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I know I'm bringing up old shit, but can you please tell me why this picture looks like a spitting image of my and my girlfriend?

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metathreads about board-tans aren't traditional games

choke on cocks

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It honestly looks like your girlfriend has yet to hit puberty, dude.

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I mean, not exactly.
She's a month older than I am actually, and we live together.
But really, take a snapshot of us at almost any given time and that's what you get, for the most part.

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Is your camwhore thread winding down OP?

Best stir up more retarded shit then!

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What are you talking about?

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/tg/ and /x/-tan are always related. Stop complaining.

I don't care what you guys say, I find the relationship absolutely adorable and wish I could see more with /tg/ and /x/-tan.

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Sounds to me you need to make shitty threads about yourself on /tg/ to get attention.

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I agree with this, an not just because they resemble me and my girlfriend.

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Who cares. Let's see more of /x/-tan and /tg/

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OP you should feel bad for starting a thread like this.

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I'm really late in posting because I was doing other stuff.

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No one gives a shit.

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These are the only two I have because they were the only ones on the website that had both of them together, besides group photos.

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Well no one gives a shit about you either. Not even the internet because you saged.

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Good sir, might I ask that you repeatedly punch yourself in the dick at the soonest time possible?

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I do that nightly.
Any other requests?

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No. Get out.

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I'm sorry but this is my thread.
I'll politely ask you to leave so it can die.
So, could you please leave the thread, good sir?

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Not sure if sergal.

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zeah about /tg/ and /x/...

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always have a shovel handy, in case you receive a Krieger in a box. So she can make trenches and shit. Kriegers dig trenches.

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it happens that I always have an entrenching shovel next to me

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Why does this look like it was drawn by Bryan Lee O'Malley?

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/tg/ and /x/-tan is adorable. Shaddap.

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don't mind the fact that they forget us

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Does anyone have any more comics like this?

Because this is so cute! I wanna see more!

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that is so fucking adorable

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I'm more of a /d/'s guy, but /x/-tan is adorable too.

Can't we marry both?

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no! Only /x/!

but /d/ will force us into threesomes regardless, so you can have that

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yeah, no its all adorable and cuddly but guess who will broke your heart in a few weeks.

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only in utah

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Well... i guess thats more than nothing..

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better to have loved and lost anon

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You're not mods. Get over it.

Talking about your relationship and trying to make it /tg/ related with something only tangentially relevant to the board really isn't the best way to start a thread.

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ey, give him some credit. I'm still wondering how to talk about movies making it /tg/ related.

Also anime that isn't a pedophile wet dream.

*Looking both sides wondering if someone noticed*

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No. Stop that.

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That shit is shit and you should feel like shit for shitting up this shity shit thread. SHIT!

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Godwyn, I think you should stop posting, regardless of how other people post. Pointing out arguable shitposting won't make yours any more relevant.

after all, YOU have written a 40K robo-waifu fanfic, haven't you?

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Hey, I remember that image. I don't have any of /tg/ and /x/, but I have a good few of /fit/ and /fa/ being bros (no homo)

I realize this is off topic but I always found these depictions of the board amusing.

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Yes I have. Your point?

I'm not really pointing anything out, either. Stop getting your little pink panties in a bunch.

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proffesor Girth was more /tg than that long haired pretty-boy ever was

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Yes you was, and since being a shithead is an habit of yours (like, this very post), getting mad at you is legitimate.

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not a long-haired bishie (that's how some faggy drawfags interpret us) but a skinny nerdy metalhead.

And you're wrong, most of the fa/tg/uys aren't actual fat guys, but... skinny nerdy metalheads.

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To stay within the spirit of OP's post...
That picure looks like a spitting image of me and my boyfriend. Though boyfriend being /x/-tan should be worrying I guess...

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I find it hilarious that whoever drew that took care to include the bulge in /d/'s panties.

I love the people there, but they have an unhealthy obsession with hermaphrodites.

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... /x/-kun?

You know, as much as I wouldn't mind living with a girl who doesn't wear pants, a dude would be more inconvenient.

Please tell me he has normal socks.

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right now, you're the one being the shithead. Not me.

You seem very angry. May I suggest you take that buttplug out?

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Best combos are /tg/ & /x/, /i/ & /ic/, /fa/ & /fit/ and /a/ & /c/

>I have a good few of /fit/ and /fa/ being bros (no homo)
But the homo is the best part

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Don't forget /co/ and /ck/, and also /d/ and all of the above

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>ck making a cake instead of just pouring sriracha sauce on a pile of meat

Doing it wrong.

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/co/ trying to steal our bitch!

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/co/ & /ck/ are pretty groovy.

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>/co/ and /ck/

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>cosplaying as board-tans
oh lawd

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Dude, /ck/ left us for /co/ years ago. It's time to accept that and move on to the rest of us. Don't ruin the good thing we've got going with /x/.

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Good thing going? We haven't even made it to second base.

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Eh, a picture showed up a while back of /co/ and /x/ in a rather... intimate... position. So to speak.

As a result, /ck/ went to her sister's place (/an/) for the night, leaving /co/ nothing more than a tv dinner to eat.

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I know... just.. so many memories.

And I am afraid of /x/ lately.

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Other chans too.

>> No.15349697

this... This isn't /x/!


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That'd be a delicious trap.
Polite sage for not sure if related

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I would post stuff disporving that statement but a b& is not something I want.

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>mfw I have a fetish for girls with extremely long black hair

Also she is adorable

>> No.15349710

Bah, we're /tg/, even /d/ finds us weird.

last week, we had a thread dealing with the possibility of a NPC being a trap.

Our answer? Stick your dick inside his'.
>"it's so tight!"

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I have a fetish for cute got girls.

especially if they wear rainbow stockings.

and no pants.

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She's wearing shorts.

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For you.

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just about to post that :P

Also /ic/ is easily the most entertaining.

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I didn't now we had a /t/, but after looking it up, that's actually pretty clever.

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panties, actually.

if she's wearing anything over them, it's not her anymore.

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I bet she has a Minnesota accent...

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I didn't know /k/ was straight.

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Really? I always pictured that everything /ck/ says sounds exactly like Julia Child.

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/k/ is full of survival wonks, and survival doesn't mean dick without survival of the species.

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I'm more worried about the pairing with /an/ due to a good amount of /k/ being hunters.

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Probably doesn't help that I watched Fargo recently.

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First time I saw this, my only though was

>Dang, I want an Oatshake!

/fit/izen here.

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just think of it as keeping population numbers in check. too many and they will exhaust the food supply.

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This is adorable.

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Not really the most appropriate image. Needs more pedophilia.

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Hunting of certain types of game is actually necessary in some areas to keep populations under control thanks to civilization's spread having neutralized a number of predators. Wolf populations as-is in much of the Midwestern US, for example, are too low to keep deer in check. By issuing a set number of hunting licenses per year and limiting the number of kills per license, sport hunting has actually become a cornerstone of a number of conservation efforts.

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Remember kids, /co/ and /ck/ make /cock/.

Hence, they're gay. Very very gay.

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I have a... depressingly sized folder of /x/ and /tg/

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/an/ has had the biggest hard on for /k/ because they respect the circle of life, and love their animals.

There's a lot of "post your /an/imal companion" threads on /k/ which is basically puppies with guns.

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:O Awesome, something I don't have. Please dump away.

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but /b/ loves cats... :(

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I snickered.

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4chan house.

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I'm struggling to think of a NON gay board matchup. /fit/ and /fa/ are probably the most likable to females, yet they're totally tsundere for each other.

Anyone have any showing all the matchups together?

>> No.15349834

That's a lie. It is quite possible to fap to a broken heart.

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>> No.15349843



because im too tired to be dumping pictures. also i dont claim for it to be the biggest or most complete collection; its just what i got

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/d/ isn't Gurochan-tan.

>> No.15349847

More /an/ & /k/

>> No.15349860

Who's /cm/? They're with /fit/ and /y/ in the top right.

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>> No.15349876

it's Nevada-tan, uncultured swine.
why do her panties look like they're made out of latex?

I want to stick it in her dick.

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What is up with all the /fit/ and /fa/ homo pictures?

>> No.15349896

Forgot text. Thanks.
Those are the best pics.

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Well, /fit/ is out and out gay, and /fa/ is far too into clothes to be entirely straight. They're also the only two boards to take care of themselves, and seem to get along a little too well when they're not being tsundere...

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>/fit/ with a hitler youth

/fa/ is already changing the /fit/ we know and love.

>> No.15349915

Don't have an image but to the best of my knowledge its
/a/ /v/
/c/ /toy/
/d/ everyone
/e/ /s/ /u/
/t/ /r/
/i/ /ic/
/cm/ /y/
/cgl/ /fa/ /fit
/ck/ /co/
/jp/ /vp/
/mu/ /sp/
/po/ /3/
/tg/ /x/

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forgot /an/ and /k/

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>I'm more worried about the pairing with /an/ due to a good amount of /k/ being hunters.
/an/ is actually full of hunters and survivalists, and the occasional petafag that wanders in is usually a troll.

>> No.15349931

>/v/ and /tg/
How old is that picture?

>> No.15349936

I saw it when I first started browsing 4chan when I started university, so.... 3, 4 years? God I feel old.

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>> No.15349962

It's the image that inspired board tans, so very.

>> No.15349964

It dates back to at least mid-2008. Likely earlier.

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file name says /fit/, should read /fa/

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Okay, that was quite amusing.

On an unrelated note, when did neckbeard = /tg/?

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Why did /tg/ never hop into bed with /u/? You'd think ONE of us would be the little girl. Possibly/probably more than one.

>> No.15350069


I dont even go onto /sp/ but this is easily my favourite board-tan image.

>> No.15350075

When did it not?

>> No.15350083

I prefer it when they're getting along. Like >>15349651

>> No.15350085


Oh Conrad you silly goose.

it's ALWAYS pizza time.

>> No.15350089

Because we're already 63 material by genderflopping.

>> No.15350091


Obviously they are like the brothers who always fight with each other, but then will gang up in bro-unison when someone else to torment is nearby.

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Is it just me or does something seem dispositionally horrible about that bust?

>> No.15350142

It's not just you, I can see it too

The bust looks like it was added in. It's really off centre and too small to be visible the way it is

>> No.15350143

...It's not just you.

>> No.15350147

Lex Luthor Stole 40K
And that's terrible.

>> No.15350151

Why did you choose the worst such image to troll with, OP? There's much better art of that...concept out there.

>> No.15350159

Terrible? I'd rather give the man a medal.

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>> No.15350170


>> No.15350201

Somehow, the Rule 63 version works better...

And is strangely appropriate for /tg/.

>> No.15350208

How many ca/tg/irls do we have anyway?

>> No.15350210

Just the one.

>> No.15350217



>> No.15350218

So that one ca/tg/irl is our de facto leader/board-tan, because she has a vagina?

>> No.15350222


>> No.15350225

Yup. Or at least she was before she posted nudes and got b&

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>> No.15350233

Go to another fucking board with this shit. God damn summerfags.

>> No.15350236


oops, I dropped my sage.

>> No.15350239

>almost 200 replies, many of them featuring images you'd have to have been here years to even have, let alone get, featuring stuff that /tg/ loves


Is that some WRONG I smell?

>> No.15350246

>thinks sage does anything

>> No.15350270

/tg/ tell me, a relative newfag who has been here only half a year or so, the tale of love lost and gain, the various relationships our board has been through and the relationships that broke, from the bro-ship with /fit/ and the romance of /x/, to the tragedy of /ck/, I would even say tell me the founding of the /tg/.

>> No.15350275

That is a story that is dieing out. Few know of it's tune, and even fewer understand it.

>> No.15350281



>> No.15350288

I have yet to see any interpretation of /adv/ and /soc/ the two should be either polar opposites or the same shit, /adv/ might be FOREVER ALONE! Dunno abouit /soc/

Also I relized /sp/ are twins but why don't they hang out with fift/?

>> No.15350295


Fuck I remember that quest.... When was it ? How did it even end ? I missed the ending.

>> No.15350313

>IMplying not only that the OP is the person posting said images but that a summerfag could have easily gone to an archive and collected said images or gone to another board during this summer and collected those images.

Yeah, you are smelling wrong but its' coming from you, you dirty bitch.

>> No.15350360


please shut the fuck up. I liked this thread and you are pissing stupidity all over it.

>> No.15350387

From the primordial ooze of /b/, /tg/ rose, fell, and rose again, in a cycle that has become part of our very nature. At least, that's how I heard it.

>> No.15350464

Nostalgia bump.

>> No.15350481

pretty much.
/tg/ is a classy ocean of piss.
/v/ is the ocean of piss on fire.

dunno about /adv/, but /soc/ is a morbidly obese woman who camwhores for a living.

>> No.15350509

There's also /d/'s fixation about /co/

>> No.15350519

come on /d/ has a fixation with everyone.

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>> No.15350546


>> No.15350558

>> No.15350570


>> No.15350579

>/x/-ten (R.I.P.)
>no cutebolds
The fuck is wrong with all of you?

>> No.15350584


>> No.15350586

good point, but I don't have cutebolds.

>> No.15350589


>> No.15350597

last one

>> No.15350601

A true artist.

Everything sucks, especially on 4chan.

>> No.15350613

The board-tans in the same room would result in hilarity.

>> No.15350697

/ck/.... i still love you.. i'm getting sick of /x/'s experimental cooking recipes she takes from strange black books covered in human skin.

>> No.15350714

But you're like a sister to me, besides, I could never touch you, I value /co/'s friendship too much, so... uhhh... don't take it that way

>> No.15350723

/k/ here. We're just waiting for you to fail /x/, /tg/. It's going to happen sooner or later. Just like a paladin falling in 3.5e.

>> No.15350730

>>implying /tg/'s a girl


>> No.15350736


Your glock will explode sooner or later.

Have fun with that, bud.

>> No.15350737

Implying that /tg/ of all boards wouldn't be, or at least have a Rule 63.

>> No.15350746

brother! BROTHER! sorry!

got mixed up there!

>> No.15350749


This is why we switched over to CZ's.

>> No.15350768

well there are /co/nrad and /co/lette but what would rule 63 /tg/ be ? A female angry marine ?

>> No.15350779

/x/ trusts /tg/ and /tg/ trusts /x/

You're going to be waiting a looong time buddy

>> No.15350788

Hah! Fool! I don't play Paladins!

>> No.15350794


>> No.15350801

dat sunhat...


>> No.15350822

>this thread

>> No.15350839

>> No.15350893

Rule 63 /tg/ with a sunhat. Pic somewhat related.

>> No.15351001

Can we actually talk about a traditional game? On the traditional games board? Is that too much to ask?

Keep this shit in /b/.

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>> No.15351019

whoever keeps drawing those has no idea what breasts look like.

>> No.15351035


>> No.15351158

/tg/ has a long and proud tradition of going splendidly off-topic, this is board related and dates back years, and it's hilarious anyway. There are other threads for traditional gaming.

If you don't like the thread, learn to hide it.

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