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This is how I warlock

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this is how I BBEG

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This is how I CN/CG Pornomancer.

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>inb4 300 posts

This is how I repost a once awesome thread that became shit because of reposts.

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>in Unknown Armies

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This is how I all my PCs

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This is how I turn a fantasy setting into a scifi one.

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This is how I Traveller.

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this is how I monk

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This is how I Lunars: Exalted campaign.

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This is how I Bard.

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This is how I monk.

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This is how I rogue

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this is how i paladin

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this if how I play OWoD VtM

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that would be awesome.
This is how I paladin.

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This is how I Knight

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This is how I Cleric.

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and this if how I NWoD VtM

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This is how I Bard.

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this is how I paladin.

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This is how I summon an Ice Elemental

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this is how I random encounter

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This is how I Rogue.

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This is how I activate my trap card.

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This is how I Boy-Scout

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I bard!

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This is how I cross-over

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I love you

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Holy shit, someone opened a portal to Eberron.

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This is how I barbarian

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Sage does nothing if you post a picture.

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This is how I roll.

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this is how I bard

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This is how I don't give a fu....
wait, I mean:
This is how I True Neutral.

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And love me you will. Bitches don't know about my 6stringsamurai!

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This is how I sex.

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I'm so basing my next character off of him.

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this is how I troll

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This is how i alchemists fire

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This is how I mind flayer

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This is how I Soulsteel Caste.

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This is how I mage.

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This is how I Crab clan

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This is how I fighter.

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This is how I Slaneesh

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This is how I mage.

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This is how I fighter.

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This is how I ranger.

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This is how I witch

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this is how I emperor

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this is how I die.

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I had a dream it would end this way...

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This is how i cleric

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This is how I Captain.

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This is how I Druid (Warforged).

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this is how I bard

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I chaotic evil.

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This is how I barbarian.

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This is how I Paladin.

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This is how I Exalted at sea.

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This is how I Assassin.

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This is how I Nobel Price.

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This is how I ranger.

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Everyday I'm swinging.

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This is how I random fact

(the guy dressed as Santa is Peter Jackson)

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This is how I ask questions.

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And the police officer is Nicholas Angel.

Look at his arse.

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By the power of Greyskull your right.

>> No.15267344

And by the Emperor of Mankind, your left as well!

>> No.15267348

what about my left and my right?

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Nothing compared to what's behind you.

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this is how I DM

>> No.15267363

holy suck, what's behind me?

>> No.15267386

well, I checked, and to my left is a fan, to my right is my desk with a lot of stuff on it, and the only thing behind me is a large pile of college textbooks.

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That's how I behind you.

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This is how i warlord

>> No.15267406

This is how I Lawful Evil (you know, without the stereotypical BIG EVIL EMPIRE OF FASCIST GUYS IN BLACK PLATE MAIL)

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you think that mosquito can scare me?
I live in Minnesota. That means I have seen mosquitos at least four times that size. Hell, I have seen one carry off a frigging BEAR.

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This is how I warlord

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This is how I warlord.

>> No.15267490

This is how I Warlord

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This is how I Cleric of Zon-Kuthon 5/Bard 5/Magus 10 from Nidal BBEG/anti-hero.

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This is how I assassin.

>> No.15267539

>Divine magic
>Arcane magic
>Bardic magic


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This is how I wizard

>> No.15267570

This is how I artificer

>> No.15267571

this is how I BBEG

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This is how I Keeper of Secrets.

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Only a bear? what, do you live in southern minnesota? I've seen one wreck a HOUSE up here in northern

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this is how i transmuter

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yeah, southeastern minnesota is where I saw the bear incident. When I was up near the boundary waters there was one that nearly got my car. Only a few get to be large enough to be house destroyers thanfully. I have never had the misfortune to encounter one.

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This is how I Chaos Warmaster.

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This is how I God

>> No.15267725

WHo the fuck is that guy?

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This is how I druid

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This is how I psyker

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This is how I placate the Machine Spirits

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This is how I paladin.

>> No.15267821

This is how I Rogue Trader.

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This is how I necromancy

>> No.15267869

This is how i rule.

>> No.15267922

I'm not entirely sure you're doing it right.
I mean, where's the incense?

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This is how I assassin.

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You forgot to depress the activation rune, that's why it isn't working.

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This is how I DM.

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This is how I Fighter.

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This is how I Mary-Sue

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This is how I adept.

>> No.15268134

This is how I alchemist.

>> No.15268150

This is how I Dwarf.


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This is how I DM.

>> No.15268162

This is how I Imperial Cleric.

>> No.15268164

This is how I WoD vampire hunter.

>> No.15268174

This is how I Diplomacy

>> No.15268189

This is how I barbarian.

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>> No.15268199

This is how I DM.

>> No.15268200

This is how I Summon Nature's Ally

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This is how I Imperial Cleric.

>> No.15268232

This is how I wild mage.

>> No.15268258

This is how I barbarian.

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This is how i ranger

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This is how I doubles.

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stranger's wrath? i love you.

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This is definitely not how I Warlock.

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