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I was drawing a pic of aetherion, the Elfdar of eatatau, and i suddenly got a doubt...

if the eldar were created directly by the Old Ones, they would not have those evolution leftovers, would they? as the appendix or the wisdom teeth

would males have then nipples?

culprit pic

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shameless autobump

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>would males have then nipples?

Yes, they are an erogenous zone and their orgies created Slaanesh.

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no way

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depends how they were created by the Old Ones.

Maybe they just heavily altered a pre-existing organism to make a better psychic soldier.

In which case they would still have some lefovers.

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you, kind gentlemen, dont know me.

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They are so advance they graft nipples everywhere on their torsos

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Old fluff is pretty clear that the old ones created the Eldar Gods as perfect in their exact forms to guard against the threat they say from Chaos. Then the gods created the Eldar people from a flower which sprung forth in the eldar exact form.

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and in their bows

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>if the eldar were created directly by the Old Ones
Not directly. The old ones seeded lots of planets with life.
They liked what they saw much later on the eldar planet. The eldar did evolve on that planet, even if the original life forms were seeded there.

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nipples are a byproduct of gender not being immediate in the womb and shared components between the two sexes; it's not a question of evolution so much as whether or not you'd design biological life to share parts.

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pic highly related

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The Eldar Gods created the Eldar by breathing life into a flower. Religious myth as much as it sounds, it is the only canon explanation. Logical evolution is a fanon theory.

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The Eldar Gods created the Eldar by breathing life into a flower. Religious myth as much as it sounds, it is the only canon explanation. Logical evolution is a fanon theory.

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Scientists are actually starting to learn more about the appendix, I can't remember the details but it involved a back up supply of white blood cells or something.

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whaddabout the squats? or slaani?

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You now realize that due to lack of bodyfat, OP image +white skin is what Lelith Hesperax looks like under the spike drag.

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well, i hope to finish it soon

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Yes well uh, since you're here, after you're done with this, can I request a Lelith image from you?

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this is him, btw.

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Squats are an evolutionary deviation fro, Humanity.

The Slaan are reptilian.

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Don't tell David Icke. It'll solidify his beliefs.

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Man, reptoids are one of my favorite aspects of fantasy/sci-fi/conspiracy/horror settings. "Oh man, there goes them crazy lizard guys again, wearing human skin suits and infiltrating our go'vt, what characters!"

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sure, here you are.
kind of...

Captcha related: Same henduar

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I don't know why I remarked that honestly. I think the thought process was something like:

Squats -> humans -> midgets -> dwarfism
Slann -> reptilians -> David Icke

But either way I must agree to a point. I've never used Reptoids in a setting, but have run David Icke style npcs with the wealth to allow them to become a problem. That was rather fulfilling.

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There is pride in what they are. If it isn't in the way, they wouldn't mess with it.

The old ones creation of them wouldn't be instant either.

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although i prefer this one...

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Not sure if serious, but the original source on Craftworld Eldar specifically mentions them in an earlier stage of evolution.

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I think having a penis would be more important than nipples.

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elfdars dont use those things

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Wasn't it in Xenology in which they stated that Eldar have cocks? And that said cocks were basically human cocks?

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no, im pretty sure the males elfdars insert flowers in any place to the females elfdars and larvae elfdars are born.. somehow.

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Xenology is a piece of fiction written from the point of view by a Biologis Magos who hasn't had nearly as much contact with xeno corpses as he should have for the book.

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I'm pretty sure that a Biologis Magos could at least point out a penis.

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no, if we are talking about a lady magos

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ok, so, how about now?

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Not if the magos never actually had encountered an eldar and wrote the whole thing from his desk. "Yeah, eldar have human penises. Have you ever seen an eldar penis? No? Then you can't prove me wrong!"

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There are no Eldar genders.

They fertilize each other by using an anemone-like appendange.

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But the magos in question dissected an Eldar.

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He wrote that he dissected an eldar and the book is written in setting not from the 3rd person perspective. It's in setting fiction.

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I'm sure that he could have quite easily dissected an Eldar seeing as he had a whole zoo of xenos.

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Is it wrong that I got a mental image of an Eldar getting his hands on a copy of the book?

"Oh look, the mon'keighs are writing stories... *flip*flip*flip* THEY DID FUCKING WHAT?!?"

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i lol`d

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You're speaking English, get the words right.

The word you wanted is Sex.

Gender is short for Gender Identity - where the mind of a person perceives itself on the male/female spectrum.

Sex is how the body is configured, and has three subgroups:
Chromosomal Sex - How you were born, currently this cannot be changed.
Physical Sex - How you look to an outside observer, this can be changed.
Legal Sex - How the Government perceives your sex. This, too can be changed.

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thats the word i want too

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"Lets declare war on them for this!
"...We already are at war with them"
"Then declare doublewar, or something!"

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"You... you... double-warmonger!"

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"You... you... double-pacifist!"

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doble gargamel?

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ok, he has penis now.

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That's pretty small.

I feel less insecure about my small penis now.

Thank you!

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shit, and i thought that was pretty big...

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You can feel insecure about YOUR small penis now.

I guess when God gives, he also taketh away. Eth.

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penis bump

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Big Choppa is +2S

Since Marines are S4, the hit comes at S6 and Lelith (T3) is instagibbed - excellent reflection of the game here!

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Someone correct this penis right now.

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you can't let penises be wrong?

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/tg/ still cannot decide the nature of space marine dick.

It's an important topic.

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It's keeps our mind off other topics. Like the fact female catachans probably have a she-hyena thing going on.

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