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You stand in a huddle of nervous Boyz as Macka, one of the Warboss' Lieutenants, shouts at you.

"Alright ya dirty Squiggs, welcome to WAAARGH 101. Shootas, to the right, Sluggas to the left. This is ya first battle, so we're gunna do it simple, get ya weapons and await further orders, we're gonna squish a bunch of humies."

The crowd around you begins to disperse, the Boyz spreading out to either side.

>highest roll of a d100 chooses whether you're Shoota or Slugga
>first post chooses your name, unless there's overwhelming consensus for another name, i.e 7 posters all agree that Keith is the Orkiest name ever.
>i'll update in a bit, if anyones interested in playing

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rolled 20 = 20


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You have to actually suggest something when you roll, if you roll to choose Shoota/Slugga, but without making a choice, your roll doesn't really work.

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rolled 47 = 47


>> No.15393308

rolled 100 = 100


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rolled 59 = 59

Yeah, shit, didn't see that, still, re-rollan, Shoota, named Boisil

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rolled 98 = 98

Name: Nailbit

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rolled 96 = 96


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All right! Name should be Zodteef.

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>Shoota wins. (impossible to beat)

You move to the right and pick up a large knife, buckling it to your belt, you take a Shoota and a few spare loads of ammunition.

Health 20/20
Constitution: 4
Strength: 4
Agility: 2
Dexterity: 3
Mental: 2
Knife (+1 to Melee)
Shoota (+3 to Shooting)

>congratulations, you're now a Shoota Boy, you have 3 skill points to spend on upgrading your stats. consensus on where to spend skill points, most suggested stats will get added.
>the name Keith may stick, if noone suggests anything.

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>this is now your name

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rolled 93 = 93

We've already Suggested Boisil, Nailbit, and Zodteef

I say we spend one each on Con, Str, and Agility.

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Zodteef will be the strongest Shoota there ever was. +3 to Strength.

>> No.15393375

rolled 55 = 55

Dex, Con, Shootin'. Dice just in case

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Yeah, I didn't refresh after the 100, my mistake.

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rolled 24 = 24

Seconding this.
Also, which name do we go for? I'd prefer Boisil.

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I'll agree with the stats if we take Zodteef.

>>15393308 here)

>> No.15393431

I vote Zodteef.

>>15393375 here.

>> No.15393443

rolled 32 = 32

Eh, sure.
>>15393407 Here)

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Health 23/23
Constitution: 5
Strength: 4
Agility: 2
Dexterity: 4
Mental: 2
Knife (+1 to Melee)
Shoota (+3 to Shooting) +1

Zodteef it is.

Macka leads the group of fresh Boyz through the thick forest, he explains that the Warboss wants to see who's ready to join the real WAAGH, so you're going to assault a human outpost.

Soon the forest begins to thicken. Macka calls you to attention before the edge of the forest, the plan is a simple one, slaughter all the humies in the outpost.

You find yourself on the right flank (you're the black dot) on the far side. From behind you hear Macka roar the charge, and the front row of Boyz begin to charge, how do you react?

Map Key
Green line is forest edge, black line sandbags.
Yellow spots imperial soldiers, orange dot imperial commander.
Purple dots are Sluggas, Red dots Shootas.

You're in range, but given cover and distance shooting could be tricky.

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rolled 34 = 34

Start shooting at the marines like there's no tomorrow, and charge in.

>> No.15393548

Try our best to put holes in humies from where we're standing.

>> No.15393549

rolled 72 = 72

Move in closer, ready to shoot. Zodteef's tough enough to handle ANYTHING.

>> No.15393551


Get a bit closer, while shootin'.

Also, make a note: Before the next fight, paint our bullets red. This "too far away to shoot" crap is unorky. Makin' them go faster will help.

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105% agreed

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Definitely. Maybe even paint the whole gun in Red and Blue splotches? It'd be faster and lucky!

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It's not the bullets won't reach, it's that with spray the bullets will deviate.

You aim from the treeline at the nearest Guardsmen. Roll 2d20 -1 (+4 from Dex, +3 From Weapon, -5 For Cover, -3 For Spray) to land a kill, your highest die needs to be above 15

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rolled 9, 12 + 1 = 22


>> No.15393582

rolled 8, 16 + 1 = 25

Don't blame me, I suggested we move in.

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Your shot, like those of your fellow Shootas either pings wide or into the sandbags. The Sluggas charge as one, and many of their number are cut down, the rest however are getting close to the sandbags.

You advance forward after your shot, the other Shootas displaying un-Orkish cowardice and shooting from the trees.

The guardsmen are preparing for the line of Sluggas to hit them, and have moved ready to repell them. What do you do?

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Get closer so Zodteef can hit them with his bullets, and eventually his gun.


>> No.15393638

Charge in until we're in range, and start shooting from there.

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rolled 90 = 90

Get the fuck out of cover. What am I, some puny grot? Get closer and shoot.

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If you run for one full combat round, you can get to the sandbags and shoot over the top, however in that round the Sluggas will charge over, if their charge fails you'll be exposed, you can run for half the round, or less, the further you run, the lower your accuracy for this round, but the higher it'll be next round due to being closer. (i.e. shooting from the hip isn't very accurate)

>> No.15393660


Run straight west 'til we reach the north-south sandbag wall. Then we can shoot at the boss umie without all this cover getting in the way, and we'll have a bunch of sandbags between us and them if they start shootin' back.

>> No.15393667


Forgot trip.

>> No.15393670

Run for half, shoot for the rest.

>> No.15393677

agreed. But with more yellin'.

>> No.15393686


Are you running to this sandbag, or straight north to that one?

Would you like to shoot at the commander, or just a guard?

>> No.15393690


Yet again, and i'd managed to avoid looking like an idiot for so long.

>> No.15393697


Whichever's closer!

>> No.15393708

Whichever is closest, and biggest.

>> No.15393726

You sprint forward, your lips peeled back over your teeth as you scream WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

As you approach the sandbags you slow to let off a volley at the defenders.

Roll 2d20 +0 (+4 from Dex, +3 From Weapon, -5 For Cover, -1 For Spray, -1 For Distance) to land a kill, your highest die needs to be above 15, on a roll 1 on both die, you hit a Slugga.

>> No.15393727


I think /tg/ has mastered Ork psychology.

>> No.15393733

rolled 13, 15 = 28



(Also, should that not be +4 for the weapon? We put a stat point into shootin', right?)

>> No.15393735

rolled 10, 19 = 29

Who cares? Those gits aren't movin' fast enough.

>> No.15393739

rolled 3, 20 = 23

'Ere we go!

>> No.15393743


I put the stat point into an extra D20, as opposed to a +1 modifier. to give a + modifier to your roll, you put it in Dexterity, and it seemed redundant to have two different stats that do the same thing.

>> No.15393753

rolled 2, 19 = 21


Fair enough!

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The Shootas behind you finally manage to get a kill, more importantly your shot dispatches the Guard closest to you.

You gap you opened in the defence allowed the Sluggas on that corner to pour over the top. On the other side however, less luck is being had, while the Guards are being delt with, at some cost, the Commander is rapidly dispatching Orcs with his Sword, and it is likely the Sluggas on that side won't be able to overcome their opponent.

All the defenders of this small outpost are now fighting at the walls, you can see imperial supply crates left undefended, you can also see many humies to be killing. What now?

>> No.15393775

rolled 18, 18 = 36


Run up to the sandbags and shoot over them into the 'Umies. Should deal with that damn cover save.

>> No.15393776

get behind the wall on the east side and shoot towards the line of guardsmen.

>> No.15393814

rolled 20, 1 = 21


>> No.15393816

git to da sandbags then rapidfire, teach those humies who's got more dakka!

possibly eye off that supply crate for more dakka

>> No.15393817

Still Screaming you move to the barricade, from this angle, resting your Shoota on the sandbags the humies have no cover! Suddenly, killing humies is gonna be easy!

Roll 2d20 +6 (+4 from Dex, +3 From Weapon,, -1 For Distance moved) to land a kill, your highest die needs to be above 15.

>> No.15393827

rolled 6, 20 + 6 = 32


>> No.15393829

rolled 20, 5 + 6 = 31


+6! Eeeheehehehehe...

>> No.15393845

rolled 9, 6 + 6 = 21

+6 Woo!

>> No.15393853

rolled 15, 9 = 24

its dice(2d20) right?

>> No.15393857


((critical success, gratz)) You shot is perfect, it hits a humie a few meters in front of you, smashing right into a frag grenade on his belt. The explosion is brutal, and the two humies nearest him are caught in it, thrown backwards. The Sluggas on your side roar in apporval at your shot and jump the bags, surronding the last two humies standing on your side. The Shootas being to run forward, sensing easy kills and glory.

On the other side things go less well, and the Sluggas are now outnumbered by the imperials, the commander still a deadly threat.

Your move, gentleorks?

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>> No.15393864

rolled 2, 1 + 6 = 9

Shoot the shiny git!

>> No.15393876


Looks like the sluggas have got the remaining humies on this side covered. SPRAY BULLETS WILDLY INTO THE REAR OF THE GROUP ON THE WEST SIDE!

>> No.15393878

can we see the leader?
git over dem sandbags and work towards the otherside of the camp dakka at the ready to kill that humie leader.

>> No.15393888

rolled 15, 17 + 6 = 38

Tell those gits in the woods to stop being tree-huggers and charge like real orks.

>> No.15393899

wargh those orkz, slaughter dem humies then mob rush dem remainders. spraying shots while doing all of it at the humies

>> No.15393906


From this distance, they probably couldn't hear you, not to mention the deafening roar of their Shootas, and the fact that you're not actually a leader lead you to believe that calling them out as the cowards they are, wouldn't help.

From this distance you have the -3 accuracy penalty, and firing through the mob means on a roll of 1 or 2, you might hit a Slugga. If you chose to move, you would be able to clear the edge of the melee in front of you, and still be able to get a shot off this round.

>> No.15393920

charge towards the supply crate like ^ shoot dem humies in the back! start charging

>> No.15393925

I'll leave this to someone else. Zodteef seems to be in trouble now.

>> No.15393944


Since when has the low probability of being heard ever stood in the way? Shout at 'em anyway. If they can't hear then they should clean out their ears, the damn grots.

But yeah, try and clear the sandbags and move north 'til we can shoot around the melee, then open up on the commander group.

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You sprint over the wall,jogging towards the supply crates. You shoot as you run

Roll 2d20 +1 (+4 from Dex, +3 From Weapon, -3 For Spray, -3 For Distance) to landa kill on a Guard 15 or above, the commander has moved into the melee, and is further screened, on a 20+ you hit him.

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my idea

>> No.15393955


The image is only a .5 the Sluggas combat has been resolved, but your shooting has yet to take effect, because you moved then shot.

>> No.15393957

rolled 10, 13 + 1 = 24


>> No.15393958

rolled 1, 12 + 1 = 14


>> No.15393960

rolled 14, 13 + 1 = 28

Rollan to shoot.

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You scream at the filthy, cowardly grots to charge as you fire, your shots all pinging wide. You charge carries you most of the way to the boxes, with the Shootas on your side moving round to support the Sluggas, who are massing for a charge.

>> No.15393984

rolled 13 = 13

Let's smash the box, and see if the prize inside has enough Dakka!

>> No.15393995

rolled 7, 20 + 1 = 28

then use boxes remains as support for the dakka!
aimed shot at leader humie

>> No.15394014

Smashing and searching the boxes would take a whole combat round, for shooting you'd have to wait till next round.

>> No.15394022

rolled 14, 5 = 19


>> No.15394034

rolled 15, 12 = 27

Den We gonna Shoot Zog it!

>> No.15394039

rolled 4, 4 + 1 = 9

then do the shootan this round. kill 'em first. lootan can wait till those humies are smashed. the comes the sweet dakka reward (hopefully)

>> No.15394042


Second. Shootin' now, lootin' after.

>> No.15394045

Without moving this combat round it'd be:

Roll 2d20 +5 (+4 from Dex, +3 From Weapon, -2 For Spray,) to landa kill on a Guard 15 or above, the commander has moved into the melee, and is further screened, on a 20+ you the commander.

Not bad odds.

>> No.15394059

rolled 13, 1 + 5 = 19


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rolled 8, 3 + 5 = 16


>> No.15394066

rolled 6, 6 = 12


>> No.15394070

rolled 10, 12 + 5 = 27


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You manage to score a kill, you shot hits one of the Guards and he goes down with a satisfying thud. The commander finishes off the Slugga boyz who assualted the right flank, while the remaining Guards fire a volley at the charging Slugga boys, killing the front rank. The Shootas on your side advance and fire a volley at the guards, killing another, meanwhile the Shootas from the left flank finally advance, content that the guards are sufficiently distacted.

>> No.15394094


Shoot the boss 'umie! Shoot him lots!

>> No.15394096

rolled 7, 3 = 10

by gork and mork, using crate as stabizer, aimed shot at humie leader!

>> No.15394102

Get closer to show the commander how big our shoota is.

>> No.15394106

rolled 12, 12 + 5 = 29

Keep shooting!

>> No.15394118

With the human boss out of the melee, hitting him should be easier.

Roll 2d20 +5 (+4 from Dex, +3 From Weapon, -2 For Spray,) on an 18+ you hit him, on a 20+ you kill him outright. (it'll take 2 'hits' to score a kill, because he may not be green, but he's tough.)

>> No.15394127

rolled 5, 11 + 5 = 21



>> No.15394129

rolled 16, 20 + 5 = 41


>> No.15394133


If you want to follow speeds plan, say so. If not, first 2d20 decides the shot.

>> No.15394137

rolled 4, 17 + 5 = 26

keep shootan more

>> No.15394138

rolled 10, 16 + 5 = 31

The guys a moron.

use this roll

>> No.15394150
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The human commander doesn't even notice your shot as it flies wide, he levels his own pistol and dispatches one of the Sluggas running towards him. Meanwhile the guards, immune to the shooting of the Shootas due to his cover, dispatch two of the Shootas who emerged from cover.

>> No.15394153

rolled 16, 10 + 5 = 31

this ork salutes your respectable dice roll

>> No.15394159

I'm very hurt, and confused. :)

Sorry, used the first roll.

>> No.15394167

rolled 16, 16 + 5 = 37

Well then, let's keep shooting until he stops moving.

>> No.15394170

rolled 20, 3 + 5 = 28

keep shooting distance or charge and shoot?
ide say keep shooting but try to stabilize our gun in some way. or single shot.. but thats un orky

>> No.15394171


Zog it!

>> No.15394184


You can take a stabilised shot, you get +3 but only on 1d20.

>> No.15394197

rolled 19, 12 + 5 = 36

More dakka is better than less dakka.

>> No.15394199

rolled 8, 3 + 5 = 16

nah go the rapid fire. prefer two shots then one. do what the others suggest. fire at dat humie!

>> No.15394206

Roll 2d20 +5 (+4 from Dex, +3 From Weapon, -2 For Spray,) on an 18+ you hit him, on a 20+ you kill him outright. (it'll take 2 'hits' to score a kill, because he may not be green, but he's tough.)

In that case, first roll is taken.

>> No.15394217

rolled 6, 3 + 5 = 14

git that pinko!

>> No.15394221
File: 58 KB, 614x600, 6x3 shot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 11, 14 + 5 = 30


>> No.15394223

rolled 8, 8 + 5 = 21

god dam it. no more rolling for me

>> No.15394224

rolled 11, 4 + 5 = 20


>> No.15394238
File: 18 KB, 694x558, imperial assault8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Again your shot fails, frakkin shootas.

However your Orky kommrades do much better, the weight of shoota fire brings down one more guard, and two of the Sluggas make it into combat, the third taken down by the commander.

>> No.15394272

everyone else up for charge and shoot?

>> No.15394275

rolled 2, 20 + 5 = 27


Run closer to shoot him!

>> No.15394279

rolled 14, 1 + 5 = 20

They can handle it. Let's loot the box.

>> No.15394283


>> No.15394295


Lootin' or Shootin'?

>> No.15394304

Shootin'. How else we gonna grow bigger?

>> No.15394309

You run forward, your fearsome war screams coming back to your lips, as you run the commander decapitates one Slugga, but the other scores a wound on him, only one hit should finish him off.

Roll 2d20 +5 (+4 from Dex, +3 From Weapon, -1 For Spray, -1 for running) 18+ kills him, 17 hits the other guard, roll of 1 hits the Slugga in combat.

>> No.15394319

rolled 13, 20 + 5 = 38


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Time to get killy boyz!

>> No.15394362
File: 18 KB, 694x558, imperial assault9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

((critical success :) )) Your shot makes a bloody wreck out of the commanders face, and he falls to the floor, his blood coating the Slugga stood next to him, dumbstruck by your shot.

The final guard manages one last kill before the weight of Shoota fire kills him.

Congratulations, you've won your first combat.
>You have 2 extra points to spend.
>you see a convoy coming, wartrukks and other fearsome Orkish trucks filled with the WAAAGH, you reckon you've got a minute before they reach you.
>what do?

>> No.15394387


Get ta lootin'! Mebbe dere be some nice shiny dakka in dem crates. We could try fer dat kommander's shiny bits, too.

>> No.15394392

Time to get lootin'.

(6-7 kills so far?)
+1 Dex, +1 Dakka

>> No.15394416

6 kills, directly attributable to you, although the Slugga charge over the wall would never have worked without you.

(Dex and Dakka supported choices?)

You bust open the crates. The first one contained nothing but food and water, the second you break into was filled with las-packs and guns, as you break into the third you grin as you see melta bombs and frag grenades, this is more like it.

You turn your head, the convoy hasn't reached you yet, the rest of the Boyz are moving toward you, the last Slugga holding the commanders sword and grining to himself.

>> No.15394421


Forgot about stats. +1 Dakka +1 Strength. If we're stronger, we're bigger and can demand more respect and use bigger shootas!

>> No.15394429

Shootin's workin' out good fer us. Take the Meltabombs and grenades and a lasgun, tell the Slugga that he did some good fightin'.

>> No.15394430


Grab as many bomms as we kin fit'n our britches!

>> No.15394433

rolled 2 = 2


Nah, to get more respect, we need +1 bigga. Because we did a proper Waaagh compared to those lazy grots at the back. Also need to collect the lasguns to give to the Mek to have fun with.

>> No.15394439

Agreed. We'll also be able to bash people with the end of the shoota.

>> No.15394455

You take a belt of frags (6) and are able to clip 3 melta bombs onto your belt. You take a lasgun, and a couple of charge packs as well.
>ill update stats and inventory list when we're confirmed on the stats

Turning around you see the convoy approaching, Macka roaring on the lead Wartruck, the mighty sound of the WAAAAGH coming ever closer.

>> No.15394498

How does getting bigga work? we all agree on +1 dakka.
Tell the Sluggas good fightin', don't say anything to the Shootas. cowardly gits.

>> No.15394505

lazegunz aint orky ya git

>> No.15394512

Health 20/20
Constitution: 4
Strength: 5
Agility: 2
Dexterity: 3
Mental: 2
Dakka (extra rolls): 2
Knife (+1 to Melee)
Shoota (+3 to Shooting) [D20, up to -3 for range]
Lasgun (+2 to Shooting) [D25, up to -2 for range, maximum of 1D25 despite dakka]
3 Melta Bombs
6 Frag Grenades

Macka jumps off his Wartrukk, and backhands one of the Shootas who hid in trees during the combat, smashing him against the sandbags and leaving him dazed.


He turns to you, and the lone Slugga, drawing you apart from the rest, he eyes the loot clipped to your belt, but says nothing.

"You two Boyz done good. Zodteef, I liked the look of ya from the start. You and Grawk here, i'm putting ya in charge of this lot of scum, you got that? We're moving out in two hours. Get ready."

>i'm gonna go eat dinner
>your command is you and grawk and 13 Shootas
>prepare in any way you want (painting your bullets etc, gathering supplies)
>hint: you may want to try and find space on a Trukk.
>argue and vote for ideas, ill come back to implement and roll what needs doing in 15 minutes or so.

>> No.15394531


1. Find Trukk
2. Give Grawk two Melta Bombz and two Frag Grenades

>> No.15394535

Claim a trukk with no orks in the back.
Rectify that swiftly with yourself, grawk and the shootas.
Claim the best seats on the top with the turret.
Then proceed to paint bullets blue. And order the rest to paint theirs red.
Compliment grawk on his new choppy.
Then do other stuff

>> No.15394552

Think a mekboy could use the lasgun?

>> No.15394554

Also find 2 more lasguns, find a Mek, orkify the prior with the latter

>> No.15394558

Head for the mekboy. Try to trade the lasgun for some shoota modz.

>> No.15394603

Well, who's to say we can't be a Mekboy and a Shoota?

Take lasgun, paint it blue, take second lasgun, paint it... also blue, attach to turret so that we can squeeze both triggers at the same time, and voila- insta dual-wielding lasguns.

Hell, if there's any more of them, tie a piece of string to as many triggers as possible, and attach them all to the turret.


>> No.15394609

Try to find a grot to take with you along the way. Always handy to have around, they are.

>> No.15394613

Hey. I personally wanted to be a tankbusta.

>> No.15394619

Gawrk thanks you for the offer of bombs, but loots his own instead.


You send Gwark to babysit the Shoota's while you head out looking for the Mech.

He offers to add more Dakka to your Shoota, making it into a Big Shoota (+2 Dakka) but he says he wants the lasgun and 2 melta bombs. He says instead that if you want he can graft a grenade launcher on the bottom of your shoota, but he's want the lasgun and all the meltas.

>> No.15394633

The real question though is, how do we paint the bullets blue on those?
But yes, collect more lasguns and perform mekaniks on them then.

>> No.15394638

Do want

>> No.15394648

Always more Dakka!
Besides, these humie guns are plentiful.

>> No.15394650

Big shoota! Big shoota~!

>> No.15394656


Nah, de lasgun itself.

>> No.15394672


You get the Big Shoota, leaving you with an inventory of:
Knife (+1 to Melee)
Big Shoota (+3 to Shooting, +2 Daka) [D20, up to -3 for range]
1 Lasgun (+2 to Shooting) [D25, up to -2 for range, maximum of 1D25 despite dakka]

You return to the crates to try and loot more lasguns, but the crates are gone.

With your improved weapon you return to your truck, hoping up to the gun turret. As you enter the trukk you hear a fearsome rumble as the fleet begins to move, clouds of dust roaring behind the first few trukks to set off.

You've been informed the trip to the next human outpost will take an hour or so, how do you plan to occupy the time?
1 Melta Bombs
6 Frag Grenades

>> No.15394687


Seem to have got the inventory spread across start/end somehow. Ignore it :)

>> No.15394692

Tie the knife to the end of your big shoota to make a primitive bayonet.

>> No.15394699

Find grot.
Add to inventory.
Also paint bullets.

>> No.15394702
File: 25 KB, 540x416, axegun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15394769

You attach the knife to the end of your Big Shoota, while it doesn't do the weapons balance any good, it doesn't throw it off as much as the rest of the horrible workmanship.

You pass out bullets to the rest of your squad, telling them to get painting them for you, Grawk chuckles at your abuse of power, choosing to spend his time playing with his new sword.

You wait, scanning passing trukks, evenutally about half an hour in a trukk with a grot on the side overtakes you wildly, you reach out and grab the grot round the neck, yanking it onto your trukk. You glare down at it and mutter "Ya belong to me now." and the terrified grot nods his head in agreement.

The driver calls you over to the front, and you put your head to the cheap speaker, where you can hear Macka's voice being radioed out to the convoy.

"Alright Boyz, we're gonna hit them hard and fast, we'll be hitting them from the front and the two sides, your drivers know where to go. Get ready."

>> No.15394797

tell the grot to get in my back and hand me things as we need them.

>> No.15394848

Your clips of painted ammo are steadily passed back to you, the grot fitting them away ready to feed through to you.

Suddenly your trukk veers off the road to the right, 4 or 5 other trukks come round with you, heading round to the right. You appear to be flanking the human defences. You have a minute or so before combat, the driver informs you you'll be going in hot, the orders are to rush in and dump troops within the human encampment.

Any orders you want to give before your charge hits home?

>> No.15394864

Can the grot hold the lazgun, or steady it on my shoulder?

Regardless, tell them shootas to start acting like Orks. Don't want any snotling behavior this time.

>> No.15394872

That seems a bit too smart for most orks. Are we Blood Axes OP?

>> No.15394892


The Grot can hold ammo, grenades and bombs, the lasgun is too heavy, if you found a pistol however, the grot could manage


It's a square fortress, and they're hitting it from 3 sides, not exactly rokkit science.

>> No.15394934
File: 23 KB, 694x558, imperial compound1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Along your string of wall 4 Trukks break from the forest and go streaming towards the enemy. You've got the turrent, and so can shoot.
5D20 -5 (+3 For Weapon, +4 Dex, -5 Cover, -3 Distance) 15 to kill, you can get 2 kills.

map key:
>yellow line is sandbags
>black line is wall
>red line is door
>light blue guardsmen, dark blue heavy weapons, orange, commanders, brown trucks (your truck is red)

>> No.15394943

should be -1, miscounted.

>> No.15394960

-1 to what? cover or distance.

>> No.15394964

our roll

>> No.15394975

rolled 16, 17, 18, 8, 20 - 1 = 78


Shoot. All the boyz better be shooting out of the trukk, too. Tell the driver to keep going.

>> No.15394981

Shoot each heavy weapon setup in turn until they're all dead. Then mow down the guardsmen, or if the commander is close shoot at him.

Get the ladz to shoot from the sides of the trukk with their shootas.

Can the grot shoot with the turret?

>> No.15394982

rolled 13, 15, 15, 19, 18 = 80

have a truck crash through while we fire at the heavy then when they are swarming be sneaky and crash right next to him and take them out.

>> No.15394983

Danke, no good with it.

I just like to see how they play out, i'm trying though

>> No.15395006

That raises an interesting question though: what clan are we, anyway?

>> No.15395025


You make 2 kills yourself, hitting a guard and a heavy weapon. 3 more guard die, from the Shootas on your trukk and the one other trukk with shootas. However the remaining heavy weapons lash out. Missile trails fly out. Only one trukk remains unhit, and hurtles towards the defences. One trukk is completely wiped out, and the Sluggas inside it die a horrible, firey death. Yours and the other trukk are imobilised, while your trukk only loses a few wheels, and so you suffer no casualties, you have to disembark.

What now?
>youre black, Grawk is grey, shootas are red and sluggas are purple.

>> No.15395031
File: 27 KB, 694x558, imperial compound2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic forgotten.

>> No.15395045

put grot on top in charge of turret, run ahead and shoot the closest heavy weapons squads (instructing the boyz to do the same).

>> No.15395049


Given all the painting, i'm gonna say Deathskulls.

>> No.15395087

Awww. No tankbustin'.

throw grenades! time to use that strength!

>> No.15395099

Grenade is probably the best option to use right now

>> No.15395112

To land a grenade at this distance over the wall you'd be looking at getting 15+ on a single D20, then roll 1D3 for the number of hits.

>> No.15395147

I think the purpose of the grenades would be to keep the enemy's heads down while your boyz run for the gap caused by the wartrukk.

>> No.15395149

rolled 9 = 9

Heck, I'll try.

>> No.15395157

rolled 5 = 5


>> No.15395201
File: 27 KB, 694x558, imperial compound3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You run forward, lobbing the grenade as you go, your boyz following you. The grenade thuds against the sandbags, blowing apart a hole in the bags but failing to land amongst the guards and do any damage. You boyz and those from the nearby truck run forward, between you one more guard dies. You take some casualties however, losing 1 boyz in your squad and two from the other squad. Your grot, firing the Trukks weapon and the greande keep most of the guards down, and so your casualties could have been worse.

The trukk that was unharmed has much greater success. Smashing into the wall it divulges a stack of Sluggas into the enemy, quickly striking down two of the guard and filling the gap with Orkish bodies.

>> No.15395229

rolled 15 = 15

Start shootin' at the western guards. Throw another frag grenade, we gots plenty.

>> No.15395297


>> No.15395302

Throw another 'nade. Then spread shoot to keep their heads down while you and da boyz run in.

>> No.15395309


Grenade is 1d20, hits 1d3 enemies on a 13+
Shooting is 5d20 + 0 (+3, +4, -5, -2)

>> No.15395314

rolled 12 = 12

Rolling for 'nade

>> No.15395319

How many hits can we get with the big shoota?

>> No.15395321

Lob a grenade at the western guards, tell Grawk and the 8 shootas to our right to go assist the Sluggas, we'll take the rest and attack the other humies.

>> No.15395322

rolled 19, 18, 8, 5, 16 = 66

Rolling for shooting

>> No.15395334
File: 27 KB, 694x558, imperial compound4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your frag again fails to find its target, blasting a new hole in the sandbags, right next to the Guards.

As you advance your Shootas claim 2 kills. The Sluggas to the west of you reach the sandbags, losing one of their number, and one of their Shootas as well. To the east, two guards are struck down in combat, the Sluggas superior, however the influence of the commander sees two boyz struck down in return.

Gwark, charging ahead, passes the sandbag barrier, with the weight of suppresive fire from your men. you suffer no casualties.

>> No.15395340
File: 26 KB, 694x558, imperial compound4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>just to look like more of an idiot, I moved the dead but forgot to delete, this edit is how it should look.

>> No.15395346

rolled 7, 3, 12, 4, 11 = 37

Fraggin Grenades...

>> No.15395366

Your boyz are almost getting stuck in. Get them worked up with a good loud yell of "WAAAGH!"

>> No.15395390

Shooting is 5d20 + 0 (+3, +4, -5, -1)
If you sprint behind the sandbag wall, you can remove the -5 penalty for cover, but get a -2 moving penalty.

Gawrk intends to charge the western group, and your Boyz intend to shoot them, you can give orders to your Boyz.

>> No.15395403


>> No.15395411

rolled 4, 3, 20, 12, 8 + 3 = 50


>> No.15395412

rolled 18, 11, 16, 4, 9 + 3 = 61


>> No.15395433
File: 25 KB, 694x558, imperial compound5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Your big shoota sprays a hail of bullets and two humans nearest you fall to the ground dead.

Two of the charging Sluggas die, caught by the commander, but the other two vault the wall and slaughter a guardsman. Your shootas continue to poor fire into the melee, And manage to wound the commander.

To the east the combat remains at a stalemate, one guard falling but the commander tearing through one of the sluggas.

>> No.15395445

rolled 13, 20, 7, 11, 14 = 65

shooting the commanders, since dey are the biggest nobz of the humiez

>> No.15395446

Get your boyz to the right flank and attack the humiez in the rear, sandwiching them.
We can deal with the ones on the left after that.

>> No.15395448

we're good at taking dem shiny umies LETS BLOW THIS ONES HEAD OFF AND STICK IT ON A PIKE IN OUR TRUKK

>> No.15395468


Aim at the commander with one wound or two?

5d20 +5 (+3, +4, -2)

On the one you need one 17+ to kill
On the two you need 2 17+ or one 20+

>> No.15395480

rolled 5, 5, 19, 20, 19 = 68

One wound

>> No.15395482

rolled 4, 1, 20, 5, 1 + 5 = 36

a sure kill is better than a wound, i shoot at the wounded commander.. uh... i mean

>> No.15395503
File: 25 KB, 694x558, imperial compound6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The body of the commander becomes a bloody mess as your bullets rip through it. The two sluggas tear through another human, and with Grawk charging over there, that combat looks won. To the north the imperials kill off two more boyz, the commander's presence turning the fight against the boyz now the shock of the charge has worn off. The heavy gunner in the back even manages to send a rocket spiralling forward to blow up one of your shootas into tiny fragments of green flesh.

Your boyz, charging through the wall, fail to score any hits in the melee, despite the now raucous calls of yours and their war cries.

>> No.15395508

rolled 9, 18, 9, 9, 20 + 5 = 70

Fire agaisn't the commander, again

>> No.15395515

rolled 6, 10, 20, 17, 3 + 5 = 61


>> No.15395552
File: 24 KB, 694x558, imperial compound7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fire again, your shots ripping the other commander apart in a deadly hail of rounds, their blue coating clearly doing you favours. The 11 Shootas of your squad litterally annihilate the guardsmen to the east.

To the west the guardsmen stand no chance, without the rallying prescence of a commander the guards can't stand up to the fury of Orks in combat, and you at least clear the wall of humies.

The boyz look to you for guidance, rallying round to you.

>it's been a pleasure, but i'm going to have to drop out now.
>i'll look to restart it on tuesday, probably earlier than it started today, but i'm making no promises, it's been fun.
>well start next time with breaching the compound

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