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I'm doing a /tg/ dressup doll.

What do you guys want on yours ?

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more delicious ab muscles, and underwear so small you wouldn't be able to legally wear it on the beach.

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various guard girls

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I'll try to implement body types, but it's not a sure thing. If I don't change the body type, adding muscles shouldn't be that difficult, though.

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Fem-Dragon born.

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Can we go into detail? Because that would be awesome

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Foppish hats and poofy clothes.

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This, except the type of Dragonborn not found in Skyrim.

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We need several sets of Imperial armor and uniforms.
Krieg, Catachan, Cadia, Vostroja, Elysia...

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Commissar Fuklaw

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I like cata-chan as much as everyone... so... yes.

Make them with special weapons. Flamer for catchan, plasma for cadian, sniper for elysian... maybe a big subber for Kreig.

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I would also say don't go overboard on the tits.
I think medium, perky breasts would be good, not like the oh-so-popular sorceress.
of short hair, spiky ponytails. And, thigh high boots.

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You're missing two of the best ones from your list.

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How about a mortar?

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No... its too dangerous.

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I want an eighties workout bikini, Greater-Good-Approved.

For MORE haigure

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after carefull experimentation, I can proudly announce that We can have different body types (woot).

I will now proceed to create the necessary assets. Does the pose suit you or should I throw something sexier ?

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I like the current one, but a sexy pin up kind of pose would be cool too.

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Two girls foolin around with a big metal tube... ok.

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dressup dolls?

pretty much what..



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something more frontal, maybe. Like pic related, but better done.

and I want an hourglass figure available!

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Im fine with it at the moment.

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I think op just wants us to suggest cloths.

chain sword.

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Lots of 40k women.

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I demand a Kroot woman!

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This! Jesus christ, this!

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I wanna be able to make a sexy Daemonette.
Along with Sisters of Battle. And, guardswomen are okay.

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which clothes?

How's that not fucking obvious?

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Swimsuits like this. HNNNNGH. Also Tech-priest stuff.

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We dont need clothes, we'll just be taking them off anyway. MORE SEXY DRAWN LADIES

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Faction-inspired bikini sets.
Drag and drop skulls, purity seals.
Cherubs and servo-skulls.
Beakie helmet.
SOB hair.
Also, more abs.

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Let's just throw this out there: Cute. Make everything like HNNNNNNNNG tier, roll on the floor having a brain aneurysm cute.

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Speak for yourself, I love me some presents with wrappings.

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Are you implying that /x/-tan's clothes aren't ten times sexier than any naked female body?

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of course, hair styles and skintones for all the major female /tg/ characters will be required, including a 'toggle nose' checkbox for the tau ladies

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I agree with this cat.
Semi-clothed (especially in this manner) is oftentimes better.

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Not to forget the brrroooooooooooom!

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Xeno's hair!

dat braid!
dat plump!
dat forelock!

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sexy lingerie and swimsuits are a necessity in any dressup doll game

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All the rest is superficial and unlikely to be used.

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We're /tg/, We think clothed women are sexy, somehow.

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Also, thanks for doing this, OP. I trust you won't let us down, I fucking love this shit.

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Considering that he's studying game design, this might be a mere class assignment, so I'm afraid it won't be as skimpy as we'd like.

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How about a report with extra sage?

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Can you really call that a game though?

>> No.15256384

you better be trolling.

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He can always make the porno version for us. And present an alpha vers for w/e class.

Judging by his OP pic , we are getting nudes.

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Naked Women - The appeal of being Naked.
Clothed Women - Leaves a little to the imagination, and the pleasure of getting to remove clothing yourself
/Strip tease.

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Why hello there. Haven't seen you or Doomrider in a while.

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I, for one, am into non-nude, and the shape of certain clothes simply enhances the natural curves of a body.

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I am fine with both.

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You're fine with a lot of things, Emps.

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Scars, bruises and stitches.

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I thinks it's actually just because with clothing, they seem like human beings and not just slabs of meat for your penis.

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I'm all over this place.
Though i have been playing the shit out of the UFO games lately...

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Oh really?


And here my friends is the BEST reason so far for this game to have a vast fashion selection.

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Mmmmmhhhhh, slabs of meat....

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This. A million times this.

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Indeed we need some heresy in her.

Cultist-chan anyone?

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I think it's the opposite.

naked, they're just slabs of meat, as you said. Natural and all, with no additions or connotations. Like an animal, if you wish.

Clothing, however, refines the shapes, and is heavily connoted depending on the shape, style, and use.

naked: reproductive consensual intercourse in the missionary position.

clothed: BDSM fetish sex in the butt.

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Why the hell not?

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So, is this going to be a game, or a kind of draw thread when you use the one same shape and put different clothes on?

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Eldar Guardian, Banshee, and Farseer
Those little schoolgirl outfits
Skins of those daemongirls with the chocolates, the Keeper of secrets, bloodletter, those ones.

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Needs bulky armor that conceals any discernible features that would hint at the wearer's gender.

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Yellow futuristic swimsuit for the Greater Good!

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How long has it been since /tg/ acquired a new original character to fap to?

>> No.15256632

well, since dronequest and Sar'a's done-butt, it has been six good months.

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File: 98 KB, 400x301, Haggardmodel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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What about cheerleader outfits?

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Robo-limbs Op. Robo-limbs errywhere.

>> No.15256739

why not directly a robot body like here?

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Make the robot arms long or extendable to emphasis that it's not necessarily organic/human.

>> No.15256766


seriously, you think you need to alter the proportions to show it?

just say that you're attracted to extendable limbs, not to robots.

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Progress is being made.

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Yesplease! Also, race queens.

>> No.15256973

that ain't /tg/-related but I approve
it's starting off nicely

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>> No.15257002

-cyber enhancements
-various armors

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How many honest to god /tg/ ladycharacters are there? Besides the guard-chans and cultist. Sandwich, maybe? It's weird that they're so confined to 40k.

>> No.15257361

There's lolicron, which i have to admit, is fucking adorable.

>> No.15257514

Xeno is adawwable too, but we've already mentioned her.

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hopefully it's going to be fun

>> No.15257544

Hats. Every hat. Also a monocle.

>> No.15257620


you're so awesome

>> No.15257696

come on, bump because 40kun is a pretty cool guy.

>> No.15257734

maybe a Krieger trench coat (with Seras Victoria's hair) if we want something more decent?

>> No.15257740

These are both from 40k.

>> No.15257828

kinda tempted to think of something M:tG related, but stupid sexy praetors don't really do the humanoid clothing thing well.

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I guarantee there will be material to do sandwich and her friends, maid gear, ridiculous plate armor and runic weapons.

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well, Warmahorde guys seemingly have a hard-on for Lylyth because of her hat and cleavage in the snow.

Other than that, MtG fags are all crazy for Elesh Norn, Sheoldred and Glissa, and for Chandra Naalar too.

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>Seras Victoria
Not 'nuff good stuff for that character.

>> No.15257884

Bumping for great justice and because 40kun is an awesome guy with mad drawing skills who doesn't affraid of heresy

>> No.15257894

Maybe Nôh. But she's underageb&, and only wears a tunic.

>> No.15257930

Those are official characters, not /tg/ characters.

I may need to start a thread of colossal faggotry to rectify this.

>> No.15257950


.... seems like alot of /tg/ originals are just rule 63 or non /tg/ characters reskined for a setting, or random NPCs in random campaigns.

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Maybe need a dress-up of cultist-chan based on OPs perception of her?

>> No.15258121

Suppose so. Did all of the Guard-chans get their personalities when they were conceived, or was it "I DRAW IMPERIAL GUARD LADY" followed by a collective expansion of the fluff?

>> No.15258135

I will say this again: I DEMAND KROOT LADIES!

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Sure, Let's go with that.

>> No.15258183

Silly boy, Kroots are birds, not lizards

>> No.15258214

As a fan of Kroot, and all well-done smarter-than-they-look savage-naturey-guys, I request that this not be done. Kroot ladies look identical to normal kroot, all the differences are scent-based/internal. Kroot don't even have junk, or anuses. Why must furries and anthros ruin everything that I love?

>> No.15258221

And a T-Rex is neither of those things.
Your point being?

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Speaking of fluff expansion - good news, everyone. I'm about to writefag it up because I think it's time we advanced the plot in the /tg/ canon (gasp). GW may enjoy milking this shit for all it's worth, but we're better than that, goddamnit!

>> No.15258279


what is this "it" you are write faging up?

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>someone requests rule 63 on kroot
Where the fuck did THAT come from?
Necron aren't even capable of having a sex because they're robots, but they've Lolicron, Why bitch about the Kroot? They could have eaten like a succubus or someting and gotten hot and a vagina. What about that? I just validated what you oppose by using good ol' loopholes.

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Tau females dont have breasts either. Neither do nids or necron, but we have all of those having tits!


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One last batch before I go to bed.

>> No.15258423

The kroot are the ones who it makes the most sense for, because they can absorb the traits of their feasting victim. What if they eat boob and vagina monsters that are just vaginas with boobs?
Then they'd get boobs and vaginas, and possibly get hot.

>> No.15258436

oh boy that's so freaking cool!

>> No.15258477

Huzzah! The cheerleader outfit is gonna make it in :D

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Ever wondered what happens to Lofn after her mother dies? Yeah, that.

> Captcha: suggested intrions

How fitting.

>> No.15258511

Jus for you because you included the Todeskorpser uniform.
Not really related but it's cool.

>> No.15258754

things as I see them for now :
-one body type
-additional muscle, maybe
-the following assets : underwear(top), underwear (bottom), headgear, face, neck, top, arms, shoulders, bottom, thighs, thighs attachments, belt, which will have one primary and one secondary color
-the following body features : eyes, face, mouth, nose, ears, freckles, horns
-additional drag and drop items such as drones, seals, skulls. I imagine you could pick any five items and drop them on the doll.
-as many skin tones as possibles daemon skintones

>> No.15258937

MUST HAEV. OP is a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.15259102

bumping with more Andrews Sis to keep the thread alive aaaaall night long!

>> No.15259922

Man, I haven't seen Banhammer in forever

>> No.15259980


>> No.15260105

Two Words.

Tiny Miniskirts.

>> No.15260202

I'm probably going to end up masturbating with the fury of ten thousand suns in some case with this.

>> No.15260435

Hwee cap-toored eet fohr kay-ohss!!
Thanks 40kun

>> No.15261558

If OP happens to get back to this thread before it 404's I'd like to request skaven female.

And no "There are no skaven females, only broodmothers" please.

>> No.15261635

bumping for great heresy

>Captcha: Speak heonotha
Sounds kinda heretical

>> No.15261670

It's an extremely specific, boring request, but knee/elbow pads? Assuming you are coming back, B&.

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Just woke up, I can't wait for the end results.

Also Macha would be good too.

>> No.15261840

Bumping for the horned rat

>> No.15261859

If there's a Tau option that's all I need.

>> No.15261874

need moar 40kun goodness

>> No.15261892


>> No.15261923

Sketch-sketch quick-quick man-thing

>> No.15262004

please don't let this die

>> No.15262027

yes-yes quick-quick

>> No.15262074

big-strong man-thing sketching good-well we need-need your sketch-draw fast-fast

>> No.15262091

stop posting jesus christ, B& is long gone and threads on /tg/ take like a day to die, if he comes back then the thread will be saved and your posts are worthless, if he doesn't then it will die and your posts are worthless

>> No.15262102

Don't sage dammit

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two and a half, actually:

Wait, wait.... That means I can dress up Xeno as /x/-tan? /x/eno? For REAL!

40kun fuck yeah!

>> No.15262146

I look forward to furiously masturbating to this when it is done. Would OP be kind enough to provide us with a link if he does make this wonderful application?

>> No.15262159

Sure hope so but he needs to wake up before he can do that

>> No.15262165
File: 78 KB, 455x599, Upgraded_HoMM_2_monsters_by_Dominicy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Steel Bikini (because what fantasy is complete without set of bikini made of steel?)
Princess Peach outfit (I don't know, just happened to think about her for some reason)
Witch Hunter outfit (because they look cool)

Picture unrelated, but HoMM2 units look cool.

>> No.15262175

We also need a chainmail bikini
Thanks for reminding me

>> No.15262179

yep, steel bikini and inquisitor outfit because dat hat!

>> No.15262192

Dat hat indeed

>> No.15262205
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X-Com personal armor.

>> No.15262225
File: 2 KB, 126x95, 1306978826129s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more please!

>> No.15262234

We need nid women fast!

>> No.15262239
File: 113 KB, 894x894, Spray_by_JoPereira.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't /tg/-related but I really want Jo's Engie-tan in this set.

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Yes Please.
I love nerf now.

How about some pink jumpsuits? Get that SS13 heat.
Capcha Pegfor %66
Capcha wants 66% more Pegs.
Peglegs, Pegarms! Peg. Faces.

>> No.15262372
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You know it does.

>> No.15262421

dat nostalgia

dare I reinstall? Knights are the est.. but dat black dragon

>> No.15262480

Also not /tg/-related but Vivi from FFIX

>> No.15262491

Rule 63

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>> No.15262852

Bumping for heresy

>> No.15262870 [DELETED] 
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No heresy for you.

>> No.15262911



>> No.15262912

Then can we get some Inquisitor instead?
We need more hats

>> No.15262917 [DELETED] 
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Fine, you can have a hat.

>> No.15262968

Inquisitorial hat

>> No.15262997 [DELETED] 
File: 303 KB, 855x1166, 1296156223394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You and your hats.
Do you think we are talking about TF2?

>> No.15263073

Nope, but you wouldn't let me have my heresy so i have to go for something else
Also keeping this thread alive so i can possibly get some heresy

>> No.15263085

Pretty much

>> No.15263112
File: 144 KB, 1600x900, 'Quisitor hats wanted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15263236

Bumpan to keep alive

>> No.15263327

Keep on living, i needs me some skaven females, also nids, chainmail bikini, plate bikini, Engie-tan, macha and rule 63 on Vivi

>> No.15263521



>> No.15263531


>> No.15263864


>> No.15263901
File: 221 KB, 800x600, Wallpaper_InkEyesServantofOni_800x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ink-Eyes, please!

>> No.15264040

>Female Skaven

Practically the same

>> No.15264046


Ink-Eyes is female?


>> No.15264065

Ink-Eyes doesn't weigh like five hundred pounds and constantly give birth in a drug-induced haze that is slowly turning her blind, so no, not really.

>> No.15264068

I see boobs
I don't know how bad your eyesight is though

>> No.15264074

it's rule 63 on a skaven, not a broodmother i'm looking for dammit

>> No.15264077


it's completely, I mean completely, hugely different.

Female Nezumis are neeearly furrybait, while female Skaven are huge, sausage-shaped bloated monstrosities that are constantly pregnant, swelling with milk and embryos, unable to walk or to talk. They are cum-dumpsters. No, they're even worse, they're living incubators, and they don't look like human females at all. At all.

>> No.15264083


I have a grade of 850 on the left eye and 950 on the right, so -9 on both eyes, basically.

>> No.15264091

Hours of pathetic bumping.
Stay classy /tg/.

>> No.15264099

Would still look unattractive. gaunt, with a hunched back and dirty fur.

Think of an anorexic crack whore that happens to be a rat.

just have your female nezumi.

>> No.15264227 [DELETED] 
File: 150 KB, 264x281, 1263144837897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Will do.

>> No.15264454

Sorry to hear

I'd appreciate anyway

>> No.15264697

I would love me some heresy

>> No.15264769

Also need tech-priest

>> No.15265062

Bumpan because bumpan

>> No.15266068

For not dying

>> No.15266086 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 550x413, 1251833123686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15266103 [DELETED] 
File: 24 KB, 132x254, 1258515687781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


S-stupid Anon... It's not like I like you or anything.

>> No.15267123
File: 32 KB, 565x421, Miranda_wakfu_01_img_princ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also Miranda, please.

>> No.15267505

Hwee cap-toored eet fohr kay-ohss!!

>Captcha: nedision fact
Purge mee...purge meeeheehee!

>> No.15268326
File: 135 KB, 700x1390, #1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Super unprofessionally but i dressed her up... so so

>> No.15268802

Just keeping alive, almost done with the cultist-chan dress-up

>> No.15268966
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Turned out so so

>> No.15269231

Sure smell empty in here

Kinda sad 40kun didn't return to take more requests

>> No.15269565

humpti dump ti bump

>> No.15270747

Holy shit, this thread's still here?

>> No.15271794


>> No.15272213

For the dark gods

>> No.15272518

Om nom nom
nid woman needed

>> No.15274608

Living the dream

>> No.15274850

Bump ti dum

>> No.15274876

Okay, why were the files deleted?

Oh, right, there were one single pair of nipples at one point.

Okay, I won't bitch anymore, but it's simply weird.

>> No.15274949 [DELETED] 

>Go to ezmodo to see what the deletion fuss is all about
>Some blue alien girl in a bikini

I didn't know the mod was a puritan

>> No.15274993

nevermind me

>> No.15275263


>> No.15275277 [DELETED] 

ban this asshole.

>> No.15275430

Beware, coward.
Beware, I live.
Beware, run run run!
Beware, I hunger, I am sinister.

Be-beware, r-r-r-r-rrrrr-run!

I am.

>> No.15275716


>> No.15275909


>> No.15277617


>> No.15278262


>> No.15278872

Ruup-ti har

>> No.15279199


>> No.15281965

6 little eggs on the run
they fuck each other three goes
boom dubi dum

watch out be safe so
3 little eggs had sex
1 win and 2 explode goes
boom dubi dum

watch out be safe so
2 little eggs in the sun
one sleep too long goes boom boom
boom dubi dum

the story ends with
1 little egg was blind
make suicide with pan
boom boom dubi dum

>> No.15282777


>> No.15283507


>> No.15283770

Here's a hint, cocksmurf: Skaven are NOT yifftastic, simply because female skaven are VIOLENTLY DISGUSTING. Your "ink-eyes" doesn't exist in Warhammer canon.

>> No.15283957

U mad?
U mad

>> No.15284005

Neither does female space marines or hot female catachans, yet /tg/ seems not to care.

>> No.15284051

I like this guy, in a bro kinda way

>> No.15284158

Speaking of which, any chance of a Cata-chan skin, or will her hugeness warp the template too much?

>> No.15284165

Female catachans ARE canon. Hot female catachans? Not so much, unless you have a fetish for femrambos. Female space marines? Troll bait.

>> No.15284178
File: 94 KB, 459x529, catatorso.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Hot female catachans? Not so much, unless you have a fetish for femrambos.

Shamefully, we kinda do

>> No.15284201

We do indeed

>> No.15284528

Which, honestly, is superior to Femrines. It doesn't cause nearly as much of a trolling shitstorm, and anon seems to have forgiven her for the whole toothgap thing.

>> No.15284613

That's because she's a MtG character, you uncultured brute.

>> No.15284625

That's because, in spite of her MUSSELS, she's kinda cute. She's a sassy but naive redhead with a funny diastema.

>> No.15284627


who da artist of dis

>> No.15284689
File: 165 KB, 1175x771, CataTaufinal01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buddy of mine I pestered to make this years ago. He hasn't drawn anything new, lately, sadly.

The Imperium's number one bubbleheaded weapon of mass destruction.

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