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How many Augmetics are TOO many augmetics?

Lets take a Guardsman, call him Danny. Private Danny is a faithful and loyal servant of the Emperor from a decent world.
One day while facing an Ork WAAAAAGH he loses a leg. No big deal, slap on a cybernetic and he's ready to serve the Emperor again.
Few years later he gets hit in the gut by an Eldar Shuriken. He gets an augmetic lung and is no worse for the wear.
This tread continues for a few decades and Private Danny is now Sargent Danny. At what point does he become more machine then man and the AdMech goes "Whoa! What the shit is all this? This is heresy!" And convert what little organic bits are left of Danny into a Servitor?

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>How many Augmetics are TOO many augmetics?

Is that a trick question??

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Its only heresy when you show them off.

covering the things is easy.

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As long as he's still killing for the emperor, 99.99% of the 40k population will not care, because, hey, at least he's on our side.

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Well maybe not for a Techpriest or Skitarii. But this is just Danny Guardsman.
Actually, that's an idea. Would the AdMech just recruit him for Skitarii, or do you need to be raised Skitarii?

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I think after so many Bionic replacements, I think the Admech would start demanding Danny started paying for them

Bionic Limbs just don't grow on trees.

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I think the Guard itself takes care of that. As long as they are battlefield injuries anyway.

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As long as it's all properly sanctified, there is no heretek involved, there is no corruption from chaos, there is no AI involved, at least a little of the man remains AND he is still properly loyal to the Emperor, it's fine. Probably.

But this would have to be one hell of a lucky Guardsman just to get all the augmetics (and survive the requisite injuries) in the first place.

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Nice to know the Imperium has free health care.

But I figured it would just be cheaper to train a new guardsman than to buy inplants for an old one.

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I've heard of techpriests that were down to about half a brain still being flesh and blood. Everything else was mechanical.

Also remember that there are those in the Mechanicus that go the opposite route and have the same end result, only they're just a mass of tentacles instead of cables.

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He gets a piece of shrapnel in his brain and can only drool then -

AdMech goes "Whoa! What the shit is all this? This is heresy!" And convert what little organic bits are left of Danny into a Servitor?

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It's not about what's cheaper. It's about what's more grimdark. And, sure, leaving a horribly mutilated man to die in the dirt and then replacing him with yet another faceless soldier from yet another faceless world is pretty grimdark. But taking that man, cleaning his wounds, surrounding him with ornate, ancient medical machinery in a Gothic palace of a hospital, and jamming metal in him until his parts start working again- then booting him out the door with his shiny metal leg to get beaten, lacerated, burned, and shot in the goddamn lung by an Eldar, only to carry him back to jam more metal in him? That's grim, dark, and awesome.

Sure, the unending tide of conscripts is a staple of 40k, but it's cool to mix it up once in a while.

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He's very devout to the Emperor, and has the most experience in his Regiment.
But at some point he's goign to be what boils down to a sentient Servitor.
Yeah, but those are Techpriests, not 'normal' people.

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For a "normal" human they'd just kill him and replace him with another cannon fodder soldier. If he was a competent sergeant or an officer then he would actually be able to get bionics to replace lost limbs.

Rouge Traders are the only real reference for humans that you can get, but then again they're more or less above the law.

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Devout is good. Faith protects, not only from the horrors of the galaxy, but also scrutiny from above.

As noted by another anon, there are certain AdMech who have no flesh left but half a brain- But those are the higher-ups.

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Sargent Dan must be a badass. I mean, depending on the quality of his new bits, he's resistant to the elements, can;t feel as much pain, if any, and maybe even stronger then anyone else. If his eyes are bionic then he might even be able to see int he dark.

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Depends on the world. Some if you so much as get whooping cough, they'll shoot you or force you into a suicide squad.
Others, free health care for life.

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>At what point does he become more machine then man and the AdMech goes "Whoa! What the shit is all this? This is heresy!"

That is right up the AdMech's alley. They would pat him on the shoulder for being such a devout follower of the omnisiah and be on their way. Maybe even offer to improve some of the more shoddy equipment that's invariably in there.

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There was a good short story about a penal legion who had a Commissar like this. He was apparently 80 years old or so but was more machine than man, so he was tough as fuck. Now I'm trying to remember it.

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I wonder if he'll get a promotion to officer.
"Lieutenant Dan! You got magic legs!

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If he's good(or lucky) enough to warrant all of these bionic limbs, then the guard will go all out to make sure the cogboys don't get him.

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He probably hangs out with Vallhallens wearing his skivvies. "I'm not cold at all. What's with the Commissar shivering?" Standing waist deep in snow just chilling.

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This, most of them would admire such a man for the devotion to the great machines, and the omnisiah. I think it may be possible for some Admechs to see him as unworthy of the blessed augments based on his personality, and possible resentment of the surgeries he underwent and such. Based solely on the augments however, I reckon that the priests would admire hime instead of revile him.

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How long would someone THAT augmented live anyway?
If there isn't that much left of him to age...
How is he still a Guardsman? You'd thing the Cogboys would either try to take him, or an inquisitor would see how damn lucky he is to survive and recruit him.

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His luck is pretty suspicious. He SHOULD be dead a dozen times over, yet he lives on...
How sure are we of his devotion to the Emperor, and has he ever fought Chaos/

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His name is Private Danny
I mean literally, his ID says Mr. Private Danny
How could he NOT be a servant of the emperor?

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So if he plays cool with the gearheads, he should be fine. Gotcha.
But when he DOES eventually lose those last bits of humanity, they're totally looting his body, aren't they?

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Cadian then?
Sargent Private Danny reporting for duty SIR!

Wait, what?

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That would be the suitably GrimDark thing to do.

And then take whats left of his skull and servo that shit.

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Imagining Private Dan...
It would be highly unlikely that he always revived treatment from the same Techpriests. Or that the quality of all his cybernetics would be the same.
So he might have a high quality set of legs, but one of his ears is pretty crude, and one of his arms, while fully functional, might not looks too pretty.

He's be a freaky Frankenstein of mechanical bits!

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I can see that Servo Skull now. "I'm sorry Megos but... does 3 square inches of skull and 2 teeth really count as a Servo Skull?"

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>At what point does he become more machine then man and the AdMech goes "Whoa! What the shit is all this? This is heresy!"
They would never say that.
If Danny has the connections necessary to get himself lots and lots of augmetics, then that's the end of it.

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Definitely one gimped up servo skull.

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Does Necron process of making Pariah gene carriers into Pariahs count?

If that isn't enough "augementations" nothing is.

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What are you talking about. That Skull would ROCK.
The rest of it would be all titanium and adamantium and shit. Danny got a laser implanted in one of his eyes years ago. I mean, the rest of him was mechanical anyway. They'd just have to shove a battery into his corpse, add a few weapons and BAM, combat servitor.

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"Man, this is the EASIEST Servitor job I've ever had! Just have to stick a Cogitator in there and... There we go. Now hand me that wrench, I wanna stick a few bolters on this thing."

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That techpriest looks like a fucking ork.

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Xenotech is heresy.
Use the Tool of Cleansing to remove such filth from the pure sight of the Emperor.

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Does he count as being relentless at that point? He should be able to go Rambo and just duel-wield heavy bolters at that point

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But they once, were human. Often involuntarily turned into the stuff of nightmares of every psyker. Is a man guilty of heresy even he does not commit it or is he to be judged a traitor just for being the prize why the necrons purged the entire world for?

Escaping in middle of such process would be warrant at least, research of the fusion of necrodermis and human flesh, something that Techpriests would gladly imitate for sure.

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Some stick with the human form, some go out to crazy extremes.
Some only use the most utilitarian augmentics regardless of aesthetics, some try to be augmented in such a way so as to look good in some sense.

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Only 5% of Dan's organic flesh remains.
Guess which part!

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>Is a man guilty of heresy
Yes. The answer is always 'yes' to this question. Innocence proves nothing.

Imperial thought for the day:
There is no innocence, only degrees of guilt.

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So Inqusition is guilty of heresy? Even the empror himself?

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The Emperor Doesn't Believe that he is in fact a god. Nay, he claims that gods dont exist!

Thats Heresy!!!!

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>So Inqusition is guilty of heresy?
Yep. A number of them are extreme heretics.

>Even the empror himself?
By M41 Imperial standards? Yes.
But they have deified him and don't know his true opinions. In their minds he is pure. I suppose that they consider his saints to be pure too.

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Private Dan isn't guilty of Heresy!
He's just guilty of getting shot a lot. FOR THE EMPEROR!

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If he had more faith in the emperor, he wouldn't have gotten shot alot.


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Does that mean the saints aren't pure?

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They are following a corrupted version of the Imperial Truth, of course they aren't pure.


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Calling out the purity of a saint? THAT IS DOUBLE HERESY.

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Questioning the purity of Imperial Saints?
That is heresy of the highest order.
Pic related: Sanguinius died for you, citizen.

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To be fair, they are just daemonhosts who's faith in the Emperor allows them to maintain enough faculties to not kill anything that moves and shape the daemon's influence instead of the usual way.

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Aren't Living Saints essentially Greater Daemons of the Emperor?

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Sanguinius had mutated wings!


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>they are just daemonhosts
That is not my understanding.
They are just too filled with faith to bother following the laws of physics or submitting to chaos.

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I think thats the general consensus.

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>At what point does he become more machine then man and the AdMech goes "Whoa! What the shit is all this? This is heresy!"
At no point. He is a loyal servant of the Emperor using AdMech-sanctioned cybernetics. Even if Danny would be reduced to a brain in a nutrient jar hidden in a fully cybernetic body - that'd still be cool with the red priests.

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Weve already worked this out.

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I knwo Danny is supposed to be a guy, but when I think of him all I see is the chick from the OP.
And hey, why not? When you're more robot then organic, what's to stop you from adding a few squishy bits?

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What would happen if the assassin became demonically posessed.

How much shit would hit the fan?

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Cybernetic breasts? Is that... is that a thing?
And how would you even talk a Techpriest into installing those?

>> No.15238576

They would help improve squad morale, that's for sure. Still, the risk of HERESY of the Slaanesh variety would probably put most off of it.

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What if an Eversor was corrupted by Khorne? Would there even be any difference? Functionally of course, I assume it might grow some Chaos Stars and Khorne marks on its suit, maybe get a nice brass finish on its boots or buttons.

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Vindicare: nothing there. No personality or feelings. (Love can Bloom aside).
Eversor: too busy screaming and clawing his way through hordes of people to fall to chaos. Khorne probably likes him all the same.
Cullexis: no soul. Totally immune to chaos. Except for that novel where one got daemon possessed. Fuck if I know how that works.
Callidus. Hmm. I don't know. Slither around murdering people for the ruinous powers I assume.

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How does not having a soul work? Wouldnt that make him just like, some sore of empty receptacle and easier to posess?

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Biologos magos.
There are techpriests obsessed with biological alterations and the human form. They'd do it.

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They don't just "not have a soul." They "have a not-soul," and can shoot their negatively charged soul-absense at psychics and it fucks up their shit.

They also have grenades made from waste produced by the Golden Throne.

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Hey, hey dude... If you make me into a woman and give me boobs... I'll totally let you cope a feel. They'll be augmentics, so that'll be a turn on for you, right?

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that's like saying an Elevatus can be posessed. Or a Lasgun.

If it doesn't have a soul, it can't be posessed.

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I understand now, thank you.

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Emperor Poop Grenades?

>> No.15238623

Tiants and Ships can be posessed, and they Don't have souls.

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They are pariah assassins.
They are invisible to daemons and psyker powers. They are also completely immune to all forms of psyker powers.
They go around gobbling up the souls of rogue psykers.

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But plenty of technology gets corrupted by Chaos all the time!
AI too.

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>Titans even

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What about Demonicaly Possessed weapons?

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Inanimate objects CAN be possessed, dumpass. But Culexus' can't get possessed. Its like mixing oil and water, or compressing liquid water. It just doesn't happen.

Except in that book, but that was dumb and they apparently made some shitty excuses for that.

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>Cullexis: no soul. Totally immune to chaos. Except for that novel where one got daemon possessed. Fuck if I know how that works.
>Except for that novel where one got daemon possessed

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Daemon weapons aren't possessed - they either are daemonsin the form of a weapon, or daemons trapped in a weapon-shaped 'prison'

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I have no explanation.
It was retarded.
But there was some way to force one to have a daemon posses him. The daemon did not want to do this in the same way that you don't want to bathe in acid.

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>that's like saying an Elevatus can be posessed.
>an Elevatus can be posessed.
>Elevatus Posessed.


i bet it even has an elevator waiter that pushes your buttons for you, but instead, he just grins and says "Welcome to Hell"

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Being a servitor is a result of a specific surgical procedure / implant. As evidenced by the Magi, Psy-Engines, and the Transmats, as long as a tiny bit of who you are survives, your animate, sentient force remains.

>> No.15238662

Private Danny, the Transsexual Cyborg!
Coming this fall.

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>ancient machienery
>jam metal in him till he works again
Reminds me of Shirike from Mortal Engines

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>> No.15238670

They're daemons of the Emperor. Like how Doombreed is a daemon of Khorne, a Living Saint is a daemon created by Emps. He's a minor warp god after all.

>> No.15238683


Culexus assassins appeal to my social isolation.

>> No.15238686

>100s of trillions of worshippers
>Can be seen throughout the entire galaxy

>> No.15238687

>Chaos Androids are diabolical daemon-possessed machine-constructs. Lacking flesh, they appear as shining plasteel skeletons. Designed by certain Chaos Squats
I'm going to take a guess and say that this isn't canon anymore.

>> No.15238706

That book (nemesis if I'm not mistaken) was a train wreck from start to finish. It was like reading bad fan fiction.

>> No.15238714

>The Android-daemons will always try to pervert the orders they are given as much as possible.

Pic Related. It's a Chaos Android.

>> No.15238745


It was this assassin called Black Arrow, a black soul pariah. It took quite a while to PHYSICALLY BIND the said bugger with a daemon.

Result was a Blacksoul Pariah, which can turn psyker power against themselves, as such capable killing emperor himself. Horus caught him, claiming that he and only he will kill the Emprah.

>> No.15238759

So how did Danny lose his penis?

>> No.15238765

Not enough faith in the emperor.

>> No.15238772

Wow. There is novel material in this thread.
Especially here: >>15238662

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Wait until Warpath starts going crazy with awesome space dwarf models. GW will be like 'Uh, guys, guys...look over here again, please look we have space dwarves too"

Squats will be back.

>> No.15238801

Now thats faith in the emperor

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The amount of heresy in this thread is disturbing.

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ive always been curious about the culexus but there seems to be very little flull about him within reach. can anyone enlighten me:

1. if a culexus has no soul how does that compare to the tyranids shadow of the warp? from what i understand the nids are just psykers that are shielded from warp affecting shit. does that mean that a culexus can fuck up nids? or just the synapse nids? i am also led to believe that the hive tyrant is a psyker. does that mean a culexus can go 1 on 1 with a hive tyrant?

2. outside of his spooky powers does the culexus have anything to deal with the non psykers. seeing that hes still a temple assasin he must know some space kung fu. or are they just trained in using their unpsyker stuff?

how about tanks?

3. does the officio assasinorium exclusively train pariahs as culexus assasins? wouldnt it be possible for them to be cross trained as eversors? or at least as decently equipped to handle non psykers

4. are grey knights strong enough to work with/fight against culexus assasins? or do they just end up like any other psyker getting creeped up and shit?

5. if culexus are unaffected by the warp why dont they just send a squad of them to wreck shit in the eye of terror/warp?

6. im interested in spear character from nemesis. but i dont have access to the book. can anyone describe him?

>> No.15240959

Let me see here...
I've seen instances of Blanks who've disrupted Synapse Creatures, though not totally, so a Culexus should be able to too.
They're trained in all manners of combat, but rely on their Spook-O-Vision pretty heavy.
Why waist a Culexus by pumping them so full of drugs they can't think and are just Berzerkers?
No Idea.
Bullets still work against them. Chaos has plenty of Non-Warp based troops and equipment.
No idea.

>> No.15241268

Send in a Death Squad?

>> No.15241403

While Grey knights are pretty epic, An Assassin is the peak of human prowess, A skilled and prepared Assassin could easily match even a Veteran grey knight in solo combat, possibly taking two or three on at once.

There was one instance of an entire chapter of space-marines being wiped out when the inquisition docked a cell of 10 Eversor Assassins with their main battle-barge.

They cut swathes threw the crew of marines, outnumbered neary 20 to 1 by space marines, and made it to the enginecore of the station and caused a reaction it up with several heavy duty meltacharges, taking out the entire Battle-barge.

So yeah, a Culexus can easily match a Grey Knight.

>> No.15241446

An assassin execution force is the most serious, powerful, and deadliest force the imperium can produce.

A group of assassins can easily destroy entire marine companies, but companies of assassins destroy armies.

>> No.15241473

I would say Danny is very fortunate to come from a regiment which would do that. Not every Guard regiment is able to provide bionics so freely. Some cart along the people to do that and requisition the parts but others don't.

>> No.15241545


He has a helmet that shoots unreality, various grenades and arcane gear, armored skin that's technically far in advance of even marine power armor, augmentation and implants that not even inquisitors can bargain for, the fastest ship, 40,000 years of combined martial arts secrets, a device that allows him to 'step outside' of time, speeding or slowing everything around him up or down at will, most likely the training and actual knowledge to use ANY ITEM owned by any faction...

Imperial assassins are the ultimate in killing power. I don't think there's any fictional characters out there that rival them.

If you need Batman, Superman, and Goku all killed, assassins would make it happen.

>> No.15241572

It was whispered in the barracks of the Jopall Thirteenth Indentured Regiment that there were only two things the fearsome greenskins were truly afraid of. The awesome Emperor Titan of the Legio Annihilatus was one, and the other was Sergeant-Major Drake.

This was not, in fact, entirely true.

The greenskins looked upon one as an apocalyptic god of war whose shadow falling on a battlefield would whip them into a lather of primal savagery that was almost religious in its fervour. The Titan, on the other hand, they thought would make a nice hood ornament for the Gargant they were building.

The only people who were actually terrified of Sergeant-Major Drake were the footsloggers of the Thirteenth Regiment. And the non-commissioned officers. And quite a few of the officers and senior regimental staff as well. In fact, ever since Sergeant-Major Drake had proven, as rations ran low on reconnaissance deep in the fly-blown jungles of Gethsemian, that when he said he ate lieutenants for breakfast, he actually meant it, most everybody who ever met Sergeant-Major Drake vowed to never repeat the experience, and also to become strict vegetarians.

Sergeant-Major Drake, of course, was well aware of this. He did not enjoy the effect he had on others, for Sergeant-Major Drake did not enjoy anything at all, not even kittens, but he knew that it was absolutely essential that his presence provoke fear in even the stoutest of hearts. He had taken great pains to ensure it, for Sergeant-Major Drake had been rebuilt by the Tech Priests of the Mechanicus more times than a troop-ship latrine.

>> No.15241581

His physical appearance alone was bad enough, he thought, examining himself in the mirror as he shaved with a power-claw ripped from an ork Warboss, but his first line of attack on morale-starved soldiery – his orbital bombardment, he liked to think of it – was his voice.

Tyranid ripper swarms on Pylolololus Major were to blame. One of them had not noticed his terrible demeanour until it was too late and had been panicked into pressing its assault. Before it lay sliced and diced on the grass at his feet it had succeeded in tearing his voice-box out. Due to an outbreak of near-terminal laryngitis in the regiment owing to a shipment of Chaos-tainted whistles, the Mechanicus had no ready replacements for him, so they had pressed into service the first suitable augmentation at hand. The loudhailer had previously been used by Lord General Bianchi to address over a million troops at the beginning of the Ampersand Crusade. Now its mighty floral brass trumpets adorned Sergeant-Major Drake’s tree trunk-like neck, and the hum of the transformer could be heard over a mile away at night.

Sergeant-Major Drake had been unable to partake in many stealth missions thereafter, but his ability to communicate with naval fleet elements in close orbit simply by shouting had proven to be a greater asset.

>> No.15241590

His bite had once been even worse than his bark, as the unfortunate lieutenant whose passing has already been lamented could have attested had he survived, but after the incident on Kasabian Eph-Zharp Minor, however, that was no longer the case. A greenhorn had dropped his primed frag grenade in the middle of a midnight assault. Rather than see his squad torn to pieces, Sergeant-Major Drake had chosen to defuse the situation by biting through the grenade. He succeeded in removing the detonator cap and saving his men, but the cap exploded in his mouth causing non-trivial dental wounding. In the heat of a major land push, the Mechanicum adepts had panicked in both their fear of their incandescent but now jawless patient and their laudable desire to see him back on the battlefield as soon as possible (the two are not thought to be connected), and installed the first device that would fit. Unfortunately, it was a special forces breathing apparatus – known locally as a snorkel – and Sergeant-Major Drake returned to the frontlines only hours later with a jaw reconstituted from bales of barbed wire and a thin metal pipe sticking straight out from where his mouth used to be.

Using the ingenious and borderline-psychotic mind with which the Emperor had blessed him, Sergeant-Major Drake had the pipe sharpened and fitted with a miniature chainblade running along its length, lending him a unique and terrifying close-combat proboscis with which he could impale opponents and siphon off their vital bodily fluids. He could no longer, he regretted, eat lieutenants for breakfast with his lethal combat-straw, unless, of course, they were first turned into soup.

>> No.15241598

His shaving complete, Sergeant-Major Drake stiffened the joints in his legs. This was an essential part of his morning ritual, for reasons that will soon become clear. During a boarding action for which he received both the Macharian Cross and an unusual marching style he contrived to fall through a weakened deck-plate while leading the ratings in a counterattack. He became involved with certain sub-floor wiring and found himself wedged upside down with the majority of his upper body protruding into the corridor below.

Stubbornly refusing to admit to his troops – when they entered that same corridor in a state of some tactical confusion – that his predicament was profound, he instead insisted that he had taken up a fiendishly clever position from which to direct the assault and waved them on into battle. Such was his reputation and indeed, loudness, and so furiously did he beckon with his sidearm that not even the sight of Sergeant-Major Drake’s torso emerging from the ceiling could lead any of them to question his orders.

So it was that when the rodents that infested the vessel found his lower parts (although not, as we shall see later, his groin) sticking uselessly up from the decking in the corridor above and started to consume them, Sergeant-Major Drake was honour-bound not to mention it to his men. With the stoicism for which he was famous he simply issued his orders in even greater volume than before. His kicks, while famously capable of depriving a man in the family way, proved less than useful against the abnormally large rats.

>> No.15241606

Despite Sergeant-Major Drake’s tactical nous the Eldar reavers whose vessel this was countered his counterassault and began to push his ratings back. Just as the damnable xenos swarmed over hastily erected barricades below the rats above finished their repast on Sergeant-Major Drake’s lower quarters and he dropped from the ceiling like a stone, landing square atop the Eldar leader and killing him. Thus was the counter-counter-assault broken, the Macharian Cross won and the ship taken shortly thereafter.

The matter of Sergeant-Major Drake’s mobility much vexed the Tech Priests, for the convoy was not bound for war and carried little in the way of augmetic legs. Hastily improvising – for Sergeant-Major Drake was not a patient one left for long in any ward where one wished one’s other patients to flourish – the enginseers of the Mechanicus assembled the convoy captains and learned from them the contents of their holds.

For reasons lost to the historians and archivists of the Administratum, the annual harvest festival on the world of Davisham Diminished 7th has long involved the hunting of dangerous wild animals by the planet’s renowned Avian Cavalry, who ride the fearsome Davisham Battle Fowl. From the backs of these terrifying and vicious creatures, whose exacting resemblance to giant chickens should never be noted near a proud native of Davisham, have the noblest soldiers of Davisham spread the glory of the Imperium of Man, and also considerable and pungent fertiliser.

>> No.15241612

The holds held fresh-bred Battle Fowl bound for the harvest festival and one was sacrificed for the greater good of the Imperial Guard. In a laudable but ultimately back-firing effort to ensure that Sergeant-Major Drake’s new method of locomotion did not arouse startled glances, the backward-bending leg joints of the giant broiler were replaced with freely-rotating ball-joints taken from shipboard plumbing supplies.

So it was that Sergeant-Major Drake’s early morning ritual necessarily involved stiffening these ball-joints as otherwise he found they had a tendency to flail in all directions independently of his forward motion. Many a passing footslogger had been struck unconscious by a wayward lower limb, many a staff officer alarmed into self-urination as a triple-toed boot whipped inches past his face as Sergeant-Major Drake executed an about-turn and, if only for this reason, Sergeant-Major Drake was given a wide berth around camp. His gait had become legend, his oddly scratching footsteps as feared as his shout, and his devouring of a singularly enormous roast chicken following his shipboard surgery was talked about in hushed tones by the regiment’s envious chefs.

>> No.15241622

In similar manner, albeit with less involvement of chickens, had Sergeant-Major Drake’s entire left arm been replaced with the dispensing claw from the mess drinks machine and his eyes replaced with a cyclopean vid-camera mounted in his forehead which he could also use to project slides from his impressive pictorial collection of coastal-flowering shrubs. Many long evenings in the Thirteenth Regiment flew past with the aid of Sergeant-Major Drake’s slideshows, although his over-loud commentary could cause fish to die in nearby lakes.

He was also the only non-commissioned officer in the entire Jopal Indentured army to possess one of the rare and fabled power-weapons, given to him by a grateful Tech Marine of the Iron Hands for his part in an intestinal insertion into a tyranid bio-ship. Sadly, the technology had been inadvertently miniaturised following a drunken bet between the two Mechanicus surgeons tasked with implanting it, but Sergeant-Major Drake was still the proud possessor of the only power-thumb in the Imperium of Man.

>> No.15241628

1. The shadow in the warp is a blanket that covers things, but it can be broken through if your connection to the warp's strong enough. See demons and librarians. Culexus create these little areas where the warp cannot exist, no matter what. If you gather a lot of them in a strikeforce, the enemy army's gonna have a sense of dread coming over them. Yes, they'll solo hive tyrants. Draining life energy before they even get the jump on them, kung-fu'ing return blows, and leaving a dead critter behind in moments.

2. 40,000 years of human ingenuity. Their kung-fu is probably unmatched in the setting.

"how about tanks?" Meltabombs, or stealing a tank of his own.

3. No, because assassins are focused on one aspect. This is necessary if you want to raise masters, and not adepts, which is the whole point of the imperial assassins. If there's a need for anti-psychic and flawless infiltration, callidus and culexus will be joined into an 'execution force,' but this is rarer than fallen dark angels repenting.

4. Same as everything else. The more powerful your psychic potential, the stronger the culexus will be.

5. There's not more than maybe 100 total of them, and fighting in the warp is futile.

6. He's a mary-sue of epic proportions, who break the established rules of the background. That's all there's to him.

>> No.15241632

There was, however, only one augmentation that Sergeant-Major Drake regretted. Perhaps regretted was too strong a word – he was no connoisseur, but he could appreciate the art of the augmetic surgeon, perhaps more than any man alive, and this was indeed a miracle of the craft: perfect in every detail. It was therefore unfortunate, he thought, gazing not for the first time into his regimental issue undergarments, that when his groin had been explosively inconvenienced by the pin-point accuracy of the Tau snipers, the female Tech Priests who had installed the replacement organ had been from the ice-world of Juridicae.

It was not their fault, he knew. Although they were Adepts of the sterile Mechanicus they were also women, and would doubtless have had occasion to glance upon the membrum virile of the men of their homeworld, perhaps in the pursuit of some scientific endeavour of understanding. That they had endowed him with what they had seen he could not blame them for, but it was, Sergeant-Major Drake ruminated, a sad and personal misfortune that it was so very, very cold on that particular planet.

>> No.15241658

>> No.15241663


>> No.15241704



>> No.15241782

i'm Curious /tg/
how would you rank, the Military Arms of the Imperium in strenght?

>> No.15241820

The vast majority of the imperial military are IG, who are S3, so about that.

>> No.15241832

Grey Knights
Black Templars
Other Chapters / Inquisitorial Soldiers
Adepta Sororitas
Storm Troopers
Penal Legion / Mutant Legion

>> No.15241837


>> No.15241850


this all seems a bit ridiculous

>> No.15241855

>At what point does he become more machine then man and the AdMech goes "Whoa! What the shit is all this? This is heresy!" And convert what little organic bits are left of Danny into a Servitor?

Fuck off retard.

The only point where they will say "That's too much augumentation" is when said soldier exceeds his healthcare budget based on his military merit.

The only time things begin getting heretical is with Space Marines and Techpriests.

Like techpriests who are only 10% organic IN THEIR BRAIN.

Or Malneus Calgar, you know Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, who's basically a head on a robotic body.

>> No.15241920


A torso and a head with robolimbs, rather.

>> No.15241972


He has one eye, and no ears.

>> No.15241996

It's still not heretical, they are just inevitably deranged by that point.

>> No.15242174

I don't think Culexus-es are as powerful as this thread makes them seem.
I mean, I wouldn't want to be alone with one, but even so...

>> No.15242246

They do certainly have "souls" thats why they need to commander to integrate with the machine. Thats the whole Techpriest faith dealie. Like they make sacrifices to appease the machine spirit and shit

>> No.15242565

now that you think about it the imperium should develop some sort of nemesis force weapons that run on "unpsyker" power. thatd at least help the culexus deal with the non psyker shit

>> No.15242619

>callidus and culexus will be joined into an 'execution force

"c-culexus-kun do you think that love can bloom in the battlefield?"

*culexus turns away from the callidus assassin. while it is true that their temples do not get along very well these past months of working together has formed a bond of sort between the two assasins*

"Sh-shut up callidus, lets get back to work!"
*then a faint whisper comes from culexus
"i-its not like i like you or anything"

>> No.15242720

That's no ordinary Callidus.
That's Asaid Virenus, the renegade Callidus assassin. She's open for hire to the highest bidder, no matter who that may be. She in fact is on hyperpolymorphine, a supercharged version of the drug that allows her to perfectly take the form of anyone, even including vocal cords and internal organs, and allows her to slither through pies barely a foot wide and push herself through grilles or tiny windows. She can also change shape more than once while on it.

>> No.15242882

Nobody likes Culexus assassins. Nobody. They're terrifying.
Animus Speculum and Etherium work on non-psykers very well indeed. Plus their kung-fu is incredibly powerful.

>> No.15243046

Welcome to 40k.

>> No.15243055

Pretty sure Culexi can't love.

>> No.15244439

Tell that to Nada and Cuddles.

>> No.15244587

There's never too much augmentation in the Imperium. However there's a point where an individual soldier isn't worth the costs so they harvest the bionics. Unless the soldier in mind is able to pay for his bionics. For the IG it also really depends on the regiment.

In some regiments it's easier to leave the man to die as someone will take his place than to patch him up. Others they patch them up as many times needed.

Bionics in Imperium is a status symbol, if you're able to afford it even the crappiest are costly. There's also the risk of too much in eyes of standard people, the Tech Priests are given wide berth because they're too augmented (and the fact they don't believe in Imperial Dogma).

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