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how do space marine command structures work? There are groups of five (name unknown to me) in squads of 10 which are commanded by a sergeant, but then there is nothing between sergeants with their squads and companies with captains, which have 10 squads each. Do space marines have corporals or lieutenants? How does the rank of commander fit in to this?

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due to the size of spacemarine detachments you dont need corporals or liutenants and a commander is simply a commanding officer who hasnt been promoted to captain yet

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They ought to at least have a corporal-equivalent for the five-man sections and a lieutenant to help the captain with the burden of 10 squads.

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There is. The leader of the other half of the combat squad was known as a Veteran.

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I think codex organization is:
1 chapter master who also serves as captain of 1st company
9 captains 1 for each of remaining companies
roughly 90 sergeants, 9 per captain each leading a squad
10 brothers in a squad

Outside of this a chain of command can be assigned by superior officers if forces are split, one sergeant given lead of several others in place of a captain, a brother given command of part of a squad, all as the situation requires.

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Most space marines within a chapter are taught at least basic organization and tactics due to the fact that casualties are usually extremely high and anyone may have to take over on a moments notice so marines are just assigned as a leader sees fit to command a group

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Protip: Corporals were briefly included in the early build of the 4th Edition Space Marine Codex as a one-attack, eight-leadership equivalent to a Sergeant for the purposes of combat squads.

They were dropped because it sounded too Imperial Guard.

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What, and sergeants doesn't? Name them something else, then.

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They don't have corporals or lieutenants but captains usually have their 1st squads sergeants ac as their seconds and sergeants would have a unofficial second to take the other half when combat squaded

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Chapter Master

- Each in command of a Company, 1st Company captain more senior. Each Captain also has an extra title and role (i.e Master of the Fleet, Master of the Marches etc)

- 1 Captain
- 10 Sergeants/10 squads
- All squads will have a second in command who will be in charge if the squad splits in half. This marine will have lots of experience.
- Veteran sergeants will have more seniority over other sergeants

Commanders are just that, commanders. Could be a vet. sergeant, a librarian, a chaplain, a dread, a techmarine or an apothecary etc. Either appointed for one reason or another, or they take command because of seniority. Pretty sure most will defer to a veteran sergeant, with chaplains/librarians assuming a more advisory role.

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The real answer, OP, is that it's your army and you can organize it however you want.

Might have a tough time getting the rules to reflect it, but hey. that's life.

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> organise it however you want


2-7 "Volunteers" < Lance/ Team Leader = Rifle Maniple/ Fire Team

2+ Team/ Maniple < Sergeant = Squad (If mechanised = Patrol)

2+ Squad equivalents < Lieutenant/ Junior Officer = Infantry Platoon
(i.e. Sapper/ Combat Engineer/ Cavalry, etc = "Troop")

2+ Platoon equivalents < Captain/ Leader/ Chief = Infantry Company
(Artillery/ AA "Battery", Cavalry/ Tank/ Airborne "Squadron")

2+ Company equivalents < Major/ Commander = Infantry Battalion
(Airborne "Wing", Navy "Flotilla", SpecOps "Force", Tank "Company")

2+ Battalions < Colonel/ Commodore = Regiment

2+ Regiments < Brigadier/ Vice Admiral = Brigade

2+ Brigades < Major General/ Admiral = Division

2+ Divisions < Lieutenant General/ Fleet Master = Corps

2+ Corps < General/ Grand Master = Army/ Legion

2+ Army/ Legions < Warmaster = Front

2+ Fronts < Emperor = Galactic Theatre (Imperium of Man)

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What I don't understand is the point of companies when marines and squads from them just get mixed and swapped around for actual operations as they see fit anyway.

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