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....A Power Chainsword

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My mind is full of fuck.

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Some kind of cross between a close combat weapon and a power weapon...
Wait a second

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but it's easier to make a really, really good chainsword. Like Gorechild.

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I'll raise you a Nemesis Force chainfist.

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And the Space Wolves frostblades.

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Its called an eviscerator OP.

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Each tooth on the chain has a power field on it.

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Eviscerator IS a power chainsword.

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Not exactly. And eviscerator is a special two-handed powered chainsword.

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Where's that picture of the space wolf with chainlightningpowerfistclaws?

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Eviscerator = A Big Ass Chainsword that requires two hands to wield, it ALSO has a small powerfield built in. So its a Power Chainsword.

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what about making a projectile that can activate a powerfield midflight, and firing it from some sort of rocket launcher?

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That's what he said you retarded cuntbasket.

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i want to wield that with one hand and a storm shield in the other.
terminator armor make it happen.

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Powerfields are too special. The Admech wouldn't allow it.

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Counts as a Chainfist.

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What if it were on some sort of cable, to reel it back in?
A Power Harpoon, if you will.

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I conceptualized such a thing before I knew about Eviscerators; you just call it a Painsword.

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projectile trails a cable behind it, and auto retracts using a winch system

where is your god emperor now?

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It's not a Space Wolf, it's Tyberos of the Space Sharks aka Carcharodons.

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What for, when you've got a Multimelta?

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rerolls to hit, rerolls to wound, 2d6 on penetrating armour, doubles strength, and extra attack for using 2 of them. what makes him so special that no one else can use that weapon? also can you reroll to penetrate armor if you somehow not penetrate it?

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Combine ball of arms man with eviscerators. Do we get, ball of eviscerating arms man?

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combi multimelta/power javlin launcher

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has anyone ever made a chain and/or power helmet, for serious headbutting action?

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Digging that guy's helmet and armor.

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>also can you reroll to penetrate armor if you somehow not penetrate it?
If you have a special rule stating that you may reroll fail armor penetration rolls. I think the Nemesis Greatsword does that.

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Angry marine powerhelmet



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Now i want to put spare chainaxe heads on all my khorne berserkers foreheads.

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Dan Mcninja thought of this first it would seem.

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nothing is angrier than a circular saw, powered by an internal combustion engine, sitting on your head.

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Apothecary Galan was a genius before his time.

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Thank you.

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I would be very very worried about having my arrows jostled, or whatever backpack or quiver i'm keeping them in getting crushed

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Sorry to say so, but a power chain sword already exists. The human commander of the great crusade has it in the... Death watch book i think.
Check it

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What if we mounted a touch-activated melta on a javelin with a cable and powerthrew it at enemy tanks?

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I made one in my last adventure, the trick is to have a special quiver with padding in it to hold it. Killed the BBEG in one move from it. My DM was both impressed and angry

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what tank?

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did you miss the safety rod

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well, you didn't so much as kill him as much as just booted his ass to the astral plane.

I could easily see the DM bring him back, crazier than he was before if your campaign is still going. If that was the final fight though, then my hat is off to you.

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Just use a Plasma gun.

More shots, and they don't require throwing pieces of sacred and Complex tech away.

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if that plane had melta-javelins it'd have unlimited idling time and ammunition.

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no, i saw it.

But unless like >>15217535
said, and you have a special quiver. Its entirely possible that a bunch of jumbled astral arrows, assuming you have more than 1, could end up poking into each other. So that one arrow's portable hole goes into the bag of holding of another. or if the arrow gets crushed with significant force, the portable hole might get pushed into the bag of holding, safety rod and all.

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i think the steel cage would take some effort to crush

certainly a bit more than just some jostling

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and have it possibly burn away all my skin and organs whenever it feels finicky, without warning?

no thanks, i'll stick to chucking retractible power melta harpoons like a normal person

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Inb4 Drillspear and Warsledgehammer

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My personal theory is that's how the Vindicaire assassin's turbo-penetrator round works-- it's a "power bullet".
This would also account for the fact you're destroying a power-field generator- so only people whose entire life's trade it is to never miss would be granted the dispensation to use them

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IIRC any melee weapon can be a "power" weapon since the field surrounds the weapon and is pretty much independant of the weapon itself.

...according the the description in the RT/Deathwatch books, at least.

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rolled 31 = 31

I wonder what sorcery they use to make it surround the weapon, yet safe to hold?

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Where has it ever been said that eviscerators have power fields?

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Nevermind, I checked Blood of the Martyrs. 3rd party fluff isn't official.

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Why not go for something like a chain thunder hammer, with contact activated rotary spiking mechanisim..making the aspect of of the chain thunder hammer lash out in a drill like motion all the while still making it's circular sawing motion.
And just for kicks make it fist mounted.

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In Inquisitor's Handbook, page 187: «The Eviscerator is an obscenely large double-handed chain weapon fitted with a crude version of the disruption field generator more commonly found on power blades.»

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I noticed, see >>15218557

Fantasy Flight Games will never be canon though, thank god.

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Lol wut?! Why?!

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Not by GW

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NO GOD. There are some paths man should NEVER tread.

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Oh Jesus, kid.

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saw that on some pony art, cant find it though

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You know I always assumed this was suppose to be a power weapons , also don't space wolves use power chainswords called frost blades or something?

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Why not make a launcher that can launch this... power chainsword.... and then retract it on a POWER CHAIN.

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I'm sure I read somewhere that all chainweapons have a weak power field generator in them to disrupt matter and aid in cutting.

And let's be serious here, a real chainsword wouldn't be able to cut through any kind of armour at all without something like that.

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This, perhaps?

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Posting MLP stuff outside of the single thread on /b/ and the one on /co/ can be grounds for a ban.

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thats the one, the chainhorn, just thought the weapon itself was on topic

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