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I don't see the problem. Quite frankly, I think they could use some more reasonable diplomacy and interracial friendships in the grim darkness of the far future, instead of HURHURKILLTHEMALL FORTHEEMPRAH!11!1

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Tyranids are the good guys in w40k.

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Space marines are basically giant mutants created for war and know nothing but it. Though they can be reasonable sometimes.

Necron are unliving mechanical horrors that want to kill every living thing in the universe

Tyranids want to consume every living thing in the universe as they spread across it

Chaos want to create chaos fucking everywhere and kill those who don't follow their dark gods

Dark Eldar want to rape everything in the universe.

Orks don't have the intelligence to understand diplomacy.

So the people most likely to be reasonable and diplomatic are Tau, Eldar, and humans (IG/SoB) but since humans have xenophobia, and Eldar are kinda dicks, there's not much room for diplomacy.

That being said, they still have allied sometimes to fight against mutual enemies .

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Like the Eldar? Who keep their plans in secret always with a secret agenda and willing to let trillions die to protect their own race?

Or the Tau? A small empire that is equally as expansionist as the Imperium with a record of wiping out planetary natives in concentration camps?

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>Orks don't have the intelligence to understand diplomacy.

Orks aren't as stupid as you think they are. I would suggest it is their hardwired genetic desire to fight everything which makes diplomacy so problematic.

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Orks live to fight, but it does happen that orks leave settlements alone or even protect them as long as they provide the resources (like guns and stuff).

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In any rate Spess mahrens and necrons allying MAKES NO SENSE.

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Also despite having fighting hard wired into them, they can still use that to be useful. The Blood Axes are a example of this

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You're not looking at the real reason why nobody liked that. There is plenty of negotiations, temporary alliances, and tsundere Eldar-human relations in 40k.

However, it is a complete rape of pre-established fluff to have the Necrons do it, when their ENTIRE fluff and history has been about them being soulless killing machines with no real mind left, and a simple desire to kill every living thing. When Necrons awaken on a planet, they don't stop killing until the planet is purged of all life then they go dormant again for a long time until the planet repopulates. Then they come back.

It makes no sense for them to kill all the Tyranids and then stop and change their minds about purging the planet when they get to the Blood Angels. It's just more of Matt Ward's complete disregard and disrespect for the fluff.

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GW is trying to humanize Tyranids and Necrons, so you can play as these guys in MMOs and other video games.

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Back in the first and second edition, humans and eldar could get married and even reproduce, orks were pretty cool guys, and there were still squats. It was a better, more brighter worl

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My problem was mostly with the Blood Angels. These are the haughty, proud descendants of what might have been the Primarch with the firmest principles. They also have this hang-up when it comes to dying, thanks to seeing his death over and over. They're conditioned to purge the alien, taking it to the point of being part of their religion. They're also conditioned to think of each other as brothers.

Now, here are xenos. They've killed their brothers, they stand against everything the Blood Angels believe in. And they let them go without a fuss. I can get realizing you need to stop fighting or you will all die, but the way it was written wasn't a retreat. It was "Well, those guys sure were nice. I hope we meet again some day."


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Of all the races in 40k the only two to have NEVER formed alliances in their fluff are the Necrons and the Tyranids. Their whole backstory is about how they essentially can't be reasoned with.

Chaos sometimes allies with other forces, like traitor guard and renegade space marines, and even the Orks.

The Orks even form temporary alliances with other powers, though most of the time they are simply being manipulated by their "ally."

The Eldar ally with the other forces of order all the time against their mutual enemies.

The Tau have allied with the Imperium before, particularly to fight the Tyranids.

The list goes on, but Necrons? NO. It's just more bad writing by Ward.

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Because all 40k fluff was set in stone and has never changed.

Instead of what it does do which is change every edition.

I'm a purist, Necrons dont exist they are just scary chaos androids.

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All he had to do to make it fluff-compliant was write it as a tactical withdrawal for the Blood Angels.

Something with this line of reasoning: After defeating their primary threat, the Tyranids, the Blood Angels were running out of supplies and had taken a lot of casualties. Knowing the extent of the Necron presence on the planet, they retreated to regroup and left the cleansing of the planet to the Inquisition.

That simple. However, it wasn't written as a retreat, they became best bros for life. That's why people hate it.

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The way I saw it, both sides retreated after fighting the Tyranids because they couldn't keep fighting anymore; Necrons needed to phase out to repair, and Blood Angels needed to regroup and bolster their ranks again. If they could have kept fighting, they would have, but they didn't have the strength left to continue.

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did you just say squ

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The Necron fluff has stood for three editions. It won't change until Matt Ward dragonball z's it's fluff in the new codex.

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>Necrons as Saiyans

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>Best idea
>best idea

pick one.

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it would be cool just saiyan

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