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You're in space.

How did you get there?

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I tried to Plane Shift and rolled a 1. Fortunately, we were getting ready to go to the plane of water and had our fishbowls on our head. Wat do?

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I've always been here, I am an atom of hydrogen.

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i was riding a tiger

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On this.

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deep strike scattered off the board...

On a plus, I have terminator armour.

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Like a champ.

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your tiger died it can't even breathe in space

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Space court
For people in space.
Judge sun presiding
of being in space.

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on second thought... how the hell am i breathing in space...

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Probably launched off from a missile shuttle as a prank from the other SPESS MAREHNS, oh these boys...

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Fucking wizards...

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You're in space. Earth is in space. This is completely unrelated and should be posted on /sci/ or /b/ if anywhere. Maybe /v/ just because the question was clearly loaded.

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Hey wait a minute OP, this is a quest thread! You lied to us!

>fap/schlick furiously

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I pissed of the local tech priest so he blasted me out the air lock. I'm not mad tho, that tech priest is such a bro.

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I'm already in space, I always have been and always will be.

The moment I stepped out of my mother's womb I was born in space.

The moment where my body fails me lying on my death bed, I will die in space.

And when my body becomes dust, and should those dust particles ever scatter, it will scatter to every direction in space.

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I was on my way to the kitchen for a snack and I got lost.

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*Space* is not a place but merely one of the categories of experience! fuck you're shit!


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>You're in space.
>How did you get there?
What the fuck are you talking about? I've ALWAYS been in space.

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But sir, can't you see we are experiencing space as we speak.

The planet is our natural spacecraft, and it is hurtling through space at incredibly speed. To question the validity of this experience, is insanity.

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I am space.

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I misstepped. An accident if you would. Instead of walking left or right, forward or back, I accidentally stepped up and wound up in space. Now I'm here. Where are you?

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I'm Commander Sheperd.

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I am a SPESS MEHREEN, thus I am STEHSHONED there

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I am Azathoth

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I recently had two players end up in space after the BBEG tricked them into being willingly thrown into a massive whirlpool that spit them out into space.

The fighter had a crappy ioun stone with a Magnificent Mansion cast by the sorc daily in case the sorc is in a position where he cannot cast it, so he does so not requiring verbal components and then makes str check against the rush of air from the mansion and drags himself and the sorc inside

when they checked outside the thing they had been spit out of floated away, they cast another mansion inside the mansion and went through it and the old mansion disappeared so they've been recasting it moving between pocket dimensions

i think they might be stuck like that forever

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*ahem* I believe we were promised a Quest thread?




Confirmed for troll tier.

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I was brought here by HUMANS, who wish to pay *ME* TRIBUTE!

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To be honest I was embarrassed at fucking up the trip so badly I wasn't going to continue.
But there seems to be interest despite my idiocy, so let's go with it.

You are some sort of spellcaster who fouled up and ended up in SPESS. From where do you draw the power for you magic?

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WAIT WHAT!? Couldn't they get a teleport spell(space should be part of the prime plane) or a planeshift spell going? Alternatively:
1.- have the Sorcerer kill the fighter, gain xp, gain a new level.
2.- Have him learn deus ex machina spell, or swap one of his current ones for such a spell.
3.- Resurrect the fighter in nearest city
4.- ????

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link should have been at top of post, in place of link should have been >>15288846

I'm clearly retarded.

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Actually just me, both the schlick comment and the previous one. And no, was just trying to call you a troll. Doesn't seem to be much interest but if there is and they were just waiting for you to throw them a hook...meh, I'm not one to judge.

Anyways, don't feel forced to make a quest thread if you aren't really up to it.

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I don't have anything better to do, and I enjoy running quests, I just felt like a dumbass about the trip, but it doesn't look like people even noticed.
If no one responds, I'll let the thread die, but if anyone's up for a quest, I will deliver.

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the sorc is currently -2 levels in xp because he used a wish spell to learn the abyssal language and became half-fiendish giving him a +4 ECL

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