair because lolaasimar.
Heavy armor and shield.
Will be using a long- or bastardsword, not sure yet. Just make it a sword that is long, please.
He'll also have feathery wings, because fuck yeah wings and there's actually a feat for this.
If you can, make him 'glowy', as in 'Aura-of-Good-glowy', not 'hey guys im edward and I sparkle like a fag-glowy'. I think you get what I mean.
Thanks in advance.

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Oh, also give him a cloak because cloaks are fucking awesome when worn with heavy armor.

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Take your pick, there are dozens of references to be found in >>15387473

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Draw some Cata-chan. we haven't had any new Cata-chan art in a while

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A Cadian holding a meltagun and smoking a cigarette

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Female dwarf in the Warhammer style, forging something on a decorated anvil.

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Next up.

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Im looking for a buff tiefling with a bushy handlebar mustache

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In the case you draw the Paladin, can you send it to my email-adress? Not sure if the thread will still be here when I get up tomorrow.
If you do, thanks.

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I didn't ask for this.

Actually I did. Thanks! You draw awesome thri-kreens.

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I really want to join but I lack USB ports for the tablet/scanner :[

First thing tomorrow I'll get a hub

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Star Wars request. I'd like a Jawa in a kung fu stance, or a female togruta carrying a huge blaster cannon.

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Greasemonkey chick riding a dinosaur. a Cyborg dinosaur.

A Steam-punk cyborg dinosaur.

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draw a picture of a sort of fat man who is short with glasses in a suit of armor with a sledgehammer

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I have another thread up where I'm requesting the help of a generous drawfag: >>15393900

The gist of it:

I'd like a representative from each nation drawn in a military dress uniform. The year is 2050. The four factions are:

1. The United States of America
2. The Confederate States of America
3. The Republic of Texas
4. The Mississippi Demilitarized Zone (not a nation)

Please see the relevant thread for more details on the feel and texture of each faction. If you could help me, I would very much appreciated it.

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I need art for my new changeling character:

He's mid 20s, former british army infantry. platinum blonde hair, camo pants, plaid flannel shirt. Carries a kris dagger with him. Has wisps of will-o-the-wisp about him, as he's a will-o-the-wisp elemental. His skin has a sort of poorly-welded iron tone to it when not masked due to the faerie fire and being a Hedge Warden.

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Which one's up next?

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Trying to figure out a way to draw a cloak on a winged humanoid as per

>>15394904 & >>15394896

It may not be possible. Or it may be possible but simply beyond my powers.

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If you need a suggestion, draw him from the side. The cloak just blocks the viewer from seeing where the wings start.
Alternatively, no cloak. I like either (in fact I'm rather happy to see my request being approved)

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Wait, wings and a cloak and heavy armour too? Sorry, trying to draw this is causing my eyes to haemorhage.

I will draw Yellow 13 if ref image appears (google is proving inconclusive). Therefore >>15394921 is next up.

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Thank you, kind anon

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Don't do this to me.
Just put some heavy armor and wings, please.
They're Aasimar-wings and pretty much consist of luminescence, so don't worry about physical limitations
Pretty please with icing on the top?

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well you do seem keen, so I'll give it a shot.

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Requesting a shapely (read: with dem hips, dat ass) woman from a stone age barbarian fantasy setting. Most defining features would be wearing a saber-toothed wolf's head as a face-concealing mask and carrying a shield and spear, with a hook made of bone worn at the hip.

Body should be covered in ritual scars.

Exactly what degree of clothing or armor she appears in is left to the artist though it shouldn't be anything particularly advanced (like anything made of metal).

Biggest inspiration for character was Frazetta and his Fire and Ice stuff.

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Sweet thanks dude

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Aztec-Based Marines.

as in >>15386428

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Please draw a bearodactyl.

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Requesting a half-orc standing in a pile of canoes, holding two up (one with each arm) and make him look like he's raging.

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A pin-up pic of Kaelyssa Night's Whisper.
state of (un)dresss is up to the drawfag but I'd like it to be something sexy alteast


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A Madcat Mk.I mech doing a DYNAMIC ENTRY and curbstomping a Flea mech

pic related it's DYNAMIC ENTRY

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ESTO, Por Favor!

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A team of adventurers containing: a male human bard, a female elf wizard, a male human fighter and a halfling thief/rogue

the bard trying to inspire courage by playing his Vuvuzuela while the wizard and thief/rogue is holding their ears to shut out the noise and the fighter is looking like he is about to strangle the poor bard


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>>15395243 here, I've got no time or way to upload it right now, but one or two days hence, you shall have it. I'll try to post it in a drawthread then, but at any rate I'll upload it to the deviantart repository

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This guy, but closer up and in new stormtrooper armour. Also, has a bit of a maniacal gleam in his eye, military-short haircut, maybe laughing? Needs a scar on the other cheek from when it got torn apart and stitched back together. Pic related for him before getting cleaned up.

Reference picture for before things went downhill for the poor guy: http://www.vastempire.com/w/images/thumb/7/72/Corvin.jpg/320px-Corvin.jpg


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rolled 37 = 37

Copied from the other drawthread - I started writing this before someone pointed me here:

Hello there!

Could I get a veteran Orc admiral, wearing a full naval uniform and one of those fancy hats that Horatio Nelson wears, with a neatly kept beard and a pair of round spectacles on his nose; posed with one hand in his tunic like Napoleon and with a proud stature and wise expression?

Also- if you do it in colour, could you make him brown skinned, please? Black and white is just as good though!

Many thanks if you can!

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If it's not too much trouble OP, I'd love a picture of the following:

A kobold bard, his hand outstretched towards a doorway, inside which we have our angle of sight. the room the kobold is in should be fiery and just in all kinds of hell. He's saying, "I cast close." Right outside the doorway are three people, two unconscious, one injured but looking in the kobold's direction.

I know it's a lot, but it's from a PC story that really moved me.

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Be sure to post it in tg/ from time to time anyway. Helps the pic go around.

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Okay, here's a request.

A well-groomed- as opposed to mangy- rat-man winemaker examining his wine stores. Hair just past the shoulders, dressed as you might imagine a 1500-1700s artisan.

If you want to do it in color, ordinary brown fur, and rust-red hair.

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Delivery. I'm pretty sure it's not what you have in mind, but it's the best I can do, buddy.

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An Arab-looking curvy young woman, with dark skin and platinum hair, in a bellydancing costume, casting a spell.

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That's all for tonight /tg/ other drawfags please feel free to help out with any requests I didn't get to. If the thread is still here tomorrow I'll try to get to some more.

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Draw Dejak!
I love him becau

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A lean, muscular guy (ala Bruce Lee) with short white hair, wearing an open vest, plain pants and a great big sash-styled belt doing a Falcon Punch with a big-ass katar in his attacking hand. Pic related. It's a katar.

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I am looking for a picture of a round table discussion and negotiation. On one side, a Dwarf sized Lich with a Half Elf Cleric. On the other side, a Kobold wizard and Half Orc Barbarian. The Lich is a Warlock with white robes while the cleric wears mail armor and carries a mace. The Kobold is a Wizard with ornate cloth robes and staff. The Half Orc barbarian wears leather armor with an unreasonably sized axe.

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Aaaaand the mod killed yet another drawthread with that spot removal.

Good work you dolt. I hope you are happy.

>> No.15397225

What was removed?

Also, fuck the mod, I'm not so good at drawing, but I'll take some requests.

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the araby bellydancer woman pic

>> No.15397385

Care to draw some Heavy-chan?

where and how is up to you. I just want to see more Heavy-chan art

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Four Ultramarines fighting a swarm of Imperial City Watchmen, from Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.

I wish I had a link to that bit of write-faggotry...

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A shifter girl with tanned skin and long auburn braids sitting on the back of a pioneer-style covered wagon and munching happily on an apple. She is barefoot, skirted, and wearing a leather vest over a modest white blouse. There are feathers and flowers twined into her braids.

Many thanks in advance for any drawfag who might take this request!

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New female 40k comic character.

Is missing a leg, a should, tip of sword, rest of sword has a pronounced curve.

Call her Miss Cast.

>> No.15397847

A man dressed primarily in bandages, brandishing a knife made out of the blood from a cut on his arm.

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Drawfag joining in, who's still there?

>> No.15397895


Still here! >>15397889

>> No.15397908

ok, because I like bandage babes even if it might incidentally contribute to the finecast hate.

>> No.15398026

Ah, just a question: which army/race? Because she's not going to be naked with a sword, right?

>> No.15398228


Military Dress Uniforms for USA2050 still here.


>> No.15398257

>>15396893 is still here

>> No.15398267


>> No.15398275

I am.

>> No.15398324

requesting this again.

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Heavy-Chan requester still here.

>> No.15399450

Requesting a Sorcerer, Beserker, Noise Marine, Plague Marine and a Dark Apostle, all wearing white armor, posing together.

>> No.15399641

I request a relatively young male Dark Eldar haemonculus who, of course, is scary as shit. Maybe has a self inflicted pattern of interconnecting scars across his face.

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Please draw this image, make it somewhat serious please. Also if I could use the image in as my own that would be awsome.

>> No.15399718

nah, Pinhead isn't scary enough.

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I'm playing a homebrew setting/system that involves time travel fuckery and other such nonsense. Could someone drawfag me up a confederate officer from the civil war holding a saber in one hand and a fireball in the other?

>> No.15400104

I would love a picture of an Ultramarine, Imperial Fist, Blood Angel etc facing off with the Sailor Scouts.

>> No.15400118

Also, if anyone is to take my request could you make sure he looks like a cocky motherfucker? Wearing the confederate cap and those classy fucking gloves.

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Partial delivery - gotta head off for a bit, but I thought I'd better bump. Will finish later - if the threads still around.

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Thrikreen doing a rider kick

>> No.15405439

bumpan, requestan this'n still.

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aaaaaaaaaaand done. On an unrelated note just finished up a multiplayer campaign of NeverWinter nights 2 that's been going on for about three years.

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If you're still drawing, mind having a look at >>15397471 ?

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>That background
The new SSB character?

>> No.15405848

Random requests? Random requests!

A Warforged wielding a wicked-looking chain with a sharp barb on the end.

A baby in a cowboy hat, riding a basset hound.

The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, in full-plate armor, and wielding a massive two-handed sword.

A naturey wood-elf with a musket, and a bandoleer full of knives.

A dwarf, in "old west" garb, holding a gattling gun, smoking a cigar.

A shark with flight goggles, riding a pterodactyl.

A horseshoecrab-person of some kind, fit for a "fantasy/medieval" role playing setting.

A halfling in armor, riding on a goliath/half-giant/giant's shoulder, directing him in battle with a shout.

A Tau (warhammer40k) Fire Warrior holding an axe, upside down, and looking at it with a confused expression.

And many more!

>> No.15405851


Taking a crack at this 'n

>> No.15405880

Hey Level, do you do weapons? Im looking for a 40k plasma gun with the words "Divine Vengeance" stamped onto the body of the weapon. It has a bright blue glow around the ribbed coolany coils and is rather worn from war.

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Just a quickie, trying to pick up the pace...hope it helps.

>> No.15405996


I am going to draw all of those. But first, this >>15405880

>>15405822 Just copied the background from the mini referenced.

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Youre weapon is ready.

>> No.15406362


curse you, e.

>> No.15406379

I'd like to request a Dirty Tankette, being scourted by a ragtag bunch of misfits, with "hobo" clothes and improvised weapons(like metal slug)

Thank You nonetheless

>> No.15406384

A Tomb King and a Vampire Count boxing. Ring, gloves, boxing shorts and halfling announcer.

>> No.15407052

Bumping with hope for Tankettes

>> No.15407110

Requesting a battlescarred older cleric of War and Honor, readying a last stand protecting children

>> No.15407917

Still requestan.

>> No.15407946

Nice, I like it!

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A rusty old Imperial Malcador tank that has been largely submerged in the dirt of a small hill's land slide for about 40 years. The terrain around it is like a hilly sub saharan africa grassland.

>> No.15408309

Young adult male. Cross between a black mage (Final Fantasy) and musketeer.

Hat should be a cross between a musketeer hat and one of those exaggerated wizard hats.
A very long coat.
Magitech rifle with an external magazine ala the Lee-Enfield and bayonet.
Bitchin' shades.

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Requester here. Had forgotten all about this thread but found it on the front page again.

Thanks for doing my Kaelyssa pic. it turned out really awesome. Have a Internet for you troubles.

>> No.15408645

If anyone is still drawing I'd like to request a pic of my character from a pals homebrew steampunk game.

A young woman about 23 years old, Sally is the head mechanic aboard the airship "Syberia Explorer". She is pretty flatchested, has some freckles around her nose and wears her rust-reddish hair in a ponytail. She usually dresses in a dark blue mechanic's jumpsuit with a plethora of tools hanging from her belt and protruding for a multitude of pockets.
She could be described as tomboy-ish but she'll probably whack you with a wrench if you did...

>> No.15411301


>> No.15412965

>I am going to draw all of those.
I'm eagerly awaiting that. :-D
Hopeful bump as I get up.

>> No.15413316

if its still open, some killer sister repentia art, plz.

>> No.15414437

Still hopeful bump...

>> No.15415352


>> No.15415398

Since it seems Technomancer's thread has begun to stagnate, allow me to copy my request(s) from there...

Greeting Drawfags.
If I can, I would like a curvy woman dressed in an elegant robe that shows a bit o' cleavage. She has a motherly look to her, and holds a fresh pie out to the reader.

Alternately, if the above is no good I would like a handful of humanoid figures of varying gender and sizes asleep on medical-style beds. Their heads are shaved, eyes covered by blindfolds, and the rest obscured by white sheets draped over them. The beds they lay on are all point towards a lectern in the center of the room, where a thick tome lays open to midway through. The only light in the room comes from a skylight and the light given off the book itself as it glows faintly.

>> No.15415404

laughingwhores.jpg with Elesh Norn and Shelodred, Whispering One.

>> No.15415424

Beholders attacking the Tarrasque, one of them being crushed in its fist.

>> No.15416194

Hm. Thread seems a bit... dead.

>> No.15416218

Yeah...it seems I'm a bit cursed like that...

Still bumping for both revival and >>15415398

>> No.15416254

Can someone please draw a Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Cleric?

For reference they're around 3-4 feet, 40-50 pounds, tail 2-3 feet and their scales change according to their mood (similar to a chameleon), and they have a fold-able crest on their head.

>> No.15416258

Half-dragon Velociraptor with dogcollar that says "Schmoopy"

>> No.15416779


Working on it...

>> No.15416848

Could someone please do a portrait of my cleric? He's an old man with a bushy mustache and eyebrows, that wears a wide-brimmed hat on his head. He has a horizontal scar on his cheek from an old bar fight, and stubble on his cheeks, chin, cheeks and neck

>> No.15418516

Anything new?

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Here's where I am so far. I'll finish tomorrow, add more steampunk elements, tools, etc.

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Bumping the post full of random ideas!

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