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So, with all the butthurt going around with Matt Ward and price increases, screwing over southern hemisphere folks, etc, I've been seeing tons of people selling off their 40k armies. So I've decided to give it a whirl. Going to play Orkz, simply because they seem pretty much immune to all the drama going around by the retarded players, they just want to get it stuck in and have a grand ol' time bashing heads in, and isn't that what gaming is about anyways?

So, I've never played Warhammer 40k before, but I just picked up a box of random crap from some dude today for $300, it's got what looks like damn near 10k points of IG, Tyranids, Chaos, but about 75% of it is Ork crap, a few hundred Boyz, tons of trukks, etc. Some of is is crap conversions that I'll be chopping up, but there's still a lot there.

So I've come to /tg/ to have you guys look at my proposed army list. It comes out to exactly 1500 points, and if I need to go up to 2k I'll just add more Boys and Lootas. The idea is for the Boys and Lootas to follow behind the Kans for cover saves, while the Big Meks use their KFF's to give the Kans good saves. I know I've probly got too many points in Snikrot and his Kommandos, but I didn't want to make just another Kan wall army, which seems to be one of three lists that most Ork players use. I figure they'll add a bit of unpredictability to the army, as well as some personality.

Big Mek-35

Big Mek-35

12 Kommandos-120
2 Burnas-30

9 Killa Kans-315
9 Rokkits-135

20 shootas-120
2 big shootas-10
Power Klaw-25

20 shootas-120
2 big shootas-10
Power Klaw-25

20 shootas-120
2 big shootas-10
Power Klaw-25

10 Lootas-150



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No one has any thoughts or advice? I know someone out there plays Orkz...

Have some Orktimus prime

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There's like 12 Ork Bikers in the box, I'm also going to set up an all bike themed army. Might not win much, but it'll be fun.

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Nob bikers should get you pretty far

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OP, what is the goal of this army? Walk forward behind the kan wall?

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I've heard both. I've seen a list that is full of some faggotry with each biker being equipped differently, which enables you to spread the wounds out more or something? It seemed like one of those legal but unsportsmanlike, not something I'd bring to local game shop battles. All the books and codexes got are out of date, so I've got a Black Reach box and an Ork codex on teh way, so I'm still iffy on the rulles.

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Yes. With lots of Dakka.

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you can get the ork codex from /rs/, i think all the codex and rule book are up

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then your general strategy is to get more dakka

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More boys = more happiness
You can't go wrong by flooding the field with boys. And nobs.

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I've downloaded like 4 different ones, they're all missing pages, but I am reading what's there. But I'd be getting a physical copy either way, my experience playing Battletech has taught me to always have the core rulebooks on hand while playing.

>captcha: implies aiming

I think captcha is making fun of me

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I'm working on a circus themed ork army. They are the Laughing Waagh clan. They saw a harlequin preformance and thought it was pretty boss, so they kidnapped a human clown and he taught them the ways of the laugh.

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That sounds creepy for some reason...

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killa kans are great, nob bikers are great.

when choosing upgrades its usualy best to go with things that improves upon a units existing strengths, with a eye on making sure it works well in conjunction ith your other toops as part of a strategy (ie. i need x to do z inorder to be effective against y), but as a general rule of thumb, if you have to choose between more boyz or more upgrades, go with more boyz.

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Well I've given the Kommandos burnas and the Kans rokkits to help with killing tanks and stuff, and I've given the Shoota Boys big shootas so they can be more shooty.

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biig shootas are good stuff vs armour 5 units or higher, but i prefer rokkits since it allows the boyz to threaten a wider range of units and, more importaintly, vehicles.

lootas are amazing, you can never have too many lootas

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>>152147But aren't rokkits super inaccurate? With the Lootas deffguns they make up for their inaccuracy by putting out a shit ton of dakka.

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O god why do you have rokkits use grotzookas or skorchas like an ork.

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I like your list OP, very similar to what a friend of mine is doing.

I'd also put rokits on your boyz for extra punch, but I think that's really just personal preference.

Also if you could find some way to squeeze it in I'd get a unit of grots to sit in your backfield and camp objectives.

Though that might be better to include when scaling up the army to larger points levels.

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