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My 40K image folder hungers, and Google only turns up smurfs and some five year-old's shitty doodles. I crave your pictures of space marines (chaos or no), dreadnoughts, hell, just about anything with big armour and big guns from the 41st millenium.


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This is the work I was born for Commencing Dump!!!

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i am also lacking proper pics for my /tg/ folder
specifically looking for GK

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You almost got me there. 7/10.

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????? im being serious

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i was sad when i searched for mexicarine threads and the first one was all about the lazy/fence jumper sterotype and the next one was focused on giving every marine a drug lord vibe =(

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Oh god finally a use for all these images

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Someone is close to becoming a chaos spawn.

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You guys make a poor, violence-starved soul happy.

Can we get some psykers in here as well (Grey Knights don't count)?

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All those memories lost, like tears in the rain....

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You know you have it rough when your allies have a 'shoot on sight' policy toward you if you are alone.

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ive got just the thing

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How about sorcerers using their foul warp magic?

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Radical inquisitor is best inquisitor.

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It's all good.

Even if it's evil!

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Every time I see this photo, I can't help but wonder if it's just me that thinks he looks like a Gundam.

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What the fuck is sh- Oh. Navigator. Right, carry on.

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I like how the guy in the back is doing nothing but waving an incense skull.

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Just finished these novels...
Anyone have any other pics by this artist?

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I didn't think that Fulgrim was quite that effeminate.

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His banner says 'FABLVS' on it. He is indeed fabulous.

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It says "FABIVS."
Still, doesn't mean he wasn't fabulous.

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Problem, greatest of the bloodthirsters?

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Little known fact: Kharn the Betrayer is an avid pokemon fan.

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Problem, all of the chaos forces sent to break through the Infinity Gate?

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who is that??

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Full Image Time!

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I have the weirdest boner

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Fuck, im only 50% through and I'm out of steam. hope this helped but I must retreat for the night.

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No problem.

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It did help, thanks.

Here's hoping there's enough anons with pictures lying around to keep this thread stumbling on for a little while longer.

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When the Emperor attacked Horus' Battle Barge, Dorn Sanguinus and Emps all got separated. Sanguinus found Horus first and was killed, not before wounding Horus. Emperor came in next and dueled Horus until Emps realized he was beyond salvation. Because of the Emperor's kindness, Horus was able to mortally wound him.
Then Dorn shows up. He is wracked with guilt that he wasn't able to save his father or bother, then goes on a self destructive crusade until he gets killed on a different Battle Barge.

Favorite Primarch.

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Here's some Moremarines

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You know it to be true.

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And then there's this guy

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manly tears

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His name is escaping me, but he's done a ton of 40k stuff

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In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there are only manly tears.

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And heretical love.

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Aerion-the-Faithful, it's Aerion the Faithful!

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Even more manly tears.

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First in war, first in peace, first IN THE HEARTS HE RIPPED FROM HIS FOES

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Oh god yes, Eisenhorn. And the pic sums up the entire story so well, that I actually look on the man with some amount of pity for how far he had to fall to achieve a victory.

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The irony is, you can trust the Adeptus Mechanicus to make anything incredibly dangerous. How else did Pontius Glaw get a servitor body with super-strength, and a cloak made of KNIVES? What the fuck was Bure thinking?

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Well, Esienhorn does go quite out of his way to talk about how smart, witty, well-versed and hauntingly charming Glaw was.

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Come on, we can keep this up a little longer.

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Is fucking awesome.

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In the Emperor's name, brothers!

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And that, young Acolytes, is how fucking Ollanius Pius stopped a good thread.

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