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Deathwatch GM wanted:
I am part of this little internet based group of gamers that has been ditched by our GM recently and are seeking a new one.
Most of the group is new to deathwatch so a GM that doesn't completely know the rules is ok as we are currently working on that as a group.
There are currently 4 of us but that number could change depending on how the GM would like things.

So that this thread actually contributes to /tg/ I'm going to make this an art dump thread. If you want to see something specific let me know.

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I will GM for you but I will only take three of you.

Decide amongst yourselves who gets to stay.

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nope, all 4 or none

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We're pretty cool guys, just need a GM.

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also, kinda important, you have to be able to work with the timezones in the Americas.

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>>but that number could change depending on how the GM would like things

You seem to be changing your story...

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I meant it could increase, sorry for confusing

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1 of those said players. Would really like to see someone who enjoy GMing jump in with us. I can personally vouch that the other 3 players have all been on time and at every time/day we've set. Our only problem was the GM was not able to make it on numerous occasions then just left.

So, hopefully you'll understand we aren't players who are just going to bail or continually miss dates.

Looking forward to seeing some replies here. Thanks /tg/

>Pic related. Glory be to the Emporer and Sanguinius!

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As in more guys could come in, DERP.

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lets unify the pics until a request, cool models

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and anyone may contribute

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Hey, I'd be up to DM for you guys. I've got a meeting to go to right now, so keep the thread bumped so we can discuss it when I get back.

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Hello. I am a Deathwatch GM. I have a custom adventure already drawn up. However, my condition for running you guys is that I be allowed to run as a player in a future game. Interested?

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Also, didn't meant to post as "OP".

Some picture dumping.

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just add me on skype: "Lukas"

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mfw your GM realized what retards you all are. I bet you're the group going around insisting on your premade characters and fan-created chapter rules.

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Ask Antoine on the suptg IRC. Try #antoineooc on Monday evenings.

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you know thats the kinda post its nice to sage with.

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Maybe if we could find another GM or if you could split your brain sure
But last time one of us tried GMing one guy got lost walking in the base and another suffered 17 wounds trying to enter the thunderhawk lol

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no, we are only using the core rulebook until we get better

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Why would you tell them that!?!?!? Now we are never gonna get a gm

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Not sure if troll..but I'll reply none-the-less.

No, we all got together to play and he decided he would be the GM. The 4 players, including myself, are all located within an hour difference of the Central Time Zone.

Our GM on the other hand was from France and could not make the schedule we all agreed on.

The whole group is willing to go along with whatever campaign a GM might have and are all mature enough to stay in character and such.

We've gathered as many resources as we could for the game but are willing to consider adopting whatever the GM prefers.

We are new players, yes. But, we are all very easy to get along with guys and I can't say any of us our difficult to compromise or work together.

That is all.

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to show how desperately we need a GM and how I should never attempt it again

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I apologize for my douchy-ness in that reply,
I'm sure we could work out something if you wanted to GM for us

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i think i would like to join in, do you guys use skype for this? i have never done an online role playing session before.

i live in california if that effects your timezones

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california is good.
As we havent played a game yet we plan on using skype for actual roleplaying and have a separate dice roller where we will have out of character discussions during games.
We just kinda communicate on skype currently

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ok, lemme whip out a skype real quick then

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really? No one who wants to GM?
That makes me a sad panda.....

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and no art requests either?
also saddening

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You wouldn't be the group that resulted from the Emperor's Nightmares threads, are you?

Because if so, I was your GM. Got swamped with finals.

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nope, not us

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Hey Id Love to Dm for you guys,
I havent DM'ed deathwatch yet but ive DM'ed for DnD and A bit of rogue trader (didnt finish the campaign due to player issues IRL) I have read the Deathwatch rules pretty completly. Im on -5 EST time (toronto) so all the north america timezones work for me.
Let me know if you want my skype to talk and discuss what kind of campaign you want or oneshots or whatever

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Please add 'mayonnaiseplant' on skype and I will invite you to the group.

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that would be perfect!
Hit me up, skype:Lukas and i'll introduce you

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I suck at skype and Lukas is not me

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Its kyle.yetimonster on skype
lol excuse my newbness

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Well. If you're interested, I can GM for you. I suppose I can have a game ready in a week's time.

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maybe, go ahead and contact one of us on skype

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Very well. I just need contact info.

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its in
but we may have another so you are 2nd in line for interviews

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