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GW Execs: You will give us your money OP, and you will get your plastic cocaine.
OP: Well that sounds like a very good deal, but i think i have a better one. How about this: I give you the Finger *flips the finger at GW execs" And you give reasonable priced minis.
GW Execs: What good is reasonable priced minis, if you are unable to... use them. *brings forth finecast minis*

That's it. I'm fed up with GW being cunts and only supporting the Imperial side of 40K, Sphess muhraines especially, and raising prices through the roof. I've been in this hobby since 2nd ed dammit and I've never seen such blatant disregard for the fanbase as now.

Fuck it. I'm going to sell off my ~2500p Necron army and buy a Trollbloods force with the money.
Is this a good time to sell off my 'Crons /tg/? Or should i wait 'till after the new codex has been released?

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well guess I'll dump some necron pics to make this thread worthwhile

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Yes, because they certainly aren't supporting a codex writing section, a book writing section, a floundering wargame, a brick-and-mortar franchise, playtesters, writers, AND an ever-greedy board of directors on the back of one sci-fi game.

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I'd sell them now considering the current state of GW and their new Codex.

To be honest I don't understand why you've held on to them this long with GW going down hill like they are. Unless you plan to use the models for DH games.

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> going down hill
N'aah, it's just their over-ambitious plans catching up to them. They're creating better products than they ever did.

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sell off your necrons

play a better game system, one not run by a company full of fucktards

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sentimental value i guess... I've won quite a lot of games with my 'crons through the years although i haven't touched them since the new Imp Guard came out. Thank the gods for 200p killteam games and Warmahordes.

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Actually the rumors for 6th edition sound rather ground breaking compared to the last edition change. I heard abour worthwile snipers, able to pick troop leaders, simplified rules and one rulebook to cover up everything.
Also true line of sight and strategy instead of luck.

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Ok so the general consensus is that i should sell then now before the codex hits?

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yeha, bs modifiers, more badass (marine-only) ICs, more nerfs to non-imperial armies.

sounds fucking great... Can't wait to need 7's to hit anything moving, and for GW to 'fix it' by dropping the cost of my already cheap-as-dirt infantry another 2 points.

I'll pass, thanks. 6th ed is looking to be the death of anything that's not marines or IG.

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Just steal the fucking minis bro, thats what i do.

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> Rumors for 6th
you mean that pile of dumbass that says that space marines won't be the first new codex in 6th and that they'll be trying to sell less books?

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Why the hell would you do that?
Now nobody will give you money for them, because the 'dex sucks balls. Wait and see if they are worth more if you are determined to sell them after the new codex.

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It all comes down to how this next codex is going to be. If it sucks you'll want to sell now, if its awesome you'll want to wait. I'm betting it will suck.

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> Can't wait to need 7's to hit anything moving,
Or auto-hit the enemy's army because you got first turn.

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Necrons are game winners because nobody gets put up against them. I advise to keep them if you play in tournies.

I go to GW in Manhattan, New York. Everybody plays SPEHHHMURIIINES or IG. The one day that somebody comes in with Necrons, everybody's emperor-loving asses got whopped. My Slaanesh got them pretty good, but their Monoliath shredded up all(ALL) of my noise marines, and their destroyers killed my predators. Keep your necrons, and be happy that you know how to kick ass with them.

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Little bitch.

Nothing is ceratin about 6 ed yet, you faggot, oh god why do nerds always cry so damn much.

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To-hit modifiers will hit IG hard.
If they don't move their tanks, they will be frag. If they do, they cannot frag.
Also their troops are damn vulnerable in +5 standard terrain.
Eldar will be the winners of this and finally will find refuge in their speed.

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I don't play a BS 4 army.

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I wouldn't sell them at all, you'll end up regretting it.

I don't sell anything apart from my time, and I know I sure would regret selling an army that I painted, that I put time and effort into.

Just put your necrons away for a few years and take up another Wargaming hobby, or just buy mini's to paint.

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Why not? They're not hard to come by.

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>Another "bawww I can't afford GW products for having a piss poor shit job and my mom doesn't allow me to use her credit card", followed with "I WILL PLAY WARMAHORDES" making the veterans facepalming for another shitty newcomer who will drop their game if GW reduces their prizes or announce shit that pleases /tg/


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I'm well aware of what the concept of a 'Rumor' is. And if previous edition changes have been anything to go by, I can expect (yet another) downgrade in the unit quality of my army, followed by a point-decrease due to GW not wanting to fix the shit they broke.

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Because the only armies that do interest me, aren't BS 4.

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Just because you're able to afford something doesn't mean you have to waste your money.

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I already play warmahordes on the side, have 1500p sisters and ~1000p IG.

So quiet down on the GW-fanboi rage and either shore up some good advice whether to sell or not, or get the fuck out of the thread. Your choice.

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Ido not see how the rules discussed are benefitting Marines or other imperial sides.

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Wait a second...
The only army I can think of that doesn't have BS4 is Orks. Do you play Orks, anon?

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Then by al means stop playing, sounds like youre a whiny little bitch anyway. Noone wanna play with those.

Nothing of value was lost.

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Daemons, infantry-heavy IG, Tau, horde Nids.

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Just wait till every country outside of UK will have to pay current (post-change) southern hemisphere prices, like they're planning for 6th ed.

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>playing warmahordes and warhammer 40k

Doing it wrong.

You are supposed to hate one of them and then try to murder their fanbase.

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nah mate. At the gaming club i play at about ~75% of the 40K players play WarmaHordes on the side.

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horde nids would benefit from being hit less while moving, wouldn't they?
That would allow them to face enemy fire head-on.
Like a swarm should.

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> Daemons
> Tau
Crisis suits.
> IG
> Nids
These are all part of those armies. So, he plays either Orks or Daemons, since the army he plays doesn't have BS4, by his own admitting.

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I think it was about BS4 being the standard-BS

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If he'd meant that, I think a gentleman like himself would have said it. he said "army", which is "all of the options". You may be thinking of "list", which is "The options I regularly take".

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Don't sell your necrons yet, you idiot. Wait until their codex comes out, THEN sell them.

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Enjoy your marine-hammer.

Fucktard'Entitled Marinefags like yourself are a major reason as to why I quit.

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Actually, I play Eldar. Thank you for trying, though!

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No, that's not what I meant. I meant as in the army I play is not primarily made up of BS 4, it is not the army's standard, and never should be.

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you mad.

Also glad to see you go. Dont let my 12" spacemarine cock hit you in theface on your way out.

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Oh. Perhaps you could use words correctly next time, so that neither one of us looks like a fool.

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Fine. Enjoy your Marine-Hammer.

Because Fucktard Entitled Marine-fags are the major reason I quit. And you certainly come across as one.

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I love how Warmahorde fags always associate Warhammer players with Speesh Muhreens.

Really shows how butthurt they are.
Just like people who praise Chaos!

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You already said exactly that.. Crawl back in your hole.

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So you play with a fucktard Entitled Sorcha army just like everyone else who play Warmahordes?

And nothing of value was lost.

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Blood Angel and Imperial Guard player here. Don't give a shit, and stopped giving a shit about the time I was accused of being a bandwagon 14 year old after waiting over a year for the Blood Angels to get a 5th edition codex.

I used to care, felt a deep amount of sympathy for you wretched Xeno's and Heretics who are not getting army updates, but really at this point? Fuck you butthurt assholes. My sympathy level for you mother fuckers hit zero a long time ago.

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Yeah, nothing of value was lost.
From the quality of your post(s), I see you're probably underage too.

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Actually, I don't play Warmahordes. Thank you for trying, though!

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They skimped on playtesters for Codex: IG, and look what happened there. They learned.

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I just love how all the people rage-quitting 40K are running to Warmachine.

There are other games out there. Flames of War, Infinity, Firestorm Armada, Malifaux, Dystopian Wars, and a whole bunch of others.

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you haven't even read the rumors, have you...

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Actually, I am your father.

Go back to bed son, we will have a nice "Frühstück" if you wake up.

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Hi! Please see: >>15353563

>> No.15353591

Yes, I did. What exactly are you referring to?

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Fick ja, Frühstück!
Nacht, Papi!

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I agree. I don't really like the massive emphasis on the imperium, mainly being a xenos player myself, but at the end of the day, do I care?
No. Just more armies I won't buy and more variety of stuff to kill (even if that's a variety of space marines).
I do what an adult is supposed to do- make the most of what I have and don't whine like a bitch when everything stops going my way.

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>"Hehehe, I will keep telling those guys that I don't play Warmahordes and that they are all STUPID."
>*twirls his moustache*

Why are you browsing /tg/, Dick Dastardly?

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Infantry on the move (per your example, horde nids moving), would not have any apparent change in how often they are hit per the BS rumor. BS 3 hitting infantry on the move would still be a 4+, but the 'modifiers' would reduce that for stationary tanks, or increase it for faster jetbikes.

Granted, no other information has been given beyond that and it is (after all) a rumor. However another rumor item is the apparent vulnerability in large footslogging units, as well as the cover save reduction.

I will admit a constant 4+ (minimum) at all times is too much. But a general reduction to the effective survivability of horde, footslogging infantry is not needed at the moment. Especially when the 2 major examples of such are suffering pretty badly from 5th's terrible combat resolution system and No Retreat. The end result, will likely be (yet another) point decrease on such horde units. And being told that the army you play can expect to need possibly 20% more models to remain 'effective', is not grand news to hear.

>> No.15353679

> at all times
except for if you don't get the first turn, allowing your opponent to wreck your shit for free.

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No, actually. I don't play Warmahordes because none of the factions were interesting to me. I play Epic:A, Malifaux, and FoW, thank you.

>> No.15353694

I figured fleeting fleeting infantry would go at about 5+. Should have specified that.

>> No.15353729

Based upon previous experiences with 40k edition changes, I highly doubt they'll take something like that into account. One can always hope, however.

But it is, afterall, a rumor. And 5th's original rumor mill had just as many outlandish changes that never made it to the final cut.

>> No.15353743

FoW player here.

When you have Vanilla Marines, Evil Marines, Vampire Marines, Werewolf Marines, and Holy Marines as 5 out of the 10 or so possible army factions, calling it Marinehammer isn't all that inaccurate.

>> No.15353753

Well, presumably they want someone to play with. And personally I had a hard as hell getting even a warhammer fantasy game, much less something more obscure. Warmachine is much more commonly played than those others you mentioned. Personally I've decided to try and introduce some games locally but I don't know that it will work.

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>playing World War as a tabletop

United States win.


>> No.15353783

In my area most of those games have at least a Small following, with Flames of War being the most popular of the non-GW and non-Privateer Press games.

>> No.15353788

> United States
> Win a World War
Russia was here. Coming in when the war's already basically won and claiming you were responsible for it doesn't count.

>> No.15353812

The US actually lost WW2.

>> No.15353821

What's even funnier about your *yawn* statement, is the game is developed in New Zealand.

>> No.15353822

Um.. no.

It mat be based on history, but you're not fighting historical reenactments.

Any army has a really good chance of winning a given battle based on how good the player is.

Hell, even Early War French aren't as much of a push-over as popular history would have you believe.

>> No.15353823


Heh. Okay.

>> No.15353830

The only way to win a war is to not fight and then take credit for it. Someone had to do it, or the Swedes would have.

>> No.15353848

Well yes obviously there are some places where some people play other games, but that is not the case everywhere.

>> No.15353858

Huh? How so?

The US had many significant victories in the Pacific before dropping the A-Bomb, and the combined Western Allied forces swept German forces out of North Africa and Western Europe.

>> No.15353863

Well even historically speaking, the French had a decent military at the time, and solid tanks for what they were going up against. The problem was they were expecting another 'trench war', and weren't prepared for the blitzkrieg. They could have held on and kept going, but the country, population, and government itself had already fought WW1 on it's own soil, and was tired of war. The military was good to go, but the rest of France just opted to surrender.

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Guess nobody every told you - Miniature Wargaming has ALWAYS BEEN OVER PRICED.

You can try to put it in perspective and compare it to the price of a movie or the cost of video games and console systems. But really, who cares which one is 'more entertainment for your dollar'. Its all a waste of time.
If GW is too expensive for you, you really should get out of miniature war gaming altogether. PP is still a very expensive hobby.
Perhaps you should get a better job. Then maybe you could consider each of these companies and systems more objectively when price isn't an issue.

>> No.15353879

Its a good thing. They can take all the whiny cheap bitches so the rest of us can enjoy a game without having to listen to their constant whining about overblown problems.


Its happening already even on the official forums were they practically censor anything thats not overwhelming praise. Its only a matter of time.

And Frankly, I welcome it. WM is dead in my area and could use new blood and its about time the warhammer community had a cull. Weed out those who dont belong so to speak.

>> No.15353883

I have to agree with this.. FoW armies are much less varied, and as such the game is much less about army building and much, much more tactics based. Marinehammer is all about building an army and then either charging directly towards your enemy and going into close-combatio or staying just within weapon range and shooting.

>> No.15353939

I'm just saying that I wouldn't mind seeing some love for other games. Especially ones that even /tg/ doesn't really seem to play or talk about all that much.

>> No.15353945

Yeah, they would have been ready about the time the Wehrmacht rolled through Paris.

>> No.15353963

One of my favorite parts about Flames of War.

You might think that a Tank Company list would be vastly overpowered when playing against an Infantry Company list, but that is far from the case. Dug In infantry with good Anti-Tank weapons and a reasonable Tank Assault rating can be a real bitch for tanks to deal with if they don't have proper support.

>> No.15353980

I think a lot of it is simply because FoW is better designed. It's more intuitive, and far more enjoyable. Even in the situation you used as an example, a (well built) Tank company still has it's options, and can still put up a fight. FoW also has far more emphasis on playing to the scenario, and not playing to wipe out every last mother-fucker on the board.

>> No.15354011

That is not necessary in 40k either.
You just take that objective, keep your boys alive, get down some of that guy's troops and take it home.

>> No.15354030

True enough.

If you have captured the objectives (or held them if you're the defender) after a certain turn you win.

It's that simple.

>> No.15354033

I would as well. There are some fun and well designed game systems that are intuitive and make the shit GW produces look like the garbage it is. And that's completely discounting PP's miniature game that plays like M:TG.

>> No.15354060

I wouldn't know. I've never played M:TG or WarmaHordes.

>> No.15354066

It's not *necessarily* true... But in a very shitty way. The emphasis in 40k is still to kill as much as possible, with a pile of horribly designed gimmick-units and options. The objectives pretty much come down to 'treasure hunt', 'steal the bacon', and then 'who kill the most UNITS' (nevermind what they're worth).

In FoW, objectives flat out win/loose the game as soon as they're taken, if so much as one is compromised. Many missions put them at a 'turn 6 or later' requirement, but the objective of a game is never to just simply 'kill more stuff' (although getting them to fail a company motivation check does work). It is fully possible to win a FoW game by inflicting minimum casualties to your opponent's force, assault the defenders on an objective, maybe kill 1 stand of infantry, have him break, and claim the objective after he fails to get anything in to contest it.

>> No.15354097

Didn't the rulebook also encourage custom missions you could do instead of the standard missions?

>> No.15354114

>PP is still a very expensive hobby.

You know it's GW player when he thinks Company=Hobby.

>> No.15354149

So much rage in this thread

Can't we all just get along?!

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>mfw the Warhams community rushes to join the Warmachine community

Goddamit, you guys are just going to drag THOSE GUYS to our fandom.

>> No.15354165

Wargaming is the hobby.

GW is just one company out of many who make games and minis for that hobby.

Where does the idea of the "GW Hobby" come from anyway? Is that some GW indoctrination thing?

>> No.15354172

The rulebook's have always *encouraged* such... but pickup games and the vast majority of players use their 3-mission roll setup. It led to GW releasing the Battle Missions book, which was largely imbalanced and not exactly what players had in mind.

The limited mission and objective setup for 40k is why tournaments create their own official missions.

>> No.15354327

WHAT?!?!?!!!! FOW is made in NZ? Shit got a source? its not that I don't believe you I just want to see for my own eyes and after that I am going to start playing.

>> No.15354347

FoW is designed by NZ company. The books are even printed there I believe. The miniatures, a few years ago, got out-sourced to malaysian factory. Every pound spent on FoW supports Malaysia, not NZ!

>> No.15354363

Gah well there goes me supporting my own country No world war 2 love for me Looks like I will start the Goffs army of Shootas and Battlewagonz

>> No.15354387


But yes, Battlefront is indeed based out of NZ. Model production, I'm not positive on off the top of my head. Malaysia is probably correct. But the company's HQ, it's design team, and it's sculptors are all NZ staff.

That said, the game is good, and I highly recommend trying it.

>> No.15354389

>not support NZ company with factory in malaysia
>support Brit company with factories in china

I applaud your decision.

>> No.15354443

Sell now, when the new codex is out, some of your models won't be worth jack shit.

Maybe the warriors won't change much, but I am willing to bet that pariahs will be become fuckawesome, however they will get a new sculpt.

>> No.15354444

well I might Depending on what the cost would be but the Flames Crowd at my club are elitist bastards who hate New people joining "their Hobby" So Germans any good in FOW?.

Oh and Orks are Dirt cheap to collect if you know what your doing.

>> No.15354476

Elitist bastards, Check.

>> No.15354530

>Page 5

You have no room to talk.

>> No.15354576
File: 986 KB, 850x1100, TG-Page-5-Rewrite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer the "page 5" /tg/ came up with a while ago.

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File: 103 KB, 476x358, Laughing Aku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>MFW widespread adoption of that manifesto would eliminate 80% of posts on /tg/

>> No.15354599

Germans are pretty good depending on what you want to do with them.

They have most of the best toys(Panthers, Tigers, King Tigers), but you really don't get access to them in large numbers.

>> No.15354624

In a good way or a bad way?

>> No.15354630


That's great and all, but here you have this little bitch (>>15354162) who thinks his precious wargame is good for anyone else to join.

>> No.15354647

Both. Good because there'd be drastically less whining, but bad because this is apparently the board for burthutt neckbeards to vent their frustrations, and not have awesome/productive/entertaining discussions regarding traditional games. Oh look, now I'm doing it, too...great.

>> No.15354672

I know the feeling.

But I'm surprised at the amount of generally positive discussion of other games, especially Flames of War, that has come out of a thread that started off with somebody rage-quitting 40K and swapping to Hordes.

>> No.15354750

Let him whine. What harm does it do us?

>> No.15354756

Not sure about your area, but the guys I'm playing Flames with are all really cool. No elitist bs with us.

That said, all the nations are solid in their own way. As mentioned, Germans get the biggest toys, and have some of the best training in the game (most lists are rated Veteran, until you get to the Luftwaffe). And their nation-rules are all very beneficial, with tigers getting veteran skills, halftrack panzergrenadiers being able to launch assaults in their transport, and nearly every unit being able to freely designate a new platoon leader if they loose one.

As also mentioned, this comes at a price... Germans don't get a lot of numbers unless you build one of the less trained lists or go for more medium tanks (like PzIVs). They tend to be pricey, but are solid, dependable troops.

Even nations that seemingly have an unending array of negative special rules (Soviet tanks) are still balanced out well. In the Soviet case, it's what keeps their tanks lower in cost (generally).

Anything else you'd like to know?

>> No.15357349


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