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Here you go /tg/, I found the perfect girl for you.


Pic unrelated, unless you're into mind-flayers.

>> No.15279963

>he thinks /tg/ isn't into mind flayers more than real women

>> No.15279967

dammit, GM!

>> No.15279981

>He thinks I'm a man.

>> No.15279991

>he thinks he's not a man!

>> No.15279993

>he's implying he isn't

>> No.15279995

no, i think you're an illithid that went through or is going through a camwhore phase

>> No.15280012

I'm not camwhore, I just like to take my clothes off in front of strangers...who happen to be watching via a live feed.

>> No.15280071

Hey, are they painting Drax the Destroyer and Thanos at the end there.

>> No.15280079

Not sure, can only see the backs.

>> No.15280082

i lol'd.

Shame its a fabrication.

One can dream. Somewhere ...

>> No.15280099

protip: camwhores are not real women.


They're IA constructs that generate images and answers depending on your behavior.
When you're fapping to camwhores, you're having sex with GLaDOS!

>> No.15280114

still less of a bitch then plenty of real women

>> No.15280132

>implying fucking GLADOS is a bad thing

>> No.15280133


Then let's say you're having sex with SHODAN!

that's a real bitch.

>> No.15280138

>Implying GlaDOS wouldn't kill you for sport.

>> No.15280148

>implying she doesn't catch virtual herpes first

>> No.15280149

but she has such a sexy voice

>> No.15280152

>implying she's competent enough to do that

>implying sex with SHODAN would be bad
What the hell is wrong with you? Oh... neve rmind.
What the fuck is wronge

>> No.15280180

I don't see how gruesome femdom guro is better than gruesome maledom guro, but whatever.

>> No.15280189

someone want to explain what this is? i'm afraid of what i might get if i google it

>> No.15280200

girls peeing themselves or needing to do it super bad.

>> No.15280207

Wait, where did anyone say Gruesome Femdom Guro was okay?

>> No.15280214

I didn't know either. It's a fetish for having, or someone else having, a full bladder. They like watching others or themselves piss their pants.

>> No.15280220

he implied that sex with SHODAN would be a good thing.

and considering how she treats human, I doubt that it would be anything else than gruesome femdom guro.

>> No.15280228

/tg/ discussing sex without getting SUPER MAD?

>> No.15280251

Shut up. Logical reasoning isn't really on the job description for drawfags.

>> No.15280257

Neither is it for fa/tg/uys in general, but that won't prevent us from trying, right?

>> No.15280278

Hey man, when my creature of meat and bone runs panting and sweating through her corridors, it's purely in the missionary position for the sake of robot impregnation.

>> No.15280297

that comedy bit is just one long cruel joke.. so cruel.

>> No.15280314

Oh, I'm okay with this, then, as long as she doesn't give into coprolalia and horrendous body mods.

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