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Think of your last character from any game, where it be DnD, DH, RT, vidya or elsewhere.
They are now your roommate.

What kind of shenanigans ensue now?

Pic related. Boreale would be a fun guy, probably.

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A fucking Hive Tyrant.

Fucker keeps eating all my chips.

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I'm living with a Dawn Caste Solar who doesn't speak English and comes from a tribe of Pseudo-Vikings. He's not a bad guy, but this could get pretty dicey.

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Steve the Minecraft Guy.

I'd pay all my money for a sitcom about THAT.

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Koishi Komeiji is now my roommate.

I must brace myself for licking and mindrape.

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So, I'm living with Recette.
And she lives in a shop.

Sweet, sweet employment! A job, at last!

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Lilith from Borderlands.

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Geralt of Rivia.

At least I've got it covered if we get ants.

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lucky you

I got Gordon Freeman.. fucker just wont shut up.

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>Cole McGrath
>mite b cool

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a level 23 argonian spellsword proficiant in marksman, long blades, medium armor and alteration

um, i dunno. he'd probably go around killing criminal scum while i chill out and surf 4chan

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hory shit...my last character was an Ent Necromancy Wizard/Butcher that kept adopting children to get them off the streets and buying up all the butcher shops in town and hiring otherwise homeless people to run them.

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Phrix Entoli, my female guardsman with chainsword, powersword, and best quality mono-edged teeth... Love blooms and I live the best life :)

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hhmmm detective phelps from l.a. noire lol

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He also never bothered to learn social rules and carried raw meat and a pseudo dragon egg everywhere. He usually had a kender riding in his branches with the kender's dog. Also...

He never sleeps 0_0

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rolled 75 = 75

the last game i played? EvE, where my character is a fearless defender of the Gallente Federation and strong supporter of sex, drugs, and sausage rolls.

I think I'm okay with this.

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A very high level feca. She would spend his time teleporting around and frying small critters with magical glyphs, and we would have all kinds of zany adventures.

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We have a lot to talk about.

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Posh busty female guardsman sniper?

I'm very okay with this!

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Hmm, Paladin of the goddess of Love and Mercy.
Rather athletic lady, pretty average in looks, minor scaring from adventures but mostly from her earlier life as a slave.
No sense of Modesty and pretty open to casual romances.
Easy going on the most part but if she puts on her serious face, I'm going to be Shanghaied into being her Squire. (Read: Indentured Slave)

>>Pic related but cover her thighs in Chainmail and flatten her Boob-Plate into Chest-Plate.

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A Rogue Trader that looks like this?


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>Fire Sacrier with maxed out Angrr, Blood Pact and 2 levels in Overpowerful, named Ghazhkull.
Might be cool, Sacrier would make perfect loyal girlfriend but she will probably miss her Eniripsa healer called Grotsnik.

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The moment my Chosen of Secrets Sidereal rounds the corner, I'm going to fucking forget I even had a roommate.

...other than that, I guess it might be cool to talk to someone who's over a millenium old.

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>played dwarf fortress about an hour ago
>mfw I now share a single with 70 dorfs

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TF2 with custome models!
Fuck yeah! female pyro!

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>Reptile from Mortal Kombat
>mfw when all my stuff is covered or melted in acid.

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>Room mate is pyromaniac that doesn't talk
>Ok with it because it has tits

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It's all going well until the crazy old man with the hooch asks me when I last worshipped the God-Emperor.

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My roomate is a hive tyrant.

Welp i guess im fucked

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Well, I imagine that the local fox population would diminish very quickly.

The local equestrian club would find it's self a new member, while the local golf club would find their greens being destroyed and a few members being capped.

Life would get very good very fast.

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I am unsure how this will end.

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quest threads also count, right?

Then my rommate is

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so, let's see. How would this end, considering that I'm the same kind of guy as Seb....

Nah, it would end badly with a kick in the balls, dammit.

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"We're out of milk." "I KNEW YOU'D SAY THAT!" "Of course you did, you're the one that drank all of it."

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Last character I played was the Courier from F:NV. A deranged master of Fisting (unarmed combat) who's variously addicted to Psycho, Med-X and Hydra. Morally complicated; works for Caesar's Legion but somehow ends up neutral after periodically getting into firefights with Fiends and other people who are apparently morally good to kill.

He has the Confirmed Bachelor perk.

I fear for my anus.

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And biscuithead calling.

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>out of milk
>that pic

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Mordekaiser from League of Legends.

He'd be pretty big. I don't know if he'd fit through the doors and stuff. I'd train him to be good at Smash Bros.

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Also, Boone's a Lesbian so the Joke's on you.

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I'm living with the elite speeder forces of a totalitarian state run by a nihilistic psychologist with an interest in zen Buddhism and Taoism. What could possibly go wrong?

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I'd say she's bi-curious, otherwise everyone would already know about it.

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rolled 1, 3, 6, 6, 6 + 30 = 52

Lawful Naive cleric of a sun god.
He's going to keep me up all night with his praying, and bonuses to saves probably won't be worth it.

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A Hellfire Warlock who would kill his own brother to gain power. He's also a Djinn from the plane of Shadows, and is over 300 years old. I've been playing him for a whopping 5 sessions, and I've one hit about 3 dragons, including a 20th level aspect of tiamat.

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My roommate is the Storm King of Darkon? That fucker is probably just gonna take one look at my house and make himself a magnificent mansion to go kick it in. On the other hand, he'd probably let me into his mansion for sweet parties.

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A Forge World Assasin that's basically Michael Westen from Burn Notice.
I'm pretty sure we'd get along fine.

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Wouldnt mind living with XIn zhao. Hed probably kep to himself unless he sees that im in trouble then hed guard the shit outta me. Or laugh and hit me with his spear.

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My roommate is Rhys the Redeemed? It might be fun at first, but then it would get cramped because of all the 1/1 elf warriors he'll spawn

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Vance Motherfucking Stubbs.

Well...mite b cool.

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I would plow boone so hard UUNNNFFF!

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JC Denton.
Mmmmm Leather Boots.

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Ezio Auditore, how many boot tracks and you going to leave on the side of my house?

>> No.15219829

Some Russian soldier guy from Black Ops?
The fawk is this?

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Sona from League of Legends.

>mfw I must resist the temptation to grope her, knowing she is mute and couldnĀ“t scream for help... ERRYDAY

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Oh god I have an adventurer in my house. That's.... not going to be fun.

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A homeless, paranoiac Malkavian obsessed with "living off the grid" and making creepy masques out of junk.

We'd get along famously as long as he didn't find out I still had an internet connection.

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A female Drow with a godess that demands naked dances in moonlight as a form of worship. Yeah, I can definitely put up with that.

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Veteran of the corporation wars, heavy drinker, leading his own little merc outfit from the territories of the Tiefurt Handelswerften.

What the fuck Richter, what are you doing on Terra? And what happend to my whiskey? You couldn't possibly drink all of my reserves by yourself.

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But I've already got two dogs.

>> No.15220077

The Luggage.
Well, now I can live the life of a hobo who doesn't have to pay for anything at all and can sleep in a cozy mini-home.

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ataraxic cyberpunk hikikomori hacker who's addicted to personality changing software drugs and able to get up again after beeing hit by a car
I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with that

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Tabletop: An Orc Bard can't hold his grog...

Shit, cops coming in 3...2..

Vidya: Tommy Vercetti

...I dunno officer, can't explain how a Rhino tank got here!

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Smoke bongs with JC Denton.

That's life.

"I'm so fucking baked. My cannabis receptors are augmented."

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An absolute hotty of a bard who had quite the sex drive. We'd jam she could play on my sexy bass and then later I would play on that sexy ass of hers.

>> No.15220182

D&D, Pixie Arcane Trickster.

oh my god shut up shut up shut up stop talking stop stop stop OH MY GOD STOP IT. AND I AM NOT A PIXIE MYSELF AND THERE IS NO OTHER INVISIBLE ONE I'M NOT STUPID THERE IS NO INVISIBLE PIXIE HERE why is that over there moving oh god i have two annoying pixie roommates maybe

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In the Vidya: It'd be either Commander Shepard or Michael Thorton. Both would probably be pretty ordinary.

In tabletop: It'd be a kid into old music that can summon the inner depths of his mind to fight for him with irrationality. God help me.

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A good-looking but short-tempered female bounty hunter in Star Wars.

This is probably going to hurt a lot.

>> No.15220213

Storm Warden Assault marine who thinks violence solves everything?

brb, getting a man-sized baby carrier so he can jetpack around with me.

>> No.15220234

>Blue guy from Ace of Spades
He'll dig around our aparment, then collapse it

>> No.15220262

Mind-raping Orichalcum caste who believes that everyone should work towards the greater good whether they want to or not.

I'm guessing I'm going to get mind raped.

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Brother Vermillion of The Rainbow Warriors. Well atleast he would be handy when more Mormons or Jehova Witnesses come knocking.

>> No.15220325

A member of the 95th Rifle Regiment? Bro-ing it up with a dead-eye marksman from the Napoleonic era? Fuck yeah.jpg
Hunting, target shooting, and general outdoors. Hell yeah, I do this shit already so we would get along amazingly.

>> No.15220337

>Rogue Trader
>Ork Merc




>> No.15220341

A elven transexual cybersamurai weapons expert.

I guess we'll get along. Untill I start being a moralfag about hir drug habits and criminal activities. But untill then we'll share some chips and play video games, dude is a rather nice lady after all.

>> No.15220354

Faith from Mirror's Edge.
>I'm hiding a criminal

>> No.15220358

Kenku Rogue


>> No.15220366

Main character from Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey? Do I get the demons he's got or not I wonder. If so, holy shit, shenanigans.

>> No.15220369

Don't you play as their god technically?

>> No.15220376


People actually use that term? Why? I thought pretty much everyone dislikes the term, from transsexuals who want to be preferred by their "chosen" gender, to straight people who insists transsexuals are always the same sex no matter what they do with their genitals to whoever else? It's like trying to reconcile 9/11 conspiracy theorists and general public by trying to make an agreement and say one tower was blown up by the government and other by terrorists.

>> No.15220380

DnD, Necromancer

>Yo, dude, you won't belive what I just raised from the backyard
"SKIPPY!? He died three years ago!"
>And you buried him in the backyard? Dude, you fucking rent this place!... Nevermind, I got to go anyways. Heard there's a funeral tonight.

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Melvinus Rapetonius, my RT missionary.

Former hive scum, he managed to find a way into the ecclesiarchy for the tax exempt status, most likely by just donning the robes of a cleric he swindled out of all his worldly possessions. He's quite the smooth criminal, for lack of a better term. Totally in it for the bitches and money.

How this would work for me? If Mel liked me, I'd probably be rolling in bitches and money, all of which sanctioned by the ecclesiarchy. If Mel didnt like me, he'd convince me to move out of our hab-unit and go die in a ditch somewhere, willing all my assets to him and I WOULD LIKE IT.

Pic Related, just add more grimdark, and thats pretty much Mel.

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>WHFRP character
a young generals son; noble, cadet, student (engineering), diletant (theology and obscure lores), rapscallion.. drinking, partying, charming women, and just generally uncovering chaos cults.

well, he stands by his friends, reads alot, decent swords man.. i'd have some problems with his horse though.

>RT genat.. explor.. jack the rip.. mad scie..

yeah he would creep me the fuck out, four long spindly arms (biological) two mechanical (medic & mech) charming smooth in a eerie way for a techpriest.. he'd probably experiment on me in my sleep (i know he will, that's what he do to the crew on the ships).

>> No.15220415

well, some transexuals don't want to be considered either gender. It varies a lot from case to case. This one gets he a lot more than hir anyways since most of hir team mates knew hir before the surgery. And my fellow players are lazy cis-gendered types that haven't gotten used to gender neutral pronouns.

Also, we're swedish so we don't really use "hir"; it's "hen" here.

>> No.15220418

Not sure for my safety.

>> No.15220422

a crazy pixy named tim

>> No.15220426

CE level 10 barbarian hopefully I dont die

>> No.15220434

I for one welcome my new machine overlord.

>> No.15220437

Vidya: ...Tony Hawk

I am not having a middle aged man who still thinks he's cool in my apartment.

Tabletop: Shadowrun, a hired gun with a fondness for rockets and little regard for life.


Well, fuck.

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my Dragon Age Tabletop character, a spirit healer grey warden. Fuck yes, he's a pretty nice guy, if kinda spacey and having some serious self-worth issues. He'll probably over-pay his half of the rent and do the cleaning. Though he'll leave all the windows open in the summer, dammit.

I'll never hurt again if he can help it, though. Cool.

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I am... so fucking okay with this.

My character is the one in the middle.

She's a gentle-natured sweet and tender young elf slut.

>> No.15220457

Zuriel Metalus, my Arbite. He's going to make my life filled with a lot more shenanigans.

>> No.15220472

Dragon Age neighbors?

>> No.15220487

My last character was an extremely submissive guardswoman (on account of not wanting to get blammed, not due to sexy time), so this sounds like it'll be an insane level of fun.

>> No.15220498

My last character is a hot tempered half elf. We'd likely get to talking about poisonous plants and all sorts of uses they have.

>> No.15220520

I was playing a game of Dragon Age as a blood mage whose personality was based on Megumi from Shiki.

I am so fucked.

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The last character(s) I played was my MvC3 team of Arthur, Hsien-Ko, and Dante.
Sound like quite the party.

>> No.15220576

>made character in freshly porn-modded oblivion
>oh yeah

>> No.15220602

A changeling bard who uses magic to slide people around the battlefield... and his shapeshifting to troll....

I was reading a book in the living room, and he kept rearranging the furniture, and shapeshifting between Rosy O'Donnell in a corset, and John Candy in a speedo and thigh-highs.

>> No.15220619

A gestalt paladin/bard with insane charisma, and while he may be an honorable guy, he's also a bard.

Well at least my place will never run out of hot chicks.

>> No.15220630

fable3. Wow, the King of Albion! Looks like we'll be overthrowing this corrupt british government and bringing peace and goodness to the world!!

Or we would, if he had his fucking mentors and quest-givers. The bloke is utterly useless without his mentors to tell him precisely what to do.

>> No.15220635

I think a CG tengu ranger would be bro...accept now I cannot find any of my quarters....

>> No.15220649

Me and Pierre the bard jamming and fucking bitches all day.

Hell yeah.

>> No.15220654

So... either the Izcer who is basically my avatar, and as such my clone with cosmic card battle powers, or the Spiral Knight, who is probably a pretty bro guy.

>> No.15220664

Just got done playing some EDH. So... I'm rooming with Zur the Enchanter...

This could get interesting

>> No.15220685

Since I only GM WFRP2, my last main accompany npc (a rut I'm stuck in) would get me fired from all the sick days I'd be subject to. Pic related. It's nurgle from 40k.

>> No.15220711

what are you talking about? your his mentor now!

>> No.15220732

The last game I played was TW:M2 Stainless Steel 6.4, so... Sultan Isa the Great is my room mate?

The dude has 9 command and 9 dread. I'd probably shit in my pants by his mere presence.

>> No.15220745


So he's horribly scarred? Take him to a bar in the shadiest part of town.

>> No.15220747

Prince Jarvan IV of Demacia, from League of Legends. Eh, he's an alright guy, and being from a rich family I never worry about him being late on the rent, but some of his mannerisms are getting irritating...

"Anon, I go to the store... FOR DEMACIA! Do you require anything?"

"Yeah, some more cereal would be awesome..."

"I am already purchasing cereal... FOR DEMACIA! I am getting some Fruity Pebbles... FOR DEMACIA! As well as some more vegetables for curry.. FOR DEMACIA!"

"....Right, well let me know when you get back, I needed a lift to -"

"I will be quite a while gone... FOR DEMACIA! I also am running other errands... FOR DEMACIA! I have to run by Walgreens as well..."

"..... ...... for Demacia?"

"For my father, the king."

>> No.15220766

Just been playing Uplink. So I've got an incredibly good computer cracker sat with me. Fair enough, we'd just spend all day him teaching me how shit works, then all night breaking into places and doing runs, because physical security is just as important to break. Uplink guy and me, recreating shadowrun. There have been worse fates.

>> No.15220838

Let me enumerate his traits:

Militarily minded
Talent for command
Religiously Minded
Dangerous with cavalry
Biological son
Of Seljuk blood
Naturally frail (bullshit, he is 66 is is still kicking all the german asses he can find)
Marital ties
Standard military education (fighting the crusaders trying to retake Rome left little time for books)
Great Victor
Aspiring Commander
Conquering Hero
Merciless Conqueror
Hates the Reich (THAT HE DOES)
Night fighter
Marks of War
Faction Leader
Open to Murder
Rex Siciliae
Mostly Rational
Merciless Leader
Legendary Conqueror (I am especially proud of this one)
Great Speaker
Loathes Catholics
Hates the French
Cruel and Cunning

He also has some very cool ancies like Emir of Naples (it's a Seljuk migration campaign) and De Re Militari Strategikon.

Total War is a surprisingly good platform for role playing.

>> No.15220913

A chaotic neutral cleric of Groetus who tries to be a good healer but has a secret death fetish and an agenda to be the last soul to be judged when the world comes to an end?
I...I don't know about this.

>> No.15220939

Spelunky Guy?
I probably won't actually see him a lot, just when he's not actively stealing precious items, and saving hot women.

Then again, if he's as simple minded as he seems, he might just wander around town, trying to rob jewelry stores, and pawn shops.

>> No.15221107


nobody cares about rules of language perpetuated by weirdoes to make them feel better about their freakishness.

>> No.15221150

Lvl 30. Draenei resto Shaman;
she is pretty nice, pluss she can heal most wounds and race me from death.

Whell, that or;
Paragde vanguard FemShep
Awsome, pretty much like a female hybrid of Mal Reinold and Han Solo, i just need to not get on her bad side and there wont be any problems.
Sadly she is a lesbian, so no chance of action from her, but what kind of friends she brings over will be interesting.

>> No.15221178

Caitlyn in LoL

Great, now she can help me with these rats!

>> No.15221191

Warren, the russian-accented exceedingly-angry wizard.

...this is gonna be fun.

>> No.15221289

Pokemon trainer Hilda, nice girl but her durant got into the cookies.

>> No.15221458

>Nelt Wrightland, changeling rogue crime lord


>> No.15221487

a Samedi (from VtM - they live forever like all the other clans, but their bodies still decay like a corpse).
Sure is gonna be a LOT of bodily fluids in that room...between me puking everywhere and him...uhh....bleeding and leaking everywhere.... x_X

>> No.15221602

Professor Ericson from "the white chamber".

Jesus fuck, you mean to tell me my roomie is a homicidal, artifact-lusting, power-hungry bitch (or alternatively, a regretful woman trapped in her nightmares, conferred on her by a former victim of hers)? But I haaaate drama...

>> No.15224498

I guess armies don't count, so HQ character then?



>> No.15225217


>> No.15225285

A thick head Pit Fighter who dreams of joining the Empire Army.

She'd be fun to hang out, overly exicited, always training for the army. She likely break something however

>> No.15225303

Alex Mercer. Oh. Fuuu-

Everything is under control. But I need a new room mate. Smart, educated roomies preferred.

>> No.15225304

>Dwarven Barbarian named Furte from DDO

>Lighting axe


>"Hey Furte, look at my new dog i got!"



>> No.15225316

MAREEN from medal of honor.
Oh boy, my roommate is a 2x4.

>> No.15225405

Sister of Battle with a poor understanding of the world beyond the convent and an emotional insecurity that desires for someone to give her orders in order to deal with the unstructured social situations of life outside of combat. If I could survive the first 24 hours without being executed for heresy I'd probably have a faithful and dependable servant for life, though if I ever tried to "take liberties" with her she'd set me on fire.

>> No.15225437

An anthropomorphic wolf winged hussar.

I don't know, charge furries to meet him and then tape the part where he mauls them to death?

>> No.15225462

Oh great. A Kleptomaniac Space Gypsy chick with a love of heavy machinery. This will not end well.

>> No.15225472

No idea. Last I played was VVVVVV.

>> No.15225514

Sounds hot.

>> No.15225526

My Sims from Sims 2 for Gamecube, so she's a 'Alien'. Also a stick thin body. Yikes. Also, she's hawt, but alien. Guess the CIA visits and takes her away. Oh well.

>> No.15225557



(Seriously ,I feel bad for you.)

>> No.15225574

domlas the half orc fighter.
oh lord the shinanagins we would pull.

>> No.15225632

>owod brujah academic
>sleeps all day
>teaches, bounces, or commits arson all night long
>doesn't steal my food
>pays rent on time due to decades of compound interest
>appearance 5, seduces sensitive intellectual women like myself for blood
mite b cool

>> No.15225697

Old WoD Toreador
Sleeps all day
Has guys over at all hours of the night
Drinks my fucking coffee, then pukes it back up
Steals my hair gel when he forgets to buy his own
Has the rent and bills set up as auto-pay, is so fucking loaded he doesn't even notice when I forget to pay my half

Yeah okay, why not?

>> No.15226087


>> No.15226160

If vidya: sack boy since i got free games from PSN
If /tg/ related then: a doctor with insane luck and intelligence, minmaxed to be better than the sniper at shooting.

>> No.15226192

The minecraft character.

I go out for the afternoon and come back to find a vast fortified palace covering half the known world with shafts leading down to the core of the Earth. I find him "farming" my neighbors for loot.

>> No.15226267

Adam Jensen.

Making food is going to be *such* a pain.



>> No.15226319

well Eliphas is now my roomate... I cant keep anything in a metal box or he flips out and screams bloody murder till the cops are called

>> No.15226385

THIS is why I play a Malkavian.

My last character was a Malkavian name Mattimeo and whenever he lost himself to whatever sort of world that his art would bring him into (PC is a writer) He would eat the eyes of an NPC and he would gain their personality until it wore off. Also, he infrequently made snide comments on how he wondered if the Gods had no sense of fate in the world and determined everything by rolling giant polyhedrals.

tl;dr: I like my eyes, my Malkavian wants to eat them.

>> No.15226405

jorgen stornsenfernsternston the always drunk dwarven bard and his pet donkey jason.. jorgen is a master at playing the bucket and sword

>> No.15226457

Last game I played: Sword of the stars.
Scenario My masters voice.

Oh... Oh dear. I sure am happy that I'm not a scientist.

>> No.15226526

Jasher...the demon haunted Mage. Well everything we own will become 90% more effective and 50% more evil. Plus he'd mutatete the he'll outa the cat just to see if he can.

>> No.15226776

>Am converting up some Dark Eldar Trueborn
>This is going to hurt D:
>At least the Dracon only has a Power Weapon, not an Agonizer.
>Wait what is that Sybarite doing in here?

>> No.15226820

>german tank crew from world of tanks

>> No.15226869

Then, a cop tries to pull you over
"FUCK DA PO-LEASE!" shouts the gunner as he reaches for the controls of the gun. The cannon lets out a hellish roar as the police car tears apart in a flaming cloud of shrapnel and fuel.
A 12 county high-speed chase between a PzKpfw III and 15 squad cars commences.

>> No.15226899

Nah they're using a PzIV right now. Much roomier than the PzIII so we can hold more booze and bitches.

>> No.15226914

Fuck... Colonel Ky Kassigarh would be ordering me around constantly. He'd probably have cut off some of my fingers by now. On the plus side, we'd kill a fucking shit-ton of people erry goddamn day.

>> No.15227812


>> No.15228694

Grumpy, elderly, haggard street preacher has no way to restore his god to life in our world.
He may well lose faith completely and just start drinking and shouting angrily at the heathens and jezebels on the TV until one day I a suicide note consisting of rambling scripture left on my coffee table. Not all that hilarious, really...

Why couldn't I have played any of my *other* RPGs more recently??

>> No.15228701

Starfox as seen in Starfox: 64. I have no idea what that would be like.

>> No.15228707

Find. Um. I find a note.

But then again maybe I could turn him around?? Spend a day at the funfair, show him the benefits of mind-numbing intoxicants...then I'd just have a gruff father figure who occasionally sprouts wings and has access to ridiculous amounts of gold. That'd be pretty cool...

>> No.15228718

My guy from Minecraft.

I wouldn't be living in a two-room apartment in London anymore. In fact, I'm pretty sure the RAF would be strafing our doom fortress because my roommate had stolen all the iron, coal, wood and diamond in the country.

>> No.15228730

>short fat mean and horribly mutated female navigator that I based on Ravel from PS:T

well it seems I'll be sleeping in the bathroom with the door locked from now on

>> No.15228735

I now share a home with Deadpool, Dormammu and Super Skrull. This has the makings of a truly excellent sitcom.

>> No.15228743

/tg/ - My Paladin character and his adopted child. Nooooooooooooooooo.
/v/ - All the characters from Daibanchou. My house is turning into a warzone.

>> No.15228747

Lorban Veveshtan is now my roomie.
I just recruited him into my elite corps of macedwarves. I bet he doesn't even know which end of a mace to hold.

He'll get mad at me, will throw stuff at me. Then, I show him a +nice chair+, and he will be fine.

>> No.15228753

>last long-term character
My nWoD Hunter who operated out of a semi truck with trailer, migrating across America and Canada collecting "proof" for Network Zero.

Either he's parked in my driveway and about to bring in a bunch of negative attention from werewolves, or I'm in his truck, moving across the highways.

Scared now.

>> No.15228778

Vidya, a dunmer assassin from Oblivion.

He will crouch in the corner for days, then touch the bed and become stronger. Then he'll start casting spells and jumping up and down. Also all my locks are perpetually full of broken picks. At night, he will sneak up next to me and steal my underwear, then put it back. Repeatedly. When I wake up, he will turn and run out of the apartment, wait for an hour, then come back in and start over.

At least he's pretty.

And if I play my cards right he might start giving me gold to raise my disposition.

>> No.15228788

uhm, the nature loving wizard from DSA is now my rommie?...

First of all, he would try to convince me that racism and speciesism is bad.

After that, I would try to convince him to teach me magic, I guess

And I guess he would always block my computer to learn from wikipedia sites. he fucking loves reading.

and I guess he would invite orks, elves, dwarves and achaz (something on the lines of lizardfolk) for dinner on a regular base.

So, yeah, there would be hair (or in case of elves, flowers, or in case of achaz, scales) everywhere and he wouldnt clean them up, that bastard.

at least he is a decent cook, that can make up for a lot

>> No.15228789

Last game of WFRPG I played. We were all Skaven of one form or another. Hired to assassinate a warlord. Long tangled story short we were counter hired by the warlord. Followed by both employing warlords sending assassins to stab US in the back in order to clear up any links to themselves. Followed by us paying off the assassins hired to kill us with the money used to hire us in the first place...... a few backstabs and the murder of the agents of an agents agent later we ended up in the chaos wastes squabbling over who was to blame for our current relocation to the chaos wastes. We all got eaten by some kind of massive waste spawned abomination.... we all tried to slow it down by putting each other in it's way.

>> No.15228796

My Minstrel from LOTRO.

She starts to play her harp and everyones head implodes.

I have no problem with this.

>> No.15228837

the... seven foot high black gladiator/bodyguard is moving in?...

Hes a fun guy, but it could get annoying if he practices his fun activities because hes really bad with those.

also, since Im not living in america, I dont have to worry about him getting arrested because he is black, bonus points.

But I guess there could be problems with his rent, he is a mercenary and I dont really know if thats a valid job description nowadays.

Then again, seeing as I built him to be a monster unarmed, I guess he could become a proboxer in no time at all, and seeing as he does shower regulary, he wouldnt even smell bad.

But he would always steal my girl at parties

"what do you do, six feet big average white dude"
"I study biology"
"and you, seven feet big black dude with the built of an athlete?"
"I make millions in boxing tournaments by knocking people out with a single hit"

yeah, go figure who wins the first impression

>> No.15228851

Umm. . . well, it could be worse.
And pancakes all around, so yeah; not that bad actually.

>> No.15228871

My roommate is now the beat hazard spaceship...

What are you doing at my house space ship? you don't even need to sleep!

>> No.15228910

Its afraid of the dark because thats where enemies spawn from

also, my new roomie is Zoe castello from dreamfall: the longest journey.

huh. I guess that could be interesting

>> No.15228956

My new roommate is a slightly cockney long-legged techpriestess.


>> No.15229016


this sounds like an awesome gaming night.

i know its vidya, but big ali from LoL.

is at least as big as mordekaiser, if not bigger, would stink of cow and there would probably be damage from horns.

but he ain't evil, so i ain't totally buggered

>> No.15229026

Dwarf. Bard.

Fuck yes.

>> No.15229037

A TN ranger with a vendetta and a pet lizardgirl that can shoot acid. Wonderful.

>> No.15229057

My Cleric in D&D Online. Not like there's really any personality with him though, pretty much everyone is funneled into acting the same. Guess he'd rampage around my apartment smashing everything in hopes of coins to fall out.

>> No.15229069


no sandwiches for me :(

>> No.15229098

Duke Nukem

He will probably turn my apartment into a strip club and constantly have a stream of babes over as well as pretty much ensuring no xenos scum enters a 50 metre radius of my building.

>> No.15229543

so Chell from Portal. we'll at least I won't have to worry about her not shutting up. but my love of SCIENCE! might need to be toned down a little so she doesn't end up murdering me.

>> No.15229659

Skaven have a lot in common with how people normally act in an RPG. Only when this band of thieving, back stabbing, bickering, amoral, psychopaths act like thieving, back stabbing, bickering, amoral, psychopaths it fits in perfectly with their character!

>> No.15230221


>> No.15230252

Link won't stop shouting and I'm trying to jerk off ... FML

>> No.15230279

Damn it ross!
Stop doing speeches all the time!
jesus, man

>> No.15230288

>Johnny Cage

Oh shit, he's annoying enough in the game. I can't imagine actually living with the guy.

>> No.15230829

So, I'm living with a Lasombra psychologist, Generation 9, with lots of Auspex and Obfuscate, Humanity 9, True Faith, Int 4 and App 4, who's renowned for her work in abnormal psychology?


Also, here comes easy psychology EE for IB2...

>> No.15230869


>> No.15232638


>> No.15233180

Never change, /tg/.
Never change.

>> No.15233361

Female human duskblade.

I now need to find room to store eight different medieval weapons and a suit of armor, and strict military discipline will probably be enforced. But then again, God help any burglar who might try to break into the place.

>> No.15233607

Looks like I'm either rooming with a well armed guardsmen with a phobia of enclosed space or maybe Gordon Freeman. I'm actually okay with either of these.

>> No.15233632

A female psyker who is more than a little insane. My GM also let me change to Touch of Madness power to use the Hallucinogen Grenade effects table instead of the Mental Traume effects table. Also, she has the Inspiring Aura ability.

I'd probably fuck her. And then go insane because she would constantly make me hallucinate while telling her that she's the best psyker the Imperium has ever produced.
Other than that, it'd be pretty cool, because she'd be off doing shit with the other acolytes so I could have the house to myself.

I should probably writefag this. I don't know.

>> No.15233655

A nurgle worshipping Psyker who just wants to be loved, with a penchent for poisoning his friends and documenting the effects. FML.

>> No.15233670


I always wanted to live in the Dark Dimension

>> No.15233688

Why is there a Baneblade in my coffee?

>> No.15233889

Eh, counting Vidya, I'm now rooming with like, four tankers of the same nationality and a Easy Eight outside.

If it can't be WoT, I'm now rooming with my own Courier from New Vegas. Tech Wiz, sneaky motherfucker and all around awesome shot with a gun. We'd get along well enough though he'd bother me constantly to get off my fat ass.

Which he might try tapping when I'm thin, he also happens to have Confirmed Bachelor.

>> No.15233895

rolled 77 = 77

I guess it wouldn't be so bad. I played through mostly Paragon--except for a few poignant moments where I thought a Renegade option would have been more appropriate.

I'd imagine that the apartment would be a mess whenever she'd ask me to leave after bringing over her Turian boyfriend, though.

>> No.15233925

Well .. fuck!

>> No.15233981

I've a Guild Wars Ritualist who I've nearly gotten the final survivalist title - she's never once died in 2 years.

So I'd probably expect a bit of respect/affection from her. Realistically she's channeling FUCKING GHOSTS, non-stop, all day, when she isn't charging down street and punching anyone shorter than 5'7" with knuckle dusters over & over to get experience.

On the plus side she is cute. :3

>> No.15233994

My last character i ever played was in Traveller, he was an enormous 6 foot 7, 220 lbs. of muscle stereotypical Russian man named Clyde.

I guess any "shenanigans" would be heavy vodka drinking & listening to stories of the old world.
Pic related, except for the cyber arm & eye.

>> No.15233997

>Think of your last character from any game,
Dammit, these threads always come up after I play Sword of the Stars.
Oh wait, I loaded up HL2 yesterday, I'm good!

>What kind of shenanigans ensue now?
Not much, I'm sure it'd be pritty boring with the exception of discussing theoretical physics.

>> No.15234056

You know what to do.

>> No.15234067

Oh, for fuck's sake. Do I really want to be saddled with a useless zealot of a 14 year old as a roommate? And the idiot's stupid phobias...

>> No.15234089

Booze and slapping whores, most likely.

>> No.15234096

PnP RPG: Explorator leaning slightly towards Genator. Explorator Tycho would probably be a blast to have as a room mate. Tinkerer supreme, outdrinker of most of the gunnery officers, owner of at least one robe that isn't all black from engine grease and fire scorching and a wee bit obsessed with figuring out how both human and xenos "flesh machines" works. He would fit right in with both the medical students and the tech people at the campus.

Vidya: Bionic Guybrush Threepwood from Curse of Monkey Island. We would go on a piraty adventure togheter and drink Grog until we both keeled over dead

>> No.15234151

half-elven mystic theurge. Was the voice of reason in the party. Developed a love of fire thanks to them.

everything will be cool as long as I keep flammables away from him.

>> No.15236098


>> No.15236292


>> No.15236363

My last PnP character was a half-elf rogue, young but hardworking. Probably make a pretty good room-mate.

As far as vidya games, these are some of the last people I played against... looks like I'm going to have to stock up on sandviches.

>> No.15237207

Religious zealot wanna-be paladin with a serious inferiority complex. He's a former infantry member who got kicked out for playing too rough.

On the plus side, there would never be any rabbits to mess with the garden. On the bad side, he'd burn the garden and sow the soil with salt to "prevent any enemies from having cover when attempting to invade!"

On the plus side, he'd apologize profusely and ask me if I wanted him to redeem himself by completing some quest for me, but before I could say, "Go buy some damn beer, you drank the last four cases!" he'd just start moping because he's no good, his father always told him he'd never amount to anything, and he should just die.

Of course, you can never say, "Go cry, emo kid!" to some unstable prick with a greatsword and 22 strength.

>> No.15238527

My Female Blood Elf Paladin.

She's a 525 Engineer and wants to learn about my technology.

:3 I am so happy right now.

>> No.15238544

Lord General Bern from DOW2: Retribution
Oh shit.

>> No.15238563


I swear to fucking god that this is true. This is the last game I played, earlier today.
.....I......I don't really know what to say, or how to react. Did I just win this thread?

>> No.15238663

That's Lord COMMISSAR Bern to you, uncouth scum!

>> No.15238675

Chaotic neutral Necromancer
Oooooh boy

>> No.15238678

I'm living together with a crazy heretek Magos Biologis who can lift a truck and did crazy experiments on the rest of the group.

Shit this is awesome!
Not really, I'm scared shitless

>> No.15238693

My Dwarven 7th Level Cleric of Hanseath. We would have some major shenanagans.

>> No.15238695

Chaotic evil cleric who was more or less totally socipathic. I'm fucked.

>> No.15238703

I'm living with a full 10 man squad of Space Marines with 3 plasma weapons.

Shenanigans. Shenanigans errywhere

>> No.15238709

Guys, how do I live with Tommy Wiseau?

>> No.15238719

A team of undead blood bowl players? Shit. I don't think I'm getting my bond back.

>> No.15238733

How? It's simple.
By tearing him apart!

>> No.15238737

So did they ever change this guy so that wasn't ultimate rape mode with the named power, bionic eye, and shield? I remember once taking out an Autarch and an Avatar with just him once.

>> No.15238744

im roomed with a LC female Blackguard who's arabic and does justice outside the law with her sexy good looks and broadsword like a female dexter
mite b coo

>> No.15238778

Bombardier from HoN.
fuckers got an annoying voice, oh yeah and he'd probably just be exploding appliances and shit.

>> No.15238919

Another Sword of the Stars player here, and on my last run through I faced an AI revolt without access to the Shackled AI tech.

So I guess this is the end for me then.

>> No.15238935

Oh hai this is kewl-

>blargh im ded

>> No.15238940

Jenny. 10 STR, 10 END, low everything else New Vegas Black Lesbian who punches people to death.

Oh. Dear. GOD.

>> No.15239474


>> No.15239482

Adam Jensen from Deus Ex Human Revolution.

"God damn it, Jensen, you broke the fucking mirror AGAIN!"
"I didn't ask for this!"

>> No.15240108

Live thread, live!

>> No.15240388

Oh jesus fucking christ I have to share a room with a psychic null. I'll be vomiting within the hour.

>> No.15240410

I'm rooming with a psychotic magical girl who likes to pretend she's a viking.

I guess I'll go buy a keg of beer or something.

>> No.15240487

Female Dragonborn warrior that fights TO PROTECT WHAT IS PRECIOUS and for GLORY and HONOUR and THINGS.
>What kind of shenanigans ensue now?
Well, anyone what tried to pick on me might be fearing for their lives. Might start a business selling legit dragonborn acid...

>> No.15240557

Ask her about her breasts, I think it will be funny

>> No.15240581

A Traveler Military Officer who has +6 to all forms of piloting.

I'm so going to be a victim of WHATEVER it is he just found. I don't want to be a breadcrumb in the trail. Seriously, who leaves a trail of unplugged cryropods to lead people places? That's just creepy man.

>> No.15240601

This thread is why I treat all my characters well.

>> No.15240708

... Maybe 'spoiled rich magical girl' wasn't such a great idea after all.

>> No.15240736

My bookish cleric is now my roommate.

He keeps to himself, but occasionally pokes me to keep things tidy.

How boring. If the session wasn't last night, I would've been able to have John Smith as a roomie instead. Night out on the town, shooting up the conquistador... That would've been the shit.

Stupid cleric, stop being boring.

>> No.15242949

so my roommate is a sadistic chaotic evil human female ranger with a penchant for rape and crossbows. i'm either dying or gettin laid. most likely both

>> No.15243005

So I get stuck with a Hive-World Adept?
Great. I can be BORED to death.
"And that statue says you can not eat meat on the fifteenth hour of every twenty-eighth day."
"All I came up here for was to get some Coffee ya nutjob."

>> No.15243041

Duke Nukem

Let the one-liners commence

>> No.15243108

>Nobleborn Redemptionist Cleric directly based on Klovis the Redeemer to the point were he says the man is his personal hero

>> No.15243163

The good book,which contains a spirit of a crusader who accidentally himself and possesses people I guess.

We could start one of those sitcoms where two roomies have widely different values but the other guy would change actor every now and then, however, we'd still probably be the broest of bros.

>> No.15243183

Fuck. I get to room with a Twilight Caste Solar with extreme control issues. At least it isn't Desus.

>> No.15243276

Knight-Sorcerer versions of myself from Oblivion...it's not gay if it's myself right? I'd learn fucking magic and sword fighting!!

>> No.15243299


God I lol'd

>> No.15243316

well let's see there are three people
>young mad scientist
>researcher accidentally based off house
>william wallace

>> No.15243363

VTMB chick malk, shit's gonna be interesting.

>> No.15243380


Lawful Neutral Favored Soul named Rook Greyn, follower of St. Cuthbert

No more pirating, for one thing

Have to replace all my fucking lamps everytime he walks by, for two

Fucking WINGS

>> No.15243392

Renegade female Shepard... hmm... this MIGHT be okay... It will either end in angry sex or flames.

>> No.15243548

Alistair, Leliana and Morrigan from my Master Team in DA:O.

Well I'd be bros with Alistair, try to be snarky friend with Morrigan, and let Leliana do her bard seduction trick on me.

I have Natural +1 on revulsion trait so Leliana would hae to work really good her courage before coming to even see me.

>> No.15244979


>> No.15248014

Captain Bluddflagg, Mister Nailbrain, Spookums, and Brikkfist are my roommates now.

Oh God, I can feel already feel the pain and suffering from what their shenanigans are going to put me through.

>> No.15248151

Vidya: Shen, from league of legends.
Somehow, I get the feeling he'd be incredibly bro. It would be -incredibly wierd- knowing that he can just show up behind me any minute of the day.

Tabletop: A shadowrun technomancer spy, who works for the matrix god of bullshit.
..... this is going to end awesomely or terribly, but either way, I get a -ton- of free shit because he's a master of hacking rent and getting away with it.

>> No.15248276

I have a changeling of a custom reworked Gambler class... Oh joy. I used him as a plot device for my players. He was supposed to be all about having lots of sex, drinking lots of ale and making lots of money.

Sounds like a cool dude, though I think I might need to crash with a friend every now and then to get some peace and quiet.

>> No.15249616

I'm with a gun obcessed gobbo, that probably is experimenting with explosives in the same room. A few months of fun and hi-jinks, then an explosion that leaves me without hearing or my right arm.

>> No.15252151

DON'T 404 ON ME.

>> No.15252170

If nobody has new material to post, let old threads die.

>> No.15252361

Well let's see, my last character was a 8 foot hulking mining slave with muscle grafts and a southern accent who after saving the daughter of the lord of a rogue trader family, was dubbed a rogue trader, who later on in her career discover a spice that made any food super tasty, became a glutton and is now fat as the queen of sea cows.

Oh Dear.

>> No.15252450

He didn't ask for this.

>> No.15252470

im living with a naked version of steve the minecraft guy... dont ask had to fuck with a village meeting..this might get weird

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