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tl;dr Planes and Mercs style play, but Mechs and Mercs. Or: Armored Core, without the Japanese bits. Thoughts?

I'm a DM with a reputation for the artist's touch. I want my players so immersed into the setting they can smell the engine oil- I once brought in a can of oil just to let the smell hint around the room. Let me show you what I have so far.

The standard WW3 scenario has gone down, a mix of conventional warfare and nuclear attacks has mauled the planet's populace pretty badly, and countries are somewhat years past. Corporations maintain territories under authority, share a government of economy; standardized legal tender, etc. The largest few maintain private armies, have holdings in everything from housing to bioengineering. The general populace isn't too poorly off, if only because widespread abuse would quickly bring rebellion. The worldwide number of people is reduced, but industrial capacity has rebounded with vigor, and there are cities that light up the night, long stretches of highway and railway, and the like. A farm might be largely automated, tended by 20-foot-tall tender pods, etc. At the heart of this rebound was the Kettimer molecule chain (read: Handwavium Lite) that enabled the mass production of carbon nanotubes, electrore

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(Fucking 4chan. Proceeding.)

electroreactive polymers to be created, communicate with the brain's neurons, and fuel viable nuclear fusion.

Naturally, this shit gets weaponized, in the form of the setting's mecha. Again, borrowing heavily from Armored Core in that it all depends on a core unit with a power plant, pulse detonation engines (read: boosters), cockpit, and other vitals. What makes mecha viable is this core unit- the limbs are just an extension. Basically, the core unit has insane maneuverability. Accelerating and decelerating at speeds that would otherwise rip the wings off a fighter jet or crush a tank, while wielding similar weaponry. To make a helicopter or vehicle equal to a mecha, it would really just be the same investment in resources with a different name on the budget. (citation: Battletech) Mecha in the setting share a lot in common with Battletech's proto-mechs, relying on neural interface and being considerably less massive than mechs.

Some core ideas:

Not giant robots. You can duck behind a semi for cover, lift up a car to use as a shield. The mecha (if they are labeled as such) are just big enough to house a cockpit and a compact power source. Scale keeps the ridiculous factor down.

Recognizable weaponry. The effects of a 30mm aircraft autocannon are documented and known, and gives us a base template to work with, something we can make the most sense of. Same goes for missiles, plasma torches, limited laser weaponry, and prototype railgun weaponry. I want it to feel like we did outfitting Sukhois and F-14s.

Recognizable tech. Other than a few things like myomer-style materials, we recognize the world. Radar, thermal imaging, planes, trucks, computers, satellites, hydroelectric dams. Same concept, keep story close, relatable, and strangely real.

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Ostensibly absent:
Hot blooded young men.
Melodramatic dialogue.
Large scale directed energy weaponry.

No comments?

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>Hot blooded young men.

What? Fuck you for taking something perfectly normal out.

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It's a joke referring to the protagonists of animes who constantly scream and make their energy whatsits get more powerful by screaming more loudly.

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So how much granularity are we speaking of? I know I wouldn't like some "this visor gives +x in these conditions" but without some of it weapon differences would have to be more core related (think DiasporaFATE)

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That's really nebulous at this point. I was thinking starting with a point-base system like GURPS to facilitate this game, I've got showmanship but I'm not as experienced as I could be. It would be a project to whittle everything out. Points for range, power, etc. based on caliber and whatnot, use existing ammo for reference. Think 20mm-30mm guns they use on Bradleys and fighter jets, use those for base standard. There would be a major endeavor to make all the different radar and sensor parts, but again borrowing from Armored Core is a good idea for the sake of manageability.

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Thread die?

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thread live!

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You have advice? Thoughts?

I'm a little lost, considering the scale of this project, detailing out all the parts and such. Or hell, running points without it getting away from the core aspects.

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well, i can advise you to keep trying, no matter what!

and i can warn you that trying to build post-disaster/high-tech/fighting-mechs all at the same time is brutal.

>for example, NUtopia.

Don't jump right into rebuilding game engines. Pick through gurps books that have the tech-level you want, pull out choice nuggets and then Put Those Books Aside to avoid contamination from the settings within.

Build too simple instead of too complex at first.

never let anyone stop you.

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At this point, having any system would be my goal.... Cthulhutech has been suggested as well, but overall I think the GURPS approach is my best bet. Thank you, mein freund.

A question, though. Do I build a bunch of parts (read: hundreds) for players to choose from, or go with the standard of point balance, as long as it's within the fluff? I'm leaning towards the latter.

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