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Because Toastmen are just sooo much more delicious!

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new DNA

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Why do you eat food when your stomach could eat your body?

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They do, once the feeders have eaten everything on a planet, they waddle into a pool of digestive acid and are in term themselves eaten.

The reason they fly around and attack other planets is because then they have a net gain in resources.

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fluff says they do occasionally.

Helps weed out the weaker creatures

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Welp, nightmare fuel.

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>implying cannibalism isn't an everyday standard procedure among the 'Nids

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The Imperium finally defeated the Tyranids by introducing two strange animals into the Tyranid gene structure.

The inclusion of the Stimpii Dumbassius and the Renn Tinyshittius caused the entire Hivemind to drop approximately 204802808 points in intelligence.

This caused the Imperium to defeat the Tyranids.

>for Inquisition eyes only: The Tyranids weren't really defeated by the Imperium. It was actually a roving bands of rogue Grots that chased the Tyranids into the cold depth beyond our galaxy to die in the void between galaxies.

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Have you tried opening a Tyranid six-pack? It's hell.

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They do, stupid. Read the fluff. When to hive fleets encounter each other, they attack, testing the strengths of each others' genetic diversity. The surviving fleet consumes the others' biomass and uses it to create superior life forms, with which to go out and harvest more non-nid biomass to add to the collective.

Next time, read the basic fluff before asking a stupid question.

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Who needs DNA or new battlefield creations for feeding the entire species?

They only need 'new DNA' to counterattack possible threats. Not for the big omnomnoms.

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Why do I get a boner for reading that?

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Maybe you imagined all tyranid lifeforms looked kind of like attractive teen lesbians and they engaged in sexual combat to determine the winners, then guro?

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>read the basic fluff

In all fairness, this element of the fluff was mentioned primarily in the 4th edition Codex and is absent in the 5th edition one. Someone new to the army, starting off with the 5th edition Codex, wouldn't know about that particular nugget of fluff unless they had gone back to read the earlier books.

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Do Hive Tyrants have personalities?

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Nope. This ain't no Starcraft.

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Asking why they don't JUST eat each other is like asking why they have food shortages in Africa when they could eat our young.

The answer is "because it's not conducive to the continuation of a species"

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Not so much.

Hive Tyrants and other higher forms of synaptic Tyranid are very, very intelligent, self-aware and capable of learning. They're still slaved to the greater Hive Mind, but are independent enough to learn and develop in ways that can result in them having unique quirks.

For example, a Hive Tyrant engaged against a particular enemy finds itself outwitted and overcome on several occasions. It identifies the reason for this is a particularly cunning enemy commander, and by killing him, resistance to the Tyranid swarms will break down. It alters its tactics to suit, sending assassination organisms to try and kill the commander, or personally attempting to seek him out on the field of battle. Through the eyes of the people fighting the Tyrant, it might appear as if it has a particular vendetta against their commander, as if it's developed some form of hatred or loathing for him. In truth, it's just the machinations of an alien intelligence.

Essentially, a Tyranid can't have a personality, but Hive Tyrants and other high-level Tyranids can learn traits and quirks that mark them as unique.

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>sage board related thread

Herped wher eyou should've derped.

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>Doesn't know what sage actually means.

You must be new here.
I bet you think people "sage", because they are angry as fuck and want this thread to die. That's how /v/ thinks "sage" works.

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>Asking why they don't JUST eat each other is like asking why they have food shortages in Africa when they could eat our young.

Except that starving Tyranids behaviour =/= starving African humans behaviour.

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And you probably think saging does anything. It still bumps the thread. It just turns your name blue, like ANY other word you would put in there.

Both of you are idiots.



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>it still bumps the thread
Nope, it doesn't.


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Here on /tg/ saging has two purposes. To denote displeasure with an off-topic thread, or to troll people who are easily trolled by sagefags.

The former doesn't apply here, and the latter is unacceptable.

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>implying saging does nothing

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sage still works by not bumping the thread

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But it can't. Even if it could, that would be horribly counter-productive. That's not how evolution works, a body is supposed to be a system of co-operating organs. There is, however, nothing wrong with eating the stomach of another person.

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Sage DOES bump the thread, for fuck's sake. Blue text in your name does NOTHING.

Either 0/10 - or just very stupid.

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you are a dumb fuck for believing this /b/ myth.

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It doesn't you fucking faggot.

>What is "sage"?

>Entering "sage" (by itself) into the [E-mail] field while replying will cause the thread not to bump to the top of the page, while still counting against its reply count. Threads that reach their reply limit can no longer be bumped, causing them to sink to the back pages and be pruned more quickly. Abusing the sage function by "sage-bombing" is frowned upon and may result in a ban.

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Man, what the fuck is going on in that pic? Is the guy on the left a Nurgle warrior or something? SO MUCH WARP SHIT IN THE AIR.

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Oh, we have a newfag guys!

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>Go to Page 15
>Sage thread
>Note how said thread doesn't appear on Page 1 and stays on Page 15 instead

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Time to shove yourself a dildo up your ass.

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I think you're pretty much right. It's a Hive Tyrant ruining some Plague Marine's day, with a Daemon Prince in the background.

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>doesn'z realized he was trolled

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If I recall:
Does not bump thread.
>sage, but with an image
Does bump thread.

Perhaps you've been confused.

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>Tyranids + Nurgle plagues

Oh boy I'm outta here

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Because then they wouldn't have a race to feed. Duh.

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They don't need to feed the entire race, just the big hive queens.

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>sage, but with an image
>Does bump thread.
>Another fag believing in /b/ myths

No it doesn't, l have done it a lot just to achieve silly image combos.

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It's probably worth pointing out that, if you take the old 3rd edition short story "Hive Fleet Horror" as truth, the biomass collected by the Tyranids is the means to an end and nothing more - the hunger the Hive Fleets possess isn't sated by consuming flesh. The Tyranids are driven by a relentless urge to survive eternally by constantly replacing and renewing themselves with the genetics they harvest from other races. That's all they really care about - the consumed biomass is simply a resource to recycle into new Tyranid creatures and bioweapons.

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This thread reminded me of my garish as fuck WIP nid army.

how do I shot metallic carapaces and blue/white skin?

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