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Do Necron have souls?

>> No.15258405

Can Necron be looted by Orks?

>> No.15258410

Do Necrons have bowels?

>> No.15258419

Don't know if they have souls, but Lords can think independently.

>> No.15258432

Do Necrons have... love?

>> No.15258435

Can Necrons see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

>> No.15258438

Aren't they all just souls bound into their metal bodies?

>> No.15258441

What is love?

>> No.15258442

I thought that was the reason they cannot into warp?

>> No.15258445

When you don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more

>> No.15258446

Baby, don't hurt me.

>> No.15258450

>Do Necron have souls?
in the same way I have cereal
like this, for instance.

>> No.15258454

If you go by Dawn of War then, No.

But thats Dawn of War.

>> No.15258455

C'Tan ate the souls of the Necronyr making necrons

>> No.15258467

Do Necrons have the power of friendship?

>> No.15258470

Xeno is love.

>> No.15258481

Pariahs are "soulless" so I'd assume necrons have souls.

Wait, aren't necrons souls strapped to metal bodies? Unless the new fluff changed, I'm pretty sure they are the souls of a lost race bound to metal skeletons.

>> No.15258482

No, Necrons either phase out or are so obliterated you cant use them.

>> No.15258833

Yeah, but the only reason why Pariah's can be turned into necrons is because they're soulless.

>> No.15258860

Pariahs turn into Pariahs

not all Necrons have the "soulless" rule

>> No.15259022

No they, unlike the Tau, don't have souls (even small ones). They are powered by their lifeforce. Crons have nothing to do with the warp or the perversions there within.
They aren't nulls so they cant fuck with the warp, but they still have no warp presence ( which means no souls),

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