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ITT horrible DMing

Last night we were playing our weekly game, and we were crossing a mountain pass after exploring an ancient ruin and recover a statue a noble wants. So we are on our way when we get in an ambush by bandits in a narrow pass. There are about ten of them, all carrying bows except for the dandy-looking leader. He demmand us to leave our weapons, gold and the statue, and after taking a second look at our two female PCs also says "and leave the girls too!"

We say now way, after all these are just bandits and we just dealt with a lot nastier stuff at the ruins. We decide to fight and the bandits fire upon us.

Then the DM pulls some of the worse shit I've seen in a game. Our rogue is hit by an arrow which wouldn't be that much of a trouble if the DM didn't suddenly decided the damage is multiplied X10. We ask why, and he says that since these are archers the height adds to the power of the arrows. So 10 meters = X10 damage, besides all the arrowheads are coated with a paralizing poison that kept us from actively react.

A few round later the damn archers wipe us out, take all our weapons, loot and kidnap our cleric and wizard (the two female PCs), and the bandit leader heal us just enough to not die, saying "Thanks for the gold and the girls. We will enjoy both!" before leaving with a laugh.

The game ended there. The cleric player says the DM must have plans, but still I am pissed off as all fuck. Because if he pulls this shit once chances are he will do it every time he wants to railroad us.

TL;DR I mad

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Well OP, it makes a load of sense. Even in modern war a higher possition gives you a large advantage.

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Not THAT fucking much on one. And they would have to be HUNDREDS of feet above you for gravity to effect the arrows enough to cause extra damage. And even then it wouldn't be more then a regular arrow.

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>Realism in fantasy rpgs


Also: Imminent Rape and awkward sex descriptions. Abort RPG session.

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>waaah, we wanted to do stupid things and got owned. RAILROAD!!!

You are a faggot OP. Not because you are the hero it means you can do stupid shit. Is like that guy who complained how their cavalry charge against a spear wall didn't went like in LOTR.

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how does 1 meter = 1x damage result?

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Still, 10x multiplier? That's a heck of a lot. With the standard bow-sting having a release force of X, it's acceleration due to gravity isn't going to be that great.

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Make an archer with flight, or at least levitation.
You can easily get a x100 or so multiplier to all damage and one-shot everything.

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The bandit leader didn't slit your throats, or bring you along to use when the girls need some time to tighten up again? Now that's some horrible DMing right there.

I mean, this must be one of the stupidest fucking bandits in history. He even wasted either spell slots or potions to heal you, for fuck's sake!

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Used our own potions, but took everything else. We are not even armed anymore.

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Moral of the story: make an archer with levitation.

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I gotta side with OP on this one. That kind of damage is absurd and it makes it completely unfair for the players.

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This. If your DM railroads that is one thing. If he does it in a fashion that is total BS and makes the game lack fun and creativity, use his broken mechanics against him.

If he refuses to let you, quit. Clearly this is more about his story than your game, fuck him.

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Then he should have broken your arms and legs and brought you along to sell to a slaver.

After he gave each of you a test drive, so to speak.

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He coulda just put some paralytic agent on the arrowheads and slapped on a high Fort save. X10 dmg seems excessive.

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A more logical (and far less overpowered) way to do it would be to add falling damage to the arrows. That would add up pretty quickly, but wouldn't be as ridiculous as x10 per 10 metres. Taking the cap off for massive distances might be slightly more suitably insane damage if warranted.

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Is your goddamn fault OP. Why not run away or look for cover? Why want to fight with a bunch of archers you can't reach?

I am so tired of players thing the only way to solve things is to smack them with their sword.

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What I don't get is why you idiots keep showing up to play with that asshat.

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Make a pc who is Larger, you'll be about 3-4 meters tall.

Say, that, if you raise your arms, your weapon should be at 5 meters (Big, two handed one), so, if you attack, you get a x5 on every attack.

Now seriously, yes, that was horrible DMing.

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I guess it depends on what happens next, OP.

The girls may be raped, but since you said the bandit leader is a dandy chances are he will attempt to seduce them instead.

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your problem isn't the railroading, your problem is that you didn't have a wizard.

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This has got to be fake. When the DM said "10x damage" *someone* would have flipped the table over and left.

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>add falling damage to the arrows
Full fucking retard.

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Our DM can't think of anything for our party to do, so we opened a 'problem solving' business in our villiage.

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Show up next week. Look DM in the eyes. Say, "I want it to be known that my character is not there. You don't get to explain it away, or say where he went. He's gone, there is no explanation, will never be an explanation, and the party will never know how or why he disappeared."

If anyone calls you on this, turn around, point at DM. "So it's only okay to abuse your power and not allow imput from others when the DM does it? I thought we were playing a game together, for everyone to have fun. He wants to pull this bullshit, so will I. I have complete control of my character. And I am taking it with me. He doesn't get to kill him off, or say what he does. The character is mine, and he's gone now. The DM has to fucking deal with the consequences of his actions just like the rest of us do."

Roll up a new character, right there, to join the party whenever they reach a town. Refuse to let the DM say anything about your character. He's just gone. Build an archer based around firing from heights. Tell the DM what you're doing, and that he's allowed the rules already and can't change it now. Unless he wants to restart that combat over again, and ignore everything that supposedly happened.

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oh god, does your party hate gnomes too?

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fucking this. be sure to reserve your best trollface for the occasion when you 1shot his timely crafted BBEG.

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/tg/, stop falling for it

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I thought everyone knew that arrows just go faster and faster until they become starlight.

The DM just wanted to play out a rape fetish or railroad into something. Or both.

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It's over! I have the high ground!

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Doesn't everyone?

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>wanted to do stupid things
How is deciding to fight some bandits trying to rob you of everything doing something stupid?
That is exactly what pretty much every adventuring party in the history of ever would do in that situation.

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make an all-archer party with flying

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May I make a suggestion OP?

Don't attend that game anymore and suggest all your fellow players do the same. This is only the beginning, and he'll only get more ham fisted and possibly creepier as you go. In other words.. Run before you waste more of your time.

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ok, I don't really play PNP games. I just read /tg/ because....well, I guess I just like hanging out here from time to time.

Are folks like OP really all that common? I keep seeing all these threads getting posted by whiny shits, and it just makes me wonder why folks get to gather to do this kind of stuff.

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You underestimate my power!

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did you guys stop/participate in a bank robbery recently?

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No, it's really not all that common.
But no one is going to post stories about how their DM is decent and average.
I've seen about as many "awesome DMs who create great worlds and let everyone have fun" stories as I have "railroading DMs trying to enact their own personal fantasies."

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...Don't arrows reach terminal velocity when you shoot them to begin with?

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Your DM is clearly trying to get someone in your group to switch places with him by being horrible

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Bullshit, yes it gives you a larger line of sight, but everyone and their fucking dog can see you if you are at the highest point in an area. You can stand on that hill all you want, it's just going to get you killed, I will be safely hiding behind that hill, collecting your ammo, and distributing it to the rest of my squad.

More to the point: looks like it's time to learn how to fly, go up to 110 feet (or 33.58 meters) and make your fucking idiot of a GM understand why giving that bonus to anyone is fucking stupid.

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In the grand scheme of PCs, this wasn't really a stupid move. Sure, it may not have been the brightest thing to fight a group of nine archers surrounding you on clifftops.

But they're a goddamn battle hardened adventuring party that just fucked up everything in a temple. If a little group of bandits wants to steal your stuff and thinks he's man enough to kidnap other members of the party, how the fuck else do you think an adventuring party is going to react?

Judging by how the archers were set up, it doesn't sound like retreat was really a viable option.

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>Get a Flying Carpet.
>Buy Caltrops, lots of it.
>Fly freaking high, drop Caltrops on a town.
>Collect Xp.
>Loot destroyed town.

Caltrops do 1 damage and cover 5 feet. They cost 1 gp for 2 pound.
Let's say your Carpet can carry 400 pound, and you weight 100. That mean 300 left for Caltrop, 150 gp, for 750 covered square on the map. Obviously you're flying at 800 meter in the air, only because you wouldn't want to collide with a passing dragon.

For only 150 gp + Flying Carpet you can destroy whole town thanks to your x800 damages Caltrops !

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I buy two 10ft poles and 4 sets of shoes

Why are you doi-

I craft a pair of stilts.

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To be fair OP said they were surrounded from a higher ground.

That happens in any battle and you surrender.

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Well, it makes sense

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Not if you have a wizard, who casts a spell and stops the fight before it starts.

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>chances are he will attempt to seduce them instead.

When we started our current campaign our monk had this same retarded idea. We got into a fight and he asked if any of the enemies were girls, the DM pointed out that two were, so he KO'd one instead of killing her. Now I know we aren't comfortable enough with eachother for this to turn into a rape scenario, so he was probably thinking of seducing the girl from an enemy army he just captured, after killing all her comrades ofcourse.

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So you suggest they... carpet bomb a town?

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Only if the enemy has equal or greater forces. Modern combat doctrine states that anyone with the high ground his hamburger, older combat doctrines say otherwise, because they weren't using guns, and only because they weren't using guns. Using D&D or Pathfinder, with a wizard, being in a tree is basically asking to be killed, especially if the GM states that your attempt to use a reflex save to get away from the fireball has you falling out of the tree you were so foolishly standing in.

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I like the cut of your jib, sir.

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>ITT horrible DMing

I've been playing a female pally for several games. I sorta wanted to play a classic low-fantasy girl, bikini clad and all. I know it may sound bad, but I wasn't disrupting the game.

However the DM felt it offended his morality bone and attempted to make me dress her more, but I liked my PC. Last game we were at a swamp to kill a necromancer when he sents his two giant lizards after us. My pally is bitten in the thigh, and the DM says the toxin from the lizard is killing my pally.

Our halfling bard quickly gives her an anti-venom potion, but the DM says his attempts doesn't work since what is killing her is not a venom, but a toxin is caused by a bacteria in the lizard's mouth. I say then she is alright since I am inmune to disease, and the DM goes like "Nope, toxin. Do you have a save against toxins? No then die"

So she is on the verge of death and there is no way to cure her, only a local priest knows an antidote but the DM says he won't cure "harlots".

Pic related, I was pretty much playing a Tyris Flare

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We, that is a good question. What would be bacteria produced toxins?

Poison or disease?

>> No.15258485

Toxins a third and hitherto-unseen condition.

Though anyone who isn't a colossal faggot would call it a poison, it kills too fast to be a disease.

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I think it's closer to poison, since it isn't infectious like a disease.

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...does your DM know what a toxin is? It's a poison. As there is no such thing as toxin (or even venom) in D&D rules, he's just making shit up.

>> No.15258499


I would probably rule it as a poison, I'm pretty sure finding a komodo dragon statted in D&D would answer it though.

>> No.15258500


Are they being produced from bacteria in your system? If so, then they'd be disease.

If those toxins were removed and purified from the bacterial colony, and it was used without a risk of infection from the bacteria itself, then it's a poison.

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you're DM is a butthurt maggot

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I'm sorry but I agree with your DM.

Anyone wearing a bikini to battle deserves to die.

And you deserve a punch for playing a bikini wearing paladin. The DM should have made you fall first.

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I don't need to explain myself, you know what you did.

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>pally wearing a bikini


Just... no.

Paladins are meant to be noble and chaste and an exa`mple of chivalry. Going around nearly naked is not a paladin thing to do.

Pic related, could be a beautiful girl for what we know.

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There is no mention of elves anywhere in the thread...

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what a man in just a loin cloth?

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The elf, presumably.

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Pardon, allow me to correct myself.


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You know you have always wanted to play Teegra or something similar

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Unless you are gay that is not fap fuel.

But if I knew you were gay for muscular dudes then it would be a NO too.

Also, no paladin would wear a loincloth

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I bet you are one of those faggots that believes a paladin can't have sex. I'm going to point out that historically speaking your average paladin was married, and had 3+ kids. More to the point, both the D&D and Pathfinder paladins have 0 rules restricting them from having sex, and in the Book of Erotic Fantasy a paladin is used in one of the stories, she fucks a female bard. I find your lack of imagination disgusting and you should kill yourself for being on /tg/ with so little creativity.

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I faintly remember watching this on cable when I was a kid.

What it was about? It was as sexy as I thought back then?

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Why the fuck do people get so bitchy at DMs railroading?
Not every DM can flesh out an entire world in 20 seconds when the PCs decided to just derp all over the place.

>> No.15258638

I mean, I don't think its good to force them down one path for forever, but the ocassional "Alright, go THIS way" Doesn't kill anyone, besides not having control over every situation ever makes fkn sense.

>> No.15258649


Because the DM is there for the players enjoyment. Is his role as a host.

Otherwise is like you had an elegant dinner and then made your guests wash the dishes

>> No.15258661

There's a difference between railroading and the GM riding the failboat, most of what we've seen here is failboating. Killing a PC because they offend your sensibilities is shit-tier GMing.

>> No.15258667

If this is D&D, they use poison and toxin interchangably. Notably, the alchemical potion for boosts against poisons? Antitoxin. Feats about crafting poisons, call them toxins.

DM is butthurt. Of course, this is your own fault. You could have described your paladin code as wearing as little as decency allows/needed to protect vitals to show how faith protects, build up scars, show reluctance to vanity, and described what they wear as being less fap-material, more having your limbs and maybe midsection bare, but in a nonsexual, martyr-ish way.

Or I suppose been a Paladin for some sort of goddess of lust or beauty or something. In which case, armor with glamour bonus added to it. It's actual armor, but just LOOKS like a bikini for purposes of your god/goddess being somewhat perverted. And play your character as somewhat okay with this, because you are devoted to the good they do in the world.

But no, you went with the world of all worlds. Your DM is a prick for doing that to you, but you're a prick for basically completely changing the tone of his game, which might make it less possible for him to have fun. Of course, the fault is on both your heads for not sorting this out like adults, but being basically petty about it. You, for running with a character he feels destroys the tone of the game, him for being a collossal faggot about it.

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Stop being a faggot

Collect lizards, coat weapons in spit, insta-kill everything

>> No.15258682

I can upload it for you.

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The DM isn't there to put up with shit. We put an entire god damn game world together for you guys to play in, and the you don't even have the courtesy to stick to the adventures I wrote?

Fine go play a fucking video game. I've got better ways to spend my time considering I don't even get to play a character.

>> No.15258722

>Put an entire world together
>Stick to the rail-shooter I wrote

See, these things don't go together

>> No.15258724

I wish I had a group so I could run a game based on unrealistic fantasy. Chain mail bikinis? Muscular men in nothing but loincloths and body oil? Raptor mounts? Fuck. Yes.
You just smashed my BBEG into hamburger before he has a chance to do anything? Well shit, that's why I'd have benchwarmers on hand to say haha I'm the REAL BBEG! and other subplots going on.

>> No.15258749

I wish I could play in a game with that kind of over-the-top tone.

Most of the games I play in end up being seriously bad, or just for the lulz. The things I would do for a change of tone. . .

>> No.15258786

No, it doesn't. But sometimes we don't have the entire thing fleshed out over night. Sometimes we make the world while players explore it.
And mainly its always one of those "Ugh THAT guy" situations, but regardless. Some railroading isn't "OMG MY DM SUCKS GUYZ" Its putting the players on a path for maybe something entertaining, and less stressful for the GM. So he doesn't have to fap out a new area in twenty second.
I normally give the players a bit of a rail shooter for the first level or so, mainly to give them, and myself a chance to get to know how everyone plays and what the camp will be like. After that, if they're being completely retarded. Like pants on head retarded, I'll throw in some "The entire town guard comes to stop you. Theres 50 of them in enchanted full plate. Sounds like you should stop dicking around"

OPs DM did it wrong. A paralyzing arrow was fine, that is the line. But the damage was totally un-needed. And will probably bite him in the face later.

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Ok, fuck it, I'm making up an over the top fantasy world now. Setting is one of the few things I'm good at making up.

>> No.15258842

OP, proper response; never surrender the ladies. DM could have made up any number of reasons for your loss that would have made more sense than 10x damage.

As for paladins, don't play what your DM doesn't want you to because you are sure to get fucking burned.

>> No.15258846

Wow, I'm ashamed to have to include myself in the DM category with OP's guy.

I mean, all argument's of what the DM's role vs. the players aside, this scenario that the OP describes is ridiculous. No DM that prides himself on telling a good story would endorse this paper thin plot point. 10X damage just so you can move the story where you want it? Give me your women? That's not clever, its really unfair to the player's, and a good DM can move a story where it needs to go while still giving the players the feeling that they can affect their own course.

This asshat needs to go to DM school for a while

>> No.15258849

Potential god-tier DMing material here, folks.

>> No.15258879

add mandor

>> No.15258880

Don't worry, chances are the game didn't actually take place and it's just another thread trying to troll GMs.

>> No.15258927

Mandor? I have no idea what you're asking me to do here, sorry.

>> No.15258946

My DM just doesn't even try. His number one excuse why we cant do what we want? What we want to do is usually kill someone important.

It's either Plot Armor or Cutscene Protection. He goes as far as to actually refer to it as one of those two. No 'magic armor of +50 fuck you hes alive' just, we can't do anything. Can't even try.

>> No.15259105

Oh wait. I think I get it now, for an IM or something right? Sorry I have a migraine kicking my ass right now.

Work has commenced on an OTT-fuck-yeah-fantasy setting. Will be posting it on /tg/ eventually because fuck it, you all deserve nice things.

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> he doesn't know mandor

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I am proud to have participated in that wonderful thread.

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Hey /tg/, help me out a bit.

I am starting a new game and one of my players wants to play a cleric who would be a "fantasy Charles Darwin". To be exact he would be looking for signals of evolution in monsters and other creatures, and I am not sure if it is a good idea.

The whole evolution thing isn't the issue (My players are from both sides yet they respect each other), but rather that I am not sure it could work. I don't think a normal game has the time for research and other things, and if I add that the other players may feel I am giving favoritism.

What you think /tg/? yay or nay?

Picture unrelated.

>> No.15259331

>DM obviously setting it up so he can act out some kind of weird rape fantasy

bail OP

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>> No.15259384

>Samefag arguing with himself
Learn to detect trolls people. Now that he thinks /tg/ is hooked on yet another "game gone wrong" thread, a post will arise claiming that "this is a shitty thread, let's turn it into XYZ."

Get out, Ribbonfag.

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Arrows should not do extra damage from only 10 meters up. There is not enough mass and velocity to build that kind of momentum.

However, war engines like Catapults and Ballista should add falling damage to their attack roll when launched from a greater height.

>> No.15259508

He never said they were doing anything stupid. Don't apply that to every case of railroading.

>> No.15259511

*damage roll

>> No.15259559

Your PC is about two meters tall. Multiply your damage too.

>> No.15259629
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What's the reflex DC on seeing the rock falling from 200 meters away?
Or do you need to pass a fortitude check to "stand your ground!"

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I'm gonna get flamed for this, but, what game are you guys talking about?

Love RPG's and fantasies, so would like to have a look at this. Sounds interesting from the posts I've read.

>> No.15259715

It takes 6.3 seconds for an object to fall 200 meters. That's not counting the parabolic arc of the catapult, easily bringing the time up to 10 seconds.

You have TWO ENTIRE TURNS to simply walk away from the attack. That's one turn to look up, point, and see a giant fucking rock. And one turn to move 10ft.

>> No.15259746

I've had players who insist on NOT moving.

>> No.15259780

The idea isn't to target individuals, it's to target structures and slow moving ships.

Also I was using feet at my measurement so the actual fall time is a faster.

>> No.15259861

Hey OP

When you meet for another session, buy a Bow, get up like 30m then wait for the bandit

If the DM doesn't allow you to 1shot his "flawless" bandit leader with your now lol30timesdammage, then I say its time to get a new DM

>> No.15260001

We once tried a DM who constantly put us in railroading situations... pretty much every NPC wanted to railroad us. I (leader of the group) just did whatever was most logical and seemed safest for the group. In 20 minutes the town was on fire and the DM had to call on his "Level 15 vampire half-elf" to "fly over the town and put out the fire, make all of the townsfolk not hate you, and tell you never to do that again."
That was from the first combat that session, where somehow the archer's arrows caught the whole town on fire.

Also, in battle, I asked the DM to describe the immediate land around us. I asked if there was anywhere I could use to get the advantage of higher ground since his description sucked, he said yeah a pile of rocks about 2ft away. He makes me roll to jump on top of some rocks, a 6 fails, and he says i waste my turn jumping on some pebbles. I guess I'm supposed to just mindlessly roll for attack? I didn't think higher ground would get me anything anyway, but is railroading random combat encounters really necessary?

>> No.15260053

>Buy a bow
>Climb the highest mountain/wizardy tower etc
>Fire it upwards but off the edge slightly
>Arrow begins gaining gravity-speed-boost on its descent
>By the time it is within 30m of the ground, it is travelling so fast that reality itself is warped and torn around the arrows head
>arrow strikes the earth
>the planet splits in two

>> No.15260077

Wait...WTF? x10 Damage? How does this system work? is that a lot or not much? From your story it sounds like one hit kills.

>> No.15260078

OP should give his DM the middle finger and not go back for the 2 female PCs like he wants them to

Just move to another town, find another quest, and if the DM tries to railroad you more by not letting the other 2 players make now PCs and making you go back and saving them then leave, seriously, just get up and leave right there, walk out, find a new DM because your current one sucks shit

>> No.15260095

Yes, keep chanting the word "railroad" like some butthurt mantra, it will give your made up bullshit post an air of authenticity.

>> No.15260138
File: 47 KB, 650x800, 1307670756968.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hrm. I wonder if shooting an arrow straight up 100 meters would give it a 100x damage multiplier when it came down.

Actually, would at targets that are above cause negative damage multipliers? Actually healing people who are 2+ meters above?

>> No.15260166

I'm sorry I said "railroad" three times. The story is true though.

>> No.15260181

Most likely OP's DM.

>> No.15260223

Ive only been on /tg/ for a couple of days, seeing as I just got back into tabletop stuff and my usual board is full of summerfags but I have to ask..
Is DnD an actual legitimate game? With written rules for monsters and combat like 40k etc? From what I read on /tg/ it seems to mostly be a story-telling game with the occasional sexual fantasy/fetish thrown in for good measure. Does the DM just decide everything that happens or do pre-written rules take precedence sometimes?

>> No.15260272

Seriously can we get a baseline here for normal bow damage? How did that x10 work? Is that [number of successes/margin of success] x10? or [static damage value / rolled damage value] x10?

Also how does the HP system work? Wound track, or Hit Points that get deducted? If it's a wound track I assume that damage gets compared against something? I mean give us something to go on for a comparison OP?

>> No.15260279


it has written rules for everything, these are just stories of the DMs implementing their own shitty interpretations of the rules. The game is a lot less set in stone than 40k is, though.

>> No.15260289

It is, monsters usually come in supplemental books and rules for combat are pretty well set, but some things the DM can make creatures on the fly but the DM is mostly there for the story. Pre written rules can be changed with houserules though.

>> No.15260296

Not a troll, I just never really took an interest in it before I came to /tg/. My perception of the game has most likely been fucked by reading threads like this one though.

>> No.15260304

There is heaps of rules, but sometimes DMs are faggots who make up new ones and ignore fundamental ones in order to make the story follow what they want or have prepared, its a sign of bad DMing as the players are helplessly forced to do things they don't want to do, or are not allowed to do things that they want

Of course the DM can ignore rules for a good reason, like not allowing Pun-Pun (a character class that becomes infinitely strong at lvl5, without bending any rules at all) to be played by not allowing certain things like the spells required to preform it. This is good DMing as it makes the game fun for all players (except the guy who wanted to be a dick by playing PunPun)

>> No.15260309

Yeah, most games are better. Many even range into 'good' territory. The only ones that get talked about on here are the bad ones and the really awesome ones.

>> No.15260313

This is what happened to me this week:


Captcha: festering conome

>> No.15260318

There are Pre-written rules. They are fairly comprehensive. And most people play by them. Some people do not. Most DM's subscribe to the philosphy "When the rules get in the way of people have fun, FUCK the rules." Normaly you don't have to worry about this unless a certian rule is way to bloated for the DM's taste (Grapple rules for 3.x edition DND are a big offender) in which case he will skip them, or try to stream line them.

Basicly a DM is like a judge in the courtroom. SO if a question about a rule comes up, he renders a judgement trying to keep things fair and balanced without having to slow shit down. Otherwise He'll utter the groan inducing words "check the book" Because that means you have to stop what your doing, break the pace as everyone races to find an answer to get things moving again.

>> No.15260319

So they are kind of like guidelines to keep everything flowing nicely rather than set-in-stone rules?

>> No.15260331

Pretty much.

>> No.15260344

If I try to lead my players into adventures by having NPC's drop hints and make "HEY THERE'S A GOBLIN CAVE OVER THERE, SOUND INTERESTING?" comments, does that make me a bad DM?

>> No.15260354

The first rule in all D&D books is called Rule 0: The DM can change or modify the rules as they see fit.
As I said earlier the job of a DM is a lot like being a Judge in the courtroom. He interpretes the set in stone laws, changing them if needed. And if someone tries to bend or break them, he doles out punishments, and rewards those who follow them.

>> No.15260358

Horrible DMing, you say?

I'd like to point you to the DH game I run. Bascially, the plot is along the lines of 3 cabals of inquisitors engaged in a shadow war over control of the Calixis Sector, the players are taking the roles of different acolyte cells across multiple Ordos(we've covered Hereticus, Xenos and will be moving to Malleus and Chronos soon) the story is so far centralized on their ordo hereticus acolyte cell, which has so far, crippled a lunar class cruiser with several hacking(tech use plus an initiative roll, needed something to represent firewalls and such) rolls, stopped a dangerously-misguided-but-loyal Xenos inquisitor(re; killed him) from unleashing his cloned Imperial Genestealer Storm troopers on the sector at large and is now engaged in a hunt for said radicals surviving acolytes.

not sure how much space, will continue next post.

>> No.15260360

well in D&D 3.5 Composite Longbow does 1d6 dammage, with a crit doing 3x that, of course you can get STR added but we will ignore that for now

With a 10x modifier that would mean an average of 30 dammage each round, enough to 1shot (and kill by bring the characters hp to -10) any rogue under level 6, assuming that the rogue got average rolls on his/her hit dice and has a CON modifier of +2 (meaning that the rogue has about 20hp)

That means that a level 1 could instantly kill a level 6 rogue (or any other class that uses a d6 hit dice), on an average damage roll

>> No.15260364

Not necessarily.
You don't always have to come up with a deep and engaging plot for the very first adventure. It should be kept pretty simple, but have fleeting images of a much larger plot and world woven into it.

>> No.15260384

Yes but if he modifies a rule or set of rules then he must keep the rules in place for the rest of the campaign

He cant just say one minute that a player cant do 10x damage to an enemy because he is 10m above him then when the roles are reversed (with the enemy in the 10m above spot) suddenly apply the rule

>> No.15260428

>The first rule in all D&D books is called Rule 0: The DM can change or modify the rules as they see fit.

Rule 0 is "Have Fun"

>> No.15260438

That is of course assuming they are playing D&D and not something else like Anima Beyond fantasy or the Dream Pod 9 Fantasy RPG.

It's only my guess that they are NOT playing D&D or savage worlds rule set, as that 10x would have 1 shot killed just about any party member with even crappy rolls, meaning the paralytic agent isn't needed.

Also most DM's I know in D&D would give a + 10 damage rather than a x10. Even x4 is lethal.

>> No.15260476

I just used what I had on hand, I only play 3.5 so thats what I used (I wasn't implying thats what OP plays)

But of course in pretty much every RPG a 10x would be fatal in most circumstances

>> No.15260481

Shitty DH game part 2.

I then ran a spin off game, where the players took on the role of a cell of Ordo Xenos operatives working with a Squat Inquisitor who was investigating a mechanicum research post he had personal ties too(don't ask) the villain this time being one of the crazy inquisitors Acolytes from the first game who for some reason had a vortex grenade implanted into her chest. All this while the hive this research outpost is hidden in is in the middle of a zombie plague in it's underhive. throughout the encounters I scattered clues linking the two games together, a great overarching clusterfuck of a plot is in the making with the Inquisitor at the head of the groups main set of characters at the helm of this all.

Speaking of which, lets get into this example of my ineptitude. The Inquisitor, a Julianus Braxus of the Ordo Hereticus, is secretly an extreme radical of the Recongregator philosophy, his subtle manipulations have caused this shadow war to break out between the 3 cabals, why he's doing this? I'm deciding if it's because he's gone totally off the deep end or because he's fallen into Tzeentch worship and doesn't realise it yet.

And that's where it's been left at for now, I'm writing act 2 of this campaign while one of the players is actually running a spin off game to clear up some plot holes and expand on some other details that got glossed over before. I'm not sure why my players keep coming back fortnight after fortnight for my game, maybe they just like seeing what I can pull out of my arse each fortnight?

>> No.15260504

Rule 0 boils down to "If the get in the way of the fun, The DM has the power to amend the rules to Save the fun."
Most DM's don't have to invoke this one often, and experainced ones have a set of rules that they made ruleings on in the past, along with new fun stuff they made up them selves that get called "house rules". Great DM's will get you a print out with them on there. Good DM's will tell you about them. Crappy DM's have to make the same rulings every time the situation comes up.

>> No.15260534
File: 46 KB, 220x183, 2d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I once complained, and tried to stop how one of my players were playing a caster class, for the vain reason that I didn't like how they were going about it, and perhaps an underlying bias against casters.

I regret it terribly, and apologized to that player. A GM does have the final word, but nowhere does it say that the GM should force you to do as he pleases, rather than what you want.

>> No.15260562

Exactly. A DM should be a judge, not an advocate. Unless what he was doing was preventing others from having fun, then how he played his caster is up to him.

>> No.15260644

Not really.

Thinking of a goblin cave as interesting however.....

>> No.15260653

>DM throws us in a tavern, offers no obvious plot hooks, party wastes 1.5 hours in the tavern and another half hour "travelling back home"
>Second session has us escorting a gold shipment to the bank. We are attacked by hawks. This encounter takes 2 hours.
>Third session, we arrive at an inn attacked by cultists. Instead of having us fight the cultists, he introduces a DM PC, and has us roll spot. All of us fail and we wake up in a cell with no armor/weapons. We are then stuck for nearly 2 hours on a puzzle. At this point the DM gets bored and does rocks fall, everyone dies.

>> No.15260729

Sit down with two friends who have never played before and a DM who "has run these campaigns a dozen times," I think we're just playing the latest starter journey.

He doesn't know diddley about our classes (which we rolled the week before), doesn't have maps prepared, doesn't have script in order, takes us six hours to smash tiamat's alter and collect various kobold parts to bring back to the mayor.

Week after full two hours just battling a white dragonling.

No one wanted to play afterwards.

>> No.15260736

>Guy says he wants to DM, says he has experience
>DM says he wants to do a campaign where everything short of pun pun goes
>DM takes 1.5 hours to narrate less than a dozen lines between 2 NPCs, everyone else is bored out of their mind and wishing he would hurry up
>Decides that the first party quest will be investigating masked guys who have done nothing illegal and just looks suspicious
>Every attempt to investigate them fails, DM keeps going "oh man you guys are so going to die" when we discuss plans
>Apparently they are a high level group of casters, and we are like level 4
>Ask DM whether this has a plot or he is just trolling us
>He insists the plot is awesome and that it will start soon, and blames us for not asking him to do gather information rolls
>Game never goes anywhere

>> No.15260902

>First time DM
>Our group is sent into a dungeon to kill a satanic cult.
>Clear out the first level but my Pally senses more evil nearby
>Rogue rolls a listen check of 28
>DM: You hear stairs
>Rogue: Okay wait what?
>He heard stairs, they weren't moving at all or anything.

>> No.15260974
File: 24 KB, 215x157, 1260769798822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your GM is terrible, and you are terrible for letting him be terrible.
Don't let him be terrible.
Discuss with the other players, and use the law of precedence.
If he trys to invoke rule 0, fuck him. abort.
Otherwise, trollthread, discuss.

>> No.15261005

Maybe it was an echolocation kind of thing.

>> No.15261038

Well it was a level 2 rogue so how?

>> No.15261166

>he heard stairs
"Pssst! Hey! Hey Rogue! Its me! The stairs! You should come walk up me bro!"

>> No.15261203
File: 146 KB, 400x499, 97107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't do it, Rogue. I'm telling you now, be careful about those stairs.

>> No.15261214

I TOLD you dawg! I told you about STAIRS bro!

>> No.15261223

The funny thing is that our cleric said something along those lines.

>> No.15261226
File: 161 KB, 355x240, My life is a lie, god dammit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm playing Pathfinder for the first time, and decide to play an unarmed grappling pugilist Barbarian, a neutral evil ex-pitfighter. Not stupid evil, not "fuck over the party" evil, just a selfish git looking for paid fights.

We're already together as a group, and arrive at a town that is described as "somewhat uneasy". It becomes immediately apparent that I'm the only one who came prepared, as some of the others don't even have rations or TORCHES. Jokes back and forth about my character setting up an adventurer supply store abound, and barring a brief incident with THAT GUY's paladin of shameless sluttiness (after kicking him the hell out, we found that his gear consisted only of bondage straps and dildos), I was digging everyone's characters.

So we stay at the inn and are greeted by a man looking for people to hire for some job or another, deciding to meet up the next day after mulling the idea over. My guy happens to worship a neutral nature god, and since the DM described the town as having a small temple at the outskirts he decided to go out after dark and pray for a safe journey, rather than sidetrack everyone before setting out again.

And then I'm ambushed by four assassins in the middle of a main road, and during the surprise round get struck by three arrows, fail three high fortitude-save rolls, and fall unconscious. I wake up in the clinic of a local doctor, all of my items and gear and money stolen.

The DM then looks at me and says smugly, "I guess that'll teach you not to go out after dark!"

>> No.15261246
File: 54 KB, 389x419, Well Okay....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Apparently "slightly uneasy" was unspoken code for "has a fully organized assassin's/thieves guild bold enough to randomly attack strangers in the street".

The game didn't last long after that, but my only solace was that, as an unarmed barbarian, I didn't need any fucking weapons anyway. Still a really fucking shitty way to get introduced to the system.

>> No.15261252


What does this mean?

I have heard it but never worked out what it means.

>> No.15261259

"Dont listen to the paladin bro, theres some totally sweet ass treasure up here you should come and see!"

>> No.15261286
File: 172 KB, 631x893, Northern Barbarian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Basically means a complete jerkass. Could also mean someone ignorant, which, as a country hick with a half-orc dad and a hippy druid of a mother, would also be applicable.

Alas Ceoluulf, your adventure ended before it could really begin.

>> No.15261319


>The DM then looks at me and says smugly, "I guess that'll teach you not to go out after dark!"

What kind of fucking barbarian would be scared of going out in the dark? For fuck's sake.

>> No.15261339

Railroad? Possibly but charging up a hill with legions of archers shooting down at you seems like a bad way to approach that.

Have some faith in your DM, he's probably not just doing this to fulfill some rape fetish and chances are there is a reason the story is taking this turn.


>> No.15261344
File: 261 KB, 800x600, bullshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not to mention the character is already a thug(If I understood the description right). HE is the reason the NPCs are afraid to walk home alone, damnit.

>> No.15261355


Flawed ruling (that is more than likely to bite the GM in the ass anyways) and potential rape-bait aside, the biggest problem I see here is a failure in the GM to communicate.

Good communication is probably the biggest challenge in GMing and I've seen a number of scenarios like this were people are quick to blame the players for doing something stupid/unrealistic/whatever. But more often than not, this come back to the tone of the game and how the scenario is painted.

The OP suggested they were big damn heroes that ate bandits for breakfast and they probably were. DnD is one of those odd systems were the difficulty of your opponent isn't always immediately obvious. You might have just slew an adult dragon and tangled with GM HOMEBREW eldritch horrors from beyond time and space; how were you to know that group of nine generic bandits were all level 20 and suppose to be feared.

>> No.15261388
File: 16 KB, 327x343, 1208402802566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Exactly, and this is the justification I used after this happened. Despite being level one, the guy was still an 18 Strength brick shithouse walking around near-shirtless. Why the hell would an assassin's guild have patrols of knock-out-poison wielding archers attack random thugs instead of merchants or people that look like they have something of worth? Ultimately the only shit they got out of it was a bunch of shit you could buy at a general store and about twenty coins, which probably doesn't even cover the cost of the doses of poison they wasted!

>> No.15261463


I fucking hate this sort of GM mostly because I've had to deal with his players afterwards. They were broken players /tg/, content to just timidly follow any well trodden brightly lit rails you laid...unless you made them too comfortable, then you might get their paranoia up and they'd have to hide in the corner.

You wouldn't catch them doing anything that hadn't been explicitly GM sanctified and approved. Split up in a peaceful town in broad daylight? Madness!

>> No.15261513
File: 12 KB, 400x401, Amnesia 18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sadly, it has kind of gotten to me. I find myself looking to the DM for guidance more often than not (though I do think I make entertaining enough characters), and get a bit taken aback when someone suggests I could have done something so wildly at odds with what we're actually doing.

Mostly, at any rate. One of my last sessions of Rogue Trader resulted in us confronting a man that had sold his soul to Tzeentch in return for the lives of his crew, and had become utterly broken by the madness of this revelation. The DM up and said that he was blowing a Fate Point to cause any guns fired at the guy to jam...

So my Techpriest promptly charged across the room like a freight train and clapped his thick metal hands around the guy's neck until it snapped between his fingers.

>> No.15261524

>You are walking through the towns market for a while as the others rest in the tavern. The market is extremely busy, full of townsfolk looking for good deals. As you lean over to observe a rather ornate looking teapot, a chimera pounces ferociously from underneath the stall! In seconds it shreds into your flesh and scurries off, as you lie bleeding the townfolk take their pick of your belongings, and after several minutes you die.

>> No.15261568
File: 8 KB, 251x249, Oh well, I guess I'm mildly bothered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


...Is what I wish had happened. Actually the DM then stated that he simply ran out the nearby door, despite not rolling to contest the grapple, and someone else ended up getting the final blow.

>> No.15261667

This isn't a hard and fast rule, but I usually measure up a DM by whether or not they say, "That'll teach you" or "That'll teach them." Usually in a smug tone, and usually followed by a chuckle.

Sometimes it's nothing, but a lot of the time, it's a passive aggressive DM that really just wants to watch the movie or read the book he wrote, and doesn't know/want to improv.

>> No.15261770

I'm glad somebody said it. We were all thinking it.

>> No.15261802

Bad DM: "That'll teach you!"
Good DM: "The BBEG cackles manically, only pausing to yell out 'That'll them you!' between breaths."

>> No.15261821

>That'll them you!

Oh dear. I just pictured a BBEG wizard who is an insecure autist with horrible grammar.

I will inflict this on my next group because of you.

>> No.15261842


>That'll them you

"What will you do now, Bwian?"

>> No.15261956
File: 772 KB, 160x120, 1248885871831.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last time I was DMing, the PC party decided it would be a good idea to go to Feralas as lv 5 characters.

The party consisted of a female tauren runemaster (the pilgrim), a mok'nathal barbarian (a wandering loner tracking Rexxar to know their origin), and a troll hunter (a deserter).

They got ambushed by Gordunni ogres who wanted to force them into wirking in cobalt mines. The party was outnumbered and their adversaries were stronger in any way (but not overpowered, they're dumb ogres nonetheless).

My intentions as the DM was either to imprison them, or to make them run away from Feralas. They chose the third option.

Against all odds, they hit the ogres so hard they were forced into fleeing. And they kept going down the road to Mojache, bruised and battered.

All in all, ambushes should give the feeling of "omh we're deep into shit", but not the "rock falls you die" one.

And no, I don't speak english, sorry.

>> No.15262887

a wow rpg?
I could live with that.

>> No.15262902

There is one actually.

>> No.15263106
File: 639 KB, 704x472, youhearstairs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15263606


you no speaka da english? looks okay to me, guy.

>> No.15265344
File: 9 KB, 193x251, cupofrage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So last night I was playing with this group. The DM has been HORRIBLE so far. I'm talking really fucking terrible. RPing for hours on end with no experience earned by anyone even after we are actively seeking out experience. Being the rogue, I decide "Fuck this, I'm goddam bored. I'm going to go and steal things." I make a search check, find a nice house, and rob it blind. I then go to the fence in town "the following day" and sell my stuff to the local fence. I have my character bang her for no reason other than entertainment. No excessive descriptions are given, just "I bang her."

The DM's response? "You wake up and have no money. She's gone."

"You mean to tell me that a well established business woman has just packed her shop for no other reason than to steal my money?"

"Oh, uh, well she's not well established, she sells out of a tent."

Fucking BS. I am now down like 2k gold from stealing from various people over the course of a couple of weeks.

>> No.15265402

It's actually a 3.5 supplement.

>> No.15266082

Humpa bump.

>> No.15266119
File: 21 KB, 218x312, 25021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15267448

rolled 84 = 84


Wordy fag missed where this specific Anon mentioned that he was playing a 'bikini clad warrior'. (IE: A troped idea, but he admits to playing it.) Now, it was shit GMing because

A) GM makes his moralboner known, and player chooses a different character.
B) Player describes character, GM veto's the idea.

Either the player is a massive faggot for not telling his moralboner GM what he's playing (and putting a character away for this specific GM - because he's used her before with better GM's and not had a problem.) OR the GM is a faggot for railroading a character into death because he does not like her.
What probably happened is: Player describes character, GM grumbles yet allows. EITHER He later kills character because he got a moralityboner on that specific day, kills character OR He plots to kill character because he's a faggot who wanted her dead upon hearing about her.

I've never understood why gamers don't keep a character alive and use them again, just discounting what happened in the offending GM's story, esp if this was the first adventure under said shitty GM.

If any of these did not happen, there would be a

>> No.15269723


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