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Hey /tg/. Tomorrow I'm going to play Rogue Trader for the first time. I'm familiar with the 40k lore, to a decent rate, in any case.
The DM will be the Rogue Trader(DMPC) and the rest of us will be his sons, so we still have a good say in what goes on. Point in case, I've never done this before, got any tips?
Also, was thinking of playing a psyker, good/bad?

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Go on, play a psyker. What's the worst that canOH GOD WHY

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Heh, what?
Is there something wrong with that? I don't mean a cultist or anything of that nature.

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Oh, and just to be clear I do know about Perils of the Warp and such. But is there any particular reason aside from that?

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Go read what the class can do. There's a reason why psyker players avoid using most powers or limit themselves to one or two per session. For when a psyker duds - and it's easy to do so, even if the dice don't hate you - it tends to be a bad day for everyone in the same city block.

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Hopefully said DMPC will meet an abrupt end soon enough, leaving his sons to squabble over the inheritance. Or will deteriorate into a senile and insane state, leaving you all to loosely interpret his wishes.

Even though Astropaths are pretty resilient to corruption and perils, more so than a regular psyker anyway, they're still trouble magnets. If there's any warp dickery going on they're going to get hit first and hardest.

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Ohgod I hope not.
The guy who is playing the eldest is a moron. The DM made him first in line to inherit the ship specifically because he's an idiot. Not a That Guy or anything, the man just fails, is all.

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Oh, and we start at Rank 6. The DM said he wanted us beefed up for a shitstorm.

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Yeah, let me sum it up coherently:
We're somewhere near the Tau empire. There's hostilities with the Imperium.
Tyranids are rumored to make a show.
Chaos (Marines included) are confirmed.
Help me survive this guys. I'd prefer to play an Astropath(No one else would risk it).

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Anyone with experience in Rogue Trader able to help OP out? I've only played Derp Heresy.

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Self bump of panic?

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No love for OP? I'd help, but I'm >>15230033 and a Sanctioned Psyker plays very differently than an Astropath from what I know.

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