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What? For me?

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Oh? What's this?

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What's going on here, /tg/?

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"My dick in a box."

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Heresy Kisses

You like chocolate don't you?

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The only chocolate in 40k setting: HERESY'S KISSES

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long time, no see girlie.

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oyh issht ihhs nafhingg hjuusyt sohjmmighn aiihh maedde fhoour jhoou

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nho whan ees loyal, everywhan ees heretic.

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Grampa here, why don't you ever call?

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I'll open it now, Cultist-chan! Thank you!

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Speaking of Cultist-chan, I'm planning on including her in my Gamma World game, and am wondering if you can help me out with converting her to the setting. I'm talking about things such as what Cryptic Alliance she belongs to (I'm currently torn between the Red Death and the Radioactivists), what the Gamma World equivalent of her 3-headed chaos-beast pet would be, and other such nonsence. Anybody have any ideas?

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