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Do you remember the past?

None of it seems to have remained, as the chaotic existence that is /tg/ continues on with its evolution.

It's nice to remember the good times of /tg/.

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I remember when Macha porn was a cornerstone of the board, despite that she never got any.

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"Please do not take these items."

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/tg/ isn't old enough for nostalgia.

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new /tg/ has good sides, too.

some of the old drawfags pop up from time to time, we still produce quests and homebrews, we still have fun threads.

But I do miss the porn.

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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack trolls on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched b&hammers glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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She was basically replaced by Cultist, as the default porn idol for all the 40k fans.

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Only thing I miss is that someone could post something silly and people would go out and roleplay the situation. But now people go on in sage mode and reporting like there is no tomorrow

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Namefag circlejerks have been saged to oblivion since forever.

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Fuck off, quests have brought in the cancerous elements into /tg/.

>>But I do miss the porn.

There are literally millions of places for you to get free porn on the internet. Why shit up /tg/ with your crappy fetish?

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I do not remember it like that, but who cares now.

Quest threads for some reason bore me to hell and so I just ignore them

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Used to be /tg/ had better vidya discussions than /v/, better anime discussions than /a/ and better random discussions than /b/ (that last one isn't hard tho).

Anything and everything was /tg/ related and it was impossible for anyone outside /tg/ to make us rage, making /tg/ immune to raids from /b/ that the smaller boards often endured.

I miss old /tg/, but new /tg/ is still good.

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Technomancer is one of the best drawfags ever to grace /tg/ with his presence.

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Oooh, someone seems to be hurt by other people having fun! Could it be that he's still ashamed of his sexual urges and has to beat his penis flaccid every time he sees delicious heresy?

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>Fuck off, quests have brought in the cancerous elements into /tg/.

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No trolling, bro, please. Oh, wait, that's what this thread is meant for! Go on.

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Newer /tg/ seems like /jp/ with board games.

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I don't remember Noh being... naked. What the hell?

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Problem is, that's what brought /tg/ down. Yes, we could discuss anything with reason and rationality.

But we shouldn't have. We should have stuck to the topic at hand: Traditional games, occasionally leaning into other topics when it furthered discussion of traditional games.

By lowering that bar, by letting it become /tg/ - Anything, we opened the floodgates for lower quality topics, posts and posters.

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I remember.

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I, for one, miss the old days, enjoy the present and welcome the new.

But thats just me.

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she was described as wearing a chainmail shirt. the OP didn't say she *wasn't* naked so there you go.

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>There are literally millions of places for you to get free porn on the internet. Why shit up /tg/ with your crappy fetish?
Fa/tg/uys are fucking lazy, they want to be catered to and pandered to at every turn even if it's fucking stupid. Look at any "what should this company do" thread. Look at the fact they need an officail fucking game with it's own background in perfect order or they won't touch it, cause they are too fucking lazy to do anything on their own. They want everything delivered to them they don't want to think or search google.

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I don't see how a porn thread is less good than a PC shenanigans thread, it's just less /tg/-related, but can be just as enjoyable, if not more.

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The good 'ole days weren't always good
'an tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems

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I remember all kinds of things. The Quests, when they were new, the Drawfags, the Roleplay Fags, the memes, the pron.
The Mellowness of it all.
Chink, Kosh, Drawfaggit, Colexus, Muju, so many names.
Jubblowski, Lil' E, Noh, cutebolds...

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One word


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It's about sharing with people who have similar tastes, it's a way to improve your own tastes and help other people enjoy theirs anew.

Quest threads are fun, you sound like a grumpy asshole. What would *YOU* prefer in /tg/ if not an actual game in progress?

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Ain't even trolling bro. All drawfags that are willing to do NSFW always tend to lean towards their own fetish. Chink did degradation and guro, WickedStar something that was bordering on breast inflation and so on.
Techno is also a bro, and the amount of details in his work is impressive.

One thing people still don't realize: /tg/ is gold, and always has been. No other board can turn elf rape threads into meaningful discussion, or get shit done like /tg/. No other board has secret agents working for FFG.

Feel the love.

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Holy shit, was Dorf Quest REALLY 2 years ago?

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And cultist herself is falling by the wayside.

Which is good because God she is fucking annoying.

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>And cultist herself is falling by the wayside.

Bro, she's fallen like a paladin pushed off the Empire State Building. Not even Mr. Culexus does art for that [insert rude/insulting expletive here] anymore.

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>Why shit up /tg/ with your crappy fetish?
No lie: /tg/ had some of the best, most intelligent and civilized discussion of bizarre fetishes on the internet. Which isn't saying much, but still.

Besides, fa/tg/uys all tended to have the same fetishes.

But this was true of any discussion. /tg/ was traditional games discussion, but also it was for discussing anything from the viewpoint of the kind of person that frequents /tg/. /tg/ vidya discussion was very different in content from /v/ vidya discussion, for instance.

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but she doesn't have potential anymore. When WCKD popped up, he even tried to make her badass (new Warmaster, remember) so I think she's better off dead than like this.

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I remember the Monstergirl threads before they got out of control.
I also remember the weekly Grandpa Dreadnought threads.

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I remember Jim Profit, and when Moot brought the banhammer down on him.

Was one of the happiest days of my life.

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I don't think these happened. Or they were a very small thing.

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I normally don't post here, but I really enjoy reading this board.

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but i like cultist ;_;

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I just miss the days when the janitor didn't feel it necessary to post his giant goddamn stickies at the top just to remind us of how we're not allowed to have wrongbadfun anymore.

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Culist, Noh, and the other "classics" are still remembered. Quest threads are a mixed bag, and it can be hard to sort the gems from all the drivel, but they're definitely not what's killing /tg/. New /tg/ is /tg/ lite. Lighter on content, easier to troll, but still does good work from time to time. Look at things like that spontaneous "room generation thread", http://archive.easymodo.net/tg/thread/15201347 , or the cat-player thread.

Also, pumas

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Is it true WCKD died of a drug overdose?

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Nope, monster girls thread were almost one, maybe two a day things.

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What? Grandpa or the Monstergirls? Because Grandpa was a BIG thing for about a year and a half, maybe 2 years.

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They happened, and they were not a small thing. Grandpa Dreadnought and named-roleplay threads routinely exceeded 250 posts. Monstergirl threads have been around for a long time as well.

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Obviously I meant Grandpa Dreadnought stuff.

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During RubyQuest several faggots started advertising it on lulznet and fchan bringing in assloads of furries. Fortunately many have been chased off to tgchan, but there are still many lurking around.

I'd like maybe, wait for it, traditional games. Quests and their ilk are nothing but spammy forum games. Have you tried reading one you did not participate in? They are as dull as watching paint dry.

On porn, there is a time and a place for everything. /tg/ is not the place, if it was it would not be a blue board.

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Can you art? Because you could always draw her yourself.

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Do you see many DDs or threads dedicated solely to the faggotry of the Sergalfags around these days.

Believe what you want, but /tg/ is a pretty cool board.

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Oh, and him too.

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no ;____________;

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>Quests and their ilk are nothing but spammy forum games
>They are as dull as watching paint dry

Are you aware that your opinions are not shared by everyone?

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It does lose something, but ones like Mutant Quest and Zerg Quest redeem every other bit of clutter that also share the name, at least in my eyes. And some do have interesting concepts, even if I can't invest the energy to read their executions.

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I suggest you learn. It is a very useful skill.

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Every Saturday like clockwork. And I never saw a Grandpa thread that DIDN'T image max or hit bump limit.

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Me and my penis remember the monstergirl threads (long before they were fucking everywhere) but I must have missed weekly grandpa dread. I remember him, but not him ever being a weekly thing.

I remember when the flavor of the month was Crawl, when Macha was the bride to be of /tg/, when touhoufag would grace us with helpful tips for making fun to play characters viable by mild optimization (and when he helped us brake campaigns), bad DMs, good DMs, bad players, good players, THAT GUY, /40k/, weeaboo fightan magic,and most importantly:

/tg/ - Gets Shit Done

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In your daily life? Nope.

But it's pretty damn fun.

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Some fun times were had.

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Grab everything by Andrew Loomis and get your ass to work.

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He was mostly at night,. Like, midnight my time, reaching until the wee hours of the morn. There was a whole cadre of namefags that would show up to the threads.

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Blue means last time I check Safe for Work... Not porn free... On the other hand what d... Ok again I lost my point.

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That really depends on what your daily life is, doesn't it?

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I love how landing via your breasts makes a PESH noise.

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I'm not going to lie, the new "safer" /tg/ bores me to tears sometimes.

remember when the running joke was "visit /tg/ - aquire a new fetish?" remember freaky xenophilia threads? that were alarmingly boner inducing? and other, also weird shit? I miss all that. I didn't necessarily fap to all of it, but the fact that it existed, and other geeks talked about it in the most civil ways.

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/tg/ still gets shit done from time to time.

On that note, why don't we ever revisit old projects? Things like the killer future Walmarts or 4chan the Trolling? They had potential?

Maybe even a massive project like 8-bit dystopia? They could all do with the Legend of Zelda RPG or Car Lesbians treatment.

>> No.15268051

I wonder if we could use a /xen/ board.

>> No.15268054

/tg/ gave me Amputee and gas mask fetish.

And I never regret aquiring them.

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It's not particularly different. Better in some ways, worse than others. We've always been very, very self-aggrandizing as a board. That accounts for a lot of the '...is so much worse!' crap. Janitor was out of control for a month or two, though, for sure.

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/tg/ made me the man I am now... GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

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We are not so different, you and I. I have 45 Fran reaction images, and even a few pages of little spoken doujin...

I have seen terrible things.

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>>15267920 again

I feel like the core root of the problem is this bizarre minority of posters who want to sit around and declare which things are "not /tg/" like they know better than some of us who've been around since /tg/ dropped out of /b/'s gaping vagina.

These posters then, it seems, post nothing of consequence or value. They seem to want only to tear down the fun of those around them. They've always been around, but used to be disregarded and marginalized. Then one of them got mod powers, and boom, the era of wrongbadfun is begun.

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We do, every once in a while. Generally, the apathy that stalled the project in the first place sets in yet again.

>> No.15268123

So can I have my sign my petition thread?

>> No.15268131

Actually, the mod problem was more damaging largely because people decided they'd rather bitch than contribute. Every single non-porn thread people complained had/has vanished is/was still posted, but people would apparently rather bitch about its absence than post in the appropriate thread. They slid to page 15 almost universally while the mod bitching was going on.

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Indeed. I am of male gender.


Then Im sorry if I have done any mental harm to you.

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When i came to /tg/ i was attracted to guro. Not anymore.

Anyhow, the thing about /tg/ that dissapoints me the most is that there are no new memes. /tg/ just doesn't get "along" anymore....

Oh, and the quests are pretty bad. At first there was dorf quest and ruby quest, and they were pretty epic. Now we get a few dozen new every day. I'm not saying the new ones are crap, but I wouldn't take the time to check through them all to find the good ones...

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>Then Im sorry if I have done any mental harm to you.
No, I doubt you have affected me in any way. I just had an interesting discussion in Krautchan why Russia loved being the bottom, and had long analysis of amputee and other twisted fetishes. I was proud I could help people understand each other, and themselves.

Then I realized what I was doing. That was not what worried me. What worried me was the fact that I didn't care.

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Quest threads never did it for me. It might had to do with me not having much time to browse /tg/ enough to catch up with them

>> No.15268192

Still lurking.

o7 /tg/

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Quest runers don't even bother to draw anymore. It's basically forum sandbox game with 70% of the people participating trying to make it their fetish or 'derail' it. Sure DMs can pull this shit off WITH 4 PEOPLE THEY KNOW AND ACTUALLY GET SOMETHING DONE IN A FEW HOURS.

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I find it laughable that you consider yourself in any way old or important. You drew really bad shitty porn.

>> No.15268214


Well, good.

>> No.15268220

Drawquests were always the rarest of the bunch. A good number of them seemed to be pulled off quite well. It's commonly said that only the good quests survive past a couple of threads, but there are and have been exceptions.

>> No.15268226

Yep days when things were new and exciting to us were so much better instead of the same shit we've come to expect and ignore the bad parts a lot less.

Seriously if you think the old days were better try adding content you actually like in line with the old days instead of bitching.

>> No.15268227


Sure, the threads still exist, but the fact of the matter is that the new ruleset chased away some of /tg/'s most prolific, and often best, posters.

So, while the threads continued to exist, the people populating them were either gone, fed up with the bizarre new atmosphere, or too afraid to post anything even remotely against-the-grain for fear of the banhammer. Hell, I got a ban for racism. On 4chan. For one word. Let that sink in for a minute, then realize that for a while, /tg/ was a hellhole. The problem is, many of those who left haven't ever come back, leaving behind only a handful of diehards, and the whiny dross who caused the problem in the first place.

>> No.15268230

It improved, since then. It's now quite decent, you know.

>> No.15268244

I remember Nurse-kun.

That story renewed my faith in humanity.

>> No.15268254

>You drew really sexy bad shitty porn.

It is shitty, but give the guy some credit; dem Tyranidgirls man...

>She ualien
She's u alien indeed, captcha.

>> No.15268259

And watch them get saged to death? Good plan.

>> No.15268264

>don't even bother to draw anymore

In the Golden Age of Quests (Drew, Ruby, Dorf, Joan to an extent) I fucking LOVED quests. Original ideas, excellent GMs, and they just felt interactive.

We more or less skipped having a Silver Age. Only a few of the longer running ones with really good OPs are worth a damn; and most of those are thinly veiled writefaggotry threads, with the authors getting an idea or two from /tg/ every once in a while.

>> No.15268268


I, for one, am glad to see Liar is still around. I thought he'd died.

>> No.15268270

Content we actually like in line with the old days would get most of us banned.

>> No.15268271

Not the guy you were answering to, but the content is far less important than the execution.

>> No.15268277

I got banned once for posting landscape on a landscape thread in /tg/ not to mention for writing a story... All though that was when the Janitor was gargling with the semen of power.

>> No.15268292


Only because I was focusing on speed at that point.

I probably should go back to all of those older works and redraw them, with better lines, etc.

>> No.15268295



Right, Im off, see you lot in the morning.

>> No.15268305


I've been meaning to put some more effort into my draw pad.

Good pointer, thank you.

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>> No.15268342

I've got some odd bans. All I can think of is that the mod was drunk during those

>> No.15268344

If you'd bother to read the rules you'd know that outside of /b/ racism is against them.

I welcome our new more Lawful Neutral mods.

>> No.15268346

This, most drawfaggotry is indeed shitty. I always hated how a thumbnail looked nice but opening the picture revealed horrific art. I can't blame anyone really. Drawfags try to draw as many interesting things as possible in their own timeframe and regulars keep pumping stuff to draw.

>> No.15268359

I miss a lot of stuff from the past... T_T

>> No.15268368

I miss Noh...

>> No.15268378


Yeah, from experience here. taking 5-7 hours on something tends to be a hell of a lot better than something I scrapped up in 30 minutes.

>> No.15268379


This. A thousand times THIS.

What doesn't Billy Joel have a song about?

>> No.15268384

I dare you to come up with one meme from this year! I double dare you!

>> No.15268397

From within a year, or 2011?

>> No.15268398

Blood Magpies.

>> No.15268399

i used to draw a lot more in here...

>> No.15268402

Also against the rules outside of /b/
>>Image macros
>>Uploading content illegal in the US (IE, due to piracy laws, most of /rs/)
>>/tg/ is supposed to be work safe, so swearing is against the rules
>>Going off topic is bannable
See where I'm going with this? The rules, enforced literally and strictly, pretty much are capable of throttling most of 4chan. Lawful Neutral doesn't cut it here.

>> No.15268403


The what??

>> No.15268410


Cancel that, can't get to sleep yet.


You're gonna get saved.

>> No.15268411

Lurk more.

>> No.15268420

>/tg/ nostalgia thread
>no thri-kreens

do I have to do everything around here Jesus

>> No.15268421

Hell, man, ever thought that maybe they can't draw for shit?
Maybe they would still like to run it, and if people still have fun, then it's A-OK if you ask me.

Though I have to agree with you on the part about quests actually needing to be , you know, INTERACTIVE. If it isn't, the OP should just writefag it.

>> No.15268427

I rmember when there were no adds.

>> No.15268432

So I was going to finally start posting my writefaggotry involving some of the /tg/ canon, but the general negative attitude regarding certain characters has put me off.


>> No.15268439

bro, you were always extremely marginal. like the robosexuals at the end of 2010.

>> No.15268440

New /tg/ is better imo. People have rose tinted glasses.

>> No.15268442


Don't we all.


Yes, yes you did.

>> No.15268449

I remember the times before quest threads, shitty art and bad fan-characters shit up the board

>> No.15268452


Foron. There's more to it.

http://quest.lv/kusaba/draw/src/130462717335.png NWS obv

>> No.15268461

Do it anyway. If you can't deal with a negative attitude you shouldn't be on 4chan at all.

Maybe you should make a new thread, though, because this one is meta.

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>> No.15268476

Did robosexuals get draw/writefaggotry?

>> No.15268487

>bad fan-characters
Where? I'm compeltely honest, maybe I'm missing a large amount of content, I'm a newfag afterall, but seriously, where do you see any of that?

>> No.15268489

Actually, you don't want to know what's been going on in tgchan.

>> No.15268491

I remember when we had so many drawfags, we separated them into two categories based on whether or not they sucked /tg/'s cock or demanded respect.

>> No.15268494


Why you do this?


>> No.15268504


>> No.15268506

So, basically, even before the 40k thread on /b/? When 4chan was fresh and new, with six or seven boards at most?

>> No.15268518

>famous for posting porn and saving huge amounts of it
>didn't know about tgchan


>> No.15268519


That's my forte.

>> No.15268520


>> No.15268522

ah, that is so old

>> No.15268528

Lots of faggotry, I imagine.

But there's not a single fucking thing in existence that I don't want to know, actually. Nothing is too terrible for a mind to cope with. Lovecraft had it wrong. So, do tell.

>> No.15268537


Honestly, I can deal. Problem is I see too many unwanted types around here. If there's one thing I don't want to do, it's just shit up /tg/ more.

But whatever, I guess it can always just be saged to death.

>> No.15268542

Kromgol was fine until the Mod decided to sticky it and it blew out of proportions. It quickly became extremely lame, burnt out, and the fact that you even bothered to mention it is shameful on your part.

It's an example of the mod trying to force a meme, which ultimately ended up failing. Sort of like that new Larp story that got stickied, which ended up being a disappointment.

>> No.15268547

Just go there, faggot.

>> No.15268549


Yep, good art was had by many.

>> No.15268555

>But there's not a single fucking thing in existence that I don't want to know, actually. Nothing is too terrible for a mind to cope with. Lovecraft had it wrong. So, do tell.
Techpriest skullfucking fiction.

Told you.

>> No.15268556

Cultist-Chan & all the other shitty art bad characters

>> No.15268558


>> No.15268564


>> No.15268575


Well keep it up as always.

>> No.15268576

Good times. Good times.

>> No.15268579

calm down, bro, sure is hateful logorrhea in here.
It's only mentioned, not written.

>> No.15268580

Art thou vexed?


>> No.15268590

As in a techpriest is getting skullfucked, or a techpriest is fucking a skull, or there's a servitor skull getting some action?

Give me some fucking details, man. Or link me to the thread. This sounds like an entertaining read.

>> No.15268594


I don't think she misses you that much any more.

>> No.15268595


>> No.15268605

It is nowhere. it is only vaguely mentioned on tgchan.

it's abour a magos skullfucking a techpriestess. But it's a bit weak, the author is gonna do a better one.

>> No.15268612

New /tg/ is as new /x/ compared to old /x/ quality-wise

Yes, old /x/ was slow, but it wasn't /b/-lite so there we go

Then again, last time I checked /x/ was 6 months ago, so might've changed

>> No.15268615

Foron, go to tgchan at /draw/ and save some porn. Don't look like a dummy anymore when someone posts porn and you go "ooh! I didn't have this one yet!" because most of the time it comes from there.

>> No.15268616

You are all smalltime. I remember Anymouse, the Anymouse impersonator that caused his name to be banned forever and hated on /tg/, and RMD.

And fucking Warpuppets.

>> No.15268619


Not from me, you're not.

Right. This time im off to bed, I've got shit to do in the morning.

>> No.15268621

>It's only mentioned, not written.
It is. I had the rare pleasure of reading it when it was linked in 40k Dating Sim thread. Later it resurfaced in tgchan and there was some discussion, of which most was deleted later.

>> No.15268627


seriously, things aren't this bad on /tg/

>> No.15268630

Thulsa Doom remembers a time when He could come to /tg/ and demand bitches, and /tg/, being good servants, would abide by His wishes. For He knew the Riddle of Flesh, and could command them to carry out His whims.

Sadly, such days are past. Thulsa Doom certainly does not hurt for bitches, but it is always a good thing to have more.

>> No.15268631


>> No.15268636


>> No.15268640


a month ago, you mean, in the drawthread? The fic wasn't posted, only referred to.

>> No.15268645

Spambot was fun

>> No.15268646


I think technomancer drew that... it's somewhere in his thread.

not my cuppa.

>> No.15268649

>bad meme from /jp/

I am laugh

>> No.15268653


>> No.15268655

I don't know.

Because I don't really want to know. I just check the thread now and then for Tau porn.

>> No.15268665


The first thousand or so posts on /tg/ were its greatest. I remember the first page of the virgin board, filled with Warpuppets and Shadowsun tits. /tg/ was young then, full of potential. Not bitter, hateful and nostalgic as it is now, but hopeful and experimenting. We had a playful attitude back then, an anything-goes mentality. The /tg/ thought police weren't around then. I reckon about the time faux-Anymouse showed up, along with the porkeye pedo troll, were the beginning of the end...

>> No.15268672

It's worksafe if I say it's a probe.

>> No.15268673

So in other words I won't even find anything interesting if I go looking.

I will say this: I think /tg/ has seen much better days. The fact that I haven't been able to play D&D for three months is only one reason I never come around here anymore. There's no fun to be had and the moderation is, as always, completely inconsistent. When we do have mods that are active they hand out global bans like nobody's fucking business. They delete threads that discuss subjects they simply dislike and protests fall always on deaf ears, when they're not being thrown around in clusterfuck metathreads that are half WE WANT TO POST HARDCORE PORN and half STOP LIKING OR FEELING NEUTRAL ABOUT WHAT I DON'T LIKE. It's not something specific I can point to, it's just... /tg/ doesn't feel like /tg/ anymore.

>> No.15268677

I remember the good old days when quest threads would be saged and you could call things bad without a thousand kiddies leaping in to spam LOL U MAD?????

This place has turned into /v/ 2.0 and I eagerly await the 'I dont Tip/I got a parcel today/lol cutfags threads to start

>> No.15268679

I like the fech/tg/uys in new /tg/

>> No.15268682


>> No.15268692

Oh, that thread where Anon shared his waifubeating folder? I think I might have it saved, somewhere on the bottom of my trash bin. I never empty it and it's several gigabytes.

>> No.15268696


The "good old days" when you could spam a thread with sage posts and imagebombs until it autosaged, the way Necrololi was driven off the board? Fuck that noise.

>> No.15268705

Hey /tg/,

Remember when posting Kirby would start discussions on:
1) The nature of his stomach, was it another dimension, an eternal vortex of darkness, or something worse?
2) His role as a rebel, fighting against the lawful king of the land because he could.
3) The sheer PC-ness of a character who destroys a castle, traverses the world's icy wastelands, searing deserts, soars through the clouds, unleashes unspeakable evil, and then whoops its ass because some mouse stole his cake at level 1
4) Cthulhu = Kirby?

Yea, me neither, I remember nothing, all my memories are false

>> No.15268711

>like /v/

If only. /v/'s actually interesting. Even if they post shit that's completely off-topic it's at least entertaining to participate in threads.

>> No.15268724

Oh yes good sir, I remember the Spambot episode very well.

The way the spambot gained sentience and the method of which the spambot was roleplayed was simply masterfully done. It was some of the best roleplaying I have seen done on this board to date.

But alas, new /tg/ seems to frown on roleplaying, as it wakes old superstitious taboos of being too easily associated with /b/ "Get in here" threads.

And thus, /co/, /v/, /a/, /x/ and /b/ engage in more active roleplaying then a board dedicated to traditional roleplaying games. Oh the irony.

>> No.15268736

Fuck you now I have the mental image of a bad toy dragon dildo used as a Tyranid terrain.

>> No.15268737

Bitches, etc.

>> No.15268738

If your post got saged hard enough to fall off the board it means that the majority of /tg/ didn't want to see it

>> No.15268740

I do remember the recent future, when "Hide what you don't like" became something of a mantra, and the overall level of shit on the board decreased a minute fraction for several hours.

>> No.15268747

And somehow, despite all the mod bullshit, the sergalfag(s) thrive. It gives me hope for /tg/, in the most ass-backward way.

>> No.15268752

>> No.15268755

Yes, that's the /tg/ I remember. A fun place to be, because it was as foul as the rest of 4chan, and you wouldn't get a week-long ban from every board for posting a picture of a dildo.

>> No.15268757

You know what?
I just showed up in the last few months on /tg/ (I'm a native /co/mrade) because I started getting back into D&D.
I never experienced what you guys are talking about, but I have to say, I really like this board. On-topic threads, useful information, and tons of new content being spread around.
Sure, there might be the occasional "lol elf rape" or "-4 strength" trollthreads, but /tg/ is, on the whole, one of the best and most on-topic boards on 4chan.

>> No.15268762

>> No.15268769

Or a guy with too much free time and proxy.

>> No.15268775

Also can mean "1 guy is really obsessive"

Not always, but possible given the board

>> No.15268785

It doesn't for me, because whenever it seems like we have the slightest hint of the mods cooling off a bit we get some faggot immediately spamming ASIAN ELF SLAVE THAT IS SUPERIOR TO WHITE ELVES BUT CAN'T HAVE TIGHT VAGINA BECAUSE IT'S TOO TALL WAT DO threads, ruining it for everyone.

I honestly do think there's some credence to the theory that it's done by people who are normally well-behaved specifically to bring back the Nazi mods who crack down on absolutely everything that is even slightly off-topic by the narrowest margin, so we can get back to discussing 40k.

>> No.15268786

>Hell, I'll just post it here. Say when you've saved it so I can delete it. I don't think I'll mention sharing the story with you to him.

>TL;DR version of background story - Arch Magos of Explorator fleet starts to hear voices and goes Chaos because of insane AI. Pink is obviously Slaanesh.

From Archive.easymodo.net

/tg/ delivers.

>> No.15268793

I do feel a lot of the complaints are overblown, but it used to be not just on some enforced topic, it went everywhere and anywhere, and most folks liked that, I think. We miss it.
And I miss being able to post a bare chest, dammnit.

>> No.15268798

It was not always the case good sir.

Old /tg/ was notorious for being off-topic.

But as you can see, years of intense moderation indoctrinated the wild neckbeard breed to abide very closely to global and board rules.

With a few more years of this indoctrination, we might even domesticate these magnificent specimens to be perfect beasts of burden.

>> No.15268803

>> No.15268816

>> No.15268819



>> No.15268831

>> No.15268837

>> No.15268842

robot bitches, please.

>> No.15268852

>> No.15268853

Remember stat me threads?

Usually ~3 a day

Most were left alone, others garnered the attention of the rules savvy and lead to wackiness

>> No.15268854

>> No.15268860

Perhaps I may have over-exaggerated the happenstance of /tg/ just a little bit too much.

Years or months, its all incredibly arbitrary.

I would even dare say, a month in real time, is probably equivalent to a decade in the realm of the internet, judging by how time just flies by without warning.

>> No.15268862


>> No.15268870

Meh. I've seen worse.

>> No.15268876

Oh Scripty~

>> No.15268884

>> No.15268886

>robot bitches
>not thri-kreen bitches

oh, anonymous

>> No.15268889

Yay! Softcore image spam thread of images we've seen a million times, just what makes /tg/ great!

>> No.15268890

I don't remember much; I discovered /tg/ at the tail end of the awesome. For reference, I was around during the rise and fall of Wakfu.

Inside my head /tg/ was, and always will be, an unstoppable entropy of awesome. Stay classy, /tg/.

>> No.15268892

>> No.15268902

Oh Russ you and I both know, that he looked much more appealing with long flowing hair.

>> No.15268908

ITT: no one remembers what the fuck happened, and make shit up so it's good to them.

moot didn't ban Jim Profit.
Monstergirls were never not out of control. (this one might be a personal thing, I just didn't like them, at all)
Porn was never on topic, or welcomed by any but the lazy and stupid who couldn't get it themselves. (HURRR HOW DOES I GOOGLE?)
"Turning shit threads into awesome discussion!" was never a good thing. Why the fuck does anyone want to see your pet troll thread bumped around while two guys talk about cut penises vs. uncut ones. And then twenty posts later, it's why circumcision is wrong. And twenty posts later it's why this guy used an uncircumcized cock as a demon prince. It's terrible, stop bragging about it being good.

Also, just for refrence.
/tg/ never got shit done. A few people on /tg/ did some wicked cool shit, yes. But /tg/ did nothing but sit there and let max out Flarey:D threads and SCANSCANSCANSCANSCAN? and post about why they loved traps, and that camwhore that JE hired.

There was shit you liked, shit I liked, and shit retarded people who shouldn't be here liked. To say any of it was anything but subjectively good is bad, and you should feel bad.

>> No.15268909


>> No.15268933

>moot didn't ban Jim Profit.
Anyone have the sticky?

>> No.15268934

Things were better before you came along, I know that much.

>> No.15268938

>> No.15268945

When did the first dedicated Sergal-fag appear?

>> No.15268948

>Thread with people bitching and making a few good points turned into generic front page raping randumb dump
Yep this is what /tg/ needs.

>> No.15268954

Old /tg/ was best /tg/, When people actually had fun with threads.

Now all the threads feel like they're forced to stay on topic, I mean sure they're /tg/ related but in all honesty there isn't much to talk about without going over the same things over and over.

/tg/ has turned into:
>Magic Thread
>Quest Thread
>Magic Thread
>Warhammer stories
>Quest Thread
>Quest Thread
>That Guy Thread

It's just so... Boring.

>> No.15268962

Oh, boy, some faggot bitching about such and such and blah blah blah who cares.

Fuck this board, seriously. I'm out.

>> No.15268967

>ITT: no one remembers what the fuck happened, and make shit up so it's good to them.
>ITT: only my memory is infallible, you're all wrong wrong wrong!

Granted, perhaps monster girl threads seemed too prevalent to you, the most I ever saw was 3 on the front page (1 thri-keen, 1 lamia/snake girls, 1 general), but that was a singular/rare occurence

>> No.15268968



>> No.15268969


Sarcastic, bitter sage commenter! How I've missed you. Now it really feels like Iäm on old /tg/ again!

>> No.15268976

>Why the fuck does anyone want to see your pet troll thread bumped around while two guys talk about cut penises vs. uncut ones.

Its the same reason why children would knock down their lego castles, why people enjoy explosions, and just feeling of watching the world just crumbling around you. That feeling is simply sensational, and is the main driving concepts of game design for dwarf fortress. "Losing is fun."

And oh yes, Moot was not the first one to ban Jim Profit, you are correct in that regard, but he did declare that Jim Profit and every IP, tripcode and name he posts under, is no long allowed on 4chan at all times and in all places, to every mod and janitor, he has instructed to execute this order.

Yet it does not prevent old Jim and imitators from resurfacing from time to time

>> No.15268982

Glad you're enjoying yourself~ But I'll stop here, I won't tax your fragile sensibilities anymore.

That we do, sir, that we do.

>> No.15268991

>giantess shit
Fuck you. I welcome our mod overlords, and actually enjoy a good quest thread.

>> No.15268998


>apparently another mod got him before i could.
-moot on Jim Profit, 11/24/2008

>> No.15269001

>> No.15269014

>losing is fun
Stop trying to justify your masochism to yourself.

>> No.15269024

Seriously, I mostly lurk now because there's nothing fun happening anymore.
The best threads were always the ones where /tg/ actually had a conversation or created a scenario together. On topic or not.
Pic related:
Welcome to the apocalypse meet your bunker buddy Dave. FOREVER.

>> No.15269025

>> No.15269042

But good sir, don't you see? It is through my sacrifice and repeated destruction, /tg/ will continue to become a better place to post in.

>> No.15269044

I kinda miss the old /tg/ on that we could really talk about anything.

It was a (relatively) civil /b/ with less porn and people didn't bitch about /tg/ being weeaboo. I understand your dislike, but this is fucking 4chan for fucks sake, it started weeaboo.

We only needed mods to dish out the ban hammer to people like the Spanish Flee and we kinda regulated ourselves. Edition wars and WM vs 40k shit plagued the board, but given time, not thread deletion, we managed to keep various threads about genuine gaming alive without trolling or flaming each other.

I miss mostly the fun. We had little bit of everything. We flirted with /ck/ discussed food, we had /co/mics that were just amusing, (half of the comics I kept are from /tg/), good chunk of the weeaboo shit actually got contributed to pretty decent threads, and porn derailed things once in a while but people lol'd and hnngd pretty hard at some monster girls. also whatever we /r/'d we fucking delivered

>can't find giantess on /d/ can't find comics on /co/ find giantess comic on /tg/.jpg

>> No.15269057


That pic keeps getting thrown around like it's some kind of self-evident proof of how awesome /tg/ is, but in my view it represents everything that was wrong about old /tg/. Threads could easily get hijacked by a couple trolls or some douchebags that wanted to circlejerk to some fetish bullshit. They'd flood the thread with images they wanted to fap to, and deride other commenters as prudes or whiners when they tried to get the thread back on topic. That kind of derailing free-for-all wasn't "/tg/ at its prime", it was fucking /d2/. Fetishists with special interests noticed /tg/ was less resistant to their posting than /d/ so they made it their home. And for a while it seemed like whatever shit people couldn't find space for on other boards would get posted on /tg/ just because it was an unmoderated shithole where might made right, where a couple dedicated posters could dominate the board and bump their preferred topic, be it musclegirls, touhou (I mean actual touhou hijacks, not touhoufag and his charop stuff), or Xcom or whatever game /v/ didn't want to discuss.

I don't imagine I'll change anyones mind with that tirade, just wanted to get something that bugged me for a while off my chest.

>> No.15269061

Oh please good sir, old /tg/ was highly critical of weeaboos, what with all the touhou images being posted in here on a daily basis and all.

>> No.15269079

I'll be the first to admit when i'm wrong, and alot of the things I don't like are not shared by other people. I also never claimed I was correct, just that I had my facts together.

Also, the monstergirl threads I mentioned were less "DUMP LAMIAS PLOX!" and more of the roll and fap ones. Though I don't like the image dumps either. But that's my opinion.

Shit like >>15268954's picture are partially the reason I think monster girls were always out of control. It was never about being a bro and art dumping. It was about fetish threads. (again, I have to stress this is my opinion, dickheads, don't get defensive)

Anyway, I browse /tg/ about as much as I used to. I hide less threads now then I used to. I still watch about the same ammount ofthreads that I used to. Old /tg/ was fine, but new /tg/ is more my style. And it has less porn, traps, flare and monstergurl threads. So I can't really complain.

I can't really say what moot said or did to his moderatiors. All I know is "moot banned Jim Profit" is not entirely correct. It could show how people alter the past to better suit nostalgia. Just ponting it out. Good day sir.

>> No.15269087

>> No.15269090

Sure, keep telling yourself that...

>> No.15269092

>people didn't bitch about /tg/ being weeaboo.

This, a thousand times this. The fact that we can't even post touhou/wakfu anymore without risking a ban is just insane.

>> No.15269102

>It was a (relatively) civil /b/

This is everything that was wrong about /tg/ back in the old days. You're everything that was wrong with /tg/ back in the old days. I wouldn't put it past you to be at least some of what was wrong now.

>> No.15269112


The reason you don't post touhou or wakfu is because one belongs on /jp/ and the other on /v/ (unless you're talking about the TTG), not because it's "weeaboo". Mods don't give a shit about weeaboo.

>> No.15269127

Oh good sir, if only you knew the depth of my insanity.

>> No.15269128

This is everything that [ I didn't like] about /tg/ back in the old days. You're everything that [ I didn't like about] /tg/ back in the old days. I wouldn't put it past you to be at least some of what [ I don't like] now.

At least be honest

>> No.15269129

>> No.15269132

I remember when /tg/ was more nicer.

People were whiteknithing, moralfagging and in general making the world a better place.

Lots of porn? indudably, but even with that porn i felt a good ambience. Felt like porn with happy ending.

Now it feels that /tg/ is less kind, but is only my impression.

I miss things like this pick.

>> No.15269134

Please die quietly. That's the best thing you could hope to do.

>> No.15269164

Ive been on here for awhile, and honestly, not much has changed. I come and go but I have been drawfagging it up for /tg/ (poorly) for most of that time.

/tg/ ebbs and flows with its good times and bad but the same basic /tg/ stays the same. Cept when quests threads showed up, kinda flooded the board with that. First one was good but after 20 quests popping up a day, it got old. Its at a good place now, cause they can be fun. /tg/ is pretty good now a days, just like it was in the past, dont get blinded by nostalgia.

>> No.15269167

I don't see how anyone would want a board to become /b2/. There's already a /b/, it's not going anywhere. And given if I wanted /b/ i'd go there, I think it's safe to say no one wants /b2/.

>I have no point and must rage.
I'm glad you could make it, anon. Good to see you!

>> No.15269172

I personally blame those gentlemen who kept on spewing patriotic board jargon all day, every day.

Of how /tg/ was the best board on 4chan, of how classy we were and still are, of how creative and imaginative our threads could become and how resourceful and clever our tripfriends and trolls behaved and posted.

With all those calling sighs, I can't hold it against the ruffians who have defile this board and made it out to be a much malicious place to post in.

>> No.15269181

>> No.15269182


Two words for you, sir:

Xiombarg's Storyteller.

>> No.15269198

Why would you ruin another gentleman's clean and save fun with such dark secrets?

>> No.15269200

>> No.15269203

yeah, but people didn't criticize every weeaboo shit. I remember a thread involving an anime I think it was Captain Tyler or something and it was about incompetent characters getting away with shit through random luck or fridge brilliance and delved bit into bit of space combat, all from a thread that started with meme about tactical genius.

I just wish /tg/ would loosen up a little

>> No.15269208

I remember this guy!

>> No.15269211

I'm down with "a little."

Any more then that and it's giantess threads, flare and OMG WHAT A CUTE TRAP! all over again.

Don't tell me it wouldn't, either, you can tell at least some of these people want to go back to /tg/ - fetish threads and porn.

>> No.15269216

I remember alignment threads.

>> No.15269217

Also i miss Björn the fell handed.

Since he was stolen from the blood ravens we dont know anything about him.

Also Leman Russ is a douche.

>> No.15269226

I remember this picture being posted once a week.

>> No.15269230

true, we were awesome, because we turned shit into gold.

now.. eh, we just kinda swirl the water around a bit.

>> No.15269232

Quite frankly good sir, I believe that every person who has browsed /tg/, let along 4chan in the past, present and future have, at one time or another, posted and tried to discuss their sickening fetishes when it was not appropriate to do so.

>> No.15269240

This reminds me of the Dark tower.

Newfags won't get this.

>> No.15269253

I remember trying to write a campaign setting based solely off this picture.

>> No.15269255

I miss my bed, so im going to sleep.

Goodbye /tg/, i hope to find this tread on 6 hours.

>> No.15269260

My fetish is female mouths

Not necessarily oral sex, but kissing too, I just like women's mouths

>> No.15269264

Pray tell good sir, did your endeavor bear any worthwhile fruit?

>> No.15269269


Why do you continue to post here.

No one likes you.

>> No.15269271

No, you just polished shit. You can do that. It doesn't mean that anyone wants your now polished shit though.

I can say with all honesty that I have never discussed my fetishes outside of where it would be considered ok to do so. Mostly because I don't need to talk about them EVERYWHERE.

>> No.15269276


holy fuck its a /tg/ reunion!

>> No.15269278

I remember having discussions of common things that players or dms would do. Along with general rules that players or dms followed. I can recall when we discussed , how to run a game one of many proper ways. I remember when we used to have threads that would help new dms or players learn how to interact with each other. And then I remember how the discussion threads were called faggots for enforcing their idea of fun on others.

>> No.15269279

This is entirely accurate.
I, too, am expatriated from /v/ and /co/, and I agree that this is still the best board on 4chan.

Since I arrived here four months ago, I've had a blast writing for you guys.
Case in point.

>> No.15269283

It must of been annoying to start a thread back then, but as a mostly lurker, it was pretty entertaining.

>> No.15269284

Yeah, I was going to use saga edition to run the fall of space greece. The setting files were on my last computer, which promptly died 2 years ago unfortunately.

>> No.15269285


He posts here specifically because people dislike him. You are supposed to ignore him, as with all trolls.

>> No.15269303

But I have seen such dark deeds done many a time on this board.

Transsexuals camwhoring away during winter breaks. Monstergirl porn, MTG silver and planeswalker porn, gentlemen supergluing sprues to their private parts, insect porn, bestiality, vore, pedophilia, and much much more, and anonymous members masturbating to the pictures of their favourite tripfriends and then posting the cum stains for our viewing pleasure.

>> No.15269305

>> No.15269319

don't we still bitch now though about DMs and Players and That Guy?

>not sure if different

>> No.15269327

It's not different. It's not different at all.

>> No.15269340

Those were the days of good /tg/.

>> No.15269371 [DELETED] 

Yes, although the content has mild down in shock value, the posters are still lurking around.

I believe nowadays, they just fap to pictures of Jessica Elwood for a few minutes, before the porn dumpers remove them, lest they suffer a mod's wrath.

>> No.15269379

This is what I liked about /tg/ back in the day.

I wonder how well the Kharn stories would have been received now as opposed to back then. Such silly times.

>> No.15269380

I may not have been around for much during these glory days.

But I remember a time when /tg/ could talk about anything... and make it somehow /tg/ related.

Monster girls? Monsters from DnD, related.
Quests? RPG games played on the board itself
Roleplay threads? often in a /tg/ world setting, roleplay is a huge part of /tg/
Stat'em threads? Using rules for tabletops and /tg/ related
The porn, the quests, the hilarity it was all /tg/ related because it spawned from what /tg/ represents and what it was, sure it got out of hand but the mod looks to have crushed any decent spirit that /tg/ once had.

/tg/ could talk about anything, because we tried making everything into /tg/ related things.

>> No.15269393

eeeeh... I like that thread of the 100 levels of epic roll failures the numberone being
1) Your impale your sword into the ground, you cannot remove it, no manner of magic or strength can get the sword from the ground. It becomes stuck so well that it slowly becomes part of the earth and eventually begins to grow. Centeruies later the Sword forest is a marvel for all to see, untill one day a band of evil druids came and animated the forest ushering the Sword tree apocalypses.
Roll new characters

>> No.15269410

>the mod looks to have crushed any decent spirit that /tg/ once had.
That is an absolute crock of shit. I have written a total of 84,242 words of /tg/ writefagging in the last three months alone. Fuck you, and fuck your rose-tinted glasses.

>> No.15269417

Also the Pretty Marines were the best thing. The best.

>> No.15269422

They'd go over quite well. I guarantee it. New ones would, anyway, anybody can copy/paste on 1d4chan.

>> No.15269426


>Monster girls? Monsters from DnD, related.

Still discussed occasionally without the porn.

>Quests? RPG games played on the board itself

Still on the board.

>Roleplay threads? often in a /tg/ world setting, roleplay is a huge part of /tg/

Were saged off the board and lost momentum long before the mod came.

>Stat'em threads? Using rules for tabletops and /tg/ related

/tg/ lost intrest in statme's long before the mod.

So, out of the four things you mention, two are still around and two are gone because of the users, not the mod. GG.

>> No.15269435

Same here, been writefagging for a while now, and somehow have a fanbase.

The newest mod isn't THAT bad, but I remember the day of badmod, a mod so bad he got a zero day ban himself.

>> No.15269443

No matter what you have written on this board, it could never capture the same bewildering popularity and far reaching ramifications as the Love can bloom fanfiction.

Because it was written in the very beginning of this board.

>> No.15269450

So you write out a load of stuff, doesn't change the fact people FEEL like everything has changed, that they are basically supposed to talk about ONLY /tg/ directly related things like PnP RPGS or quests with the odd writefag and "create derp chapter" springing up.

>> No.15269454

I know that. I accept that. Why even mention it?

>> No.15269474

Only one way to test that theory!

And that is eventually and when I'm not lazy.

>> No.15269477

>ctrl+f "maid"
>Get jack shit

Fuck you guys. I miss maid quest so god damn much.

>> No.15269479

It was popular because it was different, it threw a strange tangent on the typical grimdarkness and racism of the 40k univerise.

It was fun.

>> No.15269499

I do apologize, old trolling habits are so hard in suppressing.

But I regress, part of the reason is because that piece of fanfiction has stolen the magic of nostalgia first. And every work of fiction that will come after it, will never have the same lustre. Thus, they will forever be judged by the magical merits and traits set forth by Love Can Bloom.

Attested by the fact that, we have gentlemen reminiscent of /tg/ or yore, of how magical a time it seems to us now, because we perceive major change by experiencing the progression of time.

>> No.15269531

I wont claim to be an oldfag who was here when /tg/ first started, but I do remember the good old days.

Next drawthread I come across, i'm going to request something involving Macha and Loli D

>> No.15269535

I still lurk occasionally, but I rarely find anything that piques my interest. I'd still be up for a rap thread once in a blue moon, possibly even a campaign story if my group ever gets back together.

But I will agree that /tg/ is a shadow of what it used to be.

Does anyone know if Siege ever finished his drawing for my campaign? I think he may have forgotten or just stopped caring. Oh well.

>> No.15269570

Too much moderation is what ruined /tg/. We could once talk about ANYTHING... now it has to be straitjacket, on-topic, no porn, no racism, politically-correct.

It's boring, that's what it is, and doesn't offer anything more than the million and one other boards on the internet.

We went from the being the Bohemia of Roleplaying to being the People's Socialist Czech Republic.

>> No.15269572

So how about instead of merely reminiscing about what we remember was "good" we put that good into /tg/ as it is now, and strive to make it amazing? Let us fight for that ideal board we wish to see, that ideal we strive to create.

I personally love /tg/, it is inspiring and engaging, it is a creativity outlet and a place to be amazed and impressed by RPG players, a place to compare my skills to other storytellers and players. /tg/ and its elegan/tg/entlemen are my brothers and my home.

I propose a toast!

/tg/, I salute you, and your darkest hours, and your brightest accomplishments. To many years of grimderp, to bad M:tG players and good, to new games and beloved old, to the narrators, dungeon masters, storytellers, and game masters, to the players.

To us.
There are many games ahead of you, /tg/.
Keep on playing.

>> No.15269586

Fucking truth

>> No.15269600

and get deleted or banned.

>> No.15269610

>Too much moderation is what ruined /tg
Saying it over and over doesn't make it a fact.

>> No.15269612


A toast to /tg/! /tg/ is dead! Long live /tg/!

>> No.15269651


True. The problem is, i think, not that /tg/ changed but how abruptly it changed.

We didn't really "need" a mod. Yes there were trolls. Yes there were shit threads. Yes there were a lot of bad things that should be deleted.

And while I admire the mods for doing their job and keeping the board clean of shit and trolls, this also meant the sacrifice of a lot of /tg/'s most beloved aspects. Those things made the board stand out and they were unique.

The problem is, with those things gone now, nothing has come in to replace it. All we have are newfags bringing up the same goddamn things over and over and over. We need something new. Something gold. Something to help fill the void and make /tg/ fun again.

>> No.15269655

You sound like a racist asshole.

>> No.15269668

What we need is antiescalation. Escalation is the flaw of memes and nerds. Overdose of subjects kill them. I don't want to be hipster by saying that being unpopular makes things good, but restraint gives new life to what we enjoy. Slow down in your life and appreciate what exists.

>> No.15269687

We were called the best board by moot of all people goddamn it so shut up. We are the best board as proclaimed by the very guy who mad this whole damn website and that was before the police state mods came by.

>> No.15269741

So, do you think a thread like this would have been deleted during the mod-times?

>> No.15269888


>Roleplay threads? often in a /tg/ world setting, roleplay is a huge part of /tg/
>Were saged off the board and lost momentum long before the mod came.

The fantasy medic/doctor thread from the weekend would respectfully like to disagree with your assertion. Plenty still happen and are still around.

>> No.15269893

Scriptarius, you say?

The thing about /tg/ is that it can create and maintain threads about the most incredible nonsense. And make them good reads.

>> No.15270360

Go jack off elsewhere, cockfalcon.

>> No.15270779


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